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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  November 24, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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right now on news channel 8 at 7:00. >> it evening and happy
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you are watching tonight on a brand-new tv or maybe now your just taking it out of the box. plenty of people went out early to spend those black friday deals. we are live from citrus park and hundreds turned out to this best buy tonight. did you get any bargains?>> reporter: unfortunately, i did not. i have been too busy working but hundreds of people did. they lined up here early this morning. they are still lined up this evening and this is a one-for- one of the rest start their holiday shopping. ready, set, go. it's a spread to get the best buys here at best buy. shoppers want to grab those door busters and make sure they get what they came for. >> you got all this stuff and it has been less than five minutes. how did you do it? >> they helped us find it. it was good. >> reporter: how did you do it?
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>> reporter: crowds formed outside the store, lines of people waiting for the door to open. >> reporter: have you ever been out shopping the fairly before?>> no. first time. >> reporter: and you're thinking what? >> i had a good time. >> reporter: what is so important that you need to get here at 5 am?>> it's the forte ultra tvs. ifill like everyone comes for tvs. >> reporter: why come today? >> for the sales. it's $400 of them are needed for school. >> reporter: did you eat already? >> oh yes, i ate at lunchtime. >> you made sure you were full before you went shopping. >> i definitely made sure.>> reporter: lots of full stomachs out here. this best buy closes at 1:00 in the morning. i should say at least three dozen retailers are open today. for all the information you need, had to our website paul mueller in tampa, news channel 8. all across the bay area, people enjoyed family gatherings and a lot of good
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a lot of folks found a way to show their thankfulness at the same time they gave back. jamel lanee' shows us how one daily set aside the cold cuts to serve some hot food to those who may not have had any other place to enjoy a thanksgiving meal. >> reporter: staff here at ronnie pastrami been hard at work. >> we have been cookie -- cooking since tuesday. >> reporter: and for those who had nowhere to turn for a meal like this veteran. >> the cooking is just like my grandmother used to because i had nowhere else. >> reporter: the place -- people tracy and her family are serving our less fortunate, some homeless. this is our first ronnie pastrami in honor of her father, once a racehorse jockey. always a man who helped people during the holidays. >> he was around a lot of people that didn't always have a place to go, that were away
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years later, he would bring kate hall. when he passed about 20 years ago, he had a band and 250 people. it was just time. >> reporter: meals came with the works. turkey commentators, and tv. many of the people a little shy to be in front of the lens but grateful for what's going on behind the scenes. >> what they are doing is great. >> this is what makes the world go round. >> wonderful. they are thankful. they have no place to go. we are glad we can give it to them. >> reporter: tracy and her staff did t food go to waste. fame that making to go boxes and taking them out to people who could not make it in here today. and pinellas park, jamel lanee' news channel 8. a lot of folks burden of their thanksgiving calories before they ate them. hundreds turned out for the goody-goody turkey gobble 5k bright and early this morning at 7 am. a recent study found thanksgiving is most popular running holiday of the year,
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metropolitan ministries served up a whole lot of turkey today. the organization served up a holiday food for the bay area homeless population at the campus on tampa street. today's meal is in addition to the 6000 food boxes distributed to needy families over the last few days. for the 30th year, tampa's donatello restaurant gave 1000 foster children and families at risk a chance to enjoy a very first-class di donatello's annual thanksgiving deal -- dinner walk in families with gifts for the kids and a thanksgiving meal. the line stretched out the door with families waiting for tables. among them was patty who tells us a special meal is a hottie gift. >> it means so much because this is time you can spend together talking and just enjoying the day together. maybe go do something different
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>> patty says she has been bringing her family here for about 20 years now and many people on the staff remember them each and every year. this thanksgiving, michael stott, you know him well, scored the ultimate touchdown but today in the kitchen. the fullback traded in his helmet for a chef's hat at the ronald mcdonald house in st. petersburg. with a place where moms and dads stay well -- while their kids recover at johns hopkins al as parents themselves, mike and nicole understand how difficult it is when a child is suffering. >> i am so thankful for so many things in my life that i'm glad i get to do this for people. i'm thankful and i feel very blessed. >> and they truly get back all year round. the parents of 10-year-old maress are grateful after their daughter had a
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they will be spending their time at ronald mcdonald house so they are thankful today. mike has never given up on his community and never has his wife nicole. the kids get back as well. they do it as a family tradition every year. >> a lesson for us all. weatherwise it has been amazing today. a lot of folks have been celebrating outside but now the shopping frenzy as we know it is well underway. if you are out there where you 8 pm, 70 degrees, partly cloudy skies through this evening. 68 degrees at 10:00 and by midnight, it could be a little patchy fog developing late in the evening. wants to keep that in mind as we go into tomorrow morning. 72 degrees right now. that's a little more this time of year with a month breeze. it's now down to 68 degrees in clearwater, 75 degrees in plant city, 74 degrees for arcadia and why mama. here is your forecast through the evening. we're calling it partly cloudy skies. fog developing an hour inland
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we are going to keep it dry throughout the entire evening and then the fog will burn off through the morning hours. tomorrow afternoon, saying abnormally warm. those numbers back into the low 80s, which is about five degrees above average but those numbers will start to dialback as we approach your upcoming weekend. we will take a full check of that weekend forecast in just a few minutes. still ahead, if you are sending thanksgiving in florida, you've got to do it right. i'm going to introduce yo advantage of the sunshine. i have to updates -- i have updates for some of my best better call behnken stories including this house which has
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this is certainly the time of year when the whole country is jealous of us floridians. while people up north and out
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basking in the sunshine. as john rodgers shows us, a lot of folks decided to have the best of both worlds by eating their turkey at the beach. >> reporter: thanksgiving can evoke some lovely imagery. the air is crisp and the fall leaves are at their peak of color. the family gathers inside and a warm house, nicely dressed to share in this special day. but who are we kidding? this is florida. house locked up. you enjoy the weather. >> reporter: danny flew down from indiana and treated in this white landscape for this.>> i've never had thanksgiving on the beach. this is great. i mean this is the life. >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: he joined his family for their very first thanksgiving on the beach. >> i wanted to share it with my family.
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weekend with millions pouring into florida. no doubt these folks wanted to get their money's worth. >> that turkey is so good. truck this family is thankful to be together, away from the cold and away from chores. >> i didn't have to clean my house for my guests to come over. we won't have any dishes to do. >> reporter: having a change in seasons is nice but you won't find this in the indiana. where would you rather be? >> here. this day. as long as it's shared with family. but being at the beach is certainly a nice perk. in sarasota, john rodgers news channel 8. don't spend all your money on black friday. coming up, why some bay area businesses are hoping that you
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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if you have not already, it's time to start your holiday shopping. that probably means a few trips to the big box stores but this weekend, some small business owners are hoping you will give them a try. mary mcguire shows us one local business who is now fighting for a portion of your christmas
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>> reporter: fighting through the crowds through a megamall to score deals might sound fun to some shoppers but many times it's hard to find something unique at those big box stores. >> it's not always about the almighty dollar. it's about keeping the culture alive. >> reporter: after you've had your black friday fix, small business owner elizabeth graham hopes he will head out to forever beautiful, personal loan and warrants by the teachers cruelty free and organic products. >> we end up not using a lot of products that you would find out a big store or department stbe reasonable but those issues are so important to me as an individual that i wanted to make a stand for it. >> reporter: forever beautiful is a big part of seminole heights celebration of holiday shop hop, a day when shoppers are invited to visit local stores as part of small business saturday. the saturday shop of includes 14 locally owned businesses where you can pick up everything from vintage clothes to vintage wine.
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offer you an opportunity to buy gifts, support your local community. >> reporter: according to the national retail federation, holiday shoppers are expected to show up more than $655 billion in stores this year. as much as $117 billion online. storeowners and seminole heights hope to get a slice of the cash by giving shoppers something different, an experience along with holiday gifts. mary mcguire, news channel 8. the website decoder found out the most wanted tech items and broke them down state-by- state using google trend data to determine the hottest gadgets. in florida it's an hp laptop. most states went frantic >>, fps for, or some type of tv. when cyber monday comes around next week, there is a good chance you will be shopping
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career builders annual survey found more than half of workers, 53% actually, say they will spend at least some of their work time holiday shopping over the internet. that is up 3% from last year. the survey also found 49% of employees use their personal smartphones or tablets to shop while at work as well. let's talk leftovers shall we? are yours in the project? here is a quick reminder. now is a good time to think about your food safety. ex four important steps to avoid food poisoning down the road. number one, clean, number two, separate, cook, chill. wash all the handset surfaces in your kitchen. keep cooked and raw foods separate. make sure your turkey and stuffing reach 165 degrees. just as soon as dinner is done, get the leftovers in the fridge. if you've been cheated, when you need help, she is on
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>> when you have some tough to solve problems, you know you better call behnken. and shannon never gives up. tonight, shannon has updates on some of her most talked about stories. >> reporter: this eyesore of the house has to go. neighbors, pinellis county officials, and even the homeowner all agree the best course of action is demolition. but this house has been stuck in foreclosure legal limbo for more than residents who live near the home in baywood village called better call behnken in august after years of fighting on their own. i found bank of america and a third-party loan servicer couldn't get the okay from the legal homeowner. so i tracked her down and kept on the banks. and now demo crews have marked the home to be demolished. the carrydown is expected within the next two weeks. >> i think property valley will
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>> reporter: the next story is among the more bizarre. >> it's going to be black with red metallic. >> reporter: job turned to me after waiting 9 1/2 years for a car restoration. jim paid $11,000 for some bodywork and a complete paint job but the car was still dismantled and not painted. i paid for a body workshop a visit and work quickly resumed. five months later, things did the car was painted beautifully but never assembled because the owner suffered a severe illness. jim picked up the car this weekend plans to put it back together himself. high >> with fred this afternoon and he says he regrets the way this turned out but he's glad he was able to get the car painted before he became ill. shannon behnken, 8 on your side. now, max defender 8, the world's most powerful radar and
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ed bloodsworth. >> another rain free day. very dry and warm. max defender 8 right now skimming over skies over central florida. the pattern has lent itself to warmer days and certainly a dry spell. we have only had 100 inch of rain so far. as we going to next week, we may get subtle changes in the weather pattern giving us a slight -- slightly slightly better rain chance. we have been noticing an increase in humidity the last couple of days leading to humidity tomorrow. a weak frontal boundary on saturday and another front doing -- coming our way towards next week. that will bring up the rain chances. tonight, we could have patchy fog, especially in our innermost locations. at 9 pm, 71 degrees, 64 degrees by 7:00 with areas of fog
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upper 60s and low 70s right now 65 degrees in brooksville, 69 degrees for wesley chapel. still hanging onto 74 degrees for arcadia and sarasota. as i mentioned, the dew points are a measure of the moisture with that easterly flow allowing that number to come up. it has been slightly more humid for the last couple of days but nothing substantial. not enough to give us increased rain chances. high pressure in the atlantic. a weak easterly flow across our area. they will try to drive some showers and east coast but they will have a hard time making the trek morning. by the afternoon, sunshine mixed with cloudiness. don't think we will see rain, just a mix of clouds and sunshine. here comes that weak frontal boundary. it's going to give -- going to give us a week chance on friday. 77 degrees for your high on sunday. the weather looks great for the bucs game. we will be looking at the morning low of 58 degrees on sunday. a cooler start today. next week, a stronger frontal boundary will give us a
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only up to 20% but that is really about as high as it typically gets. this is actually our dry season right now. >> we will keep that in mind.
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this next story is really all just and good fun. scene is getting an update. men would arrive on sideways, not camels anymore. shepherds would not need to follow a store, just use gps maps on their iphones. you can bet mary and joseph will be taking selfies with their beautiful newborn baby jesus. this hipster nativity set is available from is very hipster priced all in
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apparently they are very popular. >> there is a market for it.>> again, it's all in good fun. great weather for the holiday weekend. >> absolutely. pretty warm next weekend, 81 degrees and cooling down for your weekend. back to normal sunday. a bit of a roller coaster ride and then we will have small rain chances tuesday and then -- tuesday them into wednesday. only a small chance of a shower chance next week. >> thank you for joining us. we are going to leave you with the kids from new some high school in lithia. they were performing at today's macy's thanksgiving day parade. have a great night and happy
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happy thanksgiving now on "extra". think you know trump? >> i can call you donald, right? >> how about calling me mr. trump? >> fair enough. >> every secret about our next president as we go roots. those roots, too, he's at ivanka's lost photo shoot. >> it's always been an ambition to make a name for myself. and from the reel washington to jessica chastain's political thriller. what she found out about the beltway's power women. >> it shows power. >> brad pitt sleeping with the enemy. opening up about their steamy love scene. >> the car was so small.
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this is 53? >> i have a syndrome about me. >> the scream queen's star about what he's about to expose about daytime soaps. >> it's basically sort of boogey nights in the soap world in the '80s. plus, look out. paula deen sharpening her knives. >> i don't know why you're scared. you don't trust me! now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of >> hey, everyone, welcome to "extra." happy thanksgiving, i'm mario lopez. coming up, eva longoria's wild turkey day. why she's been working on thanksgiving for over a month and why she likes being called step-mom. >> also coming up, how john stamos turned the tables about renee when asked about his dating life. first, everything you didn't know from president-elect trump, from his secret phobia, to his nickname. >> before his election night victory --
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become -- >> president of the united states, donald j. trump! >> and even before he made himself one of the most famous real estate tycoons in the world, you probably don't know what he told us. >> i wanted to make great movies like "the gone with the winds" of the world. >> now more secrets about the soon to be leader of the real world. >> extra, extra, get ready. >> the 7 0e-year-old who's to become c hold public office or serve in the military, but he did go to military school, sent there at age 13 by his father fred, "extra" uncovering these lost photos with his driver's ed classmates. the married three times trump, even labeled ladies man. >> i can call you donald, right? >> how about calling me mr. trump. >> fair enough. >> bet you didn't know trump got his nickname from his first wife in 1999.


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