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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  November 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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cops are. the extra effort to keep you safe. >> plus a holiday favorite is moving locations. where you can attend christmas lane this year. good evening i'm keith cate. >> i'm stacie schaible thank you for joining us. tonight tampa police are still trying to track down a hit and run driver who ran over a young boy and left him in a pool of blood. it happened off hannah avenue a couple of weeks ago. rod carter is live at tampa police h surprise for that young victim today. hi rod. >>reporter: i did check in with tpd today and they told me they don't have any new leads in this case. they are still trying to find the person who hit that 12-year- old. meanwhile that young man got out of the hospital on wednesday the day before thanksgiving very thankful he could be at home to eat some of grandma's cooking on thanksgiving day. today he got something else to
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buccaneers. >>reporter: a symbol that proudly proclaims the puttered pride when darrell and his family pulled up at one buc place they had no idea that a simple tour would turn into so much more. 12-year-old darrell was hit by a car a couple of weeks ago and left in a pool of blood. one buck was list very first venture out. he got a chance to see the practice field. it was lifetime of memories. he and his family immediate with the key players famous jameis and doug martin. another surprise they invited the family into the film room where the surprises conned one again including a jersey and all of the players signing his cast. >> it's an emotional step on his long road to recovery. >> encouraging him to want to reach the next step even if
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buccaneers have really played a ginormous part in my baby's recovery and i will be eternally great figure. >>reporter: mike evans said it meant the world to do something for a kid who pushed his friend out of the path of the car and took the hit himself. >> that ball is for you. >>reporter: amazing day darrell won't soon forget. >> better than my time when i was in the hospital. re if you have any idea who that hit-and-run driver is give them a call immediately. >> rod i see he's out of the hospital, but how is darrell doing physically mentally, is he pretty full of spirit? >>reporter: well you know i talked to his mom and she says sees doing okay again he has a broken leg he broke his leg and every bone from ankle up so he has to have his cast on for a couple of months have another surgery and have the cast put
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as you can see he was all smiles there at one buc place. this really did a lot to lift his spirits. >> i'm glad to hear that. thanks rod carter live in tampa. >> a drunken boater went on a dangerous joyride in pinellas county smashing into docks an crashing into boats and he came close to putting some people in serious danger. john rodger is live in madera beach tonight with that report. >>reporter: good evening keith witnesses describe rorbt driving it close to shore plowing through docks as if they were dig. on thanksgiving night a large bolt without any lights on started charging through boca ciega bay leaving a swath of damage in its wake. pat hughes had children fishing on her dock when they looked up and saw the boat heading right toward them. >> i mean just scary, just frightening. it makes you so angry somebody
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dock before he turned. >> it was inches. >>reporter: l andy's dock was not as lucky. >> never backed up after he hit it. >>reporter: the boat being driven by 44-year-old robert heart. officials say he was heavily in to be indicated. >> he went right through this dock kept going, hit another dock over there. >> then he went down a canal came back went that way took a left took out 7 more docks. authorities caught up with him at a marina. heart was arrested and charged with boating under the influence and for leaving the scene of a crash. everyone is counting their blessings that no one was hurt. especially pat hughes. >> it's so frightening to think of what could have happened. >>reporter: the children are okay. and on this thanksgiving weekend that's something to
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show catching hell that aired on the weather channel. there was another person onboard his son-in-law. it's unclear where this passenger didn't stop him from doing there. the case still under investigation. >> we reported that last night a couple of people on this boat. more to come on this one. thank you john rogers in madea a beach. >> a dangerous creek is on the run after holding up a gas staying clerk. station on west hillsborough enough. the man took off from the scene in a gray or silver car if you have any information on the crime they would like you to contact the sheriff's office. a bad morning for this bus driver in riverview. you can see what's left of his ride after it caught fire it's pretty much just the frame that's left. hillsborough county fire rescue got to the scene about 1:00 this morning it took about 30 minutes to put the flames out. we're working to find out if
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trying to grab great bargains in stores all across the tampa bay area. tampa premium outlets in wesley chapel opened at 6:00 last night stayed open all night long and all day today. one place you can imagine that were extremely busy, starbucks. one employee telling us her secret to keep the shoppers happy. >> you just got to have like a positive attitude because the will have a positive attitude. >> that's right don't worry be happy be calm today on clothing jewelry footwear. tampa premium outlets will remain open until 10:00 tonight. it's a holiday favorite too for a whole lot of folk in the bay area. christmas lane once on family farm in dover is now taken root at the strawberry festival agricultural center. >> paul mueller is live in plant city where the doors opened on this annual event that certainly is a treasure for our area isn't it paul. >>reporter: it certainly is.
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child who grew up into an adult and is now sharing that childhood fascination with all of of course. it truly is a winter wonderland out here with folks young and old. they just opened the door. check out the christmas tree here. that's ornamentation. they are 35 feet tall an this is the largest event ever. largest events. 67,000 square feet around here you got the christmas tree you got the lights down that way. there are carnival rides and trust me doe they do work over this way you have live entertainment and lots of concession stands. now everything here lit up tonight 5 minutes ago this huge display of lights it wouldn't be christmas without the christmas tree. 35 feet tall. it wouldn't be christmas without rudolph and the rest of the reindeer there's the nativity scene for christians. the reason for this holiday
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lane weather ton. it's a childhood dream come true. >> i was fascinateed with lighting and electricity. it was always something i was into when i was little i was always getting shock i was always messing with something i shouldn't be messing w. just the fascination of lights and lighting has always been a big part. >> . >>reporter: he was messing with those lights. all right. so you might be wondering how many lights did you it take to illuminate this place. lane told me he can't even count how many. so the question fo up was how much is the power bill? get this, $10,000 when my jaw dropped to the ground. he said pick it you paul it's worth every penny. >> paul mueller live in plant city. it's a spectacular background people shut should check it out. >> i have the him age of paul picking up his jaw. still ahead shoppers aren't ones looking for deals this black friday. >> what law enforcement is
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the holiday grinches out there plus. >> it's a special time of year for the rough rider as we kick off the john winter tell teddy bear roundup. we'll tell you where you can drop off a new bear and why it's so important. this evening we're tracking a weak cold front which could bring us some cooler temperatures for the weekend and a second cold front which looks to boost our rain chances next week. we'll talk to you about that coming up in your full
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today kicked off the rough riders annual john winter teddy bear roundup and they still need some help this year. >> the rough riders will be collecting new teddy bears from now until december 20th for use throughout the year. our very own rough rider jeff patterson joins us live and jeff this is a great way to remember our friend john winter and it's a great way to bring joy to >>reporter: you know john started talking about this during his weather forecast in the morning show it really pick up from there. we do more with these pedestrian teddy bears than put them on my shoulder during live shots of we take them to people throughout the tampa bay area children in hospitals to wounded warriors at the va hospital. to senior citizens we give them to tell me suffering from cancer special olympics. joining is me is tony who is
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doing in? >> think i can speak for everybody best part is see the i'll on the children's faces and all the parents we visit. >>reporter: that's a great part of this. you can pick up a cleat list see a complete list where you can drop off a new teddy bear on by searching john winter teddy bear roundup. >> jeff patterson live and hopefully we get lots of bears this year again. thank you. you can drop those bears off any time at the news center day coming up that's an annual event at the news center. on kindness day we will be accepting teddy bears for the rough riders toy donations for toys for tots. food donations for feeding tampa bay and blood donations for one blood. that's friday december 9th two weeks from today right here at the news center in tampa. beware of criminals watching you shop. >> coming up next what law
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keep you and your purchases
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while you're inside the stores looking for deals thieves might be in the parking lot doing window shopping of their own. >> jamel lanee' joining us live from westfield country site law law enforcement has already stepped up troll. >>reporter: good evening to you both you know the parking lot has been packed all day long. australia go inside remember to lock your car doors or remove your valuables out of sight.
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be on the lookout. it's that time of year where stores are flooded with shoppers. you're not the only ones making your way around the malls. so are car thieves. >> they are looking for quick things. >>reporter: westfield countryside mall patrolling from the sky watch tower. it gives him a 360 view to watch for any suspicious activity. all a thief needs is an opportunity. >> women their car leaving valuable items in plain view. if you're in a minivan go for small trips. they are not only going to watch you when you come to that spot they are going to watch to see what you're carrying. >>reporter: the biggest shopping holiday of the year brings out extra reinforcements. lower officers patrolling by foot and through the parking lots which makes shopper jerry
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police are always welcome. >>reporter: shoppers must do their part to protect belongings and themselves. >> i just lock my car make sure the alarm's on i don't leave anything in here that they want to steal. >> you have skill abilities and opportunity. opportunities the only thing the victimss can control you can't control an individual's skill you can't control his ability or desire the only thing you can control is if you put the bait out there they will jump on it. >>reporter they are all across the bay area at those popular stores talking about target, wal-mart any of those stores that have a lot of people that flood during the holiday season they are making sure customers are safe. >> we always do these tips on how to stay safe and you just have to keep them in mind. don't you want to forget them. remind us of a few. >>reporter: law enforcement said you have to reiterate that's the only way grueling to
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texting or talking when walking out to your vehicle. know your surroundings don't get distracted and lastly don't walk out with a whole bunch of bags maybe take several trips to your vehicle this you're not a target to thieves. >> i heard someone else say go out and put your presents in your car and drive to another spot and park. you fool the thief. so just be safe out careful. jamel lanee' live in clearwater tonight. certainly hasn't felt much like late november. we had a high of 83 degrees request in in tampa. sarasota 86 degrees. we had a few light springs is this central portions eastern portions of polk county northern highlands county that
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should be a mainly dry evening. not too much traffic on the expressway. light north breed 70. later this evening we'll be at 72 for most of the area. coastal communities may be even warmer by then. start off ate it's at 64 tomorrow patchy dense fog by the afternoon few degrees cooler we'll guilty to 79 for your high but that is still above where we should be for this time of year. another reminder our forecast office bears for teddy bear roundup. drop off your teddy bear for that list check out at drive all the way through december 19th. 70 for palm harbor. 72 pinellas park. 73 in temple terrace. another mild stretch for us 69 wesley chapel 72 inverness. documents have been coming up we've been tracking this for the last couple of days into the 60s thanks to an easterly flow giving us little bit of excess moisture at the surface
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airway above our heads. looking at travel conditions coast-to-coast. still issues to the pacific northwest wayne reign and wind- driven snow shower activity. similar story in the northeast. overall the airport delays few and far between today. overall the weekend not too bad travel wise. our forecast at home we'll be looking at patchy dense fog during the morning hours for tomorrow. cold front it's a weak within but it will slide through on saturday giving us only a 10% rain chance beautiful weather lower humidity and lots of sunshine. the second cold front this is going to be middle of next. it's doing stay very warp. you can see those lines those 0 bars giving us southerly wind flow. here comes that next front. this one welcome news to the southeast in midst of an exceptional drought across georgia, south carolina they will be getting decent rain. this will increase our rain chances locally. the time still up in the air
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the regular season looking at duke place host or actually traveling to miami there. a few showers possible for that game. and then here at home we are going to play host to you c of. the bulls taking on the golden knights 72 degrees big match up in tallahassee. the gators in town in tallahassee. that will be an evening game at 8:00 p.m. and will be cool but mostly clear for that game at 57 degrees. there's your forecast temperatures start warming up quickly. guilty back to 80 again the rain chances start to come back up 20 to 30% here. so, as i mentioned early you may want to dust off those umbrellas. haven't needed them for acquittal quite sometime. i don't know where i put mine. >> you'll find one. >> some meteorologist rule not knowing where my umbrella is. >> coming up next in sports 9
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>> when you think you have him stopped russell wilson finds out how to beat you. dan lucas finds out how to slow
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(my hero zero by lemonheads) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen
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the bucs might be shifting things around defensive backfield this sunday but the offensive line believe it or not looks like it's back in order for sunday's game against the seattle seahawks. starting left guard kevin pam field cleared from the nfl's concussion protocol he's not played since the atlanta game more than 2 weeks ago. the bucs starting offensive line intact once again. for the second straight week the bucs take on a first place
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west with 7-2- 1 record. the play of their pro bowl quarterback russell wilson has gotten better and better this season. he's doing it all last week wilson actually caught a touchdown pass. but it's his ability to run then stop and make that difficult throw that has defenses scratching their heads. >> they are not turning the ball over. he's thrown two interceptions. he has been sack. from trouble. >> so you never could think you have him. you always got to stay focused and stay tuned beat your man first make sure you stay up field shoulder has he has a mean twist good times you think he should be down he finds a way to get the ball down the field. he has playmakers on that side of the ball. it's going to be an exciting day you got to get up for a game like this. >> high school football
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on that road to orlando site of the state championships. three teams are one win away from their respective title games we'll have highlights tonight from victory christian in lakeland playing in class 2a. berkeley prep north side christian on the road. big schools have regional finals tonight we will see plants in class 7a and river ridge in class 5a good luck to everyone tonight big time of year. >> >> i know russell he he's rambling russell. >> #prompter problems. >> don't go anywhere nbc nightly nice coming up.
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? >> tonight, black friday frenzy. tens of millions hit the store in person and online, but not everything goes as planned. why must-sell may mean life and death for some retailers. emerges in northern california nearly lee weeks after her apparent abduction. the details still largely a mystery. daring escape. they cut through bars, lowered themselves with sheets and clothing. tonight two inmates remain on the run. not allergic? the surprise finding about penicillin that could affect millions of americans. new research shows many diagnosed as allergic might not be. america's mom, remembering the life


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