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tv   Today  NBC  November 26, 2016 2:07am-3:00am EST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody, it's black friday. november 25th. hope you had a fantastic thanksgiving. >> oh. >> i had a house full. it was fantastic. hope you're spending it today exactly the way you want. >> absolutely. hope you are -- probably still with your family, enjoying this. the holiday entertaining season,
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your home ready for guests and for the new year. >> first, the guys from "flipping boston" are back. >> they're crazy. >> update the heart of your home. biggest transfer kitchens in 2017 including hot, new color. "the" hot new color in cabinets and appliances. >> and something people are going to want. and then event planner extraordinaire helps one family make their living space more inviting appealing to their five senses. tip os to help you as well. since the scrunchy, they tell me. >> let me just set this up. ever since kathie lee went curly people on facebook and twitter, how can i get it, what can i do? lasts how many days? >> for like -- five days. >> so our hair-stylist, laura is going to show you step by step how you can get the klg. i'm going to call it the klg. it's a thing!
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>> i've had curly hair my entire life. fought it all of these years trying to get it smooth and flat and all that. just do it -- be comfortable with what and who you are. >> let it go! ? let it go ? >> i can't believe it. plus the best deals online. you don't have to move. clickity-clack. >> if you're feeling fat today, we all are. >> i try to be good. my biggest thing is not eating it's eating as i'm cooking the meal. >> grazing! >> you've got to test the gravy, make sure the stuffing's good, all day long. >> how about you get thanksgiving. the meal at 1:00. by 5:00, hungry again and go back in the stuffing and the turkey and do it again. >> that's what's so fun about it. >> and then do it again at 10:00. >> that's where you going on a. workout for you. you'll love did.
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without with a great idea. it's a workout using a box of wine. >> it looks -- okay, let's -- by the way, it's a weight. okay? your wine box is a weight. so i think we should try it. shall we? >> okay. jerry? >> okay, jer. >> how much does it weigh? do you know? >> four bottles in one. >> oh, four bottles. >> do it again. lady? where's the lady? can we see? >> it's a squat. >> oh, look what she's doing. >> oh, no -- dear -- >> jerry, i can't get back up. >> it's easy, kath. go like this. >> i can -- >> this is good. >> can you do it with one hand? maybe one hand's better. try one. try one. yeah. it's down here. it's the flockham. >> the flockham. >> you have a flockham guard. >> mine is out for the world to see. >> you know what? you feel it. i'm sorry. you do! jerry, catch it. thank you, buddy. that's no fun. that's a great idea. >> thank you, jerry.
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>> which body type to men really like best? age-old question. >> there are choices. it's the thin girl, athletic girl, curvy girl. eating a lot of pecan pie, this one's for you. the daily mail says guys don't like skinny. >> conducted an experiment. right? >> they hooked up -- >> eye tracking devices to men. and showed them three different -- >> look at these guys. >> these actual men -- with different body types. eye movement tracked to see if they looked at the slim, athletic or curvy woman more. >> guess which got the most glances? >> the curvy girl. >> athletic model came in second. skinny model scored lowest. poor gigi hadid. >> wait. which one? the thin one? >> the thin one -- >> two on the ends look the same to me. >> the model's on the left. right? athletic one -- >> slim's on the rigight.
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>> very similar. >> anyway. good news. there you have it. >> pass the pie. >> all right. now, we have a new hair trend, other than the one we'll talk about in a little bit. this is called glow in the dark hair. phoenix neon, created by a colorist. they literally -- color your hair. yeah, and it is -- not just vibrant to look at. >> sure is. >> when the lights go out -- add a black light, it glows. >> yeah. >> fun. >> if you're sitting behind that gal at the movies -- annoying. [ laughter ] >> at the theater. or anywhere else. >> at night, a real problem. >> yeah. >> i think that's for young people. i don't know anybody 30 or over that would want to do that. do you? >> i've been seeing a lot of over 30 just doing the bright pink and neon. some people want to change their hair and change your hair, you think you're changing your life.
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>> i guess -- >> oh. is that what this is all about? i want my life to change in lots of way, but i don't think it's going to happen. all right. here's a little bird named rhea, a naked birdie taking instagram by storm. see why. she's naked. >> ah! one of those conditions. >> got, what's that called? >> alopecia. >> her condition is called -- feather disease. causing feathers to fall out. contracted the virus while young. doing well. well cared for. rescued by a veterinarian clinic in boston and adopted by a woman named isabella. what happened? hoda? >> people saw it and started knitting her outfits. so she can stay warm. >> gets regular vet visits. >> oh, look at her! >> precious. >> with a hat on! >> and more on instagram, rhea
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people are so darn sweet. you know? give them something to love, and they will. >> you're right. >> something to love and care about. >> you're right. >> and it gives people great joy. now, hoda and i are different in some ways. or le difference. what a messy desk says about you is actually good for you, hoda. messy versus clean desks, economist spok t >> is that my desk? that is horrific. >> that's you sitting there. >> wow. if you zoomed in on that and looked around, it would be scary. a lot of stuff in the nooks and crannies. wow. okay, but they say stop wasting time -- [ laughter ] >> what did you do? >> that's mine. that is how your desk looks. it really is. you get rid of things that you don't want anymore and i just leave them in there. >> yeah. yeah, yeah. >> they say -- but they think people like me, in my category, stop wasting time trying to make
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>> why? >> if you take the time at the time to put something right back where you found it or where it was supposed to be you save time. then later, you go into your office and you can't find your tweezers, you can't find -- oh, yeah. they're in my purse. you get in your purse and you can't find them -- >> but i can. it just takes me a minute, and then i -- >> then you realize where your tweezers are. that's wasting time. right? >> i usually have an idea wher time to find my keys. but such a joy when i find them, it's like, ah! it's like, wow! my keys! >> i don't agree. that would be a fun winebot -- >> not today. >> looking at us, like -- >> all right. >> since we work in the creative environment we wanted to see what most of the desks around us look like. >> amanda shot some photos. all were messy. who's is that desk?
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>> that's me. >> that's amanda. >> and here comes -- who's is that? >> donna. >> donna, good. >> donna adorable. >> the way it should be. and now let's go to -- meredith reese. >> coordinating producer. meredith does all the details. hey! >> yes. >> better straighten up her work space right now. >> and look at -- even wipes there. look at those clorox wipes. >> a woman after my own heart. >> get it clean! a little boy learning words -- right? -- with mis his mama, i guess. yes. and with the help of flash cards. look at his reaction when the word as, a-s, comes up. he thinks it's a bad word. thank you to "america's funniest videos." >> what does that card say? >> that says, you. >> now what does the back say? >> that -- i can't say that.
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>> no. no, baby. there's not a -- that is not a cuss word. as. a-s. >> a-s. >> say, as. >> i can't say that! i can't say that. >> how precious! [ applause ] so cute, and thank you to "america's funniest home videos" for that clip. >> is slate the new stainless steel? >> the guys from "flipping boston," biggest trends of 2016. >> coming up --
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house, the kitchen's always the place where everyone gathers. you know, it's also the room that tops the list year after year for giving the best return on your investment among home improvements. >> from cabinets to appliances, tips to take your kitchen into 2017. here to show us what they are, the stars of "flipping boston." >> we're back! >> love is in the air. >> i love this. s so much value to your home. >> 2017 is almost here. >> a new color to be aware of. >> 50 shades of gray in the kitchen, not down -- >> such a sexy mood. >> i'm happy! that's good. >> look at this, first of all. can we go right here? >> start off with the gray cabinets. all right?
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painted or use a stain to see the wood grain. people want a touch of color and gray's hot. that's the new color. >> gray is hot? i thought white was hot? >> white is white. it's going to be there. people, for those that want some color, gray is a neutral and we think it's going to be a big trend moving forward. >> it better be, because these things cost a lot of money. >> talk about appliances. slate gray, seen that trend. this is my vanna white, and this is -- >> disturbing. stroke this. there are no fingerprints. please. seriously. no smudge. >> ah! how is that possible? >> isn't that cool? >> little guys at home, wipe their noses on there anymore and nobody cares. you can't see the smudges. >> still have to clean that. right? >> of course. >> i don't know. you know, you don't see it. >> this comes out january 1, 2017, by the way. >> look at this. >> pricey, i would think. >> starts at $4,000. >> wow. >> black stainless steel. >> very close. >> all right. this is so cool. >> wait a minute. >> i love this. >> this is -- the best thing
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today, the -- what's the hub about? the kitchen? >> the kitchen. >> this is the hub of the hub, where it all starts. a work station, it's a prep station and a display station. >> and a wine cooler. >> and a wine cooler. wait. you can set this up in your kitchen? >> you can set it up -- >> how? describe what's happening? >> mobile or is it set? >> this is set. >> a real sink in someone's house. >> exactly. >> the sink, all the accessories, the bamboo, white, gray, and black. pick four >> you use this as a work station, cut things, strain spaghetti. >> exactly. a cutting board. use this. drying rack, you're using this. all together -- >> look at the condiments. >> look behind this, guys, just to show how it works. >> isn't that amazing? >> wow. >> imagine this is part of your overall kitchen. that entertainment station, work station. >> all kinds of storage. >> it's your regular cabinets. this is display. fit into your cabinets.
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designer bath in our area and go on the website, all accessories -- all the colors. >> probably pretty pricey. >> starts at $2,000. smaller versions and go up to seven feet. do a couple in the house. amazing. >> plumbed in, water and everything else. >> can we talk about these? >> i love this. >> gray is back. >> recycled wood? >> this is reclaimed lumber. barn board. >> yeah. >> this company sources it, takes it, mills it down. the clever thing is, they put an adhesive on the back, so you just peel and stick, and you're done. >> a home project. all you need to do. >> peel and stick? >> peel and stick? >> if you can peel. >> yeah. >> like this. a straight line. work from the middle up, or the middle down, depending on your preference. >> is that how you do that? >> butt it up to that one and keep going.
2:25 am
>> it's not going to be equal because he missed a spot. i don't want to say. >> you noticed. thank you for pointing that out! >> that's it. all right. is this reasonably priced? >> $9.50 a square foot. use it as back splash, on the back of an island, a wall. >> hardest part, getting it off. >> here you go. watch how it sticks on this. >> just stick it on. yeah. >> hoda! >> perfect. >> it's not supposed to have -- >> thank you. >> you're not supposed to leave it like that, hoda! >> nice, nice. >> i love it. i could do this all day. thanks, guys. >> thank you. did all that turkey leave you too stuffed for today's early bird sales? skip the lines. >> and the frenzy with some amazing online deals. first, there was the rachel. now -- there's the kathie lee. our hair-stylist will talk about these wave. how can you get them? step by step by step. laura will show you how it's done, after this.
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today is black friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. don't worry, if you slept in, missed the door-buster sales you can still shop and save and n' >> grab your tablet and smartphone and sit back. we are about to show you where to find deep, online discounts today and on cyber monday. >> here's to tell us all about that, personal website,, alexa von tobel. >> hi, everybody. happy friday. >> still deals? half way through black friday? >> yes. it's black friday and advertisers have spent lots of money to get you off your couch and into your stores. like me you want to sit on your
2:30 am
great deals. at target, ipad, $274 instead of $400. big electrical items, fridges a great fridge, $998 instead of $1,700. samsung, washer, dryer. >> all at home depot. >> home depot. >> and clothes? 50% off? amazing discounts. old navy, 50% off. ann taylor, 50% off. >> what else? >> american eagle, 40% off some of their holiday items. and sporting goods. i need this kind of stuff. dick's sporting good, 50% select cardio machines. treadmills, ellipticals. >> they're expensive. >> free shipping. >> send it to you. don't have to do anything. >> what's the difference? talking about this and then
2:31 am
when retailers don't hit their number, whatever, extend the deals through monday. cyber monday basically in 2005, people ran to their desks at work to continue shopping. >> clickity clack. >> didn't have internet at home. see that happening, 40%, and site-wide, 50% and throw in -- >> socks! awesome. an >> thank you so much. all right. >> all right. question -- how do you get kathie lee's curls? >> why do you want them? >> people want to know -- >> after your local news. all right. >> laura's going to show you. >> yeah. >> okay. heads up! you know what, don't worry about it. my bargain detergent couldn't keep up. it was mostly water. so, i switched to tide pods. they're super
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we're back on this black friday try day and if you want to try a new hairstyle for the holidays this might be the answer. >> for weeks now a lot of our friends who have watched our show have gone crazy on social media for kathie lee's hair.
2:35 am
>> here's the secret right hire. our wonderful -- >> yes! >> laura casterino. >> basically what goes on, actually just on mondays and thursdays from start to finish. so -- here it is! ? >> go, laura, go, go, laura go! amazing. >> laura, how long does it usually take? >> on a wet day, 30 minutes. why we've been trying to create something fast. we have 30 minutes to do everybody's hair. >> not everyone has laura but laura will give you her tips. donnadorable is in the chair. we'll begin to show you the process.
2:36 am
a natural wave, leave it in. flip your head upside down, volume at the root. flip it over is when you start to section. >> sections is very important. what laura says. >> i have naturally curly hair. >> that's why it grabs fast. >> donna doesn't? >> donna has wavy hair. so it will work. this doesn't work great on straight hair. if you have a wave -- >> half an inch. >> yeah. spraying special sauce on it. >> this is a heat spray. it protects the hair. >> okay. >> from -- >> you're going to hold that crimper on there quite a long time. >> remember, up close -- >> close the wand. this is very important. the whole megillah, this crimping thing. >> this is, hold it close to the scalp. it takes a little longer. >> you see the steam coming off. that's not hurting -- >> see?
2:37 am
>> and what i do is i push it back in to cool off, as i do my next section. >> you're going to section, section, section. pretend -- >> and you -- latch in. it become as rhythm. you get to the bottom. >> yeah. >> you just keep -- >> crimping it. >> right. attach it to each other. >> let's pretend you crimped donna's whole hair. donna, you're out. jeanine, you're in. being crimped! now the whole hair is crimped. >> now her whole hair is crimp make it more natural. that means adding more curls. take a tiny section. you see that tiny little section? >> yeah. >> do it. >> and i wrap in different directions. >> that's the key. not everything going in the same direction. so this is like, the underlying thing. the crimping, right? >> helps me get volume really quick in your hair, and the scurril done faster, than when we were doing it little by
2:38 am
you, how long did you -- monday you day it. when do you need to do it again? >> does it on thursday again and lasts all through the weekend. >> you walk in, in the morning -- >> i put it in a scrunchy at night. >> can people really do it if they don't have you? >> the hard part is to get the back. lining up the -- the deep waver, in sync. taking time. not getting it the first t the best way. >> who is better than laura? >> all: nobody! >> coming up. >> and mary, too, with the makeup. >> exactly. >> thanks, laura. >> thank you, ladies. >> look goods. >> love it like this. >> yeah. >> do it! >> your husband's going to go crazy. all right. getting your home ready for your holiday guests making sense out of your space. >> and while you add warmth to the inside, just what you need to create a winter wonderland on the outside of your house.
2:39 am
flip it. >> flip it over. ?
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ours can help.
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>> announcer: home for the holidays is sponsored by -- pier 1. find what speaks to you at pier 1 imports. >> yes, it. >> whether you entertained yesterday and didn't feel like your house was guest-ready or it's your turn to throw a holiday party or two coming up, we have help. >> we've brought in an event planner to the stars, colin cowie, to show you easy ways to get your home ready to entertain. >> hello, master. >> hello. >> so happy to be here. >> glad to have you. >> all righty. you did something wonderful, right? >> a great before and after. every home has its own dna.
2:43 am
five senses which is smell, touch, taste, see and hear. you incorporate all of those five senses when you entertain you get to bring your home alive and can experience for your guests they'll never forget. it's the time of year we all love to entertain. something i get great pleasure from, but this family really needs some help. ? >> so show me around. tell me about the different spaces. we actually do use it for dinner every night. it gets challenging when we have more than just our immediate family here. this is just a room. it's sort of like an "everything" room. i mean, the kids hang out a lot in here. so when we moved here we meant to only have the bottom shelves full of toys. as you can see. >> they'd cannibalized your space. >> they really have. it slowly is moving up. >> so this is a nice little den. maybe turn this into a hang-out
2:44 am
stuff in here as well. >> a totally good idea. >> you guys get to work and let me get to work. >> sounds good. >> see you later. >> sorry, darling. a great start comes from ruthless editing. perfect. these leaves are so beautiful at this time of the year. ? >> beautiful candle. you touch things that are beautiful and you warm and comfortable. and a taste, a bottle of wine in a minute. fruit and apples all over the place. wait until they see. appeal to all the senses. ? >> come on in. welcome to your new home! >> whoa. oh, my gosh. look at that. did you see? >> wow. >> oh, wow. look at the carpet.
2:45 am
what do you think, will? >> awesome. >> took out a couple of shelves. >> oh. you moved the shells. >> yes. and i used those shelves for the kids toys. >> a good idea. cool. >> a shot of mom and dad. >> we hooked up your sound system. >> oh, cool. that's awesome. >> all right? ? >> come check this room, will. come check. >> oh, my god. >> wow. wow. look at all of that. look. there's your initials. >> cool. >> so nice. >> and then all of your toys are down there and your books. we've placed the table, which we put down in the basement, it has all the kids' toys inside. everything is -- all of these distinctive areas, breakfast here. dinner over there. going to see now. cocktails, dinner and the kids have a space. >> it's fantastic. >> it's great. >> the breakfast nook is
2:46 am
and now it looks great. ? >> now you have a real dining room. >> wow! >> oh, my god. >> additional people who can pull these two ottomans up as well. >> that's good. >> one of these at each end. happy entertaining. >> thank you! >> particularly in tol happy holidays. >> thanks. colin, way to go. that was lovely. >> beautiful. must have been so happy? >> a great before, but a spectacular after. >> yes, yes. >> the five senses. interesting. give people takeaways. if they're in their house thinking, what can i do? >> every person's got their own unique dna what they're about. you start with that and add, to create an experience, but smell, touch, taste, see and hear.
2:47 am
>> the taste. the wine. >> too many candles, of course, give instance ambience and you look back -- >> hear something, crank up a little -- >> music. ? i'm dreaming ? of a white ? >> i think i recognize that voice. >> ah, thanks so much. >> pleasure. thank you. >> thanks. and the inside of what to we do now? >> over to the outside and make over that. frrz >> from your front lawn to your front door, we're going to show you how to create an inviting home for the holidays -- right after this. sing it, kathie lee. ? treetops glisten ? >> that woman can sing. it's amazing out there means to me the wonder and the wow of weather. >> everything is amazing.
2:48 am
>> what does it's amazing out there mean to me, it means looking up and being inspired even if it's just straight up blue skies. i mean how beautiful is that? >> that little burst of red when the sun comes over the ocean. >> watching lightning streaking across the sky from one side to the other. >> the roll of the thunder it's just -- one of the most amazing things. >> that's what it's amazing out there is. and what it means to you take away from that weather. >> and how that affects our lives day-to-day, what's in the stores, what are we going to wear and what is it going to cost? that's what it's amazing out there. >> what it means for me is it le let's the world know what is happening at the weather channel. >> what makes the weather channel unique is we are
2:49 am
>> someone walks up to you in the field and says thanks for being there. >> we have a charge. we have a responsibility. we have a drive to provide information to people to help them and help the communities and families stay safe. it matters so much. >> when you start linking the people side up to the weather and the science and the data it starts to drive home the importance of what we do. >> i >> i love the weather. and you know, i love working with people who love the weather. this is what we love to do. >> every single day is going to be something spectacular. it is truly amazing out there. i. credit scores don't change that much, do they? really? i'll take it. sir, your credit... -is great right? when was the last time you checked?
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creating a spectacular and festive outdoor display this holiday season. it's not about having the most lights on the block. >> create a magical winter wonderland we easy ideas from
2:52 am
>> nice to see you. >> nice to see you guys. >> people love to have fun this time of year. >> especially outside of their house. curb appeal. >> you have unique ideas starting with your snowman. >> entryway. everything here, put on your front entryway starting with the snowman. a wreath, get artificial. these are grapevines, all three different sizes. just tie them together with a little bit of floral wire. >> a top hat from a costume store. right in half. a scarf. snowman on your door. >> so cute. >> a lot of people love to string lights up on branches but can't figure how to get the frances to stand -- branches to stand up right. >> exactly. a magical entryway. imagine these lined up on your sidewalk up to your door? galvanized bucket, rocks. we all do trims during
2:53 am
and grab fluffy snow. >> yes! >> and then just wrap that right around in there. >> uh-huh. >> all right. >> string lights. >> string some lights and do you it four, five, six at a time. just -- >> yeah. magical entrance. presents on the ground, too. i love these. >> these are them right here? these guys. >> yes. >> they look like hay bales. check this out. homemade from the home improvement store. cut it in half. or the floral, big boxes. i made it nice and light. use real greenery or artificial greenery, of course. you wrap it with tons of lights. all right? just like we did on the ground, right there. these are beautiful, by the way. >> i don't know how you were wrapping presents or bows? >> i'm terrible at bose.
2:54 am
>> and the ones that are -- >> can this be left out in the rain and snow? >> absolutely. because it is living. keep it underneath shelter a little bit. because it's living it's going to last you. >> show us snowballs! >> snowballs! your kids will love these things. chicken wire. i just pulled the chicken wire, form it. >> to make it any way you want. >> right. >> if you don't want it perfect. >> exactly. however it is. >> and the little -- little side >> right. >> if you have a huge field, can you imagine making giant snowballs, right? different colors. i got green. i got red. >> chicken wire into a circle. that's it. >> and wrap it as much as you possibly can. this is door number two. how beautiful it looks. >> show us your door. >> so, put the snowballs nearby, then this is a cute idea. you have these frames around the house. >> i love that. >> gloss. a high gloss.
2:55 am
>> perfect. >> that beautiful door. >> and a couple on the ends. >> poinsettia, this is a crate. wrap the poinsettia and in a little canvas so you don't see the bottom. >> then the bird bath. >> that's a great idea. >> a bird bath. raspberries, kumquats or any kind of grape. make sure you add the water and then so you're -- >> these are all good. >> the birds are going to love you. >> right. >> yes. >> great ideas. thank you so much. we'll be back with more in a moment, but first --
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"okay" magazine wanted to know is it okay or not okay to have televised births? >> here what we will to say about it. own children much less anybody else's. >> i say, sure. you have the right to broadcast it and guess what? everyone else has the choice to choose whether or not they watch it. >> but what if you watch it by mistake and can't get it out of your head. >> oh, so sad. >> yeah. next week, lauren graham talks "gilmore girls." >> plus, "property brothers," drew and jonathan scott. >> love them. and -- >> elizabeth hurley. >> love her. have an awesome holiday weekend, everybody.
3:00 am
doing. >> don't spend too much and don't drink and drive. nice talking to you. [cheers and applause]


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