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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  November 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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a tow truck driver transfer gee, the driver killed while trying to help others on a bay area on the suspected drunk driver accused of taking his life. >> and floridians take to the streets for a third night. we're live in miami this morning with the latest now that castro is gone. >> plus cyber monday shopping madness. we'll take you live inside an amazon warehouse right here in hillsborough county as hundreds bay area workers are already busy filling holiday orders from around the world.
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news channel 8 today. >> time now is 4:30 and ed is here with a look at our weather as people get back to work. >> a dry commute. certainly good news. no rain to disrupt your monday morning. it is a slightly milder yet comfortable start. 62 in tampa but cool to the north. 48 in inverness this morning and 59 in bartow. winds are nearly calm right now but that's going to be the big here's our forecast model winds showing about 15 miles per hour as we go into the afternoon and it's coming out of the south. it's going to help to increase our humidity as we go through the day keeping it warm at 82 degrees and a slim chance of getting a shower only around 10%. we'll take a look at the temperature trend and the outlook for better rain chances. a lot of people are heading back to work after a long
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a more typical morning commute but you don't have to contend with any overnight road work. you're looking at all of your major bay area bridges are in the green as are your interstates 275, i-75 and i-4. it's a complete quiet trip right now along i-4 in hillsborough as well as polk county, another update in a couple of minutes. over to you. happening today after sp the stores millions of people are could see seeing up with their computers cyber monday to score some big holiday deals. and for the first time ever we're live inside the amazon fulfillment center where workers package and ship your orders. how cool is it to be inside? . >> reporter: you know, i feel like i'm inside of the willie
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all of the orders are being filt now. they're being pushed out on bels up early fulfilling all of those customer orders. today is set to be the largest shopping day of the year. it is expected to be the large east online shopping day in history. last year on cyber monday customers ordered more than 54 million items worldwide and expected this year will be even bigger. purchased more than 33 electronics items per second on mobile devices alone. those items are expected to be popular again this year. . >> cyber monday is one of our biggest days. last year customers ordered 629 items per second. and this year we think it's actually going to be bigger. . >> reporter: now, another new feature that amazon has launched
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customers will be able to use the app to scan package labels to see what's inside the boxes before they open them. you won't be able to peek inside any boxes that aren't addressed to you. and tampa is one of the select markets in the united states that does have prime now and that means that you can order something online and it can be delivered to your home in less than 2 hours. so if you get cracking right now you could potentially h list completed by lunchtime. back to you. >> the sound of those belts, packages moving makes me want to shop. a suspected drunk driver is expected in court today accused of hitting and killing a tow truck driver on i 275. the 30-year old is facing dui manslaughter charges. investigators say he hit and
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he was helping 2 motorists when it happened. . >> people aren't being responsible, people aren't being considerate of other people. i was brought up you move over when you see somebody on side of the road no matter who they are. >> to think another one of us, you know, we've been doing this -- i've been doing this so long and just another brother, another brother gone. . >> frienf move over law. it requires drivers to move over a lane when police, first responders or tow truck drivers with flashing lights are on the side of the road. perez remains behind bars this morning and is scheduled to appear in court in just a few hours. >> hand is the third tow truck driver to be killed while on the job this last year. >> last month a similar tragedy. a man was hit and killed in
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drivers after a crash when a pickup plowed into him. he worked for sun point towing. troopers arrested miller in that case, they claim he was driving drunk at the time. in february a tow truck driver was killed while helping a stranded driver. the driver in that case took off. later investigators arrested a 36-year old and charged her with the crime. well, t continue in miami after the death of fidel castro. >> cuban americans took to the street a third night last night and today planning a more formal event to mark the historic occasion. . we were in miami when the news broke and we're joined with more. . >> reporter: good morning to you, a march and rally planned for wednesday right here at the
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in a failed u.s. backed invasion of cuba back in 1961. the march and rally happening here wednesday is in part to honor all who have died or somehow suffered as a result of castro's regime. different groups gathered sunday to call for this event. among them the ladies in white who you see here. they're a group of women who marched silently. these leaders are now calling for all miami cubans to come forward wedne. . >> community comprised of the old like us and of the young. of the men and of the women of the black and of the white all united behind an ideal, a dream, and a commitment for the freedom of cuba. . >> reporter: and this call to
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gatherings on street corners throughout miami, really however the largest gathering in front of the town square of the cuban community. miami police closing the street all weekend as cuban and cuban americans celebrated what they hope is a change of the economic systems. as you can see many dancing, chanting and waving flags. this is a me for for a very long time. some bringing out their pets, kids and pictures of their dead relatives who they say have always wanted to see the day castro died and just didn't make it. now, right now the cuban community is focused on the future thinking about what this means. of course with the death of castro and also the results of the recent election here in the united states. they believe
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pediatric. more officials are preparing for the immediate effect which they think could mean a mass migration of cubans now that there is more uncertainty on the island. all right. 4:38 let's turn things over to ed who's in for leigh spann this morning. everyone's going to get back on the roads and so far more dry weather. we've been on a bit of a dry spell. but the rain chances do look to increase just a lite 62 in downtown tampa with calm winds. we have some scattered clouds surrounding the area right now but as we go through the day ahead it is going to get breezy with the winds out of the southeast and they're going to do a couple of things, it's going to bring back our humidity and cloudiness and spots of blue, yeah, we can see a few quick moving showers later on today. but the outlook stays an nor mally warm. the average
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thursday. we may get back to normal by the end of the week. time for another check of the roads this morning. how's it looking out there? >> we have an accident southern hillsborough county in the ruskin area, southbound 41 at fox place. that's south of the little manatee river. all southbound lanes are blocked right now, however, old u.s. 41, a great alternative and that will get you around that accident. i'll keep checking with let you know when the southbound lanes reopen. otherwise very quiet, no accidents on your interstates both here in hillsborough county and throughout pinellas county. back to you. bucs fans are celebrating this morning and not just the team's big win against seattle but the third straight victory. winston threw 2 touchdown passes
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the bucs are now 6 and 5. even better news the bucs are now in contention for the playoffs. >> . >> incredible. the energy is exciting. cyber monday is filled with all sort of deals but finding them isn't as easy as it sounds. >> we give you the best web sites for those shopping discounts. >> and stuck on a water tower, coming up why a man climbed to the top >> and violence rocks the big easy, what investigators think sparked gunfire that left one person dead and 9 others injured.
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growing controversy this morning over calls for a recount of the presidential election. today wisconsin election officials will meet to set a timetable for the recount. jill stein is leading the call and also calling for recalls in pennsylvania and michigan. hillary clinton is now joining that effort. >> this was a hack riddled election and on top of that our voting machines
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open to hacking. >> this is a fundraising driven fraud by a person who won 33,000 votes in wisconsin so president elect trump who won 1.4 million. >> president elect donald trump is outrained by the recount calls. he lashed out on twitter. in another tweet trump claims millions voted illegally however, he didn't say where he got that information. in new orleans french quarter. one person is dead and 9 others injured. it all started with an argument between 2 men saturday night. someone pulled out a gun and start shooting. a 25-year old was killed in the cross fire. 9 other people were injured. investigators believe the 2 suspects are not from the new orleans area. the shooting happened during the classic
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parade, a saturday football game and the saints game on sunday. a 16-year old junior firefighter is shot and killed at a pennsylvania fire station. this happened near pittsburgh. it happened inside the fire station. investigators reactioned and charged 21-year old maddis. what goes up must come down, well, not always. a man climbed up county and got stuck, these are pictures the sheriffs office shared with us. at the they will us the man wanted a better view of the town. when he got to the top well, the man couldn't figure out how to get down. firefighters ended up helping the man, no one was hurt. probably a little embarrassing. well, 8 is on your side to help you navigate those cyber monday deals.
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scenes at amazon's warehouse. we're also joined with other cyber sellers offering steals and deals this morning. >> i've already been in there checking to see what's on sale. and we are seeing a lot of deals today, a lot of those on technology, and most sites are going to off free shipping. walmart cyber monday sale has been going on all weekend but da items including tvs, drones and gaming lap tops. dell's sale begins at 8 a.m. with deals on tvs and gaming deer. is offering deep discounts. target also offering deals on tvs and electronics as well as toys and rec room games. additionally you'll get an extra
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free shipping, and macy's sale includes huge deals. now, just because stuff is on sale doesn't mean you don't have to do a little research, especially when it comes to televisions. you'll want to check specific models before making a purchase, because even the best manufacturers have weak models in their line up. that is going out to our producer brad. >>e he's already been shopping this morning. ed is here with a look at our weather. >> i've been on there this morning and seeing the same deals out there. so do your research. while you're actually online shopping maybe want to buy a brand new teddy bear for our teddy bear round up. now, through december 19th collecting those brand new bears, we do it every year. there's a full list drop off locations at
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an average november we should have just over an inch and a half of rain. if this pattern continues this would be tied for the second driest november on record. you'd have to go back to 1978 to match that. there's a look at the forecast today, not much rain, although this afternoon our southern counties especially if you're south of i-4 you may be able to get a quick shower with the temperatures staying warm at 80 degrees because of the winds coming in out of the south a little bit that's going to usher in some higher humidity. lows in the 60s, small rain chances over the next 8 days. another check of the roads now yes yeah, we have one accident that i've been telling you about the past couple of minutes in the ruskin area. 41 at fox place south of the little manatee river. the good news is that old 41 runs just about parallel here and that will get you around that accident until
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open. 75 looks great throughout southern hillsborough county as well as northern hillsborough county. no problems with 75. 275, very quiet from the apex in through downtown, we are expecting to see that typical morning rush hour traffic kickback into high gear. so after about 6:40 or so you're going to see some delays on 275, and 75 here through pasco county looks really great accident and delay free. another update and we'll couple of minutes. a russian family has a unique family pet, it's not a dog, a cat, no, not a bird it's that deer you see standing in the middle of the living room and in the camera's face. the family rescued the creature when it was a baby. now, it's like any other pet running around with the kids. it even likes to
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>> i don't know. it probably does. seems like a smart --. >> questions you have at 4:50 in the morning. >> a gingerbread house that weighs 400 pounds. >> it pays tribute to the world series champs. >> and how much did you spend this holiday weekend? we're breaking down the numbers to find out.
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. shoppers this thanksgiving weekend spent less money. experts say they were able to cash in on some good deals. it is down nearly 3 1/2% from a year ago. experts explain retailers felt e to cut prices on products like tvs. this morning a holiday themed tribute to the world series champs, the chicago cubs. >> it comes in t gingerbread house. that's so cool. they spent more than 70 hours building it. it weighs more than 400 pounds and by the way it's all edible it if you want to dig in except for the players who are made out of legos. it is on display in rockford. thanksgiving kicked off the holiday eating season a time when many of us overindulge. >> but there's a way to fight
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a new work out. new i'll show you a work out that combines different technique to say burn off those extra calories. but first this morning we have a live look over the hillsborough river through downtown tampa. it is monday morning, time to get back to work. but don't worry there's another holiday coming.
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emoji man feeling optimistic for today. it's going to become breezy more humid today 80 degrees, 67 mild and muggy overnight with just some scattered clouds out there. time for another check what's happening on the roadways. >> good morning. pinellas county you look great, u.s. 19 accident and delay free,
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crash blocking southbound u.s. 41 at fox place, that's south of the little manatee river. however, old 41 is open,
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. a tale of 2 cubas while some the very latest. >> we'll show you how bay area workers are playing a big part in today's online shopping rush. and take you behind the scenes. >> plus worried you overdid it at the table this past weekend we'll introduce you to the unique work out that help you burn extra calories this morning. >> still hurting from that work


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