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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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and cuba mourns castro. news channel 8 is in havana with reaction. i am keith cate. >> i am jennifer leigh. thank you for joining us. a convicted killer will be released as he appeals his conviction. trevor dooley shot and killed a man on a basketball court after an argument over skateboarding. today, a judge decided he can stay home while waiting for a new trial. rod carter is live right now at the hillsboro county jail. the judge signed the order this afternoon granting trevor dooley a 100,000 dollar bond. still no word tonight on exactly when he will be removed -- released from the jail here. i just checked inside and they say they have not received the paperwork but once they do it will probably be sometime late tonight. in the meantime, that judge's order came with a lot of restrictions, one of which is he cannot have any contacts,
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>> it's so difficult. >> reporter: karina was shaking when i gave her the news. how do you feel about that?>> of course, it's extremely disappointing. we were sort of expected this though -- expecting this though because the judge had granted bond in the past. >> reporter: husband david james. he won an appeal on "erroneous jury instructions." the judge signed an order granting him bond but with conditions. he must relinquish his passport, travel is restricted to hernando county, he is not permitted to possess any weapons and he cannot have any contact with the victim's family members. >> it wasn't a big surprise but
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were hoping that it would be denied. >> reporter: karina has a message for dooley.>> i hope that you enjoy the holidays. i know your birthday is coming up i believe in december. christmas, new year's, easter, all the rest. just remember we never got to continue any of that with dj because you took him from >> reporter: and again, still no word on exactly when trevor dooley is going to be released. are reached out to his attorney several times today and still have not gotten a call back. >> that interview is pretty powerful. i am sure she along with a lot of people are wondering when the appeal is set. >> reporter: that honestly is still up in the air. we do not have a date yet on
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posted. >> rod carter ivanhoe spread county. it has been a couple of weeks now and tampa bay police have still not found the person that plowed their car into and ybor city bar. why haven't authorities found the driver? jana jones is joining us from the bad monkey bar tonight. just look at that video. you would think with all that evidence that maybe they could have solved this crime more quickly.>> reporter: you would think that. different than it did two weeks ago. you will notice it is all boarded up and the bad monkey bar is back open for business but police are baffled as to why they have not been able to connect the dots. they have great surveillance video. there was a crowd of people who watched it unfold. but they say they still have many unanswered questions. cameras rolling as punches are thrown and then a car plows over a man and then plows
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video with what looks like witnesses. >> there were a number of people there but many of them scattered so there were only so many people left that we could talk to. >> reporter: police thought they would get information from the man that was mode over but he's not talking. >> that person was taken to the hospital and promptly left the hospital, was not interested in pursuing the case or being treated. >> reporter: police have a car that hit that man but they say it's not >> one of the challenges with a hit and run is you have to definitively know who was behind the wheel of the car at the time. it doesn't matter who owns the car. >> reporter: making it more complicated, this is a rental car. >> whoever should have been driving the car isn't necessarily who was driving the car. they may also be from out of town. >> reporter: that could be why
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>> very often when you see video, people say that's my next-door neighbor and they give us a tip. if they are from out of town, it's not as easy.>> reporter: tampa police are not calling the victim, the man who was plowed into. they are calling the victim this bar because they have $15,000 worth of damage. if you have any information, they begged you to call them.>> what else do they know about this driver? where is he from? >> reporter: a report today says he is from california, wrench in the plans and it has been very hard to look into but they say that is just the suspected driver because it is very hard to prove who was actually behind the wheel in those early morning hours. >> thank you. breaking news right now in the ohio state university attack. the fbi says there is no direct link between isis and the man who drove into a crowd and stabbed people. the islamic state care group claimed responsibility for the attack and called abdullah ton
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artan a soldier. two confirmed tornadoes in eastern tennessee where they are already dealing with deadly wildfires. the death toll around pigeon forge and gatlinburg stand that 7, up from 4 just a couple half of the town has burned. the tennessee governor called it the largest fire in the state in 100 years. several people are also still missing. the same storm system killed at least five people across the south. a tornado tore apart a day care in alabama. three children and three adults were badly hurt. at least 25 homes and other buildings in the area were damaged. a tornado watch is in effect
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this same system sweeps through. we will keep you posted on that. it's all about the economy for president-elect trump. he is adding to his growing cabinet. for a look at what it all means, check in with mark meredith from our dc bureau. we are 51 days and telling the duration. a lot of hiring is happening. >> reporter: so much for them taddeo. we are learning more about two key positions that the incoming trump position is looking forward to filling. treasury and commerce but what has been fascinating is some of the names being tossed around go against the message during the campaign that was a rigged economic system but the names being put forth today by the incoming trump administration are no strangers to wall street. the treasury secretary nominee, we are talking about stephen mnuchin. he is no stranger to the trump campaign or wall street. she helped out during the process, advising donald trump.
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sachs and was also influential in hollywood, helping out with financing for a distribution company but within the last few hours, we got to hear from the nominee as he was at trump tower and he gave us a preview of what we can expect the first task to be in the first 100 days of a trump administration. >> it's a big priority of this administration. we need to make sure that our infrastructure is built for the 21st century, that we have ro grids and infrastructure that support this country. >> reporter: certainly a key sign that the administration is looking to spend a lot of money, time, and resources on infrastructure. they will also need help from congress to do that and that is why donald trump is tapping wilbur ross, a graduate of yale and harvard, spin two decades working with other companies to make sure they would be able to restructure out of bankruptcy. these two names are going to be
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hearing and republicans today are already giving a warm nod that these nominees will do okay. democrats, not so sure already lining up some sign that -- soundbites. >> steve mnuchin was all over cnbc. a lot of people like this guy but while we're waiting for these cabinet decisions, we are also waiting to see what donald trump will do about his business empire. maybe we will learn more about nominee. he was doing the morning show violence on the business that works, simply a sign he wants to get himself out there but the senate behind me may be a different audience. business interests, donald trump is looking forward to talking about that two weeks from tomorrow. he is expected to announce what he is going to do with it -- with his empire. we are talking about billions of dollars, not an easy
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bureau. still to come, the ashes of a dictator making a long journey to a final resting place. >> cuba is morning castro. coming up next, how havana is reacting to his death. a new way to kick back and relax at the beach. only this one is in polk county. a sneak peek at legoland's new attraction. it was nice to see a few light rain showers across the bay area today. active with a few showers as well as a lookahead at your
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it is the start of a four day journey across cuba to their final resting place in santiago. crowds waved cuban flags and chanted as the convoy go by. news channel 8 is the only station in the country during this historic time. >> let's check in with jeff patterson. he has been in the thick of things all day.>> this is the heart of old havana. this is the heart of the tourist district tourists at this time of day would normally be going in because this is the place that invented the daiquiri they say but they are not selling alcohol in havana. this is our third time being here in havana and the one thing we noted as there is no music or live bands right now. there is not people playing anything, just walking down the street as they are normally
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they're not selling alcohol because it is officially nine days of mourning. throughout cuba for fidel -- for fidel castro. this morning, the official funeral possession -- procession began as they took his remains to santiago for his funeral this coming sunday. a lot of observances going on here. we witnessed an amazing site last night and revolution plaza as more than 1 million people came out to pay their respects and hear speeches from their political leaders. a lot of tourist groups are still here. the kind of got caught up in this moment in history. not knowing what to expect. many of them have noted to us the somber mood here in havana as the cubans pay their respects to fidel castro. jeff patterson, news channel 8. >> and jeff will be reporting all week in the wake of castro's death.
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and rockefeller plaza. this is a live look at the tree. and the famous ice-skating rink below. look at all the lights. it looks great. the tree will be lit during a live music extravaganza. the christmas at rockefeller center starts tonight at 8 pm right here on news channel 8. after that, it's dolly parton's new movie christmas of many colors, the circle of love. that starts at at 11:00 featuring an exclusive backstage meeting with dolly parton.>> that sounds fun. today, news channel 8 got a sneak preview of the brand-new legoland beach retreat under construction in winter haven. mary mcguire shows us what makes the resort so different from all the rest. >> see you real soon, legoland beach retreat opening april 7. >> reporter: construction crews are working hard to finish the
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next year. it will transform this site into a toy wonderland. >> it's as if you are staying among the toys that you played with at home as a child. whether you are 10 years old, whether you are 30 years old, 50 years old, this will remind you of all the time you spent playing with lego bricks at home. >> reporter: this is a very first north american beach themed retreat in the legoland family and is located about a half-mile from the theme park it is designed with the same details and kid centric details as its counterpart across the street. bright colors, bold design and lots and lots of lego toys >> we're the first legoland resort in north america to add this style of accommodation, this village style. >> reporter: it will feature 83 beach bungalows offering 166 separate rooms meant to look
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lots for adults to love like a pool bar, restaurant and buffet. mary mcguire, news channel 8. >> once it's open, the beach retreat will bring 100 more jobs to polk county. construction began less than a year ago. now, max defender 8, the world's most powerful radar and your storm team 8 forecast with met steve jerve. -- chief meteorologist steve jerve. >> a few showers around a good portion of right now, max defender 8 picking up a few showers across the southern sections of hardy county, desoto county, lifting to the north toward frostproof. extremely light and if you are lucky enough to get up any accumulation, at least it's something. it's nice to see a few showers picking up on a brand-new million watt doppler radar. here is a look at st. pete beach. 75 degrees with that south wind
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temperatures are very pleasant at the moment but you can see a few clouds left around. the sun is breaking out in some areas. here at freedom plaza, 77 degrees with that southwesterly wind. clear sky and cloud makes but here in lakeland, 74 degrees with that southwesterly wind at four meet me. a few clouds in polk county. and palm harbor, 76 degrees. a gorgeous looking day in innisbrook with a westerly wind at seven meet me. one more look here at hyundai new port richey 77 degrees with that south wind at 8 miles per hour. overall, not a bad day. kind of gloomy at times and we picked up a few light showers. kind of day coming up. toys for tots close to our hearts, the john minter memorial. roughriders will be there with the teddy bear bus. it's always fun to fill that up. that's fridays -- friday, december 9 from 6 pm to 7 pm.
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donate blood while you're at it. the hurricane season is toast as of today. 15 named storms, seven hurricanes. the most recent hurricane otto, and today marks the end of the 2016 hurricane season. there is a shot from rod carter picking up the showers. he was just as surprised as others today. a few clouds lingering, 70 degrees at 7 am and 4 pm tomorrow, temperatures will be mild with a cold front coming in. in the 70s in pinellis and hillsboro, same numbers. and frostproof, 72 degrees, pinellis 77 degrees. the time is kind of breezy but not that breezy. pretty strong gusts in clearwater. showers and thunderstorms to our north. some of these severe thunderstorms are producing tornadoes around greenville, south carolina. all ahead of a cold front. that cold front will pass through with a few extra clouds
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kind of severe weather but we could see a few showers across the area. that's why we have rain chances relatively high. let's go backwards here. thursday, 79 degrees, 20% chance of showers friday and saturday. you can see those temperatures are a little cooler. that's good news. 76 degrees because once that front moves through, we will cool off a little bit for friday. that will also help lower the humidity which will feel nice. then we sh will bring a bit more moisture back. a nice temperature range although a little bit warm. i don't think tourists will be complaining. >> the only thing i had were acorns falling out of the oak tree. it's like the incoming. it's like sirens are going off in my house.>> i know. same thing. for the last like two months. >> thank you, steve. netflix has always required a connection to the internet to stream of content.
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how netflix users will soon be able to watch their favorite shows far from the nearest wi-
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these people want you to complain more.
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lawmakers to put labels on sun visors with instructions on how to file safety complaints. the nhtsa will take comments on the proposal until january 27. netflix is giving users the option to watch content off- line without connecting to the internet. the streaming service will give members the option to download movies to shows -- and shows to watch later on when they are away from the internet. that means you can watch the same -- your favorite films away from wi-fi or sell signal memberships. i think that's a good idea. >> people in the subway rejoicing. >> any traveler. >> or the airlines that don't allow the wi-fi. what do we have coming up at 5:30 pm? >> a massive holiday crackdown on drug drivers. we are going to reveal which night of thanksgiving weekend was most dangerous. plus an app gives you and your family a direct line to santa claus.
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right now on news channel 8 at 5:30 pm: >> new numbers show which day of the thanksgiving weekend was the most dangerous for drivers. good evening. i am jennifer leigh and i'm josh benson. we have heard the wednesday before thanksgivingis but this year it seems the saturday after thanksgiving was when they behaved badly, breaking the law on bay area roads. this story live from tampa. >> reporter: good evening. there is no doubt that people love to party on that wednesday night but as you mentioned, saturday night is becoming more popular than ever and more dangerous. talk about a busy thanksgiving holiday.


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