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tv   CBS 4 News at 530PM  CBS  January 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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officer could have been more lenient. >> reporter: and thehe when i was like right next to my yard and then those two kids came up to me and they said, get off of your bike. >> reporter: police say that 10-year-old joshuah was confronted by two second graders 7 and 8 years old and followed him from the park and demanded his bicycle. >> i said i didn't want to and they tried to punch me and hit me. >> reporter: where did they punch you? >> in the face and in the back twice. >> reporter: he was not hurt and kept his bike. -- i feel scared. i feel tempted that if we didn't call the police, they would have did it again. >> reporter: the 7 and 8-year-old boys were arrested after police were called.
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want to show her face, she said she's upset. >> i feel it's awful and i feel they will be an influence, they will do stronger robberies. >> the mother of the 7-year-old arrested child disagrees >> it's kind of upsetting and disappointing, frustrating. i think it's kind of, they took it out of proportion. kids will be kids and if they're playing around -- >> reporter: while the police chief is concerned about the attack on joshuah, he feels that the case could have been handled better. >> highly unusual. we probably should have done something far less intrusive. >> reporter: joshuah thinks they should have been arrested. >> they're stealing, it's bad, it's wrong. >> both are back home after a detention hearing and face another hearing on february 8th but the case may
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prosecutor with the broward court system. until the police chief says instead of arresting the mother, the mother should have issued a warning and did paper work. we're going back to the scene in the city of miami where there's been a water main break. water is gushing out into the streets it's at 71st street and northeast fourth court. there's been a hole in the road. you can see the huge truck stuck and it's an ice truck based on the writing on the side of the truck and that's connected to a tow truck where crews are hole we saw it got worse and it's completely submerged as the water continues to spill out parking lots crews on the scene avoid that area. that's again 71st street and northeast fourth court in the people
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you can see one person submerged in water. >> we saw a wider shot, there were a couple of cars at the dealership affected by the water gushing out. it's having some widespread problems and the tow truck drivers are smart. they were trying to pull it out from the back of that ice truck and swung around and going to try to pull it out from the front. maybe have some better luck. that's part of the truck that is in the hole that is caused. now you can see them trying to attach it there, their equipment to pull it out that way as opposed to the backway. major problem going on and the problems it's causing in the city of miami. we're hearing the 9-1-1 calls made about a deadly wrong way wreck on i-95 involving several cars last month. >> i was just traveling
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express lane, and there's a vehicle going southbound. >> five people who police say was going the wrong way in the express lanes were killed in the crash. she cented moved to south florida and on her way to work. the family of four was also killed in that crash. a small suv crashes into a building in fort lauderdale creating a mess. chopper 4, you can see the vehicle slammed into the side of the building. no word on what caused the crash or if f anyone was injured. new details on a gruesome mystery in a fort lauderdale neighborhood. police have identified the two men found dead behind a home they are an 18-year-old and a 19-year-old their bodies found yesterday behind a duplex on northeast 13th street and 9th avenue
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if you know anything, call broward crime stoppers oo the search is on for chiefs who broke into cars. the security video from one home captured a man in a hooded sweatshirt approaching a home and checked the car's door handle and walked away. a number of cars were rummaged through and four cars had items stolen from them including a firearm. miami-dade say they found michelle christine we told you she was missed yesterday at 5:00. she's last seen at the hh school on monday. the wounded warrior's event kicked off. dozens of injured veterans came together at marlins mark that's one of the first stops on
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yesterday, all of the participates were fitted with adaptive equipment. the 48-mile track is designed to help our nation's heros heal. you have to be out here to experience it. what is mostly phenomenal is the city, you open up your homes to us and it's a great feeling. on the money watch, a side business is not very good for macy's. the retail giant announcing it isutting up to 4800 jobs, everyone from sales associates to executives earlier this week, macy's announces they're closing about 40 of the 770 existing stores. a list of those stores has been published and none are here in florida. four of the stores are closed
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part of th year. we are on top of that breaking news in miami. chopper 4 over a waterain break sending water gushing into the street. it's at northeast 74th street and north court. >> the water main break caused what we're told is an 8-ot hole. we have a crew headed to the scene. more information as we get it. a moment of the people's choice award. up staged by a stage crasher. first in the hall of fame, baseball great and ken griffith jr., the moment that many have waited for years to see next taste of the town takes you to a brand new restaurant owned by most famous club owner in all of south florida, that's coming
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craig in the weather control, another look at the time lapse from a different perspective of the low clouds slow to burn off temperatures warmed up nicely. got the forecast through the weekend, it's coming up. in the cbs 4 news room, all new, we're on the campaign trail in new hampshire. joining us live with the one on one interview with marco rubio. how he plans to change the cuban adjustment act. is the florida manee coming off of the extinction list? that's coming up.
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now at 5:30, a big day for two iconic players. >> the baseball hall of fame and today they met the media. sports anchor now with the story. >> griffey was the grinder. two guys from different worlds taking their place beside baseball immortals today they took on a few questions from the media in new york city. griffey jr. was born into baseball
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the reds. jr. was a star at the age of 19. a guy pushed by his dad to hone his skill. today, both guys reflect on what it means to be hall of famers >> very honored, humbled by this tremendous, wow, you know, something that you can only dream of. i was able to sneak into this me, kind of limp in, if you will and through some luck, some timing, was able to buila pretty good career. >> by the way, he still looks young ththyoungest to reach the hall of fame. a record number of votes, just
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>> they were fun to watch. going back now to breaking news in the ci of miami. and that right there, the red truck is stuck in an 8-foot hole created by a water main break ere's a tow truck trying to free the truck from the hole. we have a crew on the way bringing youou more as we get it. the ladies of the talk talk about the awards show stage crashers the moment that's gone viral. >> the man behind the most popular nightclubs is giving the
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going to the the good news is, the tow truck people have gotten the truck stuck in that hole unstuck now they can start working on the water main break it's ntheast 71st street. you can see the water still gushing and gushing into near by businesses including a mercedes bens repair shop. the truck is out. it's been stuck and they can work on the water main break and keeping you posted on the city of miami. the ladies of the talk are talking tonight about getting mic jacked on stage last night while accepting their people's
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the man who did it is facing a charge we have the reaction from los angeles. >> reporter: the daytime talk queens, the morning after. >> did the producers come to you and explain how it could have happened? >> we all went backstage and it was like what happened? >> i got afraid and when i couldn't understand what he was saying, then i was worried something was wrong with him >> you ain't going to pull know steve harvey up in here. >> the situation handled in 12 seconds not by security but by the mighty duo of cheryl you and osbourn. >> does it surprise you there was not security? >> doesn't bother me, i don't need security.
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wants to be a celebrity, then find the talent and work for it. >> the stage crasher had motives that were not more sinister just attention getter. >> it will be filed away as another memorable moment. the show has never had a stage crash situation and this morning, we found out the great lengths they're going to to keep it that t way. >> we have the best security in the world. work with beverly hills and fbi everyone is working together and it's a well-oiled unit who's been doing it for a long time. >> reporter: with all of these crazy security, w is this even possible? >> you tell us
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angels. imagine meeting yours, that's what happens in the comedy, angel from hell. >> no worries, accidents happen. >> that's a very sweet thing to say. i'll bet you're a very sweet person. >> how did you know my name? >> starring as the angel who enters the life of a successfufu and driven doctor to get her to loosen up and see her life from a new perspective and has a life lesson for us >> i'm devoted to this one and i want to rattle her cage because he's buttoned up and i want he to enjoy being in the human body the way i am. >> who wouldn't want that around? except maybe alikon.
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life and having fun. that's what she brings out in allison which is why she loves having her around. >> just that we live each other very much and love working together and love this show. we have such talented writers you can watch angels from hell that premier tonight on cbs 4. chief meteorologist joining us again and the sun has come out. >> the weather from heaven today. a live picture to prove it on a beautiful south florida winter evening. this why we tolerate the summer heat and humidity to get to these kinds of days it's a beautiful, beautiful evening. high today with 76 that's the normal, the low at 62. one of those nearly rmal days that we see here in south flida. fort lauderdale with a high of 77. lows in the low to mid-60s. the high tempts over the past
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were in the mid-80s and the cold front came through sunday afternoon and dropped us from the low 70s and i's been a slow climb back up. a few clouds burned off after a while low pressure after a possible subtropical development. a mix of characteristics. moisture upstream across the gulf, coming this way, the rain chances on the increase as we go into the weekend. tomorrow, the rain chances going up with the first batch of moisture coming in that hangs on into saturday and reenforced the batch for sunday. next several days, a better chance of rain, some spotty showers ararnd. not heavy rain in store as it looks now. some showers associated with that feature temperatures in the 50s and 40s and some low 60s. northeast, another cool day, chilly with mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the 30s and 40s.
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scenario with snow to the north and cold temperatures, 14 in rapid city and rain to the south. here's our forecast, going to be a nice night. cooler inland. warm sun again, a few afternoon showers developing. warmer, a high near 80 degrees. pollen sufferers, everything is low and taking us into the weekend and into next week.
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a popular nightclub owner is getting into the nightclub business. >> a taste of this brand new concept now open. >> that's me with dave on top of the bird's nest at the newest adventure, a brand new
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this is the first restaurant who was a power house owner at fountain blue. he traveled to create the asian inspired concept. >> for me, it's always about great food i'm a chubby jewish guy, i love food. we opened a week ago and it's just on fire. >> the menu is a blend designed to take guests on a tour of the marco polo trail. >> it's big, it's a monster, it's not a small place in a shopping c cter. it's going to change the area. >> let's get to the food where the chefs prepare all kinds of specialties, the egg roll.
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recipe. i take it and shove it into an egg roll and now it's one of the most a azing dishes we have. >> heated warm like a hug and then the crunch of the outside of the roll. this is really, this is mething. >> next monster dynamite on sushi rice. >> it's delicious and crunchy and the fresh lobster on top st keep popping them in your mouth. >> to make soy, topped with mushrooms and black truffles the sea bass is so tender and light. there's a crunch of sear on the outside and sits in this delicious warm mushroooobroth, like a bath.
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>> big, bold and ready to take it on. >> i think i have my hands full. it's opened 7 days aweek. come and check it out with your taste of the town, cbs 4 news >> i think she liked it. it's at 801 brickel avenue. i like the egg roll. >> what's coming up? >> here's what is happening. >> on the trail on campaign 2016. live in new hampshire talking to marco rubio students stabbed. a teen accused of stabbing another teen appears before a judge. what h hpened in court. manatee protection. while the marine mammals could
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>> we're following a developing story now in miami where a massive water main break is causing a big mess tonight. chopper 4 over the scene at northeast 71st street and 4th court. a hole in the road opened up and there was a hole in the road. a tow truck was able to remove the truck. water has been gushing all around that neighborhood we have a crew on the wawa it's in the city of miami and we'll have more on the story here on cbs 4 news. right now, we're on the campaign trail in new hampshire with an exclusive interview with marco rubio. he plans to introduce a bill to restrict benefits for cuban
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arrivals are abusing the system. >> reporter: not only does it need to be reexamined, the benefits they're receiving need to be re-examined and working on a law to do that. >> marco and the bill he's drafting with follow another bill. >> we see the abuse happening. you have people coming now. they're collecting social security and having never worked in the u.s. and moving back to cuba and the system is being taken advantage of and it needs to be addressed. >> do you know when you need to be following the bill? >> rubio talked to us while on the campaign trail in new hampshire. >> it's a lot of fun to interact with people, it's humbling. to me, it's one of the most extraordinary experiences i
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