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tv   CBS 4 News at 5PM  CBS  January 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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chapo" guzman, has been detained. he has been on the run since his underground escape from maximum-security prison back in july. security expert said the intricately device to escape lightly took more than a year to plan and included buying land, constructing a building in the middle of a field and digging a mile-long tunnel the -- equipped with more of -- modified mototcycle, he's believed to be responsible for us many as 34 -- as many as 34,000 deaths, the card out -- the cartel is a number was fire , a kid and mary wanted to the united states. the drug lord skate once before in 2001, his lip the way in the laundry y cart with the help of us and guards. he had been on the run then for 13 years. just a short time ago, mexico's president -- president and rico -- speed five address
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the municipality of elmo chi and sinaloa members of institutional insecurity of the government -- government of the republic, accomplished to detain joachim guzman -- this location following, and week his captured are a result of the work in conjunction of the corporation of intelligence, security and cooperation of justice. of the state of mexico. it is about an accomplishment in favor of the state of -- an coordination of the forces, on the ones, of the military of the us officials -- officials wanted him extradited here, six districts including the where is facing drug trafficking charges, when president prosecuted familiar with a taste told me that it's
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extradited to chicago where 80% of the dru industry comes from his cartel. now it five -- at five, this could -- could've been a -- could have been up his funeral. a philadelphia police officer shot at close range while sitting in his cruiser. according to him he believed that the police defend laws that are contrary to the teachings of the koran. >> on officer defies the odds after being shot in the line of duty. philadelphia police say that the gunmen benched -- vegged allegiance to -- list of these incidents like state, the officers of life -- survived 13 shots, fired inches away. kenneth craig is live in philadelphia whehe the f the eye has joined the investigation. federal investigators and police in philadelphia are digging through the man's past trying to figure out how long he was planning this and if there was anything else. this could've easily been released funeral. >>
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approaching officer jesse hartnett with a weapon drawn, another image shows us -- a suspect reaching inside a vehicle firing upon length range, hitting the 33-year-o officer three times. shots fired i'm shot. despite being seriously injured. >> the suspect, edward archer was arrested near the scene and later told police that he shot the officer ininhe name of according to him he believes police defend laws that are contrary to the teachings of the koran. police say there's no indication the shooter was tied to a larger terror point, but the fbi and the department of homeland security are also now investigating. they are executing search warrants in the property in upper darby and one in southwest philadelphia not too far from where the shooting took they. authorities say archer has a criminal history a that the gun used was stolen from a philadelphia police officer two years ago.
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injured but expected to be okay. we are told that the officer does have a long road ahead of him including multipl surgeries, his father said he is in good spirits. boston police officer is recovering in hospital tonight after he was shot, it happened this morning in the city's dorchester neighborhood, accocoing to authorities officers were trying to stop the suspect when he got out of his car and opened fire. officer was shot in the leg and rush to boston medical center, he's expected to recover. the suspect police say is a convicted drug dealer was taken into custody. shootout in kentucky leaves an officer in a suspect injured, police say the man shot off a officers forcing them to fire back, when officer was hit in taken to the hospit as well as the suspect, according to reports officer was taken into surgery and is expected to be okay. look for much more of the philadelphia officerhooting
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with scarpelli at 630 after cbs4 news at six. a robbers on the run tonight after holding up a pizza restaurant but the story has a twist for what he said while he was committing the crime. cbs4 home murray has more on -- to murray has more on the remorseful robber live in deerfield beach. with evening, he may be see but he appears to be a well mannered one when he came in to this pizza restaurant he apologized for his bad behavior. he was very quiet. >> he may have been soft-spoken but this robbers message was loud and clear, sorry but pinned over the money. >> he very politely and coldly asked her to please open the safe to give her all the money, he was very polite and courteous and very apologetic area and he even said i'm really sorry for doing this. my kids need christmas. >> two weeks before christmas the gunmen burst into this little caesars and 1462 south
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and demanded cash, all the wife, up always icing, the customer waiting for his pizza >> johnny lewis were working spoke softly. >> he was whispering he wasn't like yelling that he was in very demanding he was asking nicely to get the cash. and get everything. >> the safe was empty but the clerk scooped up all the money in the registers which the robbers stuffed in a book that -- bag. >> i think it's almost like he did not want to rob the store. he just needed the money. >> the work was last seen wearing a dark gray sweatshirt with that word nike in dark letters and he had a gold grill on his teeth. >> we don't know if the lead in the vehicle or on foot. they're asking anyone who recognizes him from the video please contact deb roberts sheriff's office or contact us. crimestoppers number 954493 tip this is -- if you know
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you. in deerfield each the -- to join -- john matarese cbs4 news. cbs4 traffic alert now a big mess on the florida turnpike today a driver or losing control -- losing control of the truck crashing into the wall and flipping over. the crash sensuous all or the south on exit route of sunlight stadium five people were hurt, the ramp is now back open. right now the eye on the storanother way and in some places with day. look at those clouds. this could just be the start of what's to come, craig is here now, we have worked talking about a warm and wet we can -- weekend. >> partially wet weekend i think, we will get break from the rain right now, showers across areahis up to became -- the came in ahead of schedule and saw some showersarlier today and showers right now working their way up. new motto -- line nailbiter senior fort lauderdale, a few more showers possible -- humor showers possible in broward,
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showers here and there this in offshore, in the upper keys east la mirada and taboo here. >> upper lever jet streams stroll across area, this is disturbance that is moving along, that's the weather today, lots of blue skies tomorrow stray shower if you -- here or there and sunday a better rain chance, tonight early showers around warm and humid very warm sun tomorrow stray showers what are -- straight showers what are they for sunday. a big coco front coming coming up. a reminder you can track whether what you are at any time, download the cbs miami weatherapp and iphone and android, iphone store or google play store. -- google play store. cruz had been able to cruise have been able to fill up the whole that opened up. i'd -- i've northeast 71st street and fourth court, you can see the road, and patched up in traffic is moving along again.
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water main break and water crashed from the underground time during rush hour, from the 15 the the pool flooded the street and auto repair shop that was about 30 feet a ay. searches on tonight for a car thief would often a car with a ted scott inis life tonight in coral springs with reaction from the child's grandmother. >> (dot) was one scared little girl in the back seat of the all this happening were -- around 730 lesson -- lessons when the car pulled up his car right in front of the convenience store and ran in for second. she's a little girl trautized after an ordeal that would terrify even a grown-up. six-year-old was in the back of the car thursday night is one her step dad read into the convenience store. surveillance video shows after he ran in, a man walked up to the car and crouched down. seconds later, he slid into the
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immediately ran after him but the car and the little girl who work o woman's later, the clerk realized he had a passenger in the back. >> t t car was fast and turned and looked at her -- her and said get out and -- nobody drives that fast and she got scared he was driving too fast. >> the grandmother does not want to show her face. she tells us the little rl lost -- was terrified when the car pulled out and she realized her stepfather was not behind the wheel. the child is was ordered out of ththcar and the busy road not far away. en the crooks read off the little girl right across the street, fortunately for her, there was a jogger running backs who helped her. >> she saw her crossing the street, and asked her was -- esther was her p!rents, and then she told her that they stole her dad's car and tell her told her to get up, the
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after police arrived, she would not let go first, she wouldn't let go of the lady who found her. they had to take the lead it back to the gas station with her. >> that was her angel. somebody saved her so she how long -- hung on to her. >> that cork and the car are still missing right now, the car is a black shia -- kia optima that look similar to the one you see on the s seen, the attack on the car is a c q -- cq q v1 three. if you have any information 954493 tip. new details and the -- in the so-called phase but killer a sentencing date has been set for derek medina. in november, jury found medina guilty of second-degree murder for shooting and killing his wife jennifer alfonso, medina posted the care of her body -- care of her body on facebook, judge will decide medina's fate on february 5th my could get up to life in prison.
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driver. >> help us police believe that car was going. more of it 5:30 p.m., hillary clinton's email back on the list -- newest the email that could cost her problems. a baby just couldn't wait to be born so troopers had to jump into action in the side of the highway hear from them 530. you may have heard it hundred million dollars are up for grs coming up what most people will have told us they
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th releasing a new batch of hillary clinton's email from the top from her time as secretary of state, they have failed to meet a deadline on a number of e-mails to be released in december so they released another batch today. there was not an all to make it harder for you to cover the story or for you to go through the documents, it's to try to meet this test we could in good faith the requirements. >> now one email thread shows clinton and -- in her state department of riser chip sullivan discussing -- over sending information through jim de fede brought -- broadus report from new hampshire where the battle for the primaries in fu shape swing, he will bring g us half hours national here's a preview. >> in manchester new hampshire,
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held in more than a month, we had a chance to sit down with jeb bush, here's a little bit of the interview. i know you don't want to pay attention to polls. but i want to ask this question, has this process been humbling for you push my given the expectations that were built around you coming in ? >> i did not like the expectations built around me, i always knew it will be hard, never said i was the front ruer, i felt really uncomfortable with it because i have like we all do unique opportunities, you unique challenges. coming from the family i come from there's going to be higher expect haitians on me. the only person that's higher expectations on me than the conventional expectati is me myself, i have known -- i've known this is going to be a challenge, it't'always humbling to run for office if you do with -- it the right way. it's invigorating at the same time. >> it's humbling to put yourself out there as a people's representative. i am talking about a humbljng
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of way in the sense of i am two or three% of the polls and people keep writing we often telling me this is the end of my career and move on. that doesn't bother you. >> no. i have enough confidence, quiet confidence in my ability, i am pretty competitive, i've you this -- viewew this as an incredible privilege and an honor to be a candidate and to express views about how we fix these things and i love interacting with people were looking for leadership. i am on the positive journey not one this is so tough, poor -- this is so bad, you can forget that. >> if you want to see the entire interview join me on sunday eight 30:00 a.m. for the special edition of facing south florida for here in new hampshire words 27 degrees. that was jim de fede reporting, look for more exclusive sitdown interview with jeb bush on facing south florida. that sunday 830 right here on cbs4. have breaking news to tell you
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chopper for it's going to bow, there's a traffic alerin the city of miami, this is the 79th street causeway, that bridge right there is stock and traffic is not going either way. you can see the cars that are stuck -- stopped right there on the 79th street causeway, the causeway that goes from the city of miami miami beach and go through north a village in other parts of miami-dade county you can see the some of the drivers look like they are trying to make a u-turn going eier way, they might be actually going the wrong way in some areas it's one thing, you can see the drivers us we speak, take a look at the traffic backup, this is because the 79th street causeway in miami is stock right now, you can see the people crossing the street, not all the way up us you can tell there's a situatatn with the bridge this moment are part of it does not allow traffic to go through so
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backed for a long way in the city of miami on the causeway, some pple are getting out of their cars and sitting this one out and waiting for the have chapter for over eight, we -- it, we will bring it along information. president barack obama vetoed a bill that would have repealed is healthcare law, lawmakers have pushed many repealed measures but this was the first to make it to the president's desk, the bill also would have cut federal funding for planned parenthood and that goes back to the republican-led congress which does not have the votes to override a presidential veto, if you for powerball fever as was at a high later this week wait until tonight and tomorrow. >> the check out is at $800 million emma cbs4 talks to a powerball player who are dreaming big and she's live. >> we are at the convenience
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first low when the two hours we have been here where there is an online, there had been really busy doling out the tickets people coming out, and i spent 80 bucks one woman 70 bucks on tickets, a little bit of money when you think you could win 800 million bucks. people are wasting no time waiting until tomorrow to get there powerball tickets to -- for tomorrow night's drawing is after all take a slight -- a gus h-letter-letter h i bought in us history. already a $800 million. you have to buy your tickets by 10:00 p.m. saturday and if you menu and choose to take -- men choose to take the lump sum now, you take home an estimated 496 million -- $96 million in cash. what would you do with it? have goes to savings and the other goes to play with. >> travel, take a vacation from traveling. >> i will buy a house for me
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things to do with money. >> a couple member of my family >> will try to take care of my entire family and make sure they are set for life and try and rest and investor us. >> that's seems to be the popular saying family and for yourself? it out, peop who need it most. >> florida is one of the highest powerball state out of 44 states up or -- anticipate selling $3.2 billion in tickets giving 1.3 billion toward education. since the state started playing powerball, 10 winners have been in florida in two of them ririt here in south florida here's the deal, if you do win and your the soul winner, you can choose`to take the 496 million in cash have 60 days to dohat or you can take the 800 million but you have to do that and 30
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years, what to do. >> life in doral, cbs4 news. thanks, donna. >> we've already made those decisions, one decision is what to do this weekend's far as the weather. >> tomorrow pretty good sunday showers around plan your lottery winnings accordingly. over the past seven days we have quite -- had quite the right, it was a week ago we were in the mid- 80s and then we had to warm saturday the temperature drops sunday night into mday and a slow climb back up again. eighty was a temperature for the high temperature today and we -- he will warm up more before we drop again next week, kids playing in the surf, nice evening to be out and about except for a few showers, temperatures are warm, 78 miami, 77 fort lauderdale.
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temperatures mid to upper 70s miramar, marathon hollywood and pompano beach and here are the areas with most rain 1400's in the keys, for miramar, lighter amounts. the rain came ahead of schedule today, here's the radar in motion, moving offshore now, this disturbance, showers and improvement overnight, very warm tomorrow mid 80s for high tea showers not nearly as many it today as today, rain chances goes back up i had of the -- have the cold front. it will come to a knock us out in the mid- 80s to low 70s. lots of sun monday at the front hangs out and showers around temperatures may not get into the 50s on choosing wednesday with another cold front coming down, for this evening showers around fairly mild overnight
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tomorrow or sunday and today very warm milk mid 80s, for boaters know problem, one to three indices, -- in the seas. >> cooler, upper 60s on wednesday. late show fans you will want to make sure use the up late for tonht, the cold bear show will be live for one night only it has guest will be -- his gut will be matthew broderick and casey musgrave and don't miss the special live edition of the late show with stephen colbert tonight at 11:35 p.m. after cbs4 news tonight at 11. we are keeping an eye on a tropical alert in city of miami, the bridge is stuck in again causing problems for commuters, traffic is tucked up in the area and we will keep watching this one. >> since world war ii, the adolf hitler manifesto
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after the break. the fiery crash claims the life of the woman early this 4& morning, what police say caused -- costed later on, maine's
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comment, hear what he said that yeah i ride. one thing i've come to realize: there's no easier way totoave on motorcycle insurance than switching to geico. saving money, that's something every rider should do. what is that? it's called ceviche, gary.
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tastes like uh... chicken. you should get out more. chicken. geico motorcycle. great rates for great rides. a new version of adolf hitler others notorious manifesto went on sale in germany today and
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end of world war ii, jonathan vigliotti reports from london on the publication. a controversial piece of history is once again on sale in german bookshops. critics of the decision to reprint hitler's mein kampf worry it could you please you will anti- -- be with you will anti- semitic sentiments. >> this german resident said to find mein kampf and extra, i can imagine -- can imagine it to get the books new publisher see the book can teach valuable lessons. >> hitler's word requires an evaluation rectification and critique said the projects from there. mein kampf german for my struggle is considered hitler's rough draft of the holocaust against he wrote the -- he wrote the anti- semitic tirade in 1920's. after his death in the 40s, the government took ntrol of the textnd stuck to printing it. after 17 years, the copyright expired, it's been given the okay for republishing with some key revision.
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allow and -- allow annotated editions meaning each copy must feature academic commentary critical of hitler's rantings. some in israel are i'm -- are ambivalent about the reprinting. >> it's kind of impossible to control and i not sure that we should. >> the release comes as though you were of grapples with -- hitler's original man -- mein kampf is available in many of germany's secondhand bookstores. a scholar say the new -- scholars say the new version offers crucial context that shed light on the horrific past, so history can to repeat itself. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news london. hitler's manifesto was originally printed in 19258 years before hitler came to power and more than 12 million copies will publish until 1845, today's s print is selling for about $65. a fiery wreck claims the life of one woman, the car crashing into several parts
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the driver lost control of the
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