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tv   CBS 4 News  CBS  January 9, 2016 1:37am-2:12am EST

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mwah! el chapo caught. how authorities captured one of most dangerous drug traffickers. >> drugged and robbed. we'll show you the women that targeted men on miracle mile, taking their expensive belongings. >> reporter: shark take. one day after they lost their pet, the special gift to warm their heart. >> and the good samaritan that brought a child to safe. >> i risk and reward. the dangers of running up your
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>> and are we talk sweater weather? craig has your forecast. v. now at 1, el chapo caught. one of most wanted drug lords in the world is back in custody. he was captured nearly 6 months after his sec dramatat escape from prison. >> but el chapo didn't go down without a fiepght there was a gun battle with police. omar via franco has more. >> reporter: mexico authorities finally got drug kingpin joaquin guzman back in their grasp. marines were met with a firefifiter that ended with 5 of his men dead. police seize guns, a roc
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5 vehicles. the united states provided the key tip. the u.s. and mexico had been look for el chapo since his elaborate prison break last july. he slipped out through a drawer in his shower stall and through a mistle long tunnel to a waiting motorcycle. >> it was embarrassing. there was tremendous pressure from mexico and the u.s. to at least be able to apprehend him. >> reporter: the nickname el chapo means shorty, but his cartel is worth $3 billion and is worth o half of the illegal drugs funnelel into the u.s. u.s. officials will likely push for his extradition.
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are targeting men, robbing them of their belongings after drugging them. donna has more. donna? >> reporter: the women targeted men at these busy restaurants here at miracle mile. martin's steakand the bar across the street. they started up conversations with the me at the bar, went home with the men, and drugged them. >> reporter: 2 women targeted men at 2 of the busiest restaurants at the miracle mime this woman here chatted up a man at the bar as he waited for a table. they had drinks and went to his homehere they drank some more before that man told police he became lightheaded. he suspected he was drugged, and he came to, the woman was gone and so was his rolex. >> it's concerning. i'm concerned about my colleagues around here, yes. and my family and everybody else. >> reporter: across the street m rorkston's steakhouse, this woman struck up a
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before long, they were at his play drinking cocktails. >> this is not an area that you would think something like that would happen. >> reporter: a similar ripoff happened 3 week ago when a man said an attractive woman said shneeded a ride. this woman disappeared with his rolex and other watches. >> she say, i'm not drinking, uh-uh drink. after that, i was out. >> reporter: ache a look again at these thieves. similar m.o., similar looks, both short black women with long black hair an tattoos on their backs. >> reporter: coral gables
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drugs pie thai used, but if anyone renoises the win give them a call. new details on a carjacking in coral springs. we're hearing from the woman who helped bring that child to safety kerry cod has the story. >> i just knew that that was the right thing to do. >> reporter: steanna holder was out for her nightly run when she saw this 6-year-old running towards r. >> she was crying. she was hyerical and scared. i tried my best to calm her down. >> reporter: holder says the child told her that someone told stole her step-dad -- her stepdad's car and told her to get out. this video shows the father
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leaving the child inside. someone went in and took off. the dad tried to run back, but it was too late. >> the cops came, and she didn't want to go with them. she just wouldn't t let me develop. >> reporter: the little girl's family is deeply grateful to hold her. >> that was her angel. somebody saved her, so she hangs onto her. >> reporter: for s terks e -- blessed. >> i'm thankful that i was there to take her in and get her back home safely. >> reporter: we met with steanna late. issue she had a nice meeting. coral springs police are searching for the car's vehicle -- for the car's thief as well
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it's a kia optima. live in pompano beach, kerry cod. we have our eye on the storm after some showers today. many of us are wondering if we'll need some umbrellas this weekend. >> wouldn't it be nice if our weather stayed just the way it is right now? >> ting warm and humid out there. a big line of showers and thunderstorms. no rain in score e-store. with you there are a@ couple of systems headed our way. one is crossing texas and louisiana right now, producing some severe weather there. that will bring us the chance for showers. behind that, there's a cold front that will reach us sunday night, cooling us off quite bit for monday. for tonight, warm and humid. some fog will be developing overnight.
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will get warm tomorrow. a chance for showers later tomorrow. a gunman pledging allegiance to i. sivment i.s. opened fire on a philadelphia police officer as he shot in his patrol car. the gunman approached jesse hearth net's -- approached jesse hartnett's police car and then reached in and fired 11 times. the causers serious lin injured but it is expected to be okay. the obama administration is turning to silicon valley to help fight the war on terror. federal official and tech coany executives atepidded a
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to discuss how to stop i.s.s. and other terror groups from recruiting terrorists on social media. representatives from apple, twitter, and were invited to talk. in campaign 2016, a muslim woman wearing a he jab was escorted out of a donald trump campaign event in south carolina tonight. the woman stood up during trump's speech while he was talking about syrian refugees. dee spite her sims, supporters schanted trump's name and pointed at her. a fiery wreck claims the life of a woman after she crashed after going more than 100 miles an hour.
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pile of cars while the driver is trapped inside. miami fire rcue says she was speeding and lost control. >> you could hear it. it was really fast. i then heard a boom and came outside and saw the car just burning. an update on sinkhole that opened up in a miami neighborhood after a water main break. corps 4 as over the scene at northeast 71st street and 4th court. the road is now patched up and open to traffic. quite a difference from yesterday when a water main broke. you have until 10 p.m. tomorrow to buy take for the biggest lossry ticket jackpot
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south florida residents wasted no time today. otherwise, you get the prize much spread out over 30 years. your odds of winning are 1 in 292 million. so you're saying there's a chance. >> i got my ticket. gout yours? >> i'll share yours. if you win we'll share. >> there's a lot of main a lot to share there. why not? he's been dub b remorseful robber. >> the explanation he gave for robbing a pizza place and apologizing if it. >> and gift that's helping a family cope with the loss of
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president's pets at quite an outpouring of emotion center from a south florida couple who received a special gift to help mend e their broken hearts. they were given a new puppy just 1 day after dealing with a horrific incident. >> their chihuahua was mauled to death by a stray dog -- by a stray dog. the couple hospitalized after the ordeal. peter sanchez is in miami-dade with the turn of etches. >> reporter: a family with a 9 week old chihuahua.
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>> little puppy. >> reporter: he is yours. hold him i am happy and sad, he says. it's one day after@ his 3-year- old chihuahua, guchie runs into these 2 american bulldog mixes and is attacked and killed by the family miguel was hospitalized with high blood pressure. his wife ada was hospitalized with 100 stitches after trying to defend guchie. ada too is overjoy bid this new gift. >> this dog will make us continue to live. >> reporter: mariel cambos donated the puppy. >> i saw the story yesterday
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to do something. >> we just received... this is what we want. this is unconditional love. i don't want any money. what's going on right now to me, i love her. >> reporter: the department has been unable to the fine the owner of the male dog. the female dog who attacked the chihuahua does not have a microchip and the owner has not come forward.
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will keep their puppy in the n their home and backyard. peter dench, cbs 4 news tonight. plot to kid flap one of president obama's dogs is foiled. police arrested scott stockart in his hotel. stockart allegedly wanted to kidnap either bo or sunny, the obama family's dogs. he's charged with possessisi an unregistered frarm and ammunition. a an armed robber holds up little ceasar's restaurant but apologized. a man holding a gun asked the that sheer to open the safe and then apologized and said his kids needed christmas gifts.
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like airline miles and cash back from your credit cards? for many, playing the rewards game can lead to big payouts. for others, it can lead to big trouble. >> reporter: lewis anacola loves getting rewards for his spending. he isn't loyal to just one card. >> i have 15 to 17 different credit cards right now. >> reporter: they owner him free flyings or hotel stays. more people who play the reward game are like lewis. >> it used to be that earning rewards was about staying low ial y'all 2001 airline or one card. now it's about applying for the card to get the sign-up bonus and then spending enough to reach the minimum threshold of spending, and then a few months later, finding another card and doing the same thing before. >> reporter: for some people, this can serve as an enormously
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overshopping. >> reporter: dr. benson says reward cards can be beneficial to those who use them in a healthy way. for some, it can be silar to an addiction. what are the signs you may be prone to a problem? >> someone who keeps looking for the next offer, the next best thing. >> reporter: matt shulz of imlaun says that although they can offer cash back and travel, the key is to stay organized. >> and you have to make sure you're keeping an eye on things. make sure you're not applying for too many cards too often, and also that you are not overspending to get those rewards, because that can really get you in trouble. >> reporter: lewis says he's not concerned with the number of reward cards he has, because he keeps his s snding in check.
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spending morjust to earn e rewards. >> reporter: paying off high interest if you don't pay your balance can eliminate the rewards. the tonight show with stephen colbert will be live tonight. it will have matthew brod risk and a conforms by casey musgrave. it begins tonight at 11:35 live. the big question is what will the rain look like? >> we're live too. the pressure is on, and weekend will be live. >> colder air returns on monday. it is a pretty warm and humid evening if you've been out and
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most northeast of biscane bay, fort lauderdale and hollywood, tipping scales at 5. 91% humidity. wind right now is calm. we have a little bit of rain, but not too much across the area. 70s to the west. deerfield beach as well as miami shores. here's the radar showing the showers. they are to our east and they will continue to slowly and move away. very warm. a few showers possible late in the day. on sunday, we are still ahead of a cold front. mid-80s tomorrow. tuesday also we'll struggle to get to the 70s.
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front will come through. teens and 20s across the upper midwest. this is some of the cold air that won't be that come by the time it gets here. but it will certainly be coolele than it is right now warm and humid tonight. dense fog will develop. give yourself a little more time. it will be sunny clouds and very warm, high temperature in the mid-80s. for boaters, winds out of the southwest. light chop on the bays. taking us through the weekend. keusm really warm days. temperatures in the mid-80s, showers possible,er specially
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by wednesday, breathe. >> keep going. >> breathe. >> keep going. >> good. good girl. >> it's a girl. >> that is the moment en2 new jersey state troopers helped a woman give birth. the couple called 911 when they realized they o would not make it to the hospital in time. the troopers not only helped deliver the baby, they did the honors of cutting the umbilical cord. lamar odom has hit a huge milestone in his recovery. he's been released from the hospital.
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desert for a showdown with the phoenix suns. 1st half, dwayne wade pushing the pace and goes town top to one of the former spans green dropped 10 points. wade with bake 1st half o of his own. the legs looking good. that will get bench off their feet. phoenix goes on a huge run. devin booker scoring 11 straight point preponderates heat are holding onto a slim lead in the # 4th quarter. the cavaliers visiting the minnesota timberwolfs. watch lebron james go from one end of the court to the other in the blink of an eye. those 2 are very pretty. and then kyrie irving in the 4th. crossover, and the 3 ball. dolphin fans are still in a holding pattern weight for the
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but we may have a frontrunner. reports are adam gates is set to have a second interview with the fin. dan campbell had his interview. he took over for joe philbin and went 5-7 as interim head coach. doug maronon also met with miami brass. he is 15-17 as the lead man with the bills. and former kings legend adrian james is in the hall of fame. he tallied more than 12,000 yards in his career. he's number 11 on the nfl's all- tile rushing list. the induct tees will be announced superbowl -- super bowl weekend. one local high school will have an nfl mind rooming their sidelines. former dolphins defensive back patrick sertan will be their
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finally, former marlins general manager and manager dan jennings has been hired by the washington nationals to be a special assistant to their gm. jennings was with the fish since 2002 but was fired after an unsuccessful stint in the
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that will do > finally tonight, the sleepy panda is ready for bed. the toronto zoo sharing this video of the newborn twin began cubs. the newest update, they're teething now they still live
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that hen means they're off-limb to the public until theyeye bigger. >> let's do it together. aww. >> that's so sweet. >> that's it for cbs 4 news ton. >> the late show >> announcer: next, a paid presentation from perricone md for cold plasma sub-d, brought to you by guthy renker. cold plasma sub-d is the first-of-its-kind treatment for the e ea of your body that can actually age you most -- your neck, hosted by network television star courtney thorne-smith and featuring some of the most dramatic before-and-after photos you've ever seen. >> hi, everyone. i'm courtney thorne-smith. don't change the channel, because in the next few minutes, you're gonna learn about a breakthrough product that could help take years off your appearance. but here's the thing -- you don't put it on your face. nt to learn more? stay with us. >> announcer: when you look at yourself in the mirror, does
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face >> the texture just looked like crepe paper, like someone, you know, wrinkled it and gave it back to you. >> it was like, "this is awful. whose neck is that? that doesn't even belong to me." >> announcer: are you seeing more signs of age from the chin down? >> it's like, overnight, i woke up and i saw these dark circles around my neck. and i said, "why are they there, and how can i get rid of them?" >> announcer: you can haveve visibly firmer, smoother, sexier neck easily. no crazy gadgets, no drastic procedures. the secret to a younger-looking neck is a breakthrough topical treatment called cold plasma sub-d. >> it made a big difference. it's giving you results -- results you want to see. >> i'm looking in the mirror all the time now, going, "wow!" >> i want to wear a little badge that says "sub-d" -- "neck by sub-d." [ chuckles ] >> this is something that actually works -- actually. i'm so excited. >> announcer: cold plasma sub-d is specifically formulated for the submandibular, which includes the chin, jawline, neck, and d\collet\.
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can easily show signs of age, often even faster than your face. but sub-d's powerful formulation helps battle the look of double chin... sagging jowls... crinkly skin... and increased wrinkles. isn't that incredible? that's the same woman, but her neck looks so much better. >> all i know is, i'm not ashamed of my neck anymore. i'm not. i would like to know what the heck is in there. [ laughs ] what -- what is in there? >> announcer: cold plasma sub-d is the brainchild of one of the most famous anti-aging pioneers in the world -- dr. nicholas perricone. you've read about him in just about every major beauty publication in the world, including "vogue" magazine, who named him one of the best dermatologists in the u.s. and he's the author of five new york times best-selling books, including "the wrinkle cure." he's not only a world-renowned dermatologist, he's also a
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and he's combined his lifelong passion for science and anti-aging solutions into a global prestige skin-care line called perricone md. it was after five years of intense scientific research that dr. perricone was finally able to unlock the secret to a more youthful-looking neck. he carefully selected the very best cosmeceutical-grade ingredients, then figured out a way to suspend those ingredients in a revolutionary delivery system -- one designed to rapidly absorb into the surface of the skin for maximum results. women across the country are raving about cold plasma sub-d. >> when sub-d by dr. perricone came out, there was an instantaneous buzz because it was so needed. and when you can talk to beauty editors and celebrity makeup artists, and they are making reference to it, that's when you know you've got a product that really works. >> announcer: coming up, go inside the sub-d phenomenon with courtney thorne-smith, star of
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"according to jim," and "two and a half men." >> i am 46 now, and it wasn't thqt long ago that i noticed i needed something for my neck. so i was thrilled when i found out that dr. perricone was coming out with sub-d, because i thought, "if anybody can do it, he can," and he really has done it. >> announcer: you'll meet dr. perricone himself, and find out why it's taken so long to develop an effective treatment for our necks. >> people asasme, "gee, why has the beauty industry neglected the submandibular region -- chin and neck?" i don't think they've neglected it. i just think they didn't have the solution. >> announcer: he's joined by dana bledsoe, who has been the leading authority on perricone products for 14 years and who, at age 46, personifies the science of aging beautifully. >> what's so extraordinary about this product is its unbelievable delivery system. that's what gives you the dramatic results. >> announcer: and just how much older can your neck make you look? we conduct an experiment with
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