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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 9, 2016 11:35pm-12:35am EST

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caused a lot of trouble, be thank you sack o roethlisberger, the tackles. watch him as he read the quarterback. he was going outside. stopped it and broke back inside to get the interception. awesome job. jim: this game is not over. the steelers have all the time-outs. here's hill. the ball is out! shazier had it for a moment and now it's picked up by cockrell. let's seeere. they're going to rule that hill was down. i believe it's a fumble. phil: called a fumble on the play. it was automatically be reviewed, of course. referee: fumble recovered by pittsburgh. first and 10, pittsburgh. jim: oh, my goodness.
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jim: the ruling on the field is jeremy hill fumbled. watch the knee, watch the elbow, but the ball from is moving. mike carey, any doubt in your mind? ke: in my mind, that ball is moving and certainly there's not enough to reverse. jim: right. start doing the math on what would this situation have been -- referee: after reviewing the play, the ruling on the field stands ass called. first and 10. jim: look who's coming out. ben roethlisberger trots onto the feel. this whole exchange of turnovers , pittsburgh lost five yards and 27 seconds. now, had cincinnati just had three pedestrian running plays and the steelers would have taken all their time-outs, probably would have gone for a field goal. but you'd have been somewhere
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phil: yes, that was the idea. jeremy hill let the ball get ripped out ofis arms. jim: and roethlisberger throwing it. flings it to bryant. bryant in traffic. makes a nice couple ofoves and picks up eight. trying to drive them to put them in range for chris bodies -- boswell. phil: good play to test that arm out with, the shoulder, whatever is bothering him. the screen play to get him moving. jim: roethlisberger's throw is incomplete. brown wasn't quite ready for it. phil: one of the defensive backs, leon hall is down, not in there either. jim: there's hill standing alone
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having fumbled, losing his fourth fumble of the year. third and 2. 54 seconds. the steelers still have all their time-outs. cincinnana is going to use one of its two that it had remaining. and again, the "the subway postgame show" will follow immediately after this one. j.b., tony, bart, boomer and coach cowher for highlights and analysis of the game. all coming up, "the subway postgame show." those couple of throws, i know they weren't long throws but could you tell anything about roethlisberger being compromised right now throwing the football? phil: hard to tell but they did look ok enough where it looks like -- i can't say his arm looks great but still got it out there with some pep on it. and you look at marvin lewis going up and down the sideline.
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win. jim: third and 2. rushing three. roethlisberger, lofts it and quite a catch by toussaint. had to adjust and he goes out of bounds. gain of seven and a first. phil: good job by ben roethlisberger moving around. it's three-man rush so he's going to wait until he sees it cleanly to make the throw. and you're right, toussaint, nice adjustment. big first down. gets out of bounds, saves a time-out. jim: that was only their second third down conversion of the night. roethlisberger slings it over to toussaint.
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lewis-harris and near another first and pittsburgh's got to take a time-out here. and that's a first down. phil: cincinnati playing the averages, jim. playing soft. let him throw it underneath, get those yards. they used a time-out. but you can't continue that coverage. a couple more completions, two time-outs -- extra defensive backs. look where they all >> how deep everybody is. jim: remember, they've lost kirkpatrick to injury tonight and most important, reggie nelson. so they've lost two defenders to injury tonight, the bengals. phil: leo hall is not in there, the extra defensive back.
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but roethlisberger did the right thing throwing those footballs short and getting in this position. jim: on first down and under pressure throws it incomplete. gilberry and johns in the area of roethlisberger when he threw it. phil: a little confusion, i think. linemen going down the field, it looked like it might be a screen but then you saw roethlisberger gog down the field. jim: that hit couldn't have felt too good on a tender right shoulder. second and 10. will antonio brown be a factor here? going to the other side from brown to bryant. and iloka cuts him off, pushes him out. 32 second, only picked up three.
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double covered. they made sure that time he's not going to be the difference in it. and we haven't seen roethlisberger given that extra time. jim: you wonder how far downfield he's able to throw it. phil: that's right. jim: third and 7 with 32 seconds. trying to cross them up on the ground. toussaint got tripped up. rhat was michael johnson who saved what would have, in all likelihood, been a first down carry. phil: yea it would have been a first down. look at johnson on the ground making the tackle. that is something. since he's come back from tampa bay, they lost him to free agency. he's back and he's played the run better this year than any
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it would have been first down. jim: a pittsburgh time-out right now atat 25 seconds. they have one remaining. the play call looked like a solid call. there was just one hand that couldd stop him. phil: you're right. trying to catch them off guard and i think you said it. 28 seconds to go. they still have one time-out. jim: they added three second here on the clock. time-out bengals. the final one. phil: marvin lewis and paul guenther, the defensive coordinator.
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pittsburgh. got to convert here. phil: well, they have to convert and you just have to make sure, you tell your defense tackling, if they catch the football, get them to the ground. you know, don't overplay in a situation like this on the defensive side. that gives the offense that opportunity to make that big play. to get them into field goal range. jim: hill so concerned his miscue could be the difference here. praying that his defense can somehow end it right now. fourth and 3. roethlisberger. has the first down. brown to the 48.
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and they did a great job. a little switch that time by an tiny brown in the slot to the right side. he goes inside. heath miller goes out that. cause confusion and he gets him away from leon hall. really well-designed play. jim: they're out of time-outs and they're about -- well, 1 yards away from being able to put them in position that would match the season long by boswell but y/u would think -- they have 10 yards now you would have to bring him out and see if he could convert it from 55.
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22 seconds to go. roethlisberger from the pocket. middle of the field, incomplete. oh, a flag does come in! phil: went to the head. jim: lewis-harris is going to be flagged for this on the hit on antonio brown and it's going to put the steelers in field goal range. burfict was in there too. phil: burfict is coming across the field. i saw it. i thought it was him. jim: they both were in on the coverage. is it 55 or 37? referee: personal foul, defense number 55. 15-yard penalty. jim: how about that? referee: automatic first down. jim: burfict in the end. phil: definitely took the shot to the head. you could see it live. marvin lewis before this drive
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sideline the whole time it seemed like to burfict and yes. jim: oh, my goodness. brown is still down. phil: that's, of course, flagrant. jim: out of control? phil: out of control. it's going to be everything. that's goi to be suspension, fine. jim: it may cost his team a game. phil: and before this drive started, marvin lewis was on the sideline with him talking to him the whole time to make sure that he ctrolled his emotions when he went back out on the field. jim: i don't think that message resonated, as much as rvin tried.
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there's a flare-up again. an official just got pushed. and now if this is just a penalty against cincinnati, it's going to make this a chip-shot field goal and lose their season over it. burfict thinks it might be against pittsburgh. phil: he just went over to the sideline and pushed his own coach. oh. you know, listen, jim -- jim: this call is huge because it's going thave everything to do with this field goal attempt. phil: well, it's huge but it's sad. we knew coming into the game that anying you did was going to be watched closely and the officials -- john parry, they've tried to keep control of this game.
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number 24. 15-yard penalty. first down. jim: adam jones. there's joey porter, one of the assistants. he's had, of course, back in his playing days scrapes. then he got bumped. phil: it's just -- could it get any worse? jim: no. i don't know. it's been in so many different places tonight. roethlisberger being taken off the field and a couple of -- phil: fans cheering. jim: fans cheering the fact that he was injured. a couple of times tonight you wanted to use the word "dis graceful."
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phil: it's disgraceful on so many fronts, by everybody. i'm not going to blame the officials, jim. they have tried. how many penalties? jim: i'm going to get back to the fact that this youngng man here, fist-year kicker, has a chance to put the steelers ahead with 18 seconds to go. goinin to likely be a 35-yard attempt. they're not going to run another play, risk anything. nobody has any time-outs. i guess they could have in theory run a play and had a spike but they're going to go-ahead and go for the kick that will make it in -- win it if he makes it and the kick is drilled and the steelers are back ahead at 18-16. well, again, the last
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jones made this all the way down the field to a 35-yard field goal. phil: this has got to go down as one of the worst defeats ever imposed on yourself. with the penalties. jim: so it all began with the hill fumble just after burfict had made an interception that looked like it could have possibly sealed and it then the headhunting penalty called against burfict and then there's joey porter in the middle of linebacker. and there's pacman jones in the middle of it and he draws a flag that makes the kick only a 35-yarder. off the 15-yard penalty.
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you try to write that story. there are four of five moments here in the last moment of the game, you just shake your head and you can't beleeve it. now you start to wonder in these final 14 second, barring any crazy mirle here, what roethlisberger's condition will be like and antonio brown, for that matter, when they go to denver next week for the divisional round. phil: you have to wonder, too, the bengals. marvin lewis. this game, how it unfolded. looking for his first playoff victory. you think it's over. we got the football. jim: adam jones. and he runs into jarvis jones. tackled at the 24.
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jones was arguing his case to parry. phil: it's too late now. and all the great plays and stuffs by adam jones and vontaze burfict. they had highlight reels here tonight in plays they made on the defensive side. none of it will be remembered. jim: mccarron. launching it deep. batted down by szier and the game is over. the steelers have come back behind roethlierger reentering the game and driving them with the aid of palties to the game-winning field goal. i want to see what's going to happen down here on the field,
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the ramphand to the exit. phil: well, there's a lot of debriseing thrown down on the field. jim: tracy wolfson, you're down there. take it away. tracy: that's right, jim. i'm here with big ben and ben, first let me start with that right shoulder. can you tell us what's going on right now with that injury? ben: we won the game. that's all t`at matters. tracy: why did i know you were going to say that? let's go through there final drive. the fumble when you think the game might be over and the penalties and all the emotion and the rain and oh, by the way, you're playing with one should. have you ever been through a game like this? ben: it's an emotional football game. emotional football players, emotional playoffs, everything. i'm just so proud of everybody that played and stepped up. the fans and jordan and everybody. the o-line did great and i'm
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we got a win, that's all that matters. tracy: how confident are you now that you'll face the broncos next week that you'll be able to play? ben: we won in game, i'm happy. tracy: appreciate, ngratulations. jim: mike tomlin just came to get him off the field and we'll have a rematch in denver next week on a game that was a beauty december 20th when roethlisberger led the steelers back down 17 down to a 24-7 victory over the broncos. this was right at the end of the game. marvin lewis giving an earful to vontaze burfict. adamam jones sobbing. you saw the fans, the same
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the doubt does not end on a rain-soaked night. a vicious, violent game it was and now we're all set for the a.f.c. divisional round. kansas city is traveling to patriots. the chiefs and the patriots, that's saturday onn cbs and then on sunday, again, pittsburgh and denver will meet for the second time in a month. what a sequence of events at the end of thiss game. phil: it really was. started with the fumble. ben roethlisberger comes back in the game. the two personal fouls. the game-winning field goal. jim: boswell, absolutely split the uprights and the steelers advance. heartbreak here for the cincinnati fans as the bengals looked like they had it and then some out of control moments at the end cost them their season.
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for phil, tracy and mike carey, jim nantz saying so long from cincinnati. you've been watching the nfl on cbs.
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[captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] james: hello, everyone, and
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the "the subway postgame show." i'm james brown alongside a full house here with tony, coach, and bart, and boomer esiason. and a reminder that you can also catch us online. at and the road to super bowl 50 continues next weekend right here on a cbs with divisional round playoff action. next saturday the patriots are host the chiefs then next sunday the steelers take on the one seed denver broncos. our coverage begins with a special playoff edition of "the nfl today" presented by southwest airlines. and as we lk at the a.f.c. -- boomer: there you go. kansas city is going to be visiting new england next saturday then pittsburgh, by virtue their win over the imploding bengals will visit the denver broncos then tomorrow, green bay at washihiton. the late game, the early game, seattle at minnesota at 1:05. james: when you talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, a total lackof
12:03 am
boomer: here's the fumble leading to thehe comeback for the bengals but i agree with fill simmings. this was a disgraceful performance by the bengals. an ugly performance by vontaze burfict, who should not been be fined but suspended for a significant amount of time. he's dangerous on the field. this leads to an easy field goal kick for boswell but i have to tell you right now -- i'm a former bengal. i'm embarrassed by the way this game ended and by the way these guys acted on the field. i feel bad for marvin lewis and in he can't control his players maybe she -- he shouldn't be standing on the sidelines coaching that. bill: right now, i take the responsibility away from the officials. that is the head coach. you have to have their players. they get to a lionel. when they cross it, they should no longer be in the game because they can become a detriment to
12:04 am
he lost it, burfict lost this game and that goes to the head coach, in my opinion. tony: we talked about it before going on the air. if you're a person watching this football game, as a former player and all of us here, that has no placen the league. it's stupid. bart: it's s sfish. he let his personal vendettas goals. he was a hero, made a tremendous interception and came back and became the goat. james: basketball tomorrow at :30 eastern on cbs. ohio state at indiana. love your candor, fellows, it was on spot. we'll see you next week. back in 1965 subway's founders fred deluca and dr.peter buck teamed up with one simple mission... fresh sandwiches... i like it. fresh sandwiches... the idea seemed crazy in a time when artificial foods and gimmicks were all the rage.
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sfx: clap, clap, ding >> cbs sports thanks you for
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the national football league. we begin with breaking news at of miami. there have been 3 shootings within hours of've other. at least 3 people have been rushed to the hospital. donna rapato is live with the breaking details. what can you tell us? >> reporter: it's been a busy, violent night in northwest miami 3 separate shootings. this is the most recent one here. you can see detectives back there. a 21-yeaold man shot here. let's take a look at some video we so the just a little wile ago. rescue rushing the man to jmh. we are told she's he's in extremely critical condition. and just before this shooting, we were at another one there.
12:09 am
heard the pop pop pop of several gunshots followed by sirens. it turns out this was the scene right here. this is on northwest 19th street and 2nd avenue. someone shot several times there. what is clear is it's been a violent night in northwest miami. we're live in miami, donna rapato, contradiction 4 news tonight. more breaking news tonight. the winning power ball numbers are into the cbs 4 number. grab a pane paper and get ready to check your numbers. aurelia has the numbers. >> reporter: someone somewhere could very well be jumping for joy at this very moment after tonight's record power ball jackpot numbers have been revealed. without further ado let's look
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they are 32, 16, 19, 57, 34, and the power ball number is 13. again, those numbers, 32, 16, 19, 57, 34, and the power ball number is 13. if those are your numbers, your life is about to change big- time. the $900 million jackpot drew long lines at lot toe retailers across the country in the 40- plus states that participate in the draw. the winner would have an option of payout over 30 years or taking a lump sum estimated at $558 million. of course, come federal taxes, which would take down a mere $41 million. the odds of winning 1 in 300 million. that means you are more likely to get struck by lightning, moreikely to get killed in a shark attack, and more likely to achieve sainthood. lottery officials say because of the recorticket sales, it
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find out if there's a winner or winners out there. if there is no winner, the jackpot could go as high as $1.3 billion. aurelia ortega, cbs 4 news top. glil continuto do what i love to do because i'm not one of the winners. dolphins think they could be a winner because they have new head coach. your dolphins station has uh-uh covered. after what was a disappointing season, gates is the right man to lead the team. mike cunia joins us with more. >> i was hoping i i was going that power ball. maybe next time. dolphins brass were impressed with adam gates. after just 6 days of looking, mile saw enough. they took a jump at the opportunity to become the first team in the nfl to fill their headad coaching you vacancy. glild like to introduce adam gate.
12:12 am
adam gates went from offensive coordinate to to head coach of the miami dolphins. owner. steven ross hoping he found his own don chula. >> we see a reoccurring theme of who is one of the best and brightest guys out there. adam's name was always in that. >> reporter: adam's inexperience has come into question. he's been in thehe league for 14 years but never played and never been a head coach. >> i've been in thisame since i was 18 years old, so that's nearly half my life. >> reporter: his resume includes a stint with the broncos where he coached peyton manning in a record-breaking season no less. but people want to know if he can do the same with ryan tannemill.
12:13 am
we're not ready to make any kind of predictions. we'll see what his strengths are and emphasizizthat. >> reporter: gates admitted the thought of coming to miami was hard to turn down. >> i don't know how many times mike said 75 and no state income tax. what do you think? about 100? >> i wasn't sure if you were listening. >> i was listening. >> gates has yet to fill his staff. owner steven ross says it @will be up to the new head coach. we want to know what dolphins think of the new head coach. >> it's a good move for the dolphinsns it's something they should have done a long time ago. >> sooner or later, tough
12:14 am
time, get someone who knows the whole process. we've an eye on the storm. how soon before we need our umbrellas. john g rairks rd joins us now with your focus forecast. >> we'll have rain coming in tonight and then a break more tomorrow afternoon. this is the first wave of showers and storms cing up. it's holding together. it will be rolling through the melt row between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m.
12:15 am
gusty winds pouring in. then it move on through by 6 a.m. things are a little drier and probably clearing at that hour as well. notice more showers developing off to the west. some more moderate to heavy showerings or storms ibroward and portions of the northwest. i'll be back with your forecast and the week ahead in just few minutes. more detail on the recapture of drug kingpin juan elle capoings guzman he may have pet with sean penn before he was recaptured. this comes after mexico announced today they are wiing to extradite el chapo to the u.s. cbs news court stop dent charter evans as the
12:16 am
>> joaquin guzman is in the same you supermax prison he escaped from 6 months ago. military tanks and personal are standing guardutside. he was brought here last night after authorities paraded him in front news cameras. el chapo means shorty in spanish, but ultimately it may have been the drug lord's big ego that led to his capture wake cording to mexico's attorney general. joaquin guzman had the intention of making a biographical film, issue she said, so he reached out to producers. investigators were back at l the home where he was holed up. >> as long as he's in mexico, guzman can still operate at some level and he always has the hope ofs caying. >> reporter: andrew seel yerks
12:17 am
best interest to turn guzman over to the u.s., where he faces drug trafficking and money laundering charges in 6 states. >> he's said in the past that his worst fear is being extra tide indicted to the united states. >> reporter: guzman's lawyers met with reporters outside of prison. they said host in a state of ape scythe and will fight his extradition. carter williams, cbs fuse, los angeles. a house fire in coral springs is under investigation. the fire broke out near northwest 54th place and northwest 189th street. coral gables fire rescue said everyone was able to make it out safely. police are informing the murder of a 47-year-old bomb in miami dade. she was found dead in the middle of the street near 17 2nd street and v lorks avenue.
12:18 am
had injuries in hehead. the victim's mother says her daughter was shot and she is desperate to fine the kill per. >> pray for us. i know the lord. he wouldn't put more on me than i can bear. >> anyone with information is asked to call miami dade crimestoppers. thousands packed a gun show here in south fall florida today. the event, call the florida gun show, was held at miami dade county fair grounds. it comes 4 days after president obama's executive order aimed at expanding background checks on frarms. we talked with some gun owners about recent changes in texas. a new law there allows people to openly carry handguns in many public places. >> i feel like they know you're more of a target. they know you have guns at your house and you're making people
12:19 am
i feel like you should carry i& you want to, but it's better to carry concealed. stl ahead, a muslim woman escorted out of a donald trump campaign event for standing in silence is breaking her silence about the ordeal. we'll hear from her coming pup. plus, 2 women accused of targeting men and get weigh with tear pricey belongings. how police say the women are
12:20 am
>> and it's the nets flicks d a man who used a gun stolen fromolice to ambush a police officer in philadelphia is now facing attempted murder.
12:21 am
accused of trying to kill officer jesse hartnett. the officer is recovering in hospital and is expected to be okay. a new york city police officer is recovering in the hospital after getting shot in the line of duty. it happened while officer sherrod stewart was responding to a large strow fight in the bronx. police identify the gunman as 19-year-old christopher rice who was also shot and is in the hospital. officer stewart, w`ose 4 year an verse writ nypd is today, was shot in the article and is expected to bebe okay. police are looking for the thief who stole a car with a 6- year-old girl in the back speept the child was in her stepfather's car when a man noticed the keys were still inside, jumped in it, and took off when her stepfather saw what happened, he tried choicing the vehicle. about 10 minutes later, the carjacker told the child to get out have the car.
12:22 am
child and took her to safety. >> she wanted to hold gold to me. the cops came and ked her to come with them. she wouldn't let me go. >> police are still looking for the thief and the car, black 2012kia optima. if you know anything, you're asked to call police. coral gables police are searching for 2 women who targeted men, dprugging them, and then robbing them. police say this woman went home with man she met at a restaurant this week. the plan believed he was drugged and when he came to, the woman was gone and so was his rolex. on the same night, this woman met a man at morton's restaurant in coral gables. he told police he too was drugged and robbed of a rolex, cash, and a gun. both women have long black hair and tattoos on their backs. anyone with information is asked to call police. now to campaign 2016.
12:23 am
relations is seeing an apology from donald trump's campaign after mas limb woman wearing a h jirks ab was escorted out of a donald trump event in south carolina last night. the woman stood up in silence during trump's speech while he was talking about syrian refugees. trump's supporters immediately began chanting his name and moments later she was escorted out. >> i don't know if he really knows what muslims stand for. i don't think that... i don't think even he believes in the rhetoric that he's spewing. i think he's just saying stuff to get attention and to get his numbers pup i think that's his biggest focus. >> she's also calling on trump to meet with american muslim leaders to try to put an end to the, "antimuslim you hysteria," she says he's created. jim taffiti has brought us exclusive reports from new
12:24 am
presidential primary battle is really heating up. here jim with preview. >> reporter: i'm inman chester, new hampshire, where the nation's first presidential primary will be held in little more than monte. we had a chance to sit down with jeb bush. >> here in new hampshire, the conventional wisdom seems to be that you need to finish ahead of marco re yob john kas krirks h, chris christie to continue. do you believe that? >> i don't believe that. we've e n a national campaign. we'll be on every ball lot. we've got goth to do well here. >> how do you define well? >> is there a secret squirrel place where people decide this stuff? i can't control that. i can control working hard and doing better than expected. >> reporter: if you would like to see the entire inter interview, join me this sunday at 8:30 for a special edition of facing south florida from here in new hampshire where
12:25 am
>> we'll be joining hymn jim tomorrow morning. he's freezing, we're hot, and soon, very wet. stormy out here too. you're woppeddering if you'll get home to storm piemed. >> i didn't n the power ball. n't worry about nap. >> those storms will run in wean 1 and 5 a.m. maybe note of that. some of these storms could have gusting winds and loudbooming turn. it's not impossible that we could pin up a bit of rotation with these cells as they work across broward and dade. we're little more concerned than we were a few hours ago. there is that inline of storms that continues to hold together here. it shows no signs of getting any baryng it's about to move o into bernbroward towards coral spring and parkland.
12:26 am
southwest there, now moving along alligator alley and the hammocks and dural and pushing off towards the beaches by 5 a.m. or soon per batch out for some of that. if you have a weather band radio, tonight is the night to make sure it'sworking -- it's work bferg you go to bed. make sure it has an alarm so it will wake you up with siren if there's an event you need to be ware of. by # a.m. within we'll have some sunshine. and by noon, 80 degrees, warming up quickly with showers and storms roll back in for a sec time. a bit of a window of no rain early in the day. thes by cane bay camera indicating good visibility. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. there's been no measurable rain today. the wind is out of the south at 6. it's muggy out there. we tied the record high for today. it's 84. look at the warm temperatures
12:27 am
that's springtime in january. here's that first line of showers and storms. the second one will develop farlt to the north. it's pulling in some colder air. 26 in st. uis at 20. we will see some of those storms bween 1 and 5 a.m. we have some more storms in the afternoon. the marine forecast not looking too bad. again, later in the afternoon, storms around early tomorrow. more storms on tuesday. that's weather. it's good fuse for those of us that love read when it's raining.
12:28 am
the netflix docuseries making a
12:29 am
but how will it affect his the man at snroft netflix docuseize making a murder is getting new legal representation. steven avery's attorneys include a chicago lawyer and the leader of the midwest
12:30 am
project. earlier this week, the white house responded to online petitions asking president obama president obama to pardon avery. however, the president cannot pardon state prisoners, only federal. archlt life-changing day for one south florida homeowner all thanks to a miami police department the 65 retiree is there. that's when the officers came to the rescue, offering to help fix their home and it came out beautiful. the heat are warm warming up in the western conference,
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