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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 6AM  CBS  January 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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next at 6:00, breaking news. iconic singer and song writer david bowie died after a battle with cancer. this morning, a look back at his life, legacy and career. frmsmseveloping overnight, a car plunges into a canal leaving oo two people dead. and a golden night. the biggest stars in film and tv come together for the golden globe. this morning, the big winners, plus who received standndg ovations. did you see lady gaga? she looks really good. >> yeah, she does. >> good moshing. it is 6 a.m. on this monday, jan 11st. i'm walter. >> thanks so much for waking up with us. traffic and weather together on this monday morning. >> let's get the 6:00 hour started with meteorologist. she has your forecast. good morning. >> good morning. let's go, as we look live from our miami camera, dark and early. we are waking up to dry, cool conditions, my friends. dprab your sweaters, jackets, you know, break out the boots. why not?
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time where he see the 50s, that gives you the license to wear those boots. we are seeing the 60s in miami and homestead and mid to upper 60s down at the keys courtesy of that cold front we've been promising you chl in fact, look at how much colder it is in central florida, 40s there and freezing in pensacola with 32. 35 in tallahassee. we are seeing the winds out of the north, 9 to 13 miles per hour bethe front. that means our highs will only climb to the low 70s with that breeze kicking, it will feel cool even throughout the spire day and into the evening, but we will see big changes, some rain as soon as later tonight and that ahead. let's get a check of your traffic with vanessa. >> we are going to start you off on i-95 southbound. these tlts, headlights are heading northbound, but we just got word of an accident in broward county so want to keep you aware. i-95 northbound at commercial boulevard. you are going to see the right lanelocked off.
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let's talk about an accident we do have in miami-dade at the palmetto partially mroking the roadway and another accident so on your side streets at northeast 10th avenue one of your eastbound lanes partially blocked off. remember, i-95 northbound at commercial, that's the only crash we have in broward. guys. >> vanessa, thank you. we are following breaking news. influential singer and song writer david bowie died at the age of 69. >> in a statement, his family said he passed away peacefully over the weekend after a long battle with cancer. cbs 4's don champion takes a look back at bowie's iconic career. >> david bowie was a creative and artistic force. david jones in london in 1947, bowie fell in love with music at the age of 13. in a 2002 interview with cbs news, he explains how heecided to make a career out of music. >> i don't know. i didn't know if i was going to
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be painting. i kept going backwards and forwards, and i opted for music eventually. >> bowie rocked his way on to the scene with the legendary hit "space oddity" in 1969. years later, his artistic pushed the envelope with the rise and fall of ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars. bowie created the an droj nous alter ego stardust. as a publicity stunt, he even claims he was gay. bowie saw much of his success in the 70s and 80s including his hit "fame." over his 40-plus-year career, bowie released 25 albums. his latest album, blackstar, was just released on friday, his 69th birthday.
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>> married to international model iman bowie was inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame in 1996. in a facebook post, his family said he died after an 18-month battle with cancer. don champion, cbs news new york. here at home, we have a developing story out of lauder till where two people are dead after a car plunged into a canal. >> cbs 4's gabby is live at broward health medical center where one person is being streeted. gabby, good morning. >> good morning, lauren and walter. police are telling us that victim is in critical condition here a the hospital. one of four people who was in the canal. we want to get you to video that was shot late last night of crews pulling that yellow car from the water. fire rescue is telling us they actually got a 911 call last night at around 8:00 a aut a car that crashed into a canal near northwest 44th street and boulevard in lauderhill. when rescue crews got to the scene, they say the car was
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person had already managed to swim out of the car on their own. divers then went into the water and pulled three others@from the car. two of those victims passed away. another, again, at the hospital in critical condition this morning. investigators are working to reconstruct the scene to try to figure out exactly what happened. they do tell us they believe this was a one-car crash. they don't think any other vehiclesere involved. at this point, though, they are not releasing the ie tenty -- identities othose victims. live from fort lauderdale, gabby, cbs 4 this morning. now at 6:05, police are on the hunt for a gunman responsible for a violent night in miami. three shootings, hours apart, took the lives of three people including a 15-year-old boy. teenager gunned down while riding his bike on saturday. this morning, a third victim is still recovering in the hospital. cbs 4's don nshga has more pr
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with the community's response to the violence. >> sobbed, hugs, and prayed at a vigil sunday night in the very spot where 15-year-old hill was shot and killed the night before. hill was riding his bike home when police say two gunmen shot at him just yards from northwestern senior high on northwest 69th street and 9th avenue. too e megsal to talk to us, hill's mother stood next to her niece instead. >> he was a good boy. he toent mess with nobody. >> quiet. >> quiet. >> very quiet. >> it was a violent saturday night in northwest miami with three separate shooting within hours of each other, the first ot northwest 19th street in the overtown area. a man there was shot several times and in critical condition here at the hospital. the second shooting about an hour later. that was hill's in the liberty city area. while we were at that scene, we heard the pop pop pop of several gunshots five blocks away followed by sirens. it was this scene here on northwest 65th street and 7th
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was shot and killed. the recent gun vlence, many of the shootings deadly, many involving teenagers and children has outraged miami-dade school superintendent alberto cavallo. he tweeted sunday morning, "miami wakes to the horrible news of three overnight shootings with one of the victims as young as 15. heartbreaking, senseless, unacceptable." he later told us local leaders, law enforcement and people in the community must put a stop to this. >> look, our schools are safe. it's the streets that aren't. after the last bell, the safety net vanishes before our kids. >> meanwhile, 15-year-old hilil won't be going back to middle skoo where he was an 8th grader. >> we got to put my little cousin in the ground. >> policic are looking into possible motives and possible connections between these shootings, but they urge anyone with any information that can help find these killers and put them away, to give them a call at miami-dade crimestoppers. that number (305) 47 #-tips. again, you can stay anonymous.
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yesterday honored the victims of this weekend's shootings as well as those victimized in a double shooting earlier last week. family members and friends of victims of violence came together at new beginnings missionary baptist church. they raised their voicece in prayer over the violence tearing apart their neighborhoods. fullington was killed tuesday just outside a convenienen store. he recently moved back to the neighborhood where he grew up. his mother is heartbroken. >>hy i moved away because of all these killings. i tooky sons away, but one had to come back. i didn't want him back here because of all this senseless killing. sick of it. >> we look for the community to come together. those who know something, speak up. say something about it because we got your back no matter what. the law got your back ch these guys is not invincible. >> another man was shot in the attack and was taken to the hospital in critical condition.
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florida senator marco rubio raised cash for his presidential campaign at a rally-style fundraiser here in miami. intercontinental miami hotel. he spoke about growing up. peef up border security. he also criticized hilary clinton and president obama quote, committed to the constitution. >> we are not just going to save the american dream. our goal will be to expand the american dream so that it reaches more people and changes more lives than ever before. >> this may be his last hometown fundraiser before the iowa caucuses february 1st. a new poll shows democratic conditioned dats are nearly deadlocks in iowa and new hampshire. an nbc wall street journal survey shows that among likely iowa democrat caucus goers, clinton edges out sanders by just three points. she tops him 48% to 45%, a lead
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error of 4.8 percentage points. : president barack obama will fwif his final ste of the union address tomorrow night. the president has chosen to deliver a non-traditional state of the union according to the white house. president obama will look back at how the past eight years have shaped the direction of this country. he's also expected to discuss his vision for the future. 23 people have been invited as special guests to the event including a syrian refugee, a sitting governor and family member of one of the san bernardino shooting victims. you can watch the address live here on cbs 4. new this morning, the florida panthers have done it again. >> the cats won early this morning to extend their winning streeng to 12 games. cbs 4 and panther tv play by play announcer steve has a complete wrapup from edmonton alberta, canada. >> this incredible panthers run continues tonight. they didn't play their best game
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week, but they find a way to win again. final score 2-1. al montoya, he was great again tonight. he's won five in a row and seven one and one on the season. panthers got two goals early in the game. first, it was yager. on his stick, but it goes i i and then jonathan hoover with a nice goal and the panthers are up 2-0, and they made it standup. the guam that got physical, a lot of fights in this game. really took it to the panthers, but the cats stay strong. they've now won a dozen straight games. they go for 13 in a row tonight in vancouver. they've also won 18 of their last1, a remarkable run through about a quarter of the season. they're on the best run in the nhl of any team in two years. once again, the final, the panthers beat the oilers 2-1. from edmonton, steve goldstein, cbs 4 this morning. >> he was very happy. after the game, the miami heat sent out this tweet congratulatiti the panthers.
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ridiculous,p this is so much fun," with an image of rats making the no. 12. a nod to the panthers amazing stanley cup run 20 years ago. >> let's hope that winning streak continues. >> love to see that. coming up, the largest lottery jackpot the world has ever seen. it is so large, in fact, the power ball signs are having a hard time keeping up with them. also ahead, for the first time, we're hearing from kingpin joaquin "el chapo" guzman following a controversial interview he did with sean penn. frms and we have the big winners, plus who ricky gervais targeted at the ceremony. plus, a tornado strikes florida leaving a major mess behind. a look at the destruction that had governor scott touring the area straight ahead. d traffic alert. we have live chopper pictures over the scene at northwest 47th avenue. a number of cars right in the middle of the roadway. this is 47th avenue near the palmetto expressway. if you are heading in that area, we are going to talk more about
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any other issues when you get back. >> thanks. and your bus stop forecast showing you are going to want to bundle up the little ones with 50s and low 60s. it is quite cool and feels great as we head into the afternoon. temperatures will only be in the low 70s. breezy with clouds around, but
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welcome back. storm. a powerful tornado touched down in cape coral damaging several homes and leaving thousands without power there. the twister struck saturday with hour. yesterday, govern erik scott toured the affected area to assess the damage. hurt. and this morning, we are waking up to a nice, schooll start, my friends. ha happy monday. as we look live from our camera dark and early and dry as we have that cold front that i promised you last week would roll throw to our south. we're seeing cloud coverage. in fact, throughout the day, clouds around with a breeze out of the north. 9 to 13 miles@per hour ushering in that cooler, drier air mass. waking up with mostly upper 50s here in south florida. 60s down through the keys, but check out the colder 40s across central florida, and we are talking near freezing or right
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the panhandle, and the big bend, and look at 59 degrees for you, 58 in pompano beach, and 59 in fort lauderdale. 60 in miami. brea out the sweaters, jackets, and make sure the kids have their long sleeves on this morning. dressing in layers will be key chl as we head into the afternoon, the forecast temps ind kuwaiting we'll likely just lie in the low 70s because of the clouds and the breeze it' feel cooler than that, and then overnight tonight we'll likely be even chillier with mostly upper 50s as we head into t 5 a.m. hour tomorrow and then 7 a.m. still looking quite cool, and then highs again in the low 70s, but we're also goingng to see more rain around as we head into tonight and into tomorrow. boy, look at these numbers. zero in chicago. 9 belowow in minneapolis. if you think it is cool here in south florida, well, this is an arctic blast that is just impacting much of the country. 30s across the northeast new england areas. it's colder in atlanta right now
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we are seeing near-freezing or just at-freezing temperatures across texas and even the gulf coast states. as we look in the national radar and satellite, snow across the northern plains. we also had rain precipitation awe cross the northeast now beginning to push out and also a little bit of rain beginning to move into the pacific northwest and portions of california. here in south florida, the high 72 degrees with the breeze. again, it could feel cool to some of you. other than that, we could call it mild. again, gusty at times. keep that in mind. moderate chop on the bays. tonight we will see mostly upper 50s although along the coast could see low 60s and even overnielth a few showers may pop up. a 30% chance of rain. that front i showed you will be lifting to the north. tomorrow, rain likely with clouds and highs in the low 70s. we'll still enjoy the cool mornings with 50s wednesday and highs in the low 70s, more sunshine and then the rain comes back on thursday with 76 and
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into friday. let's get a check of your traffic with vanessa. >> a couple traffic alerts. if you are heading out in miami-dade county, this is the scene there. chopper 4 fes over northwest 47th avenue right around for palmetto expressway. it is on y yr side streets around 8:26. you can see that pox truck possibly involved in this one, a couple of cars as well. they have to tow those cars out of the way. hopefully everybody is okay, but you are seeing cars getting through in that intersection. now, i-95 in broward county, a mess this morning chl the shot is breaking up a little bit, but you can make out those taillights. plenty of brake lights approaching that crash blocked off. morning. we have another accident you have to worry about as well on your side streets back io miami-dade county northeast 10th avenue. you are going to see one of your eastbound lanes blocked off by that one and then the slowest spot is the turnpike from 288th up to u.s. 1 it'll take you 13 minutes. guys.
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it's time for talking live with the wqan studios this morning and, joe, i thought about you so much this weekend because you called it on friday. you said it would be a big weekend for the road teams, and was it evern this wild, wild card weekend, but, joe, let's talk about rye now the bengals and vikings. who had a worst weekend? >> that's a great question. you know what, we are talking about this earlier today that me. it's really a no brainer. it really is because cincinnati just gave the game away. first of all, they get an interception, and they fumble to run the clock out, and then two really stupid penalties at the end of the game to make it easy for pittsburgh to march down for that short field goal at the end of the game. cincinnati just lost it at the end defensively. some real knucklehead plays, but should have never even come down to those. you just got to hold on to the football when you're carrying it
6:21 am
are telling you, hey, hold on to the football. we are going to win this game. he gets tripped. so i would have to say cincinnati, although minnesota, boy, i tell you what, 27-)ard field goal is hard to do. >> considering he had made all the points in the game, those nine points came from the kicker, and then those last three points that they really, really needed. that was also painful to watch. i watched that whole game because i stopped watching the end of the bengals game, and be i regretted it. >> you know why you were watching? i'll tell you why you were watching. because it was so freaking cold, you couldn't believe they were playing in that. i wouldn't have wanted to play in that. i felt bad, though. of course, blare walsh went to high school down here in fort lauderdale. he's actually been a really good kicker, and, yesterday on a short chip shot that he makes 99 out of a hundred times, he missed.. you know, everybody, including his coach goes he's got to make it period. nobody else. we got ourselves in a situation
6:22 am
make it. watch. you felt bad for the guy for sure. >> yeah. really quickly, the packers also the first time. all four of the road teams won. this is the first time in nfl history that this has happened on wild card weekend. you said it would be a big weekend for those road teams. victorious? are really close. i was looking more at the teams that were hot or had the experience or had the better quarterback, and that's what we saw a lot offiester -- yesterday and on saturday so really no striez. most of the road teams were actually favored in this thing so we shouldn't be surprised. i was surprised, though, green bay has not played well and they went into washington where i thought washington might have the advantage in that one, but it didn't work out. we saw aaron rodgers look like the old aaron rodgers. he had a running game. they played well after getting off to a slow start.
6:23 am
three quarters for them. hey, that's what makes a wildcard weekend, man, games like that. >> could you say suns had been hot but wrapped up a pretty good season for him. i'm sure he's not having any major regrets. >> he's get k ready to get paid, lauren. don't feel bad for them. >> not too shabby. all right. thanks so much. we'll talk to you later. >> all right. thank you. >> a hundred million is pretty good but not as good as this. this morning, you have 1.3 billion reasons to get into the power ball frenzy. no one matched all six numbers in saturday night's drawing, even though 75% of all possible number combinations were sold. power ball signs like this one are stuck at $999 million because they can't register into the billions. not enough room. this is the largest lottery jackpot the world has ever seen. the next winner will be able to choose annual payments over 29 years or@ a lump sum cash payment of $806 million with a big chunk going to, of course, federal income tax.
6:24 am
wednesday. the odds of winning the largest prize in u.s. lottery history are one in 292.2 million. >> yeah. better chance of being an nfl quarterback probably. frms all right. time right now is 6:24. coming up, a big night in hollywood. the stars were shining bright at last night's golden globe awards. look at the big winners, who got a standing ovation, plus who actress jennifer lawrence took on stage. plus, a chief swipes a rare
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the biggest stars of film and television came together in beverly hills last night for the 7rd annual golden globe awards. cbs 4's david daniel has more on the night's big winners. >> all these rich beautiful celebrities having the time of their lives. let's hope no one spoils that. >> golden globes host ricky gervais did his best, of course, take aim at everyone especially for nominating "the martians at as a comedy.
6:27 am
was a lot funnier than "pixels." >> comedy or not, "the martian gts got the last laugh winning best picture in its category while matt damam won best actor. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> gervais also found himself introducing an old target, mel gibson. >> i love seeing ricky once every three years bause it reminds me to get a colonoscopy. sdpr two reviewers weren't -- >> hi, i'm eva longoria, not eva mendes. >> and, hi, i'm america ferr era, not rodriguez. >> and neither -- neither one of us are rosario dauson. >> no. well said, selma. >> thank you. bffs amy and jennifer lawrence strutted on stage together before the "joy" star returned to pick up her third career golden globe.
6:28 am
>> two winners received standing ovations. denzel washington, who received lifetime achievement award and best supporting actor winner sylvester stallone. >> i want to thank my imaginary friend rocky balboa for being the best friend i ever had. >> this show is way too long, isn't it? >> but some peoplpl were in no hurry for the night to end like best tv drama actress. >> please wrap? wait a minute. i waited 20 years for this. you gonna wait. >> the night's big winner was "the revenant." >> thank you for allowing me to be a part of this journey with you. >> the award season journey has just begun. oscar new mexico -- nominations are announced thursday morning. cbs this morning coming up at 7 a.m. right here on cbs 4. charlie roads is joining us live from the studio in snshg city. charlie, good morning. what do you have planned for today's show?
6:29 am
david bowie and all the major news of the day plus legal analyst ricky on what's next for el chapo including possible extradition to the u.s. also, products to help the 164 million americans who struggle with sleeping, what works, what doesn't, and what may be dangerous. and music mogul is in studio 57 with why he came out publicly against his old friend donald trump. plus, the reason he changed to a vegan diet. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. >> that you will. we will see you at the top of the hour. remember, cbs this morning kickings off 7 a.m. right here on cbs 4. let's get a checken our weather with meteorologist. >> hey, lauren and wter. happy monday to all of you. hopefully you enjoy the weekend. we have a cold front that swept through. you'll notice a big change when youtep outside. it is dry as we look live from our fort lauderdale camera. dark early, and we are seeing some cloud coverage on the radar and satellite.
6:30 am
anywhere from 8 to 16 miles per hour. the breeze will be increasing throughout the day today, and mostly upper #5 0s this morning in fort lauderdale. you need some sweaters and some jackets, especially for the kids getting ready for school, even cooled down through the keys with mid to upper 6 #0s and even throughout the day. highs will only be in the low 70s. the please also will make it hours, 68. i'll let you know for the need about the rain gear again as tomorrow. i'll have your complete forecast in just a few minutes. right now a traffic alert with vanessa. side streets. chopper 4 flying over the scene. this is right around the palmetto expressway but not on 826. palm avenue. of lanes. it l/oks like a box truck is involved in this one, another car also mangled in the middle of the roadway.
6:31 am
this one up. we also have a traffic alert in broward on i-9 #5 northbound. you can see the live shot right here, , at right lane is blocked off causing heavy delays on that approach northbound on 95. let's take you over to those maps back into miami-dade we go. we have an injury accident northeast at 10th avenue. one of your eastbound lanes between 441 and i-9 #5 partially guys. >> vanessa, thank you. we are following a developing story where a car plunged into a canal killing two people cbs 4 is live at the broward health medical center where one person is being treated this morning. what can you tell us? >> lauren, police tell us that victim was pulled from the car after being trapped insides and now in critical condition here at the hospital. according to fire rescue, they got a 911 call around 8:00 last night about a car in a canal at northwest 44th street and boulevard in lauderhill. when rescue crews got to the scene, they tell us the car was fully submerged and that one
6:32 am
managed to swim out of the car on their own. divers then went into the water. they pulled three other people from the car. two of those victims unfortunately passed away, another again in the hospital condition. right now, investigators tell us think're reconstructing the scene to try and figure out exactly what caused this crash. they do believe this was a one-car accident and that no other vehicles were involved. right now, though, they are not victims. we're live from fort lauderdale, gabby, cbs 4 this morning. >> thank you. frm also this morning, a man accused of stealing more than $3 million will be in federal court. the fbi says that awe gents found jose in san diego on saturday. he was the former manager of that armored courier facility. investigators say on new year's day, he walks into a vault and walked out with a money. he left a resignation letter before leaving his shift. the fbi said agents located the
6:33 am
now at 6:30, we are learning more about actor sean penn's interview with drug lord. mexican officials say el chapo wanted to have a movie made about his life and agreed to a secretive meeting with penn back in october. >> it was producers and actors who led them to the fugitive. cbs 4 has the latest on his capture. [ speaking in spanish ] >> for the first time, we hear from drug kingpin joaquin "el chapo" guzman himself. now that mexican officials have the world's most notorious drug lord behind bars once again, they are now turning their spres to actor sean penn. mexican officials want to question penn over a reported secret meeting with el chapo. on saturday, published an article written by penn featuring an interview dine via video messaging with el chapo.
6:34 am
>> according to the article, penn met el chapo in person back in october, and during the sit down, the head of the world's biggest drug trafficking organization agreed to an interview at a later time. the meeting was reportedly brokered by mexican actress kate del castillo, who's said to have several years. [ speaking in spanish ] >> mexican officials recaptured el chapo early friday morning prison in july. in the rolling s sne article, penn wrote that el chapo was interested in having a movie filmed on his life.
6:35 am
>> cbs 4 this morning. a mexican authorities have begun the prosays of sending guzman to the u.s. to face charges while his attorneys have already filed motions to fight extradition, a u.s. law enforcement source told cbs news that el chapo is expected to be in the u.s. within the next 4 to 6 weeks. in this morning's world news, italian police are nfthing the mysterious death of a florida woman found inside her florence apartment. 35-year-old artist ashley olson was originally from summer haven. that's along nancy alvarez fla's northern east coast. italian media reports she was found strangled, but authorities
6:36 am
cause of death until an autopsy is complete. olson'boyfriend and her they had in the heard from her for days. and days after north korea claimed tested a hydrogen bomb, the u.s. responded with a tis play of military might on the korean peninsula. on sunday, a b-52 bomber from anderson air force base flew over south korea. joined by two f-15 fighter jets, one from the u.s. and the other from south korea. the bilateral fighting mission is meant to underscore the strength of the alliance between the u.s. and the republic of korea. well, getting out of bed in the morning is hard enough. now, there's a new alarm clock that helps you wake up with the help of a sweet smell. details coming up. end of the road. the feds catch up to a woman they say is responsible for a string of jewelry store holdups. what investigators say she never did while committing the robberies, plus this story has a tlorida connection. and you're taking a look at that traffic alert, south florida. oakland park boulevard.
6:37 am
that traffic alert on i-95 there, that northbound drive. plenty of brake lights on that approach. they are starting to clear the crash, but those delays obviously not clearing any time soon. we are going to talk more about e traffic alert, any other issues when we get back. what a mess. manic monday indeed chl also, waking up to a cool start. look at these upper 50s for pas of west and miami gardens. actually, most of mainland south florida. broward and dade in the 50s. 60s through the keys.
6:38 am
will need the umbrellas on the money watch this morning, the playboy mansion is up for fwrabs, plus general motorsrss going on trial today. cbs 4's joe wagner isp live from the new york stock exchange with those stories and more. jill, good morning. >> good morning, lauren. today. a lawsuit is from a driver who says he was injured when his 2003 saturn ran off the highway. this is the first of six trials this year. gm already paid hundreds of millions of dollars to settle over a thousand injury and death cases related to the recall. frms and the famous playboy mansion is on the market, and it comes with a roommate. playboy says it wants about $200
6:39 am
foot l.a. estate, but hugh heffner won't need to find a new home. the new owner must agree to let him live there for the rest of pretty amang. >> yes. sounds like a pretty sweet deal for hugh heffner, of course. we all know getting up in the morning can be pret i the rough. now, we hear there's a new alarm painful. what's this about? >> yeah. there's an alarm clock that wants you to wake up and smell the coffee. the new clock will wake up users with delicious scents like croissant, eresso or chocolate. it's available for preorder. >> but if you actually wake up and those things aren't there, not going to be very good for those people. >> i d d't think i'd wake up to the smells. up. >> i don't think the smell of a dollar would actually get me up and out of bed, but, hey, you never know, jill. some things motivate other
6:40 am
have a good one, jill. we'll talk to you tomorrow. >> yeah. i don't know about that. the smell of coffee maybe because you know when i'm brewing the coffee back in the weather office, walter immediately is like did you make some cuban coffee. that makes you more alert and especially when you knows i'm going to be bringing it out to the studio, but when it's not there, i'm with you, lauren, it can be frustrating. what a teaser. many of you enjoying that warm cup of coffee this morning because it's a cool, cloudy start. we are looking live from our fort lauderdale camera as the sun is just beginning to rise. happy monday. we are happy a cold front sweeped through as promised. many of you are enjoyina this cooler change and the breeze ouch the north anywhere from 9 to 16 miles per hour throughout the day will be increasing. we're seeing mostly upper0s in fort lauderdale. 59. the same goes for kendall. 60 in miami. mid to upper 60s down through the keys so, yeah, sweater, a
6:41 am
i even texted my husband, "make sure sofia, my daughter, has her little hoodie." it's cool out there for south florida's standards. even as we head throughout the day, temperatures will only be in the low 70s. mild and with a breeze, you know how it is, it's going to feel cooler. even tonight, temperatures dipping down to the upper 50s by around 5 a.m. tomorrow. forecast temperatures looking like they'll maybe hover around mid to upper 50s as we get to the 78 a.m. however. then tomorrow ctending with wet weather. check out the 40s in central florida. ght now it's even colder than it is in the big apple with 34. 35 in boston. wow, look at those temps. arctic blasts leading to 9 below in minneapolis. 0 degrees in chicago. just brutally cold there. and we are talking at freezing or just above freezing or even below freezing for texas and the southeast and some rain pushing
6:42 am
areas, and we're seeing wet weather uoving into the west coast, but that's about it. we are seeing conditions across the central u.s. here in south florida. breezy and mild with the low 70s. some clouds around and gusts of 20 miles per hour so a head's up for boaters. new advisory but moderate chop on the bays, seas 2 to 4. tonight, still needing those sweaters with low 60s near the coast and mostly upper 50s tomorrow rain likely, then wednesday waking up to a cool start and dry with sunny conditions. low 70s. then rain again thursdayhen warming back up to close to the 80s on friday. let's get a cck of your traffic right now. traffic alert in broward, still talking about i-95 northbound at oakland park boulevard. flashing lights on the right-hand side of your screen, st right lane blocked off northbound at oakland park. we have a lot of other traffic alerts to talk about. 826 north boubd at the dolphin, seeing red arrows on the approacho 836 on the palmetto
6:43 am
off by a stalled car chl then 826 northbound approaching i5 on that ramp to i-75 nort bound from 826, you are going to see one of the lanes blocked off. northwest 47th avenue on your side streets right by the palmetto, an injury accident has a couple southbound lanes of 47th avenue blocked then an injury accident on road at northeast 10th a, couple of guys. >> vanessa, thank you. check this out. the fbi arrested a woman they say sa responsible for stealing from multiple jewelry stores. authorities say 24-year-old abigayle lee kemp is accused of locking the front door in north carolina. the robber allegedly forced two employees into a back room at gunpoint and zip tied their hands. authorities say kemp was often dressed in workout clothing, but for some reason she never hid her face during the robberies. the fbi says kemp and this man right here, who police have not arrested, are behind at least six jewelry heists. kemp is expected to be in
6:44 am
a suspected snake thief was reptile. video shows the man walking around the portland, oregon store before he makes his move to steal the animal. he is seen giving a woman with blue hair some keys who seemed to be in on the theft. he then goes to the back of the store where he grabs the 2-foot python and puts it in pants. the store owner says she has seen this man before. >> so many things to say, but we'll just leave it at that. >> good idea. : straight ahead, a must have for celebrity moms. >> the marketed as the only one
6:45 am
up next, find o now, to a cbs 4 consumer alert chl it has become a must have for celebrity moms and health conscious moms, the high-end orbit car seat. >> for years it's been marketed asashe only car seat without hazardous flame retardants, but that may no longer be the case. >> the high-end car seat stroller system costs twice as much as others, but most who buy with the kardashians. >> the first car seat company that told you there were no retardants in the foam, and we convinced people that was worth paying more for. >> her children's boutique, sprout san francisco, she only
6:46 am
chemicals, something orbit is known for. its web site claims all fabrics and foams are tested to ensure below detection limits of some of the worst-known chemils, including pcpp or chlorinated, except that's exactly what a little-known study from the ecology center tound in an orbit last year. >> the concern is it's associated with cancer. it's very similar to neurotoxin. ut's not a good chemical. >> scientist was instrumental in getting two forms banned from children's pajamas in the 70s. now listed as known to cause cancer by the state of california. her reaction when we told her another form has now been detected in their car seats. >> well, i was surprised pu not that surprised buzz manufacturers can't even find out what's in their products. i think orbit means well, but they don't know what's in their products. >> orbit declined an interview but in a stachlt says, "orbit
6:47 am
follow a standard that prohibits flame retardants," and it said it does its own testing t independent laboratories. but when asked if found any concerning chemicals in question, orbit had no comment. and it turns out the ecology center wasn't the first third party to notify orbit of trysts in its car seats. >> i was so devastated to see th it said yes. >> after customers told her their orbit tested positive, she had one of her orbits tested along with another car seat she carries, the orbit tested positive. >> we immediately pulled it off of all our floors. >> so its credit, orbit bought back some of they are stock, but that was a year ago. as of yesterday, orbit's web site still claims the products did not contain. now, it's important to note orbit is in the alone chl the ecology y nter found concerning flame retardants in 75% of the car seats tested. researchers say the bigger issue is that companies don't disclose
6:48 am
comply with kufrnt law. many argue they shouldn't be required at all. >> by the time a fire reach tss the cab where the children are, having flame retardants in the car seat underneath the child isn't going to make a difference. >> bloom stresses parents should limit the time kids spend in any car seats. don't use your car seat as a stroller seat and never let your baby sleep in a car seat outside of the car. orbit said it has refunded customers on a case by case basis and removed some of the claims cited from its web site. if you are concerned about the foam in your car seat, duke will test it for free.
6:49 am
of your do you know the secret to a happy home in these modern times? it's a housewife who's in control of the finances. actually, any wife, husband, or human person can use progressive's name your price tool to take control of their budget. and while the men do the hard work of making money, she can get all the car insurance options her little heart desires. or the women might do the hard work of making money. [ chuckling ] women don't have jobs. is this guy for real? modernizing car insurance with -- that's enough out of you! the name your price tool, only from progressive.
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here is a quick wrapup of your monday morping head luns. >> iconic singer david bowie died. his representative said bowie died peacefully and was surrounded by cancer. bowie turned 69 on friday, the same day he released a new album called "black star." two people are dead after a car plunged into a canal. according to fire rescue, they got a call last night around 8:00 about a car that crashed into a canal near northwest 44th street and boulevard. police say four people w we in the car at the time. one person managed to swim out on their own and another was taken to the hospital in critical condition. this morning, police are trying to piece together three shootings hours apart.
6:51 am
the teen, a middle school student, was gunned down while ridingis bike. a third victim is clinging to life at the hospital. if you have any information, you're usualed to call police. and the florida panthers will go after lucky no. 13 tonight in vancouver. the cats won 12-straight games last night defeating the edmonton oilers 2-1. the panthers have not lost a game since december 12th. now, it's time for talking with joe. joe rose is live from the wqam studios this morning. hey, joe, tonight the national college championship game between alabama and clemson. i wanted to give you a chance to fwi your buddy nick saban some good luck wishes. [ laughter ] >> you're -- you guys just set me up to rip people, don't you, on this show? that's great. >> we love it. >> one of the worst human beings i've ever met. one of the worst human beings i've ever met, but he's a relly good football coach. >> that he is.
6:52 am
clemson tonight. go get them, man! i'm so tired of hearing about nick saban even though he's got a really good team. he's a great college football coach. i wish he had more fun at what he did and didn't look miserable all the time, though, but tuff to go against alabama. they'rreally good. they are loaded up front. scrimmage. going to be tough. they've had a lot of experience. nick saban has had a lot of these games. one of the great college football coaches. >> you say that. >> i just hope there's an upset. i hope clemson can beat them. >> all right. maybe nick saban will crack a smile if they do win tonight. >> hey, who do you guys li tonight? >> i'm sticking with you and clemson. >> whatever you you. you called the games this weekend so i'm going with you. all right. we'll talk yo to you tomorrow. we'll see if you're right. [ laughter [ all right. what do you have for us?
6:53 am
>> we love him. >> yes. >> i'm going to go with clemson, too, just because my husband is going forclemson. right now, live from our fort lauderdale camera, upper 50s in miami, fort lauderdale, 67 in key west. you will need those sweaters and jackets. 40s and 30s around the rest of the state chl as we head throughout the next couple of days tomorrow, rain, sunshine wednesday, rain on thursday and warmer by frud so mixed bag of ather. let's get a check of your traffic. frm all right. we had that accident on i-95 northbound at oakland park boulevard. that has cleared up. the delays have not. obviously it's that left-hand side of your screen where that accident occurred, the no^thbound side. 8:26 drivers, a slow one northbound at the expressway coupled with rush hour traffic. the right lane is blocked off by a broken-down car and 826 northbound so i-7 #5 an accident blocking the ramp. cbs this morning is coming up next.
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