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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  January 12, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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at 5:30 a cbs4 exclusive. a south florida father speaks out for the first time after his car was stolen with his little girl inside. robbed and assaulted a store clerk is pistol whipped. find out what happened when a man from a neighboring business walked in. it is 5:30 on tuesday january 12th. good morning to you. a report on our traffic boy is it wet out there. >> and on the radar this morning not looking good. >> reporter: traffic and weather when it comes to rain falling down and leading to issues on the roads. slick this morning, wet weather
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with plenty of rain out there. especially in broward county. hello, we are seeing that precipitation moving from the south and west and north and east. coral springs, west and davy and portions of hollywood around sun life stadium, and even movg into doral also seeing rain across portions of miami beach, little haiti, even across the keys. and key west. a breeze anywhere from 13 miles per hour out of the northwest. in addition to your umbrellas you will need your sweaters and your jackets with the upper 50s in broward and dade county, 60s through the keys and highs will struggle to reach 70 this afternoon. most areas may just linger in the upper 60s. temperatures will be tumbling tonight even colder.
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wild weather ride we have coming up. vanessa? i-95 in broward county getting onto the entrance ramp to i-95 southbound from oakland park boulevard that is what you are going to see is the blocked off right lane. a tractor trailer that is actually staed out on the right hand lane on the entrance ramp to 95 southbound from oakland park. we have a major traffic alert in broward county. just got word from florida highway patrol all your lanes are shut down on the florida turnpike southbound at sunrise boulevard because of that crash. so what you are going to want to do is take u.s. 441 that runs parallel to the turnpike in that area. in miami dade county there is no accidents but constructjon is shut down the don shula expressway northbound at the turnpike all the lanes are closed off. you can head east and jump onto the palmetto. we are continuing follow breaking news out of turkey where 10 people are dead following an elosion in istanbul. turkish media says the
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15 other people have been hurt. the explosion happened in a popular tourist area. again at least 10 are dead following an explosion in us stale stan bull. we are keeping a aeye on there breaking -- in istanbul. we are keeping an eye on this breaking story. grab by, good morning. >> reporter: good morning lauren. a father tells us the car got a mile away from the gas station before realizing the 6-year-old was in the car. cops are searching for the man responsible. >> surveillance video from a gas station in coral springs shows what happened when this father left his car with his 6- year-old daughter in the back seat and went inside the store. a thief popped in and took off.
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couldn't catch up. monday night police released the 911 call the father made after he realid the thief not only stole his car but abducted his daughter. >> i have an emergency. someone just stole my car with my daughter inside the car. i had the car off and it is a push start car. they jumped in and cranked it up. i parked right in front of the door right in front of the door and walked inside to get something. turned off the car they jumped left. >> reporter: monday night the father spoke with cbs4. he didn't want to share his identity but he did share his gratitude for jogger diana holder who rescued the little girl after the car thief kicked her out of the car. >> they wanted to know which direction the car went and that was it. i would like to thank the police department for doing an awesome job in trying to get there as fast as possible. >> this father says his daughter is still scared and will need time to get over the
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leave a child in the car, no matter how quick your errand. and most of all, he hopes the car thief is caught. >> i pray they get him so everybody can go to sleep at night with peace, knowing they don'n'have to go through this. >> reporter: and detectives are also still searching for that 2012 black kia opt may with license plate cqq v 13. they are asking anyo with information to call 954-4936. live from coral springs cbs4 this morning. >> gabby thank you. a man, accused of pushing a flight attendant on board an ameran airlines flight is expected to be in federal court this morning. witnesses say the man shoved the flight attendant on the flight from los angeles. the man then headed to the back of the plane, and that is when a sky marshal followed him and detained the unruly man until they reached miami, where he was taken to jail. president obama, is set to
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state of the union address tonight. what the white house says will be a nontraditional speech the president is expected to speak bluntly about the nation's challenges and opportunities. and this morning a family of four has been killed in a house explosion in northeast ohio. neighbors say they heard a loud blast that shook neighboring homes. the fire chief says the bodies of a man, a woman and two young girls were inside. no word on what caused the explosion. now at 5:36, a robbery turned violent at a north miami cell phone store until a neighbor saved the day. it happened at the wireless store on 119th street. two men stormed into the store and pistol whipped the clerk. a barber in the shop next door heard the commotion and ran to help. >> the barber shop they heard screaming and running. when they opened the door, it was these two guys hitting him.
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if the two men are the same crooks who carjacked a man minutes later on 116th terrace. two men broke the car window and forced the driver out at gunpoint. new clues in the disturbing robbery in pine crest of a 94- year-old world war ii veterav. cbs4 obtained new surveillance tape of the victim pushing his shopping cart as the man on the left is seen carrying a black jacket following behind. the pick pocket later brushes up against him and takes his wallet. >> i ran to the manager and said i have been robbed. we went all around looking for this guy and couldn't find him. he must have gone right out. i hope they catch him so he won't do it to somebody else. >> the police in his 50s -- the police say he is in his 50s.
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of him leaving bloomingdales. he used the credit card to charge $6400 worth of items. we are learning more about the three people who died when their car plunged into a golf course pond sunday. 22-year-old shaquille barrow and his 15-year-old brother tie reese both died in that crash. police are saying the driver of the car, 24-year-old deshone prince managed to swim to shore and is recovering at home. a south florida woman has a reason to smile thanks to a life changing surgery. 26-year-old jenae monroe underwent the complete reconstruction of her face. three years ago her ex- boyfriend shot her in the face, leaving her with a deformed jaw and no lower teeth. monroe had a facial surgeon who offered her a brand new smile. the surgery included the removal of gunshot fragments
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her jaw. >> i could craw, i feel like i got my face back with a better smile. i was very overjoyed, and just you know, i just kept feeling very, very, very grateful. >> all of the services were free. now to a cbs4 health alert. there has been a lot of debate about breast cancer screening for women. the u.s. preventative services task force is recommending mammograms every other year for womemeages 50 to 74. women in their 40s should make independent decisions with their doctors. the recommendations come after the american cancer society said women should start annual mammograms at age 45. an alarm clock that leaves you know choice but to get up and get out of bed. plus do you share your netflix account with anyone? what the ceo is saying about that.
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outside a building in a major american city. what went wrong. plus the end of an era for the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus. i-95 in broward county we have flashing lights. not a good sign on our roadways. southbound entrance ramp from oakland park boulevard you are going to see the right lane blocked off as cars drive around it this morning. also very wet out there. we are going to talk about how that rain is affecting your tuesday morning drive. it is a slick start out there and cool they are morning. check out the radar. as we take a look at some the coldest temperatures, we are even seeing the low to mid- 50s. but the coldest air will be arriving tonight. wait until you see how low temperatures will go. details in my complete forecast. president obama delivers his fil state of the union address.
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>> and then join us for good tuesday morning. south florida, make sure you have more umbrellas your rain gear and your jackets and your sweaters as we are waking up to a wet, cool start. all the activity the wet weather is pushing in from the gulf of mexico due to a short wave of energy. the bulk of the activity has been in broward county so far.
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overnight so the roads are slick everywhere. you are going to want to leave early. drive safe. we are seeing the rain up and down along 95, coral springs, tamarack, sunrise, davy, hollywood, sunlight stadium, north miami and the showers also moving across doral right now. southern dade county. quiet throughout the morning hours you ll see the chance for the showers moving in on the gulf of mexico key west, marathon also getting soaked. wind flow 6 to 15 miles per hour with mostly upper 50s. 60s down through the keys. we are seeing the 40s central florida. below freezing. 27 degrees for jacksonville, tallahassee.
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even throughout the afternoon highs will be struggling to reach 70 degrees. most areas will stay in the upper 60s. by tomorrow morning we will see mostly low to mid-50s across south florida. and that will be the coldest we have seen since march of 2015. as we head into tomorrow afternoon, forecast highs in the low 70s again but who is complaining about how chilly it is here in south florida, when we are talking a serious arctic blast across much of the country. negative 3 in minneapolis. widespread 20s and 30s stretching as far south as texas and even portions of the southeast, no moving into the great lakes right now and then also headed toward the northeast, also dealing with rain on n the west coast, the pacific northwest and northern california. high pressure will be building in once we get past this rain and we will see gradual elearing. showers will be returning thursday.
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end of the week, spotty storms over our next front which should be arring by saturday night into sunday. small craft caution for boaters, seas 3 to 7 choppy on the bays, tonight low to mid- 50s. as we ad into tomorrow the return of the dry conditions, low 70s showers likely thursday. spotty storms friday 82. warm with the 80s saturday we cool things down to the low 70s in terms of highs for sunday. it is unreal out there south florida. so m my traffic alerts. let's start off on i-95 at sheridan. northbound you can see a number of left lanes blocked off. it is slick out there, also raining. please be careful as you head out t e door but get out the door early. on this rainy tuesday. i-95 northbound at sheridan street we have that accident. then we have all your lanes shut down on the florida
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boulevard for another crash in broward county. take u.s. 441 there. heading out in miami dade construction has 874 shut down at the turnpike. if you continue on the turnpike, you are going to see an accident northbound after you pass 874. it has the right l le blocked off. tuesday that means it is time to steer you right south florida. the snapper creek expressway is closing. here's what t u need to know. >> all lanes on westbound 878 or the snapper creek expressway are shutting down between southwest 80s avenue. a complete closure of the lanes between northwest 11th street and northwest 16th street t sunday january 17th, and finally the i-75 northbound and southbound exit ramps to sheridan street west are closing through thursday
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each night. drivers will be detoured to exit at sheridan street east. for a list of all the ways i'm steering you right, you can go to our website at cbs the panthers had won 12 straight games but the cats streak snapped early this morning in vancouver. check it out on the game's first shot a score. cats quickly snatched the lead. later look at this brilliant as usual, sprawling save. late in the third to overtime we go. shoots and scores, the officers' streak ends at 12:00. >>it was all a rough night for the heat. miami trying to keep pace with steph curry and the red hot golden state warriors. wade helps the heat get off to a good start. curry a big problem as you
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he scores 11 points in the first quarter. then late in the game, heat down 6, there is curry again. he buries the three. he has 31 points on e night warriors win it 111-103. the fourth time in seven years the university of alabama national champion. we pick it up in the fourth quarter tie game. alabama tries the onside kick and would recover at the 50- yard line. coker finds howard for the 51- yard touchdown. tied-up. later in the fourth alabama up just 4. drake would grab the kickoff and would not be stopped. drdre goes 95 yards for the touchdown but clemson would not go away. scott for the touchdown. tigers down 5. but back come the crimson tide. henry takes it in from one yard out alabama wins it 45-40 the 16th national title in school history.
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talking with yes. joe rose is live. joe we cut that video just before you could see nick saban smiling. you are kind of smiling this morning joe what did you think of last night's game. >> reporter: it was a great game to watch lauren, just fanttic stuff. if you are going to stay up late you might as well get entertained. man that was a great college football game. i thought clearly the two best teams in the country were playing each oer. and it had entertainment, it had excitement a lot not just some. the best college football players in the country. we are going to all be watching them play on sunday as well. that was just fantastic stuff right down to the wire. nick saban show, a couple of gutsy plays he made on special teams. a late onside kick followed up by a kickoff return touchdown. the difference in the game was special teams and boy, i'll tell what you. it was a gutsy call by nick
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is a heck of college football coh. >> you say he is a heck of a coach. do you think one of the best if not the best fourth title at alabama fifth overall? i know he is not exactly ycur favorite person joe but what about as a college football coach? >> reporter: he is a heck of a football coach and will go down as one of the greats. what he has been able to do, i have to give him credit. a great recruiter, even better on saturdays, as you saw again last night. he is sat a school where he has a big budget for recruiting, a big budget to keep coaches around he is the highest id guy for a reason. round. there is a reason he wins and he has sacrificed a lot. he is a heck of a college football coach and will go down if not the greatest one of the for college. >> do you think he will even celebrate today or just get right back to work joe? already?
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days. i can see the guys like morrow down here, recruit not guilty miami. >> you can't waste anytime. >> super bowl l is less than a month away and preparations stadium. crews spent yesterday installing 75,000 feet of new turf. in downtown san jose plaza is being transformed into a beer garden, and as you can imagine security is being stepped up to prepare for the big day and the big game. and a reminder the only place to watch super bowl l is here here. a couple of window washers were left hanging more than 70 stories up on the side of the tallest building in houston. an apparent motor failure caused the scaffold to give way on the chase building.
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and were able to bring the workers in safely. thankfully, no one was hurt. it is the end of an era for the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus. the circus is ending elephant acts and will retire the animals in may. there are 11 elephants currently on tour with the circus. they will retire in central florida. what netflix thinks about you sharing your account with youramily and friends. also ahead, "king of the road" which automakers took top honors.
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the next generation of cars made in the u.s. may be able to avoid mostst accidents automatically. the federal government is proposing a new technology that allows cars on the road to talk to each other, warning drivers of dangers ahead before they happen. it uses technology similar to wi-fi, allowing cars in close proximity to share information like speed and direction. cars may be able to communicate
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drivers know how long until an upcoming light changes. experts say this could be as revolutionary as seat belts and airbags. a new alarm clock may make it easier for you to get up in the morning. plus two foreign automakers are making history. cbs4's jill wagner joins us live from the stock exchange. good morning. >> reporter: good morning walter. soon your car will know how much sleep you have had and adjust accordingly. ford is creating technology that syncs with your smart watch and all of its sleep and health data. if you are tired and stressed e car will adjust its safety settings. for example the cruise control would leave more distance between cars which would give a tired driver more ti to react. china's wanda group is buying legendary entertainment for $3.5 billion.
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studio known for big budget films has come under chinese ownership. and sharing is caring, at least when it comes to netflix. reid hastings said he actually looks at it as a positive because people who share someone else's netflix account usually become paying customers down the line. i feel better. i do feel better about myself this morning. walter? >> yeah noyou can share the bill with them too jill. >> no i didn't sign up for that. i just want to use their account. waking up is hard enough but now there is a new type after large clock that will help us get up and out of bed literally. >> if you have trouble waking up in the morning you might need the rug an alarm clock built into a memory foam mat.
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stand on it for three seconds. you can upload songs, sounds, even inspirational quotes. walter? >> i noticed somebody stepped on it and put their feet right back in the bed. >> only three seconds right. >> i love that alarm clock. jill's becoming our alarm clock and coffee correspondent. that will do it for cbs4 this morning at 5:00. cbs4 this morning at 6:00 starts right now. we are live with the cbs4 news exclusive. final address president obama is set to deliver his last state of the union live in washington, d.c. why this one will not be a tradional
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a raid that captured a drug
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