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tv   CBS 4 News at 11PM  CBS  January 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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suspects take off. cops pursue an innocent bystanders are in the way. >> parents upset over how school officials responded to a gun on campus. the florida lottery has a warning about it powerball scam -- a powerball scam. from making a murderer to honoring a victim. >> people to know all the fafas. >> tonight a counterpunching against the hit netflix documentary. the united states of america is the most powerful nation on earth. [applause] >> president obama defending his legacy and for the most
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in his final state of the union address. the white house said the speech will be nontraditial. >> the traditional partisan divide was glaring all night. republicans agreed little with what they had to stay. we are live on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: good evening to you president obama's seventh and final state of the u uon address he says he is optimistic that the country will tackle challenges and embrace extraordinary change. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: a decidedly optimistic president obama told america he is looking to the future. >> i want to focus on the next five or 10 y yrs and beyond. >> reporter: part of the envelope looking back at the last seven. the president tout his accomplishments. >> we are in the middle of the longest streak of private- sector job creation in history. >> reporter: he also
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against terrorism. >> when you go after americans we go after you. it may take time but we have long memories in our reach has no limit. >> reporter: the president did not lay out broad-based goals for the republican congress but he said he wants to work with lawmakers on bipartisan the president also limited strained relations between the two parties. >> it is one of the few regrets of my presidents that the division between the parties has gotten worse instead of better. >> reporter: he reminded americans that one year from now it will be alongside them as a private citizen. one of the other key quotes from the night the president saying anyone sang that the american economy is in decline is peddling fiction this speech lasted about 59 minutes. 77 times members of congress stood up to applaud they were 30 standing ovation that he finished tonight with his final
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union he said i ststd here confident that the state of our union is strong. >> craig boswell was live on capitol hill. thank you. the republican response was delivered by the governonoof south carolina nki haley. >> as he did when he first ran for office he spoke elegantly tonight. he is at his best when he does that. unfortunately the president's record has often fallen far short of his soaring words. as he enters his final year in office many americans are still feeling the squeeze of the economy. we are feeling a crushing national debt. a healthcare plan that has made entrance was affordable and doctors less available. chaotic unrest in many of our cities. >> as far as the republican speaker of the house who was seated behind the president tonight. paul ryan tweed i cannot say i was disappointed by the
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was not expecting much. a developing story from the persian gulf and it is one that got no mention from the state of the union. iran has arrested crewmembers of us navy boats and they are still in iranian custody. the nine men and one women were their way from kuwait to bring in the ended up in iranian waters. john kerry has already spoken with the foreign minister. the pentagon has been assured that the crew and vessels will be released safely and soon. it's a chilly night across south florida. >> here's a live look outside from downtown fort lauderdale. if you think it is called now which we wake up tomorrow. craig setzer is s here now. how cold are we talking? >> we are talking well into the 50s. it will make it feel even better with a little breeze. temperatures are in the low 60s and the thermometer is slowly going down. tomorrow morning when you head to the bus or work temperatures are in the low 50s.
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beach is but a cool morning. miami-dade is also the same story. though 50s may even briefly touch the upper 40s in a few spots. everyone else is in the mid- 50s. do not expect a whole lot of some tomorrow. we will see more than today but a lot of clouds are streaming our way. it will not be drive for any long. because there is more moisture comimi our way. but thursday and friday the rain can be heavy. more on that coming up in a bit. shots flying in cars ashing and criminals trying to get away. it has been a wild and scary night for a lot of people in north miami beach. think hester is piecing it together. >> reporter: this started with gunshots about 15 blocks away. by the time ititas all over this intersection was total chaos. it was a 15 block long crime scene. north miami beacto suspects taken down. this accident north of the
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151st this accident north of the intersection of biscayne and 151st st. and second accident just east of the same crossroads all linked to a shooting at this trailer park nearar biscayne and 136th st. the story goes back several days. >> they jumped out of the car and got a 14-year-old little kids gold chain. late this afternoon at the trailer park another armed robbery attempt. >> these poor kids were running. this time they did not get them. they got scacad and shot numerous times. i heard maybe 7 to 10 shot. >> reporter: then came the two crashes it the duo headed north on biscayne boulevard. the suspects black lexus plowed into an suv. >> we came to this section of
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car and it stopped. >> reporter: miami beach police were quickly on the scene and nab to the two suspects. luckily no one was killed between the gunfire in the car crashes. >> why? why? for one dollar or $10 a cellphone? this has to stop. >> reporter: back live here. no ids yet on the suspects taken down. reporting i am hanks tester cbs4 news. police arrested the man the ran them on a chase this afternoon. it started when an officer went to make a traffic stop on a car leaving a known drug has the northwest miami-dade. that's when they say the suspect sped away. eventually the car crashed in police used a taser on suarez who tried to run away again. quite a scare at a hohoywood school. turns out a gun some students than on campus was stolen.
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update. >> reporter: hollywood police remain here on scene for hours tonight investigating. several students saw two male students on campus with a handgun. the students who saw the gun spoke of a told officials what they saw and tonight this two male students are facing criminal charges. worried parents rushed to apollo middle school on tuesday afternoon after the school was placed on the down. they say they found a handgun on campus and a portable classroom. school officials say all students were safe and were dismissed on time. parents have their children grateful no one was hurt. >> i was a little concerned when i pulled up w`en i heard everything was okay i am relieved. >> reporter: police say two male students were handling the gun which was stolen. other students all them. the two males tried to hide the gun and rain. other students told school officials.
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>> reporter: hollywood police descended on the schools before questioning the two students and that releasing them. >> i don't know why there would be a weapon in the school. >> reporter: parents like teddy said he was not informed of the situation until he arrived at school to pick up his daughter. >> for a lockdown like this they definitely should have did a blast out and let us know. >> reporter: parents felt this was a teachable moment for their kids got a way to teach them lessons on how to stay alert. >> my kids are observing and they know if something is out of place they should say something. >> reporter: the students who handled the gun are being charged with possessing a gun on school prprerty. the names of the students are not been released because they are being treated by -- like juveniles. these are still trying to figure out who it was stolen from and how the students got a hold of it.
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cbs 4 news tonight. the miami-dade school board is bracing for what could be a big problem. they say thousands of cuban refugees may be on the way and schools will likely need a lot of extra money to handle it. just today mark cuban flood costa rica after the country made an agreement with el salvador to assist them in making it to the us. there were between 5000 and 8000. tomorrow afternoon the miami- dade school board will consider a proposal to ask the federal government for help in cases refugees come to miami. x scary scene at a party city store in boca raton. take a look at the mess inside aftershock -- seven shelves full of merchandise toppled like dominoes. special response team was called in in case anyone was trapped. no one was hurt but three people, all of them store employees, were treated for minor injuries. caught on camera. a violent armed robbery in north miami beach. surveillance videos shows a man walking into a store and looking at merchandise.
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in and points again at the employee. you see the employee getting pistol whipped after he tries to grab the gun from one of the robbers. >> think that he is alive. he is in the house right now trying to rest a little bit. he is okay. >> that's good he's okay. police up the newly released video will lead them to the bad guys. anyone with information is asked to call police. for the latest on the war on terror. turkish attorney -- authorities are saying isis is behind the attack in istanbul. they said the cat -- attack was carried out in a park popular with tourists near the historic blue mosque. the us is condemning the deadly bombing and says it is committed to working with turkey to combat these as long amick group go powerball light.
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trying to get your money tonight. we will tell you what to look out for but for tomorrow strine. i just shot my son. >> a call that will be impossible for you to forget. this father thought his son was someone else.
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making a murdere now to the cbs4 consumer powerball jackpot. do not let your big dreams steer you into a scam. >> have a warning about one to watch out for. oralia ortega is live at the details. >> reporter: scammers are offering you the chance to buy shares of powerball tickets online but the only way you can get a valid ticket in florida is by getting it from an authorized retailer. powerball players are not the only ones looking to cash in on wednesday with a $1.5 billion jackpot. a lottery scam making the rounds in both scammers to -- selling shares of powerball tickets online. players purchase shares in all winnings are divided equally between each share. under florida law lottery tickets cannot be purchased over the internet, phone, or by mail. for your real shot you have to do like millions are doing and
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authorized retailer. >> maybe the american dream has come true. >> reporter: he bought his ticket at the airport where the st tickets are sold in dade county. >> i feel like it today. here is my ticket right here. if i become famous this place will be on the map. >> reporter: the smart -- this man by his powerball ticket on the corner of chevron in davie. a hot spot where the most tickets are sold in broward county. the chances of winng are slim that during this jackpot series more than 3 million powerball players in florida have one more than 70 million in revenue has been join it -- generated for education. since the powerball first launched year in florida in 2009 florida has had the most winners in the nation. oralia ortega cbs 4 news tonight to go they are responding to a
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penalty law is unconstitutional. florida courts have used the system for decades to put inmates on death row. judges have -- the role gave judges more authoritthan juries. that does not mean that inmates on death row will automatically get a chance at a different sentence. >> if your case has been under director of you and you have already exhausted your appeals you will not get another crack at the sentence. >> atty. general. released a statement about the statement said they wanted to make changes to their statutes i will work with state lawmakers this legislative section -- session the impact of the court's ruling on death sentences will need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. a heartbreaking story out of ohio a father accidentally shoots and kills his son
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>> i just shot my son. >> where is he shot? >> in the chest. >> he scared me. i thought he was in school. he jumped out at me and i shot him. he scared me. >> tough to listen to. that was part of his calling 911 this morning. turns out the 14-year-old boy in cincinnati had decided to skip school and go back home. it's unclear if the father will take -- face any charges. the man at the center of the netflix documentary appealing -- making a murderer is appealing his conviction. he argues that the search was illegal. he is serving life in prison despite denying his role in the murder of a woman in 2005. tonight a friend of that woman says the focus belongs on her. >> it is sad to see all the
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it's sad to see everybody -- they do not know the facts or the story. >> the documentary series heavily scrutinizes the murder trial and conviction. many are calling for his pardon and release. people started to complain when it was called when the temperatures hit 60s or so. i am now one of those people. >> all of a sudden you are warm- blooded like the rest of us. the women like to weather boots . biscayne bay is looking pretty good with some high clouds. temperatures are cool 66 in key west the skills that too comfortable humidity level with dry air coming in about 2/10 of an inch of rain fell during the day today. temperatures we now are cool but coral springs is 58 or 59. parkland in weston wins
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you warm from the water coming up so we will see cold temperatures overnight. temperatures today highs are normally 76 we are in the mid- 60s so about 10 degrees below normal. it has been up and down over the past week in a big way. 76 is the normal. on saturday and sunday we were in the mid- 80s and then today only in the mid-60s. we will see more of that actions in terms of the temperatures later in the week. we have high clouds and moisture in the way. it is not as cool after a chilly start temperatures will warm into the low 70s. it is as you get up for school or work in the morning and then 70s and despite the high clouds blocking it. as we go into thursday here comes the rain back. the front the past two ourselves is coming back as a warm front. showers increase of the past it
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and friday quite stormy. humidity comes back to. storms around on friday could be a little stormy on times. made 84 highs in the next cold front comes through later on sunday. they been on schedule about every seven days you see a cold front come through. and then cooler temperatures as you go into monday. minneapolis is three below. it's for above in chicago 15 in cincinnati. that's a forecast r tonight. cool and dry that goal is for you is inland with maybe a brief dip into the upper 40s. a chilly start with hardcoded inland tomorrow. small craft cautioned with the northeast when averaging about 15 knots. taking us through the rest of the week. it got a little bit warm and then the rains moved in. it was warming up back into the 80s.
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that's a big bull. i think thatgs old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want. take the long way, huh? thank you cyrus. lease a 2016 lincoln mkc for $289 a month only at your lincoln dealer. welcome back. space x wants to make history again. the private space flight company will try rock -- landing on him remote-
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this is after three failures last month space x finally launched a rocket into space and brought it back without crashing. sunday will also be the fourth time the company attempts to land on the open ocean. james gordon is giving us a sneak peek of the upcoming carpal karaoke with a dull. >> hello, it's me. i was wondering if after all the years yowould like to meet. [music] hello from the outside. [music] >> hello from the outside, at least i could see that i tried. >> don't you want to watch the rest of that segment? the entire segment will be shown tomorrow night on the late late
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