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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 6AM  CBS  January 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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i will see you people at the radisson bathroom. >> don't miss the late show with steven colbert week nights at 11:35 only here on cbs4. >> if that is the winning ticket we need to rewind it and zoom in on those numbers. that will do did for cbs4 at 5:00. cbs4 at 6:00 starts right now. next at 6:00. a wild and frightening night in miami beach. a crime scene spanning 15 blocks, two accidents and a whole lot of traffic. plus president obama delivers his final state of the union address. what he said about one of the few regrets of his presidency and the cuban embargo. and powerball fever. the jackpot is now at $1.5 billion. this morning, a warning about a lottery scam. >> did you get your tickets yet? >> not yet. >> you have one more day left.
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on this wednesday january 13. i'm walter mccallum. >> and i'm lauren pastrana. first our meteorologist lissette gonzalez. >> reporter: luck be a lady tonight. i have my ticket and we have been lucky in the sesee we have been waking up to these cool mornings so i'll have nice numbers for you in a moment as we are taking a live view from our bias cain bay -- biscayne bay camera in miami. dealing with high level clouds, so that may actually prevent temperatures from dropping even further 7th man some models had expected. right now the wind is out of the north as well as to 15 miles per hour and it is still a bit of a chill out there. 60 in miami, low 60s through the keys. and inland areas waking up low to mid-50s. keep in mind temperatures drop by a few degrees just before sunrise. highs in the low 70s today. the rain and the warmer weather returning tomorrow and i'll have details on the rest of the
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let's check your traffic right now. palmetto looking good. northbound south florida right before the dolphin expressway. we are seeing a lot of you out there enjoying that drive northbound approaching 836 on 826. all the drivers heading northbound are going to pass an accident that is southbound on the palmetto. the only crash we have out there this morning, southbound on 826 and northwest at 58th street. then in broward county we have a police perimeter set up northwest 14th street near university drive. try to avoid the area if you can guys. vanessa we begin with breaking news out of iran. all 10 detained u.s. navy sailors have been freed. iran arrested -- arrested them yesterday. the nine men and one woman were on their way to bahrain.n. the ship drifted into the iranian waters.
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says one person has been detained in connection with the suicide bombing in istanbul which killed 10 people. we brought you this story as breaking news yesterday morning. according to tkish media reports police raided a home tuesday and detained a woman suspected of having links to isis. now at 6:00, shots flying, cars crashing and criminals trying to get away, all part of a wild 15-block long crime scene. it was a scary night if a lot of people in north miami beach. >> reporter: it was a 15-block long crime scene. north miami beach, two suspects taken down. this accident north of the tersection of bias stonecastle financial and 151st street. a second -- of biscayne and 151st street. a second at this trailer park
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>> they jumped out of a car and got a 14-year-old little kids' gold chain. >> reporter: later another armed robbery attempt. >> shot at these poor kids, running. this time they didn't get them. they got scared, shot i don't know, numerous times, i maybe heard 7 to 10 shots. >> reporter: then came the two crashes as the duo headed north on biscayne boulevard, the intersection a mess. the suspect's black lexus plowed into this suv. >> he came at me and hit me, his car stopped, they opened the door and ran away. >> reporter: north miami beach police quickly on the scene, they nabbed the two suspects. luckily no one killed between the gunfire and the car crashes. >> why? why? for $10? a cell phone? a gold chain?
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>> reporter: no id yet on the two suspects taken down. and again, nobody hurt in all this. m hank tester, cbs4. a man is locked up this morning after leading police on a chase yesterday afternoon. authorities say it started when an officer went to m!ke a traffic stop on a car leaving a known drug house in northwest miami dade. that is when the suspect, allen flores, sped off. the car crashed in high leah and police used a taser on flores when he tried to run away again. the united states of america is the most powerful nation on earth. period. >> now at 6:05, president obama defends his legacy and for the most part skips the promises in the final state of the union address. he travels one day after touting his presidential
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>> while many democrats characterize the speech as inspirational republicans criticized the speech as being light on the issues. weijia jiang has more. >> reporter: good morning. the speech certainly was a look back but also a huge look forward. he clearly wanted to leave his mark in the race to replace him. he defended his record and urged the public to elect somebody that would continue to build on@ it. but republicans quickly fired back, saying the address was full of nice sound bytes but offered little substance. >> that is why i stand here as confident as i have ever been that the state of our union is strong. >> reporter: in his seventh and final state of the union address, president obama aimed to set his legacy and focus on the future. >> the future we want, all of us want opportunity and
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>> reporter: the president $& spoke on changing washington, admitting he failed to bring the parties together. >> it is one of the few regrets of my presidency that the suspicion between the parties has gotten worse instead of better. >> reporter: president obama did not mention any gop presidential candidates by name, but he warned against rhetoric over islam. >> when politicians insult muslims, whether abroad or our wrong. >> reporter: south carolina governor nikki haley gave the republican response, echoing the president's calls to calm the antimuslim rhetoric. >> no one who is willing to work hard, wide by our laws and love our traditions should ever feel unwelcome in this country. >> reporter: but the republican governor did give a critical view of president obama's record on the economy. >> we are feeling a crushing national debt, a healthcare plan that has made insurance less affordable and doctors less available.
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state of the union from the campaign trail was swift with republican presidential front runner donald trump taking twitter calling the president's speech here in washington boring, slow and lethargic. >> it was more of the same. sadly, i think it was less a state of the union than it was a state of denial. >> reporter: today president obama will head to omaha to push the major themes of his address. there were 77 bursts of applause, 30 of them standing ovations. but even those reflected a deeply divided congress. only a couple of times once whwh the president talked about how strong the military and the other when he announced the
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pain to cure cancer were they joined. he also spoke about the cuban embargo. >> fifty years of isolating cuba had failed to promote december mock crasssy. it set us back in latin america. that is why we restored diplomatic relations, opened the door to travel and commerce, positioned ourselves to improve the lives of the cuban people so if you want to consolidate our leadership and credibility in the hemisphere, recognize that the cold war is over. lift the embargo. >> the president needs the help of congress to lift the embargo on cuba. in pembroke pines a police perimeter has been set up. gabby fleischman, fill us in.
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a suspect on the run. there are cop cars stationed on the corners of several blocks out here, the area shut down. this is out on northwest 77th way and 15th street just south of taft street. news chopper 4 is live over the scene right now, police asking residents to stay inside of their homes and asking others to avoid the area while the search goes on. right now police not releasing details about who they are looking for. all they will say right now is that the suspect is accused of committing some kind of felony and they believe that person might be hiding out in this area. again a very large police presence out here. we are hearing they are going to bring out k-9s to help in the search. gabby fleischman cbs4 this morning. we are following a developing story out of south korea. officials there fired warning shots after a north korean drone was seen across the border
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were fired. this comes after north korea's nuclear test one week ago. late last week south korea called for the chinese to help in the strongest punisent for north korea after they conducted their bomb test. officials in pakistan say a bomb attack targeting a polio vaccination center has killed 14 people. another 23 were wounded. today's attack appears to have been a suicide bombing. polio workers in pakistan have been the victims of several terrorist attacks in recent years. now to a cbs4 news consumer alert about tonight's $1.5 billion jackpot. this morning we have a scam to watch out for. cbs4's marybel rodriguez is live at the airport. have you bought your ticket yes? >> reporter: oh yes, yesterday and i'll be buying some more this morning.
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most tickets in dade county, here in the airport. they open at 7:00 this morning, however the tickets went on sale just a few minutes ago at 6:00 this morning and you have until 10:00 p.m. tonight to purchase your tickets. keep in mind there are scammers out there, offering shares of powerball tickets online. watch out for that. here in the state of florida you can only purchase tickets at an authorized dealer. powerball players not the only ones looking to cash in on wednesday night's unprecedented $1.5 billion jackpot. a lottery scam making the rounds in florida involve scammers selling shares of lottery tickets online. under florida law, lottery tickets cannot be purchased over the internet, phone or by mail. for your real shot at the jackpot, you have to do what
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your ticket from an authorized florida lottery retailer. >> the american dream. >> reporter: adam koch bought his ticket. >> i feel lucky today. here is my ticket right here. if i become famous this place is going to be on the map. >> reporter: scott bought his powerball ticket at the chevron on the corner of pine island at gingrich and davy. the chances of winning are slim, but during this jackpot series more than 3 million florida powerball players have won more than $30 million in prize and his more than $70 million in revenue has been generated for education. are you feeling lucky? since the powerball was launched in januar2009 florida has actually had the most winners in the nation.
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anonymous, if you win in florida, you can't do that. marybel rodriguez cbs4 this morning. >> winners cannot been anonymous. we also have big news from the nfl. the st. louis rams are heading back to los angeles. owners voted 30-2 yesterday to allow the rams to move to los angeles. the steam will play for the next three seasons at the los angeles coliseum before moving to a new state of the art $1.8 billion complex. the chargers were given a year to decide if they want to move to los angeles. if san diego passes the raiders will be given the chance. >> we made the right decision. we are in los angeles, and i think everybody wants it. >> reporter: you think the fans
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>> well someone had to lose, obviously. >> this is the front of the los angeles times. rams kickoff in 16. >> got to feel for the football fans in st. louis though. shelves came crashing down like dominoes at a local party city. one man buried by debris. also a gun is found on campus at a middle school in broward. this morning why some parents are upset by the school's response. a father mistakes his 14- year-old son for an intruder. the tragic consequences, after the break. and a new development in the case of steven avery the subject of making a murderer. what is next for the convicted killer. rise and shine. south florida students you will need your jackets and sweaters.
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low 50s inland, low 60s near the coast. this afternoon highs in the low there's something to be said for exploring the world around you. for seeking out the new; for trying the untried; for doing the undone. why should snacking be a a different?
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and tap into your curiosity. the laughing cow.
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heavy snow and powerful
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5 inches last night and another inch tomorrow. people are having to deal also with whipping winds. and temperatures in the 20s through the northeast and new england areas. for folks that live there following on twitter and facebook, when we call our temperatures chilly in the 50s and 60s they are kind of poking fun at us. but for us it is all relative right? in south florida we consider that to be much cooler so far in january we have seen our temperatures even drop below average, especially the past two days. we deserve it, we have been waiting for a cooldown. this morning is still cool and dry. yesterday was wet and messy and gloomy. i must tell you we will continue to see high clouds streaming in from the gulf of mexico. that means sunshine later but filtered for the most part and
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anywhere from 9 to 15 miles per hour. we are waking up with the upper 50s in ft. lauderdale and concerneddal. 60 degrees in miami and homestead and low to mid-60s through the keys and even inland the low to mid-50s around miami garden and his tamarack as well. eezing in the panhandle. 40s in central florida. only 1 in which i which i, 10 in cincinnati. -- only 1 in chicago, 10 in cincinnati. 47 in los angeles. and a storm system stretching from the pacific northwest through california on the west coast. still dealing with the lake- effect snow moving into the northeast we could see an additional two feet of snow in some spots there and in the new england areas as well.
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in for a weather roller coaster ride. so the return of the rain tomorrow warming up as we head into your friday. storms around in fact could see strong storms tomorrow night into friday. saturday we continue with the 80s and spotty storms. sunday right now, could be quite soggy. for today, we are going to see the high level clouds with highs in the low 70s. yesterday we only reached the 60s. boaters small craft caution, moderate chop on the bays, inland areas upper 50s. tomorrow you will need your umbrellas again and we will see a chance for storms around friday with 82. sunday 80 before we see temperatures drop down a bit for early next week. let's get a check of your traffic right now with vanessa. >> reporter: traffic alert on i- 95 southbound at northwest 7th street.
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southbound at 79, and general purpose lanes as well. a lot of drivers out there. get out the door early, south florida. if you are heading out on i- 75 southbound at griffin road, a stalled car pushed over to the shoulder. we had an accident on the palmetto southbound at viiith street. luckily that scene has finally cleared up. we still have johnson street shut down and also dania beach boulevard shut down n om fifth avenue over to ocean drive. the turnpike 21 minutes from 288th street northbound up to the expressway. of ohio. a father accidentally shoots ankills his son, thinking he was an intruder. what you are about to hear is disturbing. >> i just shot my son.
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>> in his chest. with a .45. he scared me. i thought he was in school. i heard a noise and went downstairs looking and he jumped out at me and i shot him. he scared me. >> that was part of his call to 911. turns out the 14-year-old boy had decided to skip scho and go back home. the man at the center of the netflix documentary, making murder conviction. steven avery claims he was deprived of an impartial jury are and he argues the search that yielded incriminating illegal. he denies his role in the murder back in 2005. the series heavily scrutinizes avery's murder trial and conviction. the governor of michigan is bringing in more help to distribute bottled water, flint.
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of an ongoing water crisis. governor rick snyder has called out members of the national guard to assist the state. snyder said monday the water situation is a crisis. the tap water in flint became contaminated with too much lead after the water supply was switched to the flint river in 2014. they have become a popular way of getting around. shelves come crashing down at a florida party city. you'll hear from a man who was buried briefly by debris. it is adele.
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adele fans you are in for a treat tonight. the superstar is joining late
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here's a sneak peek. >> hello? it's me. i was wondering if after all these years you would like to meet? hello from the outside. >> you do not want to miss this. catch adele doing carpool karaoke tonight on cbs4 following the late show with steven colbert. james can usually hold his own. he actually sings really, really well but in front of adele i would be lip syncing. i will not be singing right now. not after adele. no. in my opinion she has one of the of best voices in the industry. >> she does.
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>> she is gorgeous. are you kidding me? i always tell one of our producers she looks similar to her. something about her reminds me of her. but i love her music. i can't waot to see that karaoke. right now maybe you are listening to music and sing ago lightning, you know you do it and then you look to the side to see if anyone is watching. thankfully this morning you dot have to worry about the wind chill. it is cool just roll down the windows. upper 50s -- low 60s. we will see filtered sunshine, highs in the low 70s, mainly dry. you won't need the umbrellas today but oh boy, you will need them tomorrow. we will see the return of rain, possibly storms and yes a warming trend underway the rest of the we can.
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right now a check of your traffic. >> reporter: a busy palmetto expressway southbound. northbound are all the headlights. it is going to be a busy one out there to kickoff your wednesday morning. if you are heading out the door in broward, two issues. johnson street is shut down from north dixie highway over to north 21st avenue and then the bridge is closed on dania beach boulevard. our slowest spot is on the turnpike from 288th street up to the don shula expressway going to take you a total of 23 palestinians for the drive. cbs4's gabby fleischman is live at a scene. >> reporter: walter and lauren, pembroke pines pole confirming this search is over. they have a suspect in custody. right now he is in the back of an ambulance being treated for
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apparently happened during this take d dn. chopper 4 is live over the scene. several blocks out here were shut down during the search, out on northwest 77th weigh and 14th. you had a lot of officers, kinds -- k-9s out here. police have given the all clear saying the man they were looking for is in police custody. they are not releasing a lot of details on who that person is, only saying he is accused of committing some kind of felony. we w wl stay on top of this story for you and you can always check at cbs we are learning more about school. >> a gun some students found on school was stolen.
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rushed to apoll low middle school tuesday afternoon after the school was placed on lockdown. police found a handgun on campus underneath a portable classroom. officials say all students were safe and dismissed on time. grateful for one was hurt. >> for a moment i was concerned but when i heard everything is okay i'm relieved. >> reporter: two male students wereandling the gun, which was stolen. astudents saw them. the two tried to hide the gun and ran and the other students told school officials. >> this is something we take very seriously. >> reporter: hollywood police questioned the two mal students before charging them. >> reporter: parents like teddy
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>> they should have didia blast out or something. >> reporter: parents tell the it was a teachable moment for kids, a way to give e them lessons on how to stay alert and whato do from a crisis. >> my kids are observant. >> reporter: that is what happened here. these students saw something and said something. now police say the students who were handling that gun are charged with possessing a gun on school property. police are not releasing the names of the students, obviously, because they are entercom communications. as for the gun being stolen, police are trying to figure out who the gun was stolen from and how these middle school students got ahold of it. now to a wild scene inside a boca raton party city. shelves started crashing down like dominoes inside the store, the frantic rush ended up being a close call. amazingly three people only suffered minor injuries.
6:32 am
under one of the shelves. >> reporter: tell us what it was like when you were inside. >> scary, scary. the whole left side of the wall started to turn ose. >> reporter: stunning photos tweeted out by palm beach fire rescue shows seven aisle shelves collapsed on each other inside party city. >> you started to see one section of the wall starting to move. it is a retainer wall. >> reporter: what were you thinking when you saw this happen? >> get the hell out of here. but i couldn't. >> reporter: black was supervising work being done by another company for a display of cards when a shelf knocked him down. >> i knew it was a domino effect, the shelves are going to be falling and these things are like 8 feet tall. so if somebody i iin between them, they are gone. >> reporter: it happened at 100 a.m., just as the store was opening. >> reporter: what were you feeling when this happened?
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don't this panel popped out. i popped up li a cork. >> reporter: palm beach sent a special response team with imaging cameras to look for anyone who was trapped. local pharmacy employee susana snyder was next door. >> i was inside on the counter. weeard this huge rumble, it was raining outside, we thought it was thunder. >> reporter: fire rescue says three people were treated for minor injuries and released. >> reporter: how long were you covered by these shelves? >> oh just a few minutes. >> reporter: peter lynch cbs4 this morning. no word on exactly what caused this accident to happen. so far party city is not commenting. surveillance video of a violent armed robbery at a cell phone store. a pan walks into the store,
6:34 am
in, pulls out a gun, pointing it at the employee. you then see the employee getting pistol whipped after he tries to grab the gun from one of the robbers. >> he is inside now, trying to rest a little bit. but he is okay. >> reporter: investigators hope the newly released visit will lead them to the bad guys. anyone with information is asked to call police. this morning uber one of its drivers are being sued after a southwest miami dade man died in a fiery crash. 21-year-old pablo sanchez was killed in the crash that happened at 157th avenue and 144th street. the uber driver was broadsided, the suv rolled over and both vehicles exploded, trapping and
6:35 am
sanchez's family said the uber driver should have yielded. >> it cost my kid his life. >> in a written response uber says we are deeply saddened by this tragic accident and our thoughts are with all those involved and their families. the miami dade school board is bracing for what could be a huge problem. thousands of cuban refugees may be on the way. just yesterday more left costa rica after the company made an agreement with el salvador to assist them in making it to the united states. anywhere between 5000 and 8000 are there now. this afternoon the miami dade school board will consider a proposal to ask the federal government for help in case those refugees come to mmi. gas prices are at their lowest level in a decade. how low they are expected to
6:36 am
straight ahead, lauren will introduce us to a college freshman. a woman is caught on cam, but people in the neighborhood say what she did was not a laughing matter. rush hour is here. take a look. palmetto expresswaon this wednesday morning. southbound packed. northbound as well. any accidents out there contributing to these slow drives, i'll let you know when we get back. lissette? still cool 50s and 60s. look at the 40s and 30s just to
6:37 am
we are going to oil prices are dropping. what does that mean for energy companies? jill wagner has more. >> reporter: good morning lauren. plugging oil prices are bad news for energy companies like -- plunging oil prices are bad news for energy companies. aaa sayshe national average is now $1.95 a gallon and some think parts of the country could soon see $1 a gallon gas. imagine that.
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your ride a little bit more entertaining with trip experiences, like an interactive taxi tv. riders can connect to favorite apps, get song play lists and read reviews from restaurants they are about to visit. lauren. >> or you could look at your own phone and read all those things yourself. there is a new service that makes traveling alone a little less expensive. >> reporter: if. and this is a big if, if you would split a motel room with a total stranger, there is a new app designed to help solo travelers save money hotels. winston club will screen users and match people based on age and gender preference. lauren would you split a hotel with a stranger? >> that is a big no, jill.
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be careful out there. people are crazy. have a good one. >> yeah i don't know about that either. happy wednesday south florida. you know we are starting to see the sun peek out. this is actually a really cool live view here from our wind jammer resort camera, lauderdale by the sea. we are seeing the 50s and 60s. yesterday was wet and d messy and highs only hit the 60s. now today we should see eye little bit more -- a little bit more sun here and there, although we have high level clouds coming in from the gulf of mexico. the breeze out of the northwest 9 to 14 miles per hour. shifting more northeast throughout the day and still seeing mostly 50s on the map in ft. lauderdale. low to mid-60s through the keys. i would say yes take sweaters and jackets as we are
6:40 am
inland with 54 in westin, 56 in tamarack. happy wednesday by the way. happy that we are here in south florida and not having to deal with these brutally cold temperatures with that arctic air taking over much of the country. 1 in chicago. teens right now in st. louis. 20s through the mid-atlantic areas and look at that. below freezing with 40s in texas and also through the gulf coast states. we are dealing with the lake- effect snow, an addition two feet of snow possible for our friends up through the northeast. and then just getting slammed with another round of wet and wintry weather from the west coast from california to the pacific northwest and snow across the northern rockies. for us today will be mainly dry and still cool. but tomorrow the showers increase, the return of the rain, limited sunshine, we'll have an area of highway
6:41 am
pressure in the gulf. and we will stay warm and humid through saturday, likely even through sunday with spotty storms saturday and better chance of rain sunday out ahead of our next cold front. however today we are talking highs in the low 70s and we will see the small craft caution continuing for you boaters, seas 3 to 6, moderate chop on the bays. tonight upper 50s and tomorrow you will need your umbrellas again and temperatures warm back up. friday morng waking up with the upper 60s, highs in the low 80s. spotty storms saturday 83, sunday 80 with showers likely before we cool things down for early next week. i-95 drivers at north we 103rd street a slow one because of rush hour traffic. it is a pain if you are getting out the door and you get stalled on i-95 southbound. let's talk about the other
6:42 am
seeing major crashes or any stalled out cars this morning, so looks like you are good to go. but the e rnpike will be slow as you approach u.s. 1 113 from the don shula up to the dolphin expressway. on 874 a total of 8 minutes to head out from the turnpike northbound to where it meets the palmetto and 826 drivers heading westbound, hitting that big curve where it low as down a bit, it will take you a total of 16 minutes but no major crashes. guys? thank you vanessa. caught on camera. a wild scene inside a massachusetts store. a masked man came into the store sunday morning armed with a knife, threatened the clerk and demanded cash. when you clerk pulled out an even bigger knife and fought with the thief for a minute the thief ran away.
6:43 am
to california where a thief was caught on camera swiping a little girl's birthday president. the woman prances away with happiness after she takes that package. the camera catches the woman dance ago cross the street to another home where she allegedly steals the neighbor's mail. homeowners are disgusted by her actions and hope the woman will be dancing all the way to jail. straight ahead, time to meet another south florida survivor. up next, a college freshman who already has her career path planned out after receiving a difficult diagnosis. she turned a tough time in her
6:44 am
welcome back. >> this morning i introduce you to a college freshman who received a difficult diagnosis that put her in the fight of her life. lauren may look like your typical college student. the south florida native goes to class, does her homework and plans to join a sorority at washington university in st. louis. but some parts of her life are anything but typical. >> i'm on a trial where i take oral medication every day. lauren had cancer, stage 4 neuro blasto. >> it was a really scary experience. >> lauren's experience with the frightening disease started when she was 14 at coral grades high school in coral springs.
6:45 am
and started tickling me out of nowhere and we felt what we thought was a mass but weren't positive. at the end of the freshman year i went into the loss and they found a 15 and a half pound mass in my abdomen. >> reporter: she had surgery to remove the cancerous mass and began 18 months of intense treatment, including chemotherapy, radiation and a stem cell transplant. the former dancer spent her entire sophomore year of high school in isolation. >> it became the new normal. it sounds weird. like being in the hospital and going through chemotherapy seems difficult, but i guess staying positive and accepting it for what it was really helps, because then i could go through it easier and i had to anyway so might as well have taken it with a positive outlook. >> reporter: lauren took online classes and managed to stay on track. when she returned for her june year year, she picked up right
6:46 am
later she was named the valedictorian of her senior class. >> i was proud of myself for going through such a difficult time and coming out top of my class senior year. >> reporter: did you ever ask why me? >> at the beginning i did a lot. but i learned there was so much positive that came out of it. >> reporter: it was during her cancer fight lauren decided she wanted to become a pediatric oncologist. she has interned as a cancer center where she studied the kind of treatment that kills the cancer she had. lauren says her personal connection to the illness will help her give future care to her future patients, patients she hopes will day will all be survivors. >> reporter: being a survivor, and helping those that are currently facing cancer and other disease jazz in addition to beating cancer lauren was awarded the silver knight award for science as well as a scholarship.
6:47 am
accepted into the medical school at washington university. now it is a nonbinding acceptance, so she can keep other options open. after all she is only a freshman.
6:48 am
>> welcome back. we are continuing to follow a developing story. police have taken a suspect into custody after a search through a residential neighborhood. chopper 4 was over the scene at the area, officers had shut down the area and asked residents to stay indoors. police are not releasing details about the man taken into custody, all they are saying is he is wanted to commit august felony. also developing overnight the u.s. military says 10 sailors briefly held by iran are back in amican hands. the navy said there are no indications the sailors were harmed. the nine men and one woman were on their way to bahrain. a quick wrap-up of the rest
6:49 am
two men are in jail after causing chaos in north miami beach. the shooting took place near biscayne boulevard and 136th street. their car plowed into an suv. the men took off on foot but were later captured by police. president obama travels to omaha and bat huge one day after striking an n timistic tone for the future in his final state of the union address. the president urged americans to rekindle their belief in the promise of change that first care rid him to the house. $1.5 billion is at stake in the largest lottery jackpot the world has ever seen. weatherwise today lissette? >> reporter: we are not dealing with rain this morning. it is nice and cool. we are liking the numbers.
6:50 am
sunrise from our wind jammer resort camera. you have been seeing pink and also the sun peeking through the clouds. 5 in ft. lauderdale. in key west. here's the deal, throughout the day today looks like high level clouds will continue to stream in, so we'll call it filtered sunshine. highs in the low 7 7, mainly dry. tomorrow the rain returns, 8 friday, spotty storms saturday and 80 degrees on sunday. but cooler by next week. so it is going to be a wild weather ride. right now let's check in on that ride with your trfic report and vanessa? >> reporter: 826 drivers eastbound heading toward the pretty sunrise. unfortunately a slow ride toward the sunrise. 216 minutes from 288th expressway.
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