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tv   CBS 4 News at Noon  CBS  January 13, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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our waters was not hostile or for espionage. let's look outside here in south florida where the sun is finally making an appearance. will it bring warmer temperatures? let's check in with lissette gonzalez. >> we have been enjoying it. you know how it is, the cool staps, they are gogo in a snap. this morning, we woke up to upper 50s, a chill in the air with our average low of 60 degrees. miami dipped to 60. we had 59 in fort lauderdale. 58 west endall and the clouds in place. the clouds filtering the sunshine that we are seeing , the breeze out of the north from 10- 14 miles per hour, right now we are seeing the return of the low 70s,
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during the day, you see 71 fort lauderdale. 60s through the keys. low 70s this afternoon. overnight 63 year the coast. tomorrow the return of the rain and warmer weather. more on the complete forecast ahead. president barack obama travels to omaha and baton rouge, a day after his final state of the union address while democrats characterize the speech as inspirational, some say it was light on issues. craig boswell has more from washington. >> reporter: president obama delivered his final state of the union address and conceded he is partly to blame for the washington. >> it's one of the few regrets of my presidency. the ranker and suspension between the parties have gotten worse instead of better. >> reporter: nikki haley echoed
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>> all i'm saying is we got a responsibility and the way we handle issues and the way we talk about issues should be division. >> reporter: president obama has one year and one week remaining in office , the presidential candidates jockeying succeed had plenty to say about his state of the union address. hilala clinton tweeted her praise for obama speech and the administration's work, continued that praise on cbs this morning. >> the president made a compelling case about the progress we have made, but the work that still li ahead. >> reporter: texas senator ted cruz who skipped the speech in order to campaign says he can't wait to give his own state of the unn address. cruz is in fight to win the gop nomination. a poll shows him with a 3 point lead over donald trump with
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two students are facing criminal charges after police say they were spotted on campus with a handgun and tried to hide it. hollywood police got a call yesterday afternoon after several students saw the male students and told officials what they saw. the school was placed on lockdown while police investigated. the e lice say the gun was stolen. investigators are figuring out how it got in the hands of the student. pen brook pines police took a suspect in to custody after a search through a residential neighborhood. chopper 4 was over the scene at northwest 77th way and 14th street while paramedics treated the suspects inside an ambulance. they went to arrest a suspect for active warrant when i he slammed the door and took off running. he was found in bushes nearby and arrested. two men in jail after causing chaos in north miami beach, accused of opening fire
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it took place at a trailer park near biscayne followed the failed robbery, the duo took off north, the car plowed in to an suv. the men took off on foot. they were captured by police. caught on camera, video of a violent armed robbery at a cell phone store in north miami. a man walking in to the store and looking at merchandise, moments later, another man walks in pulse out a gunpointing it at the employee. you see the employee getting pistol whipped after he tries to grab a gun from the robber. >> thank god he is alive. he is trying to get rest a little bit. he is okay. >> investitors hope the video will lead them to the bad guys. anyone with information is asked to call police. for drivers near downtown fort lauderdale. westbound lanes of sunrise will
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to federal highway. the closure startsts at 9:00 tonight and lasts all night long. crews need to reace a water main that broke on christmas day, and that createt a big flood and sink hole , the repair is finished, people living in the area will have to boil their water until tests confirm it is safe to drink once again. new at noon, the new york times is reporting the treasury department will begin identifying and tracking secret buyers of high end properties, starting in 2 of the major destinations for global wealth. miami-dade and manhattan. the first time the feds required real estate company to disclose names behind cash transactions. the initiative is part of a broaoar federal effort to increase the focus on money deals. speaking of deals, the power ball, the record drawing is $1.5 billion. hard to conceive.
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tallahassee, the lines of people hoping to get the tickets are growing. marybel rodriguez is live from the international airport at the top selling ticket location in south florida. travelers want to be billionaires. >> reporter: yeah. so do we. you get nervous thinking about the $1.5 billion. i got to tell yous since the store opened at 7:00 this morning, those lotto machines have not stopped spitting out tickets. you have airport employees, locals and whole lot of tourists hoping to take home the winning ticket from miami. >> reporter: the power ball sign is taking your place as one of the hottest selel spots in town. tourists flying in or out made it a priority to check in at
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the $1.5 billion power ball jackpot. greg is visiting from canada and says there is something about south florida that makes them feelucky. >> i got the numbers, right there. >> reporter: this woman feels her fortune is fromming from her fortune cookie. >> we had chinese food and i got the little thing, i said, i'm not throwing this a way. i'm going to try that. >> reporter: with less than 11 hours to go, the thought of winning $1.5 billion has many who never played taking a shot at the world's largest power ball jack h jackpot drawing in the world. >> you have to. you can't be left out. >> reporr: 1 in 292 million, the hope is still the life. >> i'm going to be lucky and hit the lottery. i'm going to hit it.
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chance, yes. >> reporter: that's right. we all have a chance. there is nothing wrong with dreaming, i hope you have your ticket, i have mine. i have a couple of tickets. here is something to keep in mind. if you happen to win the power ball in florida, you want to stay under the radar, that will likely not happen because under florida law, lottery ticket winners can not remain anonymous. you may want to think of a plan. i have mine already. cbs 4 news. sooner or later people will find out. the amount is just mind boggling. thank you for that report. seems like everyone has a case of power bal@ fever including late show host, steven colbert, here are power ball tips. >> late show's power ball tip numbers. okay? be 8, 11, 39, your choice, pick the ones that win.
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a lot of folks lose before they even play because they pick an emoji for eggplant. if it's smart to buy as many tickets as you can afford, think how smarter it is to buy morereickets than you can afford. tip number 4, if you want to be a lottery winner, start acting like a lottery winner. buy all your friends matating jeeps. pick up an expensive pill addiction, scream at your loved ones, i'm not a dam bank. wake up in a radson bathroom under a pile of naked strangers empty the mini bar and go to the verizon store because you are going to need the paycheck to buy more lotto tickets. have this lottery ticket. that power ball is all mine. i will see you people at the radson bathroom.
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don't miss the late show with steven colbert on cbs 4, immediately following cbs 4 news tonight. if you want ticket, good luck. still ahead, safety alert, one of the hottest holiday toys, sometimes it came with a visit to the er. the concern about hover boards. nfl changes, mixed emotions after the nfl gives the rams and the chargers the green light to move to los angeles. then caught on camera, a thief so excited about stealing, she prances away with a stolen
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the must-see video when
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chapo guzman looks different behind bars. mexican authorities released his mug shots, head is shaven and his mustache is gone. he was captured on friday, 6 maximum security prison and back at the same facility in mexico. mexico is investigating the meeting he had with actor sean penn to see if crimes were committed and we will hear more from sean penn. charlie rose is set to interview penn to discuss his involvement with el chapo. you will be able to see it here on cbs 4. the miami-dade school board is bracing for a big problem, thousands of cubans maybe on the way and schools will like whether i need more money to deal with the influx. yesterday, more cubans left costa rica. anywhere between 5- 8000 are there now in the central american country.
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school board will consider a proposal to ask the government for help. to a cbs safety alert, just a gift that keeps on giving. video of hover boards accidents, many involving adults went viral, especially after the holidays and a lot of children wound up in the emergency room. cbs 4's gaby fleischman is live where they have seen dozens of injuries. >> reporter: that's right, the doctors here tell me in the weeks following christmas, they saw 54 children all patients who came in after falling off of a hover board, i spoke to a teenager who suffered a spinal frac fracture, she said it looks like fun until you fall. >> it's kind of funny now. >> reporter: she laughs now when she watches the video of herself hitting the floor falling off of the hover board
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this was several weeks ago, she is recovering after multiple painful visits to the emergency room. she suffered a spinal fracture from the fall. thought i had control of it. it's hard to ride it. to stay stable, there is nothing to hold on to. >> i was upset when i saw the video. i knew she was in pain when she hit that floor. >> reporter: theth grader's video is one of thousands s of fails that have gone viral on the ternet. mike tyson took a tumble off of the season's hottest toy. they say these injuries are no joke. >> see the videos of kids falling but don't see the kids in the operating room or i object baited -- inty baitd with injuries. >> the numbers of fractutus in
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year. >> reporter: anyone hopping on a board use a helmet and pads, learn and practice. kids. fun. make sure they can have fun in a nice protective environment. >> reporter: for aleah, that won't be necessary. aleah's doctors sasashe is forming nat she didn't have to undergo surgery like the other patients did. they wl monitor her spine and recover. nfl, the st. louis rams are heading back to los angeles and may not be alone. owners voted 30-2 to allow the rams to move to la, playing for the next three seasons at the colosseum before moving to the state of the art $1.8 billion
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after the meeting, nfl owners reacted to the news including dolphin owner steven ross. >> we made the right decision. we are in los angeles. i think everybody wants it. louis won? obviously. >> the nfl will be back. >> i have no idea. i don't think anybody knows. >> the san diego chargers were given a year to decide if they wanted to move to los angeles. if san diego passes , the raiders will go given the same option. the nfl is back in los angeles after a 2 decade absence. we are keeping an eye on a big storm and heavy snow a strong winds packed a punch in buffalo, new york. area expected to get 5- 9-incnc another inch tomorrow. the weather has been pretty mild in that part of the
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this is more like it and the 50s. >> 50s, 60s in the morning. highs in the 70s. it will be gone by tomorrow. sorry. i'm just the messenger. back in the 80s by the weekend. live view from our durrell camera. see the return of the filtered sunshine. let's call it. we have a vail of clouds, mid to high level could you level clouds from the gulf of mexico. it looks better than yesterday- highs reached the 60s. now we are taking a view from the wind jammers camera, lauderdale by the sea, a few more people on the beach, we are seeing the cloud cover, as gulf. the south. and the breeze out of the north, northwest, 9-14 miles per hour.
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comfortable for fort lauderdale and pompano beach. the more of the same through the keys. we are seeing the 50 #-s across the rest of the state, as we take a look at the rest of the u.s. this, is where it is really cold. we are talking 9 in minneapolis, 10 chicago. 20s dc through new york city and boston. 40s atlanta, memphis. 50s in california. pacific northwest, 40, getting rain, wintery mixing from california up through portions of oregon and washington. also dealing with the lake affect snow impacting portions oh of the northeast and inlands areas. hurricane season does not start until june 1st. though we are outside of the hurricane season, the hurricane center is watching this area, over in the eastern atlantic for a medium potential of subtropical development. % chance as it moves to the -- 50% chance as it moves to the northeast. we will let you know as everything progresses. its not something we have to worry about.
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will be returning, a warm front and area of low pressure in the gulf will bring the rain back in the forecast with limited sunshine, and we are see highs in the 80s with storms around on friday. as we head in to the weekend it's looking unsettled, warm and humid saturday with storms and looking soggy for sunday. today, the high climbing to 73 degrees, and we are seeing a small craft caution in place for you boaters, 3-6 rs moderate chap on the bay. lows fall to the low 60s near the coast, inland areas the upper 50s, tomorrow get your umbrellas ready, highs in the low to mid-70s. 80s friday with storms around, spotty storm. showers 80 degrees and a cool down for next week. i know you are looking forward to, elliot. >> vy much, so. thank you, caught on camera, a thief in california seen swiping a little girl's birthday present and prances away with happiness after she tatas the package. the camera catches the woman
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another home, , where she allegedly steals the neighbor's mail. homeowners in the neighborhood say they are disgusted by her actions but t pes the woman will be dancing all the time when she is? jail. researchers are warning women planning to get breg nant to layoff potatos , the
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recommendations and make reservations at restaurants through uber. adel fans you are in for a treat. the super star is joining late- late show host james cordon. here is a sneak peek. catch adel doing karaoke at 12:37 here on cbs 4 following the late show with steven colbert.
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bs . if you have news or information you want cbs 4 to investigate, give us a call. thank you fowatching hope to see you later on cbs 4 news at 5:00 and 6:00. watch the news casts streaming
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