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tv   CBS 4 News at 6PM  CBS  January 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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employees decided to call.>> reporter: we can tell you that 13th st., westf washington is still closed. it is an area to avoid. the postal workers are back in the building. i am hank tester, cbs4. back to you. tonight, the government says there will be no more secrets inside miami's luxury real estate market. it is cracking down on money laundering, going after buyers who snap up high end properties with cash. in the past, names could be kept secret. that will change. david sutter has details. wire the feds targeting miami?>> it is -- >> reporter: it is estimated that one out of every two homes in miami is bought with cash. some is legitimate it, but it has been rumored that criminals are parking money in mmi real estate. we may end up finding the truth. from penthouses
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dollar views, miami's real estate market defies logic. a majority of the people who live. can't afford to. million-dollar listings are common. more than half are paid with cash. miami sells the most real estate in the nation for sh.>> this has been that factor out here. nobody has wanted to lift up the rock and take a look.>> reporter: the treasury department announced wednesday they will require high-end buyers in new york city in miami to disclose their identity. many cash buyers use an llc or shell company. we just saw this mansion sell for $47 miion. the buyer, a shell company nanad boeker breeze. the real owner, unknown.>> what llcs are used for is privacy. many are latin american investors trying to hide, maybe because it's a listed, but more than likely because they are
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kidnapped in their home couny. >> reporter: title insurance companies will be required to title insurers would collect drivers license and/or passport of the beneficial owner. someone who has a 25% interest for more in the deal. enforcement would begin in march and end in august.>> you have to wonder if this is not watershed moments where suddenly some extra cash and record prices will something -- suddenly become something of the past. >> critics argue this is too mac little, too late. they are also concerned that the enforcement is temporary. the order could be extended. new at six, the criminal court case continues against the teenager charged with the murder of a rabbi.
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the state of withholding evidence. natalia zea was the only reporter at today's hearing. she is live in miami with more.>> reporter: the defense attorney hats -- had some harsh words. he says they are stalling on discovery that he should have a right to see. he accuses them of leaking evidence photos to the media. prosecutors deny that. aggressive words were flying during this hearing in the case against the andre charles, the 15-year-old accused of trying to rob and shoot to death row at a rabbi -- a rabbi. the state attorney's office is not releasing all the evidence according to the attorney as required by law. he pointed to these pictures which are now part of the discovery but err on a news
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the state denies leaking the pictures.>> it was not provided by the state attorney's office. >> reporter: prosecutors say they have not seen some of the evidence goodman is demanding. >> we have an obligation to do turnover discovery. when we get it, we will. >> reporter: the judge set another hearing to determine when the state will have more evidence to turn over. another issue, the eyewitness who picked charles out of the line. the state has not named him.>> we have decided to exclude some information for their safety. >> reporter: all the parties agreed that the defense will be able to investigate that witness. he will ep his name confidential and we are all expected to hear from that
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he should take the stand friday , the defenses chance to convince a judge to grant charles on. three men accused of two armed robberies. they are all under arrest tonight thanks to one e of the victims roommates knowing what to do. oralia ortega is in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: the victim m lled police, giving a description of the vehicle the men were driving. not long after that, police caught up with the menen three men miami beach police say are responsible for two armed rod breeze -- robberies appearing before a miami dade judge. >> i know this part of the city is really okay. you can never know. i was really, really scared. >> reporter: this man is the
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the victim is too mac shaken up to speak with us. according to police, the 30- year-old woman was robbed at gunpoint as she got out of her vehicle on meridian ave., monday.>> she took the phone and she was really scared.>> reporter: according to the victim, three men took off in a gray mustang. the victim ran inside her apartment where her room aall police, who spotted a vehicle matching the description on alton road and fourth street.>> in three hours, they took the guy and they took the phone. >> reporter: miami beach police arrested terrain, battle, and thomas. they also solved another crime.>> subsequently, our investigation lead us to the information that these three individuals had committed hours earlier a similar ime in miramar.>> now i can live better.
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drain and thomas are being held without bond, but the third man is being held -- battle, has been released for insufficient evidence. now at six, 180 cubans stranded in coast to reach a -- costa rica have landed in mexico on the way to the us. this is video where they boarded a plane to el salvador and took buses to guatemala. they have been in costa rica for three months after nicaragua refused to let them through by land. under current law, they are allowed to stay in the us. the possibility of thousands of cubans settling in south florida has miami-dade school officials concerned. today they made a plea to the federal government as the school system basis an impending crisis, a flood of new refugee students. gary nelson has more. --
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refugees in camps making their way to el salvador and then american.>> in the us, they want to come to miami.>> reporter: miami-dade school board members faced a crisis of a flood of cuban children filling the schools.s. they are by and large poor. they do not speak the language. they need to go and bring programs that are costly. >> reporter: it is anticipated that new immigrate -- immigrant kids will cost miami-dade up to $80 million unreimbursed dollars. social services have maxed out programs. >> these are the people that will fall through the cracks and be living on the streets.>> reporter: the school board and city cried out for help as they face of moral and legal obligation to teach all comers. the feds local educators say
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>> immigration is a federal issue. congress needs to act to provide financial support to school systems like miami- dade> reporter: today's board meeting began with an ementary chorus singing a spanish-language song, perhaps not music to some years. the anti-immigrant reticle -- rhetoric from some candidates may ragson eight from an electric increasingly y concerned about immigration, not to mention polls see the nation is heading the wrong direction. gary nelson, cbs4 news. less than five hours left to get your powerball ticket. will someone win tonight?>> i hope it is me. there are a lot of other people playing. the line is getting pretty long. the question is would you know what to do a few won? we will take a closer look after the break. the new
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suddenly out of cash. what the mayor is sasang about its future. an update on van campbells future as the coach for miami moves on. plenty of clouds today, not
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but that's about to now at six, powerball fever. it seems like everyone knows what to do if they win $1.5 billion. it is the largest check pot -- jajapot prize ever. we're live at miami international airport. it is the busiest ticket selling location in florida. i can see the crowd behind you.>> reporter: it has been busy ever since we got here. you can see the line coming out of the store. here's a question for you. would you know what to do if you won? it's not as simple as collecting your ca. they have been lining up for powerball all day at mia airport. employees are standing side-by- side with passengers looking to get their shot at $1.5 billion.>> how lucky do you feel? >> i don't know. i hope i will win.>> reporter:
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town and did not have time to buy until now.>> what would you do with the money? >> i haven't even thought about it. i would take a great vacation.>> how lucky do you feel? >> i am never lucky. it would be the first time in my life.>> reporter: he will be checking those tickets in the uk when he lands. err what would you do with $1.5 billion?>> buy some property, some charity, probably stop working. probably.>> reporter: what should thomas or whoever wins do if they strike it rich?>> first you have to hire a team of professionals.>> reporter: this tax attorney tells us the worst thing you can do is collect winnings without a plan in place. the first up, hire an attorney, fofoa truscott and get a trustee.>> it will protect you
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trustee can ward off long lost family members who approach you for money.>> if you invest $250 million at 5%, you can spend $1000 an hour every day, 24 hours, seven days a week.>> and never touch the principal.>> and never touch the principal. >> reporter: not a bad return. if your biggest problem trying to figure out how to manage $1.5 billion, i think you are doing okay. the drawing is in 4:45. you can buy a ticket until 10:00. good luck. ted scouten a cbs4 news. the new frost museum is under construction but is out of money. it turns out the museum has not raised as much private money as it thought it was going to. it has spent $160 million in taxpayer money for miami-dade county.
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now while the museum tries to figure out a solution. carlos jimenez says he will help with a new plan saying the museum, cannot be allowed to fail. it is supposed to open by the end of the year. a traffic alert to tell you about for drivers near for lauderdale. all westbound lanes of sunrise boulevard will be closed tonight from bayview to federal highway. the closure starts at 9:00 and last all night long. crews need to replace the water main that broke christmas day, creating a flood and sinkhole. when the repairs finish, people in the area will have to boil water until tests confirm it is safeo drink. tonight, fort lauderdale has its first t lmart inside city limits. mayor jack siler cut the ribbon this morning. it is on broward boulevard this morning. it is on broward blvd., west of i-95. the new store will be open 24
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to the community. city leaders -- city leaders are hoping it attracts new businesses. a lot of folks inside a walmart there. outside, the weather is nice. not bad. don't get used to it. today was our one nice day. a couple of stormy days ahead. winter. bay. it's a pretty nice evening, 70 -- 71 in miami. 64 in key west. still dry, but the air moistens up as winds pick up out of the east and southeast. temperatures elsewhere, pembroke pines at 68. miami gardens at 70. winds light. showers have been lingering over the keys, especially the lower keys throughout the day.
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to back heavy, just light rain. that will work its way into mainland southport. a meteorological oddity. it doesn't happen often, but we have the first named storm of the atlantic season for 2016. it's only january. it formed from a low-pressure area. it has some tropical and some nontropical characteristics. it is expected to move north and could impact the azores. the last time we had a system like this in january was 1978. there have only been four storms like this in january since 1851. here's what's going on closer to home. a stalled front to the south keeping things unsettle. tomorrow, rain increases moisture moves in, passing showers by tomorrow night. it could be stormy, very stormy by friday morning. here's how it plays out. the front to the south comes back is a warm front. it will be the focus for winds shifting in the atmosphere.
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highest severe weather trend over the peninsula of florida. stormy periods on friday. some storms could be severe. a weak cold front moves through saturday. on sunday, another cold ont. we're ahead of it sunday. a chance for more storms, turning colder sunday night into next week. our forecast tonight, looking pretty good. showers increasing later on. lows in the 50s and 60s. limited son, the high near 74. winds out of the northeast, 15- 20. through the weekend can't rain for tomorrow. storms tomorrow night. it could be quite stormy friday. a break in the storm in us saturday. more storms saturday and turning cooler next week. our team is already working hard on tonight's 11 pm news.>> reporter: we will have the
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the $1.5 billion jackpot. if i still have your attention after that, we will so be watching donald trump campaigning in florida. bill clinton wili be campaigning in new hampshire. that and all t big headlines tonight at 11. tonight on sports, least one franchises moving. jim berry will have details
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not nil -- near a manatee recovering in
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is back in open waters tonight. this is sully. this morning, a team loaded him onto a truck and took him to an inlet in martin county. sully has been living ththe since march after rescuers found her sick and severely underweight. >> when he came in, he had his whole back was white because all of the skin was gone on his back. he had a bch of abscesses and he was very raw and sore. we had to treat him and put them in warm water and give m medication so he would get bett.>> sully is getting better. he gained about 500 pounds back last week. the us fish and wildlife service announced a plan to remove vanities from the endangered species list. that's our news for now. thank you for joining us. the cbs evening news with scott kelly is next. look for headlights -- headlines tonight at 11.
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