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tv   CBS 4 News  CBS  January 14, 2016 1:37am-2:12am EST

1:37 am a man's cryptic message to the fbi causes an emergency and now he is nowhere to be found. it is beautiful tonight but severe weather is brewing right now. storng self -- crooks are storming south florida's stores telling victims give us your money or we will set you on
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>> that was a mistake. it was our fault. we apologize. how did i ran get this apology from one of our captured sailors. are you the worst -- world's newest billionaire? we begin tonight with the breaking news. the news we have all been waiting for. the winninnumbers for the record $1.5 billion powerful are in. grab your tickets and take a look. the winning numbers are eight, 27, 34, 4:00 19, and the powerball number is 10. we are standing by live where people are busy buying tickets. >> reporter: it is actually kind of quiet now after powerball fever four days.
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station is finally quiet. i am anxious to check my ticket here. you guys need to do that as well but before you do check out what a crazy day it has been all across the area. these lottery tickets -- lottery machines of state picket -- busy spewing ticket after ticket for that chance at the largest jackpot inistory. >> i won't work anymore. >> you see everybody trying to go so you think maybe my luck might be better. >> maybe one moro ticket. >> it might be your chance. >> i will still work here. >> reporter: the last time anyone won the powerball was on november 4. the jackpot started all over again at $40 million. no one has matched all numbers
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florida is one of the top powerball ticket sellers across the country. at 2 pm nearly 30,000 tickets a minute were sold in florida. by 6 pm 48,000 tickets were being sold a minute. financial experts have some sage advice to think you from going broke. hire an attorney, former trus and get a trustee. >> if you invest $250 million at 5% you can spend $1000 an hour every day 24 hours seven days a week and never touch the principal. >> reporter: i think i have maybe two winning numbers on this ticket. i have more in the car and i'm so anxious to go in there. it is nerve-racking. go check your tickets and then check them against and maybe even a third time and make sure. if you want the lump sum you
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it will roll over if nobody wednesday's drdring could be up to $2 billion. >> thank you. here are the numbersnce again. eight, 27, 34, ford, 19 in the powerball number is 10. tonight we are learning a little bit more about the man drawing the powerball numbers. today the fsu alumni association tweeted out that host sam arlen is a seminal. he graduated from florida ate in 2006 and attended@law school in 2012. we have our eye on the storm that could bring severe weather tomorrow and friday. >> john gerard is joining us. you still have to deal with the weather. >> i would buy a goldplated umbrella first to protect myself from somef the storm; on friday. we are watching two systems
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the first one is a frontal boundary that went to the south of west a couple of days ago. they are shifting to t t north. when it starts to rain tomorrow that is not the system we are concerned about. it is this one here getting stronger over the western gulf of mexico and still back over mexico with th very limited data. once he gets into the gulf it is expected to move quickly in our general direction as we head through the day tomorrow. the greatest threat from that system right now is low risk, medium risk, high risk appears to be wind damage. everything else on friday is a slight risk of lead held on friday. back weather forecast in just a few. authorities are looking for a man that set off a scare at the post office in miami beach. they say he was acting suspiciously while carrying envelopes addressed to the a the i -- the fbi and the bomom
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>> reporter: see something say something thatat what the postal workers here did and it promoted a big response. here's the latest. back to work. miami beach postal workers all okay now. >> the place was evacuated. >> reporter: a bomb squad from miami-dade county the off -- fbi beach postal inspectors are all trying to figure out what this guy was up to. look at these pictures. this man dressed as a coat and a scarf and he has a backpack. see the envelopes in his hand? they are addressed to fbi officers in florida. he asked for stamps. >> i know that the employee that worked with him found his behavior to be suspicious. they did not feel like it was a normal transaction that was
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>> the man leaves without the envelopes. they called the fbi multiple agencies including miami beach fire rescue come to the scene. the post office was evacuated. 13th st. west of washington. s barred off. the fbi was curious about the contents. who was this guy that suddenly vanished. >> we were talking about anybody that made any threats or did anything dangerous. >> reporter: back live again. they are looking for the sky but he is not in trouble. if you know who he is call the u.s. postal service and that number is 877-876-2455. cbs4 news tonight.
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reporting that ted cruz failed to disclose information about the loan that he got to pay for his first senate campaign. oralia ortega is standing by with details. >> reporter: according to new york times crews did not disclose to personal loans from citibank and goldman sachs when he ran for senate in 2012 and it's a potential violation of federal election rules. it's also counter to the narrative he has been giving voters for years. he's talked often about the decision he and his wife took to empty their assets to fund his senate run four years ago. he has also bashed wall street repeatedly but has not spoken of the loans from citibank or goldman stack -- goldman sachs where his wife worked. the loans totaled as much as $750,000 and eventually increased to a maximum of $1 million before being paid down.
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listed the loans on -- and acknowledged the mistake. >> those loans have been disclosed over and over again on multiple filings. if it was the case that they were not filed exactly as the fcc requires we will amend the filing. all the information has been public and transplant for many years and that's the end of that. >> reporter: crew says he will amenthe filings to comply with requirements. we will see if these opponents decide to go after him on this. >> thank you. a new video by iranian television shows an american iranian waters. they were in -- released today after being held for about 16 hours. >> it was a mistake, it was our fault, and we apologize. >> reporter: an apology from a sailor unclear if he was being
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no apology from john kerry during his multiple phone calls with the foreign minister but he's taken a diplomatic approach. >> i want to thank the iranian authorities for their cooperation and quick response. these were always situations which has everybody here knows have an ability of not properly guided to get out of control. >> reporter: iran's foreign minister tweeted i'm happy to see dialogue instead of threats and impetuous mess. >> from a military perspective what they did was appropriate. >> at 1213 -- at 12 to 13 pm local time they were released. they were -- departed on the same boats they were captured on and headed to international waters in the persian gulf. the sailors were transferred to
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and flown to shore. the pressure is now on the u.s. navy to explain how all of this could have happened. the focus is not that e iranians took the americans into custody. the focus is that they got too small lightly defended lightly manned only 10 sailors on the board these two books together -- how did they wind up in the waters. >> us military officials releasing a statement that the crew was experienced difficulties at the time. one official says the video is clearly staged. raking news overseas. asian stocks are sliding sharply. the nikkei index has taken the hardest hit. the dallas 364 points closing at 60,151.
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the s&p lost 48 points. more breaking news. miami-dade police has arrested a man in a deadly crash involving anber scv. this happened when the uber made a turn and was hit by a corolla. just yesterday we told you about a lawsuit filed by the family of the global passenger who was killed. this was filed against the car, driver itself, and other car as well. we have just learned that the other driver was the one who has been arrested. investigators are saying he was drunk. he was taken into custody without incident. to middle school and -- to middle school students arrested and will spend another night in juvenile tension for bringing a gun on campus. the cost chaos that there hollywood school. e school was put on lockdown yesterday after students reported seeing the two
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it was later found in a portable classroom. a judge will decide tomorrow whether they can go home. an attorney for a teen charged with murdering a rabbi is accusing the state of withholding evidence. police say 15-year-old charles shot and killed the rabbi during an attempted robbery. the attorneys claims the state attorney's office is not releasing all the evidence. another hearing is set for friday when charles is as -- expected to ask to be released on bond. in celebration of dr. martin luther king junior in miami tonight people gathered for a candlelight vigil to remember kinky. it featured special performances by students and local schls to honor his work and mission. the alleged planned parenthood shooter reaches out to a cbs news station. >> you will hear why he wanted to talk and the reason behind the shooting. a pair of robbers making explosive threats.
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telling owners and employees
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tonight when local this just in. the alleged planned parenthood shooter has reached out to our cbs station in denver from jail. he told them he wanted to talk because he said he is been silenced by the courts. >> they want to start a war and that's why i did it. >> he is charged with killing a woman in police officer the day after thanksgiving has been ordered to undergo a competency exam to determine if he could stand trial. a pair of robbers break and explosive threat in order to pull off crimes at restaurants in a convenience store. carey codd is an oakland park with mark. >> reporter: it was about 6 am on sunday morning when a man
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oaoaand park denny's on oakland park boulevard. an employee told detectives appear reeked of gasoline and i threatened the worker with some. surveillance camera rolled at this oakland park denny's on sunday morning as this couple entered. the employee that t aded them noticed an older. -- odor. you guys are working on cars? the camp -- cashier said. next thing the camera shows the employee handing money from the cash register. he walked in with a squirt bottle in a lighter and threatened to light the employee on fire. >> imagine somebody walking in and threatened to what set you on fire if you don't give them what you want. it's a horrific acts to threaten. >> reporter: this is not the only time they had made this threat. they use this to add another denny's later this day. telling workers they had guns and gas bombmb in that case they left empty- handed.
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look at them on tuesday. they did not threaten anyone but the woman did steal about $30 worth of food before climbing into a black car and driving off. three crimesn three days and bso is hoping someone in the community turns them in. john and alan brown our regular customers. they look at these images and hear the story and wonder what the world is coming to. >> you can't go anywhere because of these kinds of people. >> they are evil. >> reporter: no one was hurt at this denny's in oakland park or either one of these other two businesses but officials want to catch them before somebody gets hurt. if you know who they are please contact crimestoppers. live in oakland park carey codd cbs 4 tonight. the government says they will be tracking buyers to snatch up high and miami real estate with cash. in the past cash buyers have not had to identify themselves
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some of the money comes from legitimate investors but it has long been rumored that drug kingpins are parking money in miami real estate. the crackdown starts in march and ends in april. we have new video from mexico to show you. the first group of resting -- refugees that were stranded in costa rica areow in mexico. there are about 180 and -- of them. they were cuban refugees and part of the thousands that spent more than three months in costa rica after nicaragua of refuse to let them cross the border. john gerard is joining us now. a lot going on weatherwise. >> the el nio pattern which means the storms usually have extra energy and form a lot quicker than typical storms in a dry season. every other day we will be chasing storms or tracking storms and they will be chasing us. don't get used to anything. when it rains don't get too used to it.
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used to thatat either. it seems like every other day will be kind of unsettled around here. system number one we are watching is down here in the florida streams. that will start shifting to the north late tonight and tomorrow. it's kind of a nuisance shower around tomorrow. here's your planner through noon at 6 am not as cool as it was earlier today with a few showers around. 67 at 9 o'clock with a few spotty showers. some of the lighter rain will fill in more. showers are around but the temperatures will be pleasant. we made it to 71 in miami today and 73 in fort lauderdale. 76ers are statistical high this time of year. there's a weak front to the north but it's not going to be a big factor in our forecast. as a system near texas that wille though.
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light rain south of the peninsula. is system number one. system number two is coming from mexico and will start blossoming into a bigger storm tomorrow. the track will be far enough to the north where the severe weather with the highest threat will be over central and north florida. first the a warm front goes through and then the cold front. friday seems to be the day that we need to pay very close attention for the possibility of at least a medium risk of wind damage but the low risk of flooding, hail, and tornadoes. it's a low risk right now. chilly and breezy. cooler overnight lows of about 54. it's about 10 to 12 degrees milder. for tomorrow 74 with passing showers not a lot of sun if any. here's your outlook now. every y her day we are looking at the possibility of rain as we go through the holiday weekend. earlier tonight i got the
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morning correspondent mo rocca at the broward center for the performing arts. he was there as part of the broward college eaker series. he's a funny guy and it was fun to asking questions in front of a live audience. we had fun and serious conversations too. someone proposed marriage during the event. >> that's a showstopper. >> you don't get to watch somebody propose every day. >> what was that thing on the table? >> it was sponsored by a chocolate maker and it was a
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>> still ahead we have breaking news. it's breaking news that you may not want to hear. the california lottery tweeted that they have the power pole winner. they say a winning ticket was s sold in chino hills. no word yet from any other states. there could of course be multiple winners. hover board accidents are on the rise. especially after the holidays. many of those accidents have seriously injured children.
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miami have seen dozens of injuries in recent weeks. they have seen fractures to spinal injuries to head trauma
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in la the heat got off to a great start. can they keep it up against the clippers? at the staples center they spotted the home team seven quick points. the ball ends up with chris paul who buries the three and 50 have some catching up to do. the fill and finds chris bosh and one. how about joe gray. instant offense off the bench as quick points in the lead right now by 13. just before halftime. the road weary panthers dragon to calgary in the get hit with a knockout punch. he beats him once and twice and then would you believe he beats him three times.
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minutes 5-0 in the second. dan campbell is leaving the dolphins for the saints. he will also to the tight ends. the cleveland browns introduced hugh jackson as their head coach. he got pulled away from cincinnatihere he hired the -- where he coached the offense. he wants to fire johnny manziel. is that true? >> i need to get into this building and have an opportunity to sit down and watch tape. i don't know johnny personally i know who he is but at the same time i think i have to give everybody on the football team the fair opportunity to see who they are. the marlins signed edwin jackson a journeyman pitcher. the marlins will be his 10th team.
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another five years.
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another five years. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
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i was sure i would be able to read the winning numbers just by looking at my ticket. >> it's a bummer. >> a lot of people are ripping up tickets tonight. >> i have had that many times. thanks for watching. we will see you tomorrowight and remember to join cbs4 this morn
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