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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 5AM  CBS  January 14, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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good thursday morning, i'm walter makaula. >> i'm lauren pastrana. traffic and weather together. let's begin with lissette gonzalez. good morning to all of you at home. make sure you grab your umbrellas. wet weather across the keys. and the breeze anywhere from 6- 12 miles per hour. not as chilly this morning. let's just call it cool, comfy with the low 60s across the board through the keys. as we take a looking a aday ahead we will see highs in the low to mid-70s with clouds and showers around. so yeah, the warming trend begins especially this afternoon and tomorrow. and we will see the chance for some strong to possibly even severe storms. i'll have more on the complete forecast. let's get a check of traffic.
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what's going on out there the roads and the highways? starting off in broward county i-95 drivers cruising at speed or better. headlight headed southbound toward the construction atster block off several right lanes. just stay to the left there. crash on the southbound turnpike at hollywood two left lanes blocked. miami-dade county looking good. no powerball win fore me so working today. breaking news as al was just talk about this morning there are several winners other historic $1.5 billion jackpot. >> winning tickets were sold in california, tennessee and right here in florida. here are the winning numbers for you 8, 27, 34, 4, 19 and the powerball number is 10. now, let'sheck in with
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tickets was sold. >> reporter: good morning lauren and walter and it was a wild scene here in southern california. once news spread that one of the winning tickets was sold at this 711 and the chances of wink were crazy. just think about it. lne in 292 million. and one of the tickets sold here, beat those odds. crowds of california residents descheduledded onto the store in chino hills late into the night where one golden powerball ticket was sold >> i live down the street what art odds i could have won. >>reporter: california lottery officials posted the big news on twitter. those who didn't win still came to the store to celebrate. even congratulating this store clerk who admitted he has no idea who the winner is. >> it's my pleasure. i'm proud. and i am really excited, too. >> reporter: the clerk says this store sold thousands of
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the last few days as powerball fever took over the country. >> we're going to have a winner here tonight. >> reporter: many waited for hours in long lines for a chance to become an instant billionaire. these two created a whopping $70,000 private facebook pool for a buyin of $500. >> no matter how many people we got in it didn't really matter. you know, three, 4 t $5 million is still enough money for everyone. >> reporter: jackpot winning tickets were sold in florida and tennessee. meaning the big payoff will at least be split three ways. california state lottery officials plan to head to the store in chino hills today hoping that the sit's winner comes forward. -- that the state's winner comes forward. the owner of this store is also a winner they'll get a million dollars for selling that
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remember that one winning ticket was sold in florida. lottery officials have not said where that has been sold just yet. once, again, here art winning numbers 8, 27, 34, 4, 19 and the powerball number is 10. even if you didn't win the record jackpot make sure you check your tickets because there are 11 $1 million winners and one $2 million winner from florida. we turn to breaking news where police say 7 people including four attackers have been killed in independent oh knee sha. witnesses say three berms blew themselves up in a starbucks cafe earlier this morning as police stormed earth cafe an additional bras was heard. there were more than two hours of gun battles there. a police spokesman says a number of grenades were used. police say the people way tacked the area were copying the recent paris attacks were probably linked to the islamic state group.
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alert since a group in the country pledge sad port for isis. breaking overnight israel's former president has been rushed to the hospital. perez was suffering from chest pains. he is can sus and was communicating the 92-year-old complete liz 7 year term as president in 2014. now, authorities are look for a man who set up a big scare at the post office. >> he was acting suspicious while carrying envelopes addressed to the fbi. it led to the bomb squad calling in. gaby fleischman is on miami where it all happened. >> reporter: we've all heard see something say something. that's exactly what the workers here did after they had a interaction with a customer and it triggered a pretty massive response. miami beach postal workers back to work. wednesday afternoon it was a much different scene. >> place is currently evacuated. and we're currently waiting for
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>> reporter: from chopper four a major response. the fbi, fdle, beach police, u.s. postal inspectors, all trying to figure out what this guy was up to. look at these pictures. this man dressed in a coat, scar of, he's got a backpack and see the envelopes in his hands. police say those were addressed to the fbi offices in florida, he asked for stamps. >> i do know that the postal employee that were dealing with him found his behavior suspicious and did not seem that it was a normal transaction. >> the man gets agitated and leaves without the envelopes. see something say something is the guideline so they called the fbi. multiple agencies including miami beach fire rescue came to the scene. the post office was evacuated and 13th street west of washington shut down. eventually the miami-dade hazmat team cleared the envelopes and the county bomb squad did the same.
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curious about the contents, and white man was that sunday em vanished. >> we're not talk about a suspect or anybody that made threats or did anything dangerous. >> reporter: and authorities are still looking for that man. they say he's not tin trouble they just want to talk to him so if you know who he is you're asked to gift u.s. postal service the call the number at the bottom of your screen (877)876-2455 we're live from miami beach. new details this morning on an arrest made in a deadly crash involving an uber suv. police say alexander chica was taken into custody last night facing several charges including driving under it's influence add vehicular homicide. officials say the uber suv was making a turn when it was hit by the the car chica was driving. it happened two days after christmas. the crash left pablo sanchezez
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his family filed a lawsuit against uber, its driver and chica. the fbi needs your help to catch a low pressure on the run who held up a north miami beach bank. this happened at chase bank wednesday. the fbi tells toss that the robber seen here entered the bank and demanded money. investigators are not saying if any money was taken. fortunately, no ones hurt. if you have any if makes you are urged to call the i. a judge is expected to decide later today if two middle school students arrested for having a loaded gun op campus can go home. the pair appeared yesterday after causing chaos at their hollywood school. the school was put on lockdown after students reported seeing the two handling a gun. portable classroom. the 1-year-old accused taking the gun told police he got the gun from the farther. but the father said in court the gun is not his. >> i had police come over
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room and everything. i'm cooperating fully. he made up a story. >> neither student has been in trouble before and their parents want them sent home. an attorney for a teen charged with murdering a rabbi is a accusing the state of withholding evidence from him. police say 15-year-old shot and killed the rabbi. charles' attorney claims the state attorney's office is not release all the evidence another hearing set for tomorrow when charles is on bond. the republican presidential carolina. donald trump, ted cruz marco rubio chris christie, jeb bush stage. mike huckabee and carly fiorina debate. rand paul is opting to sit out because ewas dropped from the prime time segegnt. this will beat last debate before the iowa caucus on february 1st.
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the new york times reports. presidential candidate ted cruz did not disclose information about loans he took out to pay for his first senate cam page. the times says these were two personal loans toting $750,000. withholding the information is a potential violation of federal election rules. it's also different than the narrative he's been giving. he's tald often about the decision they made to empty their assets. he also bashed wall street repeatedly when asked about the loans cruz acknowledged the miutake. >> those loan had been disclosed over and over andory, again, on multiple filings if it was the case that they were not filed exactly as the sec requires, then, we'll a mend it. all of the information has been public and transparent for many years that's the end of that. >> as you just heard him say he'll a mend the filings to comply with sec requirements. ay with us for continuing
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new this morning more than 600 miami-dade educators are expected to participate in a rally in tallahassee today. they're joining thousands of other teachers in support public schools small class ceases and excessive testing. and this morning the city of fort lauderdale has issued a boil wait notice for the area highlighted in red. city officials say that they are maki repairs on a water main near the gateway theater. residents should boil their water until repairs are done and given the all clear. crews will be work throughout the day to restore water service. new details this morning on the murder of a florida woman in italy. police have made an arrest in that case. ashley olsen was found straining gulls in her apartment in florence. investigators say the 35-year- old artist was strangled with a rod or belt or scarf.
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revealed dna traces and a cigarette tie a 25-year-old to her death. he was seen going into her apartment. inveveigators say she suffered two fractures to her skull before she was strangled on the money watch all eyes on wall street after asian stocks once, again, tanked overnight. losing 2.7% after a big selloff on wall street. the dow lost 364 points. the nasdaq dropped 159 point to end the day at 4526. standard and poor closed at 1890. the accused planned parenthood shooter reaches out to cbs station you'll hear why he wanted to talk and his reason behind the shooting. >> caught on camera a couple of robbers are using gasoline as their when tune get cash. >> their explosive threats straight ahead. >> new video of and american
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now, the pressure is on. u.s. navy to explain how this could have happened. >> secrets inside the miami luxury real estate market. how the government is crack dodo on anonymous cash buyers. >> don't leave your rain gear at home. we are seeing wet weather across the keys. bus stop forecast, low 60s, so not as cool as yesterday and, in fact, this afternoon we will
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and plenty of showers around. and this thursday morning we are waking up to a dry start in broward and dade but soggy for the keys. and the rain will be lifting northward across much of south florida today. looking unsettled as we head
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so once, again, you are going to need the umbrella that's been one of those weeks where the rain chances have been going up and down. we've seen wet weather come in. right now it is a wet start for you on monroe county. so here's the deal we have a stalled frontal boundary to the south. also this area of disturbed weather in the gulf of mexico. that is actually part of the reason we are going to see the potential for strong sue severe storms as we head into tonight and tomorrow. so look at wind flow. anywhere from 6-12 miles per hour. and temperatures not as cool as yesterday were we had the upper 50s and instead we are about 3- 5 degrees warmer in comparison but still s with the low 60s, and even the mid-60s down through the keys i would say you still need your sweaters and jackets. here's something very interesting and rare. we have the first named storm of 2016. trop cam storm alex formed yesterday and this is the first storm or tropical storm to develop since an unnamed system back in 1978.
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systems like this developing in e month of january. since records have been kept since 1951. so we dent have to worry about subtropical storm alex it's way out there in the eastern atlantic. could be impacting the a. >>reporter: and into the open waters other atlantic. 20s in d.c., new york city and boss ton. and right now 38 in kansas city. still some snow across the great lakes. and also across the northern plains and the rockies and also the pacific northwest. still dealing with the storm system there. as we take a look at what's happening tomorrow, we are seeing the chance for stormy periods. we get a little break, then the return of some passing storms on sunday. and it will be colder by nighttime. for today, highs will be creeping up so not as cool as we've seen.
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and boaters talking seas 3-5. moderate chop on the bays. lows fall to the upper 60s. big story will be quite active into tomorrow r the commute and highs back in the low 80 it's with strong storms and drier sunshine saturday, 7881 passing storms sunday and monday a cooler breeze for martin luther king junior day. let's get a check with al lewis. if you won the powerball maybe you could buy some breath you can buy anything you want really nice and dry on the roads this morning. do have a crash. >> o northbound turnpike in broward county. looks like that's out of the way. i-95 looking good. here's the view at cypress creek road doing the speed limit or better. the eye looking good through the construction zone. have several rightanes blocked. over to 595 all's quiet here. that's univeity drive in the distance. and ami-dade county, taking a
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and quiet here. this morning we are hearing from the alleged planned parenthood shooter. robert dear reached out to our cbs station in denver. he wanted to talk because he's being silenced in the courts. >> okay. they want it this way. they want from me they want to start a war. so that's why i did it. >> dear is charged with killing a woman and a police officer the day after thanksgiving he's been ordered to undergo a competency exam to determine if he can stand trial. >>new video by iranian state television sws an american sailor apologizing. he and nine other sailors were released by iran yesterday ter being held for 16 hours. cbs4's reporter has more. >> it was a mistake that was our fault and we apology -- we
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>> reporter: an apology unclear whether he's was speaking voluntarily. no formal apology from john kerry. but he is taking a diplomatic approach. >> also want to thank the iranian authorities for their cooperations and quick response. these are always situations which as everybody here knows have an ability if not properly guided to get out of cel >> reporter: iran's foreign minister tweeting quote happy to see dialogue and respect not threats and impeach wasness. >> from a military perspective what they did was apapopriate. happened the situation been reversed we would have done the same thing. >> reporter: iranian forces released the 10 sailors from the island. they departed on the same two boats they had been captured on and edhood to the u.s.s.anzio.
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transfired the u.s.s. trueman aircraft c crier and flown to shore. the pressure now on the u.s. navy. to explain how all of this could have happened. >> the fault is not the iranians took americans into custody: fault is that they got too small lightly defended lightly manned only dental navy sailors on board how did these two boats wind up inside the waters. this is a question the u.s. navy has to answer. >> u.s. military officials issued a statement saying the video appears to be authentic but the conditions are unknown. 1 u.s. command official says that the video is clearly staged. does your child have a hoverboard, a warning this morning from a local hospital. >> nick carter also from the backstreet boys he's bn arrested in key west. we'll tell you what he did that landed him in cuffs. plus more of adele's epic car pool karaoke. how they prove they are die hard fans of the spice girls.
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here's a look at what's happening in south florida. for more on riverwalk and festivals and other events taking place across our area. hershey's miniatures. we pour 'em! we pass 'em! we pick 'em! delicious fun for everyone.
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in this morning's pop news a boy band member is busted. nick cart e of backstreet boys fame was arrrrted in key west. the gossip site says he was taken into custody at the hog's breath saloon after getting involved in a scuffle inside the bar. he was booked for misdemeanor battery. the hottest names in hollywood will be up early this morning that's because the nominees for the 88 annual academy awards will be announced today at 8:30. fresh off his golden globes win leonardo dicaprio is expected to get a nod for his role in "the revenant." will this finally be his year? we'll have to wait and see. comedian chris rock will host on february 28. a special car pool karaoke last night.
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with adele and they did not disappoint. >> check this out. [singing] >> is it sad that i can sing all those words. they also sang along to some of adele's biggeshits including, of course, hello. don't forget you can seat late late show at 12:30 only right here on cbs4 after. late show with stephen colbert. >> i could watch that over and over again. >> i'm grad they just didn't sing adele. but that was kind of fun to wawah. >> what you didn't hear at home
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>>and gosh, i missed like the entire clip of what they did in terms of the car pool karaoke i'm gog to have to find it on line. right now this morning waking up to wet weather across the keys and yes, we will seat rain start to spread across the rest of south florida. strong sue severe storms possible as we head into tonight and tomorrow. song: "that's life" song: "that's life" song: "that's life" song: "that's life" that's life. u diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar...
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