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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  January 14, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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tzdfsz]kp#tzdfxzkp\tzdfs@kp=tzdfkpytzdfmnkp > ght now at 5:30 explosive threats broward deputies searching for a pair of thieves who are using gasoline as their weapon. >> and cbs4 exclusive a warning from south miami police about a crook who struck a car dealership and there may be more victims. i'm lauren pastrana. >> i'm walter makaula thanks for being here with us on this thursday morning. we have your traffic and weather together we're going to begin with lissette gonzalez who has the forecast. good morning to all of you at home. conditions although still that filtered sunshine. today we are going to see the return of the rain. in fact, already dealing with the wet weather across the keys. and this will continue to lift northward across broward and dade county throughout the day. a 50% chance and the breeze hour. now, not as cool as what we had yesterday when we saw lows down
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instead all about the low 60s. even the midlands 60s down through monroe county so i would say still need a light jacket. but you went by this afternoon. as the trend will be that we'll continue to warm up as we'll see highs in the low to mid- 70s. the breeze builds in showers around. rain chance goes up. >> we could see severe weather. in fact, i'll explain why and also a sneak peek at the holiday weekend ahead. let's get a check of your traffic with al lewis. good morning. good news roads are nice and dry for now anyway. accident free in miami dade and broward county. so far so good. southbound ride headed toward dolphin expressway. between the turnpike extension and i-95. let's check out i-95 looking good. cones picked up southbound at sterling and another view of i- 95 if you're heading up toward the north.
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the miami-dade looks good 12 minutes from golden glades aded to downtown miami. morning headlines. remember to check your powerball tickets. winning tickets were sold in here in florida. shortly after the numbers were drawn last night california lottery officials confirmed that one winning ticket was purchased at the 7-eleven store. not clear where the florida wink ticket was sold. 11 tickets in the state did match five numbers each of those tickets are worth $1 million apiece. one winning ticket is worth $2 million. breaking news overnight where police say at least 7 people including four attackers have been killed in terror attacks in indonesia. the national police say the people who attacked were copying the recent paris attacks and were probably connected to the islamic state group. police have reel pictures other man they say left two packages at a miami beach postal store. the man brought in two
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and attempted to buy stamps. postal staff tried to question him but then he took off. anyone with information, is urged to call police. caught on camera a pair of robbers make an explosive threat in order to pull off crimes at restaurant and a convenience store. cbs4's reporter has more from oakland park. >> reporter: surveillance cameras rolled at this oakland park denny's. the employee who greeted them noticed an odor. >> use guys are either working on cars, the worker said, next thing the camera showed isishat employee handing over money from the cash register. the sheriff's office said st. man walked in with a squirt bottle shopped the worker a light and threat under too light the emplee on fire. the pair took the cash at ran off. the detectives want to find them. >> imagine somebody caulk walking in and threatening to set you on fire. this is a really horrific act to threat in. . >> .
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this isn't the only time they made this threat t. they were at another denny's later that same day. in that case, they left empty handed. detectives say surveillance cameras got a good look at the two at a 7-eleven on tuesday. they say they didn't threaten anyone but the woman did steal $30 worth of food before climbing into this black car and driving off. three crimes in three days and bso is hoping someone turns them in. youened alma brown are regular customers. they look at these images and hear this story and wonder what the world is coming to. >> things have gone to the place now you just afraid to go anywhere because of these kind of things. >> they're vicious, they're mean, they're evil that's all i can say. >> reporter: fortunately, no one got hurt at this oakland park denny's or at the other two stores. they want to catch these people before someone does get hurt if you know who they are, contact
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in oakland park. the burglar struck a car dealership. a police chief worries that he may have been victimized others in the city. >> yeah, peter d'oench spoke with one of the victims he has exclusive. >> it's despicable. >> reporter: it's disturbing surveillance video for carlos garcia he and his boss have watched it, again, and an again. >> i just want them caught. >> to me, that's just ridiculous. >> reporter: police say this man broke into the car repair business at 11:30 sunday night and ran sacked four bmws and a mini cooper. >> makes me wonder if it's even from town could be somebody not from town and knows it's going to be gone on the weekend and does that and leaves. >> reporter: south miami police chief says this burglar is 5'10", 180 pounds in his 30s or 40s has a pointy nose and is in no hurry. >> what's weird about this one is this man is taking his time, methodically very slowly
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and then the other thing is he even looks up at the camera, and throws a gesture at the camera and then continues to get closer tour the camera that's videoing him as he looks into another car. >> . >>reporter: he also seems gentle while closing this trunk. >> either he's, you know, he's done this so many times that it doesn't really matter or he doesn't really care if he gets caught or not. >> reporter: it appears this man's specialty is breaking into cars. a crime that's risen dramatically in the past four years. >> maybe he's going into residential neighborhoods and, again, trying door handles, breaking into cars to steal things. when you're brazen like that and you dent really care, you know, we need to look into it. we need to catch this guy and take him off the street. >> call the police. obviously going around doing the same thing to other people. doesn't care. >> reporter: south miami police tell us this burglar fled in an
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to find out if he's victimized businesses in other cities, as well. if you can help, call them or miami-dade crimestoppers at 954- 493-tips 305471-tips. in this morning the first group of refugees o were stranded in costa rica are now in mexico. they hope the next stop is the united states. >> they are nearly 8000 stranded since mid-november in costa rica. immigration authority gave them a temporary visitor document for humanitarian reasons. they will be able to stay in the country for 20 days. after th they will start to head to the united states. and the possibility of thousands of cubans settling here in south @lorida is making miami-dade school officials very concerned. >> they made a plea for financial assistance yesterday. miami-dade superintendent says the county needs help. >> immigration is a federal issue. congress and the administration
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needed financial support to school systems like miami-dade. >> he went on to say that adding these refugees into the system will cost more than $80 million. and now the federal government says there will be no more secrets unside miami's luxury real estate market. crack down on money laundering. going after buyers who snatch up high end properties with cash. that will change. >> reporter: from pent houses starting at 700 grand to million dollar views. miami's real estate market defies logic with an average household under $50,000, a a majority of the people who live here, can't a ported to. yet million dollar condo listings are one a tear. more than half paid with cash. in fact, miami sells the most real estate in the nation for cash. >> this is always sort of been that factor out there but nobody's wanted to lift up the rock and take a look
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>> reporter: until now the treasury identify nan shall crimes enforcement network says they will require high end buyers to disclose their identity. many use an llc or shell company and, in fact, we just saw this mansion sell r 47 million the buyer a shell coany. the real owner, unknown. >> really what llcs are used for today is privacy many of which are latin american investors or from overseas trying to hide maybe because it's illicit but concern because they're going few get kidnapped. >> reporter: they will be requiring title insurance companies to report buyers' names the requirement applies to deals worth more than a million dollars paid for with cash and using a shell county title insurers would collect a driver's license and or passport of the beneficial owner. someone who has a 25% interest or more in the deal. enforcement will begin in march and end in august.
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is one of those moments where the extra cash and record prices suddenly become something of the past. meanwhile critics argue at this is too little too late. they are concerned that the e enforcement is temporary starts in march and ends in april -- could of course, extend that order. now, to cbs4 safety alert. hoverboard accidents are on the rise especially following the holidays and many of those accidents have seriously injured children. the hospital has seen dozens of injuries in recent wks they've seen everything from fractures to spinal injuries to head true m. a 14-year-old is still recovering from her fall. >> pain all i felt was page. it hurt really bad and i couldn't talk. >> doctors recommend wearing a helmet and pads and taking time to learn and practice. zoo miami is mourning the
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a 27-year-old tree kangaroo. she was the longest living tree kangaroo in recorded history. zoo miami says her advanced age had begun to take its toll. recently it declined where veterinarians mind the difficult decision to euthanize her. she arrived in 1989. she gave birth to four off spring now at other snooze across the country. she was perhaps best known for creating a number of paintings featured in art shows and part of internaonal private collections. the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus is in town. yesterday we got a look the elephant act. they announced earlier this week that it is ending the elephant act a year and a half earlier than expected. they will retire in may but don't worry the officials tell us the circus will still have some amazing acts to see. >> elephants are just one part clowns, high wire acts, what's great about the circus is we
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that you can't see anywhere else. we're going to continue to do that for the future. >> the 11 elephants currently on tour will be permanently retired to the company's 200 acre center for elephant conservation in central florida. florida govern govern made pay stop on his nine city state wide tour bus. he joined rick case for his 1 million miles or 1 million jobs tour. it was held to celebrate the success of florida's job creators and highlight the need to cut $1 billion in taxes. he said florida needed to brag more. >> we're doing this because we need to learn how to brag in this state. texans know how to brag. the truth is we should brag better than texans we're generating more jobs than texas has. we are the leader. [applause] >> the governor went on to say
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openings in the state. a celebration s held in north miami last night. dozens gathered for a candelight vigil to remember dr. king. the time now 5:44 coming up chipotle has a plan to win back customers. >> the best and worst airlines of 2015. we've got the new score card. in this morning's money watch. >> police chase a stolen semi truck which leads to a standoff. you will see how this ends after the break. >> plus late night hoops the shorthanded heat hit the hardwood in los angeles we have the highlights after the break. >> good morning, tonight at 11:00 join us for a complete wrapup and analysis of the republican presidential debate plus this. >> none you've have to go. we are the only help they have. >> 13 hours the movie about the teary tack on the american consulate in benghazi is about to premiere.
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miami and we sat down with them.
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talking about tomorrow morning. we're keeping an eye on the
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the latest tourist traction is finally thawing out. high winds drenched this sedan. you can see the car flows under a massive layer of ice. a towing company was called in by the car's owner. it was eventually melted by powdered calcium chloride before wits taken off there in the to truck t that's crazy. >> oh, yeah. let's take a live look outside from the downtown miami camera. 62 trees outside. >> yeah, not as cool as yesterday. but still feels nice and comfortable. now, the big change today is that we're going to see the return of the wet weather. it's been one of those weeks were we have some cool weather, then some clouds and some rain and today it's going to be all about the possibility of strong storms tonight. let's get a live view from the biscayne bay camera and thankfully for now it is dry for your commute but that will be changing so make sure as you head out the door you grab your umbrellas and certainly you need the
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it is a wet start right now for monroe county. we have a frontal boundary lingering to the south. moisture from the gull of xico stream in. >> you can see it already from the gulf of mexico with the cloud cover. so the future radar owing that as we head throughout the d today we will see the potential for passing showers. check out tonight this is when we start to see the bulk of the activity. . we could see some strong sue -- strlng to severe storms overnight. the models are showing it will be very wet tomorrow and unsettled throughout the entire day for your friday until we get into the overnight period but really, throughout the day tomorrow you're going to need your rain gear. the wind flow out of the north anywhere from 6-12 miles per hour and not as cool as yesterday. but, again, still pleasant worth the low 60s across the board. and let's take a look at some tropical storm alex.
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we already have kicked off the hurricane season in january. this has not happened since an unnamed system formed back in 9 -- formed back in 1978. so here it is the latest advisory. it is way out there in the eastern atlantic we dent have to worry about it moving to the north northeast at 18 miles per hour. and forecast to move toward the azores and continuing to move to the open waters of the atlantic. i'm a little short of breath today. we're seeing 20s across the northeast areas. also 18 in minneapolis. 30s in atlanta and snow across the cascades and the northern plains. anlingering snow across portions of the northeast. as we head into tomorrow here's the big heads up we will see the potential for strong sue rear toms and isolated tornado can't be ruled out. now, saturday we will be drier so once, again, we're seeing
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down through the weekend. sound, then we'll seat passing storms and then we'll finally be cooler at night just in time for marlin luther king day on monday. today's high 74 degrees limited sunshineneassing showers and clouds around. a 50% chance of rain. boaters 3-5 moderate chop. rain chance goes up to 70%. showers and storms strong, upper 60s. we will be warmer tomorrow with highs back in the 80s. as we head into saturday that's your best bet for getting outse this weekend with a high of 78 degrees. then passing storms th low 80s sunday. >> cool by monday with lows in the 50s and high around 70 degrees for martin luther king junior day. vanessa is off let's get a check of traffic with al lewis. all's quiet as wtake a look at 595 the taillights headed eastbound toward university drive. trouble free ride so far, as well. here's a look on i-95 at griffin road. now, l's take a look at miami-
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the trip ti downtown miami about 12 minutes from this point. palmetto busy moving around the big curve. something to keep in mind if you head today the beach today the bridge is closed for the next cup 8:00 months head over to share dan instead -- sheridan instead. the driver behind the wheel of a stoleson semi truck you can see several of the 18- whwhler's tires were damaged. the chase came to a stop on a service road and that is when a standoff began. after nearly an hour the driver was eventually taken into custody. the heat west coast trip made a stop in los angeles last night. miami got off to a great start before collapsing in the second half. second quarter he'd lead 31 to 22. hits the floater and gets fouled at one point the heat would lead by 16 points but it was all clippers in the
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here drives and hits the fade away. in the fourth josh smith steals the inbopped pass and takes it back foror the one handed slam. christmasers owner, he loves it. l.a. ones the tenth straight 104-. the road weary panthers drag into calgary they get hit with an n early knockout punch. the flames beats once, twice, then would youelieve it three times a hat trick in the first period. the panthers get blown out 6-0. dan campbell is leaving the dolphins for the saints. in new orleans he'll beat assistant head coach. he will also tutor the tight ends. and the marlins are making some news. the dynamic leadoff man agrees to an extension worth $50 million. last season gordon was the naonal league's batting champ
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take a look at this donald trump not missing any words -- miensing any words. >> don't pay him. i believe in paying but when somebody does a bad job like this stupid mike you should isn't pay him. >> what got the republican presidential candidate so fired up. that's all new at 6:00. >> winning back customers
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>> and it's an all new taste of on the money watch this morning what art best and worst airlines plus what chipotle is doing to win back customers. jill wagner joining us live from the new york stock exchange with details on these stories jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning walter. chipotle has a plan to win back customers including giving away more free food. their stock plannened 40%, sales are way down after the e. coli and norovirus outbreak. they say they will double the alright free food it gives away
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>> the annual l score card is out alas airlines sonnies number 1. virgin america number 2. american came in at the bottom number 9. >> and nearly half of americans will be looking for a new job this year according thank you glass door job site. it predicts some trend. they say benefits and joperks will matter more than ever. and equal pay for men and women will take sent ser stage. >> so if you didn't win the powerball and you want to look like a million bucks apparently now you can but it's actually you look more notorious than professional. >> reporter: well, a los angeles clothing store is cashing in on a drug lord el chapo shion. in a photo of el chapo and sean penn taken duringthy visit he was wearing a distint blue and gray collared shirt. the retailer is now advertising it as the most wanted shirt selling for $128 it is on back
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believe it so i guess we can file that under all press is good press. >> i don't know about that shirt. i don't know if i could wear that. thanks jill. >> i think you could pull it off walter. >> i'm going to pass, thank you. >> totally just throw the suit ject and a tie you'll barely see that pattern. >> that would be a no. starts right now. >> new this morning there are three winning powerball tickets includininright here in florida. we're live where one of those tickets was sold. >> developing overnight at least 7 people are dead in a terror attack overseas which included a starbucks. >> post office scare authorities are searching r a suspicious man who was carrying envelopes addressed to the fbi. >> plus donald trump goes off during a rally in florida what he said was terrible and
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>> good morninit is 6:00 on
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