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tv   CBS 4 News at Noon  CBS  January 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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it's a good exposu for our little piece of paradise because this is paradise but we have this wonderful publix that everybody in melbourne beach goes to. unfortunately i did not write a ticket. extremely excited, the powerball dick ticket and we are please for all the low -- a lot of extension to our customer service. in chino hills california crowds and residents descended on this 711 store where at least one golden powerball ticket was sold. what are the odds, i could've won. >> california lottery officials posted the big news on twitter, minutes after the numbers were drawn, those who did not win came to the store a been congratulating the store clerk, admitted he has no idea who the winner is. it's my pleasure and proud and i'm excited.
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of dollars of tickets in the past few days as powerball many waited fohours in long lines for chance of becoming onions and billionaire. they created to whopping -- public poll for by in of the hundred dollars. how many people got in it did not matter. three, four, $5 million is enough money for everyone. the winning ticket was sold this is a supermarket get that will receive a hundred thousand but folks did not talk about that money or how we will be distributed. the winner of the ticket in florida has 180 days to come forward and claim the prize, 60 days if he or she wants it all up once as a lump sum. we have much more throughout the day. we are live, at melbourne beach. that person might be meeting with a financial
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let's talk about the weather and a live look outside, you will need to -- your umbrella for the next couple of days. let's check in with exactly how long. >> the radar is give, we had rain throughout the morning for the keys and still dealing with the showers -- ocean brief and now starting to see the shield of rain pushing across portions of miami-dade county, showers on kendall, key biscayne, the row, -- aventura and weston and fort lauderdale and sunrise, not only stalled boundary, low- pressure systein the gulf of mexico, anywhere from three to 10 miles per hour out of -- who were out of the east a temperatures a mixed bag, the high 74 and showers to the evening and overnight storms likely strong to severe lows in
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coming up we will talk about hurricane alex. only t t second recording -- the second recording history when more of that straightahead. apparel thieves accused of threatening workers with -- with gas bomb. broward detect tips came here tthe candid apartment complex in pembroke pines. nabbing this dual, dubbed the gas bomb robbers. there are video security videos of them appear -- appeared on television just hours later, their own family members turned the -- them in. these to self professed heroine and cocaine addicts in the slammer today after relatives saw them on tv and turned the -- turn them in. security videos show a man and woman in -- a woman in the denny's in commercial all of art in oakland park sunday
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cash drawer amid a strong smell of gasoline. the men carry the squirt bottle who said it was filled with gas and brandish the light of threatening to set the clerk the fire. imagine somebody walking in a threatening to set you on fire if you don't give them what they want. this is a really horrific act. >> the same pair robs another denny's in holland l producing a note saying they have guns and gas bombs, later they shoplift 40 bucks worth of items from a 711, good security videos prompted relatives of 27- year-old robert golden and 28- year-old tiffany's spears p kotowski to call police. the so-called gas bomb robbers were picked up in this apartment complex in pembroke pines. it is not clear why the to this apartment complex. it is not thought that they
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perhaps a friend or relative does. police say the -- both confessed saying their crimes were driven by addiction to coke -- coke, heroine and flakka, and lsd type drug that makes user -- users behave in a well, crazy manner. the fellow -- have a -- -- have a long rap sheet arrest including drug charges, grand theft and elderly exploitation. he and his codefendant are locked up today. we are live in pembroke pines, gary nelson, cbs4 news. s-letter-letter s has been made in the deadly crash involving an over huber suv, alice -- alexander chee : taken into custody essay, he faces driving under the influence and vehicular homicide, that wilbur was making a turn when -- time when it was hit by the taylor : a and it happened two days after ristmas on southwest 157 -- seventh avenue.
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trapped in theideo, the family filed a lawsuit against uber, the driver and chica. this morning, a federal judge reduced anthony bosses sentence to 40 months -- eight months in prison to 32 months, they requested saying oscar operated within -- oz cooperated with the investigation which led to the indictments of other people involved in this scandal, a -- a-rod -- a rod had not been charged and suspended from a -- suspended from the season of a all. the man who left suspicious packages at a post -- and a postal office in miami beachch authorities say the man brought into envelopes addressed to the f ei and attempted to buy stamps to postal staff tried to question him but took off. local police along with a fbi, and bomb squad were called in to : investigate and information the whereabouts of the man is urged to call police. a family is asking for your
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after a 15-year-old is going -- this gunned down while he was riding a bicycle. new northwest tenth avenue and six -- 69th in -- you have new information about this ? >> homicide detective gave us a lot of new information about the murder of -- they say he'll had no criminal record and the use it and completely innocent kid riding his bike right here in mmi riding his bike down the street when someone grabbed him off of the bike and dragged him all the way down the sidewalk and into the field where they shot him multiple times. this could've e en your brother, -- could have been your brother, your nephew or cousin. come forward and say something. you are helping his mom. his mom lost him. >> a matter mother could not speak about the murder of his her son, her sisters did it for her -- dated for her. >> he was a good person, he did not deserve that.
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was a good boy who have learning disabilities and spoke very softly and love children. >> he loved to play with kids, this life is ticket 15. he just started his life. >> miami homicide detective said in passing of flyers looking for leads. the sergeant became emotional was speaking to what happened of this young woman who has no juvenile crime record area altar just left the -- a visit with his cousin and heading home when he was attacked. he was taken off his bike in that corner over there and i can only imagine the horror he -- who have felt. this was an execution that occurred here of an innocent 15- year-old child. the mother could not hear another word and had to leave the conference.
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child that's his only mistake was riding a bike through maybe -- may be a wrong neighborhood. >> there was a black art in your the crime and they believe at least 50 to 100 people may have seen some and that could help find the shooter. they have only gotten gotten one tip. police say they have learned that some potential witnesses came here before police arrived and took teachers of alters body while it laid here in this field. police say they are getting very little cooperation in this. two hours after alder was murdered, a 21-year-old man was murdered a few blocks away at this point police have not said whether the crimes are connect did. she have any information that can help crimestoppers is the number. 305471 tip. thank you. a judge is expected to decide if to middle school students arrested for having a loaded gun on campus can go home.
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the judge yesterday after causing chaos at their hollywood school. the school was put on lockdown after students reported seeing the two have -- hands were gone. the 13-year-old accused of taking the gun to school told police he got the gun from his father but the father said in court it's not his. they searched the house last night and search the room and i am cooperating fully. neither students have been in trouble before in their parents want them nt home. an exclusive, a warning about a burglar who struck car repair shop. he may have also victimized other businesses and local homeowners. the man who allegedly broke into makes -- mike's beemer shop in south miami sunday night, he ransacked for bmw -- bmws and a mini cooper. the chief of police said that into cars. this man is taking his time methodically very slowly
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the other thing is he even looks up at the camera and throws a gesture at the camera and then continues to get close to the camera. pretty good picture of that guy in south miami. if you can help police call crimestoppers, 30547 wingtips. we have a safety alert you the issue the boil water order.'s officials say they are making repairs to the water main on sunrise boulevard near the gateway theater. residents need to boil their water until the repairs are finish in the all clear -- and all cleaners given. crews will bworking to restore the service to get. garth brooks fanannd the wait -- the wait is over the country superstar turns to florida tonight he brings is the world to to the -- he will perform for three straight night. he has not played in south
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still ahead, trump's new target, he takes a hard line at a campaign event, the message about a break. bad news for nick carter after his busted in key west would land him in prison.
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angeles with a look in the world dunes, police made an arrest in the murder of a lord a woman in italy. ashley olsen was found strangled in an apartment in lawrence on saturday. prosecutors say dna traces from a condo minutes -- condominium
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senegalese in immigrant. they -- and then later going to her apartment. the 35-year-old american-born artist was strangled, investigators said that she suffered to fractures to her skull. the debate will take place tonight in south carolina. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, chris christie, jeb bush and john kasich will be in the mean debate states, mike -- main debate state, mike huckabee in carly fiorina will push to the undercard debate did rand paul says he will opt that out because -- before the iowa caucuses, the main debate will begin at 9:00 p.m. we are used herein -- to hearing donald trump going after candidates during the campaign's top in pensacola yesterday, he had a different target in mind. 50050000000000, whoever brought
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laughter ]. >> stupid mike keeps popping. you hear that, george, don't pay him. don't pay him. i believe in paying, but when somebody doesn't add check like this -- job like this stupid mike, you shouldn't pay them. trump went on to say he can guarantee he's going to pay for th microphone, he said it wasn't working although we did hear him. stay with cbs4 news and covers. the microphone is working properly. >> testing. >> how long it will be. >> not popping, we have the best audio engineer in -- engineering the business. we have seen the rain out there, elliott, and wild weather right that will continue through the weekend, you need the rain gear today. you can see the rain drops on the camera lens. it is cloudy.
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a beach day. it is active, pesky shower since golson shield of rain, let's call it across the keys stretching from key west and up through ocean reef and the same goes for miami-dade county, feeling more like seattle than south florida today. also dealing with scattered showers creeping in across portions of southern broward county, fort lauderdale, those will be sleek and the road is not heavy we will start to see a better chance of stronger storms tonight and tomrow and here's the disturbance to the gulf of mexico and plenty of moisture streaming in -- in the clouds. the breeze out of the east anywhere from six-10 miles per hour. temperatures in the 70s for fort lauderdale in homestead, colin miami and -- and kdall upper 60s and down to the keys, mid to upper 60s. here's a huge story, we are
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the first hurricane to form in the atlantic in the month of january since 1938. we also have hurrica alice in 1955, allysa becomes warm in the in december and less -- lasted into januy and it came hurricane. we are making history in terms of how early this hurricane -- our early this hurricane is warned. it is posing a threat to the azores island, leaving a 20 miles per hour, hurricane warnings had been -- have been issued and set to deal with hurricane conditions as we head into tomorrow morning. and then it will become a nontropical low pressure system continuing to move to the north and there will be a potential for heavy rain and mud -- mudslides and flash floods for the azores and there's a look of the hurricane alex, for storm of the atlantic season forming in july. this is very rare in odd.
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60s and 50s across the southeast, some winter precipitation across the northern portion of the us as ll, as we take a look at the forecast severe weather threat tonight isolatat chance of tornado, we will keep you updated -- keep you updated, here's the forecast, today's high 74 degrees and tomorrow looking very active and we could see damaging winds and severe storm, 82, dry saturday 78, warmer passing storm sunday and cooler and breezy as we get into more -- into martin luther king jr. day and the holiday early next week. british actor alan wake when known for his work in harry potter movie has died, his family said he died after a short battle with cancer, his career spanned more than four decades, to work with the royal shakespeare company and played halon school were in -- or in kind -- were in by hardin appeared in harry potter movies, he was 69-years-old,
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was arrested in key west, he was taking to custody at the hogs breath saloon after police said he got into a scuffle inside the bar, he was booked for misdemeanor battery. the oscar nominations were announced this morning and over -- with 12 nods, cbs -- is in los angeles with the surprises and the snobs. the revenant leads the oscar race with 12 nominations including best pitchers, best at their for leonardo dicaprio and best director for alejandro in the week to who's going for his second win in a row. action epic mad max fury earn 10 nominations. the best actor nod -- after not format damon, not one for direct to ridley scott. rounding out the best
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short, -- brooklyn room and spotlight. >> bryan cranston surprise them with his best actor nomination for trumbull, rounding out that category, michael fassbender and at the -- eddie redmayne. the critically acclaimed carol was shot out of the best picture but rooney mara and earned a -- and cate blanchett scored in the best actress category, she will go against reno larson for both, jennifer lawrence enjoy, -- in brooklyn and charlotte rambling in 45 year. sylvester stallone is anything but the underdog and the be supporting actor category. his to nominations for playing the iconic rocky balboa from nearly 40 years apart, the academy snubbed his costar michael b jordrd, that along with absence of idris elba for -- have already sparked a backlash, as old -- all the acting nominations get to white performers.
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a lot of movie watching. next, the idea of them midlife crisis and red sports car's may be a myth. researches what had to say about that.
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to win back customers one bite great news for baby boomers, the so-called midlife crisis may actually be a myth, researchers at the university of alberta found people are happy here in their early 40s and they were at 18 with people being happiest when they are married and in better physical health. previous research had suggested that happen is to clients as we age, the researchers are older and wiser. chipotle has a plan to win back customers by giving away free food job only's ck had plunged 40% from last year's high and sales are way down after e. coli and virus outbreak lastly, it will double the amount of free food d give away in order to get customers back in the door. cbs4 news at noon we'll be right back after a quick look
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