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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 5AM  CBS  January 15, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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good friday morning we make it to the weekend i'm walter makaula. >> i'm lauren pastrana. traffic and weather together. we're going to get to a check on the roads in a minute. let's check in with lissette gonzalez. it is looking like a stormy day, lauren although right now relatively quiet with just a few isolated showers. it will turn active. you will need your umbrellas and keep your eye to the sky. we could see some severe weather. and also, we're seeing a few showers moving into southwest ranches headed towards the north and east. plenty of rain to north and wind have shifted out of the southeast quite breezy. 14 to b 20 miles per hour with the on shore flow. temperatures have warmed up. ready in the low to mid-70s out there in comparison to the low 60s the past few days and the 50s we
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we will see the return of the 80s and the rain. in fact throughout the morning hours we'll start to see more shower and thunderstorm activity developing even strong to severe storms. potential for lightning and also some gusts up to 40-60 miles per hour. some of the stronger storms. a slight chance of tornado. water spouts possible. small craft advisory and some downpours with localized flooding. so we are going to see a break as we head into the weekend. i'll have more on that coming up. right now a check of the traffic. we have a check with joe brennan. goodorning it is a well pretty good ride but as you mentioned rain showers, that will certainly affect things slow everything dow some wet roads already out there. taking a le look at 826 not bad here in hialeah. northbound and southbound getting by. between the big curve this view
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and the same for broward county no issues all the way throughout. we are following breaking news out of miami beach where police are working on a record hit and run. >> gaby fleischman is live on the scene with the breaking details. >> reporter: lauren and walter right now miami beach police do have the area shut off as they work to investigate exactly what happened out here. this is 15th street and collins avenue. we're hearing from police that this was a possible hit and run crash that a car slammed into two people while they were walking out here just before 3:00 this morning. investigators are still on the scene. they're collecting evidence. we have seen a car side mirror that could be a critical piece of evidence in tracking down the car involved. there was also a tacky cab and driver out here. we're being told he's a possible witness to the crime. so they're interviewing him to
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i do want to take you to some video from jackson memorial's treatment certainty. it was two men who were injured in this possible hit and run accident. right now we don't no how they're doing. now, if we take a look back out live here you can see the area out here 15th and collins avenue shut down to traffic. police are still looking for the driver responsible for this possible hit and run crash. they are asking anyone with information to give miami-dade crimestoppers at 305-471-tips a . and now to a developing story out of hialeah. investigating a death of the woman. near west 68th street and 22nd court. the woman's death is being called suspicious. she was found around 8:00 last night in her apartment. a teenager yanked from his bike and murdered. police say execution style.
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catch this teen's killer e. woo learned a lot about new details in this 15-year-old's horrific death. >> his family and miami police are calling on the community to come forward with information. we have a report from the miami police department. >> reporter: another saturday night miami shooting. dead, 15-year-old alder hill it was an ugly death beyond senseless. >> his last moments of life had to be hard. >> reporter: pushed off his bike he was a mellow kid with learning disabilities was drug into a field and shot multiple times. then a crowd gathered and took cell phone pictures. >> this case really struck a chord with me because apparently there was a delay between the shots being fire and the homicide being committed. by that time, word had spread that something had happened and ople had gone to the field would look. >> reporter: and take the
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>> never called the police until sobody finally grew a conscience. this could have been your brother, nephew. >> reporter: today his family pleading for community help to catch the killer. >> come forward and say something and stop going bnot snitching. >> reporter: right there with them an emotnal sergeant. >> this was an execution that occurred here of an innocent 15- year-old child. >> reporter: his mother walks away listening is too painful. >> we know for a fact unlike some of the homicides we handle this was an innocent child that is only -- his only mistake was riding a bike maybe through a wrong neighborhood. >> reporter: the detective says it was a brock party going on while the shooting went down. he says there's lots of eyes around this whole situation. somebody knows something, somebody saw something. if that's you, call
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as, you know, ted in the last three polls i'm beating you. you shouldn't misrepresent how well you're doing with the polls. new to campaign 2016. the gloves come off as donald trump and ted cruz fight for republican votes in the prpridential debate. seven of the leading candidates took each other on. it comes two weeks before the iowa caucuses. don champion has the latest on campaign 2016. >> reporter: one of drop's strongest political moments came when he defended his home town his clash with ted cruz was one of the most talked about moments of last night's debate. >> everyone understands that. values in new york city are socially liberal or pro abortion or pro gay marriage. >> when the world trade center came down i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than new york. >> he had this very heart felt response from trump.
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>> i'm glad we are focus on the important topics of the evening. >> reporter: cruz is running neck in neck with trump. he scored major points for going toe to toe with the billionaire candidate specifically on the birther issue. >> ted cruz has a very loyal following. when you go after him in a personal way and you damage someone who they still think would make a fine nominee, then trump is really -- >> reporter: the debate produced fireworks >> unfortunately governor kristy has endorsed many of the ideas that barack obama supports. >> two years ago he called me a conservative reformer that new jersey needed. >> the guy's on that stage for a reason. everyone wrote him off as a guy under sea and he's got a little bit of a pulse in new hampshire. it's going to be hard for 1 to
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>> >> reporter: oths struggled to take the spotlight. they have one more debate before the iowa caucus don champion. while three of the low or polling candidates participated in a happy hour debate rand paul boycott. >> the three will scare off in the next debate sunday night in charleston, south carolina. jeb bush didn't hold back either last night. hear what he had to say about back and forth fighting between senators marco rubio and ted cruz on the topic of immigration. >> with this last back and forth between two back bench senators it explains why we have the mess in washington d.c. we need a president that will fix the immigration laws and stick with it. >> and bush went on to say we need to control the borders in a comprehensive way. stay with cbs4 and for continuing
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we spoke one on one with marco rubio during a recent visit in new hampshire. all new at 6:00 he opens up on his deep religious faith and the religion it would play if he's elected. . we're following a developing story out of indonesia. three men have been arrested. the it happened during a raid at the suspect's homes on thursday five men attacked a starbucks and traffic police with handmade bombs, guns, and suicide belts killing two people. all of the attackers were killed. they found an isis flag in one other attackers' homes. this morning a hearing is scheduled for the teen charged with murdering a rabbi. deandre charles expected to be released on bond. he accuses the state of withholding evidenen. the state attorney's office is not releasing all the evidence. police say he shot and killed the rabbi during an attempted robbery. a couple arrested for
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held in jail without bond. the paironfessed to the robbery saying that they are homeless drug addicts. police say they also robbed a 7- eleven store for food. they are being charged with armed robbery with a deadly weapon. meanwhile the coasasguard has repatriated 169 cuban migrants the result of nine separate instances in the south florida straits. the coast guard says it has seen an increase in migrants trying to come to the united states since the improvement of diplomatic relations with cuba. this morning we're getting a look at video of the arrest of former back street boy member nick carter in key west. police body cam video is pretty dark here but you can see carter on the ground. officers say a bar tender at hog's breath saloon refused to serve carter and a friend. >> that's when they became aggressive and were asked to leave. while outside carter grabbed a bouncer by the throat charged with misdemeanor battery.
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sure who is holding the winning $1.6 billion powerball tickets. we do know one of the wink tickets was sold at this publix store in melbourne b%ach. >> i think it's fabulous. it's a good exposure for our little piece of paradise. >> the other winning tickets were sold in tanned california. chino hills california residents celebrated at 7- eleven store where the ticket was sold. the winners had 180 days to claim the prize 60 daisy if they want the lump sum. time right now 5:11 do you rely on uber. the ride sharing service could get kicked out of miami-dade county. >> planned parenthood fights back against the antiabortion activists behind the secretly recorded videos. >> steven's one person i don't trust. he's like dr. jekyll and mr. hyde.
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immuredder speaks out and what she says may change your mind about steven avery's guilt or innocent. >> plus find out why there's backlash this morning over the 2016 oscar nominations. >> and get ready for a warmer and wet start to your weekend south florida. we have a disturbance in the gulf and plenty of moisture, some showers already beginning to sweep in across the area. and we will see the potential for strong to severe storms, how long will the soggy
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welcome to the weekend. now, it's been a mixed bag of weather this past week we are going to see the return of the rain today.
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head out the door, make sure that you have your umbrellas, and just a heads up we could see some strong to saw veer storms. couple of showers moved in, and there are a few showers right now and now pushing northeastward aded towards sun rise. soaking portions of 595. look at the setup. we have this area of low pressure just off to the north and est in the gulf. frontal boundary still lingering across cuba to the south and plenty of moisture streaming in from the gulf of mexi that is going to keep the atmosphere unstable ashe future radar, the forecast models show you that as soon as 7:00 a .m., 8:00 a.m. we'll start to see more of the rain rolling in across portions of the south florida area. some downpours even, even into 9:00 a.m. so yes, evep for the latter part of the commute it could be quite wet and messy. as we head towards lunchtime you can see that we'll deal
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we could see some damaging gusty winds, lightning and that lasts likely through 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. that line of storms pushing through for the evening commute. could be quite active. keep it tuned here to cbs4. thankfully as we head jnto the latter part of tonight and overnight it starts to look a little more quiet and drier for tomorrow. the breeze already cranking out the southeast. 14-20miles per hour. with more of that on shore flow that brings us a change in the temperatures. certainly warmer in comparison to this past week in terms of the morning lows already the low to mid-70s. whereas yesterday we woke up to the low 60s. so weather headlines showing that this morning we'll see more breezy showers, cloudy, yes, gusty storms strong to severe windy storms possible tonight as this front lifts across the area along with that area of low essure. now, tomorrow good news is get out there enjoy it. we will sea drier breeze mix of sun and clouds but that break from the weather weather
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as sunday we will start to see the possibility of storms, again, ahead of another cold front on the way. that means we'll turn colder by sunday night. but hurricane alex this is one for the record books. >> not a threat for us. headed toward the central azores islands. pushing to the north becoming a 9 tropical area of low pressure. now, in terms of hurricane warnings and tropical storm warnings in place for the azores islands flash floods and mudslides possible. this is the second hurricane to january. the first since 1938 and the first hurricane to occur in the atlantic in january since 1955. today 0 degrees showers and storms some strong. gusty winds. here's your extended forecast. today, a very stormy day ahead. tomorrow sunny mild, 79 storms likely sunday 78. holiday, martin luther king
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50s. high around 70. tuesday highs in the upper 60s. you bet, a good ride so far. it could be a wild one a little bit later when that rain moves in so everybody keep that in mind maybe get the ear jump especially later on. so far so good, though. on i-95 as we get a gander here right aroundriffin road on the south side of 595 still looks great. not only only the south end of broward but further to the north near cypress creek road great shape. light travel volume at this early hour so moving along pretty december el nio and the same with the turnpike and 595 throughout broward, as well. now, to news across america. planned parenthood taking action against the antiabortion activist behind secretly recorded videos. they filed a lawsuit. planned parenthood officials say that the group does not
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donations to medical research and uses any money received to cover itcosts. changing her story the ex fiance of the convicted killer profiled on the smash hit netflix making a murder ear says steven avery threatened her to make him look good. she describes him as a monster. she seemed to stand behind her former fiance. she now says that it was all an act and he told her to smile and be happy for the cameras. >> do you believe steve in avery killed her. >> yes, i do. >> reporter: why? >> because he threatened to kill me and my family and a friend of mine. i was in a bath and he treatened to throw blow dryer in there and he told me that he'd be able to get away with it. >> she says he wants of once
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just so she could go to the hospital to get away from him. he's appealing his conviction of a 2005 murder zer and don't miss dr. phil's two part daytime exclusive on "making a murderer" only right here on cbs4. dr.phil speaks to some of the key players and examin why the case has polarized the country. attorneys of the family of a man shot and killedly police have released surveillance video. you see a white police officer run with his arms extended before the camera pans off and shows the 17-year-old down on the ground. >> a judge ordered this video and two others to be released. in the case of cedrick chatman it's part of a lawsuit. chatman was running from two officers after a traffic stop back in 2013. the officer claims he fired at after seeing him turn ruined with a dark object. he never turned toward the officers and posted no threat.
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talking for the first time about his meeting with el chapo and doing it right here on cbs4. cbs this morning host charlie rose sat down with penn about his meeting with the notorious drug lord. don't miss a preview of the interview start at 7:00. straight ahead the list is out when it comes to the cities with the highest levels of income inequality. we'll tell you her miami ranks. >> demanding change thousands of teachers rally at the state capital in tallahassee what tear demanding. >> plus oscar controversy why some aren't happy about the nominees for this year's academy awards. >> here's allocate what's
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& this morning world dollars remembering the actor perhaps best known for his role in the harry potter movies.
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>> alan respectman died after a short battle with cancer. the villain hans gruber in die hard, also. perhaps his most memorable role was as professor snape. he was 69 years old. in this morning's top news backlash over the oscar nominations once again the list consists of nearly all white nominees. oscars so white was trending on twitter. surprising omissions, will smith for concussion. straight out of compton was nominated for best screenplay but for what it'worth, the writers are white. last year the hashtag oscars so white over snubs for selma. the academy's members are 94% white, 77% of them are men. janet jackson says she's
5:27 am
>> she tweeted that she's rescheduled her unbreakable concert dates. she postponed the tour for a surgical procedure. >> her new schedule starts in march in europe. she will perform at the bb and t center in sunrise on august 4. >> she already started her tour and she formed in ha a.i had family and friendsdshat went said you have to see it. >> they got a sneak peek. >> right before she took her break. >> hopefully she's doing well. let's get a check on the weather for that we turn to lissette gonzalez. it will be -- it will be a busy day right now a few showers, warmer, breezy and cloudy. you can site on the radar and satellite plenty of wet weather to the north. we will see storms likely throughout the day. later on some strong to severe storms even but what's ahead
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