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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  January 15, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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breaking right now at 5:30 a hit and run crash sends two people to the hospital in miami beach. the future of uber in miami- dade county could soon be in jeopardy what could put the brakes on the popular ride sharing service. >> the chilly temperatures are gone. >> get ready for a stormy friday. it's 5:30 on friday. definitely feel the warming up i'm walter makaula. let's det more on the warm weather. ching with meteorologist
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we said good-bye to the 60s which is what we enjoyed yesterday in the morning. now, it's all about the le to mid-70s already. and that indicates that change, that shift in our atmosphere in terms of the pattern today. in fact, we're also going to see that moisture leading to plenty of storms. right now quiet for the most part. so that's good news for you early birds but as you're getting ready to head out, don't leave your rain gear at home. couple showers moved in and we had a few showers move in a round southwest ranches now pushing in around sun rise andrw laudanoer dale by the sea. winds really have been cranking out of southeast the that's also another change. and on shore flow 14-20 miles per hour. leading to those milder muggy low to mid-70s across the board. >> and we'll see the return of the 80s this afternoon. so as we head throughout the morning hours there's potential for some showers and storms especially in the afternoon into the evening.
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some strong to severe as the weather headlines showing you we could see some gusts 40-50 milil per hour. lightning and flooding possible. windy storms with downpours. we'll have more on how tomorrow will be drier and the return of rain on sunday. >> there's a lot happening in the weather. so far traffic not bad at all as far as things go in broward county. nice and quiet. we get a look here at things along i-95. that's been a ni easy ride throughout broward county. the same if you're trying to get north or southbound use that. you can use the florida turnpike still accident free. same to the to the west i-75 and the saw grass expressway. look in dade county shows everything moving along and they've opened up the palmetto, again, from overnight road work northboundight before the dolphin. it's open and good to go now.
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breaking news out of miami beach where police are inveigating a hit and run crash. cbs4's gaby fleischman is live on the scene with break details. >> reporter: good morning lalaen. miami beach police just confirming that two men were run down by a hit and run driver. one victim did suffer life- threatening injuries. right now police do have this area shut down. we're out on collins avenue and 15th street. they do have the area blocked off while they try to collect some evidence out here. now, just before 3:00 this morning investigators say a car slammed into two men walking out here. it's not clear if they were on the sidewalk or the street when this happened. crime scene investstators collecting evidence. we have seen a side rer on the ground thahacould be a critical piece of evidence in tracking down the car involved. i do want to bring in the public information officer with the miami beach police
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officer rodriguez tell me what investigators have told you so far. >> shortly after 2:00 a.m. two males were flagging down a taxi when they were struck by what we have been able to determine a 2011-2014 da gray mercedes. the e 350 model four door with dark tints. >> it should be missing the driver's side mirror and that's what investigators are looking for. anyone with information call miami-dade crimestoppers. >> there were two men, two victims one not doing so well. >> one in critical condition thankfully the other appears to be in stable condition. >> reporter: and at this point any leads in the case other than that car? was there any other evidence found here? >> our investigators are using actually a forensic scanner to basically recreate an image of the scenwhich has allowed them within hours to determine the model based on the mirror on scene. >> reporter: thank you so much for joining us.
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we're being told one is in critical condition. the other one in stable condition. police are asking anyone with information if you saw what happened, if you recognize the description of that gray mercedes you're asked to call miami-dade crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. we're live from miami beach gaby fleischman. meanwhile here are more headlines. we're following a developing story where police are investigating the ath of a woman. this is happening near west 68th street and 22nd court. live pictures. police tell us that the woman's death is suspicious. she was found around 8:00 last night in her apartment. police have not said how she died. family of a 15-year-old boy who police say was killed execution style is asking for your help this morning. according to investigators alder hill was yanked from his bike and shot several times last saturday night. police say a crowd, then gathered and took cell phone pictures if you know anything about the shooting you're urged
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the republican presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail one day after squaringngff in the sixth debate. donald trump and ted cruz clashed lala night over the birther issue and new york values while marco rubio and chris christie went back and forth on gun control and planned parenthood. >> the candidates also took shots at president obama's state of the uni address and challenged trump's plan to ban all muslims from the u.s. now, at 5:36 the future of uber in miami-dade is up in the air. one commissioner will hold a news conference to discuss the proposed tough legislation for the ride sharing service but uber isn't going down without a fight. we report from miami. >> reporter: uber has thousands of drivers in miami-dade. and has given an untold number of rides. cecil has taken a few of them. >> you can control the quality unlike with the cab companies. >> reporter: but uber sent out this e-mail if legislation proposed by john mont sometime is passed they will
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they say his proposal is too restrictive requiring the county to do background checks on uber drivers. uber urged the riders to support meeting legislation proposed by another council member. >> we believe that uber and lyft lift have a role. >> reporter: it wod allow uber to continue performing its own checks on drivers and make that information readily available to the county. >> i don't want to take a private business that seems to be thriving seems to be growing and now have government come in here and unravel everything they're doing. >> reporter: he says he want to take a look at insurance issues and make restrictions less intrusive on cab companies but the president of the south florida taxicab association believes uber is trying to take the county for a ride. >> uber right now is like an illegal maverick like the wild, wild west they're getting away with everything. >> reporter: he believes the county should do background checks and uber's insurance isn't enough to protect
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by the drivers is covered by a $1 million commercial auto liability policy provided by the company. still he believes the playing field needs to be level and that if uber gets what it wants it will be bad for thousands of cab drivers. >> what uber has done is not competition what they've done is come and stole the jobs of the dade county taxicab drivers. >> reporter: friday morning they will have a news conference regarding the legislation on uber. we wanted to speak with the chairman on thursday night but we were told he proofed of referred to wait until the news conference on friday. both bills will be on the agenda at the county commission meeting both builds will be given a first reading and the public will have their say. in miami, carey codd cbs4 this morning complete two teens who sent their middle school into lockdown when they played with a loaded gun on campus will spend st. next three weeks locked up.
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were arrested for playing with a loaded gun on campus urged the judge to let their boys out of lockup. >> they point to the boys' strong academic records and said they had never been in trouble before. still, the judge ordered them to remain detained for the next 21 days. >> anyone could have found it not just two lives that were in danger in court's opinion. having a loaded firearm at a middle school is just something that causes so much concern for the public. >> the boys will have another detention hearing f ebruary 9th. thousands of florida teachers rallied in tallahassee demanding change. >> we stand with the children. >> an estimated d 3000 teachers marched to the state capital carrying signs and wearing buttons which read enough is enough. they're calling for changes to florida's standardized testing system which is no the a good barometer of what
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dozens of south florida teachers maryland the trip knot for the event. >> i'm hoping that the changes happen. so that when i do retire i can give my class to another teacher, and they'll be ady and they'll be able to teach the children the way it should be. >> hopefully teachers will vote for the right people and vote people o that don't support public education. >> the teachers also s s the voters have approved class size limitations. south florida congresswoman wants to change that. she says she's urging her colleagues in congress to pass a working family's agenda to boost pay for hard working americans. wilson is sponsoring the raise the wage act to increase federal minimum wage. five florida nurseries approved to grow medical
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its owners told the state committee that they will meet a february 7th deadline to begin production. they have been holding off because of lawsuits filed by other growers not approved to go marijuana. the state legislature approved the use of a low grade form of marijuana for medical purposes two years ago. in this morning miami beach police tell us that they have questioned andleared the man who left two suspicious packages at a miami beach post office. the man brought in two envelopes addressed to the f f and tried to buy some stamps. employees at that post office in washington avenue tried to question him but then he took off. police found him yesterday and determined he did not commit a crime. well the u.s. energy secretary is impressed with florida power and light's newest technology to make sure st. power stays on even during a storm. >> he toured three facilities in south florida yesterday before pledging $220 million in federal funding to work on modernizing the national electric grid.
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storm surge related outages as well as drones and robots. they have spent $2 billion since 2006 making the smar grid even smarter. >> the best way to have things carry on is to show value. i believe these investments have shown great value. >> we're always looking at new technology you see some of tt and ways that we can ply that s we can keep coasts low for customers and reliability high. >> since 2013 they have installed real time water monitors at 233 sunshine stations to help prevent against service interruptions. amazon celebrating the golden globe awards with a huge discount. >> then jet blue flights delayed nationwide because of a computer glitch with their system. is the problem fixed this morning? >> and the python challenge kicked off in the everglades. up next find out why it may be difficult to catch one of these
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>> plus kevin hart and ice cube and "ride along 2". >> our rollercoaster ride of weather continue into the weekend. get ready for strong to possibly severe storms. today although some showers warmer, as well. drier tomorrow, then, the rain returns on sunday. hold on tight, i'll have details in your complete forecast stick around. >> good morning coming up tonight the fallout from the republican debate did any candidate say anythi to help their standings in polls. as we get closer to the e first primaries. >> plus we've had some wild
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what finally friday and you know what, this past week we've had a little bit of everything in terms of the weather. it's been cool, it's been dry, we've had the rain and now the rain is back today. so yes, you will need your umbrellas and the radar is showing that we have a couple of showers already. we just had the rain down across portions of the lower keys but wow, it's also quite active already just to the north starting to see scattered showers, again, near key west. and also had some rain around southwest ranch sun rise. showers moving quickly to the knot and east. here's the setup. very unsettled atmosphere. area of low pressure in the
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warm front lifting across the state. plenty of moisture as though the wins are out of the southeast at the surface, the mid- to upper levels out of the southwest, directing that moisture right across our area. and then a stalled frontal boundary to the south. forecast models showing throughout the day we will see that precipitation with some moderate to heavy downpours at times as soon as 7:00 a.m. breezy scattered showers, gust at times. even as we get into 3:00.m., 4:00 p.m. look at this line of strong storms developing st as we head into rush hour. so it could be very active and even dangerous as we could see some damaging gusty winds, lightning and even the slight chance of a tornado. >> but then later tonight around 10:00 p.m. we start to quiet down. here are the headlines. we could see lightning, storm gusts possibly up to 40-60 miles per hour. water spouts possiblblu. auto mentioned the slight chance of tornado and localized flooding
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the wind have shifted out of the southeast 14-20 miles per hour. keep in mind any time we have the wind flowing off the ocean, it pumps in the moisture make it feel more humid and warming the temperatures. we said good-bye to the 60s new the low to mid-70s. throughout the day stay tuned and also keep your eye to the sky as we could see some strong to severe storms. drier tomorrow get out and enjoy it. because then we will see the wet weather as we get into sunday, again. storms likely and then colder at night as we have a strong cold front on the way. hurricane alex is out there in the eastern atlantic. it is impacting e central azores islands. this is one for the record books as hurricane alex is the second to form in the atlantic in january in recorded history. 1938. so this is really rare but thankfully not a threat for us. today we do see the threat for 80degrees the high. warm, again. small craft advisory not a good
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seas 5-9, rough out there and also dangerous. not a good idea to head to the beach quite wet and messy. tonight storms around. windy downpours 66. tomorrow get out and enjoy 79 degrees tomorrow. storms likely sunday 78. look at that the 50 when who wake up monday morning. the high 70 degrees and highs in the upper 60s by tuesday. and right now vanessa is off let's get a check of traffic with joe brennan. the roadway has been looking great. all round dade and broward counties. no accidents. dolphin expressway crossing atop the palmetto and earlier of course overnight we had road work going on northbound closed down flagler. have no fear that's all reopened. clear shot. will get a little bit busier as the morning goes on.
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have some rain s swers slow it down a little bit more. view of palmetto and hialeah. three more nfl teams filled their head coaching positions plus bad news on the injury front for the miami heat. good morning south florida the dumpling heat will be without one of their best weapons s hire revealed a strained calf for starting point guard. the cavaliers fall short in san antonio lebron james and gets the friendly roll from lebron and all the king's men were powerless in the second half. often missed coming out of nowhere. he had a double double. spurs win 99-95. san antonio 2-and 0 at home. fyu scrapping to win over
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mcgill knocks down the three. this guy was on fire 29 points. and the second on the fast break, cameron smith lobs one up, the kid they call the hialeah hammer showing some soft touch there the gold el nio panthers thump the bulldogs 88-74. the unemployment line got a lot shorter doug peterson take over in philly. jameis winston's coach promoted, as well. going to do it for sports i'm mike cuing for sports. the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission has sponsored the python removal competition since 2013. the challenge started as an effort to reduce the population of in vase of pythons in the florida everglades but the recent warmer weather may make it difficult to actually catch one.
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gets. but all the help we can get from the general public from all over the united states, and the continuing pressure of the gladesmen that have hunted this for many, many generations, that we want to try to keep this under control. >> you have to register to participate. the challenge starts tomorrow and runs through february 14. >> kind of scary. well if you rv chocolate you'll want to see this one. we are going to tell you what may cause a chocolate short in. >> also ahead amazon celebrating the golden globe awards with a big discount for customers details in money watch. >> we have your friday flicks kevin hart and ice cube reunite. they're taking down miami drug
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how the dynamics you see on the money watch this morning potential bad news for chocolate lovers. a reason to smile for jet blue passengers. jill wagner is joining us live from the north korea stock exchange worth details jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning
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jet blue is back up and running this morning the computer glitch ate verizon data center disrupted on line checkins and bookings for hours yesterday. dozens of flights were delayed some canceled. it affected travel at hubs like new york, l.a. and boston. a chinese company is buying an iconic appliance maker. they will pay $5.4 billion for general electric's appliance brand. >> this would make them a major player in the american market. >> here's some not so sweet news. world could be headed for a chocolate shortage. >> demand isis way up especially in asia. the wall street journal reports production is down. there's factors like rough weather anddy ceased crops. cocoa prices jumped 40% in three years. time to start hoarding, walter. >> yeah, i already do that. i have a big basks bars at my house. question, is the good run at
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promotional offer for new amazon prime customers. tells about this. >> reporter: so yeah, amazon is lowering the price of its prime service from $99 a year to $73 for new members. so it's a promotion to celebrate amazon's two wins for the 73rd annual golden globes. for anyone who's been debating it now could be the time to sign up for prime. >> we'll see you during the next hour. the weekend is here at means it's time to catch friday flicks. this week kevin hart and ice cube reunite to bring down the bad guys andond a little bit more. and michael bay brings the recent real life events the secret soldiers of benghazi. here's kevin fraser. >> ken gaze is under attack we
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>> 13 hours the secret solers of -- soldiers of benghazi. tells the story suv the security teams that risked everything to do what they could to save 36 american lives and while make it bay brings the action it's -- michael bay brings the action it's the human stories. >> these six put their lives on the line to me what connected me to the movie it's the true definition of heroism to do the right thing at all costs even if that is the most extreme. >> none of you have to go. >> we are the only hope they have. >> the brother-in-law just got to town. >> say that, again i'm going to shoot you in the face. >> reporter: in "ride along 2" kevin hart and ice cube team up again to take down miami drug dealers before they become actual brothers-in- law. >> it's fun, you know, always hilarious, always spontaneous, you know, we got great chemistry and, you know, we ain't best friends forever. >> no, that's not true.
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>> we're best friends while we're doing this promo. >> we got our beards on because we're best friend. >> you know, you can't -- you cannot, not have funith this dude. >> lose him. >> oh no. >> are you sick? >> reporter: for enttainment tonight now back to you in the studio. >> you can catch kevin fraser week nights at 7:00 on cbs4 followed by the insider at 7:30. keep it right here coming up in the next hour we'll have much more on the 13 hours the secret soldiers of benghazi movie. lisa petrillo sits down with michael bay and the heroes from that day. the one thing they tell her that leaves her stunned. >> looking forwa tour that. >> it looks really good. >> that will do it for cbs4 at 5:00. next at 6:00 developing overnight two people are rushed to the hospital after a hit and
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live at the scene.
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