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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  January 18, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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right now atat 5:30, wild weather, deadly storms wreak havoc on the sunshine state, leaving behind a path of destruction. >> what does the weather have in store for outs us today. this morning, how michael good morning. it is 5:30 on this martin luther king, junior day, monday, january 18th. i'm lauren pastrana. >> i'm walter makaula. today. let's get a check of the gonzalez. good morning, lissette. >> good morning.
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yesterday we had that line of severe storms roll across the area, dealing with dangerous, deadly tornadoes. we got heavy rains and gusty winds. that's something we prefer than dealing with tornadoes. this morning we're waking up to clouds. it's also chilly and breezy but dry. as we check out the radar, it is quiet as we have high pressure building in. we're in the mid to upper 50s, 56 in fort lauderdale, 63 in key west, so sweaters, jackets, boots, why not, this is winter south florida style. parkland, deerfield beach, right now from 53 to 54 degrees. temperatures usually continue to drop until just before sunrise which is 7:09 a.m. and there's that wind flow out
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miles an hour wi wind gust up to 29 miles an hour. we'll have highs that struggle to reach 70. most areas will be in the upper 60s. temperatures will be tumbling tonight, really going to need to bundle up and into tomorrow morning but how long will the sweater weather last? i'll have the full forecast coming up. severe weather roared across south florida, leaving behind destruction in several neighborhoods. officials say residents were left without electricity. in broward, trees snapped like tuition. tornadoes ripped through tornado, leaving two people dead. in last night's democratic debate, the candidates clashed
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in the last debate before the iowa caucuses. hillary clinton slammed donald trumps calls to ban muslims from entering the united states. there is no word on when prisoners released from iran in a prisoner swap will enter the united states. one of the freed americans opted to stay in iran. one of the prisoners is already homeme a south florida community is remembering a missionary who was killed in burkina faso. we have the latest from the church he and his wife attended. >> reporter: 45-year-old michael riddering and his wife amy moved from cooper city in
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this youtube video, he operated centnt. >> what drove him to do what he did was his love for people and his love for jesus. >> reporter: riddering of lost his life on friday night in the city of burkina faso. >> he was a modern day martyr. he lost his life doing the work of jesus. >> reporter: hesome missionaries were rerouted afafr riddinger was shot. >> he sacrificed everything. boat company. >> any time you needed something, he would help out. he was one of the first guys to help you out. >> i was sad.
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was to me and how genuine he was. >> reporter: riddering adopted a 15-year-old girl and a 4-year- old boy in africa. his wife amy posted a statement on facebook which said in part, heaven has gained a warrior, an you amazing father to -- an amazing father to his children. >> he was not only one of our missionaries, but mike was my friend. >> reporter: michael riddering had been a youth pastor here at hollywood commune community -- community church. he also operated elementary schools in west africa. that's where he will be buried. there will be a memorial service for him when his family returns to south florida. police are investigating after a fire broke out at a
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whether the fire was caused by a generator running inside the home. sean penn appeared on 60 minutes last night in his first interview since his meeting with joaquin el chapo guzman. >> we know that the mexican government were clearly very humiliated by the notion that someone found him before they did. nobody found him before they did. we're not smarter than the d.e.a. or the mexican intelligence. we had a contact upon which we were able to facilitate an invitation. >> do you believe the mexican government released this in part because they wanted to see you blamed and to put you at risk? >> yes.
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cartel to put you in their cross-hairs? >> yes. >> are you fearful for your >> no. >> you i wanted to know why you did this. >> it was upon whose interview could i begin a conversation about the policy on the war on drugs. that was my simple idea. >> you have no regrets? >> i have a terrible regret. >> what are the regrets. >> i have a regret the entire discussion about his article ignores its purpose, which was to try to contribute to this discussion about the policy on the war on drugs.
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journalism. penn admitted he was in he total disbelief that guzman agreed to sit down for the interview. people across the nation will honor the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king, junior today. this is a memorial for king located in washington,dc. here in miami, a parade will take place in liberty city. you can expect high school marching bands, at athletes and cheerleaders. king believed peace was the best way to bring social change. a terrifying crash at a convenience store and it's all caught on camera. >> we're going to tell you how one woman inside the store
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a lost dog is found more than 800 miles away from his home. we'll show you the remarkable reunion with its owner. is a 401-k loan a financial tool or a trap? it could be both. the three things to keep in mind before taking out that loan. and we're waking up to the 50s, south florida. you'll need your sweaters and jackets. look at the 40s and the 30s to our north. around the rest of the state, tonight into tomorrow morning we could see the upper 40s, low 50s. but the big question now is how long will the wintery weather last? i'll have more in the complete forecast. stay with us. good morning. i'm rick folbaum.
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we'll have the it was a successful lach sunday for an ocean monitoring satellite. >> things didn't go as smoothly for space-ex. they made a hard landing while trying to touch down on a barge off of san diego and broke a support leg. the satellite measures local sea levels and forecasts.
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storm. state police in michigan say one person is dead after a 44 car pileup on i-94. two other accidents ppened highway. a witness says cars were crushed betweesemitrailers. were hurt. happy martin luther king, junior day. it is nice and quiet, a sharp contrast tl yesterday when we had that line of severe storms sweep in across the state. we did have some dangerous, deadly tornadoes across poions of tampa and sarasota. here we had heavy rain and gusty winds. this morning we're waking up to some clouds. the radar is dry and throughout the day today that will be the case. so enjoy it and break out your
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we're waking up in the mid to upper 50s in broward and dade county. fort lauderdale, 56, miami, 56, 63 in key west. checking in on some of the coldest spots, parkland, coral springs, you're waking up to 53 degrees. keep in mind, when you facacr in the wind, it does feel a little chillier. the wind flowing from 9 to 15 miles per hour out of the northwest behind that front, gusting from 21 to 29 miles per hour, still breezy to blustery at times today. as we check out the forecast, temperatures and models indicate that highs today will struggle to reach 70 degrees. you'll need jackets throughout the afternoon, whether you're headed to work or you have the day off and then as we head into this evening, if you're headed out to dinner, we're talking low 60s. temperatures will drop drastically.
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we will see by 5:00 a.m. in the morning anywhere from 52 to 55 degrees across broward and dade, low 60s for the keys. however, 7:00 a.m. as you get ready to head back to work, low 50s near the coast and we could see upper 40s inland and the wind will still mind. nothing in comparison to the arctic blast that's bringing cold temperatures to much of the northern tier of the country into the planes in the midwest. it's's2 below in minneapolis, 3 below in chicago. 20s and 30s for the northeast, new england areas and into atlanta and texas. when you factor in the wind chill it feels like 27 below in minneapolis, 23 below in chicago. it feels like 7 below in kansa city and cincinnati. this is where we're feeling the
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that's due to a big dip in t t jet stream and a cold front right now. there'u lake effect snow in the great lakes region. here in south florida, highs in the upper 60s, cool, breezy, a mix of sun and clouds, gusts to 20 miles an hour. there's a moderate chop on the bay, seas 2 to 3. the cool, refreshing, wintery weather lasts for a few days with chilly starts with the 50s, highs in the upper 60s tomorrow. wednesday afternoon we get up to 72. we'll be in the mid-70s on thursday and near 80 by friday with a return of the rain. take a look at this. it's caught on camera, a car sharking into a -- smashing into a gas station convenience store in australia, nearly hitting a woman inside.
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it appears the woman was hit but the car just misses her. police are investigating what caused that crash. police chase a possible car theft suspect around the valley in calalornia. the driver went speeds well over 100 miles per hour through much o othe pursuit. police say there were two people in the car. the chase ended when the driver crashed on the side of the road. the two peoplenside the car were taken into custody. and now, cbs4 sports. >> the pthers find themselves on the losing end for the third straight time and the heat stumble in oklahoma city against the thunder. this is your monday morning sports report. heat guard dwayne wade turned 34 yesterday. oklahoma city crashed his party. the thunder leaves with all the
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triple double of the season. the birthday boy showed some range. he pulled miami within 3 in the third. it wasn't enough, the thunder break off a 16-4 run in the third quarter. kevin durant scored 24 points. there's a sold out crowd of more than 19,000 cramming into the amalie arena yesterday. panthers down 2-0 at one point. this was a last ditch effort that failed and panthers lose, 3-1. russell wilson found him evidence in a hole thanks to a quick start from the carolina panthers, already 24-0 in the second.
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panthers took a lead over the seahawks into the break. seattle scored 24 unanswered. all we need is an on-side kick. carolina holds on, 31-24 and have a date with the cardinals. in the afc, the broncos rumble their way past the steelers. broncos recover a fumble and they orchestrate a 13 play drive, capped off by this touchdown plunge for the lead. the steelers needed an on side kick late in the fourth and the panthers recover. that's going to do it for sports.
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joe, live from the wqam studios this morning. you're back. we missed you. >> i'm glad somebody missed me. do all the girls have their boots on? >> i don't are have my boots on. my floor director has her boots on. i do have a fleece sweater on and a scarf of back at my deck. manning and brady, they're going to meet for a spot in the super bowl. what do you think? >> does anything get sexier in football than watching manning and brady go at it one more time? the top two seeds, denver and new england, new i new england will travel. tom brady is at it again. how about this, another
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this is his tenth appearance in an afc championship game. this is new england's fifth straight appearance. they've got to go to denver. i don't think it will be a big deal. it will be fun to watch. watch out. it looks like new england's on their way to another super bowl. >> now let's switch gears to the game on saturday. cardinals, packers, what a wild finish. we were going on air at the time. i was checking to see what was going on. i saw aaron rodgers' hail mary and i thought the packers won. that's not what happened. it was wild in overtime, right. >> that was one of the wildest finishes. we've the coin flip, there was controversy with that. they had to do that over.
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carson palmer who kept the play alive. he got it to the receiver, fitzgerald, on the way to the 5- yard line. that's stuff that's good fors business. that was fantastic, the finish. now the question is, i want to ask you as a big football fan, if you're the green bay packers do you kick the field goal to did to overtime or do you go for 2 for the win on the road because you're short-handed like green bay was. >> that 2 point conversion is always a tough call. i'm not a coach. i'll leave it to the experts. there's been a lot of controversy over the overtime rule, people say both teams should get a chance at the ball. that will be interesting to see what people are saying this week as well. we'll talk to you the next hour, joe. >> thank you. a texas woman and her dog are back together for the first time in nearly four months. the chihuahua was found a long way from home in atlanta, georgia. that's more than 800 miles
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cocoa got out of her leash in september of last year. someone recently found cocoa and took him to the humane society where staff took care of him. that is when they notified the owner and flew her into atlanta for the reunion. >> with the fliers out, we called the chip people, we've went door-to-door, everywhere. >> cocoa's owner says she's very grateful for the help from the humane society and being reunited with her lost pet. another edition of dogs in the city is next. chihuahua mix. we'll show you how she can be a part of your family. if your pet needs to be spayed or neutered, we'll have
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to get it done for free. what's with him? he's happy. your family's finally eating vegetables thanks to our birds eye voila skillet meals.
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ahh! birds eye voila so veggie good on the money watch, is a 401-k loanan a financial tool or trap? it could be both, depending on your circumstances. there are three things you should keep in mind before taking out that loan. first, know the rules.
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to half of your vested account balance, in most cases you need to he repay the loan before five years, although a 15 year loan is allowed for the purchase of a home. status. most plans require you to repay the remaining loan balance in full within 60 to 90 days after you leave your job. be sure you clearly determined experts say paying off off credit card debt can be a good reason but the key is to not pile up more debt after you borrow against your 401-k. the stock market is closed today. investors are on edge after big losses on wall street. which bank is now one of the nation's three largest financials institutions? we have that and more in your cbs money watch report. wall street ended the week with a major selloff friday. the stock market plunged hundreds of points from the opening. it was sparked by tumbling oil prices.
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volatility in chinese markets rattled u.s. stocks. holiday sales weren't as high as expected. according to the national retail federation, sales rose 3% in november and december. that's below the 3.7% increase the group originally forecasted. online sales exceeded expectations and grew 9%. wells fargo is the nation's third largest bank in terms of assets beating citi group. they posted assets of nearly $1.8 trillion by the end of last year. fomore, log onto [dogs babaing]
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dogs in the city. i'm joined by laurie from the humane society. in your lab there is little miss marie. tell us about her. >> she's one and-a-half years old. she is a little cold. that's why i have her wrapped up. she's a little timid at first. she's a wonderful small dog. we're happy to have her and i know she'll find a forever family very soon. her coloring is beautiful. she's got a lot of white and beige going on. she is just a really good girl and i'm enjoying having her here. >> she's very sweet. she's got beautiful, brown eyes. >> tell us about the free spay and neuter program for people
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