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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 6AM  CBS  January 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> for miami-dade residents, we have this promotion periodically throughout the year. we offer free spay and neutering for people that can show proof of low income and also if you're on food stamps, we offer a free service where we do rabies shots ahd there's vaccines. it's free for a period of time, all the spay and neutering. for community cats, if you can bring in -- it has to be a community cat, not one that lives with you, we'll do that also for free, no appointment necessary at the clinic in cutler bay. it's important to keep the pet population down, especially with the cats. >> it's critical to be a responsible pet owner as well. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much. that will do it for cbs4 this morning at 5:00. you're 6:00 starts right now. deadly storms leave their
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south florida. we're live with the devastation store. then, a south florida community remembers a missionary killed in a terrorist attack at a hotel in western africa. plus, the final democratic presidential debate before the night. heard. meet a piano prodigy who says his biggest inspiration is dr. martin luther king, junior. it's 6:00 a.m. on monday, january 18th. i'm walter makaula. >> i'm lauren pastrana. thanks for being with us. let's get a check on the forecast with meteorologist lissette gonzalez. yesterday was a rough morning. hopefully the complete opposite of that today. >> it indeed is. it's been a wild weather ride, lauren and walter, and it continues as we're seeing a drastic drop in our temperatures. it's a chilly change this
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many of you have the day offff the weather is quiet and cool and breezy and we look from our fort lauderdale cameras. the radar is nice and dry. we're not seeing a drop of rain on there, sharp contrast to the line of severe storms we had sweep across the state yesterday. right now, mid to upper 50s in pompano beach and fort lauderdale, 56, the same goes for miami, 55 in kendall and homestead and 63 down 63 in key west. it's 54 in alapata. we have wind gusts up to 29 miles an hour, making it feel chillier when you factor in the wind. highs will struggle to reach 70 degrees today. most areas will be in the upper
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boots, sweaters and jackets throughout the day today. it's winter south florida style. cong up. right now, back to you. now at 6:00, wicked weather on florida's west coast and here in south florida leaving a path of destruction. the storm system first hit the died. south florida. gaby fleischman is live this morning at one of the neighborhoods hit in miami. >> reporter: high winds knocked down trees, damaged power lines and about five cars on this road alone were smashed up when trees fell on top of them. crews worked yesterday to clean up the areand restore the power for residents. this is what many people found
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neighborhood. huge trees fell on cars and homes, power cables snapped, leaving people without electricity. >> i got here at 3:00 in the morning. i nt to bed. at 6:30, 7:00, we heard a loud noise and when we came outside we saw a lot of branches around my car and it cracked my windshield. >> reporter: in plantation, trees snapped like twigs and power lines tangled. >> there was definitely a lot of wind. i heard a lot of wind out there and the rain and everything and i knew something was going to go down because they said it on the tv. this m mning i saw there was a tornado watch. >> reporter: south of tampa, tornado ripped through sarasota, obliterating homes overnight. there was a de path of destruction, hard to fathom in the light of day. >> i heard a sound like i never heard before.
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there was a big crack. >> you don't realize how much power and impact that a tornado has until you see this, it's pretty devastating. >> i didn't ever think i would he see the whole street destroyed. i remember this house being built. it was the nicest house in the neighborhood. to see it now, it's depressing. >> reporter: the tornadoes in southwest florida killed a husband and wife and injured several other people. back in this miami neighborhood off of northwest 12th avenue and 28th street crews spent all day and night working to clear the mess and restore power. people are thankful to be alive. people around here@ were without power for 14 hours. crews were able to get everything back up and running late yesterday so residents were able to keep warm overnight.
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morning. two people have en rescued from a storm that hit the gulf of mexico. the coast guard says they received several calls about a vessel taking on water 30 miles off the coast yesterday. both men were hoisted out and taken back to shore. there were 20-foot waves. the aircraft commander says theses were the worst conditions they ever experienced. if you see wild weather and to us. you could see your image or video on ourext newscast. you can trap the weather from the cbs miami weather app. police are investigating miami. this happened near northwest eighth avenue. police say the teenager was shot in the clavicle. he was able to walk to a nearby house to tell his aunt that he had been shot fore collapsing. the teen was then transported
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where hes was treated for his injuries. now to campaign 2016. hillary clinton and bernie sanders went toe to toe on gun control sunday night while martin o'malley struggled to be heard. we have the story from charleston. >> reporter: bill and hillary clinton greeted supporters following the final debate before the iowa caucuses. earlier, clinton and sanders clashed on a number of issues, starting with gun control. >> he voted for immunity from gun makers and sellers i which the nra said was the most important piece of gun legislation in 20 years. >> clinton slammed sanders for am. he pointed to his lifetime lobby.
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knows what she says is disingenuous. >> reporter: fiscal policy and health care reform dominated the discussion. >> the wealthiest country in the history of the world, we should have health care for every man, woman and child as a right. >> there are things we can the do to improve it but to tear it up and start over again, pushing our country back into that kind of a debate i think is the wrong direction. >> repororr: martin o'malley was also on the stage but he struggled to get a word in. >> i don't think there's been a single debate where we left people saying we heard too much from martin o'malley. >> reporter: clinton has a big lead in a new poll. sanders quickly mentioned he's winning in the new hampshire polls and he's tied in iowa where voters are set to caucus in just two weeks.
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primary on saturday, february 27th. stay with us for continuing coverage of campaign 2016, now through election day. free americans freed from iran over the weekend are in germany waiting to be reunited with their families. they'll undergo medical treatment in germany following their terrible ordeal. don champion has the latest. >> reporter: this picture shows freeded washington post reporter jason rezian as they made a stop in switzerland sunday after leaving iran. a memo said e is in good spirits. a sister and brother-in-law, a freed marine veteran left detroit sunday headed to germany to see him. >> i don't think it will hit me til i'm hugging him and i'm seeing him.
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spending three and-a-half years at iran's prison, said abadini is on his way home. >> i can put together some cards to write to him while he was in prison. >> reporter: the three men and a fourth american were swapped for seven iranians held or charged in the u.s., two of them were released from the federal detention center in houston on sunday. the u.s. lifted economic sanctions on iran as part of the deal to roll back the country's you nuclear program. >> once again we're seeing what's possible with strong american diplomacy. >> reporter: after iran recently test fired a missile, the u.s. moved this weekend to impose sanctions against the individuals with entities tied to the country's ballistic missile program. >> two other americans are believed to be detained in iran.
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but remains in iran. in danville, ohio, a suspect is in custody after a police officer was shot and killed there. the suspect was arrested just after 2:00 a.m. there was an alert issued this morning after the officer and the cruiser vanished. the officer's hat was found with blood on it. it's unclear how the suspect was caught. this week a massachusetts judge is expected to set a new trial date for aaron hernandez. he's accused of gunning down two men at a boston nightclub. 's pleaded not guilty. the judge agreed to delay the trial due to a pending appeal over evidence. he is already serving a life
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man that was dating his sister. several offices will be closed due to martin luther king day. the stock market and most banks are closed. schedule. a humanitarian is killed in a terrorist attack in africa. >> how the south florida community is remembering missionary michael riddering and his devotion to helping those in need. 12 marines missing after their helicopter crashedn hawaii have been identified. how the search effort is being hampered. an out of control car crashes into a convenience store, narrowly missing a woman inside. chilly 50s this morning. it will stay cool and breezy today. tonight, temperatures will be even colder.
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temperatures will go and how in anticipation of the colder weather, miami-dade fire rescue is warning people about space heater safety. >> they want you to be aware of how to use them.
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heaters shouldn't place them close to upholstered furniture or mattresses. you should also turn off the heater before leaving the room or going to bed. >> some basic requirements in the industry that we suggest is having a safe zone, an area around that space heater where children, pets, the elderly, those that may be somewhat nfused or even the lanes of travel in the room where it's kept back at least a minimum of three feet from those environments. >> they say to never plug a space heater into an extension cord, always use a wall plug to avoid fire. you will not need your a.c. this morning. it is really cool across south florida. yesterday we had that line of severe storms sweep across the state. what a difference a day makes. this morning it is dry and
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we deserve it. we've been on this wild roller past week. this is a live view from miami. many of you may be turning your morning. i must confess that i did. i'm a miami girl, through and you through. as we look at the radar, not seeing a drop of rain and yesterday we had torrential downpours, damaging, gusty winds. thankfully, we didn't have to contend with the deadly, dangerous tornadoes that impacted portionses portions -- portions lf the rest of the state. we have winds gusting up to 29 miles per hour as high pressure builds in providing for cooler, drier air. we're at 56 in fort lauderdale, 63 in key west, so sweater, jackets, boots required. reality check.
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florida, near freezing temperatures across the panhandle. we'll have highs in the 60s throughout the day today. tonight we'll be even colder. this evening, we'll be in the low 60s. overnight into tomorrow, waking up to the low to close to mid- 50s. by 7:00 a.m., it will be even colder than that. we're talking lows around 51 in homestead, lows in the upper 40s inland tomorrow morning. looks like the colder weather, this wintery weather south florida style sticks around for a few days. we are talking brutally cold, dangerous cold temperature right now, 12 below minneapolis, 4 below in chicago, 31 in atlanta and that's not all. when you factor in the wind chill, this is just incredible,
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minneapolis, feels like 24 below in chicago. it feels like 15 degrees in new york city and 5 in d.c. that's that arctic last that's impacting much of the country. there's lake-effect snow in the great lakes region. here in south florida, the local forecast calls for 69 degrees today. it should be nice, a mix of sun and clouds, with gusty winds at times. it will be rough for boaters, with seas 2 to 3, moderate chop on the bays. some areas could touch the upper 40s overnight. tomorrow we will wake up to a colder start, high of 68. 72 wednesday, then temperatures creep back up, 79 degrees by friday with a return of rain
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it's time for talking with joe. hey, joe, good morning. >> good morning, lauren. i'm very impressed to see most of the team today. very nice to see. >> most of us. >> you've got walter there next to you. good tough. >> w wre missing vanessa. she will be back tomorrow. it's a holiday today, so hopefully not as much traffic break. sight for them. theyeye going to the nfc seattle yesterday. the beginning of the game i thought i would change the channel because the panthers were just on fire, joe. >> i was a little surprised. i think most people were. the biggest surprise this weekend is to see carolina up on seattle, 31-0. everybody thought it would be a tight game. i didn't turn it off. seattle has too much talent. sure enough, they came back in the second half and got a little bit interesting in the end with an on-side kick.
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it, they had a chance to tie or win the game. seattle lost the game. they had lot of injuries. they'll be back. they've got a good football team, ended up being a good game. they had a hecof a run. they won as many games as anybody over the last three or four years, very impressive. russell wilson as quarterback is the real deal. the comeback was fun to watch. >> cam newton as quarterback, looks like the real deal as well. could he go all the way? >> cam newton is playing at a level we haven't see-- he's so much better than anybody else in the nfl right now. he's screaming mvp and super bowl championship. they're the bestst team left by far. the way they played in the first half, they're so good on defense, they get so many take- aways offensively. what he can do running and throwing, he makes everybody better. he's got a nice offensive line
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i am sold on carolina as arizona gets ready to come, the game should be a lot of fun to watch and should be very competitive games. >> i'm looking forward to that. carolina panthers on a roll. not the case for the florida panthers. there's ice cold these days after going on that winning streak. now they've lost three games in a row. >> i think they're a little flat. i think they won games and they were winning a couple of those games, i thought they got to 11 and 12 and then played their best. the coach said they got out- played. one game they had 14 shots and still won. they had great goal tending. they were kind of going through the motions of being on a high of winning. all of a sudden, they lost one and and now it's been he three straight losses. i suspect the home cooking will help them. they're t the same team we saw early on when they were playing the best hockey in the history of this franchise.
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cooking and we'll talk to you a little later on this hour. have a good one. >> thank you. new this morning, iraq's minister of defense released footage showing air strikes being carried out against isis. they were targeting isis militants. it happened just north of baghdad. the air strikes destroyed a number of the group's cars and killed several isis militants. an intense in hawaii continues off the coast of oahu. >> 12 marines e missing after a collision of two military helicopters onhursday night. hope of finding anyone alive is fading. >> reporter: rough seas, waves up to 20 feet high are hampering search efforts. overnight, a coast guard air crew had to change course when a laser was pointed at them. searchers scoured nearly 14,000
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trace of the missing marines somewhere in these waters. they found small amounts of debris. >> i know a lot of people focus on debris. we're focused on hopefully finding the survivors. >> reporter: the marines have board. the oldest, 41, the youngest, last night hundreds packed a high school field in oregon where 21-year-old lance corporal ty hart attended. >> it gives you goose bumps. this many people are out here, showing support. >> reporter: major shawn and four children. the family of captain kevin roshe of st. louis writes we believe the marines and coast guard with doing everything they can to bring kevin and his fellow marines home safely.
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police are investigating after several students were found dead in new york. three young adults, were found dead. a local newspaper says a 911 call came from a worried father who said his son told him he killed his girlfriend and was going to kill himself. investigators say no firearm was used but a knife was recovered at the scene. police had called the stabbing a murder/suicide as a possibility. a humanitarian from cooper city was killed in a terrorist attack if africa. the south florida community is honoring him. we'll have details. sean penn had plenty to say when he appeared on 60 minutes. we'll have details.
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from last night's critics welcomback. last night marked the 21st annual critics choice awards
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>> and the critics choice for best picture is "spotlight." >> it was named best picture as you just heard there. "mad max" took home nine awards. amy schumer received the mvp award. ride along 2 is the new top movie in the u.s. the come comedy made more than $34 million over the weekend. "the revenant" remained in second place. "star wars "dropped to third. betty white turned 94 years old yesterday. she has worked in show business since the 1940s. she is best known for her role on "the golden girls."
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the longest tv career for a female entertainer. she shows no signs of slowing down. she has said retirement is not in her vocabulary. >> we love her, don't we? let's get a check of our weather forecast. how are things looking outside, besides it being really cold? had. >> it's nice and dry. that's a huge change from yesterday when we had a line of severe storms. betty white, isn't she awesome. she's 94 years young this is a live view from our fort lauderdale camera. we're not seeing any rain. we had torrential downpours it's looking much quieter today.
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the northwest, 9 to 12, 14 miles an hour, with peak wind gusts 21 to 29. it's 56 in fort lauderdale and miami, 63 in key west, so break out the sweaters, the jackets, the boots. we're looking at 40s and 30s around the rest of the state. your day ahead, we're talking highs in the upper 60s, cool, breezy, a mix of sun and clouds. tonight, get ready for a big chill, at least south florida style. we're going to see a drastic drop in temperatures. i'll let you know how low the temperatures will go in the full forecast ahead. severe weather went through south florida, leaving behind destruck in several neighborhoods. strong winds toppled trees onto
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electricity. in broward, trees snapped like twigs and power lines were left dangling. in last night's democratic debate the candidates clashed on gun control and other issues. hillary clinton went after bernie sanders for voting rereatedly with the nra. this morning there's no word on when three of the four americans released by iran in a prisoner swap will return to the united states. officials say they arrived in germany yesterday and are resting and undergoing medical evaluations at a military hospital. authorities say a fourth freed american opted to stay in iran. this morning a south florida community is remembering a missionary who was killed in they the western african country of burkina
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he died when al-qaida fighters was in. we have the latest from the attended. >> reporter: 45-year-old michael riddering and his wife amy moved from cooper city in 2021 to west africa. he operated an orphanage and women's crisis center. >> two things drove him. first was his love for people. the second thing that drove him was his love for jesus. >> reporter: riddering lost his life friday night when al-qaida linked militants opened fire on a you group he was with at a cafe in burkina faso. >> we feel mike was a modern day martyr who lost his life doing the work of jesus. >> reporter: he was waiting for a team of 15 missionaries. they were rerouted after riddering was shot. >> we believe jesus gave
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humanity because we were so spiritually needy. he sacrificed everything. >> reporter: riddering lived in cooper city. >> he was a giving guy. any time you needed something, he would help out. >> i was sad. the thing that came to mind was how nice of a guy he was to me and how genuine he was. >> reporter: riddering adopted a 15-year-old girl and a 4-year- old in africa. his wife posted a statement, which said in heart heaven gained a warrior, an amazing father. lived and loved. he left quite a legacy. >> he was not only one of our missionaries, not only a church member, but mike was my friend. >> reporter: he was a youth pastor at the hollywood community church.
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the pastor says that's where he will be buried. there will be a memorial service for him when the famamy returns home. police are investigating after a fire broke out at a home in hollywood yesterday. it happened near north 64th and scott streets. investigators are looking into whether the fire was caused by a generator running inside the home. sean penn appeared on 60 minutes last night in his first interview since his meeting with drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman. >> here's the things that we know. we know that the mexican government, they were humiliated by the notion that someone found him before they did. we're not smarter than the d.e.a.
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we had a contact upon which we were able to facilitate an invitation. >> do you believe the mexican government released this in part because they wanted to see you blamed and to put you at risk? >> yes. >> they wanted to encourage the cartel to put you in their cross-hairs? >> yes. >> are you fearful for your life? >> no. >> i wanted to know why you wanted to do this, why you wanted to go there. second, i want to he know the sense of how you felt about the risk you might be taking and why that risk was worth it. >> i thought this is somebody upon whose interview could i begin a conversation about the policy of the war on drugs. that was my simple idea. >> you havno regrets? >> i have a terrible regret.
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>> i have a regret that the entire discussion about this article ignores its purpose, which was to try to contribute to this discussion about the policy on n the war on drugs. >> he went on to call the controversial interview experimental journalism. he admitted he was in total believe that guzman agreed to sit down for the interview. one of the conditions was that the fugitive would have final say over the rolling stone piece. people will honor the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king, junior today. this is a memorial located in washington, d.c. it is just south of the nional mall. here in miami, a parade will take place this morning along northwest 54th street in liberty ty. king believed that pieceful
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bring social change. space-ex's latest attempt -- [no audio]. a piano prodigy said his biggest inspiration is dr. martin luther king, junior. whether you're headed to work or if you have the day off, it's a chilly start with 50s, my friends and we'll have highs in the upper 60s, cool
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the welcome back. space-ex's latest attempt to land a rocket upright in the pacific ocean failed in a spectacular fashion. >> it failed the goal to land on a floating platform off san diego yesterday. it came down softly on the platform, then toppled and exploded on impact. instagram. ice buildup may be to blame. it was the fourth attempt to safely land a space-ex rocket at sea.
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spectacular sunrise. if you're in the kitchen, making breakfast, maybe getting of coffee ready, take a moment to take in this gorgeous view from our biscayne bay camera in miami. this is in sharp contrast to wednesday when we had the severe storms rolling through. this morning we're waking up to a quiet weather pattern with some clouds in the mix. here's another fabulous sunrise from our fort lauderdale camera in broward county. whether you're headed to work or you have the day off right now, it feels so nice out there. the radar is clear and quiet. we have a breeze out of the northwest behind the cold front that brought us the stormy weatheheyesterday. high pressure is building in.
6:37 am
29 miles per hour and temperatures much cooler. we are talking the 50s out ere, 56 in fort lauderdale and miami, 55 in kendall and homestead, 63 in key west. break out the boots, sweaters, jackets and mother nature gets the memo that it is january and winter. this is winter south florida style. we're seeing 40s in central florida, near freezing across the big bend and the panhandle. [no audio] . most of you will be in in the upper 60s throughout the afternoon. low 60s this evening. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, the low 50s near the coast and we could see the upper 40s inland. so#you'll really need to bundle up the little ones headed back
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take a look at the brutally cold temperatures across the rest of the u.s. as arctic blast continues. it's 4 below in chicago, 20s in d.c. and new york city. 20s, 30s as far south as texas and into georgia. we have wind chill advisories, warnings in place for much of the plains and the midwest. it feels like 30 below in minneapolis. it feels like 24 below in chicago. it feels like 10 in new york city. we're seeing the teens in memphis and dallas in terms of the wind chill temperatures. that puts things in perspective. lake effect snow across the midwest and beginning to move into the northeast new england areas and wet on the west coast for the pacific northwest and california. in south florida it will be beautiful in terms of not dealing with the rain, cool,
6:39 am
around and boaters it will be gusty at times, seas 2 to 3 and moderate chop on the bay. we will contin with the chilly mornings and highs in the upper 60s tomorrow, 72 wednesday. we are in for a rming trend. 75 thursday, 79 on friday with a return of the rain and yet another cold front on the way. now, caught on camera, a car smashing into a gas station convenience store in australia, nearly hitting a woman inside. the woman disappeared from sight as the car into into the store. the car just missed her. two people inside the store were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment. police are investigating what caused that crash. a texas woman and her dog are back together for the first time in nearly four months. cocoa the chihuahua was found a long way from home in atlanta, georgia. that's more than 800 miles away. cocoa got out of its leashn september of last year. someone found cocoa and took
6:40 am
the staff took care of him. that's when they notified the owner and flew her into atlanta for the special reunion. >> i had fliers out. we called the chip people. we've been -- we went door-to- door everywhere. >> cocoa's owner says she grateful for the help from the you humane society. today. investors are on edge after big losses on wall street. plus, which bank is one of the nation's three largest financial institutions? we have that and more in your cbs money watch report. wall street ended the week with a major selloff friday. the stock market plunged opening. the declines were sparked by tumbling oil prices. crude fell below $30 a barrel, the lowest level in 12 years. volatility in chinese markets rattled u.s. stocks.
6:41 am
friday, the nasdaq lost 126. holiday sales weren't as high as expected. according to the national retail federation, sales rose 3% in november and december. that's below the 3.7% increase they were originally forecasting. online sales exceeded expectations and grew 9%. wells fargo is nowow the nation's third largest bank in terms of assets, beating citi group. the san francisco based bank officially clinched the title friday when it posted as he posted assets of nearly $1.8 trillion by the end of last year. that's your money watch. straight ahead, a 12 year boy's biggest inspiration is martin luther king, junior. >> sees what he's doing to honor the civil rights leader after the break. good morning. i'm rick folbaum. join us here at 11:00 for the
6:42 am
we'll have the local mlk remembrances, plus all the
6:43 am
we'll see you tonight at 11:00. when talented musicians are asked to talk about who has inspired them they often point to other talented musicians. >> it's martin luther king junior who inspired a 12-year- old boy from virginia. >> reporter: gifts come in all shapes and sizes, some are born with gifts and, well, let's just say this 12-year-old ened his gift early. >> i like playing. it makes me happy. i like playing for other people. i like making other people happy. >> reporter: he volunteers his time to play at a local hospital. his only trouble is trying to teach someone like me. >> it came naturally once i learned the basics. >> reporter: inspired by his big sister, skills sharpened by
6:44 am
inspiration isn't a musician at all. >> if dr. king hadn't done what he did, i wouldn't be here because there would be segregation. i wouldn't be able to go to the schools or have the friends i have today. >> reporter: he will perform at an annual mlk celebration. >> i see a whole bunch of people with different jobs. i see only one colored person who does nothing more than clean. everybody else is helping other people save their lives. >> reporter: even that is motivation. >> i think that this shows we can achieve more. people who don't think that we can do these things by having them see that we can do it, it can change what they believe in. >> reporter: he hopes to be an
6:45 am
until then, he hopes to touch the ears of whoever listens. >> one talented little boy. >> inspiring indeed.
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we are following breakings news out of ohio. a police officer has been found dead behind a building in danville. a woman made a call, saying
6:48 am
she said her ex-boyfriend had weapons and was looking to kill an officer. the officer was found dead, without his weapon. the suspect was caught at around 2:00 a.m. here's a wrap-up on the morning headlines. severe weather roared across south florida, leaving behind destruction in several neighborhoods. huge trees were toppled onto two homes and five cars in miami. residents were left wouldn't electricity. this was the same storm that hit south of tampa where tornadoes left two people dead. pastors a and friends say a oper city man who was gun down in west africa was devoted to his work as a missionary. michael riddering and his wife, 2011.
6:49 am
capital city of burkina faso. democratic presidential l candidates observe martin luther king, junior day one day after facing off in call charleston. nationwide. noit's time for talking with joe. joe, it wouldn't be the controversy. this weekend it was about a coin toss because it didn't flip. what exactly happened here? >> it's incredible to think that an nfl official that us does this for a living and gets paid a six figure salary can't that's what happened.
6:50 am
to do it over. the green bay packers complained. maybe if y stop somebody and cover larry fitzgerald maybe you wouldn't complain so much. it's embarrassing to the nfl. >> aaron rodgers said he would have changed his call had he known he was going to flip again. he said he called it basedn which point it's spinning in the ref's hand at that moment. it turned out to be the same side of the coin anyhow. >> lauren, you weren't buying what aaron rodgers was saying, were you? >> i tried to. i am an aaron rodgers fan. i confess. i was disappointed with the ending of the game. hopefully there's more drama this coming weekend. we want to see some really great football.
6:51 am
>> things that, lauren. >> she buys everything aaron rodgers says. >> i'm a fan. i admit. i'm a fan of this weather. it's a gorgeous sunrise. here's our eye in the sky, wind jammer resort camera, lauderdale by the sea. yesterday it was rough, the surf was dangerous, we had ominous clouds. this morning it's nice and dry and cool, breezy. it's all about the 50s in miami and fort lauderdale, 62 in key west. this is stunning, breath-taking view from our miami camera. throhout the day today, the weather is on your side. the radar is quiet and finally, we deserve it, highs in the upper 60s today. we'll have highs in the upper 60s tomoow, and milder wednesday with low 70s. we'll be in the mid-70s by thursday, warmer friday with
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cold front rolls through.
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