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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 6AM  CBS  January 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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that will do it for cbs4 at 5:00. next at 6:00 from highways to city streets, bikers go for wild rides all over south florida. we're live with how this dangerous display of civil disobedience left one man critically hurt. >> it's happened again. another teenager shoon the streets of south florida. what may have been behind the gunfire. >> plus remembering glenn frey, the co-founder of the eagles died after battling several health issues. this morning a look back at his life and l eggsy. >> a live look outside, grab your sweaters south florida is feeling the 50s this morning. lissette gonzalez will tell you how long the colder wets will stick around. hopefully at least for a couple of days. > good morning it is 6:00 on tuesday, january 19 i'm lauren pastrana. >> it is a cool one. good morning to you i'm walter makaula the ladies are also worth us to say hello to vanessa borge standing by with a look at traffic.
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witless gonzalez with the tuesday morning forecast. >> happy tuesday lauren and walter. and to all of you at home getting ready to head back to work take the kids back to school. make sure you have your sweaters, jackets and why not the boots as we are waking up with a chill. broward county low to mid-50s for the most part in broward and dade. 54 in fort lauderdale and 50s down through the keys and checking in on some of the coldest temperature readings so far this winter season. westton waking to 50. 52 in coral springs and miramar and when you factor in that breeze, that brisk breeze out of the north, northwest from 8 to 15 miles per hour it feels chillier to the skin. we're dealing with cloud cover just not the temperatures would drop even further. but it will stay cool and breezy throughout the day 64 this evening but the sweater weather r n't last too much longer i'll have details
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now a check of traffic. south florida, 6:00 a.m. hour worth nothing except other drivers out there with you. here's i-95 we're going to crews around southbound lanes, northbound at northwest 54th street. a little bit further north on i- 95 and miami-dade at northwest 125 street the southbound drivers or those headlights coming for you. # 26 looking good. construction here n orthbound -- 824 looking good. construcon here northbound. all the construction is cleared and n accidents in both broward or miami-dade. now, bikers engines revved over south florida a rally causing mayhem. >> the ride wasment to have a mission but it also tied up traffic broke countless laws and put lives at risk they started in miami zoomed up
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around and did it all over again. the organizers claimed it was a message of peace. >> putt police say they pose a dane jeb bush to the public and no surprise someone was seriously injured. gaby fleischman is live at the hospital where t t biker is being treated. >> reporter: good morning walter that man suffered aead injury and is in critical condition here at the hospital. police say there not amused by what's becoming a dangerous mlk day tradition insert florida. bikers say there is a positive message behind their ride. >> we ain't going to hurt nobody we're just riding. >> reporter: wind the streets and on the sidewalks and t interstate. hundreds of bikers speeding and stunting through miami-dade and broward counties. a second annual event. they all did this last year rightists a the dr. martin luther king junior event. >> we want to ride.
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>> reporter: it's sort of a dirt bike, atv bit of performance art. at the same time dangerous but wit a message. >> man, guns down bikes up. >> reporter: that's the rationale for the asphalt chaos a message it's better to be biking than being violent with guns. a bit hard to understand how endangering commuters and breaking every traffic law known to man delivers a message of non violence. >> we create pains the neighborhood en though it might look like we're causing trouble we not. >> reporter: just as police warned and feared an accident on a treat in fort lauderdale. a biker plowed into a car and tree. he's going to be fine. well enough to take a selfy on the stretcher but a second man not so fortunate he was taken to jackson memorial hospital worth critical head injuries. >> we came out here from new york, me and my girlfriend. >> reporter: locals and a slew of out of towners filmed the crowd.
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>> we out here man coming from brooklyn. >> reporter: for safety reasons police policy is no the to pursue the bikers only those committing felonies will get knack. large mobile mob. >> and police in dade and broward made several arrests and confiscated some bikes. >> this is a mugshot of a man allegedly caught riding a through the streets of hollywood. the 18-year-old charged worth grand theft auto and for not having a proper license. oregistration. police say they'll have a full tally on all of the arrests for us later today. we're live from jabson memorial hospital, gaby fleischman cbs4 this morning. thank you this morning a 14- year-old boy being treed after being shot. marybel rodriguez is live with the details. >> reporter: lauren good morning that 14-year-old at
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police tell us he was air lived there last night after he was shot it happened after 7:00 of northwest eighth place they received a call of a shooting when that they arrived they discoved it was a fur teen-year-old boy injured. the shooting may be gang related. now, witnesses tell them more than once that this may be case. we spoke wit miss last night investigators th were still on the scene gathering evidence. and were then going to the hospital to visit the teen. again, the shooting happened in florida city in the 1300 block of north westleth place. police are asking anyone with information to call crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. liven the newsroom marybel roiguez. we are following a developing story this morning the 2013 slowly come back after being down around the world overnight. users trying to log on early this morning were greed worth a screen that said something is technically wrong
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to fix it up and have things back to normal soon. twitter's mobile app is also coming up but tweets are posting with a delay of 15 menace also developing a bomb targeting a police check point has killed 11 people in pakistan. on the outskirts on a road leading to afghanistan. the dead include police, civilians and at least one child. another 17 people were juaned in the morning blast. the pakistani taliban claimed response b it for the attack. we're learning more about the man charged with killing his own mother in hialeah. the ma in who was identified as william garcia remains in jail. he is charged with second degree murder in connection with the deathf his mother. her body was found in her apartment last week. police say her body was burned. they also say william garcia told investigators an imaginary person stabbed his mother.
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stranded are expected to settle here in south florida. [cheers and applause] >> this was the scene in hialeah gardens where @nearly 200 cue bans arrived over the weekend. >> they're among 8000 stuck in costa rica after they were not allowed passage to mexico and to the u.s. they're allowed to stay in the country and and qualify for legal residency after one year. the future of uber could be decided in a commission meeting. trying to put pressure like last year. >> uber is hoping the commissioners dodot pass new restrictions on the ride sharing service. uber claims it would have to leave miami-dade county if the laws are approved. tomorrowow meeting starts at 8:00 a.m. at the steven p. clark government center in downtown miami. the co-funder of one of america's most popular 70's air rasband. glenn frey died at home in new
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>> he passed away from rheumatoid arthritis, ul rative colitis. >> reporter: glenn frey formed the eagles in the early 1970s wit s friend drummer don henly. the eagles mixed country and melodic california sound to become one of the most successful acts of the 70s with more than 150 million albums sold. hotel california along wit their greatest hits collection became two of the best sell albums of all time. >> we enjoyed what we were doing. we werserious about our work, the songs and serious about were we wanted to take the band. but along the way, we really rocked and had good time. >> reporter: the guitarist and
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the detroit area met henley when ty both sang backup for linda ronstadt. the song writing team penned a long string of hits through the decade. but the strain of turning out hits and touring took a toll. and the eagles broke up in 1980. >> it was always something standing in r way. >> reporter: after the eagles disband frey launched a successful solo career like the heat is on and you belong to the city. the eagles reunited in 1994. four years later they were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. >> the shadow of a smile >> reporter: frey rel released his final solo album in 2012 a collection of old standards. the eagles were supposed to be
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last month that was postponed because an ailing frey could not attend. frey was one who started it all the man worth the plan. -- with the plan. >> so many great songs. >> we wereinging along with him. >> oh, yeah, he'll be missed. growing angfr over the flint, michigan water crisis as the gunner prepares to deliver his state of the state address. why critics say his response is criminal. >> and also ahead a cbs four news exclusive new details in the case of a coral springs man accused of kill the mother of his child. >> fury and frustration british lawmakers hold a tense three hour depate to discuss allowing donald trump into their country. >> first of all, does your man not have a mouth his own with which to speak?
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playing aunt vivian slams jada pinkett smith the tirade that's lighting up social media. >> i made sunni daughter had her heavier coat this morning and parents as you're getting your kid ready for school, yeah, bundle them up, sweaters, jackets it's chilly with the 50s. cool breezy conditions
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big changes on the way s good morning south florida. we are waking up with a little chill in the air. although i'm hesitant to call it cold. especially for those of you visiting us from out of town from the north. you snow birds are thinking oh, come on 50s you can run around in flip-flops and shorts s. for us in florida many of you may consider it cold. nice and dry in miami. 54 in pompano beach. 55 in fort lauderdale. 50s down through the keys. and some of the coldest spot near the upper 40s. in westton 50 degrees. 51 in parkland and 52 in coral springs and miramar. so why snot break out your boots a sweaters, jackets, you know, it's not going to last long. here's the deal, it is even colder just to our north. across the panhandle freeze warnings and watches in place. temperatures below freezing in
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florida so 30s for north florida and believe it or not, this day, back on january 19, 1977 we did have record cold lows in the 30s in broward and dade even reports of snow flurries. there's the miami herald from back on that date in 1977. look at this photo this seems unreal, right? especially when we're talk about the 50s and how chilly it is. can you imagine with the 30s. we have had winters where it dipped down to the 30s. the breeze is making it feel quite chilly to the skin anywhere from 12-15 miles per hour and we're seeing the mid- to highlessly clouds. if it weren'ter not clouds colder. high pressure is in control. building in across the southeast. sliding just to the south so shift in t wind out of east tomorrow means we'll start to warm up. wet weather on the west coast in california, the pacific northwest snow across the
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trend startingto em. boy-- starting tomorrow. prig ed across much of plains 5 1degree in chicago. teens in new york city. we're not even factoring in the windchill so aren't you happy florida. highs in the upper 60s today. staying cool and breezy. small craft advisory not a good day for boating seas 5-7 choppy on the bays. 54 near the coast and inland areas. tomorrow temperatures begin to creep up, low 70s not as cool much milder thursday. 76. 78 and return of the rain on friday with scattered ststms burt another cold front on the way for e weekend. lows in the 50s saturday and sunday and highs in the upper 60s. right now lets get a check of traffic with vanessa. florida turnpike drivers northbound miami-dade county see the roadway is par sale
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a lot of you drive around this time of the morning during rush hour. drive time 25 minutes passing that accident on 112 and ending up the at expressway. after the don shoe la smooth drive, 9 minutes. and that crash on the turnpike is the only accident in miami- dade or broward. now, it's time for talking with joe, joe rose live from the studios. >> good morning lauren how are you this morning? i'm doing great. talk some college hoops starting with a little preview big game for the canes after looks straight road abc games how badly do they need this win? >>8well, they've been so close to beating virginia and clemson on the road all of a sudden this is a third road game in a row against
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and they really need it, yeah. they have been there, they've been tight. it's been close late in these games and they haven't been able to close them out. something that usually the teams have been able to overcome especially with the players and the experience they have. basketball team. but all of a sudden this game against the boston college team that's not very good, they've got to win this game before coming back home and having some more tough games. one thing about acc basketball you dent get a night off. there's a lot of good basketball teams in that conference they know they got to bring their a game. a lot more2importance on this road game. let's switch gears to another chem basketball team, oregon state suspending reed at least for four games because of what you see right there. it appears as though he trips a referee, joe. did we lose you, joeents yeah,
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now, you're back. sorry about that. can you hear me? yeah, now we can hear you. >> i'm sorry about that. they turned me off in here in the radio station. >> i think they're messing with me in the back. it'so the very funny. yeah, that's a dirty play. and by the way, should have been worse than four games for tripping an official. listen i've always said whether you like the calls whether you get upset you can't touch them. and you definitely can't stick your foot out. i thought it should have been more than four games. you know what,here's certain things you don't do in sports whether it's good or bad officiating or refereeing. i wish he would have been kicked out a few more games than four. >> tough talk from joe rose. thanks so much we'll talk to you later on. >> thank you, lauren you take care. now, to news from across america. michigan governor rick snyder delivered his state of the state address today amid growing anger over the state's response to flint's water contamination crisis.
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was feigned with lead after a state appointed emergency manager switched the city's water source from detroit to the flint river to say money. yesterday dozens demonstrated outside his home call for his resisiation. many calmed the slow response criminal. saying he should have listened to experts and switched the source back to detroit. governor snyder says he plans to request once, again, that president obama declare flint a federal disaster area instead of ask other a state of emergency. british lawmakers held a tense debate whether trump should be banned. >> stop a poisonous corrosive man. >> more th have a million people have sign paid this accusing tough unacceptable behavior and hate speech they're urgingnghe british government to keep him out after he called for a ban on muslims entering the united states. >> his words are not com a. his
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his words ash poisonous. >> you're talk about a candidate for the presidency of the united states. isn't itit up to the american people to decide whether his views are objectionable. >> the dealership bite was largely symbolic there was no vet. david cameron has called his proposal stupid and wrong but does not support an official ban. the woman best known for heherole as aunt viv labs out at will smith and his wife jada. find out what see said next this morning in pop news. >> christ, the video police say helped them catch a woman's kill e.
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what came . i find it ironic that somebody who has made their living, made their living and made millunder and millunder of dollars -- millunder of dollars -- millions and millunder of dollars just because you didn't win that is not ththway life works baby. >> in this morning's pop news tough talk from aunt viv from
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as an oscar boycott gains steam. her comments are in response to jada pinkett smith hubert released the video after smith and spike lee announced they will skip the academy awards because of lack of diversity. >> reporte and let's d us didn'tly. >> in a video posted on nbc actress jada pinkett smith says she's boycotting the academy awards and went be watching from home, either. she made the da mattic announcement in the wake of a growing controversy over the lack of diversity among this year's oscar nominees. >> begging for acknowledgment or even asking, diminishes dignity. and diminishes power. and we are a dignified people. >> reporter: her husband, will smith is one of the actors of
6:23 am
this year despite critical acclaim for his performance in concussion. pinkett smith says it's time reevaluate things. >> maybe it's time that we pull back our resources and put them back in t our communities, into our programs. >> reporter: she's f the alone in her frustration. on social media many have vented over the lack of oscar diversity for the second straight year the hashtag ososr so white has been trending on line. spike lee says he's boycotting the ceremony, as well. in person stabbed on social media the director asks wet how is it possible for the second consecutive year all 20 contenders under actors category are white. both say they wish their friends the best. they praise chris rockck hosting the show next month. and while jada pinkett smith wants act oregon to boycott janet hubert isn't having it. she came out swinging at will smith and his wife in a 4
6:24 am
no the only about how she disagreed with the boycott but her past wit will smith. >> i seem to remember at option time coming to you and sing do you know what will you're the star of the show why dent we all get together and with you maybe we could get a little raise. do you remember that? because i do. and your response to me was, my deal is my deal and y'all's deal is y'all's deal. well karma must be a been because now here you are, here you are you've had a few flops. and, you know, the are those out there who really deserved a nod. >> she went on to say she doesn't think he deserved the ferguson, missouri nation and doesn't think he deserved they golden globe nomination. we're coming back and norah o'donnell is joining us live in new york city. norah good morning what do you
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>> good morning to you walter. michigan's governor now admitting the response to the mint water crisis is his hurricane katrina. we're going t have that and all the major news of the day. >> plus, the former taco bell executive supping the driver he attacked. >> also, jp morgan chase right here in studio 57 and january crawford meets up with country music legend hank william junior on his farm. >> that is going to be a show for sure. we'll see you then. remember cbs this morning kicks off right here on cbs4. lets get a check on the chilly tuesday morning weather for that we turn it over to lissette gonzalez. >> good morning, lauren and walter. and to you've at home as you get ready to head back to work and school you can still rock the winter gear in terms of your sweaters, your jackets make sure the little ones are bundled up.
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>> right now as we look live we are seeing the 50s, 54 in pom pa no beach. 55 in fort lauderdale. 56 in miami. 50s down through the keys. some of the coast spots inland. in fort lauderdale northwest of downtown we just had 49 degrees i was hoping that it could remain that way at least as we went live but you know how it is. >> these tells vary especially as we approach sun rise. with that brisk breeze out of northwest feels chillier to the skin 12-15 miles per hour. mid- to high level clouds. if it weren't for the clouds temperatures would be colder than they are right now. cool and breezy upper 60s today. milder trend tomorrow more about that warmer weather on the way. we do have a traffic alert with vain. so this one is a stalled vehicle on i-75. this is on your northbound drive right as you're approaching miami gardens drive.
6:27 am
then the delays as a result of that stalled vehicle. you can see it rye here heading -- right here heading northbound. we have that issue, then we have an accident in miami-dade, as well on the florida turnpike causing major delays at northbound drive. a lot of you head northbound. at southwest 112th avenue in this area so that roadway is partially blocked off. now, your travel time is 26 minutes as a result. if you start at 288 streetead northbound past that crash on 112 and end up on the don sh of la e eressway. if you start off at 874 and head northbound to the dolphin expressway. it is time for a look at your tuesday morning headlines and for that we turn it over to marybel rodriguez. walter thank you. hundred of riders took to the street of south florida monday for the second annual bikes up guns down rally. the bikers started in miami, zoomed up towards broward then turned right around and did it,
6:28 am
the ride wasment thave a mission but the tied up traffic and broke countless laws. two bikers were injured in a dangerous ride. one critically. police are expected to release arrest numbers. a 14-year-old boy being treated after being shot. he was in the 1300 block of northwest #th place. the shooting may have been gang relayed. he was air lifted to nicklaus children's hospital but his condition is unknown. 2013 back up and running. users trying to log on overnight were greeted worth this screen that said something is technically wrong. thanks for noticing. we are going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon. twitter's mobile app is also back up and running. that's a look at some offerer tuesday morning headlines, lauren back over to you. now, at 6:32 exclusive details in the murder of a coral springs woman last summer.
6:29 am
evidence in the case against a man charged worth killing the mother of his child and dumping the body where he thought nobody would ever find it. >> reporter: coral springs police believe this surveillance video shows a murder suspect in the act of disposing of his victim. l is say this nearly three and a half minute video released by the broward state attorney's office shows enrique macotela driving on the morning of august 19. detectives compiled video from a dozen cameras at different businesses, homes and buses. that they say shows him ending up a the a spot along sample road leaving the body of magdalena weich in the woods. she was his girlfriend and moshe of his son and her body would be fund a day later after macotela record her mission. they combed through his minivan, the come's homeer vehicle, his storage unit numerous electronics. >> l is say on his phone they found evidence that he took photos of the same wooded area,
6:30 am
>> crime scene photos also show investigators looked at small cuts on her knuckles and chest, cuts that polices believe could have been caused by someone's fink fer nail. the evidence released by prosecutors also sheds light on who she was. by all accounts she was a devoted mother to the couple's son and her co-workers told police she was an outstanding employee and person. >> an excellent employee. extremely motivated. great team player. and extremely positive person. >> reporter: police say the couple's neighbors told detectives they heard heated arguments from the townhouse before she vanished. her co-workers said he kept a close eye on her and may have trade from their relationship. >> he waoverfolkive sometimes and a little control. that even though they had two vehicles sometimes he tad to bring her to work. >> co-workers said white told them he did not play an active
6:31 am
>> reporter: we wanted to get @a comment from the attorney on the cds the surveillance video the pictures taken bin the coral springs police. however we did not hear back from his attorney. he's being held with no bond in the broward county jail. intrude carey codd cbs4 this morning. a troubling sight at a wendy's restaurant in northwest miami-dade. three windows were shot out or broken by vandals. employees say that an alarm was triggered at 3:00 in the rning when the windows worry broken on northwest 27th avenue. on 119 street. a chas technician tells us that it caused thousands of dollars of damage. >> we see this on a regular basis. i mean, we're out running 24 hour calls. fixing broken windows they're breaking in family dollars. this has become a pretty big epidemic. >> employees say it's not happened here before. . they have surveillance cameras but they are inside.
6:32 am
call police. caught on camera police are look for a bug lar who's targeting vapor stores across broward. surveillance video from three different stores shows the thief breaking the dallas before storming in and stealing the cash drawer. on sunday morning the burglar smashed his way into vapor blade in the southland shopping center on state road 84. the store man ser said she is most surprised the thief ignored expensive merchandise like the bat a tanks and juices. >> that's where the value is is in all our equipment which is worth hundreds of dollars. and it was surprising that he only grabbed the register which had under 100. if you have informatioioon the burglaries you are urged to call broward county crime stop zer american prisoners held in iran are euniting worth their families. these are among the first
6:33 am
his reunion with family members is taking place in germany where doctors are checking him t after more than four years in cap. in all fivivwere released. including washington post reporter jason rezaian. >> robert 11son who disappeared in iran in 2007 while working for the cia on an unapproved intelligence mission was not part of the adopt if he's still alive he's the longsest held hostage in u.s. history. the enemy livers here in south florida. >> they appeared on cbs this morning yesterday. while they're happy for the enemies whose loved ones have been really they are disappointed he's been left behind. >> we had been promised that when the other people were released bob would be with them. >> we do not have evidence at this point as to where he is. we have been very clear about that. we are tracing every lead. >> the iranians have always
6:34 am
and straight ahead it looks like uber getting into another mode of transportation can they land you on your front lawn. >> we're seeing more kids taking s splements but do they really need them? this story straight ahead. >> plus caught on camera a police chase comes to a bizarre end. find out who else was in the car. >> i-95 drivers traffic alert for you heading northbound approaching miami gardens drive ththright lane was blocked off that's where you're seeing all these delays. but lt looked like that crash finally cleared up but it is going to be slow if you're about to grab those keys. we have a couple other issues we'll talk about after the break. >> grab jackets waking up worth a chilly 50s. as we head throughout the day forecast highs in the 60s. tonight will be chilly again worth the 50 but start to see a walling trend. >> i'm let you know when and why in my complete straight ahead. >> today we expect to learn new information about 15 south
6:35 am
africa after last
6:36 am
where one broward man was welcome back on the money watch this morning concern today for some hoverboard users over fake safety labels. plus trader joe's recalling one of its products. we're live from the new york
6:37 am
more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning lauren. trader joe's is issuing a all of raw cashews over salmonella concerns. it affects raw cashews packaged in clear non resealable bags. they were distributed in washington d.c. no illnesses have been record. the safety certification company underwriters laboratory is warning of counterfeit labels on swagway hoverboards. the fake of l labels appear on bottom of the hoverboard and the packaging. of ls is it has not evaluated the hoverboard and is not known if they comply with any safety requirements. we know for some people they're not safe label or not because they can't seem to stay standing on them. >> that's right. i'm one those people. >> i haven't even tried. i will not attempt a thing like that. so now we hear uber actually going off road no hoverboards r uber.
6:38 am
dance film festival your next uber ride could be on a. the ride sharing app is partnering with air bus to tackers mrazek from the salt lake city airport to park city for 2-$300. an suv will pick you and d et you to your ride in the sky. uber tersed on demand helicopter service between manhattan and the ham tennessee in 2013 -- in the hamptons in 2013. >> you take a car to the awaiting chopper. that pages more sense. thanks so much have a great day. good morning, south florida. we are work upping with another stunning -- waking up with another stunning sun rise. i feel okay and comfortable calling it a winter sky. still a couple clouds but no rain to speak of and dry worth the chilly 50s out there.
6:39 am
to yesterday in some spots. fit four for pompano beach and 55 in fort lauderdale. 56, miami. 50s down through the keys. 50degrees in weston and parkland. northwest of downtown, 53. and as we take allocate the rest of the state if you think it's cold here look at the 40s in central floriri. place. big bend right now with temperatures hovering just below the freezing mark. believe it or not on this day back on january 19, 1977 we had record cold lows in the 30s. in broward and dade county and even reports of snow flurries. there you see that 3 back to the miami herald back in 1977. january19th. snow flurries, record cold and check out this photo, wow, that is incredible. we can call it chilly but nowhere near as cold as what we
6:40 am
or what's going on around the rest of country. wait until you see the national pap. breeze out of the north 9-15 miles per hour. colder to the skin when you step outside. we still have ay clouds in the mid- to upper levels. if it went for the clouds temperatures would be colder. high pressure is in control. and today that means we'll continue with this cool dry stable air. weather pattern that will continue even through tomorrow but then high will be shifting to the south more of an east on shore know means a little milder tomorrow afternoon. some snow across portions other northern u.s. wet oaf on the west coast. the pacific northwest, california getting drenched. and as we take a look at the national temperature map, 1 degree in chicago. 5below minneapolis. d.c. 20s. atlanta, memphis, 37 in dallas. so very fortunate to be waking
6:41 am
certainly the envy of the nation with this weather. better small craft advisory sea heights 5-7 choppy. lows in the 50. some inland areas could get done to upper 40s. not as cool 72 degrees and sprinkles much milder thursday, 76. 78 scattered storms friday and another cold front ushers bullies in the 50s and highs in the 60s for the weekend. starting off on i-95, and that stalled car that had the right lane blocked off northbound at miami gardens drive cleared up. so both the nor bound and southbound into the golden glades interchange looking great. but we still have the dent on florida turnpike northbound at 112th avenue blocking the roadway. travel time almost half an hour from 288 street to thedon sh of
6:42 am
after that it slows down a bit as you approach around k%ndall drive and bird road up to # 3614 minutes for that commute. state ahead protein supplement are becoming wildly popular. >> yeah, but do children who are still developing really need them?
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much and can it do ah, this lucky boy... he has no idea what's coming. my taste - so huge, yet so unexpected. i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with a whole lotta creamy gooess! left! right! uppercut! leaving taste buds... deliciously dizzy! look! his tongue is knocked out!
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bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel.
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now, caught on camera a woman leads police on a chase. take a lookch. pursuit started when an officer noticed the suspect's car pulledory on the side of the road the eventually police got the car stopped by spinning it out. the woman sat inside her vehicle for about t another 15 mints. when see came out three dogs jumped out and began running across the freeway. the woman was ordered to get on the ground and finally arrested. three more dogs were later found inside the car. on the health watch protein supplements are becoming wildly popular. we're seeing more kids taking them. >> but do they really need them? how much is too much and can it be more harmful than good. here's what parents should know. >> joe orlando was a high school sophomore when ewanted to build muscle to improve his performance on the football field. so he stepped up his workout routine changed his diet and took protein supplement.
6:46 am
body was healthy and can take all the impact that was going on throughout the season. >> reporter: the results. >> when i started taking them i did notice that i was gaining muscle. >> reporter: not just athletes adding on more protein supplements experts say they're of they're seeing more kids taking them but do children who are still developing need it? a register dietitian says no. her first line of therapy is what see calls the good old fashioned way. through whole foods. >> for the average healthy add less and teenagers their through the diet. >> reporter: protein requirements largely depend on a child's weight, age and activity level. on average, children 9-13 need daily. that jumps to 52or boys 14-1 and-46 grams for girls those ages. more athletic children should consume slightly more.
6:47 am
needs through protein rich foods. >> if the child was taking in you know the 50 grams of protein that they need in a day, and then they took a protein superstition mountains leapt on top of that it codger them more protein than they need. >> reporter: too much can make your kidneys and liviv work harder than they should which can recrate helicopter risks. >> ed reardon is a certified knew frictionist and trainer is a food first fan, too. but he thinks the busy lives will impede the best of plans. >> kids want to get their protein from whole, affluenza recall food. it doesn't mesh worth reality. a lot ofimes what supplementing protein shakes, et cetera, they're going to have a very difficult time meeting the requirements. >> reporter: as a parent if you're interested in protein sum elements experts en in courage you to realabels watch out for products lack of diversity -- loaded with sugar.
6:48 am
what you can cell and control your home environment zer joe went on to play football in college and feels the supplements for necessary for him. >> i i'm not sure i would have got the full amount of protein my body needed. >> basically experts say your kids can get all the protein they neeat home but if they need lunch element first. >> as we head to break a live
6:49 am
>> here's a quick wrap up of the tuesday morning headlines in at least two bikes hospitalized and several arrested following a wild ride through south florida t. the wheels up guns down is becoming a dangerous tradition wit hundreds of bikers speeding and stunting. on monday one biker suffered a critical head injury in miami- dade. another man flew from his bike, in a crash in fort lauderdale. in hollywood police arrested 18- year-old man for recklessly driving a stolen dirt bike. and this morning, a 14-year- old boy is being treed after being shot. the shooting happened last night on the 1300 lock of northwest #th ace in florida city. witnesses say the shooting may have been gang relayed. the teen was air lifted to nicklaus children's hospital but his condition is unknown.
6:50 am
taliban has claimed responsibility for a bombing that killedsy ople in -- killed 11 people in pakistan. the dead include police, civilians and one child. >> another 17 people were wounded. and the entertainmfnt world is reacting to the sudden passing of glenn frey. he passed away in new york city due to multiple health problems. he was 67 years old. and now it's time for talk with joe, joe rose lye from the wqam studios this morning. australian open underway but no one's really talking about the matches but they're talking about match fixing from previous matches i'm not too surprised, joe, how about you? >> well, listen when it comes to money people do funny things. we've seen it in soccer in the past. it's hard for me to imagine, though, the top players in the world being involved in this. i can see some of the secondary
6:51 am
players some suv these top guys that are making 30, 40, 50, $60 million a year. >> you look at roger federer and these guys and some of the top players, djokovic these guys make so much money, the reason they d is they're really good. , the top ranked players they get all the endorsements. i can't imagine it would be some of those guysys but i could see some of the secondary matches being involved in this. were you got a chance to make a couple hundred thousand dollars for throwing a match. but it's definitely a black eye. way too much talk as they kick offer the first major of the year. we're sitting here talk about this. it's too bad. >> yeah, let's see if any investigation uncovers this, joe, thanks so much we'll talk to you tomorrow. >> you take care of yourself. a few minutes ago we saw the sun coming up the sky was beautiful. it is a gorgeous start crisp and cool.
6:52 am
now. miami fort lauderdale even for you in key west the here it is. walter and i said it at the same time. there is your spectacular sunrise. >> look act the colors of the sky. we head throughout the day we are seeing it will stay cool and breeee with the upper 60s tomorrow, though, temperatures begin to increase to of 72. milder as we get into thursday with the upper 70s warm by friday with wet weather. another cooldown for the weekend. my live shot has the same colors but bad. see purple and red and orange. 826 northbound at 114 you can see those right lanes are blocked off causing major delays on that northbound drive. here's a live look a little bit further south from that accidentthy is a live look at 103rd street just before that crash you're going to see heavy delays on the approach. that camera actually looks pretty c cl those clouds up there. >> silver lining. [laughter]
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