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tv   CBS 4 News at 5PM  CBS  January 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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aiai w w w a ion n b bnenen ee, , heheheheheheababt sh fofopepead, ititita daououe.e. teys s e e gg n ddd just breakg g g w. guns down, what does it have to do with anything? >> reporter: the director said he was disgusted. >> i'm ashamed as a citizen of miami-dade county forget about my job and mymy essionon m asasasas m mmimi and owowowowanansouth florora.a. e scscscnghihiagai >epeptetetetetetetea a eyeyadadroro arres an d d d d ddloicle s kehere30ts 74 v viclepode
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e riris impoununununununununs mpmp o o o o o oa a vehicle,otototth g$-$-0td to l l l l l lus up,p,p,p,p, gi u utitis. >>they hava bebebebebebebeplexex. e'reararererg g alal law enenfor r r actitititi nininininini meg right w, franknknknknknknk si >> re lele waaatd aerer s,ntntntweweweweermamamamata he broughthththt in wiwi adieb > anananan, , , ororororororororor s upup for a athery y he in usususthththththexexexrs heheheangegegege oh i i tonighghgh l l o oupupupwnwnwnwnwnwnwngo rididh
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tand d the only makakakakakakakakakakaknto the 5050ananananr as c cllllllllfr startw sh a a a d 5 5 5 with a a a a a a aigigigigout t t t t ere todadadadaale e meme seeeeclououuthehe th's's's's's's's's's's dididido o rmrm b b bsesedidi't vevevch suhi'r'r'r'rheowow 60s0s0s in n key , , , g t t t tgegegegege colder f f f f fe. he t_k. $&59 amiig thr r r e e tatatatatataabababwarmrmrmrmont-t-t-t-t- f fntnt comomomom a a w mimimimimimi y y c c c craraapepetutus y y y y y , , , , , d wewewer app p p p p youi-i-i- > noto newhealth
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confirmed three associated cases of the zika virus in florida. two are miami-dade residents who traveledo o o lumbiaiaiaiaiaiaia i i cembmbmbit's'srnhahae ununrdeveveved b b bs heheheiririririririr we needednow c c c c c cal decisisi advingrererererererere n n inm m avavininininin 1 1 1 1 1> l atatatatcacacakings s s ects a aededededededededededededededddnsns
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e veveededededededededed nenenenethe vi de b e threfaf d kingndnd ananalalalalalalalalal the g ampapapapa naldldldrururuususcecececececethe t @s@sah p p( ggesesp nane t sosososo f f. was jusseseo o trtrtrtr suppororrsrs h h h h he'e'honononononono t t t. rted tm m st. . y,y, heentsemt edumisdadadada
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rival,l,l,ed>> tedas a t t t you u n't t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t cacacacaplplplars on naor he'e'tiatatatand ro i i i i i iy, i dot t t spsphe two c a mpgnras alsot frfrhe c cpaign trtrtr ben carsrsg his cacaaigngngngngngngngngngngngngngngngngngngnafter a carrying a staffer and three serious accident. >> stay with us for campaign 2016 now through election day. a teenager i i the aligigigig ofter ]tulple wh
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supepepepepe h h. veveononhtht a a drdr's hth pici sahwhw s st threre titis s s s t renits mememrsrsbebebebebet his s de. eyll p p p p e e inin w w w w wt s gang relatat. . i feel l d ououououiti owh chihihi was bhtt o familyly apartrtrtrt owasasheey. i b and r r ry upupt t t t t cause e e e e e e e e haveves sese. . a b blet cks s onon is h h h h
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de as a w w w wsoso of th oooooos thththththyogegegegekidsds ananany y me a a a a c c c c c c cs it's a a traraststststs s s s toll onnus.s. they y y y y n yr, d in the enththththwhwhwe g gioioncncw w w w w w nykee e mmwakekeke risisp p agaiait dxsxsxsnanana
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>om t t triends sist, it was notototto ngng thehehehehohohohohoe e e ndndndndunman. w w y yr fafayou veomethihihi . e e e toheheheheheems om vain friy, r r rnow,olicave a good description to release, but they say they have some good leads. if you can help, call miami- dade crime stoppers we're live at children's hospital, cbs 4 news. >thanananananananan more t t t t ta a a dozezeh es a a h homomomomafa terr in n n weststfricananatatn ththled llow m msisisisisisi f f f f fe e e e e e e e e stst p ununy ch w we e e adadg t t t t papaght ked d d d nt o o o
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e e e e e 1 to a aagagagage. the e am i i iscscdududududutotototototourur ththda t t twher el t t stststst pininin communmtmtchchch mexin n tress s s who o uadede w wn n @t@tas r realed d d d d d t t t t t tet enananander r igigio shshshshshvestigatededicioioif m lauaug. veveige dlk hehehehehe r r r r ate teteila sisissss humblbl, , , maririri spspe irm els s rere n nmore fr r r nene
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rnededy y y ananniniouououou bororain but dn't't starelele thntnt he e e d d rarararara a a asp d hehe@i [ u n' t t . . . >> i w w wtoto s s s s s s s sfamimi. iv releleed as s s of a a isisis swap w w w wanananananananhent f fr r ars s pri & tenifd. 6& t t re e jueptetetee e tag ears i onn wasas ckd hehe sponononars ananananan wiwi f f feru,
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cocoues toto great al is sound. >> reporter: he said his marine training helped him through the ordeal. >> i tried my best to keep my hand up and with stand the pressures put on me, some were veryane unjustststststst unititgermrmrmrmrmrmanan totototototo r r r r r r rtotoeeeeeeeeeeeefathth w w w >> r rororr:r:r:cacat a uniteteobobobobobadmininiraraonon ians a aesesd r r ncncs s s s s nst t t t e e >> t ty anelelviewewisobama'a'l ofofats s s med d nghoseere e appppppppppfopr t t tcococomake t igigssd tsts
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eded p p peffectctctctct i irespspspspspsptotototototogege orididexexexexexher ststst. . . e e e a a a aonon to , , , , bobormof grouououn n ich 're opererininininin msmsthactitititiimimimnse be ununy. >asas`r`rill bebebebe ed i and de la j j j j ome,e, c c n n n nsumumumumrtrtndndnd e am. . deadldlro a bubu overtutu a a a a!ynsnsnsnsns nexex
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he mpapapapaf r. ghghatatatisis underery tetededede crash invovoing g g g g ununununpnbubu lifofofo. twtwwomememememememememememelelelelelele1818 passssgegencdidi d d d rashsh rara y y whwhwhwhwhlo controthd >>heheus chaha tp& neheze aitjessssss aeoepununed f fbehihh
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buslam g rigigigig. . rererererererengngngng nononononoehehehs s s s > > ck s srshis ste hetata a aressssththwatetetetetetetetetetet d ththafter gency y nageswitched thesourcecerom pto river toe money. more from flint. dozens of people demonstrated outside of rick schieder's home monday many say his slow response to the contaminated water is criminal. >> h hshshldldlde e itititit&&&&&backckr r ater s henehe
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y in f f fandingdutututut tetebottleled d d and aaaing daily tripipipipipipipipdididididididididirs to ter.r. stststststststgout ery y y ananananr. ave e e e doththnd w ianrtrtrtubthjourvavaasasd d ththmpmpmp- e e e id he e ldldplto @ driing g g t.t.t. &&&&hahaenenter wa ererergone're e inintotototo have e e e e lele, the pepeand d the e as the g g g g gwi ddtataed p p pghghrererexpececec p ptetete
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ofofmecycymomoh. dadadre frgencclatat but dedeed r rst y y y ararioioioiopdate onononl l l etet v nceded bacacit t tayayayl is lowesesle in rsrsrssdsdsdsdsdinininatatat sosososososososososososo b b bine,e, ld w w w w w ememememememememwnwnwnwnwn3.3.bububububububububububububububububuupupomomomw.w. uiuiuiuiuiuiuinunuouououououou
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heheheheheheheheheheempepepererereginsnsnsnsnsnspppqrqrqr het one is on n n bbthe and haveve anaelooke low w w this mningng as u' out the door, temperatures in the 50s across the board and the rmal low is 60. we had a lot of cloud cover. the atmosphere is colder tonight an it was last night. tonight's lows will be a degree owhahahasththththththththththtababbreeeeeeale e rangngf f f f ere. habeen k k@ingu teteteesigheat wa for c@ cover,r,e uld d d d n the s0d d d d thehehehehehehehey y y y y 62626262626262wewewewe e wiwiououououofof@ nnrtheas at. that's iorta. titiwe just t blulth wi speeeeeeeethe.
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stststhehehh o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o w wrerererererererererererererererere5050505050505050505050 d d 60s r miamam62. . and the atur aroun@ state noreal@colt ftr8j8j8j8j8j5252qese osely. ere's that dof higand mid-level clouds going through that keeps the temperatures kind of cool again for the first half of the day tomorrow. this developing system out west is going to be a big headline weather maker. we'll talk about that. arctic giving us the colder air. by tomorrow, it slides off of the eastern sea board. the storm moving into the middle of the country. that's our next cold front coming in on friday giving us a cooler weeeend that stwrm could
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have any travel plans this weekend, you can stay close to the forecast there. a chilly breeze. 40s in the suburbs. tomorrow a cold morning but a milder aftftnoon temperatures around 72. the marine forecast calling for winds to 10-15. here's your out look. a couple of milder days, storms around on friday and a clear and cooler weekend. now a cbs 4 news exclusive. he says he's witnessed mentally-ill inmates bng beaten and@s@srved. he i iexexexexexexexexexexexexexexexexexexexexexexexexexeswiwiwi a aewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewew b b b b b b
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e!dthe`shower andyou begin to hear? tell me the words you heard. >> it takes about a minute for the shot to get on full hot. he was yelling get my out of here and he was kicking the or ckinthe door 4& ntt to elet andt g and h h hyse'u wiessesese ams ththththlterer a code e silenen he beeves cononk b rrcrbtananpes teppryryry a a veigatioh th letter ntnthie yn him bhinin i i questo fininininanswers to a ath utqlficially unrfsve re than 3 years later. . . me toninini 6p.p.p ..hankou 'l'l'l'latching@ cong uxtxtndows shot out
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a a a w isisat revevls h i i tneded susur r r r r d d the w w rnrng gggfrfrnvolving a owing g am > babababa stuck i i icotae e e e e ararving >a jury idecicingheatat f fmer.r.r.inininin tduduo,tototototothe e e e tetetetetetetei-dade o mtho n ororance
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at andndndororororor eeck. onsur ` thehehe first d d d d df f f tata filinghsson to we ld yoammers t ting g totototo ntagagthrnugh!h!phonononcard >> i i i i i i i i i i ing t t ts
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aunchihi newampaigigigigigigigigigtototototototo>> t trsrsrsrscacaing meme this realal d ddddd&&&&scscscsc@rbrinalal n'boe.&&&&&&ouhingnghhthththththing g i iim oney. . . . . or s s s s d d d ldn't t t think back. $& as informing me they were filing a warrant for my arrest. >> he sent the money with prepaid debit cards, the total, and hehehearar f f ale.
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tet t t vebboboasonscatatatt thth rt. s s s s t d d d d the e e r ards a i iis)n)n knownf they cy with setrerereemen >>fliberations u ufrfor a &&&cicici f finininchars path l lh des eor r ners befhjs rest i iludedet,ey@ aunri accpaign n n h t the urthththththh at enededourt today.! ty spent t ou1/1/ururur dederatiutut thej oot t h ict so t t tllll be bbck in he morng.g. t xaxatod anototr nit aiif he wille a ee mbn to p pn.,tyihesesnd d c crgrgrgrgrg
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