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tv   CBS 4 News at 11PM  CBS  January 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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yous and dididididi > > > w w w wn n n breaking newss inteatatnal rport where isisays s jujuo theheinin a aetetetetetet b bdge.e.e.e.e. k k heheictus w w g e e e ofofofofininininininhit t t t t t t idge. >>pped adnoclr r nynye wawawahu we have e e cal airprpt t t to brititi airwawa. nononeneneneneneddououwiwise b s t. one e ghtetethe rcrcle m m m mthat t t t t t tetetetawawawawawmeme ic could have nenenenenenene better. k k k ststste ananererererer
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0rororr: eugh h ugh wawawawawawaage. rorororoexexyears s ffhila esys ththlawlwlwlwlwlwlcounty martin ering g y y not go a a a aththp p oward d d d d d d d dade --wantnto tr minimimimimimim an w w w w dydydy araratatplplraraicananwes s in placece to o o drs itit nt ar. r:r:r:r:r:r:r:e s s` n n nckckckck. cececece do t t t t t t t t t t tthththththth b bause i i i t t t t t t d dgegegegege bububu is o o o o o o o put t t t t t t t t t @ whwh tdodo o o b b b b b b b b
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vivivivivieye d. >> r r rter:r:r:r:adadcopsps whwhwhnnhehehehehe inininororor p p p p untyililci oeto cho t ty oacacvivi. basic orornizatiti. . . inward -- opefefly`` these e ghtststs fi i g g g g n hahang to e e itititititiders w whavetotososotete d d d d d rse d fortrtrtarararar >epeptetehihiyeyeyemi olmake atsd d nfiscatetetetes s s d . writererers s rereaim eihihi ing.g.g. e e ardlice e
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cocoisisted fiveiririrs,s,nanaedededed guya mumumumuarararananananher onrandt . there will be a lot of planning going on in this buildinand in broward county and around the two counties but the bikers were retrieving the bikes -- they will be back ne y y y tonightht stark k grmemeerboboofheou iranan tototoththwhwtwtwtwtwtwtwtidid b b levivivi m mere e afalal hihihihihisosososososasasasasasasasasaxactlylylylylylylylylyere momo from m rerecocococo >> reporter: bob levinson's case took center stage at the white house briefing -- briefing of why he was not included in the group of five americans released over the weekend. they told reporters that levinson was not among those reunited with family.
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is no longer in iran. thth is why we continue to press for the information about his whereabouts. >> reporter: levinson's son dan believes the iranian government can and should s sd him home. >> there's nowhere -- no way that they do not know what happened to him and where he is right now. >> reporter: he vanished in 2007 while working for the cia. he was lt seen on a small iranian island. his family received a video and photos of him showing he was being held. since then no pictures but the family believes he is still alive. the white house says they are committed to bringing him home and made a part of the nuclear deal >> one of the things that was secured in this agreement was as his -- specific commitmenen from the iranians to help us locate him. >> reporter: they fear that with the deal completed and sanctions lifted there's left
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levinson's release.hehesesese they cannot abandon him and we are nok to go ay a will stounhes hnme. epeptur: t ty arted >an: lled w w t breakingngewou eae b dinherefzer j`hmme. tijehareananananant i i been n agagagit here e e @was s g kill l l l l hersrsrsrs she made on n atatents about hehechild and r meme thisnortt t ird d theoy dead i i
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stststn@have e e e e a aested. happened aa tom utatioei video shows them targeting two women that are pumping gas. you see one victim fighting back. they are facing charges of attempted carjacking and alluding police. > > s nene oaid d ererererhfor genenal of repupupupu c c c c c c c ce e e e e e e e e e e e e - - - - - private e aiaiaiaiaiai servrvrvrvrvryrytitiononstst 0&0&0&0&0&0&ththth e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e stststststststst p-s-srerethey wiririririrll ial l acss p cln n n aigngn w wcmcmasasasasasas bebetodpondndo o o o cricist thrver said thisiss s otototpapaank
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dodoemememememarararararararar. . . . ororororor ortega's liveveveveveveveve i ithththth newswsws wititlololot t g g g g g g g g g g g g gbernieandedededeccororororo popoututututd c c c cw shshshshshshinheeaeaumqs ing t t vz i i opop&ememea a >>nininininies of a a n n n npresldldrump-$$ repr: t00000000 by t t t tprestitiop e e e e edededntd d d d d d d d d popo beheheheh hehed d that s s sastotondndse m m mi i he e e e e e thahahaha has enli- guo where susu tha ne s s sn n n
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hmt tandesesavnuckide. amomomomo t t issueueueueueueue d d d----ererr r @of ka himimimor t t tg g g ststngngngngng statatanst t pppp mimiatio d dt,t,ilitararar overseas.s. > hwiwiwiwi billllorhehehe t t t t t t wil l l l l l l l l l l l l we a aayayayayayayayfofofofofosqsqsq asureshahahaeeeeeegoininonorghghgainh r r r anangagasth likeke h hef itit$& rr: t cococoonon hisamamigigtrl ip ing ep`ted uzuz e e gogogogo of iowa is s g g g for theefea t tz z i b bveululbe nistake for susuoror e pololol c cntntntntntntnt
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ni:cclilili to o ea on n n the sese wiheheerernt s satading the e e e e e e ry of f f f f f f stbyby7 7 7 7 popots. 3%3%3%3%3% iowa caucuses begin february 1 weather new hampshire primary is scheduled first february 9. cbs 4 news tonight. b timing for sarah palin to be in iowa announcing her enenrsrsrsrsrsrs baba h he ininlalalar r sosososososososososounder ararararwiththtititi violen. a polilililit sasasackck hihiasasast and ldldldt ririe e e e hhhehe hehepepe t t tigig >>was t t t t t cacacacaca t t t t t t t tngngng vor frfrfrfr c c c c c cacaaigngngngnieininnene i i . . . . e e e e e e -year-r-d wawawaone e e e e e e e peoplelelea a a a hihia a
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^nleright he s spppppppp ohi tititi throuououoummrow.w.w.w.sesesende hed the coa i isu`i search h maririririing the t t i. marinenewewewewe hehes lllledn n $& thursdsd.. guarararararararararcocococo l for r r raftftftftbrisisisis t treref sisi t marares. . > > > > > > a a a a a healthth cases s t t viriririririririnked d irefeft hbve been flolo. . . itca t t z za a a irus ititititititlililiir thth cononrmrm c cfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrenenenenenhaha lumbia
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do not wanantoto scare pepepepeut we e neneededede e . rsorororea cocororoisprprprpr --men to a a a t t tl s inh > tototo is a or breaea dadadawrn n vlvlhd wwwwetlothis wewewewehavencncble e orororxtxtxtxtxt mfefefefefefefefefefefe w w w w w w whehehehehe badad energigi rovov nonoriris s mimii i nanaioioioiouiuiuiuiuihtht ndndndndndndndndnd w w w w owner c csese t t t t t t t tdownwn > jufoxxalkingboutmamain a burninini truck. . enititititit c c cs s llllllllllugugugugilje t t t
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faere weweouyeyes todadadadada we are hearing from actor mie foxx for the first time since he saved a man from m a burning car. it happened last night on the yards away from thactor's home in california. a man driving nearby was speeding when his car flipped over and bursts into flames. that's when fox and another
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windd@cut theanut o e seatm frrol e mamamama ion't lt i i h hoic i ststk atatatatatatat i i i t t t t t t ted without iotoo far tot itllord - didnavto itit like i s s s s w w w w w hope that t t t t t can uomeg wh time e is $& tht the ques wf or do o ear r@r@r@. say t dr was s ateathe hospital and stor dvi under@the inininine.e. todememitioioday a a a a i i bebebemawith s s s s s s blk cobar owowowowades
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epor ami momow lalala densnsnsrorororkrkrkrk timimim ididididory y y y tfroon f f ft $-ler inhhixoununincael. hi bought by chicken kitchen magnate whose first renovation was spiritual. >> my wife had igigr,r,r,r,r,r, ananesesthe e e e ntnt t t tadadrgy e e ooe somemeing ve n n n n n n n n n n n n n n>>orter:r:r:r: prororuto snap l >>o doari t tned uttttttt t(at me ate e next
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rsrseaeangngngng i i bubububutitititin seset. garyryryryryry4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 onight. . > hugege r i itatae ervovovo t dodododont choicesestehe a a atsarentsts marararar outside the e e ta thththththththtetetetetenini t t t t t drdr t lawawawhamgmg e voucva. . ey sayit t teses o 1s a ae e hoososr r g gtoto fututututuer i i iami-i-i-i-i-dade cououy y y y y haha theyeyre hopththth ers s n nasasasasasstrictctnsnsnsnse right t t handvivithththth c they w wldeeunla a ed.
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entutulylyto ss s 8$& the e dpn p p prpr c cteininininntnt mymymy fivivivivivivivononoeoeoeoeoetoe --ealo p. . . . . ikes shorts. is m m m mwawaed p pts. w w wcan pupuoo b -- then we will have to do the long pants by the weekend. we are going to get a couple of warmer days mixed in between there. where were you on this day 39 years ago? you guys werenen even born yet. ontatete 3 snowed in i. at's not a m eaeaeaeaeais wasasananmemememeheheheheheamamnewsws atasasas h hdldldldl. owowowow imiami.i. ththr r io glimpseseseseseseseseseselookokokikikikikikik
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we will l l l l l l l l l l l l er east a a am-m-m-m-m-upupy afafafafafafafafafafafthururur will be m md d d elelelelel l l ljdjdt lllle e e e e e e stststststcee e rowill get i itate fdadae e e c c c c c turururururto ar r nohethtstse e heavy foe e lantthe e nohehe l vevee momo" coasas in montntntntmorrrrrrrr t t d dr utut ononononayomom i i i ie.e.e.e.e.e.e.e.e.e.e. maybe e ared tomomoowowowauau he misosososothththththth. 3 3 5 5sese. rererere yououfoththththththth ref . ldororngom 7 he anoh
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naldlds going t t t ththdriviviviviviv e e eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetrtrk kekekekekekeke
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trtr rollingngngngngng o or veral titiand hehehethe ivivivlying ne authororieieieyy t t drir r r r r r r r and amazazlylyinorornjnjnjnjnjnjnjnj >> caiyn jenner has signed a book deal. she will document the journey from becoming a man to a woman and it will be out sometime next year. we have tracked down the greatest or grgrsest bedtimeme de dodo's i illllgco cococo#f i ipa jsome
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auststlilin.n.n. > j rtrt is s s s s s nononoin.. rara a the e ung king flfln ououfastp aftftftftftfts s . totoexexodeses tthe d dn n rereren n n n n n n "d"dble e diditsts firstalal other aaaa butthe atatats s s s s ayiningreaeat t nobody`elslslsls h hsosososooioioioi h hhn heheheose1-chchchbobo i i it t t t t l. >>ulrkouou b be arararakatatrea. weweweweweat at t memes.` d dpespaun't d a c c c g g
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hehehehe northern h h hscscscscscscior ririri heheilililil in chchchma mararar mmititititititititititititititit erertytytymii.i.i.i.i.chararrs have ppcaca c cngngng theieieieio o e e e s s s s chchgersrs millilin$8$8llllllininfifififirsrsrsrsrstes s s toe.e.e.e.e.they j jt t ltermrm rarararathth's's'se marlins.s. w wt t m me uurererehehe ayay i i i you u u mameme s s orhat i t keheh oerhat t
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ne thihihir r whwhe. >>trust see e serererererwiwiiaia l l l l l y. here is the forehandnd a a n p me.thfy are challenged that all
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sets thanan fororororororusus dodot t for r e
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