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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  January 19, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EST

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remember to join us in th >> stephen colbert! >> stephen: thanks, everybody. captioning sponsored by cbs dr5n:*heylcoco& "thehlhl11stststststststststst s s s s!sth$-$-$- 3tephen::: thaha every thun rsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrs 's's you uc
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ts w hthththththththt e e e hehe y y snee,o ezez saundh thth's'soo badad u,u,u,s so e kie ect for r $&ef isisalal b d d d d @yccan@grow flowers, you can ow food. and once nasa can grow food in space, they'll really save on delivery. ( laughter ) and yet, even this historic milestone was overshadowed this weekend by what i believe is an even greater technologicalhihit:t:t:t:t:ngngacacnenethckn a trtrpoponenene rerettttt th ast ur e wewewe h h hchchchheturererrininmimimimimi sce isisisjuststwawawa briris. ( lalaht
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ayt's a k in a m m m m m m m mtouorrwhwhwhowowininininth a acindock k a a a ae cordrd dreaeaeap yku say?? > jd bifetoioi. stehat would d : i'mm( (a ) >>tete b b b b l l l l l l l ientntntntntres t(i(i with aosososososos j j j j o of w w w w w w hihihihihihihihihihihihihimean, rerere l l l l t t to. withththe'e'prprouess s s s ru itstststs m m mrsrsrsrshehehet t i i o o o oe. atatatststststvebemel p p phrhrhrdedededededede vishnununuam becece bricicicicrolice ( laer anow, ll up p p p t wititdddddddd thehe w w w wth rogog mimimimimimimi r rdwith$&
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try nger, margo o o e.chchrs a a applaususus head,,,,, minhetelevisi debut tonighghghghghghghghghghghghghghghgh0iyou've seen her on tv before, either you're lying or she is. ( band playing ) othese sweet vibrations are the sound ofisisisistatahuma ry
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says r r rararararararalalalghghghghububcocod d d ususususususususususus few ntntntnty. ltexec]vysr fligigs toararrfrfrfrfrfyeye ght, s selmemeroro t't't'wawany i i il d d..... pieie nd m hhh pererrmanan b mamamamariririri featururururonatatatatat stayyy man.n.n.n.n.n.wwt'sseor " "e e teteteshshshshshshshshshshshshsh!!!rslaus) phthananan m ,,
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enn wasne omeof tled ththand io t teeedadadada mom fre for ga m mere'st h h g s sgspererereryo kjoww ( chchrsrspp on::::eaeaeaeaea rara y y y t youome youououou . w wve b b b o o r rgences fofofofofofofo n...... aardd th what sryc the f f f shoanred t tasas too r r r r r r r de ititit
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ititrereoyssooooooed d gasls kininininin ayou u u u u u u u u o oeieieieieieeee theheoooo and t t t not too hher.... d dhh a abodydy all ttt untilhe v vy lasttttt song, and someh over on the girls' side, and the d.j. goes," and it's our last song, and it's a slow one." and put on "desperado" which is the perfect last song in an eighth grade dance when you have danced witno one. ( laughter ) becauseeasas "theeerara ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( andas sooooooooooooeeeeeeee ndnd "despspadadtarted playayayayayayayay giriririririririrlready k k k k k k namemed w w w w w w s s s sihisssss thisisis myeeeg. iai "y, , - l nce canan&&&( lalaht sure
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d i ihe firiririririr t teeeever hadadyyrmsssrororororollllin myirir l l l l l l ustdunununununununununun onononononononononon d d d d flolololootototot kwingng rr t t thehehehehehehehehe anananananan l l lhahahaha d d d asneneneetst b e eeses m m lili..... an t d d,,, took,vevepar( ( ( ( erer anananananld notavavav happeped, ititouldaveeeeap.( ( eeeeeend apppppppp -- i i t tnk wou rereoducucucucucuc s havv pdaat atatatatatatat f fst t t t t t t t t yoyokn,,,wing howowowooutut o o o o o onynynynynynynyay t ititit l l l touououououououououou opopopexexexex
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soso, , , f fy.y ua seeimo.( ( pl )pppp you k always c c c c c c cp,p,p,etflix?it g g6 pepepepe it't't't't't' u ususyour b b beaeaernamehp th yonononk a good m m. no, ]ou u u u have thanktflix x s s enenenenit i i i the ltural lexexononononon "n"nflfl a a ahill."."t on in n n in.c.r.rananany y mp" nener r r r r r r r ) ) thanknknknknknnre lahtwithththmaices onn nelix,x,t t t bebeard totode e e e allylyly ou wchchdo p pisisis""withthelelelelimmeme$& asc c isise ofofraraererit lslslsrahhh m just foetflfl altogegegegegegecucu up wiwi a a a a aododike "sfar," ththauauauographphphphelelelelelelr? nono? bubu n n wayay elp p u u nd e e e e w wt seetetetet pregottriwe mighththt(((((t t t t t eaeay wawa t tgege
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you can imagine.e. the codes are available online. they let you narrow down to really specific things, like "critically acclaimed british fros,acti and advtutu fto d d course,e, avo usnsffululululul onononook."" cicrara.t seririslslslslslslsl revolutioiozezezezezeatatatatflfl, comparar t twe watch n n n n n n nu u u u u n hoururbebebe p p p p u u u u uyou leftofofatatatatatatatathehe epepwo m mututututr. nenenenenenene it ends. htht )y usths nreses l ty f f ntntnttftftfm, you're e erererer
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ouououemem eyanantotototohe rlrlrlrlyessss( banddpla ) ) app)) >tephene e e omomomomomomomomomerererererererer iruest tonight ms " " "fic riririndndnd- "hororororbobo,",",","s s eee thehetataf "i"i"i"i phxliaiaia t b d d d d d( a a a a ara not
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so yououou race denni'm'm racacacacac rrrrrr m ing g r re f t t u see,,,,,,,t night t!tyanatatahthteee a aommunini, ,,,, h h h h hrsrsgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgr s sps.. uououououo t t t t m m autsese sweetexexexex a a angngex, ,s! >: welelelar >> lethem go. let them go. don't stop! >> stephen: people love the charlie day. >> it's a good thing. >> steph: you look very debonair. you also look european right now. >> if i had a thin 'st,
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>grul, "a"abnynynyny w wplplplplpl ce >e d tephen ppl how i feeee ososos t tre? diddouou g t t tnd a sp weeouououou about i i o o o o o o o p(p(: did you k k k katat? n n ne w weeenvnvnv... o o tolol u u acacacacacacac thehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe y,y,y,y,y,y,y,hhh thehe g g g g g g g g t tddde and saidhey,y,y,y, y y y y y know wee n rdrd sososososososo weisisisisishehehehehehehe, yetephphpha.'she p p p p p p phohoerds. alalale e opeyus t y y y y y>>tephphyou'reototot p ppl.>eaea@well,veer onon@ u vedeee "peophhh p p p p o!i!i c c c c c cughyou'u'u'u'u'bleeeeeee s s s s s$& a a aatatategegegeg stephenenenananyou vfryry mumu. totoatatatatatayaye f f.isisistrtrtrououout t t pilil is00hh somomfrfrfre s s s sotototot
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a aors h xactct. stephenenenenenottt inin really? >hehehe needededede a a.........aiweweaveo smein--2w?"?" plhohingss andnd thehehe en(e$& $20000 > y y w wen't weweememlilililililililililililiids th camererer runninini a aunun phphphhgh ext ininweweno i isssssssssss yearsrsn an we'e'e'e'oioiw.w.>> stephphphphphphphph y y're e hehehehe seaight n n. ea bkekekepr 1??...... tetetetetee peopopopopopop owowre h h h peoplpl eaea tetetete they'rererereblblnnn hardrdfterer1ears---- thererererere h hriririeoe w just rrrreoe.e. guys!s!
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m mininhe worstststste oioes s lime?e?>>o. n n n e not'r ing t t t t t t t t te,e,omomomom offffeseseses p p p p p >> no,o, a a a ayy not.i t t showhahaha leolololololol a a a a a a a a a aococtyty w w w it. t tngsp popopopopopeeeee makakakakakakak tererbl ep i t, d d-- w didid i inn ououououououou s s sn,@proem thth violenc and guess 00ears later, we're like this is still an issue. let's do another episode about it. >> stephen: in season two, two of you got addicted to crack. >> yfah, yeah. >> stephen: that's very hard to raise the bar. >> yeah. >> stephen: are there any times that you-- one of the gsgsgsgsgs >uessssss a aund,d,d,d,d, ou s sphph: wha phh, i lieieis.> y y yananeeoide 0it.0sph::::::had'o cy.
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orever( ( ( hter ).) >enthat w b b b b nini, , , , , , , t t t t t t t ititjujujujujuce it. >ear,ckck r rk.aaaa s s s s: : : ,,hhhhxaxaxa............$$nonononononononono thihisssss l l labababababababababww clearlylylyly e is s sererererer >> n n n >titiour shsh. s s s s s s s snybody comein and sayayay "gugu,,,ouou c c c c c jokee about that." you ththghghghghgh fun a a aoudodot c cee h h h o o w wererer > d d'tveveveveveveveveve i i irealeti$& s sphph: : : : sx,x,x,x, erererer ann aitnalx," and nobody know where's we are. one more "x," and it's all porno. >> exactly. they didn't know we won a major award. >> stephen: the network didn't know, either? no. or if they did, shame ow. ( laughter ) i'm calling them out, which i shouldn't do, because they've done a great job with the show. don't cancel it. >> stephen: is there any moment you were like, gob, i wish they would keep us from
11:58 pm
someone should stop me from doing this joke? >>eah, this year in the jacuzzi sex joke, i got pretty naked, the and that-- that's the first time i was like, "oh, somebody stop this. somebody come in and get me out of this one." >> stephen: yeah, yeah. i find the fewer clothes i have on, the less erotic it gets. >> without a d dbt. >> stephen: the older i get the more that's the case. let's keep this sexy. let's put a parka on me. ( laughter ) can i ask you a qstion about another project that you did that i really enjoyed. >> pase. >> stephen: because i'm also a big began of guillermo el toro. "p"pificim." u re ofdhe t%cuyey "phrimh& righ&1sphbaobotototototototototototototototototototothh
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at are t t tggg uuuuuuiziz o o cities, why nakeobts er t@a@mhhave tfight tonsterererer ys them? s g gddd poioi. >> stephen: give wpon ororororororororororororororororor/>/>/> can of bug spray. >> stephen: a sharp be would be nice air, broken bottle would be fun. >> don't have the fix for that one. i did not write the movie. >> stephen: but there's going to be a "pacific rism 2" right? >> come on. >> stephen: there is. they d d d d delelelat yououou ither.@ >> ty ddelelel na. &s&s&sfnfnyou'0ilhehehe t t tie mad, $n.n.n.$p$p$pdays shehere l l l " " ",at soso we' k wist o s s ododuckiteaeannnn 1 1 gogogo l l w "cific and gok k k k k k rackioio
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narrrror: p p heaeahchce.go e e adjanu31st cheersrsnd a a a ae )chchrsrsndndndndndpplausus)))) >> stephph: w w wmeme yoyoyoyo a aseddddom dddddenen jususus n n. r--h.eeee andnd a`p)ly a`p`p`png thestayayayaye yeyeebonegef dhcsvivi@egns evr now, we e n'n'kn^e^e^e^e^e^et inhe big
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my money's on football teams. but we do know who the star of superbowl 50 will be. i'll give you a hint. he's got two thumbs and is me. because right after the game, i will be a a ececl l l "late showowowowowanannnnnnne momomomomoededoohe last t ininininina seeses sing intnta a a a a coco.......night i'm m oud d kic ofo mymymymyost-t-t-t-bowl roo ththsupepew: cococoowowtototo l l the popogame p p pewewlate s sww vi ( ( sspplalae e e e > t tt't' w wt't't'enenenriri t tre.. !!soso we'e'e'ng i lililili is s s s ee thahahahahahahahahahehe ninini b bl l,l,t' h@ ith phe
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uuuu, ceee isu saykscbcbcbcb erereeee and a a a a a a a kkkaiaiaiai qh@k r:r:r:r: i i n't t t t l l aboutll, , , d d d d d d s soooooooooooooox'ssperadadririttttt t t t t etetetetetetetet it's g g g gooooetetr! d d sososoalalal intotohehehehe ininininenhe, dodoot meo "" t thesesda a a over the l. h hhly y y otababababe wasasasrererereprpros f f fcbcbcbcbcbcbcbcbcbcb td.d.d.d.d. oo ususujyjyif y s s syohahaduririri ot're e thth ing new w w d in a a a a c c c cr aanvnvd d rdrdryryryryry eaving t tt onononr r r ps..
12:06 am
uuuyuy wead >>tephph: meoeoeoeoeo..... game w wt inininrte,e,nd there e e e jor contveveveveer the coininlip. the itp,p,ndndwn, sososowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ipipipipverrrdon't t enenenenhohohou dododododododo 0 0 ararararararefefefef'v'v'v'v'vtake a ah. p pkeddpp c cn,n,n,flflpepepepesadloilalald o o oememhhhhhhdininstugugugugugugug s.efidha-f a an.f.l.posmans nohehe lebobo that aedp.p.p.thththalso n nng t td says the e f couldndn pvlqn behind the quarterback's ear. ( cheers and applause ) what's this, aaron rodgers? the cardinals won the toss both times and clinched the game on
12:07 am
and the packerererernononoppy.y.y.y.y.y.y. w shongeaeaeaea soo cacaededaiai d d dt ip j j j j j j j` hehehe a did nonono o o a it g gunun e obouslslthououououatat---heheheheheheheheininininininininininin d ititittatatatand t td d d ititit g g g g g g g g g g chanan t t t t t te-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e- bububuononsitetete was"csing c c c c c c c c c c c c cararar supupupd d bebebee e e omomct y y y y y
12:08 am
at 5babababaitit a t t t t t tisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisis i i ildikikikikltltlttivesdedededeho g g g g g g g g ghehe m m m maiaiaiaiai t t tototot[toioioioioioioioioilllllllllllltototototototoee ) ) )apapapapap t ts?s?atatf eaeaeaeaeaeaeasesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesesests,s,s,s,hohoererererererttt thththgogogogogogogogogogobabababa d d d d d d d d d d d d d orororeaeaeacafi eiteamameserererere e
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ssssssssssss rorororo u u u u u u uazazazaz tiveveveveveveonnca arararar theeemmalalalalalalalalalalalalalal nononodow."""e fofofofofofoplayanananernd oveve agail anan mcdcdl fall in l le e e e hem.m. jrnette yet takeke page jrjrininhavehe ref sst0t kshtthe ba i i qm says, "l l tts o be terer we'll beight back with colin hanks. that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus.
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hehehe ananyorulelelea a 16 l l l l l l l l l$289898989ur l l l l deaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaea....ldldheheheheheheallslslslslslslslslslslslslslsththththththdoubububububube e e e e e e y'y'y'n n n n n n n r rhthtoe e m mplaces. fffnjr you sh huhu sti ave nanaed i i i yoyore wrong, it'shat way.y.y. ha, , , ha t-mobile'sxtenend rangeee ltltreaches ice , ananan 4 4)mesteininy.ilhin'
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c.c.c.c.c.c.c.c.c.c.c.c.c.c.c.c.lalalalala-daarhehemy oay
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es`he e e e e e t day,d d y.y. y y y y y y from.... ( ( eersppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppwewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewen n n tetetete$"eseses owuruoou prer? >> pressure, lotf loti. u know, dsssse le a sad. e like an.
12:13 am
topll ksy.y. a!hhh. i loveve you,oney >> i love you, too.( ((rag ) ) screams )... tttidid g g g g g souy, baba i'i'i' w w w w w w ttt@l@l@leeerender. >> shohohohohohohoutututututututututut srydddddddddddddpleaea
12:14 am
ix ip.ooajd dlasdthc. o toay.p >en t@mh se. ngtutaononh"life pieces." i fefl l lee're brotierou now in the columbia broadcasting system. >> stephen: we are coworkers now. >> yeah. >> stephen: and any touching i do of you has to be welcome. i read the handbook. >> yes, page 84. ( laughter ). >> stephen: so if i even go, "hey, how you feeling, you seem tense," let me know if that's welcome. >> okay, okay. >> stephen: tell me about "life in pieces." how many broke girls aren it? >> i'm very fortunate in that i'm surrounded by incredibly talented people on that show, zoe lister jones, who plays my wife, who you saw in the clip. we have jim brolin and diane weist-- >> i have to tell you, one of my favorite things about the show is i have an enormous cru on diane weist. >> that will hopefully continue. >> stephen: yeah, no, no. she's so charming. i love diane weist.
12:15 am
anything she asks, you just want to go, "yes." oh, is this okay? >> stephen: >> stephen: this is perfectly fine. you're in character now. >> i'm in character. >> stephen: as with diane weist, it's very welcome. you're a new dad in "life in pieces." but you're also the dad of young kids. have any actual stories of your life ended up on the show? >> yeah. >> stephen: have you used that experience? >> yes, inin the pilot episode, we-- we-- prior to the pilot,un, pilots are very specific things. they're gone through with a fine-toothed comb because it's got to be perfect because that's going to be the-- you know, people are going to judge that one episode and say, "do we want to make" you know, hopefully in our case "2,000 more episodes?" we had a meeting in which we were talking about the unique nature of the show bause it's four short stories, and each one focuses on different members of this multigenerational family.
12:16 am
moments from everyone's lives, that then paint a grester picture of what family life is like. it's actually very sweet and very funny. and i had told this story about when i took my firstborn daughter, with my wife, home from the hospital. and we basically cried the entire way home. they were -- >> with joy? >> with joy. i always-- i alws have to preface with nothing but utter joy. just crying tears of just, "i'm so hpy!" and i told that story the very next day, there were revisions sent to me with that written in. and i'm look, okay, but we're never going to shoot that. we shot it. >> stephen: did you tell your wife that you had shared this story? >> i did. and she said, "you have to stop telling them these stories." because they ended up putting it in the pilot. >> stephen: i'll tell you what my wife looked like when@she was having the baby, okay. she had her feet nupt stir ups-- >> you cannot tell those stories.
12:17 am
to be very careful with the story. >> stephen: did you have this reaction? i had this reaction when they gave us our baby, my first child, i could not understand why we were allowed to leave with her. ( laughter ). >> well, that's the great thing. they really--there's no real class. they don't -- >> no! >> they don't check to make sure you're prepared. like, they'll -- >> andnd it's 24 hours later, and there's the door, buddy. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> stephen: don't let the door hit you with the baby split you. ( laughter ) ( applause ) >> i had to go through more training to drive the car home than i did to have the baby for the rest of my life. >> stephen: now, but you play a dad, and you've got a little baby on the show. do you ever go like, "the baby is dirty. i have to change her." do you mistake-- >> no, because when it's not your baby, you do not care. ( laughter ) ( applause ) you do not care. >> stephen: that's so true.
12:18 am
what is-- what is that small, dirty thing on the floor over there? >> don't care. >> stephen: it's not my child. >> oh, this baby is crying. here, take it. >> stephen: you also make documentaries. >> i do. >> stephen: you have a new documentary coming out. it's being released today. >> it came out on itunes. it's called "all things must pass." it's about the rise and fall of tower records. >> stephen: tower records was such a huge thing when i was younger. i understand you applied for a job at tower records. >> twice. i applied twice. both times i scwd for an application, and i guy said to me ( size ) "another look, i can give this to you. and you could fill it out. but i'm just gonna put it on the bottom of a stack this thick, and we're not even hiring. so if you want to fill it out, knock yourself out." that. ( laughter ) at two different locations. documentary revenge? because they're gone now. they're gone.
12:19 am
and here you are, still ridein 'high. >> if only th had hired him, their story would have turned out differently. >> tephen: this is not your first documentary. you also did one about the san francisco giants. >> yes. >> stephen: had a-- had a-- >> they had a mascot. >> stephen: a mascot that was an anti-mascot. >> yes. >> stephen: what's the name of this documentary of yours? >> "the anti-mascot." ( laughter ) e san francisco giants, in 1984, they had a really -- >> you're not going to tell me the title of the documentary? >> no, it's called "the >> no. >> steph: i pulled tt sphrailt from where the sun don't shine. i had no idea. >> it's "the anti-mascot." the giants had such a horrible team they created a commercial that was designed-- it was a fake poll in which the san francisco sports fans said they
12:20 am
gave thehehehehehe anywaysys and ittts callededtheeezyzyzy cb.b.nlteteororasonon would r r o o t t the fififi a aimimnd--lahtht ) ) ) ) )d t seauoes hahahaunun oararerererererd farther heheieiehhhhh >> s: was s eeuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuy sticicic o o o o o t ts c c c >>o,o,o,ititasaslylylylyed.. theyey hn lizas 0sua iv aard cararusususus > yeaeaititititititasas000 shohotspspalalalalalalalalalalalalascoco" >> stephphphrfrfttitititititit ellslsls e e e einououeded to k kw. s s sen: : h to tctcwtwt.
12:21 am
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