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tv   CBS 4 News  CBS  January 20, 2016 1:37am-2:12am EST

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not clclr was s s s rt. alal t t t d d bsh asaswiwiwiwiwi ----ack wiwiwiwiwiwi > > ninit t t aftee e e e e e e e leayhem errent and d d d cdoddddd retttrtr g g s s s sananerer t e n n atj -- m m m m m m m m b borugh is enoug messagagag thth promimi n n nyeyegoing totoe differert.itit whilelastededed the lalalalalalacoty martin luther king day bike -- did not go down well at all. the top cops in broward and miami-dade
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>e ebe not t t t t thth violated theheheheheheheheheheicic l l l l l ls s o dress nt t t t arar r r r r r r r rikiks s whwhupuprt o gu #babas s uns s s s s s s s . lilinonontntntchchchchch b b b b b b b b b b b b t trous. t it is s time tt stopo . at to o o do? ortststsoursve ugh.h. oboboboby theyavavevevved. >>2r2r2r2r2r2r2r2r2r2r2r2r2r2r2r2r2ro c@nn -- - - olololol thehehehehehehehehehecorpororororararofhehehehehe
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the wrerer---- r r r r rha a aon ces s d dpers ananrth asasasasasarreststst >> repororr: t t m mmimi de police did tsnfisisisisbibis s s s s s s ananan..ererererererer f f f f f f f f clghtststss rnrnrn e scscecard m m p pic abbebe50les arst 2 2 nfnfcaeaeas,s,s,s,s, a a fdnen a mu ged ndnd efef.thererwilla t p p goththand bntntntntndnd the o cocotitititi b b b b b b b t t t b b b b b b weweweererereaeaenheheheweweweetetevevevevevevevevevev eyeyeyl bebebe nkws thththththt ararararararmemeer p`florororman n n disasain
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totototoe e e e e e e houslelelelelelelele bthere te $& from eaeaeaea. . epepter: l l l ln'n'sesteththththit$& - - -brfi why he was not included in the group of five americans released over the weekend. they told reporters that levinson was not among those reunited with family. >> we have reason to believe he is no longer in iran. that iy wewewe fofoththinatatn n out hihiwhwhebboututututut r: linda iov sm hoho. . . >>here's's's's nhehehehe -ththththththththototnow whwhwhwhwhwh nededededededd riririnow. ororvavasheded i i 07 w w w w wororngngor ciaia wasasasasasasasasasasasasasasasasasall
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theneno o esut tfafafa b b b b bhestste. ththththth1te commmmmmmmto bririririhime d nucucucaaaaaden o o of that emenenhsspicicomomom frfrfrfrfrnininito husus r rorte t ty arararararararar d dl cocococod an ncncons s s s s s thehe's's verarassinfofofo nsoneaey. . dadadais t t t t t t t tonon lylyefefthererererererhehehehe servininy.y.y.y.y.y. hihiand e nogoing totoo o ayayayayayay andndndndnd llll n n n np p l l l l is me epepter:hehe famamamst # >>capaddleaeaeadd cbs 4 n ns s s nighgh >breakiki
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enenenndinreezer t homomomomomomom popore jujujannoununngt t now. hahahahahahahahahandndndnd n h h h h h h hroe cococo erera thththththg g g to kill on n n ementstststststs4aut her chchd d d d ofofofofofofrcrcd d d d r home. . . thisisisnonononononononono& ndhebebeev tfo ntntntnt. lice h h hnonoyeyeyeteteththththe deaeaea seieies heheedrjack k k k k k itit g g g atatnnnnnnn a a a ad.d. rvicicicicic sullan ththarartiti twoenenen arererere gyoe ctimim fin baba. a f f f farges ofofof upted ca ngice.e. cbs news obtained a letter from the inspector general of the republican controlled house
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the primate -- private email server hillary clinton kept when she was secretary of state. he said the servrvadaa seum to even m me e ststststanananananananananey were ory caspspial l l l l l ceceamth w w has enenenenced d d eseses isisabououououououe e e er saiaiaiai ththths ototr r r r r r r rtrttttttttttt p pititititit wldldldld is zzzzzzfor wsor& oraliaega's lived d wslolololo at thatatat r r r r rwsorororbeieiaananrsrsrsrsrs a aororng t ta w w w m ead larylilionononononononnew w hahashshsh hehetrumumumumum
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gives m m osos >>ninid d of,ameca exex ennadorter: s s s wasasashehehe prprprpralalalneneappearara e e e e nd ththwing herererer s spopopopoehehd d d >> whehehehehehed ththth s s w w w w wgoing to endorsesesesesewawawawawawasoso d. >> he being g ththon o s beenenenenenenenenenenenheheasasas to wherererererererererereseseseseseshahahahahahahahaneed t tpopot anananananbabad d d d hisis sev e restf f f f blblesesese duck epwewelg gr p pised himimimimimimimakakakaka rorotatatat t t n, d dilary ririri ththrere urur t t t t t t triririririririhehehehehehehehe
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lllllllllldididiinine e saefefe t @o `ormeisampan it t t ing g g g upn n ted . . rnor o oiowawas g fofo t defeat tedruininina . >> j jelieiewowobebebe mimimir r r r r wa the e theyak ortecc sanders lead is on the rise. with the vermont senator leading the former secretary of state by 27 points. 60% to 33%. iowa caucuses begin february mpshirirprprpry y ed fststststststst9696cbcb4 igig.!.!
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dorsement.backckom alaska sonas r arst. i ichgeom llee6 a po r r rsap tt the 26ar-old punched and ed hihigibliend last nighand` held arie e tr jrso ca died a c cra it happened is morning in iowa. the 25-year-old was one of four people in a band that hit a patch of ice that flipped over. ben carson flew to iowa right away. he stopped all of his campaign activities through tomorrow. severaraother candidates have reached out to express sympathies. the coast guard is suspending its search for 12 marinenemissing off the coast of hawaii. the marines were on board to helicopters collidedn thursday. the coast guard has recovered all for liferaft as well as debris but there's no sign of any of the marines.
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two cases of the virus linked to a birth defect have been found in florida. it is called the zika virus. it is link to a small head and brain at birth. they confirmed cases were from miami-i-de residents that had traveled to columbia. there's a third case in the tampa area. we do wanp peute to ededatatatatat heenenen f f d deasese cocorol isisisdvisinininprprnant men n a aid4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 itorieieinatininininriri ththththththcaribb. rrrrs s s orarabrbrk k k k k k k y y r r r ersososooror
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wililhahahablblblororororororor``xt...>>y y fets theheadadadenengigigigiov.. biwu mansion in ruins tonight. find out why the owner chose to tear it down. just in. jamimifoxx talking about how he rescued a man who was trapped in a burning truck. even with the c g g g g g g g g g will be t ldest t ght of t t teaean far.r.r.
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&a&aearing from m r r jajajajaxx forororororheheiririr t t te he a a a arom a burninincaca it haphtn n thths s i e acdodos lililili madriving nearby was speeding when his car flipped over and burst into flames. that's when fox and another witness used a tool to break a window and cut the man out of the seatbelt to free him from the car. here he is in the father of the
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don't l lk k k k k it t eroic latatas t t tng. . allllllt out. toto i i a w w w wou didndndn have e e d d dlikekeke sh earlieieienk that do sosothwhen(tis ththe e t on i we o o f f f f f fr r n and he didid picicicyy d dvevewawa atatat arrested for ueueue asas d d d d ddafor a a i i ach nsnsnsth s papapapapa paescobad it d d deses agagagtil the veveventnto o t t t t t t t . n nson n okokokokokokokwiwi t t t t new rrrrs s eyatatat t t tla bitehe$&
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teteroanned obobl the noririeaeaeain y toe andleadererf the e e e e e memet t t t c c c c c c kin whosesenonotiti w wpipitual. . my wife hahahththmonsnsnod d blbls the e ususbecause e e b b energy y y y removed.d.d.d.d. thr ide epepepr:r:r:r:r:curkrk led i i >o a a a aheheheheoooooooooooo v ve.e. itururd out eieiter th dawaininin >n n n n n becacapetingng als fofofover r esesbar's itthe erers
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thererereere soany murdrds m mtgor0&0& d d d d d d d d d freezez trtrtrtrrorororoer e e e e e e e e fofoptpted d d d d by y the e e loloiaiaarmy in 1 1 1 1 1 1 stashedededededbilllln n n n n away. inact t t t flflflflflfe wasasasasasas und inine wns. in a? >> someone came in with jackhammers and the chisel in the middle of the night may be off the water and pulled this have safe out of a hole in the floor. >> reporter: onlnlnlwhwe a ae onononer r r erth re witghososofofofofofof tor anace he e e e owowowow biscacae e e e e bay. ththescococococococonsnsnssesesey rnmemememememef f 80s oducucofllicicicicicic gains s largelelel s ththnenenenenenene afterererererererring
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ueueueueuet tl ns > > > alal itall erer svohe >> c c c c. $& " achestststarchqni i ouididpitatatatata y want the teacacrs u uono drdrdrdrdrawawawawgigi ththr r r ogra. ayayayiteyutut o otrtrtricic s soooo. supppppprs s s s senen shohod d betohoose ethe chchchch g g g g gto schoooooo > ththfutututuf f f f i i i ii-i-i- d d d d d tomomomomomomomomo si nhandndcececethey c c c thththouldldave eaeahecountytytytye e e e e e a a a ap. lafafbrowlalaear bu evenne rrow's!meeeis at
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f sononononononononnonototoe e l le e eaealongngants s s s s this m mngnge tscacacacacapuk --------wel t t tdodododododododo lo b b b b bweekd.s xein b ererer werere o o o yeyes ago? enen e e yetet thehetatete 39 yearararo ow i i i i i i that n n a a a thehehehehehedede. . . as i newsws at w w w w h h hininininineyey. snsnsn i i s*ur oo ks g g gf what i edike. u thlolotttwe havavavt t t en it sinc
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be atksayayayay i thinkow before ananananananananan 1 1 1but ofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofhappened before. 39 years ago in 1979. it happened and it was really crazy. it was wet inlyndndndnd rkrkrkrkrk i ithe e per s ls a 5s iotheheplples iow0& as well a wonhthththta colelef f f dedededecause wewewewewe whwhe e t t t t tt t going g g t ta ooooy dd ures ara freing and d pas s s orth flolodadaoror dowowowrerererererererere viviviviviviviviviand lelelelelelele wer r s not r toch nger. ththththth d derer airironononon"""" toe down. mozey y y y y y y y y shift t f hehe w w o oerer s
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y afursdayayas w wl.bye frfrfrllllovovovov weweweweweweweweweweweweweweweweweweroro llllllllll@ frfdadadan the ststm m ststouout t a a a a real doozy y y y y nononoasasasth some e e e e e r r e e e e e miminticic rtheasasasasas we w w w wvevevevee e e e e formatatat t t momomomomothe cocot t t t t t t t5n monthshshshshs momoow o o o o o t t toor coldldut t t w w72.... ngn n ereryb l l ledthtorraumigh e lala 5 xerereouououe reststthe ororng t twiwiwiwiwiin)t)t a aererononndldererererererererddn sdsdsdsdsd msununwithththththth c conriday and hehego agaiaiai o o o o thths head he w w w w w w w > frenen frieseseses>>e afrenenenen fries. d d d dn'knknknkn
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nanananas s s s s toto :>:>:erer g gting e e e e e e a a a k keke rllll
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kk rolololvevevevevevevevevevevemes and d sedrererlylylyly 6fefe to ityyy t t t t t triririririwas s s s s s drunk and gld d ly minor iieieieie atltl c cnananana - xewr@has signed a book deal. she will document the journey from becoming a man to a woman and it will be out sometime next year. we have trackedown the greatest or grossest bedtime snack. you decide. mcdonald's is selling chocolate covered french fries i ijajan.n.n.u can m m j j j s and d ke yououououou
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ititit b b b b b >>hat't't't't't't'atre ontry hig totoinin s s lllllllllltiti t t t tse
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avavavan on. > > > > thththththe e atgo.a r@r@r@r@r@r@r@r@r@r@ corororor a a a a a a e e e e re lookikikihihiniddletototoplplo o e ririanan[spenct hd r at- hes s ininbu nobody e ee'e'e'e'hnhnhnhn goioi higigign n ththat losee uhuhuhbobobonot mimimig thatat alalalviououy hahahahawowo o o ntalalouououououse we e wewewewewewewewewewe arererererewe jususgogogoatt hoho b os. dqsrerererereddas
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's'sranknk nonornh h hohoenioioio meririn. wilplpl i i ichicagagd d d i ioootetete t t t t t ivivtyf ththsasasasao chchchchch have e e e fileddd appppcacacaca chahahahahahaththmemememe to e los s angeges s chchchchchchch $5ion ns ajye.t ong- ontractct thatat good fofoe e mamaininin y y y yt totoake sure the durable. u u nt to o o o qt performance level is what it is. why not take the offer that
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>> i've done this for a while. 8jt $& atustrena wiwiiaia l l l rusty. re is fore and looksks
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he b b b b b b b by in sese thththththththcht.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t.dndndne e e mber t/ n e
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