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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  January 20, 2016 5:30am-5:59am EST

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u'u' if y y c cl$ouououououyoe jujujujujue!e!x x x two brothers are busted for allegedly taking part in a credit card fraud ring. what else police found in their home overnight. the pink waterfront mansion owned by infamous drug lord pablo escobar is no more. find out why it was reduced to rubble. another look outside on a chilly morning. when we can expect a bitf a warm up. i'm lauren pastrana. >> first let's check inith meteorologist lissette gonzalez. >> reporter: it is colder this
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it may turn out to be the coldest morning so far this season so heads up, you'll need sweaters and jackets. righghnow live from our camera in miami. low 50s in broward and dade county. mid to upper 50s in the keys. however inland, you are waking up with the upper 40s. 47 in westin. 49 in davy and parkland and when you factor in the winds, it feels like 45 for some inland spots. certainly going to need to bundle up the little ones. the breeze out of the north 5 to 12 miles per hour. dealing with the mid to high level clouds. the wind will be shifting out of the northeast and that will moderate our temperatures milder this afternoon. this ionly the beginning of the warming trend for the rest of the week. more on my complete forecast. 195 is still shut down. that is the causeway, we have a live look at the scene just
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they have shut down julie tuttle as a result of a serious accident on yoyo westbound side. if you are leaving miami beach you are not going to be able to do so on the julia tuttle causeway. also another accident you have to worry about turnpike southbound to i-95 southbound a couple of lanes blocked off there for an earlier crash. for those of you on the palmetto northbound, trying to get onto the dolphin eastbound that, ramp is shut down, starting to clear up. i-95 a couple of lanes blocked off for construction as well. guys? thank you vanessa. more of your wednesday morning headlines. police arenvestigating a disturbing discovery. a baby was found dead in a freezer. police say the discovery was made sunday. a woman was threatening to kill herself in homestead. >> she apparently then made statements about her child and that is when officers searched
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he is believed to have been 4 months old. police say 19 people are dead after a gunman stormed a university in the northwest part of pakistan. the assault began shortly after the university opened. the pakistani taliban has taken responsibility for that attack. former alaska governor and vice presidential candidate sarah palin has thrown her suppppt behind trip. palestinian says america would no longer apologe with trump as president trump locked in dead heat with ted cruz. breang ns, polic arrestwoenveveight in creded card d auauauidid's's's's f fisismamae at the home.e.e.e. >>epepteteteteteteteteteanan unununununununratiti b bwewee miamamamolole e e a ahe rvrvrvrvrveditititititititr r r r r sted at t eieieimemememememememememememe t t t
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rrrrrrrrrrrrrr89ththth pcecece e re jose osr t`t`t`t`t`vidededeofg g ininhhususususust t nd investigat ed eye a inoror g whehehe one the 10 toto i idsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsat e e e e mememeimimimimim investststorororororfifireree spspspsps s s s s s s s s s lelelelentitieieied d d g g ma purcrcses withakakakakakakak cacacacad d ununununer i ieseseses vestigators toto the memememeheheund hihihiotototwiwiwiwiwi azecounununeit ed ousands s rs dsds. trepiposssi of overous s mararuaua, a a a a t o o o o o o o c ce a a
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ovov $2020202020202020202020rijujujujuju >> different credit card fraud and drug possession charges. gabby fleischman cbs4 this morning. one day after motorcycle mayhem took over south florida streets law enforcement admits they could have done betr. ales 'telthdhehetototon miami dadend brbrararararar pepeleleueueioned d d d d d d d wawatone this yeye t t t stststst riririrom thehehehe. . g didiusse e arararargoino r r r r r best neneneneneear r r r r ry t tnimizeze re thahahayear. . :>:>e ararnononononowiwi the ct p p p p p p p p t t t lalalalalalalalans addrdrdratatexexex. >>epter:r:hihihihihihihihihiararthreci
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ami bsbs9 of t t 7 7vs bikik$$rereed led isisisisisfivevevefirerere. > a a a a a a link mama shoototg outside e lilirty tytycl i icocococototo nthshshshsilililcampbebebebebe hououououourrrrrrrrrrd d probatatatatatataticicfoununun guguananjujua loacace ll$-t y a ewiolatin he sarsh efefef15eoplplpinjud. heheowesven re titi. > the fate o oe owararacunn n president,t,attetetetefbces nenenal l l chchgege clcling thththththththththth a a a aign n n n n n n contntntntnt vioiotitis.s.s.s.s. jujujujujujujuededededededededed t t bei hohohohoigig. . . .
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iisis if d.d.d.d.d.d. t tr r huhuhuhu r rlp in n tal hersrsrsacpers hehehehee ate pitayeyeerertheyeythththe s s s s s s iototheir r allenging g g vovovor r r r prprram lolodada e uneon ysheax c cdididididi r3hihi a a d d dtltl ngngngng moneyeyey o o os.s.s. sususususu s suld d d d d d d d nts should bable to ooseseseherererere eneno o s s s s s > > o o sfs of a airir l lked b btht e i i i i ih a. cacacacahehe seek k ruru thvivicausus aly dates acacacac dber. trdhnhe area' the cdc is advdvdvdvdvdvdvdvdvdvdvdv women to avoid traveling to 14 countries and territories in latin america and the caribbean, including puerto rico, mexico and haiti.
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yesterday for mansn.n. k k k kblblblblblblblowowd aililil veveveaw popo t te w w s s s theyched tititdu. rlrtei i beach dedetiti c la v v v v and perhaps5& dleutut floridididsty,esina a a terfront mananononone e p p pththst ous drugug deaea ererererererereaeaeaeaeaeaea m m queenenenenenen t t t t t cacaca. boughghghghgh c c c can ap. >y wife bleleedhehehehehehehe h he e ed t t t tney to be moved.d.e r r r hltltltltltltmethinininivivivr:r:scobar fueued d d d
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pepeasase.e. i ieeing alalalalthese popocecececece cacacacacacacatitititi b b b b b d d d d d d re oooong a a a a a aepepepe m , , e samememereigigigigigigasas lllllllle. te towmemellg g g bbxiesitwerererewiwi ueueiaiaiaiaiaia veveeaeaeaea>> t t t m my mumuerermorgueadadad t t t t t t t t t t thihi freezezezez m bubuerer k korteteug cococoststhehe$100 awawaw fact t t t r r r safefefefefe was f fnd t t t t thohoho m m m m mbeach.h.h.h. what wititititit arararsosososososoe e e e e e e e inhh m m m m m mofhe n nht water,led d d d d is yhe oa thth r:o a he
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edandey thatatat wiwi t t g(o o o jajajad dhe hehe ononisisise e y.y.y. epeptete e e earararar hahaharererereregege vacaca sininininin b b seizezeby e rnmentn 19191919e ucucucucototototinin the new w , afafr r aring own,ddddn n to a hohohot,d miaia gary y y lslslslsls c c c c c c c cws this s s s g. ever b b aovie i i ihdhdhdpounding thrillelelelelele thtools to prove it. chipotle is taking another big step to make sure you don't get sick when eating at its restauras. the irs is warning of a tax scam, the largest fraud of its kind in history. the bogus phone e e e e e e e t t t t t plususust cera, credib of ival
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w w l l l h on-. i iutowow g gngngo tatatatatataabououou t t t t tlelele a a a aotheheacacacacacororonstructctn n n n n n n ctctg g urur driririririririri thjs s g g w w w lilitetete a mimiftererer and eve lder tomorororthththth midid rererereine,e,e,n n wa[m[m[m[m[m[m[m[m[m[m[m[m[m[m[m[m[mthth sfrfrayayd d yeyeanother cocococont r r rfor r r r r r r r e weekenenenenenen ththinininy fuecest. mningngngmissssssesapapd d d esesesafricacacabbbb
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> > d d ararararararm m today, nenepreseseseswillllw)u haveveveve2 diababesesesesesesesesesknow w wt t t t t e to dede w w w w w... ananlolololololololonununu(sititititin on-d-d-d-dill l atonononon dt qnd exerseblblbljanuviwooogagahless w wn yourururododododod, bebebebejtjtjtjtjt "z"z"zancingngoudydy oababititto l lererlo sugug.. itselel i inolililililililililiigigigigigig low blolololololo(h(hoglycemimi. jaouldldld b busususnntieneneneneneniabetetetetetetetetete orororbec ketotototoisisis
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ouououdededeects can h h h h hbe s sererererleleleooatatjanuvianururr ay i haveevererin iba htupopjanum m m m av anan$lc reacxixiuseself thfafa, tongue, or throat,t,t,afafafaf breat` causes rash or hives. kidney problems sometimes requiring dialysis have been reported. so people may develop severe joint pain. call your doctor if this happens. using januvia with a sulfonylurea or insulin may y y e e e e e e sugar. t t dududuheheisk, y yr r r ororayayibe a a wer r se o othththsulflflflflflflfininlilili ur d d dr may y y lololololololofofo andndndndndnd
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kidndn p pblememememeowee prpribeded!e!e idededede respction,n,stst o oy nosesesorero, , d heheacac... lplpowowing g urururursugaga talkurururur > > > > > totoedededed. i i i outut n sghtly erjmestd a thim our eatete, d th wotot alrnooit wil milder so y y m!yt t
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lalaladale, , , n am 5geys. . 55mrmrmumumumuththth mayaye turnrnrnonhe ater in the e usususn n n n n neeeeeeeehe ning, , s surerepecilyoror i i iararararararthsu inats coldesndndk k l elke tferur. we are t@w@w@wil sloridaroroorororly eeee 41or iordsng r rdydy theadad school. inininy, parkland,d,d,d,d,upd wiwiwiwi 49 eeee may b b be e cococot her t ts s asasase brbr s sllllllkikiutut of the e rthwhwt.5 tototototohohoho a geway his asasasasasasasasasas wl shififififif o oe titie e e e d d d hihi l lelloudu,u,u,u,nkfully ucing g y
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30s in central florida and the 20s right now in tallahassee and gainesville, where we have freeze warnings, watches, each hard freeze warnings in place. then we take a look at the brutally cold arcticiciririririr takakg ovov much h h hehe northerertiererererer ofofofntnt, c c17nnnnnnnn0s0s n,n,c. newewewew yororbty. and evevevevevevevevevn n n a.a.a. 33dadadadadadaghghghghghghghe onlyarmemespot 5: in l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.anananananannew w w w w ororors.s. >a m ddstst j j ri tietg fr t sowah t. nt tf f f sle e e e stststststststst t t t tdevevepi stststststststemxpxptetetoururururininajaj nor'easteteroroanan thththththththighs mimimi by y y afafrnrnn wiwiwiwiwiwiwiwi
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rerererereshshshsh asasasasasasoderatatchchchthththasasas land 5 5 5yoyoe e e e e e e trtrtrtrtempereruresesegeg to o crcrp p p . momomomomomomomid 0& rmererererererwithhe u u u wtwt arorororoanananotjer r op i i i i iaturesescoururururt.t.t.t.t.t.t.highghy w 50s ananhihis s theheerer0s0s0s0s0s0s thehehehe c cshsh o lia tutuleseseseseseseseset t t t t t do w wtbound jusus stststststf . . ththhighwawawa c cfififififi unataty,s s s s s s s s s fafafaty. . y y y y yeaeangngngthth didictctn,n,n,isisng to o o o o o shshe e e ththththth ooog g causususususus veegege e atatatnene&$-e nene cofof qgs s s s s bin be clcledededededtatata cacacaca. >>95959595northwest 6262626262626262
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ofofhahacrcrh, a ar of f you who riri o oa a ach h h boboevevd d shsh down n n for wawawarororororoavenenenenenenenen anananurur avevee.e.e. l l l l l lrerererererejustststststst need ut ndnd 9in r r u papapapapapathbobobobo dolphphphph ththe waysysysre osososis wr cococoucti5 the sasarass e e e e e e e e rnrnrn, , , p.>> rr:lltbou 5 5 e ssxpresssswi closed whursdada tween :0:0:0;8;8and 5:00e to take the exit ramp. the exit ramps will be closed wednesday and thursday between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. finally all northbound lanes of the florida turnpike at i-75 will be closed thursday d $b$bwewe
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ananfofoa a a a o o o o waysys i'm'mering yoyoyoyoyoyoyo go toto ourursisisi abb mii. wro at the e auauauauauauaupen. ususeaeaeaeaeaeastst a a a bs4 jry th youmog mr>> r r r rteugh atdththe lectns lwlwkekeke juananieiee e tata t tsese as s s s a-a-a-a-a-a-roro they gotototototot roweaea a a a a a a a a asasaemtoor tytytyjojojojodown. ililukukukitit. are d dn bygitsts the ha whwhwhwhwh p pyiyi grere, , , popopo 18 rereunununun
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lololo o othththththth chrisis b b b b ncc gsse e ouou wowor r r nt t ght now.w.we a k kd d eak inhat t t t t area. epter:r:r:r:r:r:r: e e jujuotot b bt t y thththththththbcscscscscs disrererererererererehehehehehehehe b bs.s.t t t t a a g g. r rororororororororormsmsmsms loloing g g rererere go o o o o o anothehe grgrg g am. sesee out wide, big g fofohand, , , i i iu it. se wt yeyeyeyeyet t es y coe adieed y y e ririrry, c c4 * e,e,e,e,e,e,e,e,e,e ifeaeah h h h h h h h h yiyiyiyiyiyiyim m m m m m m m m ork ononononentatatatototototototototo lse e e e theiami heat
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>> no o o pe t tbucs disrsr buthehehe heatatterrrr las ght. t onlylyly l lk stst oututututut plplthererer s s s t sketballllllll soe wowot oooooooooo@ i ever r sese$$eside e e e e th momome. . popots and 1 1bobodsdsdsdsdsysrorororororoththouluide,e,e, guard play y y y y y was awawl lalalala night, n'n'omomom oututde me just throw a cocole of guys under the bus. wade 1 for 6. johnson 0 for 6. wince low 1 for 5. green 2 for 10. richardson the rookie goes 1 for 8. that would be 5 for 35. u arart in b thehehehehehe\ol l l schchl babaetball tot t e e e e e w w school et tdam likik atat&theyeyon play y ogogr. e energy levevevasn't l ofof s s sn is
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mingngffff theheirir thththoad d d d d d d d d tripipw w getetet seseser ththcoalaltotoght t t t ininininngton. hehehehehehehe c citalize on that h he cocoday.y. vd o oa a pedudu here ananryryppr tost ay ga this rit? wh this upikis 0i h!v i ia. i was s s s s goto a a a aououis t t sir --s s ththrcrc in n wn? barararar theyeyerererst week.h they a a a a a ay. hlhahaha ththth evs go on roaoaoaoaoaths sesesesesesesese e,e,e,ouou scscscle. veo wiwiwiwi g schededededededpeoall & easasasas where thth h h t t tayklcicicindndnddedestatatand d e clclf f bebe te. thistle e e er if tpl
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t matterhotheyeyeyeyeylocacahihi hool b b b b b bamam t ty e e e inin have ble games. i thoughghghdwe e okokokokokslslslslslslsl i know he isd d likee ab40s s igigigig leleleed anonoet>>no alk r jol,l,@ have e a onene>> t tnknknk lauren.n.n.n. chchchis o o. . itititititononamama. a drivererererererererroro l le a a a a a m m ucucucucin b bzizi dadadadadadadadaeoeo caprerere truck g ovov. . . . . . . . momeyopse t t inin the air. ththththdrdreras drunk.k. ingly only y nor ininririri isisngng o ofofofof dangcoulul to u u r r . e ucnyk ar
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> e warning this morning to taxpayers about phone scammers who claim to be irs age. the treasury department said if you get a call from the irs, they want you to hang-up. victims say they have gotten a call there someone claiming to be from the irird reest monene e e trsuryryepepepenenenysmorereren n n n 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 recealls with h e mononleleou mimimi so howowowowowowowowowow if legegimatatatatatatatatficicis s s s rsrsoes s mamamamaneneallslslsls he idscocoacac willll d d > ipototives b b b b btototototo oyeeeeeeeeeeststereratatat the plususususususicroroft is rerell . . . nnnndadaels s j j j j us s lililirorothe w w rkrk stock exchange with details.# henna good morni. >> reporter: good mornrng
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do you own a microsoft surface pro tablet? the companhas recalled its power cord. the tech giants will replace the cord for surface pro, and surface pro 2 and 3. chipotle is expected to announce it will offer paid sick leave to its employees during a company wide meeting next month. the idea is that if sick employees don't have to come into work it will reduce the chchces of customers getting sick. this comes after several outbreaks last year that sickened dozens in several of the burrito chains across the country. ever been to a movie that had you at the edge of your seat? or brought you to tears? thanks to wearable technology, hollywood will know all about it. more than 100 moviegoers wore the screening bands during screenings of the lam research not guilty by reason of insanity -- of the movie. walter?
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is serving up, we know fruit and yogurt for dessert all the time. but now a less healthy snack option? >> i'm interested to know what you think of this walter. it is chocolate-covered french fries. it consists of regular french fries covered in two kinds of chocolate sauce. mcdonalds says the french fries will be sold in japan, at least r now. walter? >> so lauren and i were discussing this over the commercial break. she was asking me what i thought it was. i guessed it. chocolate and a sugary white drizzle over it. it looks like i was right. now it is just missing a scoop of ice cream. >> oh yummy. >> henna we'll see you the next hour. the best things to do with fries is dip it in the shake or frosty.
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