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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 20, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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isis e med b. >>ererereres his surge agagagararclininn n a newewewhowiwi the rrakverwheing g g hahashshsh dtttttt at ununununun in nonononott ki pakisiliririr er. . . . i im y i i w w w w wthe e e e e herer w whhh ddovovovovovovovovkikikikiki o o oicics s uleelo a footr>> a a bnnnasas amamamama younun eople e enn n the e e cocococo v valmee's ddamborghiniingg,,
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> s senenen lllllllloxd a a m m getet addr >>obob matters. >> growing calls to boycott the oscars for lack of diversity. >> let's look at the nominees. what is that reminding me of? i think of doing my guest bathroom in leo. fo nanaononononon a a aililil rich. a a ping g r somomofhe skskskshsh i ioooooooooo risis hahahaha w w wququququ go toowawairmimi. annopopoion n " " " " " " " " " " " " " " "sorereby totolet's s s s s s s dpowunningfofofowiceside. rmer0rvs
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stdadainin ..fnfnork post" klkldudu thehe "l"l t t t t t t trump." >> they will campaignher y in iowowowowowowow a a a amajojogagagagaga inasasngtoto dddks a att t t backckruleur ormeme a a a a a a a t t cruz bufeqn01012 for theheheat a a a a bibi in aoliticalal isand d d d y tvv ar a aheheheesesientnt ont-rururu. . fofoininararndndndndnd ororor s sahahahah+s+s+s+s+s dododoenenenennenenenenes s s s gn in ia and pres h c c
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and moveve.. t t tidvedd pable e a alifyininomom lililililithemem. >> a a aoudy c c c c c will o o o owarrrsrso pppp sis nlaimsssis a co tu andisisuh sss t tmpmp a fsfsfsfien myooooesesesio t t teckhe establis!t! co rr:r:ndndndndnd fofohe s s s s s i i i i20. forereret ninit evevessssoome ow i istridedede >>arahsssfafafafafafafa wiwiwit t t t t rienenenenenenenenorororwowodngtgtgt in vodayayayayay ofwhat d d des t t t t t2020 iillllll a a aananan hers. >> reporter: cruz also fended
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republican, long time iowa governor terry brbrstad. >> i think it would be a big mistake for iowa to support him. >> it is no surprise that the establishment is in full panic modede 2r2rter:z z d anstadadad partbrara u outerer w spopopo alndhahahe ininininilil w w p pasasg t t t t emem whn crere epepepepep p p p p pay at's's not thehe foundndnd a a nducucuc a a a seaeaea warnt a a thee blol80ar amththth fararn ndssssffollars worororor ofcocoinerctxampmpmp invnvnvnvtionty theftftftftftftratt donanaotot av b bngggther rrelioioweweweweity
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aiai brothththththeheheh b b anderalutes ollllfesterdrdrdrdrdrdrd latat nin'n'rgeseshey willlle s seeo stststststststststse f flolosststy.y. in all sawaw ouou e e eencici. [as t ininthththth t uld ve u all, but. knknknkn justststhaha hat t @termsthth
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ob a t t t o o o o othth a thihi of the v v mememememetheyey s sarelyyy t tre wititndy g an rigsssss eyeyrey yaoooo resssssssqbshueueff thqnher r d acbcbmorererethththth s s s s sress eseses and so *cbcbcbcbcb as that consolidates, and it probably will the first three or four states, you have three trains running down therack and if they continue to win at 30/30/30, i don't know how you get to a point where you have
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presumumumumnenenenene>> n n n n g g g g dayororororwa. e grr agagau dlinesithdold t(>>)andin e e$%$%igigigigig thihihihihihigeowow e wiwi.big wiwiayor t t bigngayayay cruz. >> i i i i i i pululffffffffanan\f\fhampananananan rolinananananana be m mintototos theenomimiti well,n n e oldldscscscscscscscthatas t t t t t t t t t,righcausususototottoppdddyou. right. ti,hehe i a twwewewewe tetesosoh cacacacacacacahehehehehehe it'sssss lopopri a ne sorf sprprd o ororohohohohohohohohondnd" ututasas appepepes nobobo reaeaeaeaea wiwiwijose s.dehthththt j jisisn oprtununy to resesesese thththththth if ththththth$ererut
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e e e e aubububub or b bhhhhnd w wgogo the trurururuntntntnt >t't't't't' i ieresesngngngooo watchch y s self dada e oming i t t t you olllnnnnnewewshire fifissssticc primimy y eree isnio cococol.l.l. bebeieieieiers lds ton byby p p i i i t t t t rstdae i tatio lele than ree weeks bububu vmomoatailinglililihihi nl polls. ncnccocococos covovovovovovananrs bibibibie inmpshshsh ncy,hgmomoinin((( yes, 60-3-3 is an e erm.a umumumumumumumumumlele,ouigigig thththththththlilililililililili to o o o o o o don'n'pay y chchcheneneneno o o o o o o o o pollllllututandede thwswswsumumumumumumum of hisampapapaevts reer >> i iyoyoyoyoyo r rplplpl saiikkhahaha fofofout ihinke ca
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>> rorororon st bababa innement ngnnn s s s sandererisisisistotoake c c c c c c c c e ect abibibi on ananglpolls.aiaisasasasasasasa bebee repububububrororororororororo ininhihi,, t tetetet m becacacacacacacacaulululatatatatatatatatatat n n n an a ainininin clininn.tall t t truz d las-khwawakeh authi heheoutoup is ce thinks a socialist would be easiest to beat. clinton, you'll recall, won in new hampshire in 2008 but wasn't going up against an opponent next door back then. sanders is from neighboring rmt ananhihioricicly candndatat fromororritatatatatatamomomomomo newew hahash nknkounanay. >>breaeawswsws a rrrrrrk a a aniveve kikianan l lst 20 pepepepepe dedede opeiriririrtutunts ananstststststststdadada
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ppppr: g gd rnrng.g.g. g g g offedenasasas [a[ar has s en g gen ouhata is n n n n n a a milli bottles. h hey,,,,,,,, ho.ust . reporter: prote endur ououidee thehetgus belowow zizizizizizizizizizizizizizizizizizizi oror resignatioio ck s sder begais a aress with wewewe pmlicooh pef `>^overerenenenenenenenen ral, stst a a a as bye@rurururu ulacecen r r r ralsososososososososo gforhrhrh agencieie h hsasa cocoribubud d thehe letetetetetetetetcthchchchchchchcltatete s s s s s s l l l l,,, t t t tomomoo mydidiy, no ,,, exexexex . >> reportete snyder s ss the
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federal, epa didn't address the problem when he knew about it last year.
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statehouse, this coundndnjusus prprsu izabababablmlmlmlm ere.e. you feeeeeeeeigigig f meleleleleleleses susuororor m mrerelylyaveeeehehe p p p p p pp w wveveveve y yrsrsf f ryryifififltlt% titis s m myyyyyyyyenenenen througug >> h a a y y feenow?w?
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ngngrofitststs>> ahead,d,hyhyhyhy p psengngssssssre relieie s s dd es> > e e e g right ofhjs zortn n "ia angingheheayayay t tnknkrerere.( you know, to sw thththththananananananananfofofofofofofo. ou're rt of like a spokes person? more of a spokes metaphor. get organized at w w t t t off jojoapapapapapap $3$5 a me atat dwdwch3 3 3 ch!nd. wewehtatch
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thatatatk fofosee y y'll t t new w whers bebebebehehehehe p pgrgrgrgrjoinininrfrf.o.o.o.o lose0 o,0etry neneneneelndorfrrn.. gegegempmpteterotection withththth l lderr in freenn.
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okokokok, wewewer's isis asasasasrd a a deliciouy 2srich andndndamy n'bebethe ga
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ththpipipit t jojofor r thisis ts m mlig a partrtrtrtlplplp pelelelelele i iwhwhi am....inin b$atststsjuju, , 's'se i lovevevei i i ededededednnececonononththrererererererei feel le e e e ararar thththththy'y' parofofinen ou cananan u u u u u u u u u u y y y y y y y3h3he the e stststststuphere gmy pp whehehehegouleey i'm m m m m m ls`rgogogo.myatatatisisaiaiikikik modererererererseveveveveumoid d thththabououjoint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra can be a sign of existing joint damage that could only get worse. he prescribed enbrel to help relieve pain and help stop further damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fighththththtons.seris, s s s s s s,evevtstsnclulungngngngfefeionsnsnsnsrcrcrcrcrc,,, lympmp, othehecacacacacacavous ememndndloodododododod o o o o o tellllouououctctfvee e e alalalinffctctns a a a amomomomo ororf yoyororo to ininininhave c c c adadepepitis b b bveveeen eatetetetetet failililil p p p p p pfefer,singding, aleneseses n'brelelelelelelel an infeconononone e u.u.u.u. joininpain andndamage.e.go sididid s asashow w el help t papapa sto0 jojot damamama
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w nc ndgte' >> w wp d an i youtube@ the biggege d d`tasououin aateweickk rerererererererereama,eeeeeeeasaa show a a likeherentntnt ininhihi getting gisl pusco ts, i toaybaba c cld nonid an . r rlly uld.d.d.d.d.d.d.nononononocococo. y y havavavavavo o in avivianan als y y h htodbe e
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whwheeeeeeeee g gngnghhthth, , , , , >hthththts s s s t te o lilics. . . . eten ttttt.. nt to o ow ansnsnsns thth q qstioioioio e "cbsbshis ""e titi totoeoeoeoeoeo clcl rlinesesre m mininecececddpofititititit m m m m m m m m m mtotototototod d d perr,,,,,,,rererererere papapagers stitititi f f f f pricece hihihihiddfees? atatattorytime to show y y s s s s s s momomog's headadneneneneneneund ththglobe.e. ashihitotopopopopoys a a umumr rfrfiriririririr dssss crcrcrcrcr majajajajajajccidentstsast ararararar 20 larararararararar d d d d w weeeeeeeesesoyeded s sfedlelele millilili agag dents ilud tenenenenenenen t t advan kidron vlvliclurerererereft e e r acacdede i atororroros.s.s.s.> "the nenenerkimim
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jijididijohn. ththths.s.ililarararararssababxns tl s,djajajaja lyanan p p p kassig. highly sensitive programs. some related to american drone strikes. the clinton campaign says the e-mails weren't classified when they weretttt rereiviviviviv s s joseewsrepopopopopopopopopopopopopopopopopopopopo busus dririr migavav llllllll a g g g gndnd cr
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odngngngng h.h.ililiallin inteteteten d drrenis nearly- olol h hdnsnsns thplu b 200 es ! i i i 20101 pepepepepepe ath tointntntntntnt 20...... arererere w w w a a riding or i i i i i inene w the dm o o m mbibibi. ? twwdrive! owf absososososo frfrfrfrfrfrfrouououou, iowowany d d de@ a t t t m me asast the e merirbb""e >>lellinininin p p p p parararar a a a allllme terr now, rara owow d d't't'teqeq parkininin testststst >oooooooo >ncncnct t t t t y y didia a
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'e t t ddouououououousay?y?y? w w w w w w waiwawa!! knowowe t t t!! i i owowowowotototot to >> arlie.e. >ouououeeeee sesesesese did a a a ofofofrkinin uus. whwh d an???? eaeaea i i ieeded to go hd be o yououn.n. mean pn liken wawahing ? ptrerere masasas >> am r@fhtrnnnnnnnnnnnn ouououg.g. ay.enenenenenenenenen toooooooostst's's's's'sototototototot you w w wa l l l s. i was precococus d d't't .et's'salal a ahollywyw los ng o cgcapf s sasang i i i timim
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rsitnd havavavav titi n n n n n n n n n nhite rfrfmers is s s s f a lararararar probobobobob kevin fraraer w w w wtn at "entererererererererererernight" is in los angeles. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. hollywood heavyweights like george clooney and whoopi goldberg have now joined the conversation and they echo the sentiment there is a lack of recognition on onef hohoywood'ssss b b b b b bestninits,th belvevevesssssdustst-w-we e m.m. t t t tomomeeeeeeee are.e. >> theououour ye's oscararinininininaa ntinins, actctcteoeoeaeaealoonon t t l lest t v vcececececececefrususususn.n.woodododnssssssa deninininihe blalalaingg re i i i iyyyyyyyyy m m m m"v"vieie""" ooooooooys i d d't't't't'tt't'
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opopopopaiaiblblblblblriririririfilmlmlmarticucurlyyyty s.s.eed to getetetteteatats.s. yyyyyyy offffftuninies to cecebre e e rsrs offf r,r,r, acacesses cglolololoiss lala y yrss o o buttttttttt t t t t t t t h h h h h h h a aininunununununlelelelelele >hehehehehehe d d d dngng withost aunununununununununununununununununununun,, don't't't't't'ttttotoakak b bedededededededhahattttt isiseagggggxxacacacacacaa agininioioch a aooooo >>has nototvvthththddd ofof blaek mfv m meecse knknkn sesees weoplen thth rgrgrg actodder,$ sai ododtion c c cfifififileadad . >ppeneneveru u u u ,,, ererere e re m miesadeeehh pepele o o colol thaha peopleh-h-h-f> howow----- ou getetetetetplplwho haveveve e e oducucononononnies to ..
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st onc a a a yea b bllllyear. oththssss tress j j j jmimi pipipieeeerereoyoytting nextt trtrion.n. protestststststbeenenen gogooror ecacacacacacaca whwhwh'm h hininininin t t t t m meli >>tete`but f f f f f f a a r r oducuc tererayayayayayayayaysparencycysssswer. . . >> ifheemy, wowowowowowo i i i te.if yououooooat a movov l l l lrara ououaaaaaonononndndndnd t t t anananans,s,s,s,s, i i i t t t rasm or i i i i isssssss . . reportetenyngngngoosocial!n!n!n!nndaiaion stststtakekekekeke gram thehe following and ouououououououououououououououou rlection of the best o what our art has to offer today.
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clooney, while he is speaking out, and that is important, i also want to say in the last four movies he has directed,e failed to prominently feature a person of color. sosot's an i ierererngsisisisi!o!o!o!o!o!o-spopopo6> clolololololony kekennnfrnk youououououououagag ihehehehesasa clcl fgler pepepehahahaometng sasasasasasasa >> oscsc w wningctor jamamamam foxxxxeceingngraisisisis this hisns offffffscscen. he h hpepepepepepe m mm his rning g ucucucututututffis idnvava,
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i i ststooat it a a u th anannonononoe e e idid rlier, i ihihi w wopop do shingnghehe e 33$ w wct or fr own d icle$% eenger inncwh s sff ndinag tc aredaltititi fesd frwn x'x'escsc wor and trapped h.$$e ar odododhethhhhaha y ynos t' a t t tt reptehe 911$%$%$%ededhehecece w wt plplplv ujge!o& fox x's home.
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foxx and, together, they pulled theictim out of the car before it was fully engulfed in flames. >> as i'm getting him out, i said you have to help me get youou out. you have angngngngngngngngrororo asase pupupu h hee condndndndndndnd t t truck@g@g >epepter:2kykyather%% wawawawasusususuan ftave$% e andedow pelelelelelehn's he t t t t f hg s s sn'ss. >>t t tter to o o o whevevhey do for a a alilili just t t i i i i i ihat somomodod d d thatatatatat s s s s s m mhh morororororororn that i i i i i i>> g g bman.n.n.n. hyhyou'reayayayay to deite aiaiininininininin ofofs.s. u'atching "cbs this s
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r r pnhi a preson f p u'n atat bliaa a bpipipi ....o o re 5hanan weweworkrk anink to do foel0 prprprprprns ototototart t t . brinin 0terererereravix ananananuc ths d drod qnot on't stwpg g g g g tor. sisie onon eas r r r r r ta, , roke, anev dthbriltata cause brbrbrbrbr$/leg more, somesl ng.."" n't ta di,lichlcerer ff in t bra ororevve prprlemsms our doctababt bleeeeeeeeeeneneneted shororororor breany planned surgrganeeeneneneu tatatatatata takeeebrbrbr tod..tototoow. and d d d d d d r asasasg y y ctct telelelelelel t mimimimimimimimi b b bnta. scanner r r ing d yoyoyoepepepep?"s"s"?"?"?"?"?"?"? yoyoyoyo w w i am.m.
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save p p pe e e e e gegegege o o o o ohen n eyeyeyeyeyeyey packyoyoyoagagag! ghgh-- e oupricicic itithows p pe e licy optptnsnsnsnsnselelfifiththr r r etetner wangngthththbpapa his ownwnrg [ [ [ kl ] ] i h hththrighghgh ememn hahahane?? ucucuc ] wawawah.h. s sptptsssenenhehestarar ababababl l l .. nttherersescrcrcrcr x xaxax....faxa news-trfatmtmtmtmtmtmtmelieveveveveiaiahea nana anjarks s s erery. rescriririaneicts main ithgee e hahistst ssitivity to rifaximin, famycin antibiotic agents, or any components of xifaxan. tell your doctor right away if your diarrhea worsens while taking xifaxan, as this may be a sign of a serious or even fatal condition.
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akakg tions, use e esesmamamacrcrsesef f faxan y y.. your dododododododou are e e e e e reanre nursisi. e e st commots are ea an inines. y y t tou haveib3rtata tur docr ouw w ok clolo, rtrtrts isisisisissugar r r caramels,classisihaha a a alililililichchy.y. atatre s s s s s s riririndy u won'n'bebebebebeeye susususueeee
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icicice e cantaaaa 2hn' ser* porququest*t*t*t* ingr d.. coco hueueueue galalnas
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$, en publix es muy facil ahorrar. give i4 t i''rt aby i'i'i'worth it uh huh i'h immememewoh it
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asyourepep sciis uf viright foqoq. ew p pesesnknknknknkw#amamam
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emememememememememem gas$sesese l l l l d d d ds s qnergysy hlthy ! yb eotea-and nueo- gdeasng ens wims oprotei and vitamminerals. nsure. takee in it's just a cough. you could see your cough, you'd see just how far it can spread. robitussin dm max soothes your throat and delivers fast, powerful cough relief. robitussin dm max. because it's never just a cough. this is no joy ride for these would-be car-jackers. in florida, at a gas station, one suspect tried to get into the seat of that red convertible you're looking at but a an angry
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and pulled off his mask. her 1-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son were in the car. the criminals ran away but later caught. turned up these guys were armed so she could have been hurt. you know your kids are in danger and your adrenaline kicks in and you don't care. >> meet the woman ready to rent you a dress from a closet the size of warehouse. [ inaudible ] with more great nutrition. and 25% less saturated fat. allows even the smaller individual to left weights that they should not be able to lift. >> 08-pound blder vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv t t t t t t t t t t t taa did all lastpsummmr.% [a ,$je my bu a a put tutututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututu myhyhyh ckf i ending and tuing g g he ndndand i love
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crcrcrin a a t t t t t lblblblblblbt.t. ea used to ld lblblblb y y y y y i i i i i i i i i i i s itit a a a a a a a a a a a e paies. >> t t t tt a b .. ha uld e @ hi@ plplation.n. >> h h talalyou? >> i'm 'm n n t t t k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k youruru eeee l l l 121212121212 pounds,ut teteededrmrm an s s s eah atat t llllllllllo o o o o his s awkwkwk ethehehehe a chinin u'rereremomong, a$-$- ye that'shat atateoeoe viha b b b bingg gsatns b bss
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kekeke a a d de totototototo g g thifrom pott a it's's'sht different rts in one lltiind d r applicacacacaca it t t t t w w w w r think ofof wewewewe aa rarae e e prpre. we'v'v'vldldld so many o o o r.r. erelmlmlmlm h titition t ts an peopop paidd m m m f fit tly. >ndndndndndndndndndndndtt i ow a a snowststststst.. ththe e eeeee logs thatat ototravc that in yardrdrdrd to ummmmmmmmm $burny fi 2>2>py not? e that t cacacaca popopohem alaln n n n n n d s lililihey'rere mamamaj ststofoaoaoaoaoa t txlee tt c ceses dowow eseses l l l l l l l l l0& ththtttn't 0% nceeririri fafafafa
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kss g is d. ants t t t t thth2424ndndndnd r rkskse flll lili j j popopopopo >>. . . sesef the s. >> l l the mathhoror fofofofo ts0ad ur yard, prop are they and home that you were never able to move on your home. it's not a cart, it's independence it's like being a superhero. it's being able to do a million things around your yard and around your house that you couldn't do before. >> and we just saved you a bundle because it's clearance sale .92. thththyou very,er s5 e totothththththththth ananweweeeeeeeooeeee a alourur l l l lu raelel tototototoalal y:-8-844-3-3 >> o o o o o o bebebe you leave thehehe house bebebebeomee a g g gouououze d d r e ctllll brbrbracacac%%%%%%%% itit n n nerererghts anthth yl
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it is wednesday, january 20th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this moring." thereris moree rs ahead,d, ininuding p iziz co payor ththe quauauaua in a t t t ,, qual in is s s s s s s creatatnobo w ththththth i i i
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s s s smimimimimia'a'faeeer uy. peaapeu ou whel h s ththththth yossithis i i ike!! ohohohohohohohoh u wewesome..
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7:46 am
uh h h i'i'i'wortrtrtrt '''''' ititme'm m m m
7:47 am
morninld@f %%rtrt >> r rororor c c c c com chananannenenenenene pregn nnderl to areasasherere beeee outbreaks,s,s,s,luding4 coununies d dininin s sth eraaaa cacacacaca ererereroo vaccinene opepeficcc eaeaent fororheheheheheruru eeecdcdgngntho veve receneny retetneneromhoho ho c c c c c shohodee ctctctctct g .... seararererororororor mosquitit briririheheheikikikrururu t t teeeeeoutherererer g gffff. . fststststststd d d ststst i i i i i i ererererererere le a aa b bause h h h thththththes m mquququ t t t t t t t t ttzizizizi f f f f m me on t t t t z za virus
7:48 am
natatae i i i i i heree andef questionsa virus becau we hear about women in this country who have it but you can't transmit it perso to person. what do we need to know? >> the cdc has issued an interim guideline since their travel warning last week, and this specifically has to do with what to do when you're pregnant and you've traveled thereu avavavavavavav sososocicicallllllhehehe commmmmmmmons s eeeeeeeeomenenenen pososonon travel totohehehe tirususususustrtrsmsmsmon onononononnd yououawawawawtt ofofofseseseseseseseseseseseseseseririririnnnnn o o o o otototototo ctcthohoalso g g a t t ststststst i iee t tine oftenheheif ectltlledd t o if tip w c tic all the ptoeo w) see hehe cd sc t t t t t t t t orrrracksksksoiviralal apyyndndndndndndndnd vacnene prprprttttttttt i i i i ily op s sptptptpt offffffikik hehe yououeeee, a thth would b b fefefesh, conjunctctctis j jntntaiaiai orr in twowohhh tutuingrommn o o
7:49 am
ndnd if f uu tt@ potitidthes onitoror gwtf thd f everyhreeeeoueeeeing gn w w ayb lomembmbreres bigig cocoominggggesebtibibiic erere and w a a a rererereororororororororororin. a a a fewtsthth omomomublished somomomf f f f f lilied dataa i ieses t t t t t % o o o o antobiotititi p p pri writtete i i ieetpatient setting arerererererehehe prprririririororarstafafriri tnnntt tiisisssss lalala lylylylylylylylygngngnnfececececececececec pepepepepepepepepe and issrorocdcdcdcdcda t t t t t t t t try t.t.t. hahahahaoeoeoeoeoecdc a a a a a a a a a a a a a a amamamam c c cgegegesiciciss y.y.y.y.y.y.y.y.eeeeeeeeetititiat n n no o bebebebe t t t t t t t t ttitititititi t t t t t t t t pneumumum. ve l o iothisorabptdroao
7:50 am
sysyrome eoe,, iterribive meet tititiics.0% si io cause en osause ber o tow sysytomsens, r g g g g ghahahahaha2.2.@a@a ciciciciee susre uu, , t tckckckckckschaha lalalalalalaeeennhree yyydreedith ncncncncncunnynyny ,lm n bereed wib it th m mlrlr o o casas a a ananananananan a a o o o owewewe a a h he'e'e'e'ororororororordidididididididididiet to it over bondhdh i ididididig if brorohititi veveus eueueu pneunia p p w tnessss b b b b b a a a pain wak b bathh ininin chitisisisisisisisas a mde sysysysy a c c c c c c m mttttt rtrtrtyyhentoto examames yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyobnormalitity
7:51 am
>> we're outut of time. dr. natalie azar, thanks. can you name one? see who aurprising number natititi a a a a a h h hyyyyy enenououe e e e e ioioioioioioioy.y.y.y. ltltlte e y y y y y y y yr gugur whwhe e e e e t t t t hooky f f fthe e didiv9v9v9v9v9 irir.ine.e.e.e.e.e.e.$$ bububuly, justlay. en you p pvavation of f f f 's
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u u u u getetheheesesprprprprttt at hiltototo .heheherima i i i i i keurur y y y t t t t t t t t t ventururururururur,usp to $totopepe asea. k k e e e l l y wchchs s s s s theheheheheroro f f f f f f f fnononononononoumum lelelelolo w w w w w we e e e e e r,r,r,r,r, llllewewmamapopots.......
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t t tform fashiodududududu$$$ d an j jinit!r!r!rpviejce.'.'....tcrea aclcl,, iv thinknklili thininelse o o o o o o.. e alne
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so y y y y ylrlrdydydydydydydydyut ubnd airirbnnd aboutututut innership p p p p cess ititititdessomeefffftotototoosososos ccessfsf a a a a aiviviv art-t-s.s.s.s.s. thththththththththththththth a a a a a aff bibibibi offfffff2015.
7:56 am
tata w)whh. % >epepter: k kstst p!p!keke ptptpt thehearel seseseseomomnyhaha evererayay cloloes t t w wenze. y can buyuyuyuyuyuywnr a a sts.foal yououant t tng ararare or realeor epaf@n's, khuhuhu@ ststguinababab inhihihihi aftftududng t tnunununununu f f f looooatatat i i s s s s s a fififififi o o o b binessssssss rspectiviv you7575f theeeadululfefefeopopation isisize
7:57 am
s stematititiyer rorrt ththcoy fiveeaea h h ngngwawae e mps wawa ees?s?s?s? i i ininininineopleeee mightht@sayay a formrm dress isssthing. ayayayaythizing a little -- ew. >> absolutely. that was our biggest concern. a whole issue of will people rent clothing? when you take a look and step back and say airbnn is renting your bed. you can't get no morereat anng stra'sbedleg astrang's's d. thehehaco a sothililnnd,d, buctctctct aomyyyhthtortete j j j jqrr large e e e e wirir andndnd says tetenololololololo i i i i ivingngng culul . e0e0e0sesese a big s sft een hingnce t t
7:58 am
>> reppan, ker ng dr aintitfd mefore iking a a a a a a a a kindndndf feedededed@holeleleleriri snsns, t tngngngngngng anananan thal dn'tn cleaeangngeseseseseses evevevevleleararntntnt goneee h, a a a a a y y cananmememememememetoo.o.o.o. t t t t t tg haha c c c c iistitititititionononeeew.w.w. ororr: w w w w w t t t tt s snt andraomerededed som clclcl$%thvg ajd smng u'rere o oacndone e c itelosttid fefefe customomomomoo a aototf ways,,, i i iot momomomomomoefficienenenen i ihink y y ye g g a antnt raraononf peopopoprorong u u u
7:59 am
lala stretchchororororor pepepepes s s s s s s hihis.s.>> reporter: spupupufo ipiporexexe e e y y want it to wantntttttto a p whemangrorororo rdbexhxhwawawa intete@w@wh ot >epepter: theost nhahahaha a a montnttototototottttteeeeeeeeeeee at a titititi with t t t t t t t t t lililili tononmers wawa..e i i i i ioooooo bubungngngngngngngiziziziziz c cthes t t t t t t thahahaheir own d digigrrrr the colleleioioioioioioioioioioioioioioioioioioio w w w w t t t c c cit,,,theyeyill dedede ittttttfheyyy,,,,heheyy t ty y ve t ttttionon it's v v v vel thougug >ow aboboit w w iviviviveeeeebobo >> iisisisisdididi mhhhh eneneypepepe onn a a wy s s s sn't want to rce thth clelelegg a a creaeaeaeaeaeaeas. thdrdrlele a a propopetarararar lovovovoomimimi a atheee earlier pipipipipipi sed tooo
8:00 am
a a a arereiviv n. i tnkso. t tsososososososodd yu.u. > > > wildly popularididd hfpfigo save an criticalically endangered species. that is next on "cbs this morning." whenenigigigig c cvivis hil i can think ababt )s gettingelelf.f.onononoretet formrmrmrmrmrm [tbstaelelelelsuddenens s ststneveveknknknhellllnene relieieieieie thththththththnly y y sesesesesesesese.... whngngn n n ??i'i'i'i' o o oe monememe s sirrerefrfra.wewee pupupupupupupaparnrnyoto show the e e e anceceofofofofg g r ththfutututu ououe e rtrtrtrtke a spspn?n?n?n?
8:01 am
$, w wchers aaaachchgegewewehththtchchs s l-l-l-l-l-l- beyondndhe s s s s s sam n yoyoyo t t t heumbebe the scale.loeight whwhwhwhheheththr,r, wi allllllllrtrtininin anananananoreng f f f fofou. sehow gogoou'll fefe wiwi theew w wghghghtcrs beyond the sca p pgram
8:02 am
> a smama tttt tooooavavhe eastututututu bckck rhininknkn ino. fhihia -monththncnc montntntntle came e rlrlrlrlrlrdayayaynighghghgh y yught w w w ngngngng hougugs a longg soooocaca t tyy s s s s b b b b b r rneneos a a i i i inger....ththzohojs little gvgvgv ll becececececmbsar r r thththecs and d d d k k k ilil ouououououavavuse e rlrlrlrleaeangngananananananan s. inwiwiwilahihi hes t t t wititit v v vpresidenen
8:03 am
y discoved a a a ase fcal newsws welcome back to "cbs s s s s s rnrng.""""" ming u u u u u u u uur,... d d dagagagagagag vicic prprprenttididnnnntzerlalala explolo the on bncer is stanngk dhod s@on een iiiov expxpre impact o o o a a a a a ndndndssssssssssssssss isisthth i iss ahahahahahti to show yououomomomomom momoing's hehelilililili aununglgle.e. >>angeges timesepepepepep
8:04 am
tha+seauelili tadd le ury,arar and r r r r lilililili t uthehe s s s smmm lefttthghgh five plalala w weeeeeleoooththnakekekee thth inin ououououou see plsss e day.frfr nowowntntntntebrururu 20t0th,h,h,h,h, u u u u u es . . . . . miamimimi a ae yy d d d l l c ears ruoughth . thth a fofohis menen a a ndsiteteororor e. u.s. g g g g gt
8:05 am
c c c c csen n eeeee clasasasasanananucucioioioioioioio addititnnnnn of wororggg gee basese o o a tweedyy tehey y y inininin stutututu stem cece l le e d othth bjtsts it wasasasght f f$2.5 b blilililili d d d d opopopeeds. hehehehehehehehest"""" rts s s most commmmmm papapardrdfofofo2020.... the pastststststststst t tare .. thththher c c cnlnlnl usedasasasas gg dififrentumumum s qususplus footballnd baseballllndndnd. ififouou@ s to change. . c c ce e e e tooo fofofofofofofofoouou gogogogo >>e, thehehehe b btitizizi,, sasa t t tdavid bowowow onny shot o oueststst b b coldplay to collaborate on a song. coldplay's drummer told a british magazine that they reached out to bowie because
8:06 am
type character. >> i think chris said and ackndndsaidery sosososososo ay.. soso ha a v vydidierererererer$%$%$%$%$%n't t t t ss namezthihi i giveeim c c c $-$-foth ty w wdedeh bnthet a musisilhero. joeeenent [i[i[i[ind t t a aenenenen thehe rld ececececec yesterery. >ururoaoaoaoaoaakakaknn a aance f fe yete o of t t d d d tututu cancer as we e e e knowowowow6>6>resident o o put bidenen i iarke of whaha h h h h c c cd d ssssncontntl l l asasasek'stetef f the ununn n den enenstedcaererxpererndndr.r.avavav l ldswewesisisisirr centnt a a ae e ivivsity o o
8:07 am
daood moing, ch t t t u u y yelieieieie hhoooooo shot, oice t. >> ininialalrdrdrdfrfrfrrerede i ias sosowhwh titil.l. e is not g a allotmemeffflalathis a a a w w wenenspspspspspsp t t t t t t t t t w weasasasleleleleket werehe ta ksaci-aid 'ton ijececfo ththththhis s s s acacacacacacttttt r r r r r r rififififndndndnd cacacacacacacacacacacacacaidid w w w w w w w i rerererere a a a af f opopoprsonon s s s s s s stitititititi e e deand d d d i undndndananananososososososososilililil mememememememeer.wawawais aeeeentn sa?
8:08 am
ing!vererera itad sasaa wt t t bigedimimimimim cacaimpraeaeaeaeaeaeaeae addresesananananananansd ata a a a hehee callllll i i a a a a a broken leg andndndnd i llllt t frawewewewetoto getetharing datata thththimpleesshahahahaha rerere big is goi t t t t tss t t ananers.s.s. awawaw just t tsssninininudududududud you hadadad ovovovncer rtrtulul pssss didididiyoyoyoived much ng berg"a"a"a lld d very lik sharing data on cancer? >> watson is more about using artificial intelligence for data. they are relying on a public domama data that a research blisher r r r r r r r r r r ororheheheldld .
8:09 am
tahatnn y y y y y llllll re tininleleca havbe rectctctct p peen arar aboutut s dat ananhohohoalal s i don't wanananueueheheatatse i c c c c c c c suedednd c cng thth..pfpleee toteppayay i i nththt parararararf f sotutiononnonoththththlem. i i i i totoe p p p p p p p o o oeefufufu m m m m m m m i i iot fofofo@ myldldldld andnd ananananren n n n here dada w w w w w e eortt ncpepepepepepepe quiuier i t traragovernmeme s sntntnteeeemomoy?y?y?y?y?y?y?y?y? i i i n n s seeet'sse as c claononisise. ri2tje's's's's's dierenenfort arrththtry. re 4$$$ dwdwdwrteded ith a a ad, i i ininweweweoi gengngngngssssss i ihihihihihien steppggggggup,,llll ahazing fashshshshshngngyy p psisisisi for cacacacacacacas ist k cacacaababt.t. s soblblbl
8:10 am
rsthd, h h h h h hhehehehe eqeqeqeqeqfisisoryy delelananananananansfererm one dodododoo ananananan ar somomomeats are and d d d d d motionyselelel totoelelototrs.... i ththk k k i i p p p p p p pndndnde ed iur ate. > thisse- nithatatatathehave2beeee ee alalalcaca[hato o u thth eyeyey g den n n n n n me? i i i i itarto t bmork k er to freeeeee tdada w wanananantt of thaha sosotiti e time, thth canwiyagencieses ththfdfd services a a w wkk thehehehe toetetetetgsgsgseeeququququ opopopruru t teaererndnd fountntnt t t t t t dedelololololoruru. he i itatatagg t tooorkh me and m oxh cbn dtors the couoee a a
8:11 am
atatididid ing plstradly,y,tttybanan understststly why y 'sntnt i i the amamamamamame n.n.n. >> dadadadadadaomomg ou kw,t's p p p p p p p p p pbe h he.e.e.e.e. when y y h h t t t vprprprprt t uinin t t$%$%umdayin s seasth h suffered, not just in the united states but around the world and we are going to take a leadership role to ease the suffering and to be able to be on that panel was uly, you know, special to me and i think special to everybody there. >> thank you, david. >> the vice president coming and
8:12 am
u.u. g gdddd to sese davav ususn bos,d.>s writer _ike > > > > t twoff thehe s.s. q'q'trtrng t t te wiwi o o o o o em..
8:13 am
2> no,[apltheat1- iwiwiwi >nenenenenenerrrrthththth twhwhwhwheant. . . . . . . u u, , , , >> they y stststststststststeaeay goooo that isssssowowow o oththth tororo rapapapivivgbmmaararle i ive $%do bisit& sca h h h#v#ved everyd autororororlll themenonoeded fororults. soldd f feeeillilililili hihihihi t tra s s west novovovov a aut a a a a a a a a a a a a adadadadwhwhdededewiwi challenges oe fifid.d.d.d.d.ththbook p plished didi eaea havrerenef@thether eight or nine books?
8:14 am
>> really? >> we have the playoffs. >> yeah. >> we have peyton manning and tom brady. break it down. >> the funny thing is you always hear about brady versus manning. wawawabout i iaspp mamamamaveveveveilililililililil thththre n n g grding eaea o e e e t baballllinrerereg g g g chchchch ananother spspspsp l l l l lebodyho iaarererestba pititititititasasalal a a a a a now w w w w m m mss a aou$car thel d he i i i i ietetngyyuuthontage ty y nnnn ndnd t s s s s s s dvenste foxbgh oughgh aaaaaaaaasese bboncos defen, ieve,e, s been the mormimiblblthththisisear.r. st happeneded w w w b bckailililas t trterbackck the patririrind
8:15 am
>> i i i i i i ilylylyly my y n isd amenenenenencaca!t everybcrside,kesiew sngld. sorerelwlws beieiaaa etldususe@e fafa t t ttes m mt of t t t ununisisispassssnana. . . y y y twistst a asement is s s s s s s s wawah. urururururcocobobobobohecococoosos a a a a a a aotot a acausususus lili d dlalalalala , thbigggggggge hahahaverrradnspts in n n n oenens wn t t t fpf coco aererer por -- enent use a al he qstt's hnsha t ekenenenen a a i knonois that t t t kekekekee aararodgegeght t t t plalalalalaotbaba yeyeyein a arow, becse ipipipip heeevers e b b b innnnnertime thth is s bobo-hsystememememem
8:16 am
ntntntnt gameee..ceceyyy p pyyyy an ar whererer t t ty y be? nononononononononononononononono t tkk about youououououew "t"t extxtyaya @look atathe dedicatatnnnagagt.t. to o e e e e e a a a a meme it' aut a a fhtht@grerer y.atatrereomeununtlying ibook?>>ra i i i i islde e year ik a a a a a the e who gotot c c c cnnn t t t d d arard aaeammmm my a gavevevevevevevehahaeee t t t t t g geeeeebaba....... didn't k k k k k i iasdodog. my w w w wowownnn , hohoy,y,ouououououriidid of f mind of a 12-year-old seems s ettyucact fit! but if you start reading my book, you know i'm going to ask my main character to overcome something. teddy in this book has grown up without a father because of a divorce and his father lives on the other side of the ululthhehehe be thririririririri fathehe ceses
8:17 am
itititotototott easysysy is i ia thaha k kdddff t t t thwhwh er ands% p oachf rjooom u tell some s s s writtttnnnt iritit thert a a a ,, i ieldldrr a a g g g g g g grere ached d ddouldt gep adododododo h hee m me frididhnhnht s s s syy rnrnn back. . >> whohos theeeorr o o i i i itatas i i i mdldldldldldldldl gradadadadadadadadadadadadadadad g g g g g g, ..t t o o i get t em,,hehehehehehehehehehehehehe w whh llininkakaeeeee tshoway,e inn 'llomebebebeb k k a aomomomgg.y y e nononooioi to alal a aututututaaaaayy d d dwspapepecolulu they are a gng t tooleee a a a a a stww g gir k k k t t t
8:18 am
yoyoyoves eachchroanir@lnlni thininthat is anmpmptata e enenenenboysysys >> i iave tndndhehe wewe that. i meananouououou d d d d t t t twas, yoyoknknknknmetititiouou lilisessssss w wldldldldlds ur bookkound i thk thth o o oo b b b b b ca out of the e e e e t o r, o o d dnenetatae,e,e,e,e,e,e, tinene and lococr roros.s. yoyowawaro p p p p fofobababaan i tl whstst chararar uld have t t t thihihihihi lononon and bobobothth.. fofofofoelelelel werer a a a s andiiiii uninirmrmrmevev t d a ay never ititititit >> b b bm lineneuuavavav rereru????>> with h h h iveficultexexla y yt? >hanknknknkmikeke>> shoululululultititi the boooo one momomomomo?? >> >t's callllllllrararara "
8:19 am
ngngtututionononone.e.e.e.e.e.e.hehe spentntntearly h h h h h ununununununand d ozow nk,,, t t r r r rblbl recover thqtqtow t ctunt the wresetotoiv - at i found affordable, quality coverage. - man: checkups, emergency services, prescriptions... my insurance covers everything for my family. - narrator: most people who enroll through qualify for financial help and avavd paorist t one high q qlililan
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>retp t lesr in i i isusuero ures....&.& his s s yy2 lalar.r. >>,h,h,h,h,h,h,h,h,heelikeke ththththth as less.. a a artrt beaeaeaea lse e e e thththththhehehe corononononon doingngng ath vestigigigigigigig >> m m m m meaerererededededed
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