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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  January 21, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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stabbed in face at a casino. we're life. >> and the alleged pembroke pines peeping tom suspect faces his victims. what he's asked the judge that will land him back in court. it is 530 on thursday, january 21st i'm lauren pastrana. >> i'm walter makaula. let's say good morning to the ladies vanessa borge standing by with a look at traffic. first let's check in witless gon looking bright and sunny in her yellow dress. hopefully sunny outside later. >> yes, actually more sunshine today so i thought why not go with yellow right now. after waking up it is still dark and army, though. as we look outside from our cbs four camera, seeing the city lights. we have a mixed bag of numbers this morning. cool but especially for portions of miami-dade county leonardo dicaprio right now kendall with a coolest reading 52. 56 in miami. low to mid-60s in broward county because we have more of an on shore new year's eve with east breeze low
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so there you see it in miami winds are calm. the breeze out of the east 6-9 miles per hour in broward. we are seeing more out of the keys. still seeing these clouds. atmosphere. however as we head into the afternoon just like yesterday we'll see more sunshine breaking through and even warmer worth the upper 70s. we'll see the return wet weather meaning some storms even possible as we head into tomorrow but what about the weekend? i'll have more on all the with traffic. here we go. around. construction. everything has cleared up. for now. here's u.s. 1 and southwest 17th avenue. northbound there's downtown miami and brickell. if you're jumping onto i-95 this is what it looks like at northwest 79 street. southbound. so all the construction on 95
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take a look at 826 northbound as you approach the dolphin expressway a lot more drivers out there. but like i said, no accidents, construction, nothing slowing you down. we're continuing to follow some breaking news out of miami. a police officer is in the hospital after getting stabbed overnight. >> marybel rodriguez is live at the scene of the crime at the magic city casino. >> reporter: well, good morning. the here at magic city casino where it all happened. there are still several city of miami police officers, as well as detectives on the scene. we are told that city of miami police officer that was stabbed multiple times we are told he is stable. the customer who was shot by the police we are told last we heard he was in surgery. at jackson memorial hospital. his condition still unknown. at around 12:45 this morning there was a customer who got into an argument with the employees. he was asked to leave he
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that's when the city of miami police officer approached him and tried to remove him. but according to one of the witnesses here, he was a little officer. >> he was fighting the officer. he was hitting the officer. they were on the floor. at that point i knew things were not going well. he was being very aggressive. then i heard someone i don't know if it was someone at one of the tables that was closer. i heard someone yell knife. and then a shot went off. apparently he got -- the officer had no choice. i heard the officer was bleeding on his face. he had got cut. >> reporter: again, that city suv miami police officer was taken to the hospital. we are told he's stable. the customer the suspect in this case, last we heard was in surgery. his condition is unknown. there's still several detectives as well as city of
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scene investigating. we're live in miami, marybel rodriguez they'll this morning. a hear set to resume today for a man police say is a peeping tom. he was hoping to get released on windy court wednesday. he came face to face with some of his alleged victims. lauderdale. >> reporter: pembroke pines police say these are the videos of a pervert in action. peering into women's apartments and preparing to smash a window. even spray painting windows with surveillance cameras them to obscure the camera's view. the man accused committing these crimes pelayo cerulia. his attorney asked a judge to release him on bond. prosecutor said e neither the state nor the victims want that to happen. >> they're certainly not pleased. they had months and one of their cases years of being terrorized like this.
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obtained a photo of the suspect. >> reporter: lead detective she'd set up camouflaged cameras to try and catch him. he said the peeping tom told one woman that he watched him off the and the cops would never catch him. after these images aired, friend, co-workers, neighbors, and enemy members identified him. his attorney said they failed to investigate other suspects and lacked the evidence to keep him locked up. >> we look forward tour the challenge and doing what we need to do in securing a bond for our client. >> reporter: the victims waited to testify but were not called. the victims told their story ate news conference a few weeks ago. describing what the like to catch someone preying on you. >> i am completely violated and the mother hen is coming out because not only do i fear for myself but also very angry. >> reporter: police say he's sus spec'd in 25 incidents like this. this hearing on whether he'll
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we'll let you know what the judge decide. in fort lauderdale carey codd cbs4 this morning. here are more headlines. more than a dozen south florida missionaries are back home. they're from the west pines community church. they were supposed to meet with their leader michael riddering last friday night in the small country of burkina faso. just as they were landing al qaeda linked militant stormed the area and opened fire killing riddering. he was among 26 independent the attack. the broward sheriff's deputy charged worth manslaughter in the death of a man carrying an air rifle wants the case dismissed. his attorney argues that he was acting in self-defense. he's accused of shooting and killing 33-year-old back in 2013. he was carrying an air rifle over his shoulders into his apartment complex when he was shot. parts of the east coast are
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the d.c. metropolitan area got a small taste. the dursting of snow caused major traffic headaches for even president obama. more than a foot expected for some states over the next miami-dade commissioners passed an ordinance in favor of ride sharing services like uber and lyft lift. they gave preliminary approval legally. the ride sharing service had been threatening to leave if commissioners passioned a tough new set of rules. drivers must nowst obtain a county license undergo background checks and have their cars inspected annually. in the end public opinion carried uber to victory. >> i think it's a great idea. i think our consumers and resident and visitors want it, demand this service. >> the clientele base has spoken loudly. uber is here to stay. >> uber and lyft lift will also be able to pick up and drop off at the airport but only if they are called. lawyers for the former head
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vowed to appeal his guilty ver. he was found guilty of corruption yesterday. he was accused of stealing $300,000 from union funds. the jury convicted him on 8 charges including theft, money laundering and campaign contribution violations. his lawyers say they will try to get the ver overturned. >> he has spent his career doing good work for the teachers and the cause of public education in broward county. we are astounded by the outcome of the jury. >> he could face life in prison for the crime. a man wanted for stealing a woman's purse at a church in north lauderdale is locked up. on december 20 an elderly woman was praying at a roman catholic church when a surveillance camera captured a man walking in and taking her purse. the sheriff's office announced the arrest of the man yesterday. he was at the church attending his niece's baptism.
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him down after he was arrested for dui. now, at 5:38 a satanic display at city hall. the cross is the handiwork of an atheist activist. he argues that the city allowed a menorah and christmas tree during the holidays. >> reporter: california steven describes himself as a media personally. he believes in the separation automotive church and state. after religion holiday symbols sat on property, he creates say the tannology. also on city property. >> we are just trying to use descriptive we understand. and what are called equal access tactics fair is fair. >> reporter: joy keep is pushing for a banner reading in god we trust.
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signs distancing itself from his say ta inic cross. jackson pitched this christian cross countering stevens' 2 feet away. >> i do understand his point and also, i would agree with him to this point, whereas if one religion can have this that another one should also. but what i do disagree with is the fact about the satanic worship. >> reporter: she's were point. >> it's no the like i practice evil. we do not believe in satan. we are atheists. however, we'll believe in satan, jesus, anything, if it furthers the cause of satanology which is promotion of our civic activism to further a discussion of the civil rights or separation of church and state. and how we're doing that, we're using the hobgoblifs of
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themselves. >> reporter: they're per mid- to tape a few more days. he plans to take this fight to other cities. as for the mayor i speck to her over the phone. she was on a trip. she confirms next week during the commission meeting she will be requesting a banner that reads in god we trust to hang behind the dais. in hallandale beach, cbs4 this morning. a victory for minimum wage workers more than a million employees at one of the largest retailers are getting a pay raise. >> plagued by fires and falls hoverboards are getting plenty of complaints. how you can get a full refund if you just want to get rid of that hoverboard. >> a death proof automobile? the car one company says you should buy if you dent want to die. >> and could there be a ninth planet in the solar system? what researchers are saying this morning. >> back here on earth in south florida we are waking up with 60s and 50s and it will be
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we are seeing the cold air still to the north. 30s and 40s. but boy, also going to talk about the big blizzard that's going to be impacting much of the u.s. could be impacting your travel plans
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research found evidence of an object that could be a nine than planet. they say that other evidence helped them reach that cup collusion. pluto had once been considered the ninth planet but was demoted to a dwarf planet. >> walter and i were talk about how glorious the moon is this morning. it almost is full so if you have a chance to check it out, it is bright and beautiful already. and we are seeing the city lights from our fort lauderdale camera. the sun up at 7:09 a.m. today. and we should be enjoying more sunshine as compared to the past few days. here's the deal mixed bag of temperatures this morning and
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but it is certainly colder in miami-dade county with 52 in kendall. 56 in miami. we're seeing the low to mid- 60s, though, in broward county right now. 64 in fort lauderdale. and eve any cool for the keys, with a low 60s. the reason that we're seeing those slightly milder tells in broward county is because we have more of an east breeze working there that on shore flow off the ocean that mod rates our tells. and that's the reason we're going to see slightly warmer conditions this afternoon. if you notice the wind are fairly calm in miami and out of the northeast down through the keys. so there's a little weather 101 for you this thursday. dry conditions now but get ready for the return of the rain as soon as tonight but especially tomorrow. storms likely so enjoy this 40s in central florida. 30s in gainesville and jacksonville. that's an improvement from the 20s yesterday and 60 for pence sa cola.
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through the big apple and boston. but the big blizzard on the way. in fact, snow across the areas. 20s in minneapolis. teens in chicago. 35 in memphis. 60 in new orleans. that sharp contrast in the air mass is what's going to lead to the potential for severe weather along the front for the gulf coast states. still deal with a wintry mix. as we have yet another area of low pressure developing. that will merge and become this monster blizzard that is headed towards the mid-atlantic. right now you can see the threat for severe weather across much of the deep south and then we have winter storm watches, warnings, blizzard warnings in place for about 15 states. that's stretching from arkansas to new england could see anywhere from 1-2 feet of snow especially around d.c. and baltimore.
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boaters seas 2-4 moderate chop on the bay. lows mostly in the 60s. you will need the rain gear. storms likely. 80degrees then need the sweaters and jackets for the weekend. windy and cooler lows in the 60s. heinz the mid- to upper 60s. lows in the 50s and 40s into sunday and monday morning. temperatures begin to warm up 75 by tuesday. lets get a check of traffic with vanessa. i-75 starting off here because we're seeing flashing lights this morning on the southbound drive all those headlights coming toward you they're driving southbound at northwest 154 street in miami- dade county looks like construction cleared up in that spot. northbound would be the taillights driving into broward county on i-75. so let's start you off, as well, in broward county. sterling road the northbound drive no accidents, no construction. this is if you're heading toward maybe 595 for work this
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i-95 it is packed on that southbound commute at northwest 103 street. northbound would be the taillights. well the canes snap out of the two game funk plus things go from bad to worse four the heat. here's jim berry with the thursday morning sports report. good morning things going from bad to worse for the miami heat get blown out in washington. another key player goes down. and in washington this family showing some divided loyalties. everybody concerned about whiteside. the hard to tell what caused him to go down. he leaves the game with an oblique strain. did not return. and without him or wade, the heat are just a mess. 20 turnovers john wall makingth el pay with a tear -- making them pay with a tear drop. empty the bench. stokes who gets shuttled back
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sioux falls but the heat still get crushed and they're trying to figure out a way to climb out of this funk with all of the ail bodies. meantime in college basketball, also trying to snap out of a two game skid on the road. mcclellan says i've got you, against boston college. goes all the way to the rim. robinson keep it close for bc getting inside for two of his game high 22 points. but in the second half rodriguez comes alive his shot wasn't fall in so he takes it to the rim. 12 points all in the second half as the canes win 67 to 53. i'm jim berry, cbs4 sports this morning. now, it's time for talking with joe. he's live from the wqam studios. >> good morning lauren how are you this morning? >> i'm doing all right. f complaints on a thursday because we're that much closer to friday, joe.
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what could have potentially have been the next deflategate officials forgot the air gauges and the kicking balls before the chiefing patriots game how do you get something like this, joe? >> well, after you make such a big deal and what we went through with the new england patriots a year ago the pretty embarrassing isn't it? to find out the nfl who made a big deal about air pressure and the footballs and everything else, then we find out they forget all their equipment. that looks at all that stuff before the game. it's really embarrassing. it's incredible the national football league which tries to always look up and up and treats everybody the same, then you have something like this happen. just another black eye and another embarrassing home for the nfl. >> yeah, i read that the massachusetts state police actually had to go to the hotel where all this gear was left behind then take this stuff to the game an hour before kickoff. can you imagine the officials being like yeah, yeah, i know i
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give it to him. [laughter] >> embarrassing. i know it's crazy. you couldn't make this up, right? >> no. of course, it involved the patriots once, again, but we'll leave that at that. let's talk about the bills now. >> that, too. let's talk about the bills hiring the first female assistant coach a full-time positioning working alongside rex ryan. what do you think of this hire, joe? >> well, i think it's great for the nfl. i think there's positions in football for women and i'm glad to see the nfl's doing this the quality control. people ask me all the time when i hear quality control what is that for a coach? that's a coach that does a lot of the leg work. puts together a lot of the data for coaches to take a look at on what teams do. get guys prepared for that kind of stuff behind the scenes. help the other assistant coaches out every staff has those guys when you got so many coaches you're trying to
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opponents as you possibly can. it's a great start and a really nice story glad to see it. more. >> very cool indeed. thank you so much. and remember cbs4 is the only place where you can see the afc championship game don't miss new england taking on denver this sunday afternoon kickoff set for 3:05 the winner plays in super bowl 50. volvo believes it's autonomous technology will essentially make vehicles crash proof. they're goal is to now combine all of the features in all volvos within four years the several models were already named in this year's top picks. they were the hot toy this holiday season but the hoverboards have gotten a lot of complaints of fires and falls how you can get a full refund. >> macy's just announced the
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know them. we'll have details the money watch. it's all about the buying and selling of tv shows, the world's largest trade show for tv what you will be watching in the future on your
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on the money watch macy's could be chaining plus some walmart employees may be in store for a larger paycheck. hen -- hena daniels is live. >> reporter: good morning the world's largest retailer walmart is giving most employees a pay raise. more than bunt 2 million hourly workers will see a bump in the pay checks begin february 20. the average will be $13.38 an hour. that's still below the national average. >> are we witnessing the death of the department store? maybe. soon you'll be seeing discount
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the brand starting the idea in exist retail locations. up to 80% off. nar planning to close 40 stores this year. >> and amazon soaring a full refund on any hoverboards sold on its site. the popular two wheeled balancing boards have been plagued by falls rutting in serious injuries and fires. the consumer product safety commission has been investigating hoverboard safety since december. it recommends anyone using a hoverboard have a fire extinguisher nearby when charging or using the board. >> that's going to make a lot of people happy. this is something i want to talk to you about one of my favorite hotels. i'll hearing that they're uping the ante. >> reporter: the hotel is outfitting hotel rooms with more than 4000 in room tablets the guesses can order food, close curtains, control room temperature from the centralized device. it will operate in several different hangs but walter in case you were wondering it
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luggage. >> i don't know about that. i don't know about that. thank you. we'll see you during the next hour. >> yeah, i don't know if we can get the ipad. >> as long as the wifi's free. day. >> that will d it for us at five. cbs4 at 6:00 starts right now. next at 6:00 bitter tweet reunion south florida missionaries return home after a terrorist attack in west africa killed one of their partners. >> sarah palin hits the campaign trail to stump for donald trump. wait until you hear who she's blaming for her son's recent domestic violence arrest. >> plus stuck by snow. people in washington d.c. even the president himself getting a bitter taste of what's to come. >> and breaking overnight a miami police officer opened fire and shoots a man after being stabbed in the face. we're live.
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