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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 6AM  CBS  January 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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thursday, january 21st i'm lauren pastrana. >> i'm walter makaula. we're almost to the weekend the ladies are with us vanessa borge standing by with a look at roadways we're going to hear from her in just a couple min splits first let's check in with lissette gonzalez. happy thursday to you've at home. yesterday some of the coldest temperatures this season. this morning still cool but not as chilly, as we look live from the miami camera, nice and dry and quiet. that will be changing, possibly tonight some showers tomorrow. storms likely so enjoy this nice cool refreshing start. we're seeing a tale of two county. broward county low to mid-60s. low to mid-50s in miami-dade county. low 60s through the keys. the reason that broward county is enjoying some milder temperatures is due to more of an on shore flow out of the northeast. miami wind are northwest. radar and satellite a few
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throughout the day some more sunshine. and highs will climb to the upper 70s. take advantage of it as we will see the return of wet weather ahead of another cold front we'll talk more about the blizzard. let's get a check of traffic with vanessa. busy on i-95. northwest 103rd street. the southbound lanes. taillights northbound. no major construction issues and no accidents. but in broward we do have a brand new accident you have to worry about on the side streets. northwest at 50 street and university drive that intersection partially shut down because of an accident there. then we also have some roadway closures from sweet 3rd-4th avenue. miami-dade the turnpike a bit slow not too bad, though. 15minutes from 288 street northbound up to 874. breaking news a miami
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hospital after getting stabbed in the face overnight. >> marybel rodriguez has been working this story all morning. she's live at the scene at the magic city casino. >> reporter: we spoke with a witness who says the man who stabbed police was in the poker room. he was screamings, aggressive, pretty much out of control. now that employee are told that was taken to the hospital is stable of the man who stabbed him who they say the police officer was forced to shoot at. last we heard he was in surgery. we want to show you the scene. this is what it looked like around 4:30 this morning. this is a parking lot. you see several city of miami police officers out here as well as detectives. they were investigating what happened after a police officer was stabbed we are told he was stabbed multiple times by a customer. now, this all happened around 12:45 this morning. the customer was here.
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he was asked to leave. he refused. when he was told to leave the property, he took out a knife and that's when he stabbed the police officer in the face multiple times. we did speak with a witness who says this all happened in the poker room. the customer was very aggressive when the police officer approached him. >> he was fighting the officer. he was hitting the officer. they were on the floor. at that pint i knew things were not going well because he was being very aggressive with the officer. then i heard someone, i don't know if it was someone at one of the tables that was closer to us and i heard someone yell knife. and then a shot went off. apparently he got the officer had no choice. officer was bleeding on his face so he had got cut. >> reporter: we're told the officer was taken to the hospital and is stable. as for the customer, the
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heard he was in surgery. his condition unknown. the casino is closed we're told it reopens at 10:00 this morning. investigation will continue. we're live in miami, marybel rodriguez cbs4 this morning. now, at 6:00 more than a dozen south florida missionaries are back home weather afternoon a. 1 of their part faso. pines. >> reporter: a bit dazed. 15 south florida missionaries from the west pines community church. they had flown to africa to do good works they lived through theer of the results of terrorism. their inspirational leader was killed by al qaeda just as their air france passenger jet was set to land in the capital of burkina faso. the land locked southwest african nation. last friday's terror attack
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who along with his wife ran an orphanage church members turned out in degrees to welcome the group back who had their mission cut short by the death of mike riddering and concerns for safety. there was plenty to talk about. families hugged, kids cried. and they heard about how the missionaries laid low until they could get out of the country. >> just on behalf of our church, just really glad to see you guys here. [applause] >> reporter: it was the spirit, the image of mike identitiering that loomed over the bittersweet reunion. >> dropping everything that he had selling everything he had and moving to this small country, being a father to these 46 orphans who for the second time have lost an earthly father. >> reporter: 29 people dined the hotel attack. burkina faso is a predominantly
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a former french colony that now joins the list of victim nations hit by radical muslim terrorists. >> we got that news it was needless to say it was extremely sad. we got together and we just prayed. we just know that, you know, god's got a reason for all this. >> reporter: mike riddering's wife will be in town in a couple weeks. church members man a memorial for her husband. >> and we are learning more this morning about a homestead mother who told deputies her child was in a freezer. she's undergoing a psychiatric evaluation she called 911 on sunday threatening to kill her sef. see told investigators she had swallowed rat poison. she said she had a 4-month-old boy then told different stories about where he was. >> initially saying that the child was with relatives, then she said she threw the child in
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bridge finally she told them that she -- that her baby was homestead. >> so far n charges have been filed. police are waiting to find out how the child died. the broward sheriff's deputy charged with manslaughter in the death of a man carrying an air rifle wants the case dismissed. he's a do you have shooting and 2013. he was carrying an air rifle over his shoulders into his apartment complex when the police officer shot him. his attorney argues that he was acting in self-defense and says his actions fall under the state's stand your ground law. >> it is a vehicle another way for the judge to look at this case, before it gets to a jury to see what's going on and dismiss this case because immune from prosecution and dismiss it so it never sees the light of day. to get rid of this case because my client thought based upon all the circumstances that he was preventing a
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>> reporter: black lives matter says the motions are shameful and absurd and a desperate attempt to avoid accountability for mcbean's death. meanwhile the search on for a serial robber who police say hits businesses before closing time. surveillance video from inside a crust store in north miami shows the crook approach the manager as he was closing up. the thief threatens to shoot the man. the two struggle and the man takes off. police say there have been at least three other similar crimes this month in north miami. the crook is described as a light skinned black male, standing at about 5 feet. 10inches tall. controversy is growing over opening a cuban consulate in miami-dade county. in a 9-3 vote miami-dade commissioners urged the federal government to avoid macing a cuban consulate here in miami. politicians say it would inflame passions among cuban compiles.
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doesn't see the need for a consulate now. some say a consulate location in miami's ex i'll community -- exile community would cause problems. all eyes on donald trump and sarah palin. the two hit the road together yesterday for the f irs time since herb coarsement but it's what palin said at a rally that has people talking she blames her son's recent arrest on ptsd, then, on president obama. we have more. >> reporter: as she touted her support for donald trump in front of a crowd in oklahoma, sarah palin addressed what she called the elephant in the room. her son's arrest for domestic violence blaming it on pest traumatic stress disorder. >> but my son like so many others they come back a bit different, hardened they come back wondering if there is that respect for what it is
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airmen and every other member of the military, so sack officially have given to this country. that starts from that -- the top it's a shame that our military personnel even ha of to wonder if they have to question if they're respected any more. >> it starts from the top. the question, though, that comes from our own president, where they have to look at him and wonder, do you know what we go through n do you know what we're trying to do to secure america? >> reporter: her support is a boors to trump's conservative credentials and a potential momentum killer for ted cruz. trump and crews -- trump and cruz taking shots at each other. >> with being a canadian citizen he said oh, i did not know that the then he said worth the loans, oh, i didn't know that. smart guy. >> donald trump promised no the only to protect the atm nal mandate b it to expand it to have the federal
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winners and losers. >> reporter: a mid-this battle there are no signs of wear for trump. in the new cnn poll trump stops the pack. 20 points ahead of everyone else while former florida governor jeb bush and senator marco rubio are in a tie with 10%. >> we've learned that south florida will be hosting the republican presidential nominees the republican national committee confirmed to us that the university of miami will host a gop debate on march 10. the florida presidential primary takes place on march 15. stay with cbs4 and for continuing coverage. the buffalo bills are making history they hired the first full-time female assistant coach. kathryn smith is a special teams quality control coach. she worked as the administrative assistant to head coach rex ryan last season when both were with the jets. she was a player personnel
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seven years before that. we retweeted the full statement go to at cbs miami on twitter if you want to check that out. trailblazer for sure. we are continuing to follow breaking news. a police officer in the hospital after being stabbed in the face in miami. a live report for you coming up at 6:00 foothills. >> also ahead -- at 6:30. also ahead the pembroke pines peep the suspect pleads with the judge. >> first keeping an eye on the storm winter weather causing a but president obama, as well. >> and this is just the beginning of what could be a messy couple of days. >> hey, happy thursday south florida. drivers here is your commute at ult s. 27, so those of you heading southbound toward the dolphin or toward the big curve here the northbound lanes, this is one roadway a midst a lot we have here.
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for light jackets for student as we are waking up with 60s and 50. this afternoon a little warmer upper 70s.
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i'm have more on good thursday morning. we are still cool out there.
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yesterday. we actually had some of the coldest temperatures so far this season but this morning all about the 60s and 50s. as we look live from the broward county camera we should also enjoy sunshine that sunrise at 7:09 a.m. in the meantime we are seeing that broward and down in the keys waking up with a low to mid-60s. however, in miami-dade county, check out the low to mid-50s right now. 53 in kendall. 56 in miami. u 65 in pompano beach. the reason we're seeing a tale of three county because we have more of an on shore flow in broward and even down through the keys out of the northeast and that helps to moderate temperatures. whereas in miami-dade county winds calm right now or out of the northwest. as we look at the radar and satellite dry for now. even throughout the day remains dry. so enjoy the weather because we're going to see the return of the rain possibly some
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storms likely tomorrow. not as cold, as well for our friend just up the pike in central florida the 40s and theirs in gainesville and jacksonville. compared to the 20 yesterday. we are seeing the 20s across new england northeast mid- atlantic states as well as for the northern plains. through the midwest even colder with the teens. 36 in memphis, however 59 in new orleans. 64 in houston and where we're seeing that sharp contrast in the temperatures the clashing of the air masses is where we see the threat for severe weather. also, wintry precipitation across portions of the u.s. can canned missouri sliding to the east the as we take a closer look the threat for severe weather, tornadoes along the gulf coast states, even into portions of the panhandle today and then that threat will actually move into florida tomorrow. here in south florida, it will likely just be some storms
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developing, in fact, over 14 states right now under blizzard or winter storm watches and warnings as you can see. could see anywhere from 1-2 feet of snow stretching from arkansas through new england especially around d.c. and baltimore. here in south florida, it will be beautiful, a little warmer, breezy this afternoon. 76degrees d. boaters right now seas 2-4 moderate chop. liz to the 60s tonight. >> we will see the potential for scattered showers. tomorrow the rain gear. 0degrees. a monday of another -- another cold front rolls through. windy and cooler for the weekend for the marathon. 65 the high. temperatures creep up to the mid-70s by tuesday. right now back to you guys. we are keeping our eye on the storm. a blizzard could hit the northeast this weekend. before that peel are dealing wit a nightmare of traffic here. some pictures out of washington
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all day yesterday and it's been that way throughout the night. nearly an inch of snow caught the city by surprise and brought traffic on highways to a screeching halt. this is video of air force one arriving at the base in maryland. the president normally flies back to the white house but because of the snow, the president took what is reported as a slow and cautious motorcade ride home. >> everyone should be slow and cautious on the roads right, vanessa. >> yes, what lauren said. 826 drivers and southwest 17th street here's the northbound drive. always a mess of a drive in south florida if you're from here, then, you know that. here's the northbound drive as you're heading toward 836 just busy out there. >> letter talk about a couple of issues. specifically in broward county snort west at 50th street and university drive that intersection partially shut down as a result of that accident. so that's the only crash out
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then we have a roadway closed off because of construction. dane yeah beach boulevard just watch out there shut down in both directions. the turnpike is the slowest spot just like every other morning. 20minutes to start off at 288 heading northbound the red arrows slowing you down. >> you end up at 874, 20 minutes for the commute. now, to talk with joe from the wqam studios and joe waking up to hear about another tough loss for the heat. >> they're banged up and bad. andtive lost six of seven games they don't look even close to being a mayoff team right now. more bad news last night. not only duane wade not play but now we find out whiteside got hurt early in the game. he's out. later on in the game, got poked in the eye. awe of a couple of other guys they ended up with 8 healthy bodies the a the end of the
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no the very good to start with. so they are really shorthanded as they get set to take on toronto here in the next couple days. but they just got to get everybody back healthy and then start playing a lot better basketball than they are right now. boy hard enough to play when you're healthy. now that they're banged up especially with some of the best players, expected back against toronto, it's tough to watch right now. an ugly game last night. what about d. wade is he expected back soon or still expect ed to. >> i think he was a little embarrassed how bad ewas with i don't know. that's going to be interesting. i think listen he's not he's out few of to everybody he can stay healthy and not play just 60 games. i think he'll try to play especially if they're shorthanded p it he doesn't
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gotten spoiled with. >> yeah, hopefully playing doesn't make it even worse. also thinking about the idea of watching basketball in the morning that sound pretty good to us. what do you think about the fpa exploring this possibility as some weekday morning games? >> lauren you're really selfish you just want meme to have our bad -- you just want people to have our bad hours. >> i'm with you let's drink a lot of coffee and get up early to watch it. i don't think it's a very good idea. boy, you are a selfish woman i want to let you know that. >> give us something to do watch a little basketball works for me. >> you and the football coaches. >> thanks so much. >> i don't think it's a good idea. >> thanks we'll talk to you later. >> can you imagine that drinking coffee instead of gatorade. straight ahead star wars postponed. when you will get to see
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report for you. >> i'm lisa petrillo. with the one and only todd from chrisly knows best. >> i think they are watching and lots of shows and stars coming up. .
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discovery could there the annual convention for tv is taking plains miami beach and this year it's so big it's expanded to two hotels it's all about buying and selling triangle programs. lisa petrillo gives us a look in side. >> reporter: welcome to the largest international tv trade show in world in miami beach and for the first time in the six year run in south florida it's expanded to the hotel next door. the ceo says it's all about keeping up with the ever changing tv market where the biggest change is that now you the viewers are in charge. >> now, the viewers are in charge and basically saying i want to be able to watch any time any where on any platform. you're going to be on little devices called mobile.
6:24 am
watch content the it's been a wild ride. >> reporter: celebrities also attend. the reigning queen of reality tv chris jenner. now, in the middle of the 12th season of keeping up with the kardashians joined todd chrisley for a discussion about their life and work. >> i know they lie because all kid lie. >> the whole, you know, reality tv ting do you think it's going to continue to explode because it just seals to be building and getting bigger? >> i think the will is craving that originally that they're craving someone else to common ality functioning this enemy's going through the same thing that i'm going through. >> reporter: inside the market nor where thousands buy and trade programs, we spotted some familiar faces. here's former entertainment tonight january carl and her new co-host rodney millie selling their new show -- rodney miller selling their new show. >> we need to be on cbs in
6:25 am
>> we need to be on cbs in miami. >> reporter: another et alum john tesch. >> two ways to be a better parent and six ways to find your purpose at life. >> reporter: yes, it's were you see shows you never heard of like good food america, sports dad, the old fam lards back on the selling block like i spy and the bill cosby show. yes, it's up for the taking. the biggest tv marketplace in the world. >> so in this ever caging landscape of tv, some of the shows we have just shown you just might end up on a tv screen or mobile phone near you in the very near future. >> you'll have to wait a little longer for the next star wars film to hit the big screen. star wars episode # will be released in december of f ex year.
6:26 am
a release 7 months earlier than that. no reason for the postponement. production scheduled to begin next month in london. >> that gives me more time to catch up. >> i haven't seen the first one either, yet. >> you need more than a couple months. [laughter] good morning, guys. and happy thursday to all of you at home. getting closer tour that weekend and right now we are seeing that sun just beginning to peek out. i have a feeling it's going to be a pretty sun rides. right now as you're looking live from the miami camera and cool in broward county with the low to mid-60s. we're seeing even colder conditions in miami-dade with low to mid-50s. low 60s down to the keys. the reason we're seeing this mixed bag of temperatures we have more of an on shore flow in broward. mod rates the temperatures a bit milder as compared to miami with the 50s where wind are calm or light. and we're seeing some clouds around but as we head
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more sunshine to warm us up a bit as compared to yesterday. upper 70s. the breeze will build and see mr. could and possibly showers tonight. storms tomorrow, cooler for the weekend a lot going on the next cup days. -- couple days. let's get a check of your traffic. 8:00 -- # 26 busy in beth directions. southbound are the taillights. headlights northbound. right around okeechobee or u.s. 27. the palmetto busy in terms of drivers but no accidents. the one accident is actually in broward county on the side streets northwest 50th street and of the drive. the intersection partially shut down. and then the slowest spot we have is the turnpike, 1288 street up to -- 288 street, going to take you 24
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we're following a developing story a miami police officer forced to open fire after getting stabbed in the face ate a casino. >> we have been working this story all morning long live at the casino with more. >> reporter: good morning we spoke wit a witness short time ago. he said the man who saw -- stabbed the police officer was in the poker room. he was aggressive. >> he was yelling at everyone. that's why he was told to leave but the man refused that's when the city of miami police officer approached him. they say the officer had no choice but to shoot at that man. now ye are -- now, we are told the officer that was stabbed is stable at the hospital. unclear whether he is still there or he was dischand. as for the man -- discharged. as for the man the customer is unknown. detectives city of miami police officers have been out here all morning long. they are just leaving the casino now but we want to show cue video of the scene this is what it looked like at 4:30
6:29 am
city casino self police officers on the scene as well as detectives gathering evidence. according to the police around 12:45 is when this happened. there was a curs mer, again, he was he got into some type of argument with one of the employees here. he was asked to leaf. he we fused -- he was asked to leave and he refused. that's when the police officer approached him. a witness says that man was very aggressive. >> he was fighting the officer. he was hitting the officer. they were on the floor. at that point i knew things were not going well. he was being very aggressive with the officer. then i heard shun i don't know if it was someone at one of the tables that was closer, i heard someone yell knife. and then a shot went off. apparently he got -- the officer had no choice. the officer was pleading on his face s he had got cut. >> reporter: live pictures right nov magic city casino it
6:30 am
they have been out here for several hours. gathering evidence in this incident that occurred at 12:45 where a city of miami police officer was stabbed. a during the police that officer was forced to shoot that man. a customer here at magic city casino and according to the witness you heard him say that man was very aggressive. of course, the investigation continues. we're live in miami, marybel rodriguez cbs4 news this morning. now, at 6:33 a hearing set to resume today for a man miss say is a peeping tom. he was hoping to get released on bond. he came face to face with some of his victims. we have more from fort lauderdale. >> reporter: pembroke pines police say these are the videos and pictures of a pervert peering into women's apartments watching them and pleasurering himself. preparing to smash a window with a sling shot. even spray painting windows with surveillance cameras in them on at least three
6:31 am
camera's view. the man accused of committing the crimes pelayo cerulia. his attorney asked the judge to release him on bond. prosecutor said neither the state or victims want that to happen. they're certainly not pleased. they had months one case, years of being tarried like this. >> that is the first time i obtained a photo of the suspect. >> reporter: the police said they set up camouflage cameras. one victim that he watched her off the and the cops would never catch him. m is say after these images aired last month friend, co- workers even family members identified him. his attorney argues they failed to investigate other suspects and lacked evidence. >> we look forward tour the challenge and look forward to doing what we need to do in securing a bond for our client. >> reporter: the victims waited
6:32 am
they told their story at a news conference describing what it's like to catch someone preying on you. >> the mother hen in me is coming out because not only do i fear for myself, b it i'm also very angry. >> reporter: police say he's suspected in 25 incidents. this hearing on whether he'll get bond continues on thursday at 2:00 p.m. we'll let you know what the judge decides. miami-dade commissioners passed an ordinance in favor of ride sharing services like uber and lyft lift commissioners gave preliminary a private to operate with far fewer expensive regulations. they had been threatening to leave the county. drivers must now obtain a county license, undergo background checks and have the cars inspected annually. in the end public opinion carried uber to victory. >> i think it's a great idea i
6:33 am
residents and visitors want it. >> the clientele base has spoken loudly. uber is here to stay. >> uber and lyft lit will also be able to -- and lyft will be able to pick up at the airport, too. he was accused of stealing $300,000 of union funds. the jury convicted him on 8 charms including theft, money laundering and campaign contribution violations. his attorneys say they will try to get the verdict overturned. >> he's spent his career doing good work for the teachers and the cause of public education in broward county. we are astounded by the outcome of jury. -- outcome of the jury. >> he could face life in a prison. oreo fans listen up, there's a new treat why this one may be forecast for
6:34 am
>> then plagued by fires with hoverboard how you can get a full refund if you just want to get rid of your balance board. >> it's time for an all new edition of taste of the town. lisa petrillo takes you to a popular spot in hollywood known for the relaxed family style atmosphere and authentic greek food. >> oh, that looks so delicious. but this morning, maybe you're enjoying that extra of warm coffee because it's still cool out there worth the 50s and 60s. by this afternoon a bit warmer, breezy get ready for storms tomorrow 10 a cold front for the weekend. i'll-- tomorrow and then a cold front for the weekend details
6:35 am
on the money watch this morning you may be able to get a refund for your hoverboard plus walmart employees in store for a larger paycheck. hena daniels is live with us. >> reporter: good morning lauren and walmart is giving more than 1.2 million employees a raise. hourly wage workers will see a bump in the pay starting on february 20.
6:36 am
wage will be $13.38 an hour. still below the national average of $14.95. amazon offering a full refund on any hoverboard sold on it site. the popular planing boards have been plagued by falls and fires. they have been investigating hoverboard safety since december. i'm hearing a lot of oreo fans have reason to be excited this morning because of the new flavor is available and we can eat it at this time of the day; right? >> cookies for breakfast great excuse. sweet news if you're shopping for snacks sin bun bun flavored oreos. the twist is a cinnamon cookie with a creamy icing flavored fill. so far reviews on line seem to be good. one reviewer saying it tastes just like a cinnamon bun but crunchy. >> works for me. dip that in milk and good to go. have a good one.
6:37 am
another planet here. researchers found evidence in the outer solar system of an object that could be a ninth planet. they haven't actually seen the planet but other evidence helped them reach that cup collusion. pluto had once been considered the ninth planet but was demoted in 2016 to a dwarf planet p and we are talking about the sunshine right now. as it is a gorgeous sunrise underway. a live view from our fort lauderdale camera. broward county just a few clouds. and indeed as we head throughout the day enjoying more sun as compared to yesterday. another stunning live view here from the biscayne bay camera in miami. happy thursday to uber and lyft you've at home. you'll be happy to hear, that we are dry and quiet. that will be changing as we head into tonight and tomorrow. especially so enjoy it while you can. mixed bag of temperatures. low to mid-60s in broward. and down through the keys.
6:38 am
in fact, the coolest spot is kendall waking up to 53. miami 56. 63 in fort lauderdale. the reason that we are seeing a 10 degree difference here, with some of these county is because we're dealing with more of an on shore flow in broward and down through the keys and that northeast breeze is moderating the tells. however winds calm in miami or out of the northwest in homestead keeping it a little bit cooler. some clouds streaming in from the gulf of mexico just as we've seen this pars week. but not looking as widespread and, in fact, throughout the day we should enjoy some more breaks of sunshine. 40s and 30s across central and north florida so not as cold as it was yesterday when we had 20s. certainly seeing the 20s for minneapolis, kansas city where they're dealing worth snow. also around d.c. dealing with the white stuff and 20 through new york city and boston. teens in chicago, cincinnati, 36 in memphis. 59 in new orleans.
6:39 am
contrast in the air masses, the colder drier air clashing worth the warmer most air moving in from the gulf along that frontal boundary the threat u for active weather. wintry precipitation across the central u.s. as we have a major winter storm developing. but ahead of that, blizzard already the threat for severe weather across the gulf coast states even into the panhandle of florida. threat for severe storms moving into florida but the big national story is that over 14 states under blizzard and winter storm watches and warnings stretching from arkansas to new england anywhere from 1-2 feet of snow especially around baltimore d.c. and surrounding areas. cancellations. here in south florida a degrees. mostly sunny skies boaters seas to to four. -- 2-4. lows in the 60s tomorrow warm 80 degrees with storms likely.
6:40 am
60 when you wake up saturday morning. high 66. 50 sunday morning for the miami marathon and high 65. upper 40s possible monday morning. highs back in the 70s early next week. rush hour is here south florida. here is the palmetto at southwest 17th street starting to see slowdowns at 6:45 in the morning. if this was a colored shot you'd seat plenty of brake lights. 826 dryers here's another look another vantage point of the palmetto at u.s. 27 southbound. northbound pretty quiet. southbound side were we see the majority of the drivers. i-95 we have word of an accident northbound at northwest 135 street. looks like it is cleared up. here's that southbound side,'s press lanes, then the general purpose lanes looking good. broward no accidents to r earth. volvo promising to make a
6:41 am
they believe the technology will essentially make vehicles crash proof. their goal to now combine all of the features in all volvos within four years. several volvo models were already named in this year's top safety picks. >> used to have a volvo maybe i should get another one. >> wait until all that stuff goes in it. straight ahead we have an all new taste of the town. >> i'm lisa petrillo digging in at the greek joint here in hollywood and let me tell you the great people watching, as
6:42 am
the taste of with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. make any day a pancake day with
6:43 am
time for apology another new edition tough taste of the town. a popular spot in hollywood known for the remaxed atmosphere and truly authentic greek food. >> called the freak joint and lisa petrillo tells us, this is one joint you might want to check out. >> reporter: called the greek joint and as lisa petrillo tells us this is one joint you might want to check out. >> reporter: you'll feel like you've hit mama's mother load at the greek joint in hollywood. the owner opened up this
6:44 am
the first small location. >> we were in a smaller location a thousand square feet. we had to pass out birth control that's how tightite was. >> reporter: it's 6500 square feet with dining inside and out. >> people watching, different bars and restaurants, cool little trendy spots down here. you knows you see all kind of people walking up and down the boulevard mainly on the weekend and even on the small days during the week. how's everything. >> excellent. >> thank you very much. >> great atmosphere. >> reporter: he count on his regulars that come back weekly. >> everything is made here fresh. and we think we're an affordable rest rant and that everybody could come to and everybody can enjoy something here. ourky seen is obviously traditional we add a little twist here and there. change it up, spice it up a little bit. >> reporter: creative cocktails spice it up.
6:45 am
the food is moor traditional like the greek salad. >> tour traditional greek salad has no lettuce inside. >> reporter: this was cry crated by jimmy's ma'am. >> it comes with mint, oregano we top it wit diced tomatoes and cucumbers. >> reporter: he said it's life changing? it's life changing. gooey cheese and light dough and greek salad on top. the fava dip hits the spot. >> if you watch taste of the town, you know, i'm a dipper. i'd be dipping all day long. the fava bean dip is unique and different and filled with flavor. >> reporter: the lamb chops served with lemon potatoes and all greek to me. >> lemon, fresh herbs super tender a melt in your mouth lamb chop.
6:46 am
sundays it's disconnect to reconnect you give up your electronic divides your phones and ipad 15% goes off the bill. the greek joint is open seven days a week lunch and dinner. i'm lisa petrillo wit your taste of the town. >> keep my phone. the greek place is located on hollywood boulevard in hollywood. another check on this morning's headlines is next.
6:47 am
we are continuing to follow a developing story a city suv miami police officer recovering this morning after being stabbed in the face overnight at the manlyic city casino. according to the fraternal order of police a customer got into an argument worth an employee then asked to leave. witnesseses say he was aggressive. that's when an officer approached him and he took out a knife stabbing the officer in the face. that officer was forced to shoot the man. they were both taken to the hospital the officer is stable. the condition of the man who was shot is still unknown. also developing overnight it is gridlock in washington d.c. in the entire area there after getting a dursting of snow last night. traffic has been virtually at a
6:48 am
this is just a littletation of what is to come -- little taste of what is to come. a blizzard to hit parts other east coast this weekend. here's a quick wrapup more than a dozen south florida missionaries are back home after a terror attack in west africa. they were flying to africa to work there. they were supposed to meet with their leader michael readering, last friday night in the small country of burkina faso. just as they were landerring al qaeda stormed the area and killed riddering. he was among 28 people killed. >> the broward sheriff's deputy charged in the death of a man carrying a air rifle wants the charges to be dismissed. he's accused shooting and killing germane mcpeen in 2013. he was carrying an air rifle over his shoulder into his apartment complex when he was shot. >> and in a 9-3 vote miami-dade
6:49 am
federal government to avoid placing a cuban consulate in miami. some say a consulate location in miami could spark protests and leave miami-dade taxpayers to foot the bill. now, it's time for talking with joe live from the wqam studios. a little bit of controversy surrounding the officials. he's going to be the ref at the super bowl, why? >> well, he's the guy you're talk about and he grades out really well. he and his group that he works with they do great and so he gets the big game. but you're right, he's a little embarrassed that ecouldn't flip that he got a little nervous trying to flip the coin. it's the first time i can ever remember that the coin never flipped. that was kind of a weird one for sure. >> yeah, i can pretty much
6:50 am
weeks he's going to be practicing that flip. >> he'll be practicing. [laughter] he'll be practicing honey what are you doing? i'm not going to screw that up ink front of a hundred million. there'll be a lot of practicing there for sure. >> thanks so much we'll talk to you tomorrow. have a good one. >> take care, thank you. that is a lot of pressure b it as a player said, no, no u can the other guy flip it? >> oh, my goodness. oh, my gosh the sunrise is beautiful. but we're going to be flipping our weather by tomorrow. so hey u enjoy the conditions today. it is gorgeous as we look live from the wind jammer resort camera 60s in broward and down through the keys. 50 in miami-dade. tomorrow the return of the storms you'll need rain gear, then cooler and windy for the weekend. we'll wake up to 60 degrees saturday morning. the high 66. in fact, by sunday morning, 50 degrees. and you'll need your answers and jackets certainly, then. 65 the high.
6:51 am
sunshine. a high of 70 degrees monday as we get into tuesday, we'll be warming up again. so we continue on this rollercoaster ride of weather the next couple of days but today should be a stunning day. can. >> let see what's happening on the roads and highways. i like it. i-75 drivers here's those delays as you jump onto the palmetto southbound. just going to slow you down if you are part of that drive. 826 packed northbound approaching the dolphin expressway all that rush hour traffic the a bit snarled on i- 95 because of that rush hour traffic. n major accidents slowing you down just all the other drivers out there with you. broward looking a lot better i- 95 at atlantic boulevard. southbound are the taillights. headlights northbound. no major crashes out there.
6:52 am
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