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tv   CBS 4 News at 5PM  CBS  January 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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police say robbed two men they met at a restaurant. >> live at hollywood police we've seen quite a few of these lately. >> a lot of them in recent memory. let's go to the video of these two women because police need the help to identify them. these two women are accused of drugging two in hollywood and stealing their watches and others from a safe. the two women met the men, we're told, they approached them at the porter house restaurant in sunny isles. one of the victim's homes. happened next. >> when the victims and the suspects went to one of the victims' homes, they made them
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which is how they believe they were drugged. >> reporter: now the other instances in the last month or so we have seen, a similar thing happened to a man there with a watch stolen and there was also another robbery of a man at the seminole hard rock he offered to give someone a ride, next thing he knew, his watch was stolen they do not know at this point if these crimes are connected they say it could be part of a ring. it would be some women operating independently. if you think you know the women in that video, you're urged to call crime stoppers.
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officer attacked at a miami casino. >> he must have pulled out his knife. i heard knife and then i heard the gun. >> tonight, police say a man armed with a knife left an officer forced to fire. >> tonight that officer is recovering at home. >> the man he shot is in the hospital. hank is live at magic city live casino where it unfolded. >> over 40 witnesses here at the casino saw this go down. we talked to one of those witnesses and he said that things got ugly and then there was a shot. let's take a look. >> usually you see an armored car in front of a casino, not this early morning. that's a crime scene truck. and there's a lot going in and out of west flagler.
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>> a man dressed in shorts, blue shirt and tennis shoes were acting out. an officer tried to calm him down. >> pushed him and threw money in the air. >> it's what happened next that needs to be sorted out. >> he was hitting the officer and they were all on the floor. things were not going well because he was being aggressive with the officer and i heard someone, all of the tables closer and i heard someone yell knife. and then a shot we want off. >> they were in and out all night long. the police chief reports that the officer has stitches and is at home recovering >> i visited him at the hospital. >> how is he doing? >> he was doing well last night, i'm sure he's doing better at home. he has a recovery to go. >> tonight is
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from the police union president about this. thank you. a body found inside of a car following a shooting overnight in northeast miami-dade. a view from chopper 4 shows a shotup car. a dozen shots were fired just after midnight in the area of 191st street and third court. three men were sitting outside of an apartment building when a man opened fire. >> it was rapid fire. when i woke up, i heard a car pulling off. >> neighbors say they see people going in and out of the building at all hours of the night. detectives are hoping that surveillance cameras will help lead them to the shooter. they're asking anyone with information to call miami-dade crime stoppers things are back to normal at
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bomb squad was called out after a bag was found over the fence. students were evacuated and police gave the all-clear and said no explosive threats were found. an update to a story on the cbs 4 news at noon, the search for a missing swimmer is over tonight and the beach patrol says they're not sure if anyone was ever missing they were over the scene one mile south of the pier. at one point, 4 boats, one turned up nothing. a man accused of being a serial peeper is back in court asking for bond. we have the latest on that.
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allegedly a serial peeping tom, but worse than that, an increasing danger to the community and they're arguing if he is freed on bail, he might rape someone or worse. >> prosecutors say he peeped into windows and here he was arrested at new year's eve after a news conference by some of the victims >> i am completely violated and the mother hen in me is coming out because not only do i fear for myself, i'm angry. >> they want him kept locked up that he graduated from looking into windows to violence. this is a shot of him loading a
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in a recent case, he entered a woman's pardon me, exposed himself an attacked her. she fought him off. defense argues that he's a life-long resident of the community, active in charities and a long-time insurance executive that should be granted bail. now an inconvenient truth for the defense is that the alleged nonbondable offense that is burglary with a battery occurred at 3:30 in the morning. the state says the sister couldn't know where her brother was at 3:30 in the morning. the judge has heard testimony and arguments today. it's not clear when he will rule
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thank you. we have this video just in tonight. one of the american prisoners freed from captivity over the weekend in iran is now back home on u.s. soil. the plane landed in flint, michigan. >> i love this city and i love these people. we're grateful. happy to be home. it's been a long road and a very long journey. >> he was a u.s. marine was one of five americans freed by iran as part of a prisoner swap over the weekend. . he was held for 4 1/2 years. a committee holding a hearing for the man president obama nominated to become secretary of the army f. more on
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appointment. >> first, he had to be confirmed by the senate and he answered questions from the armed services committee about the vision for the u.s. military. >> . >> making sure they're ready. which means they're resilient and properly equipped. >> one of the most pressing is the threat of isis fighters >> we had a simple question. >> are we winning? >> i think it's too early to tell. we clearly are putting a lot of pressure on isis, but they're showing they can put pressure on us. i believe it's a long fight. >> he expressed concerns about
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>> two years ago, we didn't have isis and i am concerned. it's preventing us to do a number of things to keep it whole. >> fanning previously served in many high-level positions in the pentagon. >> at least one senator of kansas is threatening to block his nomination over the proposed closing of the guantanamo bay center in cuba. on the money watch, some good news from wall street where stocks rebounded a bit from a volatile day yesterday thanks to energy prices that did the same. stocks gained 11 points to 15882, the nasdaq up to 4472 and the s&p was up 9 points to end the day. after the break, when blue
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a risky rescue at a california zoo when an employee falls into the gorilla exhibit. how you would like to be greeted by this guy in your backyard. and you can see the radar now, look at this, it's getting cranked up over the southern u.s. that will become the season's biggest snowstorm and in fact the first for many up in the northeast this weekend and for us, it will mean the possibility of strong storms and very cold weather this weekend. that's here in south florida. my forecast is a few minis away. a south woman in a medical community attacks an uber driver.
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you'll hear from a long-time
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uber's reaction >> welcome back. caught on camera, a dramatic rescue at the los angeles zoo after an employee falls into a gorilla exhibit.
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the man doing landscaping work on top of the wall that overlooks the gorilla pit was there when he fell. because this happened before the zoo was opened to the public, they were not near by. the worker was taken to the hospital with a possible broken leg. a consumer alert. you may be able to get a refund for your hover board. amazon is offering a free refund for any sold on its site. they've been plagued by fires. december. anyone using or charges a hover board is advised to have a fire extinguisher near by.
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have blue bell ice cream back on the shelves. it's the first time since it was recalled due to listeria concerns. democratic candidate bernie sanders focusing on the economy. >> the reason we're doing well, we're closing the gap nationally is that people understand that in our great country, something is fundmentally wrong when we have wealth inequality. our job is to create a economy that works for working families and not just a handful of contributors >> a poll just released before
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leading by 8 points over hillary clinton. speaking of secretary clinton, she holds the lead in a poll. it's brand new, she was in indiana focusing on family and how stronger families can make for a stronger country. marco rubio was busy on the campaign trail today. rubio spoke to supporters for the americans for peace prosperity forum. john kasich is beganning momentum in new hampshire from the gop chairman. the former chair says he thinks john has the best chance of winning new hampshire. republican presidential hopeful ben carson is opening up about the death of one of his campaign volunteers
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in iowa tuesday. he called him a hard worker and said he was enthused about finding a way to make this country great again. >> i don't want this to be a life lost in vain. we have a role to play america is to be a wonderful place for those coming behind us. >> carson canceled wednesday's campaign events to honor him. look for more on the cbs evening news with scott kelly at 6:30 now preparing for a bitter blast that could cripple much of the east coast this weekend. >> a winter storm could bring some areas as much as 2 feet of snow. cake -- craig is in washington d.c., how are things looking tonight? >> reporter: good evening to you.
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well here on the streets these streets have been pretreated. that did not happen 24 hours ago and they apologized when just a dusting of snow shut down traffic going in and out of the city. hundreds of salt trucks and snowplows are getting ready for a blizzard. up to 20" of snow forecasted to blanket the washington d.c. area. this is an extremely large storm that will last for 36 hours. >> unless you have to be out tomorrow afternoon, residents and commuters should get home as early as possible on friday. >> residents are stocking up. >> running out of things. >> district officials say they're pretreating side treats ahead of the storms and they want their plows in place. an inch of snow paralyzed the
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roads iced over leading to hundreds of accidents. d.c.'s mayor is getting ahead of the next storm she's closed schools friday and declared a state of emergency as did maryland and pennsylvania. >> 50 million will be affected by the snow event alone. >> portions of new york and new jersey are under a blizzard watch. bulldozers are sand dunes to search. about 200,000 air travelers will be affected by the storm. bus services shutting down around 5:00 friday evening. they're advising everyone to stock up, lack down and stay inside. >> with a chance to break out the ear muffs. >> it's going to affect us a little bit too. >> it will.
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it's beginning to kick up the winds here. we'll see a thunderstorm tomorrow. we're on the bottom side of the system. you can see the winds kicking up we're getting the feel of the effects of the falling low pressure area. lauderdale by the sea, some rough surf going on and only builds into the day tomorrow. key west around 70. so things have warmed up a little built over the past couple days that system is not going to get us storms tomorrow, it's going to get us the coldest of the season. we're going to see two impacts from the system here. the humidity at 55%. at the airport. you can see a little bit stronger down by the beaches here's a look at the radar over the past hour, a lot of rain across the deep south turns into a lot of snow making its way
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making the big left-hand turn and becomes the nor'easter. 65 at midnight. still dry, it will be breezy and mild you want to make sure you have the umbrella as you head out. there will be a few showers and storms around, it will become lively tomorrow. temperatures at 76. taking a snapshot because it won't be around long. there's a blizzard in effect, most of new jersey, portions of delaware and maryland, the blizzard warning in effect for places like baltimore and washington. they're on high alert. here's the future radar as they tomorrow. here's a look at the snowfall totals that the computer models are projecting and they're talking about feet, no t just inches saturday morning, 21-inches by rolling oak and 14 in new york city and
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for us, showers and storms tomorrow and we'll see some dryer air on saturday. towards sunday, sunny, calm and cool weather. tonight, breezy and mild. down to 67. tomorrow, thunderstorms likely. temperatures around 78. small craft advisory, choppy on the bay waters here's your look into the weekend. gusty storms tomorrow windy and cooler saturday. 49 by the time we wake up early sunday morning. that's weather. thank you. a man in the keys woke up this morning, stepped outside and found this guy in the backyard swimming pool. deputies taking this picture of the crock lounging inside the pool. take a look. it's the crock walking back down to the ocean. fish and wildlife got it out of the pool and as you can see, the crocodile now back where it belongs. you can look for the report on
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though. that's the resort life. >> it was a beautiful day. we are on top of the breaking news in plantation where police are search for a missing 16-year-old boy. he was seen at american heritage school on december 18th and his dad claims he last saw him on the 27th when he kicked the boy out of the family's car. plantation police say no one told them about it until january 9th and the boy's father has reportedly refused to file a missing person's report. a former russia spy was murdered and the report says that vladimir putin may have had something to do with it. a family emotional plea for killed.
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becoming the first female assistant coach. tomorrow on cbs 4, it's time to catch some friday flakes he and his grandson head to south florida for spring break.
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he became violently ill and
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tests showed that a toxic poison was in his system his widow wants those responsible held accountable including vladimir putin. >> he protected him. i believe it's his responsibility i need an answer from mr. vladimir putin. >> they have frozen the assets of those they're trying to extradite. it was the second time they tried to poison him. right now, at 5:30, a cbs 4 exclusive. their plea for help after a 15-year-old is gunned down in miami. members of the family had scoured the streets of south
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