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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 6AM  CBS  January 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it's knocking right there. traffic and weather together on this friday, vanessa borge standing by with a look at the roads. >> let's start with meteorologist lissette gonzalez in your forecast. good morning lessset. >> good morning, and hello. rain, we are waking top a wet start -- up to a wet start this morning and throughout the day today it is looking stormy. i know, but we will clear out in time for the saturday and sunday and cool things down. wait until you see how low temperatures will go. but look at the rain on our cram and as we take a look at the radar it is starting to get active. broward county, most -- mostly in the clear. but we're starting to see the showers afternoon sweet water and north miami, little haiti and kendall and even down across portions of the keys. and we could see some strong to severe storms today i'll have more on that and the cold front on the way coming up. a check on the traffic with vanessa. that one accident we have in all of south florida is starting to clear up and you can see the road rangers leaving the scene at northwest 125th street. that's the exit ramp and that
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the only -- up and that's the right now. 826 itself with 17 street. heading toward the dolphin expressway. looking good in both directions all the construction is cleared up no other accidents to report. the live shot on i-95 at northwest 1,235th street. -- 135th street. southbound to northbound. guys? this morning, millions of people along the east coast of monster winter storm that could snow. >> and new video this morning from charlotte, north carolina where the first round of snow is already starting to litany area. >> this is the -- hit that area. >> the this is the major story of the day and weekend. the federal government will close its offices in the nation's capital at noon to prepare for the storm. >> thousands of flights across the country have already been canceled and cbs4's don champion is live in washington, d.c. with more on the storm. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, you know the region hasn't seen
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meteorologists say awful the in- - all of the ingredients are finally coming tot and once the snow starts falling things will be against and quick -- intense and quickly. people in the path of the potentially paralyzing blizzard rush to supermarkets and supply stores late into the night gearing up to be snowed in. >> we got 700 shovels. within about two hours, all the shovels were depleted. if i had a nickel for every time a customer asked me for a shovel i would be a rich man. >> reporter: more than 77 million people will feel the effects of the historic storm set to cripple parts of the mid- atlantic in just a few hours. >> i've lived in dc most of my life. and i don't know that i have lived through a forecast like this. >> reporter: in washington, d.c., federal offices as well as the nation's second busiest subway system will shut down this afternoon. in maryland, and virginia, where blizzard conditions are also expected, crews began treating roads with salt hours ago.
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yesterday's mess, when just an inch of snow caused accidents and delays throughout the area. >> what happened last night was not okay. that can't be repeated. >> reporter: along with the snow, the storm system will bring dangerous winds and ice that could lead to major power outages. in north carolina, power crews began cutting limbs hanging over power lines thursday. most people in the storm's path are taking it all in stride. >> winter is coming. we had to know that. >> reporter: already several airlines have preemptively canceled thousands of flights and provided waivers to travelers to rebook when conditions improve. now some local governments and schools are closed today. others will be shutting down early. we're told that the snow should start falling here around 1:00 this afternoon. walter and lauren enjoy your warm and sunny weather this weekend. >> we will do don. thanks so much. stay warm out there.
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last check, there were 16 departures canceled from miami international airport and eight arrivals the majority are from airports in the carolinas. at ft. lauderdale international airport, there are four departures and two arrivals chanced. breaking news for you out of miami, police are investigating a hit and run crash. >> cbs4's gaby fleischman is live on the scene with more. gaby fill us in. >> reporter: lauren and walter, police telling us they believe now they have the driver responsible for this hit and run crash in custody. the crash actually happened at 4:00 this morning out hire on fourth avenue. witnessens say that a -- walking down the sidewalk when they were run down by the that -- white car. that car also hit several other parked cars. the impact of the crash sent lot. now police tell us that shortly after this crash, the driver ditched his damaged car a few
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then ran off. police again were able to track down that suspect and take him into custody. right now we're being told that the victim was transported to jackson memorial hospital. but so far, no update on that person's condition. we're live from miami, gaby fleischman, cbs4 this morning. thanks for the live report and we are following a developing story out of north korea. the country has arrested a u.s. university student for alleged antistate acts. a north korean news agency says that the student entered the country as a tourist and says that the student allegedly plotted to undermine north korea's system and has links to the u.s. government. earlier this month north korea detained another u.s. citizen on suspicion of spying. the name of the student has not been released. and we are also following breaking news out of somalia. more than 20 people are dead after an attack at a beach front rest rabbit in the capital city there. officials say security forces ended the deadly attack just before dawn. witnesses say lasts of gunfire
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forces went from room to room looking for al-shabaab gunmen. authorities say the security forces rescued does of people who were trapped inside that restaurant. a party was taking place when the attack started. and now this morning at 6:00 two men possibly drug asked then robbed. this morning police revested video of the women they believe are responsible. hollywood police want to catch these women accused of stealing row beck watches if the men. -- rolex watches from the men. the men met the women at porter house bar and grill at the beach. they went back to the home of one of men, the women made them a drink and drugged both of them. when they woke up seven watches were missing. people believe people need to be extra careful. >> you live in miami you have to be on your toes all the time. >> if you have any information, you are urged to call police. also this morning, a 16- year-old boy from plantation is missing and police say his
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them. age jr. again sen was last seen at american high before the christmas break. the last time he saw his son was a couple of days after christmas when he kicked him out of the car for being rude. police say he refuses to file a miss persons report on his son. if you know where he is call plantation police. seriously? press charges. >> no. >> press charges. >> let him go. >> press charges. >> can you call 911 please? >> now caught on camera, more than a temper tantrum in the heart of brickell. a woman verbally and physically attacks an uber drive score the video is now viral. since it was posted on youtube. the woman in the video is a doctor in the residency program at jackson memorial hospital. cbs4's natalie zea has more from brickell. >> can you call 911 please? >> yes call 911. oh, yeah.
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>> reporter: this tirade a young woman unleashed on an uber driver is now on the internet for the world to see. the man behind the camera uploaded the video to youtube saying the driver arrived to pick him up in brickell over the weekend. when he says this woman anjali ramkissoon allegedly jumped in the backseat. >> seriously? >> yeah seriously. get some help. >> reporter: after ramkissoon attempted to hit the driver and knees him in the groin, he pushed her off. she falls to ground and then -- to the ground and then comes back for more. cursing at him and then taking out her feelings on his belongings. throwing out various items from his car. including a lock which she throws at him. a large amount of uber flyers -- >> what are you doing? >> i don't know. >> reporter: and his iphone. >> you're crazy dude. >> i'm a 5'0" girl who weighs 100 pounds. >> reporter: miami police say they responded to a call of a disturbance here but did not
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the man who shot this video wrote online that the driver did not want to press charges. and that ramkissoon gave him a small amount of money as an apology. internet users are demanding more than that though. some are calling for her to be fired from her job as a neurology resident at jackson me anywhere hospital. no one at the south florida home would answer the door to comment on the incident. ramkissoon's neighbor ruby pharaoh says the behavior she sees is nothing like the young lady she has known since she was a child. >> angali and her sister, they are good girls. >> reporter: she surges those -- urges those who are basing their opinions of her to have a heart. >> you could be a beautiful person. but one day you have a problem. that's something -- that doesn't mean you are a bad person. >> reporter: uber said -- all forms of harassment and abuse are not tolerated. we have suspended the rider account of this individual as we investigate the incident. it's important to note that we don't know exactly what
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that video began to be recorded. but what is clear is this has impacted this young woman's life. jackson health systems spokesperson tells me that they placed her on leave and have relieved her of all of her clinical duties while they investigate. they say ultimately she could lose her job. natalie zea, cbs4 the morning. police arrested a man for possession of a firearm and drugs after serving a search warrant at his home. that man is the uncle of a 7- year-old who was killed at that same home last month. this here is the scene from that shooting on december 27th at the home in richmond heights on southwest 151st avenue and jackson street. 7-year-old amiere castro was shot and killed during a dry bi. police say since the shooting, they have received several tips about drug activity at the home. while executing the warrant yesterday they found two pounds of marijuana and a gun with ammunition. michael tobler the 7-year-old's uncle is charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and possession of marijuana.
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prisoners freed from iran is now back home and speaking publicly. >> plus, the "washington post" uncovers something about presidentnd candidate marco rubio's past. what he's accused of during his teenaged years. >> and later caught on camera. is an armed robber is no match for this clerk, what she did when he pulled out a knife. south florida. across the area. courtesy of this cold front and then get ready for those
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good morning south florida. welcome to the weekend. and we are seeing some rain as we look live from our doral camera. and we're going to take another live view here so that you can see we're also contending with the wet weather now starting to move into broward county around ft. lauderdale. there you can see the rain drops on the camera lens. so yes you will need your umbrellas today. keep your eye to the sky as we'll see the potential for some strong to severe storms. even as we take a look at the radar, a-ha, there you can see the green and even the yellow indicating light to moderate rain. so around ft. lauderdale, we're seeing some wet weather. the beach and hollywood and miami beach. little haiti, miami
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west miami and also through portions of key biscayne and coral gables even sewing some -- seeing some heavy downpours there. kendall lakes and even the hammocks and down through the keys. we're seeing some rain around marathon and duck key big pine key and key west. here we go the sustained winds anywhere from 7 to 17 miles per hour out ahead of a cold front. that will bring us a big dip in degrees for the weekend. but out ahead of it we're going to deal with the stormy conditions look at these wind gusts already. from 21 to 28 miles per hour. and temperatures no longer in the 50s and the 60s well. we're only seeing 69 in kendall but most everybody much milder. we can call it warmer with the 70s in proud and dade so -- broward and dade. no sweaters and jackets, the rain gear is what you will storm system. this is the tail end of the nor'easter that blizzard that's going to be impacting and is already impacting in fact much country. here in south florida locally, we could see some strong to severe storms even.
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lightning gusty winds ranging from 40. 60 miles an hour. some of storms a slight chance of the isolated tornado. waterspouts possible. so a heads-up boaters a small craft advisory is also in place. and a dangerous high risk of rip currents. now this low pressure system is bringing some wintry weather. you can see the pinks the purples and whites are indicating the snow and ice and freezing rain that's already beginning to move across the deep south into the carolinas and riding up the atlantic seaboard. so yes, as we take a look at these storm prediction center severe weather outlook, we have a marginal risk of severe weather here in south florida and greater risk just to our north. blizzard winter storm watches and warnings in place stretching from memphis all the way through dc and the new england areas where they could have anywhere from one to up two feet of snow. in fact the forecast models showing that places like dc could see 19 inches. 22 inches in new york city. when all is dade and done -- said and done. it could be a 36 hour event. but here in south florida.
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and not a good day for boating obviously. small craft advisory choppy on the bays and tonight lows low 60s. with showers around staying windy. as we immediate the weekend, big changes -- head into the weekend, big changes. tomorrow cooler windy with 68. the coldest morning so far will likely be sunday with the 40s and then highs around 64 degrees, the miami marathon taking place sunday morning. bundle up for that runners and low to mid-70s early middle of next week. a check of the traffic right now with vanessa. over the accident on northwest 79th street. a live look over the scene. and fourth avenue. on northwest 79th street. fourth avenue, are seeing some cars getting through a school bus right there. but you're going to want the avoid the area if you can. take your other side streets. now we do have an other issue on the side street as well this morning in miami-dade. on red road. gardens drive. you will see one of the northbound lanes on red road
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watch out there. your travel time on the palmetto. not bad. 13 minutes then southbound to i- 75. but it's the florida turnpike slowdown. 288th street you start there. you end up at 874 take a look at all the red arrows leading up to the don shula expressway. 22 minutes for that drive. let's talk about another traffic alert. this one concerning the palmetto expressway. we have a map for you so you can see what's happening. more road closures are scheduled for the palmetto. the northbound 826 will be shut down at flagler street. that's starting tonight at 11:00. so this is more northbound lanes can be opened up as part of ongoing expansion project. with the northbound lane closures, also come some ramp closures. the ramps from flagler street eastbound and westbound 836 to the northbound palmetto will also be closed but all the roadways are expected to open up tomorrow morning at 6:30. lauren? vanessa thank you. time for talking with joe now.
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morning? before we get to sports, lauren if you don't mind, my friend is single that i work with in the morning. captain curtis and i was thinking about setting him up with that doctor. that -- had it out with the uber driver. what do you think? >> i mean, maybe we can get her number for him. i don't know. he might have to be careful with that one. >> she's a little feisty when she's drinking. >> oh gosh joe. all right, joe let's talk about basketball instead. i'm not going touch that with a ten foot pole here, dwyane wade being selected to his tenth all- star game start. 12th all-star game total joe. very happy for d wade. but health wise is he up to this? >> well, i tell you what. it's great question. because i think you're a little bit like i am. i don't mind you playing in the games, it means a lot i know it's important to his sponsors and the people that pay him a lot of money off the court.
6:19 am
job that pays you $20 million a year is playing regular season basketball games for the miami heat. so i hope he plays the rest of the games going into the all- star break. because i think it's important to play and this team needs to play lot bet score they need -- better and they need dwyane wade. watch dwyane wade in the all- star game who's obviously very popular. got vote in the by the fans, it tells you where he is as a player and what he has been able to do. not the player we're used to seeing but still very good basketball player. >> people still love d wade. we hope he stays around for a long long time to come. speaking of players getting older, let's talk about peyton manning herement joe you said it in our last little chat in our last hour. you think this might be the end of road for peyton manning here this weekend? >> i really do. matter of fact, i believe that denver broncos, he's due the make $19 million next year. they got a lot of really good young players they need to resign. i think they're going to be
6:20 am
this ends up. whether he gets to a super bowl or houses this game. i -- lose this is game. i think john elway the president of the denver broncos would love to hear peyton retire. i'm done. used to be. and goes on with one of the greatest careers ever. commercials. he's always going to make a ton of money. but i hope it's time to get next surgeries, he's not close be, lauren. >> it would be pretty cool to end it with a super bowl win though. we have to wait and see. glow. >> all right no question. >> thanks so much and of course cbs4 the only place you can see that afc championship game. don't miss the new england patriots taking on the denver broncos and peyton manning. the sunday afternoon caver is set for -- kickoff is set for 3:05. the winner plays if super bowl 50. -- in super bowl 50. we are just ten days away from the iowa caucuses and marco rubio' past is making headlines. this morning the "washington post" reports the presidential candidate and florida senator was once arrested.
6:21 am
happened in miami when rubio was 18. their investigation uncovered rubio and some friends were stopped by police at alice wane park for being there afterhours and drinking underage. no charges were ever filed. we've asked the campaign for comment but haven't heard back. also this morning, a new poll shows democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is taking a commanding lead in iowa. sanders opened up an eight point lead over rival hillary clinton according to a new cnn/orc poll. he tops clinton among likely democratic presidential caucus goers in iowa 51% to 43%. stay with cbs4 news and for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. we are continuing to follow breaking news right now out of miami where police are investigating a hit and run crash from overnight. cbs4's gaby fleischman is working the story. >> and uninvited visitor.
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keys finds a crocodile in their swimming pool. find out what happened next. >> but first james corden takes a page out of the movie "big." up next don't miss his duet of
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cbs4 t welcome back. cbs the morning can coming up -- this morning is coming up at 7:00 a.m. and norah o'donnell is joining us live this morning from the new york studios. the cbs new york studios, what do you have planned for today's show? >> oh good morning to you walter, it's a big day here because we are spread out along the east coast covering the the east coast. plus we're going to talk with the snow boarder who may face charges for setting up an avalanche at a california resort. also mercury is in retro grade and some people are blaming it for all the mishaps in their life. well, we'll talk with physicist about what that actually means. and ben tracy reports from cuba as hollywood makes history there. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you right at 7:00. >> all right. mercury in retrograde. that explains all the messes. we'll see you at the top of the hour. >> yes exactly.
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remember "cbs this morning" is at 7:00 a.m. right here on cbs4. >> in this morning most pop news, from the creator of the hit film being john malkovich comes a new film. visually very different from most other animated films. it tells the story of a self- help author who lives a very mundane life. he sees in way out of the doldrums until he meets a woman named lisa who may or may not be the love of his life. the film also has a distinct feel for its audience and it has a unique stop motion animation format paying special attention to costume and hair design. cbs4's lisa petrillo sat down with the mikers of the -- makers of the film to discuss what makes it stand out. >> duke making it into a movie. it's animated. it's not animated. it's stop action animation. explain that to the truers -- that to the viewers, it's
6:25 am
>> they are puppets that exist in real three dimensional space be all the sets and dedills and props and everything that you see is fabricated and built and set up on a stage and it's lit and there's mini stages going simultaneously. and the way that it literally works is is that these puppets are are posed and a still frame is taken. and then they're moved again and still frame is taken and over the sequence of 24 still frames a second, it creates the illusion of movement. >> we conditioned of like taslet -- kind of like to let people experience something. for me as an audience member, there's sort of a fun and aceps of pride in realizing smog -- of fun and a sense of pride in realizing something i'm not hit over the head with. >> the film received both golden globe and academy award nominations. drill roll please -- chris that are rinne from coldplay. thank you. martin will be the next
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during the drive the pair will pay tribute to david bowie. the most recent ride which featured adele has already youtube views. the coldplay frontman will appear on the late lay show february 7th right after the super bowl cccl only right here cbs4. and speaking of james corden, actor sean hayes was on the show last night. james asked hayes to do a fun songs on the -- few songs on the giant floor piano including justin bieber's "sorry." check this out. >> one more shot at forgiveness, i don't know how -- [ inaudible ] i just need one more shot, second chances is it too late now to say sorry >> that was exhausting is
6:27 am
reminder for you, you can watch the late late show with james corden right after "the late show with stephen colbert" of course light here on cbs4. >> sean hayes needs to work on the cardio i think. >> just a little bit. he is tired out there. i know what it's like to be short of breath. that happens to me earlier this morning. it's not fun. but you know what? you're going to be dancing around some showers and storms this morning. we do have a wet start out there south florida. and as we look at the radar, yeah, starting to get soggy for much of the area. ft. lauderdale, some rain there. the beach as well as aventura airport. west miami also seeing some downpours around the hammocks and country rock, everything is moving from the south and west to the north and east, duck key, marathon, big pine key, key west also getting welt and the winds really out of the southeast anywhere from # to 17
6:28 am
28 and it is not cool. morning. in fact mild low 70s across the board except for kendall with 69. throughout the afternoon highs in the upper 70s and we are going to see storms likely with the potential for some gusty winds as this cold front that big blizzard that is impacting much of the eastern half of the country is. we'll be impacting our weather in the sense that we have a risk of severe storms and again we could have some downpours and lightning and gusty winds a slight chance of the isolated tornado. waterspouts possible boaters a small craft advisory and a dangerous high risk of rip currents. and a huge change with the coldest air of the season on the way. wait until you see how low temperatures will go. i'll have more on my complete forecast let's gate check of the traffic now -- get a check of the traffic right now with vanessa. she said it south florida. 826 drivers it raining out there. it is soaked northbound at southwest 17th street. then what you can also notice is it packed on the palmetto northbound because of all that rain. so it's definitely going to
6:29 am
morning. get out the door early so this is at northbound drive right before you hit the dolphin expressway. let's talk about a couple of accidents we have out there on red road that's 57th avenue. northbound lanes affected approaching miami gardens drive because of an accident there. also we have a crash on bird road that's southwest 40th street as you approach southwest 107th avenue. that's a big intersection you will want to drive cautiously there. maybe take north coral way instead or miller drive. 56 instead of bird road this morning. looking at the turnpike, it is slow 288th street all the way 28 minutes there. shula up to the dolphin. guys? we are continuing to follow out of miami. where police are investigating >> cbs4's gaby fleischman is live on that scene with more. gaby, good morning. lauren and walter. police are telling us that they believe they now have the man responsible for this hit and run in custody. the crash happened at around
6:30 am
northwest 79th street and fourth avenue. witnesses say that a person was walking down the sidewalk when he or she was run down by the driver of a white car. that car slamming through a fence and also hitting several other parked cars. we're told the impact of this crash was so severe it actually car lot. we spoke to several witnesses who said that they actually heard that impact and came outside and saw that victim on the ground. >> i hear the tires screaming and wheel, wheel like. that i said oh snap. honest -- i hear boom. >> reporter: and police tell us shortly after the crash, they actually found the car involved badly damaged and missing a back wheel. they found it ditched just a few blocks away from the scene. we're told that the driver did run off but cops again were able to track down that suspect and take him into custody. right now he is being questioned by detectives. as for the victim, that person
6:31 am
but so far, no update on his or her condition. we're live if miami,man -- from miami, gaby fleischman, cbs4 news this morning. >> thank you. several squatters are locked up this morning after being arrested after two miami homes. it happened yesterday afternoon on second street and northwest 32nd. police confirm that electricity was being used illegally through a stolen meter box. on wednesday police made arrests at this location for narcotics, gun possession and burglary. nine people were arrested in two days at the home. police are now investigating if those people were legally renting those properties. and now it's 6:30. a wild welcome for a couple who just moved to south florida. a crocodile in their backyard pool. the couple from pennsylvania moved to the keys just a few days ago. cbs4's ted scouten is there with more on the croc who was apparently just looking for a warm place to hang out. >> reporter: what a greating for this couple who just moved the pennsylvania. an eight foot crocodile floating around in the pool at
6:32 am
>> the crocodile was just -- basically chilling. >> reporter: wildlife officials morning. then figured the crock just like everyone else was looking for a warm place to hang out. about 80 degrees. so i'm sure it was a lot warmer than the ocean that the crocodile was swimming in. you know especially with the cool weather we've had here all week. >> reporter: it's knotted to see them here. >> -- not odd to see them here. >> well they're it's part of the whole -- just part of the whole wildlife picture. every your now. >> eatons live a few door down and have crocodiles that have been here for years and initially people wanted rid of not anymore. >> everybody that's been here a while protects duchess. they're very defensive of her. they don't want her or her offspring. we have three of them now on the property. interfered with. keep their eyes open for them and watch for tracks coming out of the ocean. are not looking for trouble.
6:33 am
she's up on the beach and she'll head out to the ocean. very skittish. >> reporter: wildlife fills say really, they're shy. >> drag this head coming up. >> reporter: when she saw everyone looking at her she realized it was time to go back where she came from. that crocodile was home without incident. according to officials they tell us there's only been one documented crocodile attack in florida against a human. that was in coral gables and it was not fatal. ted scouten, cbs4 the morning. >> pretty scary sight for people who just moved to south florida. >> yeah. 6:36 right now. if you have little ones at home check the car seat. seats are being recalled. up. >> also ahead, a close call when some officers -- and a big rig -- well, you saw it right there. it comes too close for defendant for them. if -- comfort for them. >> plus we're living large,
6:34 am
inside look at an extraordinary ocean front design center in sunny isles beach all under the artistic direction of giorgio armani. >> a sony start to the weekend south florida associated with cold front and the nor'easter impacting much of the eastern half of the country. for all of you going to the marathon and half marathon this sunday morning: bundle up. coldest air of the season with lows in the 40s. tell you all about the roller coaster ride of weather ahead
6:35 am
welcome back on the money watch this morning, a major coffee company is suing its a recall. station station's hena daniels is live from the new york stock exchange with those stories and more. hena, good morning. >> reporter: good morning lauren. britax is recalling more than 71,000 infant car seats because the handle can crack and break. causing the seat to fall unexpectedly. the recall involves the britax be safe 35 and be safe 35 elite infant car seats and travel systems. if you have one of these seats you can sign up and get a free repair kit. you should also stop carrying
6:36 am
at least one infant has been injured. and a lawsuit is brewing betweenest press low and an israeli -- espresso and an israeli competitor. they are suing for using an actor in a ad that looks just like george clooney. he is already the spokesperson for an espresso. they want the put an end to that commercial lauren? >> oh my goodness, compliments to that guy right he fda? >> i agree. >> all right, facebook here now, they're trying to make it easier for fans to follow the what's this all about? right. just in time for the nfl playoffs, the site is launching facebook's sports stadium. users will be able to access all facebook content related to a sports event in one place involving live scores, stats and play-by-play. the product will even include posts from friends and their comments on the game. and of course the cbs will air the super bowl rather is going to air here on cbs on february
6:37 am
>> oh, yeah and we're looking just make sure you're also watching the game on the big screen. thanks so much hena daniels have a good one. >> happy friday south florida. it is a soggy live view here from our cbs4 camera in doral. yes, you need your windshield wipers this morning as you're going to work, taking the kids to school virginia the rain gear as -- have the rain gear as well. and here's another view from broward county as we have the scattered showers all across the area. and the radar is becoming active as i warned you earlier. so from the south and west and the north and east that's the direction of the precipitation right now. portions of pompano beach. lighthouse point and lauder dale by the sea getting drenched as well as some slick conditions on the roads around 95 and 595. port ever grades right now -- everglades right now dealing with some wet weather as well as the beach. miami beach now dealing with
6:38 am
portions of downtown miami near miami international airport. and sweet water also dealing with some rain as well as key biscayne and brickell. and also looking at coral gables, kendall likes the hammocks and sunset dealing with the wet weather as well as in pine crest. tons of rain for you around the keys especially around marathon and duck key. here's the deal and storms likely today some strong to severe. the potential for heavy downpours as well we're already seeing and lightning and gusty winds and storms gusting to 40, 60 miles per hour. a slight chance of the islanded tornado can't be ruled out. waterspouts possible as well. boaters a heads-up. small craft advisory and a dangerous high risk of rip currents. due to that cold front that's associated with the nor'easter impacting much of the eastern half of the country. look at the sustained winds anywhere from 9 to 17 miles per hour out of the southeast incading that front is indeed on the way.
6:39 am
you'll notice that when you step outside. mostly low 70s in broward and dade. down through the keys 69- degrees in kendall. as we look at @ big picture this, you can -- there you can see that area of low pressure spinning across the deep south the gulf coast statessened the gun dealing -- under the gun dealing with the wet weather and the wintry precipitation. ling and also as we take a look at the storm predictions weather outlook, the yellow is indicating higher risk oversweet for central and -- severe weather for central and northern florida. for us here a marginal risk of severe weather and also seeing blizzard and winter storm warnings and watches stretching from memphis through the newfound areas, our model forecasting anywhere from up to is said and done. that is 3 hour event for the mid-atlantic and northeast. 19-inch os snow possible in dc and 14-inches in new york by sunday. for us today though, 78 degrees with storms likely. gusty downpours. not a good day for boating a small craft advisory again choppy on the bays.
6:40 am
showers around and staying windy if you're headed to the miami marathon and half marathon this sunday. 25,000 people expected. bundle up it will be a cold start. 49 degrees. so big changes once the front passes tomorrow. high of 68 and sunday morning and highs in the low to mid- 60s. the coldest air of season on sunday and then as we head into early next week, highs in the more storms wednesday. let's get a check of the traffic now with vanessa. slow on the palmetto this morning. thanks to the rain and an accident we had in the area northbound approaching the dolphin expressway. gridlock. really stalled this morning as dolphin on the palmetto northbound. also we have a couple of accidents to worry about as red road. might have gardens drive a major intersection, the northbound lanes o red road affected by that one. then bird road, an injury partially blocking the roadway. slowest spot is going to be the
6:41 am
it's going to take you more than a half hour to make that drive. let's talk about another traffic alert and lissette just mentioned it's going to be cold on sunday. this sunday is the miami that are monothousands are going to be running through downtown miami and miami beach and coconut grove. bundle cup then also take a look at this race course. because all these areas you're going to want the avoid them. it's going to be a slow one. race. it's beginning in front of american airlines arena and then head into miami beach on the causeway meaning you will take the julia tuttle causeway. through downtown miami into the grove and end up back into bray front park. expect the closures from about 5:00 a.m. until about 1:00 p.m. on sunday. wait a minuter -- wait a minuter? >> thank you -- walter? now check this out. a close call for officers in east texas. the men were waiting for a tow truck when the brakes on a truck locked up as it drove by and you can see the truck come right at the officers.
6:42 am
jumping into the woods just in time. the truck didn't hit them on or the place cruiser. in massachusetts the robber entered the store to make a purchase when he was at the register, he took out a knife and demanded money. that is when the clerk grabbed a wooden club and began swinging it. the robber took off after she hit him a couple of tiles, the clerk says she's always had that club there for protection. brave lady. >> yeah. all right straight ahead, all new edition of living large. >> i'm lisa petrillo with the residents of armani i casa. the first u.s. building by the
6:43 am
yeah it's living large a welcome back. it is time now for another edition of living large. the world famous designer giorgio armani said that elegance is not about being noticed. it is about being remembered. >> now he's taking his understated elegance from fashion to interior design for the first time in the u.s. in a high end luxury condo to be built on sunny isles beach. cbs4's lisa petrillo takes us inside the brand new model at residences of armani casa. >> reporter: it's a brand known for high fashion style and elegance all under the
6:44 am
created it. giorgio armani. 15 years ago the designer turn today home design -- turned to home design creating interiors for build information dubai and milan. in the u.s. for the first time ever, he is showing off the home style at the residences by armani casa in sunny isles >> that's the fairly funnished penthouse unit. what you can see here is what you get when you buy .house unit. >> reporter: this is the 8500 square foot sales deseen center which just opened this week. arna knee casa is a partnership of desert development and the related group. armani casa is luxury and comes with a price tag. units are priced from quest over 1.$8 million to $7 million depending on square footage. >> we are developing 308 units right here on sunny isles beach that's going to be -- if it's a building designed by caesar pele and interior designed by the folks at armani casa. we have the own restaurant and own full-fledged spa and managed by aftermane. our own bar. incredible pool deck. and incredible cabanas on the ocean.
6:45 am
director of the casa gives us a look around the model unit. we have a signature armani rounded edge. >> that is like rounded edges on the walls. >> it's a big part of it because that helps of course to bring a bit of what you have on the seat. because that is giving you an the seat. >> reporter: the kitchen is elegant and clean and a double my favorite part? you can shut it off from the rest of the space. >> when you need the kitchen of and you have it. >> reporter: thelying room with full views to the water is huge and designed with custom oversized furniture and warm tones throughout. there are two entrance to the master closet which doesn't look like a closet at all. everything is tucked away. >> and again here, like i said before in the kitchen, everything that you don't need is here, when you close that space.
6:46 am
>> reporter: and then you've got the -- which i'm assuming yes are armani. >> reporter: the master bedroom with the handmade silk rub opens it's -- rug opens to the atlantic ocean. all onyx and all luxury. just look at the double sinks in onyx. hello. the sales unit comes complete with a fabric room where potential buyers can choose any of these personally cure rated armani fabrics for their individual units. the residences of armani casa are already 60% sold. even before the beautiful model was up and running. the building itself is expected to be fully built by the end of 2018. in sunny isles, i'm lisa petrillo, cbs4 news. >> i'm ready to move in. >> where do i sign?
6:47 am
give me miles, lots of miles, under starry skies above. don't fence me in. let me fly any time, any airline that i love, don't fence me in. give me a mile and a half for every buck i spend. double my miles when the first year ends. no annual fees, no blackouts, let the fun begin. don't fence me in. get the discover it
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welcome back, we are continuing to follow breaking news out of miami. a hit and run crash in miami that left a pedestrian in the hospital. the crash happened at around 4:00 this morning on northwest 79th street and fourth avenue. the impact of the crash sent a victim flying into a car lot. police say that they found the damaged car ditched a few blocks away from the scene. they were then able to track down the driver. he's being questioned by detectives. there's no word yet on the vail's condition. also this morning, crews are investigating a house fire in northwest miami-dade. take a look at the raging flames shooting through the roof of that home.
6:49 am
so far no word on any injuries. the monster winter storm that is started to bring snow and ice to parts of the south -- i should say it has brought that. residents in arkansas and income pac were among the first to -- north carolina were among the first to experience the storm overnight. as a mix of snow, sleet and drain wreaked havoc on roads. the system is forecast to bring nasty weather to millions of people thousands of flights have already been canceled. and nows the time for talking with joe. joe rose is live from the studios this morning and joe it is prediction time. who do you lightning don games on sunday -- like on the games on sunday? >> all right, i'm going to -- i'm going to go be the favorites right out of las vegas for you lauren. carolina and new england. see you in the super bowl. what do you think? >> you know, the teams i want to win and the teams i think are going to win are complete opposite teams. i'd love to see peyton pull out one last win if this is in fact his final season and i kind of
6:50 am
winning the game. not cam newton. >> you have some for palmer, you think he looks good what are you saying? >> he's ten years older than cam newton. beat the young guy and cam newton still has plenty of time to make to the playoffs and more super bowls too. >> lauren i want to you have a great weekend -- you to have a great weekend. what do you think about setting my friend one that crazy doctor that attacked the uber drive summer. >> i'm not going to go there. have a good one. >> thanks lauren, thank you. >> bye joe. you're going to go with cam. all right. i'm going with carson palmer. >> there you have it. >> let's see what's happening outside. >> also on the weather this morning, sorry just really active and live view right now from our downtown miami camera. and whoo. it is cloudy and soggy out there. 69 in miami. 70 in ft. lauderdale. 74 in key west. certainly warmer compared to the past few days and wet. lighthouse point.
6:51 am
lauderdale and also around dane yea beach, look at miami-dade. heavy downpours for north miami and miami beach and also portions of downtown miami. just had the pine in kendall and pine crest and now the keys goaling drenched across the board. strong to severe, tomorrow will be windy and cool we are the upper 70 -- cooler with the upper 60s. 40 sunday morning. going to the miami marathon and half marathon. bundling up. -- bundle up. high temperatures in the low to mid-70s by wednesday. vanessa? soaked out there. as you're heading southbound at northwest 95th street. it is going to be a slow drive wherever you're heading this morning south florida. we have an accident on red road miami gardens drive blocking one of the northbound lanes of red road. then we have that crash on bird road and 107th avenue. an injury accident partially blocking the roadway. the turnpike a slow one. 32 minutes from 288th street northbound up to 874. >> vanessa thank you. "cbs this morning" is coming up
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