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tv   CBS 4 News at 5PM  CBS  January 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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more on how the officer is doing in a moment. >> let's get you out to joan murray first. >> reporter: this man has been charged with five counts of attempted murder on a police officer he remains here at the police headquarters and i expect he will be transported to jail shortly. this was an attempted kill an successful. station. >> shattered windows. an officer. david starling was shot while parked at northwest 7th avenue writing an accident report. the shooter, a 24-year-old,
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>> i looked out the door and heard 8 shots and i saw the rare window of the suv, i see a window fall out. >> reporter: bleeding from a shot to his backside, the officer called dispatch with a description of the suspect's car and began to follow him. >> when the officers joined in on the chase, the suspect then at approximately 20th avenue leaned out of the window with the firearm and began to fire at the officers in pursuit of him. >> reporter: eventually, he crashed and bailed out of his car. >> if you have that much hate and aggression to attempt to assassinate a police officer paid to protect and serve, there's no justification for it. >> reporter: as the cruiser and
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headquarters, the fbi offered assistance but later decided there was no terrorist link. he acted alone, targeting someone in uniform. >> when you take this job, you have an understanding that you may not come home at the end of the day. >> fortunately, the officer did survive. he was taken to the hospital and that's where we find cbs 4 news. >> reporter: this prompted strong words from the president of the miami-dade police. he said there are criminals who go out of their way to harm police officers and after checking with this wounded officer here in the hospital, he told me in light of everything, he's very fortunate. >> he is very, very lucky to be alive. he definitely had a guardian angel watching over him today. >> i'm dade president says that
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david starling was cruelly ambushed. >> he was just sitting there finishing a report, as most police officers do on a regular basis and an individual decided he was going to shoot into the police car several times he struck him once. >> reporter: a bullet hit the 52-year-old officer in the buttocks >> he has non-life-threatening injuries. >> he was rushed to the hospital. that's where his wife and another family member were taken to see him after the shooting. starling has been with miami gardens police since 2007 and has worked for the jacksonville sheriff's office to 1999. >> every police officer we communicate. we take the good and the bad. we're second guessed in every
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job, you have an understanding that you may not come home at the end of the day. still, these officers, they come to work every day, they come to work focused. >> he finds it deeply disturbing >> there are bad people on the streets instead of being in prison that are trying to hurt law enforcement and do anything they can to hurt society. >> i've been saying that the streets are getting meaner and more violent. >> moments ago, we spoke to starling's father who is a retired officer. >> not every day you get information that your son has been shot doing the the duty he's supposed to be doing. you pray every night. you know every time he straps
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that possibility. i don't understand what motivates a person like that, what their mentality is and why they're so angry. >> a miami gardens spokesperson says that he went into surgery this afternoon and is in good spirits he says fellow officers are with him he expects that he will remain in the hospital overnight. cbs 4 news. thank you very much. it was just over two weeks ago that a philadelphia police officer was ambushed and shot car. investigators say that a 33-year-old was shot multiple times by edward archer who did it in the name of isis. he was shot three times at point-blank range and just today broken arm and nerve damage. new
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ambushed and murdered by a gunman while they sat in their cruiser in brooklyn. they were killed in what is believed to be revenge for two men's deaths who died at the hands of officers. stay with us for continuing coverage on the officer ambushed. we have our eye on the storm tonight, and a friday washout for south florida. >> dark rain and clouds covering our area all day long. john is in for craig tonight >> we have a look at radar. >> you're right about the all-day soaker where he will see an end to the rain and then we should be all systems go for dryer but cooler weather after that. it's part of that nor'easter now rumbling up the sea board. snow to the north and we heard about that. we'll have more later on. but rain to the south is sweeping through. most of miami-dade and the keys
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there's one heavy rain band going through broward now heading towards coral springs, sunrise and coming down over west inn. it will be down by the beaches in an hour and we'll see the dryer, cooler air moving in. some of the rape fall totals an inch and a half. 1.3 at homestead and miami shores an inch and a quarter. here's your planner at 8:00, it around. 54 at midnight. dryer, breezy and cool. 59 tomorrow morning, it will be breezy and windy to start the night and sunday. i'll have details in a few. a reminder, you can track weather where you are any time all weekend long. down load the cbs miami weather app in the i-tunes store or the google play store.
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blast up and down the east coast, all of this snow on the ground, it's just fallen in the last couple hours and a lot more is on the way. washington d.c. could get the brunt of this storm. >> it's always causing mayhem for people in the south as it moves up the east coast we have more from washington d.c. >> reporter: d.c. officials say it's time for people to be off the roads here in the nation's capital. the storm is rolling in. the snowplows have rolled out and he says he's ready to navigate through 2 1/2-3 feet of snow in a storm people are calling life threatening. >> reporter: a monster storm from georgia to virginia. people used snow blowers and plows to clear the sidewalks in in north carolina. >> we have a forecast i don't think we've had in 90 years
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blizzard is from space. it's expected to dump 2 1/2 feet of wet, heavy snow. officials are concerned about 50-mile-per-hour winds toppling trees on roofs and power lines. >> it's a life-threatening type of storm with the potential of 3" of snow per hour, they're making main roads and snow evacuation routes a priority. >> get off of the streets. been challenging. a united plane skidded off of the runway in chicago, no one was injured but other airports are suspending it. a lunar high tide has them worried about coastal flooding while they're bracing for a foot of snow. >> officials say that 50 million people are in the storm's path.
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operation center are warning of delayed response times to 9-1-1 calls late friday, saturday and saturday evening, they're also expecting serious power outages as the storm gets rolling. thank you. international airport. that's where gary nelson is and he's impacting flights here. >> here at miami international airport, some 15,000 american airline passengers alone will not be catching their flights up the eastern sea board more than 200 flights today and tomorrow grounded both here and at fort lauderdale international. a lot of people not slipping, on the departure and arrival board, scores of flights canceled up
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american mia's biggest carrier tomorrow. charlotte >> first time something like this has happened. >> the airliners did a good job with text and e-mails telling them not to come. >> we have taken a proactive approach to let passengers know their flight has been canceled ahead of time >> reporter: this woman thought she could find a ride, not. >> the next available is probably monday. guaranteed, i can be on stand by, but everything is booked. >> reporter: she won't get back to pennsylvania until sunday. >> we got canceled. >> what are you going to do? >> stay an extra night until tomorrow. >> where? >> i don't know yet.
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international hotel >> we're sold out for tonight. >> sold out as the storm some are calling the blizzard of the century disrupts air travel nationwide. >> normal service will not resume here at mia or fort lauderdale before sunday at the earliyest. the bad weather will move through the carolinas tomorrow but ice will remain on roadways making it too dangerous for airline employees or passengers to try to drive to the airport. we're live at mia, gary nelson, cbs 4 news. look for more tonight on the cbs evening news with scott kelly. all new at 5:00, haiti's controversy presidential runoff election which was supposed to happen tomorrow is being
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the spokesperson didn't provide details saying only that a news conference will be held at a later time. they have been trying to negotiate is solution. a cbs 4 consumer alert. the air bag recall is expanding. we have important information next. >> a cow on the move causing big issues in new york. what he was running away from is what you don't want to miss. that's at 5:30. the academy awards debating the accusations that they're not diverse enough. the changes they're making. we're expecting a cool crowd tonight. the preview coming up. it's been raining all day, dryer air is on the way. look at the vapor loop that's almost here as the rain moves away.
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aren't you lactose intolerant? this isn't lactose.
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the highway safety administration announcing that another 5 million vehicles are
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the expansion is partly because they have identified another death attributable to the defect. the crash happened last month in south carolina when an air bag exploded in a crash involving a ford ranger. that marks the first death in a non-honda vehicle and the 10th overall blamed on the defect. voting is about to begin and the countdown is on for the iowa caucus that's on february 1st followed by the new hampshire primary they're all making a push to try to get some support. >> rick, with ten days left before voters cast the first votes in iowa, donald trump remains the front runner and he's also leading in new hampshire. hillary clinton leads bernie sanders but trails in the new hampshire polls marco rubio's past is in the
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arrested in miami back in 1990. washington post reports that rubio was arrested when he was 18 at alice wainwright park in miami for being there after hours and underage drinking. when he was 18 years old, he violated a code for drinking beer in a park after hours he was never taken into custody, never hired a lawyer and never appeared in court. while the washington post thinks that is a story is beyond me. he became focused after that and told a friend he wanted to be president of the united states but others who also want the job were busy today. >> if you think of the last time we beat the washington cartel,
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>> reporter: trump says cruz is going down. >> no you cannot have that. reagan would get along and make great deals for everybody. >> reporter: his running ads attacking jeb bush. they call bush a mudslinger. >> slinging mud on federal republicans that's not presidentable. >> reporter: he's like a check the box candidate as opposed as someone with vision is just mechanical. >> reporter: bernie sanders lashed out at the gop. >> what we do is bring people together.
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clinton says she will build on the obama administration. >> we're going to build. that's what i believe with all of my heart. i know how hard it was to get through congress. >> reporter: clinton was asked if she views herself as the establishment candidate in the race against sanders >> she answered by saying that sanders 25 years in congress makes him the ultimate insider. >> we're getting down to the wire. stay with us and cbs for campaign 2016 now through election day. new details on the oscar boycott. they're announcing changes to the membership. the arts and sciences is pledging to double the number of female and minority members by 2020 and will add three new
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governors. they announced the changes today following a week long storm of criticism and calls for an oscar boycott after academy members nominated an all-white slate of actors for a second year in a row. >> it was a day when you needed your umbrella at all times. >> and needed one on all sides of you too because sometimes the rain was blowing sideways hard to imagine, but a huge storm that is covering the entire eastern 1/3 of the country. there's is snow falling in washington d.c. now. it's now snowing in philadelphia as well. it's not showing in new york city. but it will snow all day long tomorrow once it gets in there. it extends down into florida. a large system and we're looking at a pretty good batch of rain going through parkland off of the coast moving quickly, another hour or
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pockets of mod rain rain and a line of heavy showers out in far western dade sweeping through the suburbs and off of the coast of miami beach. and once we get past that, you can pretty much leave the umbrellas home. 1.59", and closing on fort lauderdale's total pretty quick. an inch and a quarter in miami shores widespread miami-dade we get pockets of heavy rain where others get none. 72 was the high in miami as well as fort lauderdale. not far from 76 despite the fact we didn't see any sunshine. you can forget about that. we'll be down in the 40s at night and 60s for highs into the weekend. the cold front is slicing through the western panhandle. 60s and 70s on the other side
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quickly and you feel the cooler air moving in. in advance of the front is the moisture that has to go through. once with i get past 9:00, we'll be rain free here. you can see the circulation of low pressure that continues over tennessee and off of the coast of north carolina, all of that is lifting to the northeast. here's your forecast for tonight. evening rain until about 8:00. we have dinner plans, you want to take the umbrella, you won't need it after 9:00. 59 towards the morning hours for tomorrow, windy and cool, starting cloudy towards the afternoon. 67 degrees west winds at 15-25 gusting over 30 at times a gale warning in effect. bay water is choppy. you could not pay me to get on a boat tomorrow. here's your outlook for the weekend. the miami marathon, 47 degrees sunday morning. it will be running in sweatshirts and the next chance
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>> we're not going fishing tomorrow. >> maybe another day. police get a big break in their search for a serial robber just taken into custody. a university of virginia student arrested in north korea. what he's accused of. a police officer ambushed shot in his patrol car and we have latest on the investigation. that person called to complain because children were playing a little too loud, wait until you see what the gainesville police officer did
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it both of these teams are playing incredible hockey each string together 12-game winning streaks, this place is going to be packed. they're getting the ice ready. it's the calm before the storm today we're expecting this place to be rocking earlier, the cats put on extra work on the ice.
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a statement, but it would help build on their lead in the division. meanwhile, chicago is trying to get back in the win column after last night's loss to tampa. they've been one of the most dominant in the league. >> a great team, they had to watch their game last night and it was a stanley cup finalist, tampa and chicago, it was a good hockey game. hopefully it will be a good game for us. >> now some good news for the cats tonight, looks like defenseman will be back in the lineup. sports and major nba news. right now, it's the big story of the day. an officer ambushed tonight, he's recovering in the hospital as police and the fbi the shooter. the officer was sitting in the patrol car when police say the gunman opened fire.
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the latest on the investigation. hank. >> this is really interesting and really frightening. the guy drove by the officer right over here, drove by him. he eyeballed him as he went by, stopped the vehicle, came back and shot him. here's the latest. >> so lucky, it was so close. a miami officer ambushed, a patrol officer's car riddled with bullets he was sitting and doing paper work when a man hell bent on life shot at him. >> if you have that much hate and aggression to attempt to assassinate a police officer paid to protect and serve, there's no justification for it, none whatsoever. >> the injured officer was shot and is fine. he's 52-year-old david starling he joined the force after a long
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