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tv   CBS 4 News at 6PM  CBS  January 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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department joined in on the chase and the subject then at approximately 20th avenue leaned out of the window with a firearm and began to fire at the officers who was in pursuit of him. >> eventually, he crashed into a pickup truck and bailed out of his car. police found him a short time later. if you have that much hate and aggression to attempt to assassinate a police officer who is paid to protect and serve, there's no justification for it. >> reporter: as officer starling's cruiser and the smashed bmw was towed to headquarters, they later determined there was no terrorist link he acted alone targeting someone in uniform. the violence must stop. i want to commend the officers
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department for not only apprehending the individual but doing it with professionalism. it's tough to do when you're under fire. to meanwhile, that officer was taken to the hospital and that is where we find cbs 4 tonight. peter. >> reporter: david starling's father is a retired officer from jacksonville and tells us he is both baffled and devastated by what happened to his son. he paid a visit to the wounded officer here at the hospital and told us there are criminals out there who are out to harm police officers. >> for the last two or three years, i've been saying the treats are getting meaner and
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>> he's alarmed that david starling was ambushed while filing a report. >> it's something i don't understand, what motivates a person like that, you don't know what their mentality is and why they're so angry. >> a bullet struck his son in the buttocks >> it's devastating. it's not every day that you get information that your has been shot while doing the downtown he's supposed to be doing. it's something you pray for of those things he knows every time he straps the gun on, there's always a possibility. >> he is lucky to be alive and definitely had a guardian angel watching over him today. >> reporter: starling's wife and family member was taken to the hospital to see him. he was rushed there after the shooting starling is a veteran. he's been with miami gardens
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sheriff's office from 1989 to 1999. >> every police officer we communicate with knows the risk. we know the risk, we take the good and the bad. when you take this job, you have an understanding that knows you may not come home at the end of the day. >> there are bad people on the streets instead of being in prison that are trying to hurt law enforcement and are trying to do anything they can to help society. >> miami gardens police spokesperson says that officer starling is in good spirits after going through surgery and told his fellow officers have been at his side. meanwhile, he expects that starling will be held here overnight. thank you.
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ambushed and looking for updates on right now, we have our eye on the storm that is soaking south florida. the relentless rain today is expected to bring some chilly weekend weather. let's check in with john who is joining us now with more on the cooldown. >> not what we had in mind when a couple of months ago we said we're finally in the dry season. we have this major winter storm churning up the eastern sea board. both of these systems are responsible for such widespread coverage and the rain to the south. we have had an inch and a half across the portions of broward and dade today. we have a line of showers going through. they're not lasting long. you can see through sweetwater, that's pushing to the east,
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coconut groves. clearing nicely and we're in good shape once the showers go through. 8:00, there will be some rain around pushing off of the coast. 62 at midnight. a windy, cool, cloudy start tomorrow and a start to the weekend at 59. the weekend will turn colder from there and we'll talk about that in a few minutes >> you can track weather where you are any time of day. down load the miami app to i-phone or droid and find it on the google play store. >> it's causing mayhem, washington d.c. could get the brunt of the storm. it's already created treacherous driving conditions from georgia to virginia. people use snow blowers and plows to clear sidewalks and this satellite image from nasa shows how big the blizzard is
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it's expected to sit over washington for the next 36 hours dumping up to 2 1/2 feet of snow. >> we have a forecast i don't think we've had in 90 years >> it's a life-threatening type of storm. >> air travel has been challenging. a plane skidded a you havive to runway in chicago no one was injured. others are suspending service as a precaution. it's already affecting travel more than a hundred flights canceled and delayed and it's only expected to get worse. >> live at international airport with more on the troubles. >> thousands of airline passengers have not flown into or out of miami international airport today or fort lauderdale and they will not again tomorrow. hundreds of flights canceled in
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wind howling up the eastern sea board. >> lots of people not taking wing at mia. on the departure and arrival board, scores of flights canceled up and down the sea board. american, the biggest carrier, scrubbed 50 flights today and tomorrow from south carolina to past new york. maria will not get home to charlotte. >> you're stranded here, first time in my life that it has happened. >> it's not jammed with stranded travelers they did a good job with texts and e-mails telling them no t t to come. >> reporter: laurie won't get out until monday but figures when life gives you snow, make snow cones >> why not be stranded in miami? everyone at work is jealous
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>> she won't get back to pennsylvania before sunday. >> that storm, it got canceled due to the storm. what are you going to do? >> stay an extra night until tomorrow. >> where? >> i don't know yet >> reporter: she won't be staying at the international miami hotel. >> we don't have any rooms for tonight. sold out for tonight, yes. >> air travel is disrupted by a storm some say could be the blizzard of the century. american airlines, they don't have to, they're offering passengers if they like a full refund if they're flight was canceled due to the storm, some looking to go to charleston and might prefer to take the money and rent a car and drive rather than wait for monday and tuesday to fly back home. live at mia. >> look for much or on the
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evening news with scott kelly at 6:30. haiti's controversial presidential runoff election which was supposed to happen tomorrow is being postponed for a second time. they did not provide details except that a news conference will be held at a later time. they have been trying to negotiate a solution to the election crisis after one of the candidates decided to boycott the runoff election. two car burglars caught on camera. check out the surveillance pictures of the men who broke into a car and used the credit cards. police say a woman left her purse in the car and the men shopping. police. no word on a 16-year-old boy
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he was last seen at the high school before crust many -- christmas break. the father will not file a missing person's report and is not cooperating with police. still ahead into the death of a miami-dade prison inmate. tonight, what a medical report is revealing. the countdown is on for the iowa caucus. what the latest polls show about who is on top. >> what the president of mexico
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today >> the last time we beat the washington cartel, it was 1980, it was the reagan revolution. >> guys like ted cruz will not make a deal. no you cannot have that. ronald reagan would get along
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sit down and make great deals for everybody. >> keep it here on the president of mexico is among the leaders where a panel discussion addressed the capture of drug lord el chapo he is ordering officials to accelerate the extradition of el chapo to the united states. he told the officer to get him into u.s. hands as soon as possible. >> we are working on this. this has to go through a process.
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>> he was captured on january 8th, two months after his escape in mexico. a marathon getting underway on monday and you can expect street closures and delays thousands will run through downtown miami, and coconut grove. it begins at the airlines arena through the beach and into the grove and ends in front of bay front park you can expect closures from 5:00 a.m. until about 1:00 in the afternoon on sunday and john is telling me those runners have to be ready for some very chilly temperatures. >> a bit of a breeze too. it look like there will be a northwest breeze for the runners, want to know which direction the wind is blowing from northwest. be prepared for that. there's a windchill factor. going to start off with lows in the mid-40s evening in the city and towards beaches.
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30s. you may shed some layers of clothes as you go through the race we have a big massive storm. the other. widespread for south florida. we've been getting rain off and on for the past several weeks in what is supposed to be one of the driest times of the year. new york is going to see the snow at about 2:00 a.m. may get as much as 2 feet in washington d.c. fortunately, it's a weekend
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miami is the storms in about 45 moneys there's not much behind it >> just a couple gusty winds corral springs picked up some showers. right around fort lauderdale, 1.62". that shows you how widespread the heavy rain was today and still is in some spots temperatures made it into the lower 70s and felt like spring even though we didn't have much sunshine out there. here comes the cold front. it will continue to swing down the colder air in our direction. 40s and 50s on one side and 60s on the other side. the radar shows the counterclock
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to move into the states the cdc is expanding its travel advisories for pregnant women. the list contained 14 countries. pregnant women should avoid the destinations it's been linked to a condition in babies that affects the size of their heads and brain development. the cbs 4 news team is busy working on the 11:00 news. standing by with a quick look what is ahead.
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officer ambushed in miami gardens and we'll have live team coverage. an american show is making history in cuba. show times house of lies is the first scripted program to shoot since the cuban embargo began and taking you to havana to show you how hollywood may be playing a role in improving relations. up next, sports anchor is live with the center for the panthers game against the black hawks if you're not near a tv, you can watch the newscast streaming live at you'll see a link on our home page. tens of millions of people in the path of a monster winter storm moving in.
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how people are preparing for a [ scanner beeping ] sir, could you step aside? you know who i am. progressive insurance? uh, i save people an average of over $500 when they switch? your own bags? oh! right -- the name your price tool. it shows people policy options to help fit their budget. [ scanner warbling ]
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would pack his own bags, right? [ chuckles ] so, do i have the right to remain handsome? [ chuckles ] wait. uh-oh. the florida panthers taking on the black hawks live with sunrise. >> elliot, it's been a very long time since we have seen them on the ice it's been four games since the winning streak that they haven't won a game, what better way to get back than taking down a defending stanley cup champions
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and the cats know it's a long season, they will be trying to preserve it and they haven't registered on point in three games while florida is working orb getting back to the post season. they're well on their way of defending their championship from a year ago. >> they're a great team i have to worry about our team plan and like i said, there's no easy games for any teams coming they know every game will be a tough game and a battle and whatever team plays better tonight will win. >> now in the nba, he's recovering from off-subpoena back surgery, in a shocking move, the cavaliers have fired their head coach 41 games into the season he's 30-11, the calves have the
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he lead them to the finals last year. there are reports lebron james was not part of the decision to let black go. the miami heat are in toronto tonight and taking on the rafters with a laundry list of players. dwayen wade, bird man will play a role as spectator with miami hurting losing six of their last 7 games >> just keep going. that's all i got. >> in college hoops, improving
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bumpy road in the conference. they host lake forest tomorrow at noon. >> playing difference than nonconference. the teams know you better, you have to be two thing, really aggressive and really patient. it's difficult to do both at the same time. >> and finally, matt of the orioles dodges, he took a shot to the male anatomy. panthers, black hawks, 7:30 tonight, we're hoping to see more on the ice, panthers hope
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we'll be rig that's our news for now. thank you for joining us. the evening news is next. look for the headlines tonight at 11:00 and don't forget, you can watch the newscast
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