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tv   CBS 4 News  CBS  January 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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arizona, so you play in tucson and tempe, no easy trip. washington is much better this year. >> spero: dorsey bobbled it for a moment. >> doug: that's the cause of inconsistency, the depth of quality team. >> spero: booch boucher, that's good. [cheers and applause] >> spero: 18 for boucher! and the young man having his moment here in eugene. this is goloman, and there's a 3, back of the rim, no and then last touched underneath by the ducks. >> doug: what a weapon, chris boucher, the junior college all-american. a shot blocker. and a floor stretcher, all at the same time. only 190 pounds soaking wet. >> spero: he is all arms and legs.
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begins with ""ncis, los angeles" and then "48." only cbs. the final 45 seconds. and ucla certainly not the defensive effort that steve alford was hoping for but they were right there for much of this game. welsh extends and finishes. >> doug: i thought their defense was better at times in the second half but they couldn't secure the rebound. >> spero: just a tough team to figure out. on their best days, they can play with anyone. >> doug: and credit oregon. they did a tremendous job of taking away the strength of ucla's offense. >> spero: i would go out and -- on a limb and say that the oregon ducks will be in the tournament. >> doug: i think they are a tough match-up and you could see them in the second weekend if they continue to improve. >> spero: and benson is able to clean it up.
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the ducks and holiday's heave at the horn is short. dana altman and oregon flexing its muscle as they defeat steve alford's bruins, 76 86-72. and right now oregon in sole possession of second place. >> doug: and is they get a shot at the arizona wildcats upcoming. and guard your yard, protect your turf, and the ducks did usc. >> spero: this one was fun. for doug gottlieb, this is spero dedes saying so long from eugene. your final, orgover ucla. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> spero: this has been a
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announcer: this is south florida's cbs 4 news. now, at 6:00, a massive winter storm is dumping snow in the east coast in record numbers. several major cities are shut down, drivers and passengers have been stranded, and some areas are seeing several feet of snow. you're looking right now at live pictures from the nation's capitol, a snowy look at the white house in washington d.c. and tonight, we're tracking the bitter blast and the massive blizzard wreaking havoc on the
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today, the blizzard shut down the nation's largest cities and left thousands of drivers stranded. craig boswell reports from the nation's capitol. >> reporter: a strong winter storm paralyzed cities from the gust coast to new england and caused a 30-mile back up on i-75 in kentucky. hundreds of drivers were stranded in freezing temperatures for hours. further north, more than 500 vehicles were stuck on the pennsylvania turnpike including buses carrying temple university's jim nastic squad and the duquesne men's basketball team. snow mobiles had no problem ploughs through the 24-inches that -- plowing through the 24-inches that plowed baltimore. and drivers who ventured out found themselves in need of help. >> this is my third vehicle today they helped. >> reporter: to get down these congested snow-covered side streets are using national guard
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need. >> we've embedded our humvees with our medical services. >> they rushed to buy shovels for the dig out ahead. it brought the big apple to a grinding halt. >> this storm will pass 20-inches in new york city. >> the storm could go down as one of the top five snow storms in the city's history. snow and ice made getting around a nightmare in connecticut. a transit bus slid down a hill seriously injuring one passenger. airlines grounded nearly 4,300 flights but hope to restore service tomorrow. craig boswell, cbs 4 news. >> and our team coverage moves to new york city, where just about every mode of transportation is shut down tonight. the mayor is calling this one of the top five of all snow storms. the underground subway system is operating but a travel ban has
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trains have been cancelled. >> reporter: fire and police cars ran around the town as the town shut down. >> it's time to get employees and people home right away. >> reporter: cars were struggling in the snowy streets and with the threat of two feet of snow, all nonemergency vehicles were ordered off the roads in new york city and tunnels and bridges were shut down. roads were also closed on long island, on the cross island parkway, new york governor andrew cuomo helped stranded motorists. >> it is really a treacherous, treacherous situation with the wind and the snow. >> reporter: even the great white way is dark. all saturday and matinee performances on broadway were cancelled. twins were supposed to see the school of rock for their birthday. >> yes. >> how long had you planned it? >> a couple months obviously. >> but other new yorkers
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lulu got a chance to go sledding. >> she'll knock little kids over to run back to the top of the hill. >> reporter: khristy cross-country skied into times square. >> i would prefer 80 degrees and sunny, but if it's going to be this cold, you might as well do something outside. >> reporter: it's time for snow selfies to remember one of the largest storms to ever hit new york city. >> have to take those selfies. and the winter storm felt right here in the sunshine state. temperatures in jacksonville and gainesville dropped just low enough for tiny snow flurries. check out this video from facebook on a car, people took excitement. one person showed pictures of their pet pig with snowflakes on its head and we're feeling the effects with these windy and chill conditions. what can we expect tonight, tomorrow, john
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break it all down, john? pig? >> no, maybe some salt. >> exactly. up north. bands of snow from new york city towards philadelphia and washington d.c. computer models say they'll continue until sea. another 2 to 4, five inches before it's all done and what we're feeling here -- feeling here, winds have been gusting over 40 miles an hour. ft. lauderdale, mia, coral gables, miami beach, 7 to 15 miles an hour. we're 60 degrees in miami, 60 in fort lauderdale. some spots already dropping into the upper 50s. that does not bode well when it's already upper 50s to near 60 and it's this earl in the evening, we're going to get -- early in the evening, we're will go to get a lot colder than that. winds will subside just enough for a wind chill effect. you hardly ever hear the term in south florida. it's going to feel about 5, 6 degrees colder. at midnight, 52, and if you're
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and half marathon, you have to be at the starting line at 6 a.m.. 46, it will feel like it's in the upper 30s. i'll let you know if there's any warmer air insight in just a few minutes. >> thank you, john. and today's windy weather left thousands in south florida without power. right now, 1,068 people are without customers and 2,016 are without pour in miami. and fpl is working to restore everyone's power. stay with cbs 4 news with
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a miami gardens police officer ambushed while on dutiy is recovering in the hospital tonight. and today, the man accused of shooting that officer appeared in court, and his exchange with the judge was quite bizarre. donna ripodo is there with more. >> reporter: mr. mexi, good morning, you've been charged with five counts of attempted first-degree murder with a deadly weapon. >> accused shop shooter faced a judge? bond court, reading off the laundry list of charges, five attempted murder charges, topping that list. >> sir, these are nonbondable offenses. >> reporter: within moments, things took a turn towards the bizarre. >> how does a kid who shot a church get a bond. my life was in danger by crooked cops. >> don't talk about the facts of the case. >> reporter: police saying mexia
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starling while he sat in his patrol car. he parked next to starling and for no apparent reason, shot up his car. starling was shot in the buttock, radioing for help and able to get a description of the shooter. officers arrested mexia a short time later. back in bond court, the judge advised him to listen to his public defender and not to speak, but he wasn't having it. >> i'm representing myself ma'am and i have a lawyer. i have a lawyer, too. i was in threat for my life. they were trying to kill me, ma'am. >> i do find proximate cause for all of the offenses that are -- probably cause for all of these offenses. not of these offenses are no bond. >> that's crazy. y'all got more blood on y'all than i got blood on my hands. >> reporter: and though he dismissed the public defender, the attorney asked him to remain despite arguments from the state.
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your arguments are accepted.
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crimes, . and now to the bitter blast that's slamming the east coast. check out this image of a dog that was rescued from an icy pond in virginia. firefighters helped pull the st. bernard to safety. the dog was placed in a medic unit to dry off and get warm and he's doing just fine tonight. >> i hope his name is lucky. >> lucky, snowy, cold. i like that sweater vest.
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doing the weather with mr. rogers. >> it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. >> it has been beautiful. we're going to feel it when the sun goes down. who we blame for this cold snap. the coldest of the season all because of this wicked snow storm, from new york, towards philadelphia, and new york and d.c., snowing in boston, as well. it's going to be that way for another 4 or 5 hours before it starts to shove out to sea. 52 by midnight, and by 6 a.m., as you're about to begin the race -- call it a run, right? -- the miami marathon, breezy and cold, 46, feels like the upper 30s. runners will be shedding layers over the course of a couple hours. 60 in miami, and fort lauderdale. here's what's in store. look at the reds and oranges, that's dry weather. a little bit of moisture moving in. by tuesday, we'll notice some
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watch on wednesday, pretty good slug of moisture getting in during the afternoon. on thursday, that begins to push on out, and by friday, we notice a return back to dryer conditions. it looks like wednesday or thursday will be the next shot of getting rain in here. temperatures in the 30s and 40s, most of the state, still around 60 here in south florida. for tonight, it will be clear and tonight with the wind chill down into the 30s. 40 inland, 46 along the coast, nice big bright full wolf moon is what it's called in january. a cold morning and sunny and cool, afternoon highs around 62. for the boaters, small craft advisories, 6 to 8-foot. and you want to warm up, jump in the water. it's 75 there. only 45 outside of the water. it's going to be like jumping into a hot tub. >> any way, here's your outlook for the rest of the week. a cold morning for the runners and marathoners, and pleasant sunshine monday, 77 on tuesday,
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back. canes's fans are happy. >> they're back home in miami. the hurricanes can smile after another acc win and it all started in the locker room with the head coach playing the song" happy", to get the canes ready for wake forest. they were jumping for joy, miami returning home after a three game stretch on the road, and angel rodriguez was getting cosy from behind the arc. the deon deacon would not go quietly. miami leads it 29-15. and mccullom pulls away in transition. well, adam gase closer to
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he took over his interim head coach for four games in 2015. dan moreno hosted the walk about autism and expo. about 20,000 participants joined in. the dan moreno foundation raised $2.6 million for the cause. >> it's been a terrific event for years and years here in the community. we talk about the money that we raise here, stays here for program in south florida for developmental disability charities and autism and i'm just very proud of this event. >> certainly a good cause. vanessa tells me her mother was at the event. you can catch peyton manning and tom brady fight for a spot in the super bowl. pats are hoping to defend their super bowl title, while mans ing looking for one more shot at glory. >> talking about what we're
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what we're going to do, i think that's all part of your preparation, but will come down to how you execute. >> usually the better team winning no matter where you're playing, but i just know that we worked hard to earn the opportunity to play here at home. >> the florida panthers roughed up the black hawk in a 4-0 win to snap a four game slide. they're back on the ice tonight hosting the lightning. and we're hearing from the firing of david blatt. there have been reports james and his camp have been pushing for this move, but cleveland had no part in the process. >> i found out like every other player at 3:30 when griff called us in and told us he was making a change on our day off, and he said, you can like it or love it, but you're going to respect it. >> double that? >> i believe he wasn't sure when it was coming, but i'm sure he knew. >> he knew.
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back. and finally tonight, check out this guy really enjoying the snow. a panda at the smithsonian's national zoo in washington d.c., woke up to a whole lot of snow today and he was pretty excited about it. zoo keepers took this video of him frolicking in the white stuff. i think he was only one of a very few of amount of people who were happy about the snow. go to after enjoying this great weather. warm up indoors and watch cbs 4
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