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tv   CBS 4 News at 11PM  CBS  January 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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cbs news. now at 11, a blizzard is barreling down on the east snow. let's check out these live squared. it's -- times square. stuff. the blizzard shutting down every moved transportation in the city. and tonight, we're tracking this winter blast. the storm has crippled much of the east coast. tens of thousands of flights are canceled and drivers are stranded. what's worse is more than a dozen people have died in the storm. craig boswell begins our coverage tonight in washington, d.c. >> reporter: a major snowstorm is still hammering the nopes
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city's times square was noticeably quiet on saturday night. officials expect 30 inches of snow in the bag big app. >> it continues to fall at 1 to 3 inch answer hour. >> reporter: philadelphia could get town 2 feet of snow by the time the snow ends. >> well beyond the idea of a winter wonderland. there's no romance to blaze hard in my mind. >> reporter: this bride was going to the chapel to get mare floyd matter what. after being stranded for the first time since friday night, the duquesne men's basketball team is on the move. a pair of 4 by 4 pickup trucks had to tow a ladder truck out of a jam. >> reporter: snow is fall sog roads. side streets are out of the question, and officials warn that could slow some 911
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glowr interest is in our public safety being able to get the roads back open. >> reporter: craig boswell, cbs washington. >> the winner storm fell here in the sunshine state. temperatures in ga, inesville and jacksonville o fell just enough for snow flurries to fall. one person shared pictures of his pet pig with snow flake on his head. people are bundling up for the coldest tight of the year so far. you can see people enjoying the tight in brickle. donna rapa to is live. donna, the cold weather is
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>> reporter: it is. you mentioned this is cold weather, south florida style. people are bundling up. industry to tell you, several people are still wearing their sandals, miniskirts, and shorts. >> reporter: south pho riddians love these -- south floridaians weather. >> she goes to macy's and gets me gnaw sweat harns a you new coat, and we go out and walk. >> reporter: in brickle, the scene is more dire. >> it will get cold tonight. just stay here.
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winter attire is -- attire here. >> it's kind of hard to get to a sheeter. it's nice that they're picking people up. >> we try to place people in the shelters that we have bed space at. >> back here at pricey shop and restaurant, the mood is liger. >> a few friends in washington, d.c. are getting hit hard right now. they are posting on facebook if you see pets or people, these are the numbers to call. it's nice that they're able to implement that here. >> reporter: we're back out here live in the brickle area. a gaggle of girls just running past me in their little skirts
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this is cold weather south florida style. the outreach people don't force the homeless to go to the shelterer. they simply ask them and they have the rye to turn it down, and interestingly, many do for several reasons. how long will these temperatures stick around? us. >> you can tell i'm cold because i have the sweater on with the suit. we've got the snow winding on down in the northeast. but that is still the main reason why it will be so cold here tonight. we also had goy winds here earlier today. they've currently settled down.
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53 in fort lauder dale. he's here's how it all breaks down. 52. a nice, big full moon it will be brisk and chilly. at 6 a.m. for the beginning of the miami manufacture thon, it will be bellesy and cold, 46, but the low will get to 45. still not even cracking 60 by midday tomorrow. bright and sunny. we may have a cool breeze. not as windy tomorrow as it was today. coming up in weather in a few minute, we'll talk about a warming trend hitting in a few weeks. >> i'll keep my boots on. stay with cbs 4 news for continuing coverage of the
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here in south florida. sad news to report. the president and ceo of broward health has died. the sun sentinel reports dr. nabil elsinat tirks killed himself. the broward sheriff's office released a statement saying it is sending its prayers to his family at this difficult time. a miami gardens police officer ambushed isle on duty is recovering in the hospital tonight. today, the man accused of shooting that officer appeared in court. his exchange with the judge was quite bizarre. >> god morning, sir. you have been charged with 5 counts of attempted first- degree murder with a deadly weapon. >> reporter: accused cop shooter dived m a ajica -- majia appeared in court. sir, these are non-boppeddable offenses. >> reporter: within moment,
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>> how does a kid shooting in a church get a bond and don't, man? i was practicing my 2nd amendment. you work for them e, ku klux klan member. >> reporter: police are rallied around david star bring police say majia ambushed mill they say he parked nec to starling and shot up his car. starling was shot in the butt, managing to radio for help and able to give fellow officers a description of the shooter and the direction he headed. officers arrested majia a short time later. back in qosht judge advised majia to listen to his public defender and not speak, but bhrks ajia wasn't having it. >> i'm representing myself, ma'am. industry a lawyer too. i was in threat for my life nape were trying to kill me, ma'am. >> i do find probable cause for all of the offenses that are charged. most of these offenses are no
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y'all got more blood on y'all than i got blood on my hands. >> reporter: although ma jrk ia dismissed his public defender, the attorney asked the judge to let him remain despite arguments from the state against it. clearly. your arguments are accepted. >> majia is charged with 9 crime, 5 of them attempted murder. for now, he will stay in jail. meanwhile, we're told officer starling was s in good peter spirits. a kendall man is behind bars. police say he pledged agee lee janice to allah and stroud dress up as the comic book ville land joker before gunning down coworkers.
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bought a shotgun. also tonight, man charged in the shooting of a teenager is being hell without bond. police say 14-year-old martwan santa ya combo was shot monday night in a florida city neighborhood. santiago survived scene recovering in the hospital. still ahead, just 9 days before iowa's presidential caucuses. the state's largest newspaper endorses 2 candidates. will that influence vote sneers we'll look at how endorsements have affected past elections coming up. and former backstreet boy nick carter speaks out about his arrest in key west.
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this bride from to believe the, a moon who police say was wanted for gunning down 2 people in south miami is behind bars.
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is facing several charges, including premeditated murder. he was arrested at a denny's restaurant in miami. police say he rode a bike to 67th street and southwest 58th avenue where he shot and killed 2 people. around the time of shooting, there was an active warrant for his arrest for battery on his pregnant girlfriend. hialia police and city of miami police are look for thieves who broke into burglars who broke into 2 cell phone stores in those story city on the same night. one happened in little havana where the burglars fled before they were able to get inside. it's unknown if the 2 burglaries are connected. in campaign 2016 tonight, republican presidential candidate donald trump in the news again for some
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brag about his faithful supporters during a rally in sue center, iowa, today. >> they said i have the most loyal people. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. it's incredible. >> his comments come in light of several mass shootings and a heated political discourse about gun violence in america. but he still holdholds a 17 point national lead over rival ted cruz. hillary clinton and marco rubio have clinched endorsements from iowa's largest newspaper. the des moines register announce the endorsement just 9 days before iowa's presidential caucuses. this means the paper supports both rube yen clinton to it be their party's nominee preponderates the endorsements could influence f influence voters who are not set on a voter yet. but in the last 2 presidential cycles, the paper supported candidates who lost the caucuses.
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considering a white house bid as an independent. reports say he would strongly consider running if the general election ens up being a matchup between democrat beny sanders and republicans donald trump or ted cruz. the billionaire media mogul reportedly set a march deadline to make a decision and is willing to spend $1 billion of his own money for the campaign. tonight, we're tracking the bitter belaces that brought heavy snowfall awful over the northeast. here's a live look at times square in new york city where several feet of snow has fall opinion craig, what's it like out there where you are, and are people out on this saturday night? >> reporter: good evening to you. what we just had come through here is an army of snowplows,
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clearing some of these street. occasionally we'll see a 4 wheel drive come through and a couple of people walking by that want to come out and see the sights. what they're looking for now here in washington, d.c. is to get these snowplows out and the roads clear. they're also bay paisings attention to these power outages. snow total, we're looking at 21 to 22 inches in d.c. and virginia. add that to the travel bands, i- 230 and 2070 also shut down so they can try to get that artery open.
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major airports still shut down through sunday. a lot of work to do. that's also a hopeful sign. nice to see car come through, something we haven't seen in a long full-time. >> craig, please, go indoors. stay warm. i feel bad. we're here in miami, sunny south florida, with w 40, 50 degrees, and craig's out there in 2 feet of snow. >> would never have thought that 50 degrees would feel really, really good. >> i'm a florida girl. 50 crease is cold. >> our blood is thin. the worst is over. we can say that's really, really pretty, but you have to think of the other side too. if somebody has an emergency,
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be able to get on the road. we have a plethora of cbs 4 weather watcher photos. some from relative and neighbors up north like this one melissa gu serks ner sent us from her brother who lives in the rockville, maryland, area. that's another view from rockville, beyond. this is from new york city, mel martinez, earl yes today on the east side in new york city and what they call spanish harlem, they got 18 inches. everything just buried earlier today. you don't see too many cars. this was sent to us by jill mcallister from keep a difficult. and in nassau county on long island, crystal wash didn't
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stick, so she took a wine bottle and stuck that in. that's about 2 feet or 18 inches. it's almost to the top. she told me later on it was actually covered up. nothing more beautiful than seeing that. another shot from bill. look at the snow in his back yard, lit there. 25.1 officially in central park. in washington at ray gab tbhacial 19.4, around maryland and virginia, we had 30 inches of snow. temperatures around the state are cold, colt, cold. 30 ups north o, 40s in the middle, and 50s down south.
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from the west-guest. your overnight forecast, clear and cold. 45 along the coast. that's the coldest night of the season so far. it will get get town 62 in the afternoon. not a good day. i think it will be too cold to be out there on the boat. vanessa? >> did you say 39? >> uh-uh bet. >> oh, notch. still ahead, former backstreet boy nick carter speaking out for the first time
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former backstreet boys star singer nirk carter is addressing his arrest in key west. he devote tweeted out, i am human and it can be a struggle to balance a healthy lifestyle. i'm not per forget, and for that, i am sorry he was arrested last week after a fight broke out outside a bar. carter was released from jail the next day and appeared in court for a misdemeanor count of battery. a bride did not let the winter storm get in her way. here's what she said. >> reporter: you had to expect some snow because you planned
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>> we were ready for some snow. the b word, not so much. >> more than 20 inches of snow have fallen in the area. the hurricanes take care of business at home against wake
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and could mike, i have to jump on this bandwagon and get to panthers game. >> jump on it.
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center and blow out an opponent. this time, it's the tampa bay lightning. the cats made it an easy one for the goally. jonathan thibodeau showing great control. the cats go on to win 5-2, snapping tampa's 7-game winning streak. ? we foe we can beat any team in the league. we knew we had to get there. >> leading the cavs for the first time as a head coach, but the bulls take a big lead. lebron james steals the ball and goes coast to coast for the buck and a foul it -- that
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that's as close as it gets. the cavaliers lose 96-83. as for the miami heat, reports are goran dr ark g krirks could return soon from a calf injury. they were flipping for the canes. miami off to a quick start, a pair of 3's knocked down. um up by 3 at the break. but the demon deacons would not go quietly. kdorvel moore kicks off a 29-18 run but miami wins. >> i think our defense and energy stepped pup.
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without out with more energy. good zoom good -- some good news for the duqesne men's basketball team, their team bus got out of the snow. they made the most of their time out there, but i can assure you they are happy to be heading home. adam combats continues to fill out the coaching staff for the dolphins. dan mar initiation o hosted the 6th annual walkabout. the dan marino foundation raised $10 million for the cause. >> it's been a terrific event for year and years here in the community. we saw the programs here in
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disabilities, charity, and autism. >> that's fantastic. my mother was there today.
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>> fantastic cause is near and finally tonight, keg out this guy really endestroying the snow tien tien, a panda at the smithsonian national zoo if washington, d.c. woke up to a whole lot of snow today. he is pretty excited. zoo coopers filmed this video of him frolicking in the white stuff. if you see any weather, capture it and send it to us. join maribel rodriguez tomorrow morning beginning at 8 a.m. have a great night.
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