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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 5AM  CBS  January 25, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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good monday morning. it is january 25th. thanks for being here with us. traffic and weather together on this monday morning. looking at the chilly forecast. >> we are going to start out what do we have? crash. the signal from our traffic out. i-95 southbound just a few minutes ago was shut down. through. here's the picture. with us. through.
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not seeing a lot of cars out there, not really heavy delays from the area. you can always take the turnpike or u.s. 441 but one lane is opened up on that southbound i-95 and this is a police involved crash, going to take some time to clear up. two other crashes to worry about turnpike the entrance ramp from kendall drive and 836 drivers eastbound right before you hit i-95 around 12th avenue you are going to see a couple of lanes blocked off. thanks vanessa. it is still cold starting out there. chilly. as we look live from our ft. lauderdale camera some broward county it is nice and quiet and dry. we are seeing once gun mostly 40s across south florida. concerned dam 46. although earlier this morning i was looking at the temperature
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like 3:00 in the morning. 51 in miami. mid-50s through the keys. usually the western suburbs. inland we are seeing mid-40s, 45 from west kendall and miami garden, ft. lauderdale. parkland 46. the winds are fairly calm or light out of the northwest, however we will be shifting more out of the east through the day today. we will be seeing a slight warm up for the afternoon. talking milder 70s by the afternoon and also the breeze will start to increase. there could be a few sprinkles since we'll have the onshore 68 degrees. get ready for warmer and wet weather later on. as we head throughout the rest of the week. a scare in the air forces a flight from miami to make an emergency landing in canada. >> marybel rodriguez rodriguez has more.
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american airlines flight flew out of miami but as you mentioned was forced to make an emergency landing in canada. according to american airlines, seven people were taken to the hospital, that included three flight attendants and four passengers. the seat belt light on the boeing 767 carrying 100 passengers and 11 crew members was on. the plane landed safely in newfound land. paramedics stood by to treat passengers. >> it was a little rough but only a short period. >> two crew members and four passengers. they had to diverted the flight.
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the flight attendant never took a bump like that. never ever. >> turbulence and. >> the plane actually dropped. >> everything went flying and people and yeah. it was pretty intense. >> we thought that was it. >> the crew did a phenomenal job. >> quickly and very professional. they did a good job. >> oh gosh an hour that and a half maybe they were going to have to divert the travel. they were severe and that was the word they used and we just all stayed in our seats. >> the turbulence when the plane it hit like a big dip and some flight attendants were without seat belts and they hurt themselves. and the other people i guess
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because it was bad scary. >> seven people were transported to the hospital. three crew members and four passengers. american airlines did release a statement saying, in part, we are taking care of our passengers and crew and working on next steps to take them to their final destination. that plane spent the night in canada. marybel rodriguez cbs4 this morning. a crash happened last night on southwest 8th street and 109th avenue. a white cadillac ran a red light and smashed into a yellow mustang. two people were taken to the hospital. a third person who was not moving was also transported. students in the area believe that person was a pedestrian. >> it is scary. we were walking through here all the time they need to put a bridge or something. >> i saw some cars that crashed
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the road. there was a tire over there and the car was on fire. >> still unclear how many cars were involved in the depend. and now to a bitter blast that left much of the east coast buried in snow. millions of people are headed back to work this morning following this weekend's crippling winter storm. this morning travel bans have been lifted but as brian mooar reports, getting around is tricky. >> reporter: federal offices and schools remain closed in the nation's capital as people continue to dig out from under two feet of snowfall. crystal lucas got a hand uncovering her buried car from a good samaritan. >> even on eye sunny day they wouldn't say hello. but in a time of need people are here to help. >> reporter: in virginia and maryland residents did their best to chip away at the mounds
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the work week. 70-year-old steven mine cough spent hours shoveling out his driveway only to have passing plow trucks undo all of his work. >> i'm so outraged i'm liable to have a stroke now thinking about it. >> reporter: while much of new york city came back to life after snowfall totals residents in queens are still dealing with unplowed roads. >> we are all wondering what happened to the sanitation department. they took care of the main roads. >> reporter: the impact is also being felt at many of the nation's busiest airport. carol alvarez and her friends have been trying to get home to new jersey in time for her milestone birthday. >> this is not what i thought my 30th birthday would be like. >> reporter: airports are getting back to normal. hundreds of flights have been canceled today. as you saw the blizzard shut down major cities and ruined travel plans for a lot
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joe biden's plane was diverted to miami saturday night instead of washington d.c. the vice president was trying to return home after meetings in turkey. here are the latest numbers from miami international airport. as of 10:00 last night officials at mia, tell us there were 59 arrivals and 52 departures canceled. at ft. lauderdale, there are two arrivals canceled and three departures. check with your air lineup before heading to the airport. now to campaign 2016, just a week left until the iowa caucuses. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley will make one final pitch tonight. on sunday the editorial board of the boston globe endorsed hillary clinton. clinton is getting a big bernie sanders. sanders is leading in new
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february 9th. then did you hear what donald trump said this weekend? listen to this. >> i have the most loyal did you ever see that? where i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. >> on sunday trip appeared on cbs's face the nation where he defended what he said. >> i have a very great group of people, john, i have people that are so loyal and it has been so reported each in your poll in a lot of the polls they do that. when you add it all up it is close to 90%. they will not leave. i love my people and it is a great thing. >> trip has a 17-point national
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this morning super bowl l is set. the denver broncos take on the carolina panthers here. >> steve goldstein with highlights and reaction. goldie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning lauren and walter. we saw one get finish and one blowout. first in denver, peyton manning and tom brady met once again and manning came up big. this touchdown pass the second of the game puts denver up 14- 6. final minute of the game you have to see the ending. brady looking for the come back. they need a touchdown, they get it. rob gronkowski. brady has it in his hands, he is rolling out, intercepted by the broncos, denver holds off new england, final score 20-18.
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not brady, going back to the super bowl. >> that is a tremendous honor jim. it has been a special four years playing in denver for these great plans and for this great organization. we are going to our second super bowl in four years is very special. >> good for him. in carolina the nfc title game the panthers in arizona dolphins remember this guy? the pitch from cam newton and look at the rest. the number one draft pick cuts back and uses the speed. never looked back. a nightmare game for carson palmer. cam newton, what a season he has had. last night he threw for two touchdowns. he goes airborne. his panthers 17-1 on the season as carolina beats arizona 49- 15. cam newton still has more work
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man we are playing in front of the best fans in the nfl. coached by the best coaching staff in the nfl. but we are not done yet. i know a lot of people feel the same way i feel. we are not satisfied until we win the super bowl. >> the young newtown meets peyton manning, get your plans in order the super bowl sunday february 7th. back over to you. cold play will hit the stage occurring super bowl , producers sound technicians and a host of other people will make sure you get the show to remember in those seven and a half minutes. remember the only place you can watch the carolina panthers take on the denver broncos is right here. >> seven and a half minutes. >> unless the electricity goes out. 5:12.
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week and what it means for parents and students. a trip to key west on a small plane comes to a terrifying end when a pilot is forced to land on eye south florida road. a man survived a wreck with the help of good samaritans. plus prison break we are learning more about three inmates and how they managed to escape from ray maximum security prison. good morning south florida. i-95 is shut down.
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those of you waking up welcome back. we continue to talk about there
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broward county that has all the lanes shut down. you can see it is closed off as you approach the exit ramp. if you are heading in that u.s. 441. we are hearing this is a police involved crash. the investigation is going to take some sometime. you can see the lanes have been shut down for about an hour and a half. if you are heading throughout the turn pike in miami dade you have another crash partially shutting down the turnpike southbound entrance ramp closed off for an accident there. 836 drivers heading eastbound just before i-95, a broken down car has the right lane blocked. kicking off the work and school week with a chilly start. as we look live in miami right now. thankfully it is dry for your commute.
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sweaters, dress in layers. because as we head into the afternoon, it will be slightly warmer and comfortable with 70s but we are starting off with the 40s for the most part out there. 49 degrees for you in pompano beach. hello miami. 46 in kendall and homestead. even the mid-50s through the keys. make sure the little ones are bundled up. a little colder for the kin to them. 30s and 20s stretching from central to north florida. that is seriously cold for our friends up the make. 5 to 7 miles per hour that will be changing. will be shifting a little more out of the east today. a few sprinkles, isolated showers. for now the radar is in the clear and we are not seeing any rain. now high pressure sunday providing for that dry stable atmosphere.
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however developing area of low pressure is going to be increasing our rain chances wednesday and thursday. lots of snow for the rockies in the upper midwest. but thankfully, it is quiet but cold in the north atlantic. still digging out. it was the second largest snowstorm for new york city. the top for baltimore and snowfall totals reach really just for the record books. for us warmer at times. with high pressure off to the western atlantic. wednesday and thursday and the stormy low pressure system increasing our chance for storm. some could be even strong as we get into the middle and latter part of the week. again this upcoming weekend is lacking much cool and clear and quiet. so another roller coaster ride of weather to be expected during the wintertime here in
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look at that high 72 degrees, a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine. again we are talking just a few sprinkles. a boater seas 1 to 3 light chop on the bays. temperatures are creeping up. we will see the upper 60s near the coast. inlondon area with the upper 50s and breezy. the winds will be dranking and increasing as we get into tomorrow. warming up back into the 80s. wednesday and thursday with highs in the upper 70s. lows dipping down to others on friday and high around 70 degrees. the hunt is on to find three escaped inmates in california. three inmates broke out of the maximum security prison in santa ana friday. they managed to cut through steel bars in their cells and sneak through plumbing tunnels to the roof. the escapees include a suspected murderer and inmates charged with attempted murder and kidnapping.
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if a man wanted if a triple murder in polk county. the sheriff's office says jamal john smith is wanted for the murders of three people in lakeland. the murders happened january 6th. if you recognize that guy or know where he is, call police. 5:21 right now. why certain salads are being recalled this morning. plus listeria concerns in several deaths caused bluebell to yank its ice cream from stores. today a change is in the works. the super bowl is shaping up with cold play and beyonce performing. and here's a look at what is happening in south florida. for more on the golden occasion
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we are two weeks away from super bowl 50, which airs right here on cbs4. >> reporter: two weeks until the pepsi super bowl halftime show and cold play's plans are beginning to come to life. >> it all comes down to seven and a half minutes. we can come up with the greatest ideas in the world but it has to work. you are never ready. >> that is 200 per quadrant, fans rushing the stage to start? >> reporter: every year the super bowl halftime show faces countless uncontrollable events. >> i've never done a halftime show where something didn't go wrong. >> reporter: on super bowl sunday the chance of rain at least vye stadium is roughly 50%. the weather adding even more challenges to the massive show. >> i think super bowl 50 is
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maybe people realize. the way that the nf-- than maybe people realize. the way the nfl is going to bring people into the halftime show is high-tech and excite. >> you have no idea when halftime is going to hit really. and at some point an official says to 500 people poised at the edge of a tunnel go. seven and a half minutes later no matter what happens, you are live around the world. >> in an ideal world we'd like to somehow honor the past and celebrate the present and look to the future. i don't know how we are going to do that but we are going to try our best. >> lead singer chris martin who has played at every big venue imaginable admits he is really nervous. if you want to see more, we tweeted a link our handle is
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and look outside. we have a mess outside. >> shift gears. nice transition walter. i-95 drivers are going to have to shift maybe to park. because it is a parking lot on i-95. it is shut down this morning southbound at koeppen's road. lissette? >> reporter: speaking of shifting gorzelanny, it is a chilly start. parents make sure your little ones have sweaters and jackets, waking up with mostly 40s this morning, dry. this afternoon a bit warmer, so you may be peeling off a layer
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