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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  January 25, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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breaking right now at 5:30. an officer involved crash in pompano beach leaves several people hurt. vanessa will fill us in on what you need to know. plus a tricky touchdown. a pilot is forced to bring down his small plane on a south florida road. i'm lauren pastrana. >> and i'm walter mccallum. let's head over to vanessa standing by with a traffic alert. >> reporter: i-95 shut down this morning for this traffic alert walter and lauren. good morning to all of you at home.
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road occurred about two hours ago. they have shut down the lanes and this is a police involved crash it is going to take a lot of time to clear this one up. if you are heading in that direction take the turnpike or u.s. 441, runs parallel to i-95 in that area of broward county. the turnpike southbound at kendall drive. the entrance ramp was shut down. now that crash has been moved over to the shoulder. 836 drivers eastbound as you are heading toward i-95, you are going to see the left lane blocked off by a crash and then we have a stalled out car on the dolphin westbound as you approach the palmetto, that one blocking the right lane. lissette? happy monday everyone for those of you who have been enjoying the cooler weather, it continues this morning and then we'll see a warm-up this afternoon. dressing in layers will be key. we are rain-free, dry and
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air, especially inland around kendall and homestead. waking up with 46 degrees. good morning to you in ft. lauderdale. 49 the same for pompano beach, 51 in miami and mid-50s through the keys. it is still cool. but check out the 30s and 20s across central and north florida. it is colder now in gainesville than in new york city. folks around the rest of our state are not digging out from that historic snowstorm. the breeze out of the northwest, $50 to 7 miles per hour will be shifting out of the east throughout the day today and that could carry in a sprinkle and isolated shower and more importantly bring us a shift in our weather pattern. highs in the low 70s, so you'll be peeling off the layer by this afternoon. 68 degrees and we will see stormy weather ahead. i'll let you know when and why in my complete forecast. now at 5:32 a plane that made an emergency landing on u.s. 27 in west broward is back in business, turning the
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that plane had engine trouble. >> no one was hurt. this morning we are hearing from a man who saw it all. >> reporter: after hours working on a single engine cessna casually pulled over on the side of highway 27 in broward county a mechanic again. pilot arnold dough santiago lined up the plane in front of emergency units and a fire truck. they stopped traffic so he could take off. he did, successfully lifting off and turning north of the santiago left palm beach sunday morning flying to key west for the day. suddenly something went wrong with the engine. santiago practiced similar scenarios in pilot training.
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and i'm like you know, there is a plane coming in, landing on the road. >> reporter: we spoke it a man who was riding his motorcycle when he noticed a plane very low just above him and immediately called florida highway patrol. >> the engine wasn't running, the propeller wasn't turning, he coasted underneath the overpass and i saw the plane pull over out of the main road. looked smooth. executed perfectly, santiago waited patiently with investigators looking into the problem. meanwhile, he was unable to shake what he had seen. >> i seen it on tv and here it is happening in real life if me and it was quite a shock. i have thought about it all day. >> reporter: now it is still unclear what exactly we want wrong with the plane and its engine. the pilot left his two buddies here to return to palm beach
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he told me he didn't want to tempt fate. and a scare in the air forces an american airlines flight from miami to make an emergency landing in canada. the plane was headed to milan, italy when it encountered severe turbulence. the boeing 767 was carrying 192 passengers and 11 crew members. the officials say they are now passengers to milan. thousands are trying to dig out following the historic snowstorm that left much of the east coast buried. airlines have canceled hundreds of flights for today. snowfall of 26.8 inches in central park made it new york's second biggest winter storm since records began back in 1869. and super bowl 50 match upset. the big game on february 7th will feature the carolina panthers and the denver broncos.
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the new england patriots 20-18. super bowl 50 will take place february 7th. and the only place you can watch is right more on cbs4. a south florida grandfather survived a crash and onlookers are calling it a miracle. michelle gilliland says it was a lucky day for a driver who has a message to share this morning. >> reporter: imagine just walking away from a car crash like this one. what are your thoughts in this moment right now? >> my thoughts? i just became a grandfather about two and a half, three weeks ago. and thank god i will be around to see my granddaughter. >> reporter: nick escaped this with barely a scratch. >> i seen a car coming over in my lane. >> reporter: driving on northwest okachobie road, he was forced to take evasive
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a red car speeding up and nearly hitting him. >> i overcorrected. >> reporter: he was upside down but with a seat belt on, thank goodness he says. trapped in the car, he said good samaritans flipped the car over. >> reporter: what did they say? >> i don't speak spanish. whatever they said was get me out of this thing. >> reporter: a railroad transportation technician on his way home. he said having that seat belt on saved his life. long time neighbor deborah brown turning up to take him home. >> not after i saw the car, i did not believe it. standing here. time. today, this grandfather reflecting back when he was a samaritan faced with a stranger's apartment on fire. >> we broke down the door and got two people out. a life. call me next year. >> reporter: michelle gilliland
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and new this morning, it is national school choice week. in florida more than 2000 events are planned to help parents weigh options for their child's education. students have the option of attending public, charter, magnet, online or private schools or being home-schooled. the goal this week is to raise awareness of the different education choices available. miami dade superintendent alberto car value low is a fan of saying one size fits none. fans of bluebell ice cream from south florida can get their fix starting as early as today. bluebell will be delivered to most florida retailers. stores will restock shelves as soon as possible of the nine flavors will be available. it is the first time if will be available since list -- it will be available since listeria
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a surprise sunday night shake up. and home sales the highest in nearly a decade. find out why experts say this won't last. and the miami marathon races through downtown. we'll tell you who crossed the finish line first and how quickly it was done. happy monday south from. a traffic alert on i-95. it is shut down in broward county southbound at koeppen's road. you can see it right here behind me. the florida highway patrol is telling us this one is involving a police officer. we'll talk about it all when we get back. jackets and sweaters waking up mostly with 40s this morning. as we look ahead, models indicating we will likely see highs in the low 70s.
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thousands at the miami marathon. the 46-degree temperature at start time was the coldest in race history. this year's winners came all the way from italy, new york, peru and kenya. 40-year-old la money crossed the finish line first. many runners miss the the event -- missed the event because of travel problems from the storm up north. i-95 is shut down for what florida highway patrol is telling us is a police involved accident. this is the southbound side, a live look over the scene. they have all the lanes blocked off. they are detouring everybody off on to koeppen's road. if you are stuck on i-95 you'll
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it doesn't look like the lanes will be opened up anytime soon and no word yet on the extent of the injuries. if you are heading out we have an accident southbound on the turnpike. you'll be able to jump onto the entrance ramp from kendall drive. 83 east two left lanes blocked off, and 836 westbound at 826 a broken down car has the right lane blocked off. lissette? good monday morning, it is still chilly out there. some of you will need your jackets and sweaters. i turned on my car heater this morning, i'm not going to deny i was wearing my winter coat. after all i am a miami girl through and through. thankfully it is rain-free for the commute, the weather cooperating in that sense, especially with everything
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the coldest temperatures inland as per usual. homestead 46 degrees for you. lauderdale and pompano beach. even cool for the keys. so you know what that means says you are getting your kids bred ready in broward -- your kids ready in broward for school. 70s for us in the afternoon. 30s and 20s for central north florida. gainesville right now 28 degrees, colder there than it is in new york city. where it is freezing but 32. that puts things in perspective. right now the breeze out of the northwest side to 7 miles per hour. that will be shifting out of the east today and we will be moderating the temperatures as high pressure begins its slow trek to the east. we are seeing the snow across the rockies, the midwest and
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area of low pressure, and this will be enhancing our chance for rain toward the middle of the week of the for today a chilly start but warmer in the afternoon. there could be a few sprinkles onshore flow. a southeast flow will mean we'll be even warmer. high pressure over in the western atlantic. now wednesday, that is when we start to see more of the moisture. we could each see strong storms wednesday into thursday, warm and humid and another cooldown for next weekend. it is looking gorgeous as we have a front that is pushing through. for today the high 72 degrees. so by the afternoon again you may be taking off that jacket, because it will be very comfortable, actually. boaters a slight risk of rip currents and tonight we are going to see temperatures creeping up to the upper 60s in terms of our lows along the coast. the breeze will be increasing, winds out of the southeast 10 to 15.
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will see the return of the storms wednesday and thursday with lies in the upper 70s. and then temperatures drop morning. a lie around 70 degrees clear guys. guilty lissette of the seat morning. the peyton manning tom brady afc title game match up lived up to its billing. it came right down to the wire with manning going to his fourth super bowl . manning beats bill belichick and the patriots. denver a 14-6 lead. the broncos defense was all over tom brady. von miller gets the interception.
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late in the game tom brady would wind up mounting a comeback. gronkowski makes the catch. 4th down again. they have to do it again. same two. brady to gronkowski with 12 seconds to go. the two point conversion fails. it is intercepted. the broncos beat new england. >> finally to score some points at the end. a two point conversion is a tough way to end the season. >> this is a sweet day a sweet victory. to me it is victory as a great example of what this entire season has been like. >> and denver will meet carolina. the panthers rolled through the nfc title game. cam newton may be the best player in the league. goes deep and forget it. 86 yards. the panthers were up by 17 at
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for home fans in the second half. newtown goes sky ward for this one. the broncos will have their hands full in two weeks in the super bowl . they picked off carson palmer four times. panthers win 49-15678 they have only lost one game all season. >> we won as a team. we fought our tails off and did what a lot of people said we couldn't do. it is not over yet. >> what a permanent. dolphins -- what a personality. dolphins safety jones was added to the pro bowl roster. the fins have five players on this year's roster. now cyber talking with joe morning live. good morning joe, let's get at this brady game yesterday.
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he threw 56 times. they got the formula against him didn't they? >> have you ever seen that much pressure on tom brady? even going back to what the giants did in the super bowl to beat brady and the patriots. i thought this was even more pressure. i thought the defensive ends about as good as i've seen led by miller. but they were spectacular, constantly hitting him to every time he did throw the ball he was going backwards to protect himself. peyton manning, joe a few weeks ago a lot of people wrote him off. they said he is done, he was hurt. he comes in and throws. an incredible story with manning coming back here. >> it is about as healthy as i have seen peyton manning look. he ran for a first down in this game. but as good as he was, he
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and this team was led by an unbelievable broncos defense. they were physical, they were aggressive. anytime it looks like you are playing with 13 guys instead of 11, it is impressive. and they got stuck in crummy positions late from the game and were still able to hold on and get the win. glad to talk to you my friend. >> nice to see you gold. >> see you again very shortly. and what you guys just missed, goldie just took a shot of cuban coffee as joe was talking. you have a busy day ahead. you'll need it should be a fun game. cam newton is so much fun to watch. this isn't an act. it has been brought up he is trying to market himself. he loves playing football. he is a great guy, he is having a good time. you see him give the football to the little kids when they score. >> he is doing a good job of
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>> gold have you got a favorite? >> carolina. it is hard to see them losing. >> almost perfect. we have one more story for you. one more sports story. shaquille o'neal weapon out of his way to play basketball with a group of kids in gainesville. a major hotel chain is launching a brand new brand. and a major shake up at twitter after four of its top brass suddenly leave. details, after the break. a south florida woman is
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how one aid worker is sa hilt top is launching a brand new hotel brand. jill wagner is joining us live
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exchange with details. check that sal land package in the fridge. the cdc is investigating a listeria outbreak linked to dole packages. 1 person died, 12 people hospitalized. dole, fresh selections, simple truth and president's choice. the manufacturing code begins with the letter a. four of twit heir top executives are leaving, including the head of engineering and the product chief. ceo jack dorsey says quote they are taking well-deserved time off. 2015 was the best year for home sales in nearly a decade. the national association of realtors says purchases of previously owned homes jumped 14.7% in december alone in part because of warmer weather and strong job growth. the group predicts sales will
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rates will likely go up. a well-known hotel brand is making a play for younger customers. tell us who they are and how they are doing it. >> reporter: so hilton is launching a new brand, focused on younger budget travelers. the new brand is called true. rooms range from $75 to $95 and is meant to compete with comfort inn and la quinta. the plan is they'll get younger travelers on a budget, of course when they are young and build up brand loyalty so they'll stick with hilton and maybe go to some of the luxury rooms later on when they have more money. right? >> absolutely. we'll see you again in the next hour. >> it is dogs in the city time
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thanks so much for being here. >> thank you. >> and you brought frosty along, perfect for our studio. >> absolutely. he is a terrier mix. i have one of these. they are playful, they are fun. i always say my mixes are great breeds, they are healthy and tend to be a lot of fun. and he is. he is a joyful dog. a lot of zest in him, just a happy boy and i think he will make a great addition. >> it might be hard to see he has cool coloring to him. blacks browns gray. >> that little bit of yellow in there, that is the terrier part. my dog has the same thing and he is terrific. tell us a little bit about the walk for the animals. >> coming up february 27th. we have been doing this for years and years, it is a great community event have. >> he is excited about it. >> is he ever. sit still, sweetie. yes, it is a saturday morning, a one mile walk around bayfront.
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you can come and walk your dog. you can come alone, walk with a pack, register online or you can register there saturday morning around 8:00. we have events for the kids, doggie contests, food, music, entertainment a whole lot of fun. great to help us and support the animals and spend saturday morning. bring your coffee and come on down. >> a great workout for the animals as well. laurie thanks so much. and that will do it for cbs4 this morning at 5:00. your 6 starts right now. scare in the sky, a passenger jet heading from miami to mill lan is forced to make an emergency landing. then digging out. millions of people along the east coast are heading back to work. how south florida airports are impacted this morning.
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what the democratic candidates
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