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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 6AM  CBS  January 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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what the democratic candidates are doing to want. a traffic alert, southbound lanes i have 95 are shut down right now at koeppen's road for a deputy-involved accident. >> i'm lauren pastrana. thanks for waking up let's begin with the traffic alert on i-95. vanessa, fill us in. >> reporter: we got a press release. this is involving ibs o deputy. lit a car stalled out on i-95. they have shut down the lanes this morning, they have closed off for over two hours now. there is a lot of delays. what you want to do is take the turnpike or u.s. 441 instead of
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also another crash on i-95 in broward county. you passed accident here, continue southbound approaching 595. at state road 84, two lanes are blocked off, so try to avoid 95 in the northern portions or closer to 595. southbound? miami dade oceanidical drive, police cruisers out there. 836 westbound to the palmetto a stalled out car has the right lane blocked off. lissette? happy monday for all of you. we continue with a chilly start this morning. a live view from our ft. lauderdale camera. dressing in layers will be your best bet, since we are waking up with mostly mid to upper 40s.
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as for usual, inland miami gardens, waking up to 45, 46 degrees. this afternoon with highs in the 70s, you'll be peeling off the layer. the breeze anywhere from 5 to 7 miles per hour. that will help to moderate our temperatures and could carry in a sinkal. plenty of sunshine, it should be gorgeous into the afternoon and evening. 68 and temperatures will continue to warm up. we will see the return of some storms, possibly even strong storms later this week. >> wow 48 to 73. lissette, thank you. a scare in the air forces an american airlines flight from miami to make an emergency landing in canada. >> reporter: the boeing 767 was carrying 192 passengers and 11 crew members.
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newfound land. three flight attendants and four passengers were transported to local hospitals for treatment to their injuries. some passengers talked about the scare. >> we were just riding along and turbulence. it rolled on its side and everything went flying. it was pretty intense. >> it was a very strong bump. a bump like that. >> officials are now working to get the rest of the passengers to milan. a new details on a crash that sent several to the hospital. it happened last night on southwest 8th street and 109th avenue. a white cadillac should is that into a yellow mustang. students in the area believe one person was a pedestrian. it is unclear how many cars were involved in the accident.
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left much of the east coast buried in snow. millions of people are headed back to work this morning following this weekend's crippling snowstorm. this morning many emergency travel bans have been lifted but as brian webb reports, getting around is already proving tricky. >> reporter: federal offices and schools in the nation's capital remain closed this morning as people in the area continue to dig out from under two feet of snowfall. crystal lucas got a land uncovering her buried car in a good samaritan. >> in a time of need, people are here to help. >> reporter: in virginia and maryland, residence clipped away at the mounds of snow. 70-year-old steve mine cough spent hours shoveling out his entire driveway only to have passing plow trucks undo all of his work. >> i'm almost so outraged by the state i'm liable to have a stroke now thinking about it.
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york city came back to life after record snowfall totals, residents here in queens are dealing with unplowed roads. >> we are wondering what happened to the sanitation department. >> reporter: the impact is being felt at many of the nation's busiest airports. carol alvarez and her friends have been trying to get home to new jersey in time for her milestone birthday today. airports along the east coast are slowly getting back to normal, but hundreds of flights have been canceled for today. brian webb, cbs news, new york. here are the latest numbers, as of 10:00 last night officials tell us miami had 59 arrivals and 52 departures that were canceled. 14 arrivals and three morning.
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airline before heading to the airport. a week left until the iowa caucuses, hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley will make a stop at a town hall meeting. on sunday the editorial board of the boston globe endorsed hillary clinton for the democratic nomination. clinton is getting a big challenge from vermont senator bernie sanders. polls show the two neck and neck in iowa but sand soldiers leading in new hampshire. did you hear what donald trump said this weekend? listen to this. >> they say i have the most loyal people. did you ever see that? where i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters okay? the gop front runner's comments come on the heels of several mass hootings and a push for tighter gun control
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trip defended what he said. >> well, i have a very get group of people john. i have people that are so loyal and it has been so reported. even in your poll, a lot lot of the polls, my factor is up i love my people and it is a great thing. >> reporter: trip has a 17- point national lead over rival ted cruz. this morning super bowl 50 is set. the denver broncos will take on the panthers on february 7th only here on cbs4. with highlights and reaction. goldie good morning. >> good morning lauren and walter. we saw a wild finish and a blow out from the conference championship games that sets the stage for the super bowl manning came up big.
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second of the game. tight end daniels up 14-6. peyton manning trying to reach his fourth super bowl . brady looking for the come back. they need a touchdown and rob gronkowski gets it. intercepted and denver holds off new england 20-18. for manning, remarkable. he is going back to the super bowl . >> it is aigrette honor. to be going to our second super bowl in four years is very special. carolina last night, panthers and cardinals. look at there play by the former dolphins number one draft pick.
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carolina up early and never looked back. a nightmare game for carson palmer. four interceptions and the panthers scored the most points in an nfc championship history. cam newton, his panthers are 17- 1. carolina beats up arizona 49- 15. newtown still has more work to do. >> i'm excited man, we are playing in front of the best fans in the nfl, coached by the best coaching staff in the nfl. but we are not done yet. i know a lot of people feel the same way i feel. we are not satisfied until we win the super bowl. >> the quarterback match up intriguing. the young newton meeting the old legend peyton manning. walter get out the check become cheaper ticket right now $3800. cold play will hit the
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halftime show. a host of people are working to make sure you get a show to remember in throes seven and a half minutes. and remember the only place you can watch the panthers take on the broncos in super bowl 50 is right here on cbs4 and that is sunday february 7th. remember katy perry and less shark? facebook founder mark suck is sharing a new photo -- mark suckerburg -- mark suckerberg is sharing a photo of his new baby. this morning a man talks about his frightening ordeal. a south florida woman is helping shine a light on the
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lauren did that story and it is fantastic. stick around for that. i-95 southbound at koeppen's road all your lanes shut down for a deputy-involved crash. heading in that direction take 441 or the turnpike. we have a handful of other accidents as well. lissette? thank you vanessa. it is a chilly start. we are waking up with the 40s for the most part and highs
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i-95 southbound a deputy- involved crash. they sent out a press release it was an unmarked unit that was driving southbound on 95 approaching koeppen's road and lit a car stalled out in the hoff lane. u.s. 441 will be your alternate this morning. on top of this crash, we have another crash on i-95 cbs2 news in broward county but this time at state road 84. as you are approaching 595 you
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because three lanes are blocked off. a brand new crash i-95 southbound at 62nd street but this one off on the shoulder. starting off the work week we are still chilly out there, and dry as we look from our biscayne bay camera. the breeze is out of the northwest 5 to 7 miles per hour in broward county and through the keys. the winds will be shifting a bit more out of the east throughout the day and moderating our temperatures. throughout the afternoon it will be milder. mostly 40s out there. 49 degrees in ft. lauderdale right now, 47 in kendall.
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48 in homestead. tallahassee, actually colder there than in new york city. it was the biggest snowstorm for baltimore and the second biggest snowstorm for new york city. 17 in dc, brutally cold. 30s as far south as atlanta and st. louis. 20s across the northern tier of the u.s. and 50s for texas, where we are seeing an area of low pressure that is developing just over to the north of that. and also snow in the rockies, pushing up into the great lakes. we have high pressure in control providing for a dry, stable atmosphere. however as the high begins to shift a little to the east over into the western atlantic we could see a few sprinkles today with that easterly wind. as we get into tomorrow, warmer
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huge change in our pattern wednesday thursday due to the stormmy area. wednesday thursday steamy with storms around, some strong. yet another front is going to sweep through just in time for our upcoming weekend and it will be clearing and much cooler friday saturday and sunday. by the afternoon with highs in the 70s you won't need the heavier coats temperatures warming. inland upper 50s. here's your extended forecast as we head into tomorrow, we are back in the 80s, and then we'll see the return of the wet weather on wednesday. thursday stormy periods with the upper 70s and then temperatures dip to the 50s
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a high of 70 degrees. clearing and cooler but today another beautiful day with plenty of sunshine this afternoon. time for talking with joe. it is all about the afc and nfc championship games. here's goldie and joe with more. >> good morning. joe you know in the department of be careful what you wish for, remember new england was the team i said hey let's make this extra point a couple of years ago a little more difficult. it came back to bite them yesterday. what a wild game it was. >> gold i think it is the greatest thing the national football league did. most of them i'm not a big fan of. but change that go extra point, moving it back to a 32 or 33- yard extra point i love it. we saw a bunch of kickers miss a lot of them during the regular season. but one of the two or three best kickers in the national football league has been
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and it became a big point and changed the whole philosophy and strategy for the way new england had to play that game at the end, including going for the two, just to get the game into overtime. it did come back and haunt them. and again, mr. clutch is the guy. that guy is as good as you get. watching him miss that extra point was crazy. cam newton is he the best >> reporter: not even close. now. better than that. he is making a mockery of how easy it is. running guys over and the darts he is throwing. he is so far out of mvp they should give him two mvps.
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he put that group of wide receivers on his back. he has been fun to watch. it has continued through the playoffs. he is superman, he is fun, he has been get with the kids, handing those footballs off to kids. cam loves the kids man. >> yeah he really does. the enthusiasm he has it real. joe we'll talk to you in a half hour, thanks. >> gold be careful. gold don't let those girls get you drinking that cuban coffee. you won't be able to sleep for two days if you get caught up with those girls. >> too late, man. sorry about that. during the break we were talking about cam newton as a coach. >> early in his career he used to go hard to the basket and
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injured. >>-day-old did i thanks so much. a strong earthquake struck south central alaska early yesterday morning causing gas leaks, house fires and power outages. it struck 160 miles southwest of anchorage. the quake had a magnitude of 7 .1. residents in the area say everything was flying off shelves in their homes. police said an apparent gas leak prompted the evacuation of two dozen homes in one town after the break. one home exploded. this morning a south florida woman is helping shine crisis. the aid worker who is saving
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>> reporter: allison thompson is not one to run away from danger. >> i started doing this on september 11th. >> reporter: as a rescue and destruction firsthand. >> i have seen so much over the last 20 years, so many disasters around the world. but usually there is a beginning a middle and end. >> reporter: but right now she sees no end of refugees making the treacherous journey from syria to greece. >> with all the refugees fleeing, it is shocking. these boats are flimsy, made out of rubber. they are made for 12 people and they are cramming in 60 into these boats.
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took a break from her rescue work to spend sometime at home in miami. now she is back overseas. allison says gut-wrenching scenes like this one are more common. >> after my first trip there and i had so many children dying in my arms, i cried all the way home. i cried for a week here. it was so traumatic that i couldn't save them. >> reporter: when allison isn't using her training as a rescue paramedic with her group to save lives, she is in south florida raising money and gathering supplies for her next trip. >> they land and walk 31 miles. >> reporter: specifically these pop up solar lights. >> they fold up in your picture. pop them out, turn them on and they are just really easy but they are life savers. >> reporter: the refugees often arrive in the dead of the night and then it is a 31-mile walk
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unknown darkness. >> these lights lead the way all the way up the mountain but also i go up to the camps and give them. >> reporter: and in turn, people's faces light up with renewed hope. >> they just kiss the floor and start are in shock that they are finally at safety. we give them love and say look you are safe now. >> smiles like these make each physically grueling and emotionally draining trip worth it. >> there is not a lot of love left in the world. we have to love each other. otherwise we are going to kill each other and there is going to be no one left. >> to find out how to send the solar lights to the refugees, visit our website cbs >> what an incredible woman. >> she is always posting, i
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good news this morning for bluebell ice cream fans. plus talk about a tricky touchdown.
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"star wars" came in earning $14.3 million, extending its domestic box office record to $879 million. ride along too, filmed here in miami came in third place bringing in $13 million. and mark zuckerberg is sharing yet another photo of his daughter maxima. the co-founder took this new snapshot of his baby girl swimming. she is dressed in a bathing suit, zuckerberg has been sharing these sweet moments
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cbs this morning is coming up here on cbs 4. >> charlie rose is joining us live. what do you have planned for today? >> reporter: good morning walt and lauren, we are spread out along the east coast. with how the weekend's big storm is still causing problems. plus we go undercover to find out why women pay more than men at places like dry cleaners. also james brown is in town with what to expect from the super bowl. and we visit a company organizing blind dates for its employees. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. charlie, thanks so much. remember cbs this morning kicks off at 7:00 a.m. right here on cbs4. i can't necessary sa is standing by with a traffic alert. no blinds blind dates at the studio?
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we have been talking about this traffic alert, i-95 has been shut down since about 4:00 asome this morning. -- 4:00 a.m. this morning. a deputy was driving in an unmarked unit and hit a stalled out car in the lane on i-95 southbound. that is why all the lanes are shut down. three people were transported pot hospital, -- transported to the hospital, hopefully they are okay. and not the only crash we have on i-95 southbound in broward county. at state road 84 we also have a crash. you can take 441 or u.s. 1 as well in this area. the turnpike south at kendall drive, we had a massive crash here on the entrance ramp moved onto the shoulder trying to tow
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lissette? >> reporter: thank you vanessa. hello monday and hello to all of you at home. live from our ft. lauderdale camera, the wind 5 to 7 miles per hour. radar quiet, waking up with mostly mid to upper 40s. yesterday we had low 40s. 37 in kendall. 52 in miami and mid to upper 50s through the keys. so dressing in layers will be your best bet. since by the afternoon, we'll be in the 70s. look at the 30s and 20s around central and north florida. colder in the panhandle than portions of the northeast. but here in south florida, highs will climb to the low 70s afternoon. a few sprinkles, we'll see more of an easterly breeze. this evening 68 and we'll be cooling down again, but temperatures will start to
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a better chance of wet weather by the middle of the week of the more on that in my complete forecast. we are following breaking news out of plantation. the fire department tweeted out this picture here. being see the flames shooting through the roof of the home at 9640 northwest seventh street. officials tell us the fire is out and no one was injured. a plane that made an emergency landing on u.s. 27 in west broward is back in business, turning the highway into a runway. three people were on board when the plane had engine trouble. >> luckily no one was hurt. this morning we are hearing from a man who saw it all. >> reporter: after hours working on aal engine cessna casually pulled over on the side of the road in broward county a mechanic finally got
6:30 am
plane in front of emergency units. they stopped traffic so santiago could safely use 27 as an air strip. santiago in the gray and write baseball cap and two friends left palm beach sunday morning flying to key west for the day. something went wrong on the engine, forcing them to land on 27 just south of i 595. santiago pointed out he practiced similar scenarios in pilot training but in real life it kicks in automatically. >> it took me a couple of seconds and i'm like there is a plane coming inlanding on the road. >> reporter: we did speak to a man who was riding his motorcycle when he noticed a plane just above him and immediately called florida highway patrol. >> he coasted quite a ways. underneath the overpass. and i actually saw the plane
6:31 am
it looked smooth, like it was executed perfectly. >> reporter: santiago waited patiently with investigators looking into the problem. >> you know, here it is happening in real life for me. it was quite a shock. and i have thought about it all day. >> reporter: it is still unclear what exactly went wrong with the plane and its engine. the pilot left his two buddies county by car. a south florida man is lucky to be alive this morning after he was able to walkway without a scratch from a rollover crash. the man was driving north on west okachobie road when a car drifted into his lane. the driver lost control and plummeted into a ditch on the side of the road.
6:32 am
before coming it a step. police say having a seat belt on is what saved his life. police are on the lookout for a man wanted for a triple murder in polk county who could be in miami. jamaal john smith is wanted for the murders of three people in lakeland. smith is from here, and they think he may be back home. two other suspects have been captured. new this morning, it is national school choice week. here in florida more than 2,000 events are planned to help parents weigh options. students in the sunshine state have the option of public, charter, manage net, online or private schools or being home- schooled. -- magnet, online or private schools or being home-schooled. one size fits none.
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fans of bluebell ice cream in south florida can get their fix starting as early as today. bluebell will be delivered to most florida retail stores and will try to restock shelves as soon as possible. nine flavors will be available. it is it is first time since listeria concerns caused a nationwide recall. and from ice cream to salad. you may want to check the package if your fridge. certain types are making people sick. ahead, twitter is seeing big changes. up next, who is saying goodbye to the company in a surprise sunday night shake up. details in this merge's money watch. and -- in this morning's money watch. and a 4-year-old saved his mother's life. we have been talking about the traffic alert on i-95 southbound we also have this accident on i-95 southbound in broward county at state road 84. a couple of the left lanes are blocked.
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direction, going to be a slow one i-95 at broward. lissette? >> sweater weather continues with mostly 40s out there. a few 50s near the coast and down across the keys. and milder with the 70s 80s tomorrow and storms midweek, details nigh complete forecast.
6:35 am
jill wagner is live from the new york stock exchange. good morning. >> reporter: lauren you might want to check that salad package in the fridge. the cdc is investigating a listeria outbreak linked to dolezal lad. one person died, 12 hospitalized after getting sick with listeria. the salad was sold under dole, fresh selections and president's choice. the manufacturing code begins with the letter a.
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twitter, four of the company's top executives are leaving. ceo jack dorsey says they are quote taking some well-deserved time off. twitter stock has been falling as the company struggles to gain new users. donald trump has, of course, been making headlines on the campaign trail pretty much every day. and now his daughter i have have you ever been ca -- i have sank ca -- is making her own headlines. she is marketing purses with built in cell phone chargers. >> my stroller actually charges my phone. but if my purse charged my phone, even better. >> that is brilliant. >> jill have a good one. lauren on the cutting edge of technology.
6:37 am
i-95 southbound at koeppen's road still closed. if you are heading in that slow one. obviously they are exiting but take 441 or u.s. 1. and then look at the northbound drive. on looker delays there as well. whatever direction you are heading. also a crash this morning on i- 95 southbound at state road 84. also broward county 441 or u.s. 1. you can see the red air o's leading up to the crash. the turn bike that entrance ramp is still opened up, so you don't have to worry about it but the scene has not cleared up. pushed over to the shoulder from kendall drive the entrance
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lauren was asking me on friday if she could take her son, jordan, out. i said friday, stormy weather, not a good day. and it turned out to be quite a mess right? today would be a get day lauren, in the afternoon, if -- a great day, lauren, if you want to take your baby out for a walk. miami seeing the sun, just a few clouds. for those of you getting ready for work the weather is cooperating as well for the commute thankfully. i need to get a new stroller. right now, we are looking at the radar and it is dry quiet and the breeze is out of the northwest 5 to 7 punishment that is going to be the shift in our weather at person. the wind will be more out of the east today. so although right now you need your sweaters and jackets, dressing in layers will be your we'll see 70s.
6:39 am
in pompano beach in kendall and 52 in miami. looking at the rest of the state, we are seeing 20s on and 30s. freeze warnings and watches in place for central and north florida. it is colder right now in gainesville and tallahassee, at 2, than it is no new york city. folks digging out from the biggest snowstorm for baltimore and the second largest snowstorm for new york city. right now 17 in dc and the 20s around chicago, minneapolis, widespread 30s across much of the country. especially the central u.s., even into atlanta. 50s in texas and new orleans. as we have this area of low pressure lots of snow across the rockies and the upper midwest. a little bit more snow for the northeast and in terms of our
6:40 am
afternoon and tomorrow temperatures back in the 80s. high pressure will be over to our east in the western atlantic. plenty of moisture around and the stormy low pressure system will bring us strong storms wednesday and thursday before we cool things down courtesy of another cold front. pleasant this afternoon with highs in the low 70s. there could be a few sprinkles, isolated shower. a light chop on the bay. lows in the upper 60s near the coast and weapons nurse friday, we wake up with 50s. thousands of runners took to the streets of miami early yesterday morning for the miami marathon. the 46-degree temperature start time was the coldest in race history.
6:41 am
the way from italy, new york city, peru and kenya. 40-year-old came in on top, crossing the finish lines in 2 : 24. the miami herald said more than 3000 runners missed the event because of travel issues related to the massive winter storm up north. check out there guy really enjoying the snow. >> a panda at the national zoo in washington d.c. woke up to a whole lot of snow. zookeepers took this video of him having a really good time. he puts his hand behind his head like he is sunbathing in it practically. >> having a good time there. >> not here in south florida. that would not be our reaction to snow. straight ahead, super bowl 50 is set. >> but the game is not the only thing people are looking forward to seeing. up next, cold play prepares for
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pepper discovers a wholesome breakfast with jimmy dean delights, made with real egg whites, lean cut meats, and whole grains. an excellent source of protein, it's a delicious way to fuel up on energy to help power through her morning run. which motivates these bikers to pedal faster, and inspires ted to land that front-side ollie. which delights everyone, including pepper's twins with jimmy dean delights, good mornings
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we are less than two weeks
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airs only here on cbs4. cold play is hard at work show. >> reporter: two weeks until the pepsi super bowl halftime show and cold play's plans are beginning to come to life. >> it all comes down to your seven and a half minutes. we can come up with the greatest ideas in the world but it has to get on the field and it's got to work. you are never ready. > >> reporter: every year the super bowl halftime slow faces countless uncontrollable events. >> i've never done a halftime show where something didn't go wrong. the people say don't sweat the things you can't control, haven't done the super bowl halftime show. >> reporter: rain is roughly 50%, the weather adding more challenges to the massive show. >> you can turn the strings way up.
6:45 am
going to be more special than maybe people realize. the way the nfl is going to bring people into the halftime show is going to be pretty high- tech and very excite. >> you have no idea when halftime is going to lit really. at some point in -- to hit really, at some point an official says to 500 people go. seven and a half minutes later, no matter what happens, you are live around the world. >> cold play is fine tuning a special performance they hope will go down in history. >> we'd like to honor the past and celebrate the present and look to the future. we are going to try our best. lead singer chris martin, who has played at every big venue imaginable, admits he is really nervous. the band calls this performance the pinnacle of their career. we tweeted our link. a 4-year-old is being
6:46 am
mother using a tablet. chadwick's mom was diagnosed with type i diabetes when she was six years old. his mother said that she was on the phone when she started to slur her speech. she began feeling a little subpoenay soon after and went unconscious. her husband called the house but nobody answered. he then called the tablet and that is when the 4-year-old answered. >> daddy was calling me. and when i saw that and i pushed it. and i had the cell phone on it. >> i think him using the tablet is the reason why she is still with us today. i had no idea he knew how to unlock the tablet to even get on facetime. this was the first time ever. >> chadwick's dad told him to answer the door when 911 arrived and chadwick did just that.
6:47 am
welcome back. we have been following a traffic alert. let's check in with vanessa for details. >> reporter: news chopper 4 over the scene i-95 southbound at a deputy-involved crash. they are detouring all the drivers on i-95 southbound approaching the koeppen's road exit ramp. take u.s. 441 or even the turnpike or u.s. 1. we have another traffic alert on i-95.
6:48 am
this one approaching state road 84 just north of state road 846789 a company of the left lanes blocked off. u.s. 441 an alternate. walter and lauren? all right here's a quick wrap-up of your morning headlines. an american airlines flight from miami makes an emergency landing in canada. it encountered severe turbulence, seven people were taken to the hospital. the boeing 767 was carrying 192 passengers. firefighters are on the scene of a house fire in plantation. the fire department tweeted out this picture here. you can see the flames shooting
6:49 am
9630 northwest seventh street. the fire is out and no one was hurt. airlines have canceled hundreds of flights for today, snowfall of 26.8 inches in september tropical park made it new york's second biggest winter storm since records began in 1869. the super bowl 50 match up, will feature the carol nina panthers and the -- carolina panthers and the denver broncos. super bowl l will take place on february 7th, and the only place to watch it is right here on cbs 4. our daily chat with joe rosen. talking about the super bowl ? >> reporter: good morning. we have two weeks, but can the denver defense do what it did to tom brady yesterday?
6:50 am
can they do that to cam newton? >> no. no shot. carolina is at a different level on both sides of the ball. we don't talk about coaching. they almost went undefeated, atlanta falcons. the playoff games so far. they are going to be big defendants for me going into this game against the -- big favorites for me going into the game against the denver broncos. man i was going to see if you could get us a couple of tickets so you and i could spend time and talk about the big game find out where this basketball team is right now and let's not forget about your panthers man.
6:51 am
tampa bay. they are back, for real,rve thought after winning 12 they weren't for real. they are. those guys with play man -- can play man. send it back over to you guys. no time to respond for you joe. let's see if lissette has that kind of enthusiasm. >> if yes's voice doesn't wake you up then the cold weather will. and let me tell you i make cuban coffee. you just want some for yourself. live from our biscayne bay camera. mid to upper 40s and low 50s. as we head into your extended forecast tomorrow will be warm with 80s and stormmy periods wednesday and thursday. friday a cooldown, picking up to lows in the 50s and the high around 70 degrees. how was that?
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clearly we have all had our
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