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tv   CBS 4 News at Noon  CBS  January 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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of-state warrant for armed home invasion and kidnapping, and the authorities were afraid he would flee the country, so please being transferred, and that is when he managed to kick out the window of the police cruiser. we are told that he was actually in handcuffs, and the cruiser was on the palmetto expressway, and he managed to break out and make a run for, and he jumped off of a 60 foot embankment from the palmetto expressway, and ran to a nearby hotel. there was a running airport van outside of the hotel, and he jumped into the van, and took off. the prisoner attempted to hit a miami-dade police vehicle, and he hit eight sweetwater police cruiser, and fortunately the
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we spoke to witnesses that said they saw him try to ditch the vehicle to make a run for, but the police were right on his into custody. this is and the leonard, and we are told he is wanted for an out-of-state warrant for armed invasion. he may be wanted for a murder in ohio, and the police are checking his background. again, that suspect is back in the police custody. we are keeping an eye on the storm, thousands of people from washington to new york are trying to dig out following that storm that left much of the east coast buried in snow. we have more from washington dc.>> reporter: people spent the morning digging out the
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washington dc, 2 feet of snow on the ground in the nation's capitol, enough to close the federal offices and schools today. the residents are not used to shoveling this much snow. >> a lot of people are not fit to do this. it is dangerous.>> reporter: many of the streets remain unplowed and impassable, and some had decided to stop near the street, getting out of the car and walking where they need to go. >> we are still in a snow emergency in dc, and we are operating on a seat.>> reporter: at least five states have reported getting at least 30 inches of snow, new york city has lifted the travel ban, and schools are open, but many in the burrell's like lanes are finding this slow going. and a message for the city officials. >> come down my block every once in a while. >> reporter: the flights have
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service in baltimore and ella delphia. more than 12,000 flights were canceled over the weekend, and the airline officials say it will take some time to get everything back on track. the impact from the massive blizzard is being felt in south florida, and we are at the miami international airport to see how they are handling it.>> reporter: as much of the country is digging out, we are seeing delayed and canceled flights in south florida, but it is getting better. here is video that we took earlier, and we are looking at the boards for cancellations and delays, the mia is in 25 canceled flights today, and the number is only affecting a handful of destinations, new york, chicago and washington dc. the couple we spoke with had little hope that their flight
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if it does, they will still have trouble. >> we had an eight hour layover, and we are hoping that this afternoon we can go out. we found out that at home we have 40 inches of snow, so they cannot even pick us up once we get to dc.>> we will either be in a motel here in miami, or in a motel in northern virginia.>> reporter: there are still airport, seeing 17 cancellations and 46 delays at this point, and as frustrating as this is for the travers, the numbers have gone down. the cancellations here in miami, 46 -- 25 brother, five times more than that on
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outside at doral, a chilly start, but get ready for some warmer temperatures. we have your forecast.>> warmer weather is on the way in addition to the return of these storms. this morning, he was still on the cold side, chile. the coldest spot was west kendall, 43 degrees, west lauderdale 48, miami 50, but everywhere else, upper 60s, and a mix of sun and clouds from the camera, temperatures creeping up. yesterday low 60s, and today upper 60s in fort lauderdale and the miami homestead. and it is cold even down through the keys. the winds are beginning to shift, and you can see this in fort lauderdale and out of the northeast, and north of homestead down through the keys. there is an easterly wind flow off of the water, moderating the temperatures for now, and a
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afternoon in the low 70s. overnight on the cool side, but not as chilly as we have seen. some locations dipping into the 50s, and we will let you know when you will need your umbrella again. the surveillance video of this frightening crime in a store in the west park. that robber was inside the store on state road 7 on december 23, and he hid in the score -- in the store before closed ended robbed the employees, and anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers. the seminal the seminole police are investigating at home at the hollywood reservation, the intruder was spotted in the multiple times. he was shot by someone that is not a tribal member but was
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the intruder was transported to and is now undergoing surgery, and the shooter is being interviewed by the seminole police. a deputy in an unmarked vehicle when it crashed into a car that was stopped in the hov lane. the deputy and two people that were in the vehicle were all taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries. a hospital up in flames in flames shooting through the seventh street. they say that the fire is out and no one was injured and no word on the cause. the scare the air, the american airlines flight made an emergency landing in canada, heading from miami to milan, italy and it encountered severe turbulence, and carrying 192
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and it landed safely in new england. -- new finland. some passengers talked about the scare.>> we were going along and then we had turbulence. >> the plane actually dropped.>> everything went flying, and people, it was pretty intense. >> it was a strong bounce.>> the officials said they are working to get the rest of the passengers to milan, italy. in west broward, a pilot and two friends were going from west palm beach to key west, and there single-engine cessna had engine trouble. they pulled over onto the grass, and the mechanic that worked on the plane just before sundown lined up the cessna on
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units stopped traffic, and they took off. the faa is investigating what caused the failure. a man is lucky to be alive after he was able to walk away without a scratch from a rollover crash. he was driving on northwest 138 street and another vehicle drifted into his lane, and plummeted into a ditch alongside the road. the car flipped over before came to a stop. >> i saw a car coming over into my lane. i overcorrected.>> the police say that having his seatbelt on campaign 2016, one week before the iowa caucuses, hillary clinton, bernie sanders and mark o'malley making one last pitch tonight making a stop at the townhome meeting,
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endorsing clinton, and bernie sanders and clinton are neck and neck and i will, and sanders is leading in new hampshire. super bowl 50 matchup is now set, the big game will feature the carolina panthers and the denver broncos, and the panthers rolled over arizona, 49-15, and the broncos beat tom brady and the new england patriots, 20-18 in denver. remember you can watch super bowl 50, sunday, february 7, right here on cbs. still ahead, speaking out and we are hearing from the man that brought us carjackers, and what she was taking during the attack. a murderer on the run and police believe he may be in south florida. shooting hoops with the kids goes viral, and the
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you the hunt is on to find three escaped inmates in california, and the officials of say that three inmates broke out of the maximum security prison in santa ana on friday, and they managed to cut through the steel bars, speaking through the plumbing tunnels to the roof, and they are charged with attempted murder and kidnapping. a strong earthquake struck south-central alaska early yesterday morning, causing fires, gas leak's and outages, and the magnitude 7.1
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miles southwest of anchorage. the residents say that everything was flying off of the shelves in their home and the gas leak prompted the evacuation of almost 2 dozen homes, and firefighters battled flames for more than three hours. one home exploded, but luckily no one was seriously injured. a man is wanted for triple motor -- triple murder in polk county, jamaal johnson-webb is wanted for the murder of three people in lakeland. smith is from miami, and the thinking maybe back home, and the murders happened on january 6. two other suspects have already been captured. if you recognize this man or know anything about him, please contact the police immediately. we are hearing from the mom that fought off to carjackers -- two carjackers that were at a gas station, trying to
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the mother was stopping to get gas and had her two children in the car and she spoke to good morning america this morning. >> i did not think about the gun or what they could do to me. i just thought about getting the kids out.>> the two men and the getaway driver were all arrested by the police. the basketball greats akhil o'neill went out of his way to play -- great shaquille o'neal stopped to play basketball with some kids, instead of reprimanding them about making too much noise.>> are you guys ready. did you bring your good game?>> yes.>> are you sure you can take these guys?>> they better
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has served as a reserve police officer in cities, and he apparently asked the gainesville police department to keep the event low-key so he could be able to truly surprised the kids. take a look at everybody with their cell phones, and we remember shaq from his days in south florida. but he cannot shoot three -- free throws. >> how awesome for those kids, what a big surprise. that was really cool. let's talk about the weather.>> we have enjoyed a cold snap for little bit, but temperatures will start to climb later today, and especially tomorrow, highs back in the 80s. i know many of you have been enjoying this winter weather, and some of you said you were waiting for this cold weather for so long, and now it is too cold, too long, so you never get to win.
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deliver the message. right now, a mix of sun and clouds. the radar is quiet, so that is good news as you head to lunch, reading your errands or pick up the kids from school. winds 3 to 6 miles winds 3 to 6 miles per hour out of the northeast. some areas, the wind is beginning to shift a little bit more out of the northeast, and the easterly flow will be taking place later today, means we will be in for a warm up. the temperatures are milder compared to yesterday when we were in the low 60s. upper 60s across the board in broward and dade. key west 65 degrees. as we set these forecasts into motion, we will be struggling to reach the low 70s today, overnight near the coast, we will see mostly upper 60s.
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of 50s and 40s, and tomorrow highs will be even warmer, upper 70s by noon, and heading toward 80 degrees. the temperatures in boston, new york city and dc, digging out from that second largest snowstorm for new york city, and the biggest snowstorm baltimore. 20s and 30s across the northern tier of the u. s., cincinnati, and 30s in the four corners region. snow moving into the upper midwest, heading toward the great lakes, and a little bit more snow for the friends in the northeast and mid-atlantic. they need a break from all of this white stuff. we will be shifting off to the east, and we did have a chilly start this morning, but we will have a warmer afternoon with a few sprinkles. this high pressure over the western atlantic, warmer tomorrow and sunshine at times.
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unsettling, stormy and moisture thunderstorms. some could be strong. we would cold front sweeping through, and it will be beautiful, clearing and cooler into friday through sunday. today we have highs in the low 70s, milder sunny clouds with an isolated shower, and the boater advisory, it is rated a three. upper 50s as we head throughout the week, upper 70s and stormy on wednesday, high around 70 by the end of the weight. here in florida, more than 2000 events planned to help the parents weigh their options when it comes to their children's education. the students have the option of attending the public, charter are magnet online. the goal is to raise awareness
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choices available in florida. the miami-dade school superintendent is a fan of choice saying that one size fits none. check your salad package in the fridge raider, -- in the refrigerator, a listeria outbreak in the dole salad packages, one person died and dozens hospitalized, and sold under various brands including dole, fresh selections, simple truth and presidents choice, and the make, manufacturing brand starts with the letter a. starting today stores will restock the shelves as soon as possible, nine flavors available for the blue bell, the first time the ice cream is available in south florida since the listeria concerns
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mother's life. yo pediatricians are asking the hospitals to take special care when it comes to the newborns. they are warning the hospitals that some medical procedures could cause significant pain in the newborns, and the need to find ways to minimize the number of procedures, and research shows that repeated exposure to pain will create change in the brain development that will last through the childhood. awareness about the signs of common cancer, americans should start screening for colorectal cancer at the age 50, more than -- many are younger than that. a four-year-old is being called a-year-old, he saved his mother using a tablet. the mother has been diagnosed
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child, causing a serious threat to her health when her blood sugar gets too low. she was on the telephone and started to slur her speech, and began feeling sleepy and went unconscious. her husband was working and called the house, and nobody answered, and he called the tablet, and the four-year-old answered. >> daddy was calling me. and i had the cell phone on it. >> i think that him using the tablet, i never even knew he knew how to use the tablet. this was the first time ever.>> his dad told him to answer the door when 911 arrived, and he did just that. that too is you a lot about
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he knew the face time, but d we showed you the weather in washington earlier, and check out this guy. he is really enjoying this. this is the panda at the national zoo in washington dc, and he woke up to a lot of snow yesterday and he was excited. the zoo keepers took the video of him having a great time in the snow. that is it for your cbs4 news at noon, and
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