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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 5AM  CBS  January 26, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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good tuesday morning. it is january 26th. thanks for waking up with us. i'm walter mccallum. >> and i'm lauren pastrana. vanessa is standing by with a look at the roads. but we are starting off our 5:00 hour with meteorologist lissette gonzalez. looks like you cut your hair. >> does it? i just put in the rollers this morning. we had good hair days for awhile but that will be changing. you also noticed walter i had my sweater on yesterday and short sleeves today? there you go.
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big changes for our weather pattern already this morning. you'll notice it when you step out the door. right now a live view from bias stonecastle financial bay camera. we are much warmer as compared to yesterday. the return of the 70s and upper 60s. whereas yesterday we woke up with the mid to upper 60s. anywhere from 20 to 25 degrees warmer in comparison. still dealing with 62 degrees in kendall, 70 degrees they keys. all due to a shift in the wind. mainly dry, a high around 80 degrees. could see a few showers but a better chance of rain and possible severe storms tomorrow. let's get a check of your traffic. let's start you off with construction in south florida. lots of construction on the northbound side specifically on i-95 is where we are seeing an
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you can kind of make out the construction cones and one line of cars headed out on the northbound side of i-95. we have construction on 830. drove right past this and lejeune road you are going to see only one lane opened up on the westbound side of the dolphin for construction. 826 southbound and northwest 74th street two left lanes are blocked. move over to the right hand side and broward county i-75 affected here as well. this time southbound at sheridan street. now at 5:00 a mega yacht sinks off the coast of south florida. the coast guard releasing these pictures after saving 13 people. the ship was off the coast of ft. lauderdale. gabby fleischman is live at the coast guard station. good morning. >> reporter: good morning lauren and walter. the u.s. coast guard telling us
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everyone on board that yacht. six passengers, six crew members and a boat captain. they were all brought back here to the coast guard station in miami beach to be checked out and interviewed into the investigation of what caused the yacht to sink. heading back to shore after a successful rescue monday night. this is the picture of the serena 3 yacht shortly before it sank in waters off ft. lauderdale. the distress call went out about the boat taking on water and less than two hours later the yacht was gone. >> it just gradually took on more and more water and went down by the stern and then rolled over and finally went under the waves. >> the yacht, with 13 people on board sank about 13 miles east of sunrise boulevard in ft. lauderdale. >> extremely hectic situation.
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choppy seas, high winds, not the most favorable weather. but at the same time we have some of the most proficient crews in search and rescue so they were able to do it successfully. >> the coast guard rescues everyone on board and there were no injuries. morgan and three sea tow boats managed to pluck a wave runner from the yacht as well as a life raft that was deployed. several good samaritan vessels nearby the serena three also took in passengers. a mechanical problem might be to blame. it was fortunate the ship was relatively close to shore. and in the dark of the evening, with water rushing on board this yacht, morgan says it was impossible to save. >> the amount of water it was taking and how quickly the boat sank, didn't think there was much anybody would have been able to do. >> reporter: and still no word on where the yacht was heading. that will all be part of the investigation into what exactly
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talking on water of the live from miami beach gabby fleischman cbs4 this morning. an he is scaped prisoner is back in custody after a chase. andy ulysses is wanted out of georgia for luring men into hotel rooms to rob them. he kicked the window out of a 36th street. during the escape he stole a hotel passenger van. the chase ended atwal greens, where police were able to take him into custody. coming up at 5:30, we will tell you the reason why the fugitive says he ran. malaysia has confirmed a piece of metal washed up on a flight 370.
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the piece is likely part of a rocket launched by japan. the numbers engraved on the body the wire bundle and bolts do not match those of a boeing 777. flight 370 took off three years ago when it lost communication and made a sharp turn away from its destination before disappearing. now to come pain 2016, we are six days away from the iowa caucuses. polls show hillary clinton and bernie sanders running neck and neck. >> reporter: at a democratic presidential town hall in iowa last night, bernie sanders and hillary clinton did their best to set themselves apart. >> hillary clinton voted for the war in iraq. i led the effort against wal- mart deregulation. see where hillary clinton was on this issue. >> there are different visions,
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and you have to have somebody who is a proven fighter. >> reporter: the latest cbs news battleground tracker poll shows sanders leading clinton 47 to 46% among likely democratic caucus goers. the republican battle for iowa is also a close one with donald trump and ted cruz locked in a tense fight for first place. monday cruz released his first ad attacking trip's so-called new york values. earlier he met with pastors in their vote. >> the simple reality is there is only one campaign that can beat trip in this state. >> reporter: campaigning in new hampshire, trip, once again, questioned cruz's citizenship. trip, cruz and the other gop contenders face off this
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their seventh debate. brian webb for cbs news. if the house overrides president obama's veto of the affordable healthcare act, it could defund planned parent hood. republican lawmakers say obamacare has limited healthcare. we are keeping our eye on the storm that has claimed the lives of 42 people after parts of the northeast. government offices and schools will remain closed today. in new york city, residents are being urged to leave their cars parked all week long to make it easier to get rid of snow on the streets and residents are concerned some streets still have not even been touched.
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here like an ambulance or fire truck god forbid doesn't look like they are getting in here anytime soon. the ripple effect for travelers are still being felt at south florida airports. more than 2500 flights were delayed or canceled in the u.s. this morning there are a total of 17 delays and 7 cancellations at miami airport. at ft. lauderdale there are six delays and three cancellations, airports are expected to return to normal later this week. this morning a kendall man accused of plotting to kill his boss and co-workers is being held without bond. he pledged allegiance to allow and dressed up to kill his co- workers.
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videos of isis at work. dominguez's attorney says he is a harmless man who poses no threat. >> this may have been internet lashing out when you are frustrated. >> police found a clown mask, duct tape, gloves and two large
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a terrifying reminder to move over for emergency vehicles. we'll tell you how this injured trooper is doing in this cbs4 safety alert. this morning a criminal charge there professor now faces. happy tuesday south florida. we are no longer seeing 40s on the map in south florida. upper 60s and 70s, yeah much warmer today. we are dealing with colder
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we could see strong welcome back. el nino's crushing waves and pounding rains are putting
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into the sea from california. as the cliffs in pacifica collapse, an apartment edge now presents more danger than beauty. the powerful winter storms in california are predicted to continue until march of the that is good news for easing the drought but bad news for places threatened by coastal erosion. how scary is that? el nino has been wrecking havoc with our weather. thankfully this morning for us warmer. you'll notice when you step outside you will not need your sweaters or jackets this morning my friends as we look live from our ft. lauderdale camera. marching along we are seeing 70 degrees for you in ft. lauderdale. the 70s are back. pompano beach 71, miami the
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70 down in key west whereas yesterday we woke up to mid to upper 40s to give you the idea of our big change in temperatures because of the shift in winds. mainly out of the east anywhere from 6 to 15 miles per hour. anytime we have wind flowing off the atlantic, off the water that moderates our temperatures. we could see a stray shower, maybe a sprinkle today although right now the radar is dry, let's take a look at the models as we head throughout the day today. it is looking mostly dry, tomorrow morning you will need windshield wipers as we start to see precipitation even for the morning commute around lunch time. look at all this action that and into thursday. severe storms. this is all as a front beginning to clear across portions of the southeast.
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gulf coast and a win friday mix pushing toward the northeast and new england areas. soggy on the west coast and pacific northwest. for our forecast stormy periods tomorrow, however thursday night into friday a strong cold front is going to sweep clear. high pressure taking over for the weekend, pleasant, sunny, nice, gorgeous weather ahead for saturday and sunday. we have to get through all of the wet, messy weather. highs around 80 degrees. it will be breezy because of that a dangerous high-risk of rip currents at the beach so it is not safe to go swimming. a rough go for you boaters, seas 2 on to 4. lows in the low 70s near the coast, upper 60s inland and overnight we could
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are talking an 80% chance of rain for wednesday, same goes for thursday and lows in the the weekend. let's check your traffic right now with vanessa. >> we are still talking about construction this morning but we are going to give you an update on all the construction closures we had. here's i-95, southbound, northbound at 103rd. only one lane was opened up northbound. only one lane was opened up because of construction. that has cleared up, so good news there. looks like pretty much all the construction is clearing up. 836 westbound from lejeune over to 72nd avenue we had one lane opened up, that is clearing. same with 826 southbound the construction issue there. should be all cleared up and proud three lanes blocked. guys?
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look at there dash cam video shows a car slammed right into a trooper as he is walking back to his vehicle. january is move over month. time to remember a very important state law. >> yeah that law protects law enforcement and others whose roadway jobs put their safety at risk like this trooper. >> reporter: to illustrate those dangers, the florida highway patrol released this dash cam video. and it is tough to watch. trooper mack mixens on the florida turnpike last october, west palm beach is walking back to his vehicle, having pulled over a driver for speeding when another driver plows right into him. watch the trooper struggle to get up. his pelvis completely shattered, his face bloodied.
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of his radio and call for help. thankfully, he is recovering. but not all emergency workers and first responders are as lucky. the move over law requires drivers to move over a lane or to slow down to 20 miles per hour below the speed limit. if you are not in the lane closest to the stopped emergency vehicles, you are required to allow other drivers who are to move into your lane. this goes for law enforcement vehicles, tow trucks, sanitation, utility workers, to prevent scenes like this from happening on our roadways. cbs4 this morning. if you violate the move over law you can be issued a ticket and fine but more importantly, you'll put people's lives at risk. this morning a university of missouri professor is charged with third degree assault. melissa click was caught on video scuffling with a journalist during a november
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in the video click is seen yelling at a student journalist and yelling at people to bring in some quote muscle. she has since resigned from her courtesy title with the university. a big announcement for beatles fans. and a class action is filed earth.
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s a taste so bold, yet so smooth, it could only be called, black silk, from folgers. a taste you could enjoy, one cup at a time.
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welcome back. a former beatle is getting ready to hit a long and wiping road. ringo starr, todd lundegren and richard page will gin the former beatle on stage the tour kicks off june 3rd in syracuse, new york and wraps up a month later in l.a. two big names have been
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58th grammys. justin bieber and pit bull, they join adele, the weekend and kendrick lamar. cbs4 is the only place you can see the gram ms. . monday february 15th. mr. 305 going to represent at the grammys. looking forward to that. 305, 954, 786, i've got you covered south florida. >> reporter: looking at 103rd street, the palmetto looking good, southbound, northbound. i-95 at 103rd so the opposite side of the 305. here's the southbound side and northbound side. we are going to talk about the 954 and the rest of the 305 when we get back. good morning, bounce diesel -- good morning my friends.
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bit more last night? sophia. thursday storms strong to severe. lows in the 50s. details straight ahead. >> all right lissette.
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