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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  January 26, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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the most recaptured and cuffed. an escaped prisoner tells us why he ran from police. and another miss steris find at the december mellon learned miami beach mansion formerly owned by drug lord pablo escobar. >> i'm lauren pastrana. >> and i'm walter mccallum. traffic and weather together. morning. >> but first meteorologist lissette a little warmer? >> reporter: absolutely. a huge difference from yesterday. you don't need your sweaters or jackets. we are going to see a cold front roll through later this week. so yesterday we had the mid to this morning we are seeing the ft. lauderdale pompano beach. good morning to you in miami, 68.
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70 degrees in key west of the that is due to the shift in the wind that is mainly off the ocean from the east southeast. dangerous high-risk of rip currents. not safe to go swimming. radar is quiet throughout the day, but highs will be around 80 degrees. in the evening 75, we'll see a better chance of storms, some strong to severe tomorrow into thursday. more on that in my full forecast. 395 we are seeing construction westbound, flashing lights, you can see the arrow on the right hand side of your screen pushing everybody to the left. drive cautiously in that direction. just got word of a broken down car on i-95 southbound, going to see the right lane is blocked off, but this is i-95 at northwest 103rd looking great. northbound southbound no accidents out there, not much showing you down. we had construction in this
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that is where you are seeing the road ranger clearing up cones on i-95 northbound. both directions the lanes should be opening up in the next few minutes. that construction should be clearing out. like i said no accidents. this is i-95 at griffin road of the southbound, all the headlights and drivers are heading toward 55. 5:32. an escaped prisoner back in custody and wait until you hear what he had to say as cbs4 cameras rolled. >> reporter: andy lease is a minor league rapper. but he is a major league bad guy. a huge rap sheet out of georgia. the kay hospital andy caused in the streets of miami is why we care. see that kicked out window in the back of a police car?
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>> i was afraid i was going to be in a police shooting. >> reporter: miami dade narcotics cop served a warrant and arrested him monday morning. during his transfer to the correction center detectives say he kicked his way out of the police cruiser, climbed through the smashed window onto the palmetto expressway. >> he was doing everything in his power to escape. >> reporter: hands cuffed behind his back the fugitive jumped from a 15-foot embankment and ran to a nearby hotel. an airport shuttle van was left running outside. he jumped in and drove off- leading police on a chase through doral. >> he attempted to strike a florida highway patrol vehicle. one of the police vehicles and he did strike a sweet water vehicle. a pedestrian was sideswiped.
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when asked why he ran. charges yet to be announced in all this chaos. this man is liable to be in bond court later today. i'm hank tester cbs4 this morning. and hear more of your tuesday morning headlines. the coast guard rescued 13 people from a 106-foot yacht in the waters off ft. lauderdale. this is the picture of the serena three yacht before it sank last night. the yacht was about 13 miles east of ft. lauderdale when it started taking on water and eventually sank. it looks like a mechanical problem might have caused the yacht to go down. none of the 13 people on board were injured. democratic and republican presidential candidates continue to make a big push for iowa voters less than a week before the state's caucuses. hillary clinton touted her experience last night while rival bernie sanders sought to explain his democratic
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ted cruz, marco rubio and trip will continue their final push for votes. and breaking news this morning. malaysia has confirmed that a piece of metal found washed up on a beach in thailand is not from missing flight 370. this comes after a japanese rocket maker said the piece was likely part of a rocket launched by japan. the numbers engraved on the body, the wire bundle and bolts do not match those of a boeing 777. details this morning on a hit and run crash in miami beach that injured two homeland security agents. u.s. immigration and customs enforcement tells us one of them has died. the agent were trying to catch a cab on collins avenue january 15th when they were struck by the driver of a mercedes, who then took off. police later arrested 21
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no word yet if charges will be upgraded. the demolition of drug kingpin pablo escobar's miami beach home gave up a new find. >> reporter: another day of demolition at the former home of a notorious drug kingpin has uncovered a new mystery. >> i told them look, there is a safe. he thought i was messing with him. i'm look like there is a safe for real. >> reporter: miguel matos found this safe hidden inside the concrete foundation. >> i pulled the wall down. when the wall fell it was a hollow floor. the wall fell and broke into the floor and then i saw the safe. >> reporter: the property owners, a restaurant mogul and former news anchor, didn't talk about the discovery, they are shooting a documentary of this process as they prepare to build a new mansion where the
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believed to be a stash house for cash once stood. last week crews found another safe, but within hours it disappeared, leaving behind a lowell and a mystery. >> -- a hole and a mystery. >> apparently someone came in off the water in the middle of the night and pulled this you know rather heavy safe out of a hole in the floor. >> reporter: this time they are not taking chances, instead of opening it on site they strapped it down to a flatbed truck and towed it to a secure location. already those who have their hands on the safe have theories. >> it felt like something rolling inside. >> like metal? yeah like metal. >> reporter: what is your guess? >> gold or money. >> reporter: no matter what is inside the safe and all of its
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they bought this property and everything on it both in plain sight and hidden. cbs4. governor rick scott is touting job growth in a local business. jo audio added 30 jobs in the last year. they want to keep expanding. >> we are building products here that really i don't think are built any where else in the united states. and doing it very successfully. >> the governor wants to cut a billion dollars in taxes to spur more job growth and he wants lawmakers to permanently eliminate the sales tax on manufacturing equipment. two former disney employees have filed class action lawsuits against the entertainment giant saying they were illegally replaced by foreign workers. they worked it jobs if orlando before being laid off. they were given 90 days to train their foreign replacements.
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train them they would not have received bonuses or severance. disney has not responded to the allegations. a cbs4 health alert. scientists believe they are closing in on a cure for type i diabetes. they have proven planting insulin producing cells in mice can completely restore insulin function. this could mean the end of daily insulin injections for those who suffer from the disease. instead they would simply need a transfusion of cells every few years. new york is an expensive place to stay. we are going to show you how one man tried to take advantage of the weekend's historic snowfall. mark zuckerberg is ready to head back to work after his paternity leave. the facebook founder is wanting to know what should he wear? and wait until you see the picture he shared of his closet. americans may feel good about jobs right now but most
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and a startling surprise along florida's coastline. the mystery of hundreds of starfish washing ashore. hey this morning, as all the kids are getting ready to head back to school, i know yesterday we had a teacher work day in miami dade county, we are waking up to a milder start. 70 degrees, short sleeves will be fine for you folks today as we will be warmer and breezy with highs around 80 degrees. tomorrow you'll need this, the umbrella. more on that in my complete
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welcome back. hundreds of starfish washed ashore along st. joseph bay in port st. joe in the panhandle early sunday afternoon. one witness says the changes in temperature may have been a factor. florida fish and wildlife officials plan on researching the entire area, however they say it is unlikely they'll get results as to what may have
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starfish tissue can breakdown fairly quickly. >> wow. that is a lot of starfish. here in south florida, we are mice and dry. as we look dark and early from our biscayne bay camera in miami. it is warmer this morning, 20 to 25 degrees warmer. so yeah the return of the 70s on the map in ft. lauderdale and pompano beach. upper 60s, and 70 degrees down through the degrees. the reason for the milder trend is that we have that wind flowing now out of the east southeast, anywhere from 6 to 15 miles per hour as high pressure moved into the western atlantic and providing for mainly dry conditions. we could see maybe a few sprinkles, a stray shower today. we are going to be bumping up
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tonight, especially into tomorrow morning. it is looking like a wet and messy commute for your wednesday and throughout the day you need to keep the rain gear close as we could see heavy downpours, lightning, gusty winds, strong to severe storms, even the slight chance of tornadoes as we head into thursday and it will be unsettled throughout the day then until a cold front clears, here it is right now, you can see the line of showers stretching across the gulf coast states and the area of low pressure, plenty of snow and winter precipitation as it continues to slide to the east. now as we head into your middle and end of the week wednesday and thursday stormy periods with the area of low pressure, again keeping the atmosphere stable. a cold front sweeps through by friday, we'll notice the change with lows in the 50s and high pressure will provide for pleasant weather through the weekend.
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we have to get through all the and thursday. tomorrow high 80 degrees, a few sprinkles, light showers, a dangerous risk of rip currents, and boaters seas moderate chop on the bays. low 70s near the coast and the showers will start to increase. tomorrow though is when we start to see more action with stormy periods lasting even through thursday and then it is just going to be beautiful. friday morning the 50s, highs in the low 70s, and we'll continue with that cooler weather at 9:00 in the morning hours. highs will be perfect, mid to upper 70s. vanessa. nice forecast, 395 south florida, take a look. we have construction on the causeway westbound at alton road. the right lanes are blocked off. you can see the arrow pushing everybody to the left hand side. but you can count the cars out there, so not affecting your
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we do have a broken down car on i 95 southbound in the middle of the golden grade interchange. heading toward turnpike, palmetto, you are going to see the right lane is blocked off. no accidents out there, 8:26. on the turnpike typically where we see the slowest drive northbound. after that 9 minutes from 874 over to 836. and finally a quick four minutes on the palmetto from 874 up to the dolphin. it is tuesday. that means it is time to steer you right and construction is counties. 874 and 595 drivers. this week's projects will affect you the northbound 874 exit ramp to southwest 88th street or kendall drive will be closed tuesday through saturday
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to 5:30 a.m. each night. there will be a complete closure of all westbound lanes on thursday from 11:00 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. and all eastbound lanes of i-5 95 west of the sawgrass expressway will be closed to 5:00 a.m. >> for a little of all the ways i'm steering you right you know the dry line go to cbs the canes had a huge win over duke. plus the heat take down the bulls on the road thanks to he revokes from dwayne wade. big night of basketball for local teams, starting with the canes at the bank united center. right to work first half andrew rodriguez knocking down the three.
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canes led by 4. second half newton looking for mcclellan along the baseline. he throws down the alley oop. and in crunch time the canes keep it up. mcclellan from angel rodriguez. check out a-rod in the suit smiling as the canes win. and coach k says they have game. >> it was the most physical game we have been involved in by far and they played their butts. they are better than we are. you know, they are one of the best teams. >> canes ranked 15th. last night dwayne wade back in his hometown of chicago going to the rack on the bulls. he is 34 but still got some hops. how about it? making sure chicago would stay in it in crunch time we are tied but wade would simply not
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fade away jump shot and chris bosch, who contributed 18 along with wade's 28 strips it down in the block as the heat hang on to get a much needed 89-84 win. tonight they are on the road again in brooklyn against the nets. cbs4 sports this morning. now it is time for talking with joe. joe rose is live, how is it going? >> reporter: i'm doing great lauren, always nice to talk to you early in the morning thank you. >> nice to talk to you as well. a great morning for the hurricanes basketball fans beating the duke blue devils and coach k says miami is one of the best teams in the country. do you agree? >> reporter: they are playing fantastic. they are mature, you are not talking about a bunch of freshmen. an older team, a lot of transfers here to prove to
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and jim can just flat out coach. even that we are finding out he can also market and promote. because all of a sudden, when you are play in coral gables it is a big advantage. it is loud, it is sold out every night. you heard coach k talk about how physical they were, great passing last night. got a lot from their bench. duke made a couple of runs late at them. but they were too aggressive. i was really impressed with the way the hurricanes played last night. >> fun to watch them as we get closer to march madness. dance. let's talk some hockey. tonight. last night they signed a bright young start to a new 6-year contract worth more than $30 million. it is worth it right? >> reporter: hey that's not bad
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years old and you have 30 plus million dollars coming in. alexander bar cough might be the best player on the team and that is a great, great job by ownership, management, to go ahead and sign all these young, talented players. because these are the guys that are going to keep this team in the playoffs. make a lot of extra money for the organization. again can you imagine being 20 years old knowing you've got that kind of money coming in. no state taxes living here in florida. >> exactly. thanks so much joe. we'll talk to you in the next hour. thank you coming up. super bowl tickets are going to be super expensive. the average retail price for tickets to the big game. facebook founder mark zuckerberg is back after paternity leave and is asking
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wear? a peek inside his closet, after the break. and a stranded sloth.
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support americans are not saving enough money. in fact according to a recent report, 53% of people don't have the savings to cover a $500 car repair. only 4 in 10 americans would be able to rely on savings to cover anything beyond their usual bills. that suggests most people live paycheck to paycheck. the survey found 15% said they would cope by bore rowing from family members and another 15% would use a credit card. mcdonalds sales are up. it ill with be difficult to get your hands on super bowl tickets. jill wagner is joining us from the new york stock exchange with details. >> good morning walter. super bowl tickets are super expensive. the average resale price for
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and the denver broncos is more than 5000 bucks. so far it appears tickets are more expensive than last year's big game between the seahawks and the patriots. mcmuffins are bringing in big bucks for mcdonalds. sales in the u.s. jumped nearly 6% last year. mcdonalds recently started serving all day breakfast and simplifying its menu. facebook founder mark zuckerberg is back at work. yesterday he wrote first day back after paternity leave. what should i wear? his daughter was born december 1st. i'm thinking a gray t-shirt and gray hoodie walter. >> exactly what he wears all the time, right? >> i don't know what he is worried about. it is not like he can't stay out as long as he wants. no one is going to fire him right? >> i can't believe it has already been six weeks. it feels like that flew by. >> i think he could stay out
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have to worry about his boss letting him go. >> yeah he is the boss. i love this next one. airbnb are not happy about a new listing on their company's website. >> reporter: okay a brooklyn man built a quote boutique winner igloo for two in his backyard. he did this during the big snowstorm this weekend. a chic dome style bungalow. he wanted to charge $200 a night. airbnb said the igloo did not meet its standards. walter would you ever want to stay in that igloo? >> no thank you. not for 200 bucks. >> i get cold in the stock exchange. i don't think i would survive. >> i think you can survive anything. we'll see you in the next hour. how did a sloth cross the road? with help.
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adorable sloth stuck on the side of a highway. the sloth was struggling to cross the street. the animal was taken to a veterinarian to be checked out before it was released back into its natural habitat. actually very, very cute. but sloths notoriously lazy i guess he thought someone else will take me. that will do it for cbs4 at 5:00. jersey shore jersey. cbs4 at 6:00 starts right now. a yacht sinks off the coast of ft. lauderdale. recaptured and cuffed. an escaped prisoner tells us why he ran from police. but he wasn't fast enough. and super bowl 50 from the turf to the tech, a look at the preparations at least vye stadium as the denver broncos get ready to take on the carolina panthers. good morning it is 6:00 on
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