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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 6AM  CBS  January 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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i'm lauren pastrana. >> and i'm walter mccallum. vanessa standing by with a look at our roadways. but first let's check in with meteorologist lissette gonzalez on this warmer tuesday. not in the 40s any more lissette? >> we are seeing a return of the 70s. think about that. we woke up mid to upper 40s yesterday. you'll notice i'm wearing my short sleeves, so that gives you an idea of what you can wear today since mark zuckerberg was having a wardrobe. low 70s in pompano beach. upper 60s in miami dade county. atlantic. shower or sprinkle. high around 80 degrees and breezy as we head into the tonight starting to see the wet
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tomorrow strong to severe storms possible ahead of a strong cold front. more on that in my complete forecast. we are going to start you off in broward county for the 6:00 a.m. hour south florida. broward looking great. there is no accidents. this is i-95 at griffin road. all the construction cleared up as well. here's the northbound drive. let's talk about miami dade county and some drive times. 826 driving westbound you can see red arrows, so it slows down a bit. southbound 13 minutes for that drive. the turnpike is going to be the slowest commute this morning. red arrows here as well. northbound up to 874 and you need less than 10 on the turnpike from 874 to the dolphin. a mega yacht sinks off the coast of south florida. the coast guard releasing his
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on bored. the 106-foot vessel was off the coast of ft. lauderdale when it sent out a distress call. >> gabby, good morning. >> reporter: good morning lauren and walter. the u.s. coast guard telling us they were able to safely rescue everyone on board that yacht. six passengers, six crew members and a boat captain. they were brought back to the coast guard station to be checked out and to be interviewed in the investigate as to what caused that yacht to sink. the u.s. coast guard releasing pictures of passengers and crew members safe and heading back to shore after a successful rescue monday night. this is a picture of the serena three yacht shortly before it sank in the waters off ft. lauderdale. the distress call went out shortly before 6:00 p.m. about the boat taking on water and less than two hours later
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>> it gradually took on more and more water of the went down by the stern and rolled over and finally went under the waves. >> reporter: the yacht with 13 people on board sank. >> extremely hectic situation. you have to think about it. choppy seas, high winds, not the most favorable weather. but at the same time we have some of the most proficient crews in search and rescue. >> reporter: fortunately the coast guard rescued everyone on board and there were no injuries. sea tow snapped this picture of items from the yacht floating after it sank. morgan and three sea tow boats managed to pluck a wave runner from the yacht as well as a life raft deployed to rescue three people on board. morgan says it appears a mechanical problem might be to blame. he says it is fortunate the ship was relatively close to shore so the coast guard could
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and in the dark of the evening with water rushing on board impossible to save. >> the amount of water it was sank didn't think there was much anybody would have been able to do. >> reporter: so far no word on where that yacht was headed. that will all be part of the investigation into what caused water. cbs4 this morning. an escaped prisoner is back in police custody this morning after a chase through the streets of south florida. andy ulysses is wanted out of gunpoint. when police were transporting him to the jail, he kicked out the window of a police car and escaped near 36th street and the pal metro. during the escape he stole a motel passenger van. coming up at 6:30, bewill tell
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tell you the reason why the fugitive says he ran. we are following a developing story this morning. malaysia has confirmed a piece of met toll found washed up on a thailand beach is not from the missing flight 370. the piece was likely part of a rocket, launched by japan. experts examining the debris say the numbers on the body do not match those of a boeing 777. flight 370 lost communication and made a sharp turn away from disappearing. now to campaign 2016, we are six days away from the iowa caucuses. polls show democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders running neck and neck. how candidates on both sides are making their final pitch to iowa voters. >> reporter: at a democratic presidential town hall in iowa last night, bernie sanders and hillary clinton did their best
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>> hillary clinton voted for the war in iraq. i led the effort against wall street deregulation. see where hillary clinton was on this issue. >> there are very different visions, different values, different forces at work and you have to have somebody who is a proven, proven fighter. >> reporter: the latest battleground tracker poll shows sanders leading clinton 47 to 46% among likely democratic caucus goers. my views are a little different than if i lived in iowa. on monday cruz attacked trip's so-called new york values. earlier he met privately with pastors in cedar rapids pleading for their vote. >> even if you are thinking about another candidate the
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one campaign that can beat trump in this state. >> through once again questioned cruz's citizenship. the gop con tenders face off this thursday night in des moines. stay with cbs4 and cbs for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. the house is expected to try to override president obama's veto of a bill repealing the affordable healthcare act today. if the house overrides the veto, this can do away with key parts of the affordable healthcare act and defund planned parenthood. republican lawmakers say obamacare has raised healthcare costs. it takes two-thirds of the house and senate to override a veto. republican leaders do not have enough support in either chamber to thwart the white house. a storm has claimed the
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historic snowfall blanketed the conditions are so treacherous in washington d.c. government ostoses and schools remain closed today. in new york city residents are urged to leave cars parked all week to make it easier to get rid of the snow on the streets. residents are concerned some streets still have not even been touched. >> somebody needed to get up here like an ambulance or fire truck god forbid, doesn't look like they are getting in here anytime soon. >> the storm brought major flooding to southern energy energy, severely damaging hundreds of homes and business in his coastal towns. the ripple effect for travelers is still being felt. more than 2500 flights were canceled monday in the u.s. this morning at miami international airport there are 17 delays and 7 cancellations. at ft. lauderdale hollywood there are a total of six delays and three cancellations. airports are expected to return to normal later this week.
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accused of plotting to kill his boss and co-workers is being held in jail without bond. enrique it dominguez pledged allegiance to allow and threatened to dress up as the joker before gunning down his co-workers. he would show off execution videos of isis at work. dominguez's attorney says he is a harmless man who poses no threat. >> you know, internet lashing out when you get frustrated with someone you post things on the internet. i see it happen all the time. >> police found a clown mask, duct tape, gloves and two large knives inside his home. surveillance cameras roll as a robber gets away with a bag, full of cash, from a west park store. the video shows the moment the man pushes his way into the back office of a deal store.
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over an employee while pointing his gun at her. the gunman entered the store earlier that night and hid inside, waiting to make his move. anyone with information about this robbery is asked to call police. florida state is settling a lawsuit with a former student who accused former star quarterback jamius winston of raping her. the school will pay erica capitol gains man $250,000. winston, now the starting quarterback for the buccaneers denied the allegation and called the sex consensual. she still has a separate, unsettled lawsuit against winston. two antiabortion activists, accused of recording controversial planned parenthood videos are facing charges. a grand jury indicted the center and another activist for tampering with a government record. but the prosecutor isn't saying
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the grand jury cleared planned parenthood of any wrongdoing. the center for media progress released the video last year showing planned parenthood employees talking about selling aborted fetuses for research. disney is slapped with a class action lawsuit. another mysterious find on the property where pablo stood. a terrifying reminder to move over for emergency vehicles. and this university of missouri professor was caught on camera scuffling with a journalist. this morning the criminal charge assess now facing. news chopper 4 over a traffic alert south florida on u.s. 441 state road 7. you can see that intersection. police cruisers in every single direction.
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you may want to take the turnpike or i-95 instead. there will be delays in the area. not the only traffic alert either. we are going to talk about it all when we get back. lissette? warmer, breezy throughout the day. storms tomorrow and thursday, even the slight risk of
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front homes are from danger of falling into the sea in california. as the cliffs in pacifica crashed into the ocean an apartment becaming on the edge comes closer to fall. the building neoprenes more danger than beauty. the storms are predicted to continue until march. that is bad news for places threatened by coastal erosion. >> it is amazing the power of nature and how el nino is creating different impacts around the entire world. here in the u.s. we had the warmest year on record in 2015 but all the cold fronts roll through in south florida. and yesterday was nice and cool but this morning you'll notice a huge change. it is certainly milder. you won't need a sweater or jacket. you won't need the umbrellas
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stray shower but tomorrow you'll need the rain gear. right now it is all about the short sleeves and turning on the ac again. low 70s in pompano beach. although it is still on the cool side for you in kendall. low 70s through the keys. the reason that he will be warmer today is -- we will be warmer today is due to a wind shift from the southeast. throughout the day the breeze will be building. right now the radar is quiet. again there could be a few sprinkles, even the models indicating that for the most part today will remain mainly dry. however, starting tomorrow, it is looking like a wet wednesday, especially around the commute, there could be scattered showers in the afternoon. we'll really start to see the action ramping up and the future radar is indicating
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we'll see the greatest threat for severe storms courtesy of this cold front on the way. area of low pressure here leading to-wit: friday precipitation and snow. this is -- leading to wintry precipitation and snow. this is for the entire state of florida, even through portions of the southeast. as we have this stormy ware of low pressure that will destabilize the atmosphere we could see the slight risk of tornadoes, gusty winds and leave downpours. clear and cooler and the weekend is looking fabulous with high pressure providing sunny, nice conditions and cooler temperatures at night. a few sprinkles can't be ruled out. a dangerous lie risk of rip currents, so not safe to go swimming and boaters say small
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other than that'ss 2 to 4. moderate chop on the bays. showers will be possible overnight into tomorrow morning. stormy periods lasting wednesday through thursday. saturday sunday lows in the 50s and highs in the mid to upper 70s. we have chopper 4 over this traffic alert on u.s. 441, state road 7 affecting your northbound drive which runs parallel to i-95 and then also the turnpike in the area. so you could take either one of those to avoid the delays. you can see a number of cars right in the middle of that intersection. cruisers set up in each direction so be careful there. we have another accident this morning in miami dade county on the turnpike southbound at bird road. you see the left lane is blocked off. northbound on the turnpike from 288 up to 874 it will take you 17 minutes.
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turnpike from the don shula up to the dolphin. time to talk with joe. not just the canes celebrating but finally the heat celebrating this morning as well as snapping a four game losing streak. dwayne wade 28 points, what do you think of his performance? >> reporter: first of all, anytime dwayne wade is going back to sweet home chicago man he was something else last night. oh my gosh. that looked like all-star gain wade. 28 points in the -- dwayne wade. 28 points in the game. that is why he has been one of the best playerss -- players in the nba for such a long time. justice winslow for a dunk and a tie ballgame and closed it out hitting a couple of big jumpers. the guy, he did it all.
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shorthanded and dwayne wade took that game over, got help from chris bosch and i thought the supporting cast really played well last night but it all started with dwayne wade for sure. >> you said he looked like all- star dwayne wade. fans voted him in and were wondering did we do the right thing? looks like he is ready right yes? >> we just got done talking about if begin is hurt we don't star game. after last night he can play in three all-star games. they desperately needed that after losing four straight games. >> marlins game might be more fun to watch now the fences are closer in. more likelihood for home runs in marlins park.
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>> reporter: keep john car low stanton happy. -- john carlos stanton happy. you can get lost out there it is so deep. on top of that lowering the fence. and by the way, everybody is talking about the home runs, i think you are going to see great defensive plays. guys are going to make some of those catches you get to batch on espn late at night. i think it is good overall. there will be more offense. it was a good move by the marlins. have a good one, we'll talk to you a little bit later on this morning. >> reporter: thank you lauren. now to a cbs4 safety alert. take a good look at this. dash cam video low as a car slam right into a trooper as he is walking back to his vehicle. january is move over month and time to remember a very important state law. >> that law protects law
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s. >> this goes for law enforcement vehicles, tow trucks, sanitation, utility workers to prevent scenes like therefrom happening on our roadways. cbs4 this morning. and if you violate the move over law, you can be issued a ticket, a fine and get three points on your license. but more importantly, you put other people's lives at risk. this morning a university of missouri professor melissa click is seen yelling at a journalist and calling on people around her to bring in quote muscle to help remove the reporters. the protest began over racial issues at the university. click has since resigned from
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a bottled water company partially owned by sean combs and mark walberg is pledging to donate 1 million bottles of water to the residents of flint, michigan. the company will provide bottles to the residents until the water problems are solved. high levels of lead have been detected in flint's water since they switched and began drawing from the flint river as a cost saving measure. disney is slapped with a class action lawsuit. why some workers aren't happy earth. plus caught on camera, a violent confrontation with two drivers who take out weapons and start fighting in the middle of traffic.
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along good morning to you walter and lauren. we are covering last night's town hall with hillary clinton
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how mcdonalds is winning back customers. also u.s. news and world report reveals the most profitable jobs of 2016. and 50 years of the best super bowl ads. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you right at 7:00. hope you have a great day. cbs this morning kicks off right here after cbs4. a bouncer attacked and choked by nick carter in key west is firing back. according to tmz, skyler carden is suing the back street boy. he originally escorted carter out of hog's breath saloon for unruly behavior and the pop star got physically aggressive and choked him. he said carter is nothing more than a back street thug who
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two more names have been added to the 58th grammy awards. justin bieber and pit bull will perform, join adele. remember cbs4 at only place you can see the grammys monday february 15 smooth got them all on a play list i'm listening to right now. >> that's a good play list. >> reporter: warmer definitely in comparison to yesterday. we had the cold air waking us up yesterday with the 40s and then this morning something that will wake you up is the fact that there is a huge change, and we are seeing more of the 70s. get ready because tomorrow we'll see the return of some storms. right now starting to see the sun peek out from our doral camera low 70s in pompano beach. 20 to 25 degrees warmer in some
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however still on the coolish sign in kendall. 69 in ma'am 70 down in the keys. the winds have shifted anywhere from 7 to 15 miles per hour. radar is quiet, maybe a sprinkle or stray shower. high around 80 degrees, warmer, breezy, and get ready for the return of rain tomorrow and a cold front up ahead. let's check your traffic with vanessa a. we had chopper 4 fly over the scene for you, the northbound lanes of 441 are affected. you can see a police cruiser in every part of that intersection. roadway. it is going to take some time to clear this one out. they have to tow the cars out of the way, so you have to take the turnpike or i-95 as your alternates this morning. we had one accident in all of
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southbound but luckily got word that scene has cleared up. the delays because of rush hour traffic only building from 288th up to 874 a lot more red arrows. now at 6:30 an escaped prisoner back in custody. wait until you hear what he had to say as cbs4 cameras rolled. >> hank tester reports. >> reporter: andy ulysses is a minor league atlanta rapper but a major league bad guy. a huge rap sheet out of georgia. why do we care? >> very scary. >> yes, it is. the chaos he caused in the streets of miami this morning is why we care. see that kicked out window in the back of a police car? that was andy ulysses. miami dade narcotics cops
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during his transfer to the turner gill in order knight correction center detectives say he kicked out of the police cruiser, climbed through the smashed window on the expressway near 36th street. hands cuffed behind his bank hotel. an airport shuttle van was left running outside. he jumped in and ran off i don't he attempted to strike a florida highway patrol vehicle, and he did strike a sweet water vehicle. >> reporter: after being nabbed when asked why he ran, this man is liable to be in bond court
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cbs4 this morning. details on a hit and run crash. u.s. immigration and customs enforcement tells us one of them has died. the agents were trying to catch a cab on january 15th when they were struck by the driver of a mercedes, who then took off. 21-year-old giordana rosales was arrested. she is still in jail on $100,000 bond. the other agent is recovering. the demolition of legendary drug kingpin pablo escobar's home has revealed a small safe encased in concrete. this safe was revealed when they pulled the final wall down and discovered a hollow floor and within the foundation he saw the safe. he got his hands on the safe
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>> it felt like something was rolling inside it have. >> reporter: metal? >> yeah like metal. >> reporter: what do you think if you had to guess? >> gold or money or anything of value. >> we will have to wait to see. the owners had to taken to a secure location on a flatbed truck and plan to open it later today. whatever is inside will belong to the property owner who is tearing down the home to build a new mansion. governor rick scott is touting job growth at a local business. he was helping one company celebrate recent success. jo audio added 30 jobs in the past year. the company, that manufactures speakers, wants to keep expanding. >> we are building products here that really, i don't think are builtmy where else in the united states. and we are doing it very successfully. >> the governor wants to cut a billion dollars in taxes to
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and he wants lawmakers to permanently eliminate the sales tax on manufacturing equipment. two former disney employees have filed class action lawsuit against the internet giant. they worked it jobs before being laid off last year. the two were given 90 days to train their foreign replacements. in their suit they alleged if they didn't train them, they would not have received bonuses or a severance. a cbs4 health alert this morning. scientists believe they are closing in on a cure for type i diabetes. scientists say they have proven that planting insulin producing cells in mice can completely restore insulin function. this could mean the end of daily insulin injections from those who suffer from the disease. instead they would need a transfusion of engineered cells every few years.
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hundreds of starfish washed ashore along st. joseph bay in port st. joe in the panhandle. one witness says the changes in temperature may have been a factor. florida wildlife plan on researching the entire area, however it is unlikely they will get results as to what may have caused the particular beach as starfish tissue can breakdown fairly quickly. no surprise here. new york is an expensive place to stay, even if your room is an igloo. how one man tried to cash in on this weekend's historic blizzard. super bowl 50. the nfl has taken over levi stadium as the broncos get ready to take on the panthers right here on cbs4. we'll look at the super prep all new at 6:30. road rage when two drivers street. coming up.
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cross the road? what could be the most adorable highway rescue ever, we'll show it to you, coming up. all right bus stop forecast. mild they are morning so make sure that you are not wearing sweaters or jackets. you'll be sweating up a storm. milder, warmer and breezy this afternoon. highs back around 80 degrees. and then you won't be needing those umbrellas. tomorrow more on the stormy weather ahead as well as a cold front. your full forecast, straight
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mark zuckerberg first day back after paternity leave writing what should i wear? imagine if your closet or my closet looked like that. lauren. >> if we didn't have to worry about wearing something nice and new every day. a gray hoodie, i have one under the desk. i could put it on right now. >> if it is good enough for mark zuckerberg, it is good
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listing. not hot at all. what is this all about? >> reporter: a brooklyn man builds a boutique winter igloo for two in his backyard. he describes it as a chic dome style bungalow and wants to charge $200 a night. airbnb removed the post saying that igloo did not meet its standards. >> a bungalow sounds nice and cozy but not quite an igloo bungalow. >> unless they are going to get some heat pumped in there. you. good morning south florida. here's a little morning motivation for you. a beautiful sunrise underway from our biscayne bay camera in miami.
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lauderdale camera also seeing a spectacular sunrise. waking up to mainly dry conditions, however much milder compared to yesterday when we woke up with the mid to upper 40s. instead we are seeing the low 70s in pompano beach and ft. lauderdale, so you don't need the sweaters or jackets but don't but the them in the back of the closet just yet. we are seeing the mid to upper 60s in broward and dade county right now. 65 for you in kendall and 69 in miami. 70s down through the keys. the winds have shifted. and just as i told you yesterday when we have the wind flowing in off the ocean, 7 to 15 miles per hour that moderate our temperatures so we are in for a warmer, breezy day ahead. right now it is dry on the radar. a few sprinkles, isolated showers, throughout the day it is looking mostly quiet. that will be changing though, even as soon as tonight into tomorrow morning, it is looking like a wet and messy wednesday as soon as for your morning
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afternoon, that is when the action seems to be ramping up we will see a cold front and out ahead of it, that will destabilize the atmosphere. a line of showers across the gulf coast states, low pressure bringing snow, precipitation and beginning to move into the northeast. here we are seeing the second day convective outlook indicating that tomorrow there is a marginal risk of severe weather pretty much across the entire state of florida and stretching into portions of the southeast. so you are going to want to stay tuned to cbs4 and cbs we'll be tracking the storms. behind it friday will be clearer and cool and this weekend is looking fantastic. sunny, nice and cool nights ahead. so we just have to get to the warmer day today and all the
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for today the lie 80 degrees, a few -- the lie 80 degrees. -- the high 80 degrees. boaters a rough go for you, moderate chop on the bays. tonight lows fall to low 70s on the coast and upper 60s. tomorrow and thursday upper 70s, stormy, unsettled. then lows in the 50s friday morning and the weekend highs in the mid to upper 70s. gorgeous. we have a traffic alert south florida. chopper 4 just go over a traffic alert on your side streets, reports of a rollover crash on southwest 142nd avenue right in front of the elementary school. roll over accident is what we are hearing. you can see a number of lanes blocked off in every direction. then we have the other
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time on u.s. 441, affecting your northbound drive a couple of lanes blocked off there as well. take the turnpike or a number of our side streets. your travel time this morning on the turnpike is specifically very slow. 25 minutes from 288th up to 874 and after that slow from 874 up to the dolphin, 16 minutes there. 874 and 5895 drivers this week's projects will affect you. >> reporter: the northbound 874 exit ramp to southwest 88th street will be closed tuesday through saturday each night. there will be a complete closure of all westbound lanes between northwest 57th avenue and the palmetto expressway thursday night. and finally all eastbound lanes of i 595 west of the sawgrass expressway will be closed
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drivers will be able to take the exit ramp at grades parkway. >> go to our website at cbs a mess can be this out. road rage sparked a violent confrontation on a street in texas. a man with a bat and another man with a long pole. the men were making rude and obscene gestures to etch other from their cars prior to the fight. -- to each other from their cars prior to the fight. the driver got out but quickly got back in, when he realized the car wasn't in park. he got back out and reached for a long pole and began swinging. when the light turned green they didn't miss a beat, the men got back in their cars and drove off. whales caught in fishing rope off the coast of south
6:40 am
they were spotted with rope around them. when the team arrived they found a 25-foot and 36-foot whale. a few minutes later they were let go. >> glad they are okay.
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this year's super bowl gets a how does a sloth cross the road? with some help, of course. workers for the transit commission of ecuador found an adorable sloth stuck on the side of the highway. the sloth was struggling to cross the street. the animal was then taken to a veterinarian to be checked out before it was released back into its natural habitat. >> glad he is okay. and now to super bowl 50. for the last few weeks the nfl has taken over levi stadium. > >> reporter: levi stadium always looms large. but now it is literally supersized. and already drawing a crowd 12
6:42 am
>> the heart of santa clara has been completely remade. >> reporter: outside the stadium huge entertainment pavilions are taking shape in the parking lot. inside the lombardi trophy sets the stage. >> lucky. we are lucky to have the super bowl here. >> reporter: work crews are turning 49er scarlet into super bowl gold. the field is being prepped to take on both the players and the halftime performers. >> they took tv into consideration when they built the stadium. >> reporter: 36 extra cameras, super slow motion are part of the game plan i can't we bring everything out. we have no excuses. we have to be able to show you every single angle.
6:43 am
sports anchor's reports starting thursday february 4th. and remember you can only watch super bowl 50 sunday february 7th right here on cbs4.
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the coast guard rescued 13 people from a 106-foot yacht in the waters off ft.
6:45 am
sea tow says this is a picture of the serena three yacht before it sank around 8:00 p.m. the yacht was 13 miles east before it started taking on water and eventually sank. looks like a mechanical problem might have caused the yacht to go down. 13 people were on board. no one was injured. an escaped prisoner is back in police custody after a chase through the streets of south florida. police arrested andy ulysses. when they were transporting him, he kicked out the window from a police car and escaped near 36th street and palmetto. during the escape he stole a passenger van from a hotel. democratic and republican presidential candidates continue to make a big push for iowa voters less than a week before the state's caucuses. hillary clinton touted her experience during a town hall
6:46 am
bernie sanders sought to explain his democratic socialist label. and a piece of metal found washed up on a beach in thailand is not from missing flight 370. a japanese rocket maker said it is likely part of a rocket launched by japan. the numbers on the body do not match those of a boeing 777. and now it is time for talking with joe. joe rose is live from the w qa studios. >> reporter: lauren first of all were coming off a great night of basketball in south florida. the heat and the hurricanes both get huge wins. plus we have a big show coming up, the former guard of the miami dolphins richie incognito. and maybe the best coach here in south florida is going to join us to talk about last night's win against duke. we have a lot of stuff coming
6:47 am
i wish you were in here one morning to co-host. >> this would be so much fun. we have to get with the bosses and see if we can make that happen. >> i'll leave right after the show at 7:00 and run over there. >> that would be fun. >> and you can bring cuban coffee over to joe. >> he has mountain dew. hey a live view right now. it is a beautiful sunrise from our biscayne bay camera in miami. we are seeing a few clouds in the mix and yes, it is warmer out there, low 70s in pompano beach. ft. lauderdale no longer seeing 40s on the map. instead 20 degrees warmer. 70s through the keys. you dope need the sweaters, jackets. today short sleeves will do. get ready for the rain tonight and especially tomorrow it is
6:48 am
yeah the possibility of strong to severe storms, a slight risk of tornadoes. tomorrow thursday looking quite wet, and cooling down and looking gorgeous for the pleasant sunshine saturday and sunday with highs in the mid to vanessa? the unis up, this is on southwest 142nd avenue, chopper -- the sun is up, this is on southwest 142nd avenue. you can see the entire area blocked off. a number of lanes. chopper 4 flew over there as well, affecting the northbound lanes of 441. take the turnpike, take i-95. state road 78 is going to see a lot of gridlock this morning. the turnpike is slow, 16 minutes from 874 up to 836. and then all you need is 4 minutes on the palmetto.
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