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tv   CBS 4 News at 530PM  CBS  January 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> i wish i could hook you up. more than a million people are expected to flood the area. expected to pick up with big crowds and maybe a little el nino rain. i'm jim berry, cbs4 sports. >> remember, cbs4 is the only place to catch super bowl 50 from santa clara, california, right here on cbs4. and jim berry is going to california to cover super bowl 50. look for the live reports from san francisco, starting here on cbs4 on saturday. cold, calculated murder. two shooters ambushing two men, killing one and injurying the other. they -- >> the police have made no arrests. natalia zea is live with a look at this video.
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family of the man that was skilled in the shooting hope you'll take a look closely at this to identify them. >> gunshots rang out at lunchtime. this surveillance video shows the moments two killers burst inside and opened fire on two people january 5th. opened fire and the other goes out to be a lookout. one lost his life. >> got up and ran. it's horrible. . >> she still misses her nephew every day. and says his five-year-old
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at the crime scene are struggling the most. >> my brother really takes them to heart. see him every day >> this memorial reminds people of the violence that happened here. what fullington's family really wants to see is an arrest. >> still haven't found anybody. and it's sad. >> talking about the violence they could inflict on someone else. >> still out there. and could do it again and again. >> two weeks after they buried him, still have to grapple with the fact that people were near by. >> please come. didn't deserve to die like that. >> one said he's still in the hospital recovering and had multiple surgeries. if you recognize either of them, call crime stoppers of miami.
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natalia zea, cbs4 news. thank you. new at 5:30. asking for the public's help to track down a bank robber. happened this afternoon in miramar. demanded money and took off. if anyone can identify them, call the fbi or broward crime stoppers. an escaped prisoner who led police on a short chase in south florida was also in court. wanted in georgia for using women to lure men into hotel rooms so he could rob them at gunpoint. yesterday, police served a warrant and arrested him. when they were transporting him to a jail, he kicked out the window of a police car and escaped near 36th street.
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hotel passenger van. that chase ended at the chase bank where he was taken into custody again and held on 37 $37,000 -- $47,000 bond and no bond for the case in georgia. more on the men escaped from a california prison. two of them with tide to vietnamese gangs. could be hiding with friends. >> it is extremely important to let us know where they're at. they are armed and dangerous. >> looking at how they got the tools and help. no one at the prison is on leave or suspended in connection to the escape. now a $200,000 reward for information on the capture. taxi drivers are shutting
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some cases, getting violent. some set tires on fire as riot police moved in. looking at -- part of a larger protest involving workers in the private sector who are upset with working conditions. the pope meeting with the president of iran. first one of ilts kind since 1999. . >> the meeting between pope francis and iranian president began with a handshake and then moved to the pope's study where the iranian leader gave the pontiff a persian rug. the vatican says teheran should play a major roll in fighting
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says his country is now the safest and most stable in the diplomatic differences with the west. iran agreed to the program in exchange for sanction relief. first time they met with an iron ian president -- internship iran iranian president. to make sure the leader of the islamic republic kwould not be offhanded, covered nude statues in the plaza. bill in the florida state legislature could make 20 minutes of recess mandatory every day. requiring free play reses. schools would ghot be able to withhold it for behavior or
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given his approval for a reworked head injury settlement between college athletes and the ncaa. a deal hammered out after he rejected the initial agreement in 2014, krug hockey and other contact sports, and also suggested some changes before he gives his final approval. new screening recommendations with mental health and pregnancy. all women who are pregnant or given birth should be screened for depression. saying that maternal mental ill ps is more common than thought. screening them 18 and older about the mental well-being. this was published in the american journal million association. coming to the rescue of a
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>> what they're delivering to the people of flint, michigan. >> and a warning for apple users, the tricks hackers are using to get your information. that's in the tech minute. >> serving up a whole new level of drama on the kardashians. what's new in ron's life. >> reliving a memory of her life. the high flying memory that will touch your heart. a lot of sunshine today and warm temperatures, but don't get used to it because storms are on their way. i've got your forecast just ahead. >> i'm eliot rodriguez in the cbs4 news room. . new at six. >> inside the vehicles under fire when an officer was shot last week. that story is straight ahead. >> does this boat look
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it's a blast from the past. one of the many surprises at
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i'll have the story for you . tonight on the tech minute.
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going -- crashing the safari on apps -- users say once you reboot your device, seems like you may only lose the open tabs, depending on your settings. >> cocoa la -- kak kak and nestle -- coca-cola. delivering water to flint, michigan. been contaminated drinking water with lead. >> special surprise after sky diving. >> an out of control semi- truck. what happened next ahead. >> new family trouble for the kardashians. why rob's dating life is causing so many issues later on.
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first, a . a century-old bridge in the pittsburgh area was demolished this mork. take a look at this footage in the moment it went tumbling down in a matter of seconds. crews are cleaning up the debris. already replaced by a structure
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caught on camera, a deputy getting run over by an 18 wheeler. after seeing a minor wreck on the highway. that's when a railroad track arm comes down. look at that. as the truck driver tries to steer right to avoid the tracks, the train slams into the car, sending it careening towards him. caught in the right front tire. he survived the sdenth. >> it's a miracle. it really is. it's very -- makes you think a lot. it's definitely one of those that -- flip this way, flip that way, no bush, could have been really bad. very lucky. very fortunate. >> can say that again. only suffers minor injuries and 25 stitches. traffic was stalled in new
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giving birth to her baby. crews sprang into action to deliver a girl that couldn't wait to get to the hospital. tweeted this picture of the baby garl and mother. >> been half a century since he's been in the cockpit of a piper cub. when she has the opportunity to take to the skies again, she was out on the first flight. here now is her story. >> after i graduated from high school, i had been in the military, the navy in world war ii. been wanting to fly for years. i'm going to do it. i went to the airport in omaha and my first lesson was my second time in an airplane. loved it. and i met my husband at the airport. so he asked me to fly one day. he was a pilot there. i had to do all the flying.
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and that was a little -- daddy smitten. >> a little bit lower. . >> grandmother's birth day was last weekend. called her and asked if she want today do any of that special occasion. family. >> are you feeling okay? >> yeah, i'm fine. >> why don't we make a low pass down the runway. >> okay. >> said, i don't need anything. i have the best memories. one of the them -- just flying. one, owning a piper cub. which is what she flew. ended up being the exact plane
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>> i'm going to jump out. >> okay. . >> fun? was it fun? >> yeah. bumpy. >> a little bumpy. >> very brave and smart about it. >> spunky and i like her. that's how she celebrated her 93rd birth day. what a gift from the grandson. remaining a challenge in the northeast. working to dig out from the snowfall. two feet of snow. streets still need plowed. if you're out, urged to do so with caution. got to be careful. one family didn't like the idea. this french bulldog was using the owner was using to clear off the snow in the back porch
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and you can imagine, it's getting a lot of views. >> must have taken a lot of time. >> trying to track the shovel. >> don't have to worry about that here. but we do have to worry about the rain. if the dog doesn't like umbrellas, keep that away. look at that shot from the everglades. and remember that temperature trend we talked about yesterday? there it is. up, down, back up. and a few more days before we get to the weekend. shy of 80. lows this morning, 67. a few days ago, the high was below our low this morning morning. we have come a long ways. temperatures from the neighborhood network, sunrise,
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is -- bringing up the moisture and the warmth. and some showers to the southeast and coming in. showers around this evening and storms later on tonight. the drier air is moving out and moisture coming our way. tomorrow, the model is showing this deep band of tropical moisture coming our way and some more strong weather and sla maybe some isolated tornados. no change ob thursday. the moisture over us, could see some street flooding. friday, moisture out and drying on friday and saturday and sunday. looking great for the weekend. in if southeast, there's the front and showers and thunderstorms along the front. temperatures not terribly cool behind it. temperatures in the 30s. behind it, say so long to the snow storm. the temperatures are in the upper 40s right now. so the melting is underway and some rain coming in.
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tonight in the upper midwest, snow around the chicago area. forecast tonight, storms moving in. tomorrow's commute, could need some more time. gusty downpours possible and the high around 80. and the allergens, the juniper and pollen, up, but the air is looking dry. new drama for the kardashian clan. are you surprised? . i'm shocked. who rob kardashian appears to be dating and why there's an uproar. >> a special connection to
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our . a story by one of the world's most popular children's author. bee trix potter. creates peter rabbit. the tale of kitty and boots. came out and -- very cool. >> she's the best. >> fans of the kardashian clan know there's some bad blood between kylie and black china. you know that, right? >> i have a hard time following. you can imagine when she was spotted in the arms of ksh. >> rob. >> rob kardashian. >> more of that. . >>reporter: rick and rudabeh, for i know at which it's
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i'm here to help. go inside the kardashian's tangled web. >> former nba star, lamar odom may have used cocaine in the days before he was found. >> found in the arms of lamar. >> after he was found with the overdose. that crisis is the reality once again in sunday's keeping up with the kardashians. >> having family around might make a difference. >> her voice can be heard to stay by his side at a time when no one thought he would pull through. theme of family is family. another -- photographed out with her beloved on again off again exboyfriend, and -- shared a spoeshl snap, teasing
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reclusive rob kardashian. >> best of the best. >> cradling her neck with the caption, the beginning. and they -- feels sense of betrayal. adding fuel to the fire. rob, who rarely uses social media, showing a miami n mem re -- baby kardashian. kardashian, the hashtag. >> rick and rudabeh, back to you. >> our heads are spinning. for more on that, watch the insider after entertainment tonight right here on cbs4. >> i am speechless. she's having his baby? is that --
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>> if that's so, no more kardashians? >> only male child. >> we can only hope. here's what's ahead on cbs4 at 6:00. >> as the our that was ambushed and shot, we're getting a look inside his police vehicle that came under fire. >> a yacht sinks with 13 people on board. the rescue at sea with the coast guard officer who helped save lives. >> and the obama administration takes action to lessen the embargo on cuba. we'll tell you what. cbs46 starts right now. off the top at six, four days after a gunman ambushed him in his patrol car, the
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from the hospital. lucky to escape the ambush with his life. we have image of from inside his vehicle that came under fire. joan has more. >>reporter: good evening. a lot of relief that that officer is at home with his family. a glimpse of what he went through sitting in his patrol car on friday. . . >> with an officer at his side, david starling left the hospital where he has been since friday after taking two bullets to his back side. >> the department is relieved that he's out and recovering. and we have the suspect. >> the suspect, david mejia is in jail. and the motive is unclear. for the first time, we see what
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