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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 6AM  CBS  January 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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her parent will receive $50,000, maybe for a college fund or all that baby gear because it is no the cheapents it's clear why that photo won look at that smile. >> she's absolutely precious. congrats to her and the whole family. >> that will do it for cbs4 at 5:00. next at 6:00 trail of destruction a tornado rips through northern broward county cars and trucks flipped trees knocked down. we have live team coverage. >> feud with fox. donald trump appears with bill o'reilly to explain why he's ditching tonight's presidential debate the fiery interview plus who is betting trump will still end up on stage. >> then missing teen mystery a 16-year-old boy vanished weeks ago now his farther under arrest. find out what he was carrying at the time. >> plus traffic alert heinz boulevard shut down after a fatal officer involved crash.
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thursday january 28 i'm lauren pastrana. >> i'm walter makaula thanks for being here. we have the traffic and weather together. vanessa borge is tracking that accident that we just told you about. we're going to hear more details. but first another active day on the radar. that's right. yesterday we had some wild dangerous weather wit the tornado tearing through coconut creek. a flood watch issued today for palm beach and broward counties collier counties that is through this evening since we picked up 3-5 inches yesterday an additional 2-4 inches already tracking wet weather on the radar. looking very similar to yesterday at this time. the southwest coast right now getting drenched and also palm beach county seeing rain. , as well, as some showers that have been streaming in across portions of broward county especially around sun rise just have the rain in tamarac, coral springs, everything moving from
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and east just like yesterday because we have the stalled frontal boundary. we just had the rain in westton so give yourself extra time. the roots are certainly slick. coral gable, sweet water across downtown miami all of the shower activity pushing through could see strong to severe storms heavy downpours lightning gusty winds yes, a chance of tornadoes and water spouts high risk of rip currents and a small craft advisory. upper 60s low 70s. now, heinz the the upper 70s with cloud and storms around even through tonight and then we cool down. i'll have more in the complete forecast. let's got a check of traffic. talking about that traffic alert that walter lauren just told you about at the top of the show. a fatal officer involved crash on pines buller regard has it shut down own both directions. live pictures at 114th avenue right across from pembroke links mall. it is shut down eastbound and westbound this morning.
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what we're hearing from police stable condition. it's the driver a female driver of the other car that did die the a the hospital. so pines boulevard closed down as a result of that crash unfortunately, this morning. now, if you're heading in that direction johnson street or pembroke road the alternates. let's talk about other live shots from throughout miami- dade. i-95, southbound and northbound so still wet out there. dive cautiously. we had a handful of accidents throughout the morning. luckily all of them have cleared out. obviously the rain has not and it won't through the day. ponding, be careful driving. i-95 at griffin road. a live shot in miami-dade county i-95 at northwest 103rd street. there's a tornado right now. oh. >> we are keeping our eye on
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with dramatic video of a tornado touching down. >> you can see a truck driver as the twister whips around him. >> take a look at the damage done on the left. you can see cars stacked on top of each other at broward college's north campus on the right debris on the roof of the apartment complex. both in coconut creek. this morning we have cbs4 news team coverage. >> gaby fleischman was the first to report live from the college after the tornado. she's back there again this morning. gaby how does it look today? >> reporter: it looks abe lot cleaner than it did yesterday. they've towed away about a half a dozen cars that were damaged, a lot of tree branches that were down. those have also been cleared. there are some left. we're being told by the national weather service that winds were up to 100 miles per hour. with this tornado. those severe winds toppling trees, wrecking self cars, sending students running for safety.
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across the florida turnpike. >> this cell phone video shows what the tornado looked like as it rolled across the florida turnpike. >> there's a tornado right now. >> reporter: they captured the video from the car. watch the dark car on the right- hand side of road as it heads into the nasty weather. the tornado picks the vehicle up and flips it in the air like a toy. he thought he might be next. >> i just braced myself because i thought i was going to get tipped over but luckily my truck was heavy enough. >> reporter: he told us by phone that when the tornado passed he pulled up and tried to help the driver in the car on the side. >> she was very panicked. tried to calm her down. let her know she was okay. >> reporter: minutes early y a student on the north campus of broward college took this video. the tornado toppled cars there, stacked some others and left the place a mess. >> we saw a whole bunch of wind we thought it was regular winds at first. then we realized people were running and tree branches were
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car that wound up on top of another car just parked it and got out minutes before the tornado hit. >> by god's grace everything was fine. i was just the nick of time i made it. so i'm safe. >> reporter: severe wind toppled this truck and picked up this small bus lifting it off the ground. amazingly the driver was okay. >> i was up in the air and just slammed back down got a little pain in my side putt i'm okay. >> reporter: the tornado sent this car flying from the north to the south side of the turnpike. fortunately, this driver was okay, too. while people conned their blessingsectomy national west service offered a sober reminder. >> these are the kind of stuff that we can expect for the next few months. and is typical for an el nio year. >> reporter: surveyors say that this tornado touched down three times in broward county. for chum despite all that damage only two people suffered minor injuries.
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we continue our team coverage with cbs4's hank tester who has more on the damage left behind and the repairs that are ahead. >> reporter: nighttime, wind more retirement community all looks quiet and just fine. tonight but let's go back half a day. >> from chopper 4 mid-morning the roof damage evident a major repair job ahead. the kind of weather that causes chaos, a tornado, not supposed to happen this time of year. you can see the damage. one apartment has serious issues. roofs that need major repair. workers doing hasty repairs and insurance add justers for sure on the way. >> it appeared as though it was actually peeled back from the damage and we did notice a lot of doors to the residences were blown in. >> reporter: debris from the development wound up littering the turnpike. >> there were tree limbs in the median of the turnpike there were no trees growing there. so they had to come from somewhere.
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had wind speed up to 90 miles per hour. and nasty damage for homeowners. this home already boarded up. >> when i came back into the house i saw that something had -- into my bedroom something had crashed through my window and glass was over my entire bedroom. you know, it's a mess. >> reporter: the entire neighborhood littered, this woman's steel constructed pool screen survived hurricanes katrina, will ma, today's tornado, took it down. >> . >> thinking what the world is that noise? and i thought the palm trees or something hitting the window instead this was going on. >> reporter: with all that debris flying around and all those cash accidents due to the heavy wind, only two people injured. no one seriously. i'm hank tester cbs4 this morning. a reminder that if you see something weather relayed and can do so safely take a picture or video of it
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our e-mail address is pics at you can track weather wherever you are. download the weather app to your phone. you can find it in the itunes store or google play store f we are following breaking news a try rail train derailed just north of mcnab road south of the coconut creek station. the train was traveling northbound when it somehow went off the tracks according to a spokesperson. there were about 40 passengers on board that train at the time. that same person says foothills one was hurt. they're arranging for bus service to get the passengers to their final destination safely. of course, we will stay on top of the story and bring you the latest details. again, a train has derailed just north of mcnab road. campaign 20164 days from the iowa caucuses things heating up on the rab side. saying he doesn't like being used donald trump has said once, again, when he take part in the debate tonight. we have more on why trump won't be in attendance.
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they came out with this ridiculous pr statement it was like drawn up by a child. and there was a taunt and i said you know, how much of this do you take. i have zero respect for megyn kelly i don't think she's very good. i think she's highly overrated. >> reporter: trump still change about megyn kelly's questions in gop debate number 1. >> you called women you don't like fat missions, dogs, slobs. >> reporter: he's been slamming her ever since calling her all sorts of names a far different cry from what etold her in an interview in 2011. >> do you really think you're a better moderater than yam a. >> no, i could never beat you you have done a great job by the way and i mean it. >> reporter: now, he says it's not so much kelly but instead the way fox has responded to his complaints about unfair treatment. with fox joking that the vladimir putin wouldn't treat a president trump fairly either.
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that trump will end up doing the debate the trump was standing pat even as he was begged to change his mind. >> that's what america's about. robust debate don't walk away from it. >> reporter: instead trump says he's hoarsing a fundraising event in iowa for u.s. veterans. at the same time and just blocks away from the fox gop debate he's boycotting. trump is promising a bigger audience for his event than fox will get for the debate or maybe he'll have a last minute change of heart and actually show up. with donald trump you just never know. stay with us or continuing coverage of campaign 2016. f we are following a developing story out of oregon this morning authorities say three more people have been arrested in connection with the armed group that seized a remote federal wildlife refuge late last night a handful was remaining there
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leaders were arrested the leader ammon bundy asked the federal government to allow people to depart without being prosecuted. now, at 6:11 the father of a missing teenager under arrest this morning police arrested the boy's father at miami international airport. now, aered coulding to investigators the man had a one way ticket to new zealand police say bruce jorgensen has refused to help them and would not file a missing person's report 19 days after aage jorgensen disappeared. jorgensen initially told police he last saw his son on december 27 before kicking him out of the car. a friend tells cbs4 the two moved to the florida last summer so the son could play tennis. >> it's been a very emotional last several weeks. with knowing that he may not be okay. and with the news of the arrest tonight, it validates the fears. >> unlawful desertion of a
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>> that farther charged worth deserting a child. he's being held without bond. coming up dolphin season has been over for nearly a month up next talking worth joe about how one star player is already creating a headache. >> also ahead medical marijuana could be making a big come back in the sunshine state the we'll tell you how. straight ahead at 6:30. plus one on one with one of the most famous and most popular opera sippingers of all time. don't miss the exclusive interview with him. >> pines boulevard eastbound and westbound is shut down unfortunately for a fatal police involved accident. right in the middle of 14th avenue. you can see both cars smashed up in the middle of the intersection. if you're heading there jo inson street will be your alter
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your alternate. >> and wet start already south florida we could see some more strong to severe storms even potential for isolated tornadoes as we have a pressure.
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dangerous weather with that tornado ripping through portions of coconut creek pompano beach and we could see a repeat today. a flood watch has been issued already for portions of palm beach, broward and collier counties. that is through this evening. since we had all that rain yesterday anywhere from 3-5 inches, in fact, an additional 2-4 inches means we could see severe flooding, some ponding and you do not want to die through waters were you cannot deke the depth. so a head's up as we are already waking up to rain and the ground's already saturated. so as we look at the radar, looking very similar to yesterday at this time. soggy already for the southwest coast of the peninsula and also plenty of showers across palm beach county. broward county starting to see the bulk of the action breaking up. however, we did just have the rain west in sunrise, tamarac, coral springs and also around pompano beach so the road are drenched and dangerous. leave early, take your umbrellas.
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still dealing with the wet weather and we also just had the rain around pembroke pines and hollywood and fort lauderdale. also around miami beach showers, coral gables and kendall and headed towards cutler bay. moving from the south and west to the north and east the let's talk about the ef 1 tornado that ones firmed yesterday by the national wets service. official damage survey. estimated peak winds 90 to up 2001 -- up to 100 miles per hour. the path line 2.35 miles. the width 35 yards and fortunately, only two injuries, zero fatalities but uprooted trees, flipped cars and wit is just devastating in terms of the damage. in my 10 years of working here at cbs4 i can tell you that i don't remember seeing this much damage from a tornado across south florida and we want to thank our viewers for sending in the storm photos. courtesy of broward sheriff fire rescue.
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over. that's how powerful this tornado was. there is a slight risk of tornadoes and severe weather again today. i'm warning you we want to prepare you for that. due to a stalled front of low pressure. the atmosphere still unstable. heavy downpours lightning gusty wind and chance of tornadoes and water spouts. high risk of rip currents and small craft advisory. wake upping up in the upper 60s, but by tomorrow morning we'll see lows in the fit and it will be drier and nicer i promise you. we just have to get through today. heavy storms, yes, flooding concerns. and then as the front clears we're going to see clearing skies, cooler breeze, the weekend is looking wonderful with high pressure providing comfy temperatures and cool conditions at night but today 79 degrees active day ahead. the weather team will certainly be very busy tracking the gusty downpours. high risk of rip currents not safe for swimming or boating. small craft advisory in place the tonight lows will fall to the upper 50s but we'll still see breezy showers around.
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sweaters in the morning highs in the low 70s. pleasant sunshine saturday worth 74 degrees. cool sunday morning high of 78. back to the 0s -- back to the 80s and wet weather next week. pine boulevard closed for quite some time there was a fatal officer involved crash earlier this morning on pines boulevard shutdown at 114th avenue. live pictures from the scene. a number of investigators out there. unfortunately, the driver of the other car, the officer's in stable condition the driver of the other car did pass away as a result. so that investigation will take a lot of time. that scene won't be cleared. you can takeonson street or pembroke road as the -- you can take johnson street or pembroke road as the alternate. we also have i-95 northbound at pembroke road a stalled out car
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then reports of a brand new accident on the dolphin westbound at 17th avenue. now, it's time for talking worth joe, joe rose is live from the wqam studios with the super bowl 10 days away i didn't think we'd be talking about the dolphins but let's talk about the contract what issues is that monster contract creating for the dolphins this off season. >> well, obviously he got huge contracts last year which took up a lot of the salary cap money so the dolphins new this was going to pop up they've got a lot of finance people over there. that there was a chance that this was going to happen this year. you the to free up money if you're going to get more free agents and upgrade your roster. so they are looking at redoing his contract which by the way the big winner is ndamukong suh because he's about ready to get another big fat check in the off season.
6:21 am
in so you can free up more space have more money to go out and get free agents. whichdesperately needs to be upgraded. but hiring the team had a pretty good idea that this was going to happen when they signed ndamukong suh to this huge $113 million contact. >> they also had the coaching changes recently. cleveland cavaliers changing up the coaching situation and lebron james upset that he is a coach killer. is this a fair representation of seen of him? >> reporter: based on what you've seen of him? >> i would say it is. he's a great basketball player. everybody knows that. he's great for business. he wins lots of games. but i will tell you, i think he's really tough on these coaches especially high doesn't respect you, and -- especially if he doesn't respect you. i think he's the a lot of
6:22 am
he can say all he want about he didn't have the final decision on this. but by the way he treats people they can tell from the locker room to being on the bench, to being on the court, to the way you talk about people, he does have a huge influence on what teams do. and if he doesn't respect you, i don't think he had any respect for david blatt. i'm not sure he had a lot of respect for eric until they won that first championship. so yeah, i think he likes to have guys that he wants. he likes to be in control, likes to have a lot of say in personnel and who's going to be on the team and i think most teams because he's so good, they usually go along with what he wants to do and make the changes that he wants to make to keep him happy. but i think he is high maintenance, yes, i do. >> you said it, ye. not me. we'll talk to you later on this morning. >> thank you.
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not having any part of that. coming up a professional -- professional athlete hits a referee was it intention nal or
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placido doming cooler rose joins us line of the cbs this morning studio charlie what are you working on? >> good morning lauren we're tracking fallout from donald the debate. we'll have all the major news of the day. we'll talk with one of the country's top infections disease specialists. what the government is doing to prevent the zika virus outbreak. also at phi ag graffiti falls to put in a dam to divert part of the massive waterfall. we go inside the national zoo. how they kept the pandas and other an pals safe during the blizzard. all of that the news is back in the morning and we will see you at 7:00. >> any excuse to watch that panda video in the snow i will take it. have a great day. remember cbs this morning kicks off at 7:00 a.m.
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he's one of the most famous and popular opera singers of all time who also since classic songs. placido domingo takes to the stage at the american airlines arena this week. lisa petrillo met up with him recently and sat down with him for an exclusive interview. >> reporter: he's recorded more than unhandiest operas. -- than 100 b different operas. he is placido domingo and at age 75 this spanish born tenor is not investigate down one bit. hello, lisa petrillo. >> h el low how are you? >> reporter: we caught up with him at the fiu school u music where he was rehearsing for his concert at the american airlines arena. >> reporter: what's the best
6:26 am
>> during the program i have some of the op rattic themes which can be like a duet which is really the reptoir that i sing the most. >> in the 1990s and early 2000s the 310ors, became an international fa ferguson, missouri nom non -- fa ferguson, missouri 9 -- phenomefof. >> reporter: what is the manlyic for you. >> it's always special. i know that the people has been making all kind of arrangements, getting tickets, the ladies they go to the beauty parlor, they get nice dress.
6:27 am
>> so it's kind for me so it's a big commitment. >> reporter: this rehearsal she wasn't singing at full volume feel slightly under the weather. >> i have been having a little bit of a cold. but hiring for after tomorrow it will be good. >> reporter: the director leads the miami symphony orchestra. a special performance with a chummian singer also. do you like it down here? warm and exciting. >> reporter: we're excited to see you on the stage and we love having you come back more >> i'm looking forward. it's already probably more than five years looking forward very much. >> reporter: the mice tro him -- maestro is performing and there are limited tickets still
6:28 am
>> the voices that gives you the chills. >> and the goosebumps, too. so beautiful. >> incredible. now, competely switching gears not beautiful at all was our weather yesterday. in fact, it was just down right wild and dangerous with that tornado that tore through coconut creek and pompano beach we could see more severe weather today. so just warning you ahead of time prepare. neighborhood watch in effect for palm beach, broward county collier county and we received 3-5 inches yesterday an additional 2-4 inches possible. that's the reason the flood watch has been issued. >> looking at the radar ak fireworks already on the southwest coast. very similar to yesterday at this time. palm beach county also getting drenched in spots. we're seeing a little bit of a break in broward county. however, we had plenty of wet weather earlier. moving from the south and west to the knot and east.
6:29 am
tamarac, got soaked so some of the roads are slick. leave early, now we're seeing the bulk of the activity around kendall, coral gable. there it is. the stalled frontal boundary area of low pressure that led tour the severe weather yesterday could lead to more today with heavy downpours, lightning, gusty wind risk of tornadoes and water spouts. upper 60s, low 70s. cloudy, stormy today with heinz the upper 70s, then cooling down. temperatures will be dropping drastically. lows in the 50s, oh, yeah, i'll have more in the complete forecast ahead. right now let's get a check of a traffic alert with vanessa. pines boulevard still closed off this morning south florida. a fatal police involved crash. eastbound and westbound lanes are closed off. at 114th avenue. right in front of pembroke lakes mall. what occurred a female driver what we're hearing from the scene took a red light.
6:30 am
and that woman slammed you can see right there behind him. so unfortunately, that woman did pass away. the officer is in stable condition at the hospital. that intersection as a result will be shut down throughout the morning. they still haven't towed the cars of the the way. you can always take either johnson or pembroke road. because pines is shut down from flamingo all the way over to hiatus road. we have another accident to 836 westbound. the left lane blocked off on the westbound drive of 836, then the sloughs drive on florida turnpike 23 minutes from 288 up to the don shula. has derailed. the officials tell us that this happened just north of mcnab road and south of the cypress creek station it was headed in the northbound direction the 40 passengers on
6:31 am
they are setting up a bus bridge between the cypress station. they struck debris and that is what caused the derailment no reports of injuries. >> we are keeping our eye in out storm the cleanup will resume this morning in northern broward county. the twister tossed around cars and trucks along with damaging holes and property. gab fliers live at broward college with more on what's there? walter and lauren most of the debris has been cleared. there were several dozen cars removed from here and towed away yesterday. we're being told by the national weather service that the tornado first touched down just south of broward college. it did leave a mess behind here on the north campus. toppling trees over, with wind up to 100 miles per hour. and then that tornado swept onto the florida turnpike.
6:32 am
the cell phone video shot by a cbs 4 news viewer he captured a car in front of him near sample road getting tossed up into the air, then slammed down onto the side. the person who shot the video he weighed for the tornado to pass, then tried to help the driver. fortunately, that woman is a okay. severe winds also toppled self other cars, even trucks. one driver flew from the south side. and on broward college's north campus cars were sent flying through the parking lot, one even got stacked on top of another. >> we saw a whole bun of wind we thought it was regular winds but then we realized people were running and tree branches were flying and signs were flying. >> i was up in the air and just slammed back down got a little pain in my side but i'm okay. >> reporter: and surveyors with the national weather service tell be that this tornado touched down three
6:33 am
but despite all the damage, fortunately, only two people suffered minor injuries. we're live from coconut creek, gaby fleischman cbs4 this morning. the tornado roared through the wind more retirement community around 9:30 yesterday. it cut a 150 foot swath. in coconut creek, plenty of damage to the roof and upper facade of one of the wind more condos. and right after, workers were already on the roof assessing dame and beginning the important initial repairs f a number of trees were uproad and lawn furniture tossed about as the tornado's 100 miles per hour winds raced through that complex. >> it appeared as though it was actually peeled back from the damage and we did notice a lot of doors tour the residences were blown in. >> no injuries were reported at that complex. well you will get another chance to vote on legalizing medical marijuana in florida. the group united for care which
6:34 am
announced it has more than enough signatures to get the question on november's ballot 60% would have to vote yes for it to become legal. it failed in 2014 by just over two percentage points. the language is didn't if you want to read it we tweeted a link follow us at cbs miami to read it. today marks anniversary when a rocket boostir failure caused challenger to break apart 73 seconds after launch. all7 crew members died. among them new hampshire teacher christa mcauliffe. at 10:00 this morning they'll honor the drivers apollo one and space shuttle challenger and columbia at the kennedy space entrance ramp zer well, it is out worth the old and in worth the new. >> do your kids have too many toys? it may be time to trade them in. big event by toys r us that's
6:35 am
morning south florida. traffic alert on i-95 southbound at griffin road you blocked off. all the flashing lights, northbound are those taillights. it is busy in both directions. issues. >> i'm also busy tracking rain already through south florida. possible.
6:36 am
an area of low pressure but get on the money watch uber for kids is becoming aality. plus do you have old cribs and strollers that you want to trade in? jill wagner is live from the new york stock exchange with morning. >> reporter: good morning lauren. ties r us and babies r us want your old cribs, strollers and toys. the great trade in event starts monday running through all of february. if you bring an old and potentially recalled product you gent 25% off. >> hop, skip, drive is described as an uber but to pick up kids. the company just got $10 million in funding started by three moms say that they rigorously screen all drivers. pretty good service, for now
6:37 am
they do have plans to expand. >> yeah, that screening it is important. yawpedder, jill, if any drivers will be driving a da loran because we hear that that popular car is coming back in some way tell us about that. >> reporter: yeah, it's the car that traveled back to the future now they say they plan to make 300 replicas of the stainless steel sports car. they haven't been produced since 1982. they will cost about $100,000. they will be on sale sometime next year i can see walter cruising around miami. >> i was just thinking the same thing he was writing down the price. >> that's the only hick cup. >> ha of a great day. good morning south florida, yesterday was a very active day. we had that tornado that just tore through coconut creek and pompano beach. i'll have more on that in just a moment but we could see another round of severe weather. in fact the flood watch has
6:38 am
evening for palm beach collier and broward counties the since yesterday we had 3-5 inches in some spots an additional 2-4 inches possible today and since the ground is already saturated that's the reason we could see flooded roads and ponding. you d not want to drive through waters you cannot detect the dep. morning. coast. so if you're headed out towards naples and fort myers keep in mind it is soggy and even stretching across the interior sections in the everglades and we did have some rain overnight, widespread showers earlier in broward county. now, finally a little bit of a presidential candidate but the roads are still drenched and dangerous. leave early. parkland, tamarac just had the wet rest. and also just had the rain around davie and fort lauderdale and hollywood. so again, the roads will be
6:39 am
now, the bulk of the activity is southern miami-dade county. everything is moving from the south and west to the north and east that is exactly the setup we ahead yesterday when that ef 1 tornado just ripped across coconut creek and pompano beach around 9:30 a.m. a considering to the national weather service peak wind 90- 100 miles per hour. the path length 2.35 miles. the width 35 yard. fortunately, only two injuries zero fatalities. uprooted cars, flipped cars. this is just to give you an idea of the path of the tornado. which starred around broward community college and then continued northeastward and just caused damage across the board. honestly in the almost 10 years i've been here at cbs4 i have never seen damage like this with a tornado. and we had some viewer photos to prove what -- how powerful this tornado was.
6:40 am
rescue for sending in this photo of this truck that was flipped over because the wind were that powerful. we could see some more tornadoes, again, today. the atmosphere still very moist and unstablep and the severe storm threat continues worth the potential for heavy downpours, lightning, gusty wind. storms gusting to 40-60 miles per hour. the chances of tornadoes water spouts. crawl craft advisory. a very ominous but beautiful sunrise from the miami camera. temperatures upper 60s low 70s. looking quite cloudy and stormy. but then clear things out once the front pushes through. it will be much cooler tomorrow morning with lows in the 50s to upper 70s. this weekend ising hing bule wit high pressure in control but today -- this weekend is looking beautiful with high pressure in control. here is the extended forecast. tomorrow morning we'll be
6:41 am
and highs in the mid- to upper 70s. there you go. we will be enjoying pleasant sunshine saturday 74 s. high 78 sunday. return of wet weather early next week. a check of traffic with vanessa. heading out in broward county i-95 southbound after you pass 595 you're approaching griffin road you see the right lanes are blocked off. slowing down that traffic from about state road 84 toward griffin road. may want to find an alternate. u.s. 441. i-95 will be packed as a result of this crash. you can see a fire engine out there. we have the police involved accident from earlier this morning. unfortunately, a fatality here. pines boulevard shut down in both directions for some time this morning. they haven't even towed the cars out of the way. this is at 114th avenue in front of the mall. johnson street or pembroke road north or south is your
6:42 am
the scene won't be cleared. so we also have another accident just got an update on the dolphin westbound at 27th avenue earlier one left lane was blocked now two are blocked on the dolphin westbound at 27th. then a new accident on the mcarthur causeway. 395 drivers leaving miami beach, the right lane blocked off the nine alley florida turnpike drivers a slow one. 288 northbound, slow, too. straight ahead a major scare on the ice at an nhl game. did a player intentionally hit an official. >> we're talking with joe we'll also have this story. >> i'm lisa petrillo take to the town is taking you on the road to the food trucks here in hollywood. maybe i'll go for lobster maybe the burger. >> that story coming up on cbs4 news. >> good, mo. tonight is the night the final
6:43 am
begins and the frontrunner says he's not going but will donald trump have a last minute change of ha earth? we'll have all the highlights and analysis. >> plus are we out of the woods
6:44 am
the of it's time for a new edition for taste automotive the town opt if you could have all kind of food all in the same place. >> you can at the food trucks after arts park in hollywood where more than two dozen trucks descend on the area for a food frenzy. lisa petrillo takes us to this cool event. >> reporter: it's monday night and the are the park at hollywood circle is buzzing that's because the weekly food truck event has become the spot for locals, tourists and foodies alike. >> you get to meet all these great cuisines in one spot. get to walk up and down. >> it's very community oriented. >> it allows us to felt out and come and greet the fresh air and get out and see the community a bit. >> reporter: more want five trucks come here each monday evening.
6:45 am
around soaking up the scenery to decide which truck to hit up first. these people moved from wisconsin to serve up their mid- western specialty. >> it took us a little while to get in because you sigh there's a lot of trucks now. >> the saturation is up there in the market p what for really good trucks and really good food you can't beat this event. every week. >> reporter: lots of choices. but i went for the big one. >> their butter burger. >> it's a third of a pound, it's done medium. with cheddar from wisconsin, thick cut bacon on a pretzel bun which is a wisconsin product. >> reporter: this is pure burger deck a dense at the -- deck dense at the best. it's got asserters you can imagine and then a pretzel on top there's the jersey dog. >> they are good. >> reporter: the choices seem endless but i spot a mexican fusion food truck where chef
6:46 am
business partner have been ceive ugg serving up their food for three years here. >> it's a family event people are coming here to eat and enjoy their kid walk around, running around, good food and the one of the city of hollywood's best event. >> reporter: inside the truck they prepare my quesadilla with local meat. i'm somewhere in mexico, warm expelled and the beef is so tasty and seasoned so perfectly. quesadilla. hip hop. where the founder also happens to be a hollywood native never misses a monday night to serve up the homemade gehato pop. >> it's hand crafted gelato bars. we do it on a stick. so it's more fun. the portable. >> reporter: the food trucks are on every monday night from
6:47 am
i'm ending it here with hip hops. wit your taste of the town i'm lisa petrillo cbs4 news.
6:48 am
>> yeah, i love we have breaking news where a train has derailed this happened north out of cypress creek station. 40 passengers on board the northbound train. crews are setting up a bus bridge between the cypress creek and pompano stations.
6:49 am
was taken to the hospital. >> also developing overnight a woman dead after an officer involved crash in pembroke pines at pines boulevard and north west 114th avenue. witnesses say the driver of an infinity ran a red light the officer is stable but taken to the hospital. the cleanup will resume this morning in northern broward county following a tornado. the tornado ripped through flipping cars and trucks and uprooting trees and also left a mess with some roofs and back yards. >> now, time for talking worth joe. he's live from the wqam studios. sop pretty wild video to show you from the calgary flames, a veteran player lacks like he cross checked one of the refs. >> i think he should be kicked out of the league for the rest of the year. it's a cowardly thing to do especially worth the guy's back you don't touch an official or a referee at any level especially as professional. this was on purpose.
6:50 am
ice the rest of the season. with plenty of apologies if he ever gets a chance to play, again. i'm tell you, this is sickening what this guy did. it was about as cheap as you'll ever see in professional sports. to hit a guy. he's not even looking at you. the a cowardly cheap act. >> he says it was unintentional at least 20 games. maybe more severe thanks so much we'll talk to you tomorrow. >> thank you. [laughter] time for a look outside it's a wet one. >> it is putt we're also seeing calm conditions in spots so here it is. a spectacular sunrise from the fort lauderdale camera. broward county we are seeing the clouds around. and that's really making for that stunning sunrise but as we look at the radar, look what's just knocking on the door. we already had the rain across much of broward county.
6:51 am
across southern dade county near durrell and cutler bay and kendall and homestead. so yes, still another active day ahead. in fact, severe storms possible. some downpours, lightning, gusty wind chance of tornadoes, small craft advisory flood watch through this evening because we could see an additional 2-4 inches. today stormy cool tomorrow 50s. gorgeous for the weekend lows in the the 50s and highs to mid- to upper 60s warmer next week. it has been such a busy morning. traffic alert on i-95 at 590 new year's eve blocking the right lanes -- then we have an accident on the dolphin expressway at westbound at 27th avenue that left lane blocked by that accident. 395 westbound at watson island for those of you leaving miami beach the right lane is blocked, then the
6:52 am
23minutes from 288 to 874.
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