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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 6AM  CBS  January 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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opportunity to own that car, right? er yeah, you could be the new owner of the car that carried the pope. the black fiat used by the pope is being sold at auction. the four door normally sells for about $20,000. but the pope mobile expected to sell for much more than that. the money, of course, goes to charity. >> going to be interesting to see what that goes for, jill. look forward tour it. >> and who buysite. >> thanks we'll see you during the next hour. >> i'm get of guessing it's been blessed. >> a few times. >> that will do it for cbs4 at 5:00. >> cbs4 at 6:00 starts now. >> shots ring out in one neighborhood leaving two dead and one wounded. >> then debate night drama republican candidates take the stage infrastructure -- stage in iowa without donald trump. taken by storm another tornado
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while relentless rain leaves some streets flooded. good morning south florida it is 6:00 a.m. on friday, january 29 i'm walter makaula. >> i'm lauren pastrana. get your traffic and weather together to get you out the door hopefully on time. vanessa borge standing by with a look at the roads. >> meteorologist michael smith is in for lissette gonzalez. michael are we going to see some sun. walter we're going to see tons of sun. cold front has come on through and temperatures have come down. so drier, much more comfortable air in place. we'll take that 63 right now fort lauderdale. 63 also in miami. good morning quest at 69. -- key west at 69. north northwest wind at 7. real time doppler radar i like this the sweep coming back clean after last few days, it's been messy.
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travel plans, no big weather makers slowing any connecting flights or your flight down. so if you're taking off enjoy. you're going to hang out right here at home, 72, pleasant sunshine, cooler, average high 77. and that wind northwest 15-20. that's a check on the forecast. let's check in withp vanessa and traffic. we have a stalled car on the exit ramp to northwest 151 street northbound on i-95. you can see it right there in the middle of the screen. try to push over a lane. keep the road rangers and drivers safe. let's talk about a couple of accidents we have in miami- dade on your side streets, 107th avenue and bird road you can see that intersection par sale blocked off by the crash. >> with a brand new accident on u.s. 1 southbound at southwest 67th avenue. par sale block the roadway. typically the northbound side
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the drivers watch out on the southbound commute. turnpike from 28le up to 874 green arrows. 13minutes. after that just 9 minutes from 874 to the dole fin and finally a quick 12 minutes on the palmetto from i-75 to the golden glaze interchange. now, at 6:00 police investigating a triple shooting this morning. authorities say two are dead and gab fliers live in homestead at the scene where that shooting happened. gaby good morning. >> reporter: good morning, >> detectives tell of tell us right now they believe this was a murder suicide domestic related. the shooting happened just after 8:00 at the clubhouse of the aisle of oasis community. asa-- they say a man shot a woman and shot a man in his 30s before turning the gun on himself. >> police descended on this nice gated neighborhood off mediterranean avenue and pacific boulevard. investigators are just starting
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this clubhouse. they do know three people were shot, two of them dead. >> just got a random text i just came home. >> reporter: what did that text say? >> there's been a shooting. >> this place is really safe nothing really ever happens around here. >> at the preliminary investigation is what's letting us know that there was an argument some type of dispute where a 41-year-old male produced a firearm, shot the female that was inside the clubhouse, shot the second victim that was transported, and then from what it appears he shot himself. >> reporter: relatives say the man and woman found dead may have been a couple. the third person was air lifted to arrivedder trauma center. family members waited frantically for news of what was going on down this road at the club house. and the under of the man in the hospital says his nephew was shot in the face and arm. he underwent surgery and is in critical but stable condition.
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fleischman cbs4 this morning. police make a disturbing discovery on board a sailboat. authorities were called out to 2600 north river drive after reports of a foul odor. once police arrived they fund a man dead in the cabin of the boat. people in the area had that seen him for days. m is say there's a lot of trash and debris on the boat. miami fire rescue says it will need to be taken out of the water for the cause of death to be determined. i'm a maniac, and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. and ben you're a terrible surgeon. [laughter] now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way. [laughter] >> and that campaign 2016 an unprecedented night in presidential politics. a debate held without the party's frontrunner. donald trump stayed true to his word and did not attend last night's debate. >> this morning trump and the rest of the candidates will hit the campaign trail with three days until the
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we have the latest from des moines, iowa. >> reporter: it was the last debate before the caucuses here in iowa on monday. gop candidates got the chance to be seen and heard without getting trumped by trump. >> with trump absent his biggest rile ted cruz took center stage becoming the target of the night. >> gosh, if you guys ask one more mean question i may have to leave the stage. >> reporter: some of the biggest fireworks came alzheimer's they sparred over illegal immigration. >> we should have a path to legal stat us for the 12 million people that are here illegally. >> you said on the issue of people that are here illegally we can reach a compromise, then, in the committee you said i want to bring people of the the shadows now you want to trump trump on immigration. marco made the choice to go the direction of the major donors to support amnesty because politically advantageous. >> reporter: with cruz in second place in iowa and rubio
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the two men needed to stand out. >> i think it was a good hit but i don't think you can use rubio as a advocate on what is or isn't a conservative position. >> reporter: other candidates often overshadowed by trump during the debate called this one the best one yet. we got to go round self times on issues and so i think it was a big improvement. >> reporter: despite being miles away from the debate stage at drake university, donald trump still managed to garner a hot of attention. the billionaire frontrunner dominated google searches last night and even had the most mentions on twitter. >> is it for me personally a good thing, a bad thing, will i get more votes, less votes, nobody knows. who the h he l knows? >> reporter: his last minute rally for veterans brought incision million dollars. 1million those $6 million was contributed by trump himself. trump's campaign says the money
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veteran's organizations many of them based here in iowa. >> and we want to know how you feel about donald trump's decision to not parse paint the debate. visit our facebook page at cbs miami and vet in our poll. so far 65% say i never liked him and will never like him. 20% say i support him even more now and 11% say who cares. we'll have the latest results at the end of this newscast. who's going to watch a debate between the w 2 cuban guys? who's going to watch the debate between rubio, marco rubio and ted cruz? who cares? >> that comment from msnbc chris matthews about last night's presidential debate has miami-dade mayor carlos gimenez fuming he is deeply offend the by the remarks made tuesday night. mayor went on to tell matthews
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bigotry and ignorance about nationally. the mayor also said he did not expect an apology but last night he did. >> it sounded like i was putting them down because of their background it was raw and insensitive and not just to the good cuban american people out there watching who heard about it, who have found freedom and pride in this country it's important groups in this country which i respect and have called me on it and have the right to do so. i'm sorry i said it, that's it. >> so far his bosses have not said anything pun likely about thissish grew florida's primary is still a -- florida's primary is still a month and a half away. chelsea clinton is expected to attend a fundraiser in fort lauderdale to raise money for house. the evening is being dubbed as an evening worth chelsea and tickets are $500. stay with us for continuing coverage of campaign 2016.
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our eye on the storm people in delray and boynton beach are cleaning up after a tornado yesterday. a camera chewed the tornado. you can see a delivery man standing at the door when his clothes start whipping fiercely in the wind. employees say that it was a frightening experience but grateful no one was hurt. and everybody's okay. so we're very blessed. >> the tornado en of in delray beach packed winds between 65 and 65 miles per hour. in miami-dade the problem was flooding. 2inches tough rain fell in coconut grove. miami fire rescue says a 90- year-old man in a dingy was on his way to a boat when esomehow fell into the choppy water. he was able to swim to a buoy until help arrived. new video this morning of
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federal nature preserve in oregon. the video shows law enforcement stopping ammon bundy and several followers in two vehicles a white group carrying the group's spokesman. they speed away and servers to avoid a roadblock. shortly after finicum gets out of the truck with his hands up but the 55-year-old rancher is seen reaching for his jacket at least one oregon state trooper was forced to open fire. finicum was killed. agents say they found a loaded handgun in his pocket and several weapons inside the vehicle. authorities say a teacher has breaked on suspicion of helping three min of inmates escape. officials say nooshafarinn ravaghi taught english as a second language to the inmates. they believe the 44-year-old may have supplied google maps to the men before they cut and climbed their way of the the jail in california last friday. assorts say she had some kind of relationship with one of the men. they are believed to still be in california.
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white van in sunday in south los angeles. at least 10 people have been with the escape. and new this morning paul kantner an original member of jefferson airplane has died. he died in a san francisco hospital yesterday after falling ill earlier in the week. he had recovered from a heart attack last year. he was 74 years old. soup ser security at super bowl 50. how safety measures will be more extreme than ever before. >> then caught on camera a serial robber targeting the elderly. the new clues to catch him in this exclusive. >> there's so many people to thank. >> an emotional return for a washington post journalist held for 18 months in iran. >> plus sonic booms shake up the northeast and light up social media. this morning the mystery into what caused it has been solved. >> i've been laterring up
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out all the issues out there. one of them right here on i-75 northbound at 151 street you can see the exit ramp partially blocked off by a stalled car. so be careful push over a lane. what about the rest of the roadways i'll let you know about any other issues when we get back. >> winds of change blowing in across south florida and gusting up and over [ scanner beeping ] sir, could you step aside? "sir"? come on. you know who i am. progressive insurance? uh, i save people an average of over $500 when they switch? did you pack your own bags? oh! right -- the name your price tool. it shows people policy options to help fit their budget. [ scanner warbling ] crazy that a big shot like me
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[ chuckles ] so, do i have the right to remain handsome? [ chuckles ] wait.
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leaning more this morning about sonic booms that'd shook the northeast yesterday. it turns out a fight ear jet caused them. people even new jersey, new york and connecticut lit up social media all afternoon thinking there was an earthquake but it was a navy f 35 joint strike fighter of the maryland conducting a routine flitters at one point they hit speeds of more than 1200 miles per hour. good friday morning south florida live look outside what we call dark and early with the everglades holiday park camera west broward. you can see the flags whipping we have the west northwest cooler drier breeze coming in. temperatures lower 60s right now. both fort lauderdale and miami, key west good morning to you at 69. winds gusting up to 26 miles per hour. 23 fort lauderdale, 17 in miami.
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real time doppler radar quiet. foothills the getting that workout today that's fine by me. temperatures are coming down, lower 60s, pompano beach good morning to you. hialeah checking in at 63. homestead 65. near 70 in key west. as we head through friday hour by hour, lunchtime temperature forecast, climbing into the upper 60s. miami fort lauderdale. maybe near 70 topping out in the lower 70s for high tells by 3:00 this afternoon, then as you start tour put the car in reverse get out of the office a little early, 5:00, upper 60s worth plenty of sunshine. then we cool down again overnight. it will be pretty crisp tomorrow morning. jet setting up to chicago, heads up, it's 24 there right now. 23 in toronto. 39 new york city. the cold air plunges as far south as new orleans. 46. 39 atlanta. 37 in memphis.
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but much drier. andp breezy at times. high pressure builds in tomorrow. so a chilly start, pleasant sunshine saturday. as we get into sunday, just a little bit warmer. a mix of sun and clouds. forecast for today, shapes up like this 72 should do it. normal high 77. so below the mark but a lot of sunshine and drier thanks to the northwest wind. forecast as we head through friday into the weekend temperatures almost perfect and pleases and. coldest morning saturday, but rebounding by sunday morning. and into monday morning then look at that wednesday morning back into the 70s. and high temperatures back in the 80s. have a good friday. we had a traffic alert on the palmetto right here southbound at 122. so southbound two lanes blocked off. now, it looks like that has cheered up so that's good news. i was going to show you the
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not the case any more. panning back showing ul a the lanes opened up. -- the lanes opened up. still have that stalled out car southbound on i-95 -- or rather northbound on the exit ramp. and broward county you're looking great this morning. i ought and atlantic boulevard just busy northbound and southbound are the headlights. now, it's time for talking worth joe. joe rose is live from the wqam studios this morning. joe, so hard to believe just under a year ago i was standing outside south miami hospital what was going on with chris bosh. now, he's been selected for his 11th all star game. pretty incredible stuff, how? >> it's fantastic story. it really is of a class act in chris bosh and what he's been able to do coming back and the kind of numbers he's putting up. got his numbers back up to 19
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it is great to see him out there hitting big shots in the fourth quarter. when we're talk about blood clots and wondering if he was ever going to be allowed to play and how long it w understand take and you're talking about life and death and here he is playing at a high level in the nba again. it's a heckuva story. >> talk about a rebound he did exactly that, joe. now, let's talk about his former teammate lebron james according to pat riley, lebron james never requested for coach eric to be fired. yesterday we were talking about lebron the coach killer did you ever hear some rumblings there was beef between them? >> i don't think that relationship was always a good marriage since i know a thing or two about good and bad marriage but i don't think that was real good but i will say this. there is no way lebron as good as he is would ever go up to
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got to go. there's no way. pat riley wears nine championship rings as a player. as a front office guy and as a head coach. there. too much respect for lebron james to pull this stuff. he's pulling in cleveland right now. he would have never done that with pat riley here in miami. he knew that eric was safe because pat riley has eric's back. every day. >> yeah, that's true. you definitely do not mess with pat riley. thanks so much have a great one. >> between the mess wilt you, either, lauren, thank you. >> good to know. and we are counting down to super bowl 50. sanfrancisco city leaders talking about how they plan to keep everyone safe. the security measures laid out for the super bowl city will be more extreme than ever before. event like those in paris and san bernardino, california have police officials on high alert.
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walking around. , as well, as european spotters stationed on the roof throughout the week. >> we're working closely with the fbi and the northern california intelligence center threats. >> police boat patrols will be put in place. city officials hope to keep the event as safe as possible for fans and enemies. and after the big game you can catch an all new live special of "the late show with stephen colbert" on cbs four. the show will feature tina fey, will ferrell. the late show is the first late night series to ever air in the post super bowl slot. and we are new just nine days away from super bowl 50 in california. you can watch the big game february 7th only here on cbs four. jim berry will be heading to the bay area for the intel look for his live reports beginning next thursday, february 4.
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for naval news at 5:00 as jim berry goes one on one with dolphins hall of fame head coach don shula. he speaks out for the very first time about seeing his own son reach the super bowl. plus, much more. that's tonight at 5:00 only here on cbs4 news. now, at 6:23 freed washington post journalist jason rezaian made an emotional return to the newspaper on thursday. he spoke at the grand opening ceremony of the new washington pure re. he thanked them who remembered him and aided in his release. >> for much of the one month i was in prison my iranian in tear gators told me that the washington post did not exist that no one move my plight. and that united states government would not lift a fink fer for my release. -- lift a finger for my release amount today i'm in the room with the very people who helped prove the
6:23 am
each day since my release i learn more about the efforts to gain our freedom witch began the moment we were taken from our home and continue on in support of our reintroduction into the world. there's so many people to thank. >> he was one of four americans released from iran as part of a prisoner swap. in france, police have a second person in custody in connection wit a security scare at disneyland paris. they first arrested a 28-year- old man carrying two handguns and a copy of the quran at the new york them part of the theme park complex. late last night they detained his female partner. she was not armed. miss say at this point it does not appear they've any connections to terrorism. the time now is 6:24 coming up guns and drugs are taken off the streets. we'll tell you about the marriage burst at 6:30. >> also ahead caught on camera two boys allowed to fight at school. what happened to the man who
6:24 am
them at the time. >> and later, ladies you want to see this one.
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putting you at in this morning's pop news hollywood makes a visit to the vatican. >> leonardo dicaprio shares a common interest in saving the environment. vatican radio reports dicaprio gave the pontiff a book of art. at the end of the meeting he kissed the pope's ring and speaking in italian thanked him for the meeting. maybe they prayed for an oscar win for leonardo dicaprio. barbie is getting a major makeover and now she looks more like the rest of us. mattel announced that the nearly 60-year-old favorite is transforming worth aphelion of body types and ethnicity. the billion dollar business says it's relesioning democrats that reflect diversity. including 23 different body types and 7 didn't skin tones. so cool to see all the didn't variety a tall, petite and curvy barbie. >> you notice the girls were really happy that they had
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>> when i was young it'd was just the one young barbie. let's take a look at weather forecast michael smith in for lissette are we going to get some sun? oh, walter, absolutely. sun up at 7:07. good morning to you at home. sick and tired of the rain, the storms, hand in the air, both of mine. done and over with cold front moved through. live look outside 40 miami the beach right there. looking to the east. when we bring in the numbers noticeably cooler and drier. good morning miami 63. >> 62 fort lauderdale. key west at 69. ebb neighborhood network a few locations in the 50s right now. this is real time data. 57 fort lauderdale downtown with that northwest wind. and the wind breezy at times and gusty because of that if you're doing some boating heads up, small craft advisory in place.
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northwest wind gusting to 20 -- make that 20 knots or more. 72 should do it with lots of sunshine. and drier today. so two thumbs up with weather turn it over to vanessa and see if it's a two thumbs up traffic. thank you, weather ken. 6:29 in the morning. i-95 northwest 135 street busy in both directions. there's that southbound drive. northbound are the headlights toward 151 and if you are driving in miami-dade we are seeing a couple of accidents southwest 107 aknew. that intersection partially blocked off on hoth street, then u.s. 1 southbound at 67th avenue that intersection blocked off, as well. the turnpike looking good 1 minutes for the compute from 288 up to 87410 minutes after
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the # 74, 10 minutes after that, eastbound over to the golden glades interchange and finally broward though accidents no construction, looking great just 10 minutes across 595 eastbound. now, at 6:30 police investigating a triple shooting in homestead. >> yeah, this morning two people are dead. gaby fleischman is live in homestead at the scene where gaby fill us in. >> reporter: walter and lauren detectives believe that this was a domestic related murder suicide a man shot two people, then killed himself. the shooting happened just after 8:00 at the clubhouse of the aisle at oasis community on mediterranean avenue and papa -- pacific boulevard. shot a man and a woman and turned the gun on b himself. sheet and the female victim were pronounced dead at the scene. relatives tell us that they actually may have been in a relationship. right now police working all
6:29 am
we do know the male victim was air lifted to ryder trauma certainty. >> the preliminary investigation is letting us know that perhaps there was an argument some type of dispute where a 41-year-old male produced a firearm, shot the female that was inside the clubhouse, shot the second victim that was transported, and then from what it appears he shot himself. >> it's really safe nothing really ever happens around here. >> reporter: and the under of the victim at the hospital says that his nephew was shot in the face and the arm. we're told that he underwent surgery last night and he's in critical but table condition. we're live from homestead gaby fleischman cbs4 this morning. now, tour the exclusive, police say new surveillance tape shows a serial robber who preys on older people at the supermarket steal their wallets. detectives say he's plagued broward.
6:30 am
this man who's in his 50s darting through a public store on harding avenue. he stell one victim's wallet from a stroller while she was watching her grandson. this man was also seen in the 1st. that where another victim last a wallet. police say ecommonly carries a crimes. >> i'm very angry about losing the wallet. i'm dev stayed. i have so many personal pictures in there that can never be replaced and my mother, my husband, and just my whole life in there. >> i do remember someone coming by. brushing up against the stroller but i felt i guess violated. >> surfside believe the same -- surfside police believe he did the same thing in pine crest. if you know who he is call police 3 a big bust helps take drugs and guns off the streets of south florida.
6:31 am
department and federal agencies sealed the results. they broke up five crime rings and have indicted 55 people on drugs and weapons charges. they displayed just a sample of the weapons seized. >> all these arrests all these guns, signify that a grand mother won't have to lock herself in her bedroom tonight. >> nov the 55 named in the indictment 17 are still on the run. so take a good look here to see if you recognize any faces. they are wanted for a variety automotive drug and weapons crime if they look familiar to you call miami-dade crimestoppers. a special and historic graduation yesterday morning almost 100 miami-dade police officer trainees walked across the stage. during the graduation their new boss juan perez was a fansed as the new director of police department. he's a 25 year veteran of the he addressed what he called the elephant in the room. he talked about the dangers
6:32 am
give them all a bad name. he encouraged the new officers to begin their work at home by raising strong, happy families v now to health alert the cdc suspect at least one case of the zika virus may have been spread through sex. they still do suspect that zika virus is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquitoe. they also warn the virus is spreading explosive and cause 4 million cases in the americas. doctors have treed two cases here in south florida both people had vivid columbia. a new era officially begins today at the university of inaugurated. dr.frank helped break ground for miller school of medicine for medicaleducation yesterday. dr.frank came to um from the health. he also served as mexico's minister of health.
6:33 am
president in april. he's been working on campus since august. our lissette gonzalez will serve as the alumni maker shall at the ceremony. she's a creative writing teach earthquake miami new orleans senior high school. pressure same was named yesterday the miami-dade county 2017 teacher of the year. the cass room veteran won a fu car and $5000. she's a freedom writers teacher meaning she was trained under that famous california teacher who used writing to help educate and inspire her struggling students even made a movie about that teacher. >> congratulations to her. coming up move over best buy. could circuit city be ready to make a come back? we have the details next. plus caught on camera two boys fighting at school but were was their supervisor? >> plus, marlon wayans stars in the comedy spoof to the
6:34 am
we go one on one worth the actor stray -- straight ahead. >> you got to make it to work and school and it's going to take a while. take a look a the brake lights i-95 southbound and northwest 103 street getting busy out there. >> going to tell you about any accidents, traffic alerts when get back. >> thank you, vanessa hey, do you remember were you put your sunglasses? i know it's pen a while since we needed them. live look outside, gorgeous sunrise in progress. a few cloud but lots of dry air in place. my full forecast straight ahead. >> good morning, what a wild night last night and the race for the gop nomination we'll have the the fallout from the debatements plus securing the super bowl, we'll go inside the command center at an undisclosed location where the fbi and our military will coordinate the
6:35 am
that plus your weekend on the money watch this morning facebook is looking into ride sharing, plus, could circuit city be making a come back? jill wagner is live from the new york stock exchange with that and more. >> good morning lauren remember circuit city? the electronic store might be making a come back. the new owners have bought the
6:36 am
tear planning to debut the first store in dallas this june. they're going to sell electronics and drones and 3-d printers owners are hoping to have 50-100 stores in 2016. they filed for bankruptcy in 2008. the next time you are going to an convenient crew can coordinate how you're getting there. facebook filed the patent to set up car pools for people going to the same party. >> sound like a pretty good idea in theory b it, again, you mentioned earlier you never closure event i don't either so i wouldn't know that something was going on. >> exactly. >> all right, jill, so breakfast getting even better at mcdonald's how so? >> so mcdonald's all day breakfast has been so successful expanding the mcgridle sandwich.
6:37 am
warmed up in the same ovens as lunch items. if the successful all the mcgridles could be going national. lauren i have to confess i've never had a mcgridle. >> i was about to confess i had mcdonald's breakfast at breakfast time yesterday and lunchtime the day before so i'm contributing to the mcdonald's all day breakfast problem. we have to try it soon. >> have a good one. we'll take three right now. >> that would be pretty darned tasty. >> it would be. it would be. >> get some coffee, too. >> little cream and sugar. lissette's usually the coffeemaker and michael is in worth a different weather pattern. >> yeah, i'll take that. look at this this is absolutely beautiful right now. live look outside. with our broward camera. we have some high clouds, mid- level clouds coming in with the northwest wind. and then breaks in the cloud cover with the drier cooler
6:38 am
south florida. downtown fort lauderdale, lit up, sun up at 7:06 temperatures have come down. fortlauderdale work walking outside it is 62. difference big time. 63 good morning miami. 69 inquest. we love your pictures. weather video, rain, storms, and sunshine. if you like to share, e-mail address pics at cbs -- pics at witness. so the wind is abyss gusty at times. peak wind gusts 26 miles per hour clock in in pompano beach. 17 in miami. real time doppler radar, this is a nice change after wednesday and thursday's stormy
6:39 am
the sweep is coming back clean s the clouds overhead have no rain falling from them. temperatures, though, they are falling. and the dewpoint falling, as well. so it's much more comfortable outside. good morning to you hialeah, at 63. marathon 65. 62 pompano beach. taking you to the north, temperatures now across parts of the panhandle in the upper 30s. maybe you have some travel plans today so let's go through the temperature forecast hour by hour starting at 12 cloak this afternoon. 67 miami. going to climb to the lower 70s in spots across metro miami- dade and broward. to the north, 60s. and then once, again, later on this evening as sun goes down, sunglasses, as you're right out of work and think temperatures tomorrow morning will be coming down.
6:40 am
great lakes, 24 in chicago, 20 min b yap less. 39 new york city and atlanta. airport delays, none of those this morning. it's a green it's a go if you're checking out of town or maybe someone's flying in. they're going to be greeted with some beautiful weather. wind. and then over the weekend coldest morning tomorrow morning. and then rebounding sunday into monday. couple of showers sneak back in the forecast monday, tuesday, and wednesday. have a great friday. don't like the showers, but the cooler temperatures we like. >> we do like that. we also like that it's friday and the weekend. >> i don't know in the laest hour you said that michael squats i think that he was doing jumping jacks. >> we need a camera on him. >> yeah, always. you need to have a go pro michael so this morning looking good on the roadways. just really busy out there take a look at the drive this morning on u.s. 1 so we had an accident sixth
6:41 am
lud lum on u.s. 1 southbound. this lives look at killian northbound, southbound whichever direction a lot of drivers out there withdrew this morning. then on i-95 packed southbound at northwest 54th street into downtown heading toward the airport, the beach downtown you're going to be out there worth a lot of other drivers with you. luckily n accidents in this spot. 826 northbound and southbound, southbound we had an accident earlier. looks like some flashing lights as a result. you can see it's very slow moving past northwest 122. broward county looking great. no accidents to report you have a smooth drive. now, check this out it is caught on camera two 12-year- old boys are seen fighting at a new york school where was the supervisor? there he is the man in gray. he's an after school coach seen standing by watching the boys fight seemingly doing nothing to break it up.
6:42 am
the coach ushers one of the boys off camera. but that wasn't enough. the coach was fired for not doing more to stop the fight earlier. >> on the health watch this morning, ladies, listen up. lack of sleep may be putting your health at risk. new research from harvard suggests women who have difficulties of counties falling asleep are much more lakely to develop type 2 diabetes. doctors tracked 133,000 patient they found women worth numerous sleep problems such asking for and waking up frequently were up to four times more likely to develop that condition. not good for those of us who keep these crazy hours. >> i'm sure it's not healthy for men either. >> that's true. straight ahead watch out christian grey. >> marlon wayans starring in the comedy spoof to the sexy blockbuster movie "fifty shades of grey." we go one on one with the o in this morning's friday flicks. >> coming up our political
6:43 am
welcome back tweakend is here the time to get some friday flicks. 50 shaved black is a comedy starring marlon wayans who also co-wrote and produced the film. >> its parody of the romantic drama film 50 shades of gray gray. lisa petrillo sat down with wayans due talk about this sexy spoof. >> just behind this door. >> so for you when you saw this you said i got to do this? how did it eve any connect in what if chris man gray was black and what if he was rich but you continue know how tee got his money. what if i make him a really bad lover. >> you stallion. >> and then i was like if i want to make somebody sub missive and i want to be the dominant who is the hasheddest person to make sub missive that's a plaque woman.
6:44 am
three years. she's like oh, h lebron james l, no. >> you break my stool? >> no, that's hysterical. so your skills were not up to christian grey's levels is what you're saying? >> no, they wasn't but my swag was. >> give me a smile, okay. no smile. >> and my abs were but my skill, he was a much better lover than me. ments hanna -- >> hanna. >> christian. >> that hurts, please, god. so what about the red room and the safe word, did we continue with that in this film. >> ye the red room is in there and the safe word's in there but especially the red room and a lot happens in the red room. a lot of naughty and a lot of funny. >> reporter: so what do you thick for the viewers to watch 50 shade of plaque and they were a fan of 50 shades of fray gray. >> if you've the movie you'll love this movie.
6:45 am
you'll still enjoy this movie and if you hated the movie, then you're going have to this movie. >> so it's a win, win, win. >> are you thinking about marrying her. >> no. >> what if she gets pregnant? >> no. >> so what got me in "fifty shades of grey" he had me at that helicopter do we helicopter in this? >> you'll see. >> reporter: that's a tease right there. 50 shades of plaque is now out in theaters i'm lisa petrilloments that's how he's going to get you. you heard him you're going to like the movie. >> i didn't even see the other
6:46 am
hilarious f we'll have avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert,
6:47 am
welcome back here's a quick wrapup of the friday morning headlines. >> police investigating a murder suicide in homestead that left two dead and another hospitalized a. the shooting happened at a community a man fatally shot a woman and man and killed himself. relatives say the shooter and woman killed may have been in a relationship. the rep presidential candidates will hit the campaign trail in iowa. they made their case to iowa voters last night with donald trump not present, ted cruz became the biggest target while the other candidates fielded tough questions on immigration. trump who boycotted the event held a fundraiser nearpy for veterans. and here are the result of
6:48 am
trump's decision to skip last night's debate change your opinion of him? a clear majority 65% said they never liked him. 21% said they support him even more and 12% said who cares. >> people in delray beach and boynton beach arraigning up after a small tornado yesterday morning. a surveillance camera captured the tornado as it swept through. employees say it was frightening experience but they are grateful no one was hit. >> authorities say at least four people occupying a federal wildlife refuge in oregon fbi officials released new video of the violent traffic stop that killed the group spokesman. those remaining will leave if officers assure them they won't be arrested. now, it's time for talking with joe. joe rose lye from the wqam studios this morning. nfl team in las vegas what do you think is the likelihood of the requiredders moving to vegas?
6:49 am
slim and none and shim left for an early weekend. man, the got no shot of ever happening. >> highs that? >> roger goodell and gmaling with ul a the problems the last thing he want to worry about is getting involved in the gambling bidsness to try to make mr. money. i just think i know nba, is all in. the nhl is very interested in doing it but the big boys of the national football league, i think they like the point spread their fun they understand it's a big part of the game and a lot of gma bring around the nfl especially in out super bowl coming up next sunday. but i just don't think to put a team in las vegas with all the problems you already have around the nfl, oh, my -- ficking of games and everything else, oh, pie gosh, no way. >> thanks so much have a great day. lauren you guys all have a great weekend thank you for
6:50 am
crew can't ruin our fridays right, michael. >> michael doesn't ruin iterate. not today. live look outside here's proof how beautiful is this? >> nice, michael. >> oh, man, i can't get enough of this. [applause] >> applause, applause, applause. sunshine is back temperatures are cooler. drier outside lower 60s. our neighborhood network showing a few areas in the upper 50s. forecast for today's 72 lot of sunshine. a much better forecast compared to wednesday and thursday. i'm just going to start off with this. beautiful shot of miami beach because it's friday. so here's 195 eastbound at biscayne boulevard. there's 395. i'ming to give you two live shots of miami beach. drive looking good just a lot of drivers out there with you. everybody leaving early to maybe leave work early on a friday. that's what walter assumed earlier today.
6:51 am
it's friday.
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