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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning Saturday  CBS  January 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good saturday morning, south florida. thank you so much for joining us. it is 6 a.m. here is what we're working on right now. a scary night for residents at a pembroke pines apartment complex as police investigate a body found inside an apartment. another teen killing in miami-dade. police now investigating the deadly shooting of an 18-year-old in broad daylight. officers and the community renewing their plea to stop the violence and come forward with information. plus, competition for senator bernie sanders isn't the only obstacle for hilary clinton this weekend as the iowa caucus approaches. new revelations as top secret information was found in her personal e-mail server.
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and the keys, this is south florida's cbs 4 news this morning. >> well, hello there. it is 6 a.m. saturday, jan 30th. thank you so much for making us a part of your morning. i have to say i hope you join me in this, i am so happy it's the weekend. we had a crazy weather week, and this morning, it is so nice out there. it's cool. i'm loving it. michael smith is joining us now with a look at our weekend forecast. michael, good morning. >> good morning chl ut's turtle neck time, everyone. get them out. get the boots out. it's cold. broward, live look outside right now. a few clouds overhead. however, temperatures down to the lower 50s. normal low is 61 so 52 right now. fort lauderdale 55. good morning to you, miami. 61 key west. i want to show you our neighborhood net work. check out parkland. 48 with a northwest wind fairly light at 3 miles an hour.
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and quiet, thank goodness. high clouds coming in on that subtropical jet stream. forecast for today, some clouds, cold to start, comfortable afternoon to finish. we are going to head up to near 70. winds north and then shifting becoming east 5 to 10. more on your forecast straight ahead. a scary night for residents at a pembroke pines apartment complex as police investigate a body found inside an apartment. here is cbs 4's cary with what we know this morning. >> they worked late into the night on what they are calling a homicide investigation. chopper 4 got these pictures of the scene. a number of polices staked outside a first-floor apartment. we did see detectives speaking with people on scene as crime scene investigators work together. a police captain told me this is still a very active investigation in its initial stages. he said detectives are trying to
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this apartment died. police will only say that an adult black male is the victim. person. residents we spoke with did not want to speak on camera, but some are very concerned about this police presence. now, this apartment complex is not immune to violence. we checked our archive. there was a shooting death of a woman here last summer, and then in september, there was a home invasion robbery here. as we learn more information about this latest investigation, we will bring it to you. in pembroke pines, cary codd, cbs 4 this morning. now at 6:00, miami-dade police are investigating the deadly shooting of an 18-year-old that happened in broad daylight, and officers found dozens of bullet casings in the middle of the street. cbs 4's donna reports. >> here on the scene because i heard, again, of a -- of a young male shot. >> miami-dade police and their director swarmed northwest 52nd
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after yet another deadly shooting of a teenager. eddie harris, sr., also rushed to the crime scene where his 18-year-old son eddie harris, jr., lay dead. the gunman or gunmen fired off so many rounds, investigators marked more than 40 shell casings. emotions high here as harry sr. and other close relatives looked on. >> i can't tell you because -- i don't know. i'm upset right now. >> just last november, the family lost another young man through gun violence nearby. >> they shot him up last year. >> it upset me because my son just got killed the same way. >> church pastor eric and police director juan perez are two of several local leaders fed up with all the recent gun violence. in the past from iberty city and brownsville to homestead in florida city. >> somebody saw something. the community needs to step up
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they need to stop. as we can see, this is just a trend going on. >> another tragedy due to gun violence. >> right down the street with kids playing, family members out, people out, and a shooting happens right in front of them. so we need those folks that saw the shooting to say something about it. >> investigators have little to go on. they remind you if you have any information and you do decide to call miami-dade crime stoppers, you can stay anonymous and you could get a reward for the right bit of information. that number, 305-471-tips. at miami-dade police headquarters, donna cbs 4 this morning. now, a man who ambushed and robbed a teenager on his way home from school is still out there this morning. surveillance video from northwest 12 avenue and 6th street in miami shows a man in white hoodie went up to the boy and pulled off his necklace. he then demands the teen's bracelet but loses his patience,
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>> the guy said if you don't give me your bracelet, i'm going to shoot you. then i saw, and my friend was like oh my god, he put his hands up, and he had a gun. >> the teen was not hurt physically. if you know anything about this crime, you're asked to call miami-dade crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. miami-dade police investigating a deadly home invasion. officers say three men forced their way into a home in a gated community in northwest miami-dade. a fight then broke out between one of the crooks and a man inside that home. the victim ended upshot and killed. two women went to the hospital with minor injuries. the three potential thieves did get away. no word on whether they took anything. in news across america, california investigators suspect the two remaining violent fugitives who broke out of jail are in san jose and may be headed to fresno.
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was with the two other fugitives in san jose on thursday. the men broke out of the maximum security jail a week ago. more trouble in the flint water crisis. residents are being warned that levels may be too high for filters to handle. health officials said those living in the areas where lead levels exceed the filter's capacity are being notified, and their water is being retested. flint declared a public health emergency last october due to the water supply's lead contamination. it's almost time for the very first votes to be cast in the next president of the united states iowa's caucus monday. a real clear politic average of polls put donald trump at 31%, ted cruz 25%, marco rubio at 14%. the rest of the candidates are in single digits. on democratic side, hilary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck.
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sanders who is at 44%, but clinton faces another obstacle. as cbs 4's marly hall reports, obama administration confirmed that her unsecured home server contained top security information and some of her republican opponents did not shy away from the topic. >> just days before the iowa caucuses, republican presidential candidates saved their sharpest jabs for democratic front runner hilary clinton. . this after revelations the private home server she used while serving as secretary of state contained close to two dozen top secret e-mails. >> material is classified top secret because revealing it in public could pose a grave threat to the nshl -- national security of this country. >> anyone who does something like that, who lies to the families of the victims in benghaz i, can never be commander in chief of the united states. >> top secret is one of the highest levels of classification, reserved for
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cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security. clinton's camp described the news as overclassification run amuck. bernie sanders, who's trailing closely behind her in the polls, also brushed off the issue. >> despite being the oldest contender in the reyes, bernie sanders is drawing much of his support from millenials here in iowa and across the country who make up nearly a third of voters. >> jacob, a sanders supporter, will vote for the first time during monday night' caucuses. he attended a what's a caucus event where students simulated a political frenzy of the caucus experience. >> a lot of candidate talk, and ip haven't really gotten to, like, the nuts and bolts of the process yet. >> in a process that takes several hours, caucus goers on both sides will take to schools, gyms, and other locations to choose a candidate. marly hall, cbs news, des moines, iowa.
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morning, the latest on the fight against zika. how brazil is taking on an unlikely weapon to take on the mosquitos spreading the virus. and later with our one on one interview as he gets ready to cheer on his son at super bowl 50. plus, miami-dade's teacher of the year. her secret for helping students succeed. good sad morning to you, south florida. michael smith in cbs 4 weather control. it is downright cold in some neighborhoods. case in point parkland right now sitting at 48. fort lauderdale at sheraton technical high school, 49.
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my full forecast when cbs 4 good morning. wem come back. in world any, the u.s. navy is confirming an iranian drone flew over the us s harry truman and aircraft carrier in the persian gulf. the navy says the helicopter from the truman was able to determine the drone was not weaponized. iran says one of the submarines was also able to get video of the ship. this happened on january 12th, the same day ten american sailors were captured by iran. disaster at sea off the coast of france, yet thankfully everyone who was on this cargo ship is safe. the crew of the massive ship went out a disaster call tuesday. rescuers found them and plugged all the 2 crew members to safety. no one knows who caused the ship called the modern express to start sinking. now, to a health scare on the fierce over zika in brazil. they are trying a new weapon
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-- born virus. if they meat, they'll essentially produce mosquitos with birth defects that won't live to adulthood and thereafter, never transmit any viruses. just yesterday, reported a spike in zika cases. now, to a cbs 4 news consumer alert, apple is recalling millions of power adapters because they could cause an electric shock. the plugs in question were shipped between 2003 and 2015 with max and other apple devices and were also included in the apple world travel adapter kit. in a statement, apple said in very rare cases, the adapters may praek and create a risk of electrical shock if touched. apple will allow you to exchange the faulty plugs for free. all right. time now 6:14, and it is pretty cold out there. i like it. >> yeah. baby, it's cold outside. >> absolutely. sdpr temperatures in the 40s. anything is better than
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>> that was scarily. >> it was a mess. >> so unexpected. >> it was. that's out of here. the cold weather is in. want to give a quick shout out to our friend pry yan springer. >> yeah, my friend. >> streaming live >> he's such a loyal viewer. thank you so much. >> thanks to you all. let's take a live look outside. port miami. >> picture perfect. >> isn't it beautiful? the mcarthur and venetian causeways there. we do have a few clouds overhead. 55 right now in the magic city. good morning to you fort lauderdale at 52, key west 61. our average low for this time of year is 61 degrees so we're below the mark both in miami and fort lauderdale. realtime doppler radar nice and quiet. no green on the screen. that's a good thing. we've got that north-northwest wind anywhere from 2 to let's say 10 miles an hour starting to shift across the keys. upper-level winds coming in from the southwest.
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going to have a mix of sun and clouds as we head through our saturday. it's coldest across the panhandle. 36 right now in tallahassee. 39 jacksonville. tampa is at 53. 47 melbourne. all right. the hardly cold air starting to move in to the northeast corridors. 27. 30 new york city. boston is at 32. atlanta is at 36. 37 kansas city. on the west coast, temperatures range from 40 in seattle to 57 in l.a. airport delays, none just yet. no big weather makers across the lower 48 to slow you down. if you are jet setting today. temperature forecasts going to click the clock off at 3:00, and we'll go hour by hour. temperatures in the 60s and 70ings. 60s right along the beaches, lower 70s across interior broward and miami-dade. later on this evening, starting to fall back into the mid 60s. what about tomorrow moshing?
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but not as cold. 58 westin right around 3:30 tomorrow morning and the closer you get to the coast, temperatures are going to hang out in the 60s, and tomorrow afternoon even warmer than today, upper 70s to perhaps near 80 degrees. all right. that's what you need to know to plan your day. forecast as we head through the week -- weekend and to a completely new workweek. we've got a bill chili cookoff tomorrow. the weather couldn't be any better than that. overnight temperatures in the low 60s. afternoon highs in the mid 70s so a sun/cloud mix. next chance of showers and storms monday. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we get back into the 80s for highs with overnight lows in the lower 70s. have a great saturday. and, now, cbs 4 sports. >> all right. michael, thanks. the florida panthers coach all smiles for his nhl all star debut this weekend, plus a successful road trip for the
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here is cbs 4's mike with your morning sports report. >> good morning, south florida. the road-worely heat are starting to show signs of life chl last night they not only see the return, but they take down the bucks capping off this three-straight wins. while things were absolutely heating up in the 4th quarter. this is the work of an all star. working down low, bosh three points the old-fashioned way. heat scores 20. heat up by 5. the man they call and his over not one but two heat players to tie the game at 101 with under a minute to play. this is duane's world, and we are all just along for the ride. he scores 6 points in the final 35 seconds and the heat knock off the bucks 107-103. speaking of more all stars, panthers head coach gerard, who is usually yelling at referees, is all smiles yesterday in nashville. he has rolling winning 5 of their last 19 games five points up on the lightning in the atlantic division.
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because my team has been real good, you know. i mean, i don't consider myself an all star coach. you have fun and you work hard. i would have loved to have gone as a player, be honest with you, you know, but as a coach, it never crossed my mind. but when you're here, you know your team has had a dpraet first half of the season. >> well deserved, coach. enjoy it. that's going to do it for sports. i'm mike for cbs 4 this morning. fshlgs all right. there it is. we are counting down to super bowl 50 this morning with the help of legendary coach don shula. the toll fins great won't be on the sideline come next sunday but another shula will. don shula's son, mike, is another coach for the panthers, and don will be in san francisco cheering on his son. cbs 4 sat down with don to talk about his son and, of course, the big game. >> mike shula and the super bowl are both 50 years old. he jokes that the game has aged better than he has, but in the eyes of his 86-year-old dad, don, mike is just hitting his
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-- proves it. >> don's phone is ringing off the hook. the football media wants his take on seeing his son, mike, coach in a super bowl. >> i can't wait to head out that way and be there to root him on and support him and just be around. so exciting. >> mike shula calls the plays for carolina's high-powered offense and is praise for bringing out the best in star quarterback cam newton. >> newton is a stickler for detail, even at a young age. he wanted to make sure he did it right. >> mike was the happy go lucky kids on the sidelines who charted plays as his dad became an icon, coaching in a record six super bowls. mike went onto play college quarterback at alabama before launching his own coaching career. >> he wasn't always the most gifted athlete around, but he was around a lot of gifted athletes, and, you know, he
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them. >> what tung has made him a good offensive coordinator? >> i think his attention to detail. mike has got great concentration. i watch him, show him a lot, you know, during the game up there, got his glasses on, he's charting stuff. i know exactly what he's thinking, what he's going through. >> don shula sitting in his office has plenty of football memories to go over. in fact, his home office looks like an nfl museum. a hall of fame bus and two vince lombardi trophies are flanked by memorabilia of how son shared in his glory. now, it's the other way around. to some, it's fitting that the shula name is part of the super bowl's golden anniversary. >> it's an honor to be thought of that way, and i'm just proud that mike's gonna be the one that's going to carry the torch. >> don says a big shula
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santa clara, california for super bowl sunday. as for a prediction, please, he says it's mike and carolina all the way. i'm jim berry, cbs 4 sports. and, of course, jim will be heading to the bay area for super bowl. look for his live reports starting thursday, february 4th, and the big weekend, yes, it is almost here. you can watch the denver broncos and the carolina panthers face off in the 50th super bowl. that's next sunday on february 7th. where else but right here on cbs 4. and still ahead on cbs 4
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miami-dade's teacher of the welcome back. some south miami middle school students made a generous donation in time for this chilly weather. they gave the south miami police department dozens of these blankets they' been collecting this month. officers will keep the blankets in their patrol cars and give them to homeless men and women they interact with this weekend. those generous students are members of a school club called the power of one. last week they collected and
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domestic voi lens awareness campaign. miami-dade's teacher of the year has been elected. cbs 4's walter visited miami senior high to meet the award-winning educator. >> she's miami-dade's new teacher of the year. she was named the miami-dade county 2017 francisco r. walker teacher of the year thursday. she said she remembers taking in the moment when her picture popped up. >> he said this particular teacher is not only a freedom fighter, she is a -- and it stopped there, and then everybody started screaming, yelling, and everything. >> she said it was so loud, she didn't even hear her name. she had to be told to go up on stage. simonette is the creative writing teacher. she says the secret to her success is simple. >> i force my students to tell thinker stories in any particular genera that they want. i think it's important for students to know who they are.
6:23 am
else if you toent love and know yourself, and i think i push my kids to do that. >> she doesn't lower her standards that way you can meet them. she actually makes you raise yours that way you can meet hers. >> while she says she was surprised to be elected as miami-dade's teacher of the year, the kids in her class aren't surprised at all. >> when i mitt her, i was going through a series of things. the things i felt i couldn't tell my mother at home, i could come and tell her. >> along with the title the ten-year teaching veteran won a new car and $5,000. she says she's not exactly sure what kind of car she's won so far. she's only been told it will be a toyota, and she'll get to select the model she wants. as for that 5,000 bucks in cash, she says she's going to plan on spending a portion of it surprising some of her kids. from miami seen high, walter, cbs 4 news. awesome. congratulations to her.
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saturday morning, could south florida soon land another super bowl? sounds nice. a new bid is underway and the committee is hoping the new sun life stadium can help seal the deal. and later, step aside, christian grey. this weekend, a comedy spoof to the sexy blockbuster movie 50 shades of grey hits theaters. the funny man behind 50 shades of black. good saturday morning to you, south florida. michael smith and cbs 4 weather control. here is a live look outside from our studio. can't see the clouds now, but you'll be able to right around 7:00 this morning. sun up. temperatures in the low 50s so cold start. my full forecast when cbs 4 this saturday morning returns. all right. michael, thank you. and it is nice and chilly.
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we'll be back. from miami-dade, broward, skt keys, this is south florida's cbs 4 news this morning. good saturday morning, south florida. i'm mirabel rodriguez. thank you so much for joining us. it is 6:30. here is what we are working on right now. a lawyer banned from all prow ard jails after who she allegedly did with an inmate. she's speaking out this morning as she fights the accusations. the big push for big game. a look at the massive efforts to lure the super bowl and all the events around it back here to south florida. fshlgs plus, a man shot in the head and left to die defies the odds and makes it to his college graduation. meet the south florida survivor who turned his experience into a
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what a fwraet stoifr. you have to watch it. first, here is meteorologist michael smith with a look at our cold forecast. good morning. i say "cold," because it is pretty cold for south florida. >> i agree. it is cold this morning. turtle neck on. i actually put the heater on in my car this morning. maybe the second time so far this winter season that's happened. i wonder how warm vanessa is this morning. layer up, folks. live look outside with our broward camera. stay warm chl downtown fort lauderdale a few clouds overhead, but temperatures have tumbled down into the lower 50s. 52 right now fort lauderdale. good morning to you, miami, at 55, key west 61. neighborhood network, a few spots in the 40s. case in point parkland at river glaze elementary school, the weather has fwon calm there. upper-level winds coming in from the southwest. mix of sun and clouds today. boating, east-northeast right around 10 knots, 2 to 3 feet, waters. our forecast for today, yeah,
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finish, mix of sun and clouds as we climb to near 70. >> michael, thank you. now at 6:30, a lawyer is banned from every broward county teal after being accused of having sex with an inmate instead one of the jails. cbs 4's joan spoke with her. >> no is about all defense attorney jessica did and can say about what did or did not happen sexually between her and her client, israel fwranda. granda was in an interview room when a detention deputy says, "i observed inmate granda standing behind ms. davis, who was bent over at the waist with her skirt raised to her waist area. ms. davis immediately stood causing her skirt to fall back into position covering her thighs. >> absolutely nothing was happening. >> through her lawyer, she denies she was having sexs and focussed on fighting this.
6:28 am
jails, banning her from seeing any clients until further notice. >> they have a right under the 6th amendment to counsel, and they are not being allowed to see their counsel at this time. >> everybody knows jessica to be a thorough, well-prepared, and very tenacious lawyer. >> according to according bill, a courthouse blogger who has worked alongside ms. shelly, the allegations are not new. >> in courthouse circles, everybody has been talking about this for weeks because there was apparently some other incident -- some other jailhouse incident a few weeks ago, and then she was terminated from the counsel where she was working. she could be reprimanded. she could be counselled. she certainly could be suspended, and she could be disbarred. but i think a lot of that will depend on what they can prove how she handles herself going forward with the investigation. >> she has done nothing wrong. we are prepared to fight for her rights, not only her rights, but her clients' rights.
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they say they're ready to go before a judge if necessary. meanwhile, we also have to see what, if anything, the florida bar will do about these allegations. in fort lauderdale, joan murray, cbs 4 news. miami-dade police are telling us a family involved in this wreck are okay thanks in part to a good samaritan. two adults and a child who are in this car that flipped over into canal at southwest 112th avenue and 268th street. police say a passerby helped them out. could south florida soon land what would be our region's 11th super bowl? a committee is busy working on the bid. yesterday, its members joined leaders from the miami dolphins to show off some of the improvements at sun life stadium. they inclyde all of the new seeding, new suites and big one, a canopy that will provide shade for almost everyone watching the game. >> the stadium is going to make the difference in our bid this year.
6:30 am
how to host a super bowl with eyes closed. >> the bid also includes plans for a super bowl park in downtown miami. south florida is competing with new orleans, tampa, and atlanta for games in 2019 and 2020. final pitches are in prul with the winners announced in may. the university of miami officially inaugurated its 6th president. the inauguration ceremony for dr. julio frank was held yesterday afternoon at the bank united center on the um campus. dr. frank, the school's first hispanic president, announced a $100 million innovative gift for science and engineering at the school. >> thank you all for being part remarkable institution. i am humbled by the opportunity to -- of -- [ applause ]
6:31 am
going president who was present at the ceremony. prior to joining um, frank was the deen of harvard university's school of public health and former secretary of health of mexico. president obama making another push to advance equal pay for women. he is proposing a new rule that will require companies to report payday that by gender, reyes, and ethnicity. the rule would apply to companies that have a hundred or more employees. the administration says the rule would help aid investigations on employers that are unlawfully shortchanging workers based on gender, race or ethnicity. >> this won'tsoever every problem. still got to get more women and girls into high-paying fields like science and technology, engineering, and math. we still got to make sure that women are not penalized or held back in the workplace simply for starting a family >> under which workers can sue
6:32 am
based on characteristics such as gender, race, age, or disability. it was the first piece of legislation he signed as president. facebook and instagram are cracking down on online gun sales. the new policy will ban private individuals from advertising or selling firearms. this move comes as after gun control groups have long complained that facebook and other online sites are frequently used by unlicensed sellers and buyers. licensed firearm retailers can still promote their businesses on facebook, but they are not allowed to accept orders or make sales on the site. still ahead on cbs 4 this saturday morning, step aside christian grey. this weekend, a comedy spoof to the sexy blockbuster movie 50 shades of grey hits theaters. hangs out marlon wayans, the funny man behind 50 shades of black. first, meet a south florida
6:33 am
head and left to die. what he did to defie the odds and turn his experience into an opportunity to help others. good saturday morning to you, south florida. meteorologist michael smith here in cbs 4 weather control. it is cold outside. parkland, you win the prize. coldest on our neighborhood network. 48 degrees right now.
6:34 am
my full forecast when cbs 4 this welcome back. florida survivor. he says he only truly started living five days later, and, now, he shares his story in hopes of putting an end to gun violence. here is cbs 34's lauren pastrana. >> robert boseman, jr., never expected to walk awe cross the stage at his cleblg graduation. in fact, there was a time he wasn't really sure if he'd walk again at all. >> they told me that they found me in the middle of u.s. 1. this is u.s. 1 right here. >> a street sweeper found robert, blood pouring from his head. he'd been shot and left to tie -- die outside a cut ler bay nightclub. >> this was not just a -- a handgun. it was a semiautomatic so the person, as the officers told me, there was 18 shells on the ground.
6:35 am
robert was just 21 years old. he spent five days in a coma at jackson memorial hospital. when he woke up, part of his skull had been removed. >> opened my eyes, and i hear music playing in the background. i'm thinking i'm in heaven. >> robert went through countless hours of physical, occupational, and speech therapy. he had to relearn how to walk and talk, and after that, he decided to keep on learning. he went to college first at miami-dade and then at florida international university where he graduated last december with a communications degree. >> times i thought about just giving up of clenl, ing college. class. when i took a class and failed it, i was like, well, this is not for me. i just need to try another way. but my momma always said, okay, you failed it, just to pass it the second time around. you're going to learn a little bit more than everybody else because you did it twice. >> that same sense of humor serves robert well when he shares his story with new
6:36 am
>> i would take off my hat, and the crowd would go just shock. i would say, you know what, you never met the sexiest half headed brother in the world. >> robert eventually had surgery to repair his skull, but he still has some issues with his vision. more than a decade later, he still doesn't know who shot him or why, but he says he forgives him. >> that night, i did die, and everything that came with me, everything that i used to deal with, the mind set, the revenge and all that, that died there on the scene. so, now, that person is no longer me. >> robert says his new life started when he woke up from that coma, and he considered himself a survivor ever since. >> surviving is not about you just being alive. it's more than that. it's about you being able to see what has happened to you, take from that, and help others. >> and robert is doing just that.
6:37 am
and his campaign to end gun he taungs to young people about the value of their lives. his work earned him the title of the anti-violence ambassador for miami-dade county's black affairs advisory board. news. what an inspiration. >> uh-huh. being. >> yeah. >> ae also want to congrats to him on his graduation. out there. refreshing, cold. >> finally. >> yes. the boots out. enjoy it while it lasts because it's going to be a quick cold snap. it's not going to hang out for too long. that's the way we roll here in south florida. live look outside with our everglades holiday park camera. just waiting for the camera to switch over today time mode so it's a little -- it is black and white right now, however, the sunrise is in progress and in living color. beautiful start to our saturday morning. look at these temperatures down
6:38 am
fort lauderdale 52. 55 miami, 61 in key west. we've got a north-northwesterly wind very light. pompano, fort lauderdale, miami, homestead. across the keys, the wind has already shifted northeast 9 to around 6 miles an hour. upper-level winds where the jet stream is, still have that subtropical jet stream bringing in the southwesterly winds way up above so in and out of the clouds today. temperatures coldest right now tallahassee 36. jacksonville is at 39. 38 gainesville. 47 orlando and melbourne. 48 fort myers, naples and 49. travel plans today, call your mom or dad up in boston. cold there. 32 right now. 30 new york city. chicago is at 36. minneapolis 31. 37 kansas city. folks just south of atlanta in the 30s. 36 there. 50 in new orleans. travel plans today, green is a
6:39 am
no big storm systems to snarl this air travel down so that's a good thing. all right. temperatures, yeah, it's cold early this morning, but here we go into the afternoon hour by hour. it's going to be pleasant outside. get out, go see new, explore, enjoy. 72 weston. 70 opalocka at 3:00. 65 over miami beach and 66 hollywood. put the clock into motion, 7:30 or so 8:00 this evening back down into the middle 60s overnight. cool slash some of you are going to say it's cold. 58 westin but relatively warmer compared to this morning and yesterday morning and then a nice rebound tomorrow afternoon with temperatures area wide back in the upper 70s, maybe a few spots near 80s like the westin. high pressure the domino weather feature today. a chilly start but a nice finish. what about tomorrow? sun, clouds, and a little warmer.
6:40 am
to know east-northeast wind, 10 knots, 2 to 3 feet, a light chop on bays. forecast for today, 70, sun and clouds, cold this morning, winds becoming east at around 5 to 10 miles an hour. forecast as we head through the weekend into another workweek, chance of showers and storms thursday. high temperatures back in the lower 80s. >> all right. michael, thanks. looking good. still ahead on cbs 4 this saturday morning, first there was 50 shades of grey. now, it's 50 shades of black. marlon wayans stars in the comedy. leads on a hilarious one on one with the actor, writer, and producer. that's straight ahead.
6:41 am
be right oh, i love the sound of that. we are counting down to super bowl 50. coldplay has been practicing for their big performance during the super bowl 50 halftime show right here on cbs 4. annny mason talked with chris martin for cbs's sunday morning. here is a preview. >> you got kind of a big gig coming up. >> yeah. we have this -- this gig, if you could call it that. >> does it feel like something different than a gig? >> feels like something you've life. i didn't expect it to feel quite so like that, but it does. it's a once in a lifetime thing. >> yeah. >> and we've been dreaming of it for anales. >> -- ages. >> you have? >> yeah. wanted to do? >> yeah. especially if you grow up in the country side in england. the super bowl, you might as well say you are going to land on mars tomorrow. >> it's, like, a gazillion
6:42 am
i think it's three gazillion, actually. >> can't wait to hear him play. remember, you can watch cbs sunday morning tomorrow morning beginning at 9 a.m. here on cbs 4 and, of course, the only mace to watch super bowl 50 is next sunday, february 7th, only right here on cbs 4. what a game it's going to be. >> that's right. hey, until then, maybe you are looking forward to catching a fun movie this weekend. 50 shades of black is a comedy starring marlon wayans, who also wrote and produced the film. >> it looks so fun nir. it's a parody of the 2015 erotic romantic drama 50 shades of grey. cbs 4 lisa sat down with wayans to talk about this sexy spoof. >> what is it? >> my play room. >> so for you, when you saw this, you just said, "i got to do this"? how did it even connect?
6:43 am
what if christian grey was black and rich, but you didn't know how he got his money, kind of shady, and what if i make him a really bad lover. >> stallion. >> and then i was like, if i want to make somebody submit, then i want to be a dominant, who's the hardest person to make submission, and i thought a black woman. she only gonna take two or three hits before she's like, oh, hell no. >> you break my stool? >> no. >> that's his her kal. >> so your skills were not up to christian gre yshg's level is what you're saying? >> no, they wasn't. but my swag was. >> give me a smile. okay. no smile. >> and my abs were. he was a much better lover than me. >> hannah. >> christian. >> ow, that hurt. please, god, ow.
6:44 am
and the safe word, do we continue with that a little bit in this film? >> yes. the red room is in there and the safe word, but especially the red room. a lot happens in the red room. a lot of naughty and a lot of funny. >> so what do you think for viewers now to watch 50 shades of black when they come to see this film and they were a fan of 50 shades of grey. >> you love the movie, you'll love this movie. if you've never seen the movie, you'll still enjoy this movie. and if you hated this movie, you are going to love this movie. either way it goes, it's a win win win. >> are you thinking about marrying her? >> no. >> what if she gets pregnant? >> still no, but hell no. >> i like that. >> so what got me in 50 shades of grey, he had me at that helicopter. >> yeah. >> do we helicopter in this? >> you'll see. >> worth a tease. that's a tease right there. 50 shades of black is now out in theaters. >> i love him. >> me too. >> so funny. >> me too. i had a chance to meet him a few years ago.
6:45 am
>> let's go see the movie. >> okay. that'll be fun. >> we're in. >> no problem. we'll do that. >> i'm sure you won't have a problem walking in to see that one, right? >> not at all. >> not the other one. >> you're right. >> we'll be right back. but first, here is a look at what's happening in south florida. the dream big gala is happening tonight at the american airlines arena. >> for more on this event or any other event 457ing across south florida, it's easy.
6:46 am vrlgs hey, good morning. welcome back. >> yes. >> we always have a good time together. all right. let's talk about the weather because people want to know what they are going to wear when they step out this morning. sfr one sign, the turtle neck on. looks great and keeps you warm. so early this morning, coldest temperatures upper 40s and 50s. a beautiful afternoon. temperatures climb to 70, and the chili cook off tomorrow at smith park. >> that's always so much fun. >> picture-perfect weather for that even and rain like lu on back-to-work monday. >> all right. it's just the weekend. that's ut for cbs 4 this saturday morning.
6:47 am
us. up next is cbs this morning
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