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tv   CBS 4 News  CBS  January 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:35pm EST

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. 81 person is dead and others injured in a. >> ing and stabbing in denver. armed carjacking the search is on for the gunman who opened fire on people and took off. the remaining prisoners have been captured. broncos, panthers set, inside the fbi headquarters. cps 4 news starts now. . police are investigating an
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shot several times and is recovering at the hospital. live with the story, any word on how the man is doing tonight? >> good evening, we're told ryan thomas is here in the hospital, underwent surgery and is in critical condition. >> police say ryan picked up two men overnight, he drove them back to this house in the kendall area, the home is where he lives. at some point the men took off a gun and shot him several times and took off in his car. police are looking for the car. a 2005 black four door acura with tags 017 v 1 t. it's unclear what went down but
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and the two member. the guys shot thomas several times and drove away. again, he's here at kendall regional in critical condition. 471-tips. and now to a developing story out of denver, one person is dead and others hurt in a shooting and a stabbing at a motorcycle expo. nine people are transported to area hospitals. a witness said it was started by rival biker gangs. tonight police are investigating the shooting death of a man that began with an argument over a parking space. it was in the early hours of the morning near marlins park.
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night out with friends ended with a man dead. an argument over a parking spot led to the shooting. >> it was over a parking 95, it was not worth it. >> the witness saw the men arguing in front of a nightclub down the street from marlins park. >> a guy was honking at him, the guy gets out of the war and it was not -- out of the car and it was not good. a friend heard him arguing with a driver in a pickup truck trying to park on northwest 7th street. >> i see them arguing, a dark pickup truck, my wife said dark red, there was a gun pointed at the head. the victim was taken to jackson memorial hospital where he died.
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police are looking for the shooter. new details on a murder mystery in pembroke pines. a 40-year-old man found dead in an apartment. crime scene investigators were out at the apartments looking for clues, anyone with information is asked to call police. a car smashed into a store no fort lauderdale. at annex on gas station on northeast 4th avenue. the video captured when the car mashed into the store. a car crashed into a fire hydrant. the impact knocked the topoff to hide ran -- hydrant. and the two remaining fugitives from a california
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they were found in the san francisco area. brian webb has the latest. >> sheriff officials say escapees are back behind bars after a daring prison break. they were to run for nine days. >> the entire state can breathe a sigh of relief, we have the other two dangerous individuals back in custody. >> the men were found in a stolen van at a san francisco food market after being noticed by a neighbor. no weapon was found. >> the focus shifts to continuing time to look at where the system failed us, where policy and procedures were not followed.
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cut through a steel grate and crawled through plumbing to get out. a prison english teacher was arrested in connection with the escape. >> there was a relationship that developed, how far it went and if it was physical we're trying to confirm that. >> the men will be taken back to orange county and placed in a high risk area at the jail where they escaped. a health alert over zika, in brazil they are trying a different weapon, they are johncarlos reyes leading difficulty mosquito, if they meet they'll produce genetically modified mosquito that won't live. more trouble in the fient
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lead levels may be to high. those in the area where the levels exceed the capacity. flint declared a health emergency in october. two italian mobsters on the run are found in an underground bunker. hillary clinton once again facing e-mail issues, what we're learning was on the message. this shark looks hungry, wait until you see the rest of this video. weather control, we have clouds on the way, i'll let you know if there's rain in store. and yes, we're closer to february, it's supposed to and getting colder, but that's not
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shot in . a man who ambushed and robbed a teenager on the way home from school is still out there. surveillance video shows the man run up to the boy in the yellow shirt and pull off his necklace and demands the bracelet but yanks it off his wrist. some of the victim's friends run for help. >> i'm going to shoot you, he showed the gun.
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he had a gun. >> the entire robbery took 20 seconds. the teen was not physically hurt. if you know anything call 305- 471-tips. >> 33 migrants drowned when they're boat sank. among those were several babies and young children. 75 survivors were rescued. thousands of refugees make the journey from turkey to greece. the my fronts were from berma, afghanistan and syria. two mobsters were found in an under ground bunker in italy. they are from a crime group. they were discovered asleep in
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authorities have been closing in for the past year after cracking down to the people who were helping the men survive. president obama will make his first visit to a u.s. mosque. the president is scheduled to visit the islamic society of baltimore on wednesday. he will hold a roundtable. he has visited a mosque overseas but not in the united states. tonight on campaign 2016, iowa will hold out to caucus monday night but hillary clinton campaign is overshadowed by news she had classified e-mails. craig boswel has more. >> hillary clinton got a big
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a former congress member. i want to say these two words, madam president. >> clinton who's clinging to a narrow lead says she's best qualified to take office. >> stand up for me on monday night, if you do i will fight years. >> some lineup to hear her talk about her e-mail scandal. >> they are undecided voters, they are disappointed she didn't address the issue. >> i think this is a high level national security issue. >> so at some point you want to hear more. >> i want to hear more. >> clintons opponent says he's focused on the issues that impact voters. >> right now i would say it's a toss up. >> the republicans are crisscrossing the state for support.
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>> in sioux city marko rubio said she's not qualified to run the country. he's polling third behind cruz and trump. >> tomorrow is the chile -- chili cook off in broward. >> they won't and singing in the rain, that's the good news, by sunday night, takes a couple after. that hopefully the rain will hold off. tomorrow will be dry, if we have another el nino system on the way. every two or three days. this time will be okay. the temperature were nippy. look at the western suburbs, nine west kendall. 52 in miami.
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the year, radar is clear, no rain showing up, clouds going through, high-level clouds, it makes for a pretty sunset, gorgeous looking to the west. and the temperature look like this, 69 in miami, 70 in fort lauderdale. the wind is not a problem, 9 miles an hour, coming off the ocean so the temperature won't be as coal as last night. no rain out there tonight. high temperature over 70. 73 miami, below the 77 we should see. that stream of clouds rolling through the subtropical jet stream being energized by el nino.
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eventually we'll get enough moisture to increase the rain chances. as far as tonight and tomorrow goes under the drier air, the rain chance getting closer tomorrow, well after dark. 9:00, 10:00, tomorrow night the best shot of rain, monday it turns around and heads east, we'll see warm and humid, early summer like weather. this will be a quick shot of rain and gone. 64 tonight, nice night, not as cool as last night. for your sunday, a nice day for the chili cook off. a lot of cloud cover, 77, with a light wind from the south east at 10. if you're taking the boat out, 2 to 3 feet. here's you're out look for the rest of the weekend. cloudy and warmer tomorrow,
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look at tuesday, wednesday, thursday, 82, 83, 84 and another rain chance on friday. hope you didn't put your shirts and t-shirts away. it's a shark eat shark world. cameras captured a 7-foot female sand shark devour her smaller tank mate. so slowly that the feasting lasted 21 hours, the aquarium swallowed the other shark. tonight we take you inside the secret command center the fbi is using to protect those at super bowl 50. we can't tell you where it is because we don't know where it is.
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fort . now to super bowl 50 and a look inside the fbi command center. it is so secret we can't tell you where it is because we don't know. people. >> it's at the heart of the fbi super bowl security plan, a command post not far from the stadium, from which the efforts of the agents, analyst and law enforcement will be monitored and directed. >> our number 1 mission in special events is to prevent acts of terrorism.
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counterterrorism expert. for a year he's been planning a security blitz for the big game. >> the fbi will bring in a few hundred personnel to help support this event. a lot will be here in our operation flu, more will be in the field either at the stadium or events in san francisco. the fbi is coordinating with local law enforcement agencies. the super bowl is a potential target for terrorist. the fbi showed off the arsenal. agents say the biggest security challenge may be an individual acting alone. the lone wolf. >> not always advanced notice in terms of what they may do. some targets are tough.
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team will be the high to sniff out potential problems. both in cyberspace and the real world. >> i'm comfort we will get through without a significant event. >> the fbi says their command post will be fully staffed and up and running this weekend. they will wind down on the monday after the super bowl. jim berry will be heading to the bay area for the super
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on febru . the canes learned it's tough to play on the road.
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earth against a lesser opponents. the wolfpack setting the tone midway through the first half. miami trading balls. martin putting the canes in a 4 point hole. five minutes to play. trying to keep the hurricanes alive. seemed like nc state had an answer for everything. malik takes it. hurricanes lose 85-69. no love lost between florida and west virginia, pregame, this is how you go to the rack. smith, throwing down two of 26 points. doing it from long range as well. the gators shot 12 of 20 from three. gators win 88-71.
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on, because of this guy. dwayne bacon was sizzling. 15 first half points. 'noles knolls go on a big run. he finishes with 16. >> move over serena williams, hello, williams no stranger to grand slam finals. gerber was playing her first. serena makes a mistake and the she paid. gearer -- gerber can't believe it. stuns the number 1 player for herr first -- her first grand slam title. the heat have been living on the road.
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season. they know how the finish, the thanks to wade. he scored 24 points, six in the not bad. >> it's a great win for us, a place we haven't had much success at the end of a long month trip, so good one. tomorrow night the panthers will see three of their players in the game. jagger is worried the all s.n.a.p. -- tar game may be too much. panthers are first. >> it's about the whole year
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it's about the game. you have to suffer everything to win it. >> even joking, that the format may kill him. >> he's not that old. do they do the rat. >> absolutely. you have to get to bandwagon
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as long as . that's our news for now. for more go to
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>> pelley: manhunt over. two dangerous fugitives are recaptured in california eight days after their brazen jailbreak, the inmates are found 400 miles away. . >> the entire state can breathe a sigh of relief. >> pelley: 48 hours before the first votes of campaign 2016. the candidates make their final sales pitches in iowa. holding rank-- disgraced general david petreaus gets to keep his four stars and full pension. and hockey's most unlikely all-star, a 6'8" bruiser with few skills just won a face-off with the league.
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this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. an intense week-long manhunt in california ended today with the arrest of two escaped fugitives. the men, who were being held on charges that included murder and torture, broke out of a maximum security jail? nsouthern california eight days ago. they were recaptured today 400 miles north of that jail. outside a whole foods market in san francisco. a third inmate who had escaped with them, surrendered yesterday. more now from carter evans in los angeles. >> i think i did a big whoop in the air, you know. >> reporter: orange county sheriff sandra hutcheppens says the two remaining fugitives were discovered after a man spotted their stolen van in a whole foods park lot. they found jonathan tieu hiding in the van, according to san francisco police officer.
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people were armed and dangerous. when we conducted a search of the man, we did find rounds inside. we're still looking for a weapon if they had one. >> reporter: the third escapee, bac duong, had already returned to southern california. he turned nims on friday. the inmates broke out from the orange county men's central jail eight days ago after they cut through a steel screen, snaked flew threw plumbing tunnels and repelled from the roof. a teacher who worked in the jail is accused of providing the men a google map showing the roof of the facility they used to plan their escape, and while they were on the run. >> my fear was that someone in the community was going to get hurt because they really had nothing to lose. this is one of the sheriff's worst nightmares. >> reporter: and now with the three in custody once again. >> i can say this morning that the entire state can breathe a sigh of relief. the focus shifts to continuing to look at where the system failed us. believe me, we will be look top
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>> reporter: the inmates will now be returned to the same jail from which they escaped, but this time, they'll be kept in separate cells and, jim, there's $200,000 in reward money that may go to the san francisco man who tipped off police. . >> axelrod: tonight, we are just about 48 hours from the first votes being cast in campaign 2016. >>s . iowa caucuses take placemonday night. the latest forecast calls for snow that night, but already there is a blizzard of last-minute campaign speeches under way. republicans. >> vision is very important. you're running for president, >> reporter: donald trump pulling away from ted cruz in recent polls here urged his gung ho crowd to show up on caucus night or risk defeat. >> we have to get out there and caucus and do all of the things this we have to do or we've all wasted our time. >> reporter: in an interview
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said he's taken cruz down by raising birther questions. >> there are many lawyers coming up on the, top constitutional lawyers that ted cruz cannot run for president. he can't be president because of the fact he was born in canada. i think that has a huge effect. >> reporter: cruz contends no legal uncertainties hang over his eligibility for the presidency, and said his superior iowa organization will surprise trump. >> if we stand together, we will win the iowa caucuss. we will win the nomination, and we will win the general election in november 2016 and turn this country around. ( applause ) >> reporter: iowa republican governor terry brandstad told us g.o.p. turnout of out monday could set a record. he gave trump a lot of credit. >> i think donald trump has added a new dimension. the turnout he's gotten in place where's republicans generally don't do well. >> reporter: in sioux city, marco rubio, who has been drawing large crowds in the home stretch, faulted cruz's recent attacks on his immigration record. >> you know, ted cruz has been
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he's decided to run a very, you
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